Lost Loves by Cara


Sonny left a year ago and Brenda has tried to forget him, but it is impossible. She is walking in the living room and listening to music.
"it's time to let you go, it's time to say goodbye.
no more excuses, no more tears to cry. There
have been so many changes, I was so confused
all along you were the one, all the time I never new."
She was interupted by a loud cry. It was that of her three month old baby boy. The night Sonny left she was about to tell him she was having twins.

There was a knock at the door.
B: Oh hey Robin I'm going to check on Wesley and Ally. What to come.
R: Me, pass up a chance to see my favorite god children, never!
B: Well hey there little babies, mommy and aunt Robin are here.
R: Wow, Wesley is looking more like Sonny everyday I see him.
Brenda doesn't respond she just looks at the ground.
R: I'm sorry Brenda, I know you don't like to talk about him, but I know in my heart he left for a reason, hopefully oneday we'll all find out why.
B: That's okay, I just kills me that he is G*d knows where and doesn't know about these two beautiful children he has.

On an airplane Sonny looks out the window and thinks to himself. Well it's time to face the music. Hopefully Brenda won't hate me, I wonder if she is dating anyone? All I ever wanted was to protect her, and I hoped that oneday we could have a family together. He was interrupted in thought by a stewardess.
St: Sir we are getting ready to land in Port Charles, can I take your glass?
S: Yeah, sure. Hey do you know of a model named Brenda Barrett that live here?
St: Oh yes, I can't believe how great she looks so soon after having twins!
S: Oh. thanks.
Sonny thought to himself, twins? Not only was she dating someone but she was probably married and had two kids. Well my chances at love are gone.
Sonny gets off the plane and is greeted by Jason.
J: Hey, my man. How are you?
S: Okay, how are things going for you?
J: Great! Robin and I are back together, although I haven't seen her too much lately, she has been helping Brenda. So where to? (Jason tried to change the subject realizing he had almost slipped about the babies.)
S: Helping Brenda with what?
J: I don't really know, probably girl stuff.
S: Well I haven't seen Robin in a while so lets go to Brenda's.
J: I don't know if you should see Brenda so soon.
S: Well it's going to happen eventually, no better time than now.
They get in the car and head to Brenda's not knowing what lies ahead.

They turn down Brenda's street and Jason is sweating bulelts. He knows that this is not going to be a good day.

They pull in the driveway and Jason tells Sonny to wait in the car and he'll see if they are home.
The door knocks and Brenda opens it.
B: Oh hey Jason! (she forgave Jason b/c she realized he was just following orders) Robins upstairs with the twins, come on in.
As she goes to shut the door someone sticks their foot in.
B: Jason you didn't tell me you brought company. Who is it?
She opens the door and drops the bottle she was holding.
S: Long time no see.
B: What the h*ll are you doing here. Don't think I haven't forgotten what you did to me.
S: Oh Brenda, I left to protect you, can't we just move past that.
As Sonny finishes, Robin walks down staris with the twins.
R: Sonny, what on earth are you doing here?
S: Well nice to see you too Robin. Oh what do we have here.
Sonny takes Wesley from Robin and Brenda gasps.
S: So Brenda where is the father of these two angels?
B: Here come with me and I'll introduce you.
Brenda walks Sonny over to the floor length mirror and stops.
B: Sonny meet Wesley's and Ally's daddy.
Sonny stands there in disbelief.

Jason and Robin excuse themselves and head to the kitchen.
S: What?
B: Sonny right before you left I found out I was pregnant and I was going to tell you but you decided you were more important.
S: Brenda, why didn't you tell me? If I would have known I would have never had left you. I'll I have ever wanted was to have a family with you.
B: I would have told you but you left before I had the chance.
S: Well know that that is all in the air, what do you say to us becoming a family?
B: Who the h*ll do you think you are? You leave me to deliver and raise two children and now that it is convenient for you, you want to be a part of my life and of my children.
S: Our children.
B: (in tears now) No if they are anyones children they are mine and Jasons, he was the one that held my hand in the delivery room for all ten hours, he was the one who held my precious babies fisrt and he is the one who stayed here for the first month and helped me when they woke in the middle of the night, NOT you!
S: I would have done all of that, if I had known.
B: You really have an excuse for every thing, don't you.
Ally begins to cry and Brenda starts to move towards her.
S: Wait I'll get her.
Brenda watches and cries, he looks so perfect with her. No Brenda you can't let him back in your life he hurt you.
S: She is just as beautiful as her mother.
B: Thanks. Sonny maybe we could work something out regarding visiting hours.
S: Brenda I don't want visiting hours I want to build you a home and take the kids to the park and make love to you every night in every room of our house. I want to make you Mrs. Corinthos.
B: Sonny you can't do this to me.
Sonny puts Ally down and walks closer to Brenda. Brenda fells her breath getting shorter.
S: No I can't, but I can do this.
With that he grabs Brenda and kisses her with more passion than ever.
S: Baby, I missed you. I love you and I want us to be a family.
B: I guess I missed you too.
They fall onto the couch and kiss so passionatly, making up for lost time.


As Sonny begins to unbotton Brenda's shirt she stops him.

B: Sonny no. You know I would love nothing more than to kiss you, but you left me and our children and you can't sex your way out of this one.
S: But Brenda.
B: No buts about it Sonny we can't do this right now. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
S: But I want to spend time with my children.
B: Sonny you had your chance but you tried to bed me first. Maybe you could come by tomorrow and play with them
S: Okay, but I'll dream of you all night, like I have for the past year.
B: Well I'll see you tomorrow. Good Night.
S: See ya.

After Sonny leaves Brenda paces the room thinking of what to do next. I love him but he abondoned my children and that will be hard to forgive.

(Storyline incomplete...originally posted on message board)

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