Love Hurts by Stacy

Chapter 1:

~This story is going to take place 2 years from when Brenda was suppose to
choose between Jax and Sonny. She never chose. She left Port Charles and broke the
hearts of both Jax and Sonny. So.....Brenda and Sonny never reunited and he never
proposed. But, I bet you know that. Brenda moved to California and she isnít seeing
anyone seriously. She has been dating a guy named Steve but things are a little rocky.
Sonny is living with a woman named Jessica. Things arenít really serious but he really
cares about her. She has been the first woman he has let into his heart at least a little. He
cares about her but he knows he will never love anyone the way he loved Brenda. Jax has
left town. Robin and Jason are together. Lois moved back into the gatehouse and Ned
moved back to the ďbigĒ house. Her and Ned are talking (Oh they donít have a baby) but
itís stiff. Now on to the first chapter!


Brenda comes back from a long day at work and presses her machine for messages.

MESSAGE 1: ďBren, itís Steve. Are we still going out tonight? Give me a call.Ē

Brenda gives a slight smile after hearing from Steve.

MESSAGE 2: ďBren, itís Lois. I havenít heard from you in a long time. Are
things okay with you? We need to talk about L&B business so
give me a call.Ē

Brenda takes the phone and sits down on the couch. She dials Steveís phone number.

B-Hey, itís me.
St-Brenda. I wasnít sure if I would hear from you tonight.
B-Sorry, honey. I had a long day at work.
St-Why donít I come over and cook you some dinner.
B-Are you sure? I donít want you to if you would rather go out.
St-Itís fine. You sound tired anyway.
B-Thanks. I am.
St-You take a bath. Iíll be over in a bit.
B-Bye. (they hang up)

Brenda smiles and thinks to herself, ďHe is such a nice guy. Clean as can be. But.......Ē

Robin stops at Jasonís apartment. He lets her in.

J-Sorry. I just got back.
R-Thatís ok. Iím early anyway.
J-So, where did you want to go tonight?
R-What about Lukes?
J-Sounds Great!

Jason finishes getting ready and then they head to Lukes


Ned stops by the gatehouse. He knocks on the door and Lois lets him in.

N-Rough day?
Lo-Yeah. I canít get ahold of Brenda either. I need her advice.
N-Maybe I can help.
Lo-No offense but I need her advice. Thanks anyways.
Lo-Itís just too hard having her there and me here.
Lo-That and I miss her.
N-Me, too. Listen, what do you say we go to dinner tonight?
Lo-Sounds good. I saw you talking with Jessica. What was that all about? Was it about


Jessica walks into the club and finds Sonny at the bar talking with Luke. His back is
towards her. She smiles at Luke and puts her finger up to her mouth to tell Luke not to
mention that she is there. She goes up behind him and wraps her arms around him.

S-(turns around) Oh, hey!
Je-How was your day?
S-All right, I guess. Just busy.
Je-Are we going to do anything tonight?
Je-Sounds good. Iíll meet you back here in an hour.
S-Iíll be waiting.

Sonny smiles at her and gives her a kiss. She leaves. Sonny turns back to Luke.

S-God, for a second there I thought those arms around me were........

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Chapter 2:

Luke looks at Sonny. He shakes his head in disbelief.

L-Look at yourself. Look at this relationship youíre in.
S-What about it? Jessicaís nice.
L-Yeah, she is. But I have no CLUE as to why youíre even with her.
S-What the hell is that suppose to mean?
L-Youíre still hung up on Brenda arenít you? (sonny doesnít answer) Arenít you?


Brenda hops in the bath tub. She leans up back and puts her leg out in front of her. She
plays with the bubbles as ďNobody KnowsĒ starts to play in the background

I pretended I'm glad you went away
These four walls closin' more every day
And I'm dying inside
And nobody knows it but me

Like a clown I put on a show
The pain is real even if nobody knows
And I'm cryin' inside
And nobody knows it but me

She closes her eyes and touches her lips which still feel how his kisses felt. Even though
she doesnít want to......she still aches for his touch. She remembers how wonderful it felt
making love to him in the caves even though it wasnít under the best circumstances. She
remembers how his touch felt like they had never even been apart.

Why didn't I say
The things I needed to say
How could I let my angel get away
Now my world is just a tumblin' down
I can say it so clearly
But you're nowhere around

As Sonny waits for Jessica to return he thinks back to when Brenda left. When she
couldnít make the choice between him and Jax.


