Losing Love sequal to It's all coming back by Pippey2@aol.com

I'm gonna start a year later from where I left off. It's Hunter's 1st
birthday. And Sonny and Brenda have made this like the event of the decade.
Lois came back in with Brooke. Julia came in with her new boyfriend. Everyone
who was anyone in Port Chuck was there w/or w/o kids. All the Q's, the
Spencers , including Laura, Lesily, and Lulu and Lucky. The Webber's are there
and so are the Scorpio's, Mac,
Robin, Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie. Mac and Felicia decided to go thorugh with
the wedding scam and not just to keep everyone from being disappointed, they
had realised who much they still loved each other. Lucy brought her kids. All
three of them, Kevin, Scotty, and Serena. Ok so they aren't her "kids" but if
you think about it what's the diffrence? Karen and Joe, and frank and Julie
came. Scotty of course brought Eve. Mike and Mary came bearing
gifts. Even Jason, Justic, and Dara made an apperance. Jason of course stayed
right by Sonny and Luke. Bobbie, Tony and Lucas, came. And even a few unwanted
guest made an apperance, but believe it or not Taggert and Garcia came as
friends. Well at least they were flying the whitle flag for the special
B:"Are we going to have enough to feed everyone?"
S:"Should. We are at Lukes!"
B:"I can't believe this! I thought we agreed just friends!"
S:"Well besides Tweetle Dee and Tweetle DUH! ( Garcia and Taggert) They are
all friends. Our kid is popular. What can I say?"
B:"Speaking of our child, where did she go?"
S:"Mike's got her."
B:"Good so let's make our way through the crowd and head for the bar. B/c I'm
sure that's where I last saw him."
They inched over to the bar, stopping and talking as they did. About ten
minutes later they made it there. Mike was just where brenda had seen him
last. Sitting on a bar stool, only now he had his grandaughter sitting up on
the bar. She was laughing and drooling all over the place.
S:"Looks like someone is cutting more teeth."
Brenda walked over and picked up her daughter. She kissed her then held her up
above her head. Hunter and giggled with excitment.
B:"umm yummmm. Thank's shorty I needed another shower." Hutner reached out for
B:"Ohh no you don't." Hunter looked at Brenda and she wasn't laughing.
B:"Look at this! She has got this pouting thing down to a tee!"
Sonny walked over and took Hunter from Brenda.
S:"Just like her mommy! And like her Mommy she gets whatever she wants!"
B:"HUH! You haven't spoiled me half as much as you've spoiled her!"
S:"She isn't Like this b/c of me! Who is it that jumps at her every movment?
Who is it that runs everytime she makes a noise?! It's not me!"
B:"So I'm a cautious mother! Is there anything wrong with that?"
S:"No but I'm gonna laugh one day when you fall running up the stairs! When
she's awake and playing in her crib!"
B:"I don't run!"
S:"Brenda! I had Jason clock you. It took you 3 seconds to to get up the
stairs! Are you telling me you walk that fast?!"
B:"Shut up."
S:"You know I'm right!"
B:"no your not."
S:"Go on say it. I'm right!"
B:"Ok. I'm right!" She grined up at him.
B:"I don't RUN! I walk quickly."
S:"You run!!"
B:"I told you to shut up!"
S:"Awww. I love you baby."
B:"Yeah sure. Right."
S:"Aww. Come here."
B:"No. Really I'm not hurt. I just go through h*ll. I save your life, I give
you blood, I give you a child, so you just...sust go ahead and make fun of me,
b/c I'm a nervous reck, and I want my little girl to know that I love her, and
I'll always be there for her. But no you just go ahead and have your fun at my
M:"She's getting good! Are those tears Brenda? YOu've really worked on this
S:"Oh sweetheart. I'm sorry. Please don't cry." Sonny wrapped his free arm
around Brenda and pulled her close and kissed her forehead, while she faked
crying. "Honey I'm sorry. I love you just the way you are."