S-ĒBrenda, donít leave. I canít make it without you. I know you
still love me.Ē
B-ĒI will always love you. But I canít choose. I donít want anyone
to get hurt.Ē
S-ĒWhat do you think youíre doing now? Now, youíre hurting us both.
Are you saying that you donít want me anymore?Ē
B-ĒCome on. You know I still want you.Ē

**Sonny inches towards her and gives her the most passionate kiss she had
felt since the cave. She knew she loved Sonny and wanted to be with
him but she just couldnít get herself to leave Jax for him.**

B-(she broke away from his their kiss with tears in her eyes) ďIím sorry, but
I just canít. Donít forget how much I love you.Ē

**Brenda ran away and left Sonny on the docks alone. He had left her and
as far as he knew she wouldnít come back. How could he have lost


Luke walks over to Sonny.

L-Sonny! Yo, Sonny!
S-(snaps out of his flashback) Oh, sorry. what were you saying?
L-Where were you just now?

The nights are lonely, the days are so sad
And I just keep thinkin' about
The love that we had
And I'm missin' you
And nobody knows it but me

I carry a smile when I'm broken in two
And I'm nobody without someone like you
I'm tremblin' inside and nobody knows it but me
I lie awake it's a quarter past three
I'm screamin' inside as if I thought
You'd hear me
Yeah my heart is callin' you
And nobody knows it but me

How blue can I get
You could ask my heart
But like a jibsaw puzzle it's been torn all apart
A million word couldn't say just how I feel
A million years from now you know
I'll be livin' you still


Tomorrow mornin' I'm hittin' the dusty road
Gonna find you wherever, ever you might go
I'm gonna unload my heart and hope you come
back to me
Said when the nights are lonely...

Brenda snaps out of her dreamworld. She gets out of the bathtub and goes and gets
dressed before Steve comes over to cook her dinner.


Ned stops by the gatehouse to pick up Lois. She is dressed and ready to go before him for
once. She lets him in.

N-You look so beautiul!
Lo-Thanks. So do you. Ready?
N-Anytime you are.

Ned and Lois get in the limo.

Lo-You know I always feel funny riding in these things.
N-Why? You were made for them.
Lo-Stop. Ned, I want to ask you something and.....well, will you give me an honest
N-Of course.
Lo-Ok. Do you think we will make it this time? I mean really make it?
N-God, I hope so. I love you and I wonít give up on us.
Lo-Iím glad you feel that way. I just wasnít sure.
N-Well, I am sure of us.

Ned leans in and gives her a passionate kiss. After a enjoyable kiss they pull apart and sit
in each others arms on the way to Lukes.


Robin and Jason make their way into Lukes and sit at a table.

J-Itís pretty packed in here tonight.
R-Yeah. I wonder......oh there he is.
R-Sonny. Should we go say hi?
J-I donít know. He doesnít look so hot. I hate to say it but I think heís......
R-Thinking about Bren.
J-Yeah. Foget that. (he takes her hand and she smiles) You look so gorgeous tonight.
R-Thanks. Do you think Sonny would let you take some time off so we could get away
for just a little while?
R-You know. Just the two of us?


Jessica walks into Lukes and sees Sonny drinking himself into a stooper.

Je-(walks over to him) Have you been drinking since I left?
S-I donít know.
S-Look, I donít want to get upset and you know I care about you so will you please just
let it go?
Je-No, because she is all you think about. Please.....can you just give us a chance.
S-What the hell do you want? I mean, you moved in with me!

Jessica looks at him and a tear falls down her face. She runs out of the club.

Chapter 3:

Mike comes out of the back room and sees Jessica run out. He walks over to Sonny with
a look of disgust. He takes the glass away from Sonny and refuses to let him have

M-What did you say about her to upset her so much?
S-Itís not any of your concern.
M-Michael, she loves you and you upset her.
S-Sheís just upset about Brenda and she got mad when I wouldnít talk about it.
M-Well, donít you think you should go talk to her?
S-Later. I need some time to myself and so does she.
M-Are you ready to lose another woman that loves you because you canít treat her the
way she should be treated?
S-I said.....forget it.

Mike shakes his head and walks away from Sonny.


Brenda is upstairs getting the finishing touches done when the doorbell rings.

B-(to herself) Heís here!

Brenda goes downstairs and opens the door up. Steve is standing there. Steve is about
5í10Ē and is very handsome. He has light brown hair, blue eyes, a muscular body and is
very clean cut. He is a accountant and treats Brenda very well.

Steve smiles at her and gives her a kiss. Brenda lets him in. After he is inside she pours
him a glass of wine. They talk small talk for a little while. Steve is gearing up to tell her
something very important.

B-Steve, I can tell something is bothering you. What is it?
St-Yeah. Letís sit down.

They set down their glasses of wine and sit next to each other on the couch.

St-I got a promotion today.
B-(excited for him) Really! Thatís wonderful!
St-Yeah, but I have to transfer.
B-To where?
St-Youíre not going to believe this. I actually got transfered to Port Charles.
B-(shocked and afraid what heís going to say next) What?
St-Yeah. Isnít that funny?

Brenda thinks to herself: ďFunny? Funny was the last thing that came to her mind when
she thought of her and Steve moving to Port Charles. What would she do if she ran into
Sonny? Could she stay away from him? What am I talking about? Sure I can. He means
nothing to me now. Or does he?Ē

St-Well, I need to move there and I want you to go with me. So, what do you say?


Robin looks over at Jason. They both know that one of them will be talking to Sonny.

R-Iíll go.
J-All right.

Robin walks over to Sonny.

S-Hey, sweetie. How are you?
R-Better than you from what I can see.
S-Please donít.
R-Sonny, donít do this to yourself. I hate to see you so unhappy. Jessica seems like a
nice person and as much as I wanted you and Brenda together you just have to move on.
Sheís not here anymore.
S-What if I canít?
R-Canít you at least try? Give Jessica a chance.
S-Maybe. Iíll go see if I can find her and then weíll see.
R-Thank you. I just want you to be happy. I love you.
S-I know, sweetie. I love you, too. Now go have some fun with Jason.

Robin makes her way over to Jason and Sonny heads out of the club to go find Jessica and
see if they can work things out.

Chapter 4:

Note: Itís the beginning of summer

Sonny decided to finish his drink before rushing to go find Jessica.

Ned and Lois walk into Lukes. They see Sonny sitting at the bar......alone. Lois and Ned
give each other a look.

N-Iíll go get us a table. Why donít you go talk to him.
Lo-Thanks. (Lois sees Robin and Jason) Oh, thereís Robin and Jason. Why donít you go
sit with them. Iíll be over there as soon as I can.
N-All right. (he walks over to Robin and Jason)

Lois walks towards Sonny. She touches his shoulder and give shim a empathetic look.

Lo-Come on. Letís go talk outside. (Sonny nods and fallows her)


Ned sits with Robin and Jason.

N-Whatís with Sonny?
J-Not sure exactly. Something to do with Brenda.
N-Ahh.....thought so.
R-Yeah. I hope he gives Jessica another chance.
N-(shocked) You? I thought you were Sonny and Brendaís biggest supporter?
R-I was....but


~Outside Lukes~

Lo-Ok, Corinthos......whatís up?
S-I donít know.
Lo-I know itís about Bren. You know you can tell me.
S-I know. I donít know.....I mean, I know sheís gone, but.....
Lo-But what?
S-I miss her. I keep wondering what it would be like if she wouldíve given me another
Lo-I understand that, but...
S-(getting frustrated) I know, I know, I know! Sheís gone.
Lo-Thatís not what I was going to say.
S-(gets intrigged) Then what?
Lo-Um....Sonny sheís seeing someone else.
S-Why didnít you tell me?
Lo-You know why. Iím sorry.
S-Itís ok. Maybe Robin was right. Maybe I should give Jessica another chance.


Jessica goes inside hers and Sonnyís PH. She thought that he wouldíve came after her by
now. (BTW: Jessica is 5í7Ē and she has light brown hair. She has hazel eyes and is a thin

Je-(thinks to herself) Why is everything always about her? Why canít you let me love
you? Sonny, if you give us a chance.....a REAL chance, I can show you that our life can
be better than what you had with Brenda.


Brenda looks at Steve not knowing what to say.

B-Iím sorry. You know I wasnít really planning on going back.
St-I know. But wouldnít you love to live in the same town as your family and friends? I
mean, your business IS there.
B-I know. (thinks to herself) ďGod, in the smae town as Sonny?Ē (back to steve) I just
wasnít ready for that kind of step.
St-I understand that. I know things have been so up and down with us lately, but this
could be a fresh start for us.
B-One condition.
B-We live in seperate places.
St-Sure. Anything you want.
B-All right. I guess Iím headed back to PC. (he smiles)


Lo-Are you ready to really do that?
S-Well, itís like everybodyís been telling me....Brendaís not here anymore. As far as I
know she isnít ever coming back. I guess itís time to move on.
Lo-If thatís what you want.
S-What do you think of Jess?
Lo-Sheís nice. (she smiles) Very beautiful.
S-Yeah, she is. But I do know that sheís not Brenda and that I could never have with her
what I had with Brenda.
Lo-I know.
S-Iím going to go home.
Lo-All right.
S-Thanks, Lois.
Lo-(smiles) Your welcome.