Brenda pulled away and smiled.
B:"I know. i'm gonna go find Lois." Brenda held out her arms to get Hunter to
come with her. Hunter smiled at Brenda but kept her amrs around Sonny's neck.
Sonny laughed while Brenda shook her head as leaned in and kissed both her
husband and her daughter and walked off to find Lois.
Broke saw Brenda and ran to her. Brenda picked up her goddaughter.
B:"At leasdt I know someone loves me."
Br:"Hey aunt Bren."
B:"Hey angel. Hey Lo."
Lo:"Hiya Chick. So where's your little one?"
B:"With her daddy. I'm not allowed to hold her."
Lo:"He's go ther spoiled!"
B:"Will you please come with me and tell him that?! He blames me for it!"
Lo:"Where is he?"
B:"At the bar."
Lo:"Perfect place to be witha 1 year old!"
B:" SO how long are you staying?! A few days? A few weeks? A few..YEARS?!"
Lo:"Cool it! You know I had to leave for a good reason."
B:"Brooke do you wanna go find uncle Sonny and tell him that it's almost time
for cake? He's right over there." Brenda pointed to Sonny standing at the bar.
She let the little girl go and Brooke ran to where Sonny was.
B:"Do remind me of this "good" reason again?"
B:"Lois! You and Ned were just starting to work things out!"
Lo:"We were getting too close!"
B:"Ohh Lois give it up! You know you still love him! Why not just admit that
you were wrong?"
Lo:"B/c I wasn't!"
B:"Oh your as bad as me!! I'm begining to think I'm a bad influence on you!"
Lo:"You are!"
B:"Thanks. Come on let's go rescue Sonny."
Lo:"Resuce him? He's having a better time than the kids are!"
B:"I know! I don't need to have anymore kids. I have my hands full with the
two I've got! But you gotta admit he's SOOO cute when he's around kids! I want
a dozen just so I can watch Sonny with them!"
Lo:"I don't think there's enough room in Port Charles for any additions to the
Corinthos clan."
B:"Oh well too late!"
Lo:"WHAT?!? YOUR---"
B:"SHHH! I haven't told anyone!"
Lo:"Ahhh Your kidding!"
B:"Nope. I found out yesterday. I'm just waiting for the right time to tell
Lo:"Girl, you aren't gonna pull that whole "Wait five hundred years before I
tell anyone" again are you?"
B:"No! I just want it to be perfect!"
Lo:"Brenda you could tell the man in front of a crowd of people..oh wait you
already did that one. Hmmm tell him now!"
B:"Lois! No! This party is for Hunter!"
Lo:"so it's a present she's gonna have a little brother or sister!"
B:"Lois NO! And don't you say anything!"
Lo:"You take the fun out of everything!"
B:"Trust me I have a plan!"
Lo:"I'm affraid to ask."
B:"Good. B/c I wasn't going to tell you anyway."

Two days later Brenda and Sonny were getting ready for the Nurses Ball.
S:"Brenda!! Good grief woman! How long does it take to put on eyeliner?!"
B:"If you don't be quiet!"
S:"Yeah, yeah! Brenda the ball will be over by the time we get there! Hurry!"
Brenda came down the stairs in a Lavender velvet dress that came to her
B:"Yeah well I could have done a better job, if someone would have quit
yelling at me!"
Sonny grabed her and kissed her.
S:"You can't possibly look any more beautiful than you do right now."
B:"Awww. That's so sweet! I love you."
S:"And I love you!"
They arrived a few moinutes early.
B:(in amocking voice)" We're gonna be late if you don't hurry! The show's
gonna be over before you get done!"
S:"Ok. I'm sorry."
B:"Yeah well!! your forgiven."
Half way through the evening Brenda disappeared then returned shortly after.
S:"Where'd you go?"
B:"You'll see."
About that time Lucy came bouncing out on stage.
Lucy:"I just got some REALLY Exciting news! And it's exciting because the last
time were here A very dear friend of mine had her baby. Well Brenda just told
me a secret. Would anyone like to know her secret?"
Lucy:"Lois you always know everything before I do!Brenda that's not fare! Next
time your having a baby I get to know first!! Ooopps! That wasn't supposed to
come out like that! Oh well!"Brenda looked at Sonny who was staring wide eyed
at her.
Lo:"I'll say look at him! He's speechless! There's something that you don't
see everyday!"
Lucy:"Congradulations Brenda and Sonny. And I must say At the rate youtwo are
going well have a town popultaed by the Corinthos family! Oh by the way I get
to be godmother I called it first!!"
Julia walked up behind Brenda and Sonny.
Ju:"Ahh My little sis is having ANOTHER Baby! I'm so happy for you two!"
S:"WOW! Are you serious?"
B:"Would I say it if I wasn't?!"
S:"I my G*d!" the whole thing hit Sonny at once. He grabed Brenda and pulled
her close. brenda pulled away and smiled up at him.
Sonny answered her witha passionate kiss.
B:"I'll take that as a yes!"
S:"I love you so much Brenda."
B:"I love you too Sonny."
The rest of the night was perfect, well almost perfect.Brenda and Sonny were
talking with the group at their table, when a familiar face walked up.
Jax:"Brenda. Sonny. I just thought I'd come over and congradulate you two. I
would have sent a present for Hunter, but I had no idea it was her birthday."
B:"That's all right. It wasn't your responsibility to....HOw'd you know our
daughter's name?"
Jax:"I over heard people talking about her. I heard she looks just like you."
Julia:"Jax, is there something we can help you wiht. I think you know that you
are making everyone here a little uncomfortable."
Jax:"Well I certainly didn't mean to ruin everyones fun. Enjoy the night." He
turned on his heel and walked away.
B:"I don't know what he's up to but I don't like it."
S:"Brenda what makes you think he's up to something? He seemed like the
noramal Jax to me."
Luke:"That is if you could really call him "normal"."
S:"True. But still I don't think he's planning on murdering us in our sleep.
Brenda looked over towards her sister and could tell she was thinking the same
thing. Jax WAS up to something. But what? The rest of the Ball was a blast.
Lucy didn't exactally strip this year. No this year she got the better of
Katherine. Lucy had had Katherine's dress "specialy" made. And as the two were
walking on stage she stepped on the trainof the dress and down it came. This
performance recieved a standing ovation as Katherine ran off stage.
Lucy:"Opps. My bad. Sorry Kathy!" After the closing act Sonny and Brenda
headed home. They walked through the door.
S:"Looks like we're gonna need to get a bigger place."
B:"Yep. But I really hate leaving this place. It's been "home" for so long. I
mean it's going to take forever to find a new place, get moved in, decorate,
both inside and out. We'll never finda a place already for us by the time the
baby's born."
S:"Really? I don't know I think I just might know of a place."
B:"Wher---- You didn't?"
B:"You built it?!"
S:"Built what?"
B:"Oh my G*d! You DID!!! When?"
S:"A LONG time ago. I got it started before I even left. I think it was
actually finished about two years ago. That's landscaping, decorating, moving
the cows for one field to another."
B:"I luv the cows!! Can we keep them??"
S:"If it's cows you want, it's cows you'll get!"
B:"Cool! What else did you do?"
S:"It wasn't me. Your the one who told me what you wanted. I just took that
wonderful dream house of yours and made it real."
B:"Aww. Can we go see it tommorow?"
S:"We can move in tommorow."
S:"All we have to do is take what we want from here. It's already furnished,
and everything. We do need food. But hey that's nothing a grocery store can't
fix. I'll call and have Jason and Luke and Minke help us."
B:"Are you sure this isn't your cruel attepmt at a joke?"