Lois goes back into the club and Sonny leaves to go home to Jessica.


N-But what, Robin?
R-I just donít think he should wait for Brenda to come back when that may never happen.
I just want him to be happy.

Before anyone else says something Lois joins them.

Lo-We ALL want him to be happy.


The elevator door opens to where Sonnyís PH is. He walks in and turns on the light. He
sees Jessica sitting on the couch.

Je-Hi. I wasnít sure youíd come home.
S-Iím sorry. Can we talk?
Je-Yeah. (he sits by her)
S-I want to move on with me life and I....I want to move on with you.
Je-(surprised) Are you sure this time?
S-Yes. I care about you and I want to be with you.
Je-I want that more than anything.
S-Good. So letís start fresh.
Je-No. Letís just move on from here.....together.

Sonny smiles and leans in for a kiss. Their kisses start out slow but they turn more
intense. Sonny pulls her body near his. She knows she has to accept that he loves
Brenda, but heís WITH her. She runs her fingers through his hair as their kisses get


Steve tells Brenda that a mover will be over at her place tomorrow because they have to
move RIGHT AWAY. He says goodnight and that heíll see her tomorrow. He gives her
a kiss and then he leaves.

As soon as Steve leaves Brenda calls Loisí cell phone.

B-Lo, itís me. We have GOT to talk.

Chapter 5:

Lo-(repeats herself) Bren?
Lo-Hold on.

Lois excuses herself so she can talk to Brenda.

Lo-You sound frantic. Whatís up?
B-You will never believe what happened when Steve came over here?
Lo-He didnít?
B-What? No, not that!
Lo-Then what?
B-He got a promotion and well.....Iím coming home.


Sonny looks into Jessicaís eyes. For some reason he felt weird. Like he shouldnít be
doing this. But he knew he had to move on. When he looked into Jessís eyes he didnít
see what he saw when he looked into Brendaís eyes. When he looked into Brendaís he
saw his soul, her felt like looking at the other part of him. He thought to himself,
ďMaybe it doesnít always happen right away.Ē

Sonny goes back to kissing Jessica intensely. Sonny lifts her up and carries her upstairs.
He lays her gently on their bed and they make love.


Lo-Would you like to repeat that, girlfriend?
B-I will be home tomorrow night.
Lo-Home? Oh, you mean California? Did you go on vacation?
B-(frustrated) No. I am coming home to PC.
Lo-(not sure what to say) Great! It sure will be easier with L&B.
B-Yeah. Look, Lois...I know what youíre thinking. But donít worry. I can handle it.
Lo-(doesnít belief what she says for a second) Right.
B-I can. Now, Iíll call you tomorrow when I get there.
Lo-All right. (they hang up)


Lois walks back over to Ned, Jason and Robin. She sits down.

Lo-Boy, have we got trouble.
N-What do you mean?
Lo-Brenda is coming home.
R-(shocked) Are you kidding me? When?
Lo-Tomorrow night.....along with Steve.
J-Sonnyís sure in for a real surprise.
R-Oh, my god. We told him to move on with Jessica.
Lo-I know. When I left him he went hom to be with her.
R-What are we going to do?
Lo-I donít know.
R-We have to tell him. I mean, itís only fair.


Sonny and Jessica lay in bed in each others arms.

Je-Thank you.
S-For what?
Je-For giving us another chance.
S-Itís what I want, too. I really care about you. I promise you that weíll always be
Je-I know. I love you, Sonny.

Sonny doesnít say anything back to her. He wraps his arms tighter around her as she falls
asleep in his arms.


Ned looks at both Robin and Lois.

N-Youíre not really going to tell him, are you?
Lo-We have to Ned.
J-Robin, I think we better get going.
R-All right. Lois, should we meet her at 10:00 a.m. to talk to Sonny?
Lo-Sounds good, sweetie.

Robin and Jason leave. Jason takes her home.

N-(looks at Lois) Should we go, too? Itís getting pretty empty in here.
Lo-Sure. (they leave to go home)


Brenda spends the next few hours packing up her things. She sets all the boxes by the
door. She falls asleep on the couch.


~The next morning around 9:30 a.m.~

Jessica turns over and reaches out for Sonny. There is nobody sleeping next to her.

Je-(calls out for him) Sonny!

She looks over and sees a note with her name on it. She opens it up to read it.

Good morning, sweetie. I had to go to the club. You were sleeping so
peaceful and I didnít want to wake you. I know you have today off so
why donít you meet me for lunch.