S:"Nope. It's already for us. Of course it might need a little cleaning but
that's nothing you and Lois and Robin can't handel while where getting stuff
packed and moved."
B:"AHHH wow!!"
Before going to bed Brenda went in to check on Hunter. She was sound asleep
in her crib.
B:"Hi my presious." Brenda brushed a cruky strand out of her daughters face
before leaning down and gentally giving her a kiss. She stood there watching
her little girl sleep. Sonny came in and wrapped his arms around her waist.
B:"I don't care what everyone says. She looks like you."
S:"She'll grow out of it."
B:"I hope not."
Brenda laid her head on Sonny's shoulder and closed her eyes. " I love you
Brenda." Sonny whispered in her ear.
B:"I love you too."
Brenda woke up bright and early the next morning when she heard Hunter
crying. But before she could get out of bed Sonny was up and down the hall.
Brenda walked into the kitchen to find Sonny warming up a bottle.
S:"morning beautiful."
B:"Me or her?"
S:"You of course."
B:"In that case. Morning baby." She looked at her daughter."And morning baby."
Hunter reached out for Brenda.
B:"What's this? you actually want to come to me? Well, well."
Brenda took Hunter from Sonny and hugged her.
B:"Did you miss mommy last night? I soory sweetheart."
Hunter clasped Brenda's face between her hands and giggled at the face Brenda
B:"Ummm Yeah. Do you want me to cook?"
Sonny raised a skeptical eyebrow.
B:"Don't look at me like that. I won't kill your kitchen!"
S:"I trust you. Just not with my pots."
B:"Then I'm gonna go give shorty a bath and get her ready to go."
Brenda placed a quick kiss on his lips before leaving with her daughter.
When Sonny came up to get Brenda she was fixing hunter's curly hair. She had
her dress in a pair of little jeanbibs, a little off white long sleeve shirt
with pooh
in the middle.
S:"I must have done something right. I get two of the most beautiful women in
the world, right here in the same room."
B:"Yeah well one of them is about to leave so she can go get a shower. Take
your daughter."
S:"Hey ya don't have to tell me twice." Sonny picked up Hunter and gave her a
B:"don't let her get messy. And please don't let her mess her hair up."
S:"Yes sir."
Brenda cme back down in a pair of jeans and one of Sonny's t-shirts.
S:"Hey is that mine?"
B:"No it's OURS!"
S:"No its MINE"
S:"Fine. ours. Does this mean I can barrow your new pumps?"
B:"If you want to try, go for it."
S:"Think their my size?"
Brenda hit him in the arm. "You are one sick puppy."
S:"What can I say you drive me crazy!"
Sonny grabed her started kissing her.
B:"Sonny! Lois and others could be here anysecond and you know how Lois is she
rarely knocks."
S:"Yeah, well we'll continue this tonight!"
Brenda laughed as she walked over to the table where breakfast was set out.
Hunter was sitting in her highchairmaking a mess.
B:"Sonny what was it I said before I got into the shower?"
S:"You love me?"
B:"Try again."
S:"Not to let Hunter...mess her hair up!"
B:"Close! Try'Sonny don't let Hunter get messy!' Ring a bell?"
S:"Now that ya mention it."
B:"Sonny look at her. She's gotten more on her than in her mouth. And you
didn't put a bib on her."
S:"Now really Brenda. I think otemeanl go's good with the shirt."
B:"You are hopless."
S:"I'll clean her up."
B:"No. I'll do it after Breakfast. You need to get a shower. Thank you for
making breakfast."
S:"I always make breakfast."
B:"I know. But I love you for your cooking."
S:"And my devilishly good looks."
B:"Yeah those too."
Sonny kissed her and left for the shower.
When Sonny came back downstairs he was in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt.
He saw Brenda sitting with her back to him. Hunter saw him come down the
stairs and reached out to him. Brenda turned and grinned.
B:"Your not allowed to look that good!"
S:"Then that makes two of us. I see you put shorty in regular clothes."
B:"Well if someone would have put a bib on her."
Sonny rolled his eyes and took his daughter.
S:"Pumpkin, can you believe her? One mistake and she's ready to give me life
without parol."
Hunter was too busy looking over at the teddy bear on the couch to pay
attention to Sonny. She started reaching for it. Brenda gave her the bear and
Hunter started chewing on it's nose.
S:"Better his nose than mine."
B:"You ready?"
S:"Yep. I'm meeting Jason and Luke and Mike and Lucky at Luke's."
B:"And I'm picling up Lois and Brooke at the Q's."
S:"Ewww. Have fun."
B:"Miss me."
S:"Always." Soony kissed Brenda then handed Hunter to her. He kissed her
chubby cheek and followed them out.

Brenda and Lois walked into the house. The entry was a light wooden floor,
then as they walked into the living room there was a dark but not so dark blue
carpet. (hope that didn't confuse anyone) There were ceiling to floor picture
windows looking out over the little river (creek. Whatever), french doors that
led out to the huge back porch that wrapped around the whole backside of the
house. The kitchen was in a cream and tan. Cover sheet were
over everything. Brenda walked over to the couch and pulled the sheet off. the
big white couch and it's over stuffed pillows, and extra big cushions matched
the house perfectly. It was just like she'd told him she wanted. Brenda went
over and turned on the stereo that was sitting in the entertainment center.
She put in a CD that she'd brought and Miguel's (sorry love Ricky's CD. I have
one and I listen to it all the time. It's good cleaning music.)
voice filled the room. Brend aand Lois had the place cleaned and were sitting
down at the table talking and drinking diet coke, when the guys came in with
the first load, and LUNCH.
B:"It's about time! What happened did you get lost?"
S:"Would you like to answer that question LUKE?!"
Lu:"It's not my fault you two are moving out into the middle of noman's land!
I'm really are you two hoping to become the next Clampets?!"
B:"Luke you got lost?!"
Lu:"No! Just a little side tracked. Son your never driving again!"
Lucky:"Don't even! It wasn't my fault!"
Lo:"What's for lunch?"
S:"Burgers from the Outback."
Lo:"Good I'm starved."
S:"And why am I not supprised?"
Lo:"Watch it buster! I just spent the last three hours cleaning this place and
cleaning always makes me grouchy."
S:"What doesn't."
Lo:"Your pushin' it Corinthos!"
S:"Awww. I love ya Lo. YOu guys did great. Just one question"
S:"Who are you and what have you done with my wife and her best friend?"
B:"Ha Ha! YOur too cute!" Brenda wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed
Lu:'Save it! I want to keep my appitite!"
S:"Where Hunter?"
B:"Robin took her upstairs and laid her down."
Ja:"Where's Robin?"
B:"She walked down to the little river outback."
Ja:"I'll be back. Yell for me when your ready to go again."
Jason walked out the back doors and out towards where Robin was.
Everyone sat to luch at the table. Sonny and Brenda were discussing plans
about the house, and the new baby. Lois, Luke, and Mike were all involved in
their own conversation and Lucky headed up stairs to see if the girls were up.
S:"It's going to be another girl Brenda!"
B:"No it isn't!"
Lu:"Why don't we just take bets?"
S:"That's a good idea. I have 20 bucks that says it's a girl!"
Lo:"Eww I second that!! I''l throw in 20 for a girl!"
Lu:"Sorry Bren. I agree I want it to be a girl! I don't think PC is ready for
another Sonny Corinthos!"
S:"Thank you Luke! I think."
M:"Well I'm with Brenda. It's gonna be a boy. And I'll lay 30 bucks on it."
B:"Thank you Mike! And I'll Lay 30 down too!"
Lo:"then it's setteled! And when you have your sonogram that will be the pay
up day."
B:"Mike were about to be rich!"
S:"Don't coun't your chickens before they hatch!"