Jessica smiles and picks up the phone. She calls Lukes.

Je-Hey, sweetie.
S-Jess. Did you get my note?
Je-Sure did. Thanks. I would love to meet you for lunch. Are we eating at Lukes?
S-Sure. (Lois and Robin walk into Lukes) Sweetie, Robin and Lois are here. See you
Je-Sure. See you soon.
S-Bye. (they hang up)


Lois and Robin walk over to Sonny.

S-What brings you guys by?
R-(Lois and Robin look at each other) We need to talk to you.
S-Sure. About what?
Lo-Can we sit somewhere?

They go sit at a table away from the bar.

Lo-Sonny, we donít really know how to tell you this.
S-What? Just tell me.
R-You know we love you and will always be here for you.
S-(not sure where this is going) I know that.
Lo-Sonny, itís about Bren.
S-What about her? Is she ok?
R-Yeah, sheís fine.
S-I donít understand then.
S-For godís sake....just tell me.
Lo-All right. Brenda is coming home.

Chapter 6:

Sonny looks at Lois and Robin. He knows they are telling the truth. He doesnít want them to know how heís really feeling.

S-She is?
R-Yes. We thought you deserved to know. You know, after everything.
S-So what.....sheís coming home.
Lo-Doesnít that bother you?
S-Why should it?
R-Well, you still love her.
S-Iím with Jessica now.
Lo-Steve is coming, too.
S-Good. I hope sheís happy with him. Now, if youíll excuse me. I have a meeting with Jason.
R-Oh, you do? Can you tell him to meet me at the Outback when heís done?
S-Sure will. See you guys later.

Sonny excuses himself and heads to the docks. Lois looks at Robin.

Lo-Are you thinking what Iím thinking?
R-Yeah. The moment Sonny sees Brenda....
Lo&R-We got trouble.


Steve stops at Brendaís with her moving truck outside.

St-Are you ready?
St-Good. I ordered two seperate moving trucks. You have a room at the PC hotel and then you can search for a place when youíre ready. The moving trucks will arrive tomorrow.
B-Wow. Sounds like youíve got everything settled.
St-Yep. Ready?
B-As ready as I will ever be.

Brenda grabs a few boxes that she will need and some clothes. They leave for PC.


Sonny walks to the docks, but Jason isnít there yet. Sonny thinks to what Lois and Robin told him.

Lo-ĒBrenda is coming home.Ē


S-(to himself) Brenda is coming home. What am I going to do now? I made a commitment to Jess....but Brenda will be back. I miss her so much. No.....I canít.

Jason walks over to Sonny. He notices that heís in deep thought.

J-Are you ok? I mean, they told you.
S-Yeah. Donít worry....Iím fine.
J-All right. So, are you ready to talk about the meeting?
S-Yeah. You know where warehouse two is, donít you?
S-Meet them there at 8:00 p.m. Now, I want you to take Johnny. Are you sure I shouldnít go? Itíll be dangerous.
J-No. Let me handle it. Who am I seeing?
S-A man named Carols. Heís from PR.
J-Ok. Iíll call you when I get back.
S-Sounds good. Be careful.
J-I will.
S-Oh, youíre suppose to meet Robin at the Outback when youíre done here.
J-Thanks. Bye.

Jason leaves for the Outback. Sonny meets Jessica at Lukes.


~Around 2:00 p.m.~

Ned stops by the gatehouse to see Lois.

Lo-Come in.
N-Thanks. (he walks in)
Lo-Donít you have to work?
N-Yeah. I have to leave for a day or two.
Lo-Oh. When?
N-In an hour. An business conference. Iím sorry, Lois.
Lo-Itís ok. Iíll see you when you get back.
N-I would ask you to go with, but I know Brenda is coming home. Maybe next time.
Give Brenda my love.
Lo-Iíll tell her. Weíll see about next time.

Ned gives Lois a long passionate kiss.

N-Iíll see you when I get back.
Lo-(smiles) Absolutely.

Ned leaves to pack.


~Jessica had changed lunch to 2:00 p.m.~

Sonny walks into Lukes and Jessica is waiting for him. He gives her a kiss.

S-Were you waiting long?
Je-No. (she looks at him and knows something is wrong) Hey, what is it?
S-Nothing. Iím fine.
Je-Come on. (whispers) Are you regretting last night.
S-(gets a little defensive) No! Iím ok.

Jessicaís phone rings. Jessica is a full time lawyer. She tells Sonny she has to go, but will see him later. She wants to know what is bothering him. Luke comes out from the back as Jessica is leaving.

L-I thought she was having lunch with you?
S-She was. She had to go into work I guess.
L-Oh. So, whatís with you? You seemed desperate to get out of here when Lois and Robin were here.
S-You will never guess what they told me.
S-Brenda is coming home.


Jason and Robin finish eating their lunch. Robin has to go and run some errands so Jason walks her to her car.

J-I wonít be able to go to dinner with you and your uncle tonight.
J-I have a meeting.
R-What kind of meeting?
J-Itís just work, Robin.
R-God, Jason. This is important. You know, youíre work is always coming between us.
J-I donít know what to say. Iím sorry!
R-Did you ask Sonny for some time off?
J-I canít.
R-That job is becoming more important to you than we are. (get angry)
J-Thatís not true.
R-Than prove it.
R-Come with tonight.
J-Robin, I told you......I canít.
R-(as she gets in her car) Fine. Just forget it, Jason. (rolls down her window) When youíre ready for call me.

Robin drives away leaving Jason dumbfounded.


~Around 5:00 p.m.~

Brenda arrives in PC a littl earlier than expected. Steve brings her to the PC hotel. They go up to her room.

B-It feels weird being back.
St-I bet.
B-I should go see Lois.
St-I will drive you. I have to go meet my boss anyway.
B-Thanks. Will you come in and meet Lois?
St-Sure. Sheís your best friend and business partner. Wouldnít miss it.
B-(gives him a kiss) Thanks.

They leave for the gatehouse.


L-(looks at Sonny) What do you mean sheís coming home?
S-She is. Sometime tonight.
L-Wow. What are you going to do?
S-I donít know, man.
L-Do you still love her?
S-Of course, but Iím WITH Jessica now. I promised her that weíd always be together.
L-Donít make those kind of promises, man. Especially a promise you might not be able to keep.

Chapter 7:

Sonny looks at Luke in a state of confusion. He takes a deep breath and puts his hands over his face.

S-I donít know what to do. She is bringing Steve back with her anyway.
L-Whoís Steve?
S-The guy sheís involved with.
L-Oh. I can just picture it now....He has his hands all over her and you get angry and punch him out and then you have to try and explain all of this to Jessica.
S-(gives Luke a smug look) Naw.....Sheís with Steve and Iím with Jessica. I mean whatís the worst that could happen?

Luke looks at Sonny thinking he sure could name a few things. Luke just laughs a bit.


Brenda and Steve go up to the doors of the gatehouse and knock. Lois answers the door.

Lo-Bren! Oh my god. (they hug) Itís so good to see you! (they pull away) I thought
you werenít going to be here until tonight?
B-We got going early. Lois, thereís someone I want you to meet. (Steve stands next to
Brenda) This is Steve.
Lo-(smiles) Nice to meet you. Iíve heard a lot about you.
St-Not badly I hope.
Lo-Not really.
Lo-Iím just kidding. Can you guys come in?
St-Actually I have to go to the office to meet my boss. Brenda, should I pick you up in a few hours and then we can go eat dinner?
B-Sure. (she gives him a kiss)
St-Nice to meet you, Lois.
Lo-You, too.

Steve leaves and Lois and Brenda go in and sit on the couch.


Lois looks at Brenda and smiles.

Lo-You look happy.
B-I am pretty happy. How are you?
Lo-Pretty good.
B-Are things better with Ned?
Lo-Theyíre getting better. He left to go on a business trip. He sends his love.
B-I canít wait to see him. I missed him.
Lo-Ok, now tell me how you are?
B-Like I said....pretty good. How is everyone?
Lo-Well, the Quartermaine family is the same, Robin and Jason are good. Everyone is pretty good.
B-And Sonny?


Mike walks through the door. He hands Luke a order form.

S-What, are you our errand boy now?
M-No. Luke just asked me to do it.
M-Whatís with you?
S-Nothing. Look, I will be in the back if anyone needs me.

Sonny leaves as Luke and Mike watch him. Mike walks over to Luke.

M-Whatís the deal?
L-Take it easy on him.
M-Why? Did he blow it with Jessica?
L-Itís not that.
M-Then what? Luke, heís my son.
L-Brenda is coming home.
M-What? When?


Lois looks at Brenda knowing that even though she is pretty happy that she is definately not as much over Sonny as sheís letting on.

Lo-Brenda, I know this will be hard for you.
B-No. Me and Sonny had something and we donít anymore. Weíve both moved on. Well, at least I have. So, is he seeing anyone?
B-I guess I have my answer. What is she like?
Lo-You donít really want to do this.
B-Come on, Lois. Iím going to run into her eventually.
Lo-Are you really over him? I mean....really?