Sonny and Brenda were waiting in Dr.Newman's office three weeks later.
Dr.N:"Brenda are you ready to get the your second baby's first picture?"
B:"You bet!" Brenda got up on the table, bed whatever you know what I mean.
Dr.N:"Let's see." Dr.Newman turned it and the picture came on the screen. She
turned another button and they could hear the heart beat.
Dr.N:"Hmmmm. Let me see something."
She adjusted it a little.
Dr.N:"I thought so."
B:"What? Is something wrong?"
Dr.N:"No. Everything is normal from what I can tell. You have two beautifuly
devolping children."
Dr.N:"Yep. Do you hear the double heart beat? And look how many baby's in the
2nd month stage have two heads?"
B:"Two that's--that's more than one."
Dr.N:"Very good Brenda."
S:"two? As in twins?!" Sonny was absolutly glowing with excitment. Brenda on
the other hand still had her mouth hanging to the floor.
Dr.N:"That would be correct."
S:"Oh wow! twins! "
B:"Can you tell if their going to be idenical?"
Dr.N:"their faternal. But that doesn't mean that they won't look similar, but
their will be diffrences. For instance Boy and girl."
B:"Guess the bets off." She too was now smiling.
Brenda had to doa few blood tests just to make sure everything was alright
with the twins. When everything was done, they left, with their sonogram
pictures and a video for when no one believed them.
B:"We have got to tell Mike. He'll flip."
S:"I'll call him and have him meet us at Luke's."
When Brenda and Sonny got to Luke's everyone was there waiting on them. See it
hadn't stopped with just Mike they had ended up calling everyone. Even the
Q's! When they walked in everyone looked up at them.
Edward:"If you going to tell us your pregnant we know. If your telling us you
leaving Bonjoyage, and if you telling me that you selling Deception I'll buy!"
B:"No, no, And Absolutly NOT!"
Edward:"Just a suggestion."
S:"Actually we asked you guys to come here-"
M:"That's a good point! Why do we always come here? What's wrong with meeting
at "The recovery room"?"
S:"Next time Pops. Brenda and i have an important announcement to make!"
Edward:"Oh God your getting married! Oh wait never mind you already did that."
S:"Are you done? Good. "
Lu:"Can I just say one thing?"
Lu:"Gee Sorry!"
S:"As I was saying! We're having TWINS!"
Lu:"As in two?"
Jason:"No as in 8!"
Lu:"Don't get smart with me Junior!"
Ja:"Don't worry I won't. Get smart that is."
Lu:"Too cute!"
M:"That's great! So this means 3 of the worlds most perftect grandchildren
will be mine!"
S:"That's right!"
Lu:"Congradulations man!"
Lu:"And my favorite Babe, Besides my Laura."
B:"Thank you Luke."
Julia made her way through the crowd up to Brenda and Sonny.
Ju:"AHH I love it! My next Nice and Nephew or nice and nice or nephew and
nephew will be twins!! That is so cool!"
Brenda and Julia shared a hug and then everyone else took their turns
congradulating the couple.
Three months passed and Brenda was headed to work. She had a Deception
board meeting, a photoshoot to look in on, then she had to a meeting in
Rodchester with her accountants. They had found out the day before that she
was having a boy and a girl. Brenda had picked the names. Altough she hadn't
told Sonny yet. She was half way through her Deception meeting when her pager
went off. She looked down and saw the 911 911 and then Sonny's cell phone
number. Shequickly excused herself and ran to her office. She tried three
times to get a hold of Sonny before he answered.
B:"What's wrong?"
S:"Honey, come to GH. NOW!"
B:"Sonny tell me what's wrong! Is it robin?!"
S:"No." She could tell he was crying
S:"Brenda it's Hunter. Please come NOW!"
B:"What's wrong?!" Panic struck over Brenda.
S:"I don't know. We were at Mike's and she just started having seziures. (sp?)
Brenda I don'
t know what's wrong with her!"