Chapter 8:

Lois looks at Brenda waiting for a straight answer. She hopes that Brenda will tell her
the truth but she knows better.

B-Of course I am. I wouldnít have came here with Steve if I wasnít.
B-I know you probably donít believe me but just watch. We should have Jason and
Robin meet us at Lukes for dinner. You too.
B-Yeah, why not?
Lo-Uh...oh nothing. Sure. I will call them.

Lois calls Robin and Jason and then goes back to where Brenda is sitting.

B-What did she say?
Lo-She said she would meet us at 7:00 p.m. but Jason couldn't.
B-All right. Steve should be here soon.


Mike looks at Luke not quite sure how to take that news.

M-I canít believe it.
L-I know.
M-How is Sonny taking it?
L-He says heís fine. He says heís with Jessica. I know that he still loves Brenda but....
M-I know. Well, I guess weíll have to wait and see.


As Sonny is in the back room the phone rings.

Je-Hey, sweetie.
S-Hi! Where are you?
Je-Just got home.
S-What do you say about dinner tonight?
Je-Sure. What time?
S-Is 7 ok?
Je-Yeah. I will meet you there, ok?
S-Are you sure you donít want me to pick you up?
Je-Thatís fine. You stay put. Do you feel better than you did earlier?
S-(thinks: ďBrenda is coming home.Ē) I feel fine. See you later.

They hang up the phone.


Steve arrives at the gatehouse to pick Brenda up. Lois lets him in.

St-You ready to go?
B-Yeah. I am starving. Should we go out to dinner?
B-Is it ok if Robin and Jason come and Lois. I want you to meet everyone.
St-That sounds good. Can we go home and change first?
B-Of course.
Lo-Iíll meet you guys there.
B-All right.

Brenda and Steve both go back to her PH to change for a exciting evening!!!


~7:00 p.m. has arrived~

The club is getting packed and Sonny has just ordered a drink at the bar. Mike is
standing at the door getting ready to seat the guests as they come in. Brenda and Steve
walk through the door arm in arm.

M-Brenda. Itís so good to see you. I was wondering when we were going to see your
beautiful face again.
B-I know, Mike. Me, too. Mike...this is Steve.....Steve this is Mike.

Mike and Steve shake hands and say, ďNice to meet you.Ē

B-Can we get a table?
M-Sure. Just a minute.

Brenda and Steve start to make small talk.

A strange feeling overcomes Sonny. A feeling he hasnít had in a long time. He slowly
turns around and gasps at the sight of her. There she was.....standing only a few inches
away from him. She looked so beautiful.

Brendaís eyes look in Sonnyís direction and that second their eyes lock. Either one
can take in the air in the room. They feel like they canít breath. This is the moment that
they have longed for....the moment that they havenít dreamed about.

B-(to herself) He looks so gorgeous. I wonder what he is thinking right now?

S-(to himself) God...just look at her. She still takes my breath away.

As they continue to stare into each others eyes.....each others souls everyone in that
room is buried in the background. They donít feel anyone elsesí presence but each

Chapter 9:

Steve looks at Brenda wondering what has changed her facial expression and what she could be staring at.

St-Brenda? Are you ok?
B-(he waves his hand in front of her face) Uh....oh, sorry.
St-What were you looking at?


Sonny canít take his eyes off of her. He canít believe that she still is as beautiful as he remembers her. He moves towards her.

Brenda canít breath. She canít believe he is coming her way. What will she say? What will he say?

S-Brenda, I canít believe youíre back.
B-Hi, Sonny. (the tension builds in the air) (she looks over at Steve) Sonny, this is Steve.
S-Hey.(takes a breath)
St-Nice to meet you. (holds out his hand but Sonny doesnít budge)

B-Well, see you around. Weíre going to go sit now.
S-See ya.


Sonny walks back over to the bar and Luke sits next to him.

L-Well, you were right. She came back and brough along her man.
L-Are you bothered by this? What about Jessica?
S-(gets angry) No, I am NOT bothered by this. Me and Jess are still together. Stronger than ever, remember?
L-Yeah, right.


Jessica gets a call from a client so she is running late. She picks up the phone.

Je-Hi. I am running a little late. I will be there as soon as I can.
S-All right. see you soon.(click)

Jessica looks at the phone but just shakes her head and goes back to getting ready.


St-Brenda, who is that guy?
B-Just an old friend.
St-Oh. I just thought.
B-Nope, just an old friend.
St-Shall we order?

A waiter comes over and takes their order. Brenda can tell that Sonny is watching them so she tries to concentrate just on her and Steve.

B-So, how did your meeting go with your boss?
St-Good. I start monday morning.
B-thatís good. I can start with Lois again, too.

"The Nearness of You"

It's not the pale moon that excites me
that thrills and delights me
oh's just the nearness of you

Brenda stiffens up after she hears what it is playing in the background.

B-(to herself) ďWhy do they have to play that damn song.Ē


Sonny looks at Luke.

S-You had to play that song, didnít you?
L-Ask her to dance, man.
S-I donít....
L-Go. At least for old times sake?

Sonny gets up and walks over to Brendaís table. Brenda knows he is standing behind her....she can feel him.

S-Brenda, how about a dance.
B-I donít think so.
S-For old times sake?
B-(She gives him a glare)I donít....
St-Go ahead. Itís ok. I have to make a call anyway.

Brenda reluctantly stands up.

It's not your sweet conversation
that brings this sensation
oh's just the nearness of you

Sonny takes Brendaís hands and clasps them with his. They are standing barely 2 inches apart. She hates to look at him. She can feel herself still wanting him....needing him. What she wouldnít give for him to take him and kiss him hard and passionately.

Sonny is taken by the connection they still share. What he wouldnít give to take her in the back room and show her how much he missed her.

Neither one of them is thinking about the significant others in their lives at the moment. All they can do is look into each others souls and wish for so many things.

B-Why are you doing this?
S-Doing what?
B-Making me dance.
S-I didnít make you.
B-You know this is our song.
S-Is it?
B-God, I hate when youíre like this.
S-Like what?
B-(laughs) You havenít changed a bit.
S-Either have you. Youíre still as beautiful as ever.

When you're in my arms
and I feel you so close to me
all my wildest dreams come true
I need no soft lights to enchant me
if you only grant me
the right to hold you ever so tight
and to feel in the night
the nearness of you

B-Ok, weíre done.

Brenda lets go of his hand and starts to turn. He canít let her go...not yet. He impulsively grabs her arm and brings her in for one of those kisses that make her want to melt into a thousand pieces.


Lois had called Robin and said she was running late and she would pick her up at 8.

Robin calls Jasonís cell phone. It just rang.

R-Jason, where are you?


Jason arrives at the meeting and two BIG guys come out of the bushes on the docks.

J-Are you ready to deal?
Man-You came alone.

The other man laughs at Jason.

Man-Big mistake. You are in for major trouble.

Chapter 10:

Jessica walks in the door and Luke tries to cut her off so she doesnít see what is going
on with Sonny and Brenda.

Steve comes back out from making his call. He is looking for Brenda and not watching
where he is going at the same time.

Jessica makes her way past Luke and is looking for Sonny.

They both look on the dance floor and stop dead in their tracks when they spot the
people they love...or thought they loved.

Brenda feels herself falling deeper and deeper into Sonny. She wants to pull away
from him, she knows that is the right thing to do. But for some reason she canít. What
she really wants to do is get as much as she can of him.

Sonny canít help but feel this is the right thing. He knows inside his head that itís not,
but he canít control his heart when it comes to Brenda. He still wants her......he wants
her so bad.

Brenda feels Sonnyís hands wrap around her waist and pull her closer to him. A
vibration shoots up her spine. This second she knows she has to pull away or she
might never pull away again.

She pulls away breathless and just stares at Sonny for a few minutes.


Jason doesnít say anything to the men. He just stares at them.

==the two men are Carlos and Jonny==

C-They were right. You are dumb.
J-Excuse me?
Man-Oh, you do talk. Did your boss teach you that?
Man-Is he going to hand over everything.
Jo-Do you say anything else?

They men laugh at Jason and begin to walk over to him. Jason reaches inside to pull
out his gun and just as he is about to pull it out a man takes his gun up to Jasonís head
so fast.

C-Donít even think about it.
J-What do you want?
Jo-(Carlos still holds his gun to him) You know.
C-This is taking too long.
Jo-Just hold the gun and do what you are suppose to do.
C-No, why am I the one who always holds the gun.

Carlos loosens the grip a little and the two men begin to argue and Carlos lowers the
gun and a shot goes off and Jason falls to the ground.


Robin picks up her phone and tries Jasonís number again but there is still no answer.
She starts to feel strange. Her doorbell rings.

Lo-Sorry I took so long. (she takes a good look at Robin) Sweetie, are you ok?
R-Something is wrong, Lois. I can FEEL it.


Sonny takes a step away from Brenda after he realizes what he just did. He doesnít
know what came over him.

Brenda and Sonny both look in the direction of Steve and Jessica and the move far
apart from each other knowing that things may never be the same again.

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