B:"I'm on my way!"
Brenda ran out leaving her secretary to explain to the other board members
why she had to leave. She spead the whole way to GH. Never doing under 70. She
got off the elevator at pediactrics. She saw Sonny and Lois standing out by
the nurses station.
S:"Oh G*d, Brenda I don't know what's wrong with her!" Sonny took Brenda into
his arms. They just held eachother for the longest time. Thwy waited for
around 5 hours before Alan and Monica came out.
B:"What's worng with her."
Mon:"Brenda,Sonny why don't we go sit down."
B:"Where is my daughter.?"
Mon:"She's in a private room, being monitered. But I need to talk to you
before you go and see her."
Monica led them over to the couch. Once everyone was seated Monica began her
Mon:"What Hunter has is a virus in her heart, called Restrictive
Cardiomyopathy. That's why she was having the seizures."
B:"What exactally is it?"
Mon:"Well it's a virus that causes a series of progressine events which
results in impaired pumoing of the left ventrical. Which eventually causes the
demands on the heart to become greater and it eventually gives up."
Brenda was in tears.
B:"But there's a cure right?"
Mon:"Well there are drugs, but the only sure fire cure is a transplant. And
not even that is fool proof. We have to find a donor, we have to find a match
not only in blood type but we have to find a person somewhere around the same
age as Hunter. It's to do a transplant for a baby. I'm not trying to kill your
hopes, b/c there is hope, but I'm telling you in this case transplant is our
last option. The chances of finding a child that small as a donor.
There are artifical hearts, but that is a very last case senario. We have to
make sure that she's not going to have any reactions to this medication. And
we want to keep her here."
S:"For how long."
Mon:"I don't know. It just depends how she reacts to the medications.
Brenda started crying hystericaly. Sonny took her in his arms and held her.
S:"Shhh. She'll be fine. We'll get through this."
Brenda and Sonny stayed the night in Hunter's room. Lois had said that she
would call everyone for them. Mike and Luke had went back to the farm and made
sure all the doors were locked and had gotten a change of clothes for Brend
aand Sonny. Mike had brought Hunter's favorite bear to her. Monica had put her
on two diffrent medicines that made her rather groggy. When Mike walked in
Brenda was there alone.
M:"Where's Micheal?"
B:"He went to get some coffee. he should be back anytime now."
Luke and Sonny walked to the cafiteria.
Lu:"How's Brenda holdin' up?"
S:"As well as can be expected. She refuses to leave her side."
Lu:"I remember that happening a few years ago! She wouldn't leave you either."
S:"She a very determined woman." At that moment Sonny's cell phone rang.
Person:"Mr.Corinthos, this is Jamie, Mrs. Corinthos's assistant, we have a
S:"What's wrong?"
J:"After Mrs.Cornithos left today we recieved a call from the some of the few
stock holders in this company and they said that they had each been offered an
extreamly large amount of to sell their stock and that if Mrs.Corinthos
couldn't match or better the deal then they would sell."
S:"Listen Jamie. You tell the board members I'll be there tommorow and not to
do anything without talking to me first."
J:"Are you sure I mean they always deal with Brenda."
S:"Brenda is preoccupied right now. I don't want her worrying about losing
they company. Damn this can't be happening! Listen I want to know who is doing
this, I want ot know who they are, where they are, I want to know what they
eat for breakfast!"
J:"Yes sir. Mr.Corinthos. If you don't mind, is everything alright?"
S:"Our daughter, Hunter, is in the hospital, and we don't know if she'll
J:"Oh G*d I'm sorry."
S:"I don't want you telling anyone about this. It will probably be on the
front page tommorow morning but for right now I don't want anyone to know."
J:"Yes sir."
S:"Tahnk yo for calling Jamie."
J:"Sir I can tell you who is making these offers."
J:"Jasper Jax."
S:"Thank you Jamie. I'll see you in the morning."
J:"Yes sir."


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