"Living A Lie" by KleeBart@aol.com

The morning sun had already begun to grow hot, scorching almost. Even
inside with the air conditioning, Brenda Barrett could feel the heat
eminating through the very walls of the tiny house on the beachfront. The
waves that rolled onto the shore made loud shwooshing noises as they met
the cool sand, and sea gulls squealed and shouted to one another as they
through the air, expressing their neverending complaints about the heat of
the morning.
It had only just started to get warm, summer-y outside, as the spring
had lasted and lasted, and just when seemed that it would never give up its
hold over the weather, the temeratures began to rise and the sun began to
hotter and hotter, something which made Brenda even more nervous. The hot
air that hit her in the face every time she stepped outside onto the deck
the beach itself reminded her that running would be hard, nearly impossible
if it had to be done. The disguises that would have to be worn would be
uncomfortable in the heat, and poor Sonny would get doubley claustrophobic
behind the sweaty heat of the false facial hair. Brenda ran her hands
through her hair and sighed...he had promised that this would get easier,
as the days passed and the weeks melted into months, not only did they not
get better, they got worse.


Brenda:"Sonny, I thought we were going out to dinner tonight?"
Brenda Barrett looked up from the magazine she had been reading on the
couch and questioned Sonny Corinthos, who had failed to change into
restaurant attire, dressed simply in an undershirt and a pair of old tan
chinos. No answer from the man who sat down on the couch beside her and
picked up her hand, kissed it, then clicked on the television to the local
news station, the only channel that ever seemed to be on tuned into the
tv the tiny bungalow.
The dark haired man beside her put up his hand, as to indicate she
wasn't to speak for a moment. After listening closely to what the Spanish
newscaster was repoting, he silently breathed a sigh of relief and clicked
the mute button.
Sonny:"Sweety...I know I promised a nice dinner this evening...but I
think we should lay low. Remember how I told you that my men have been
watching that certain...sketchy looking crew that showed up here the other
day? I think it's best if we stay in until we make sure they're
sure they are, but we'd rather be safe than sorry, right?" He smiled at
woman he had loved since the first time he saw her and kissed her hand
"What do you say we finish off that spinach salad you made yesterday?"
Brenda sighed. It was always something, some kind of excuse. In the
seven months that Brenda and Sonny had been hiding out from the PCPD in
Spain, they had only left their tiny home a total of maybe, oh, 5 times.
was even a struggle to get Sonny to go out to the beach on the really nice
afternoons, and even when she was able to, Sonny would only allow them to
stay an hour or so, then he would drag Brenda back up to the house. She
so sick and tired of the same surroundings, the same news stations, the
day to day activities. Even the food had gotten boring, and Brenda had
been a big eater. She knew Sonny had loathed that terrible spinach salad
had concocted yesterday morning, and she was sure he dreaded eating it
as much as she.
Brenda:"Sonny, that salad was terrible, and I know you don't want to
it again. I know I don't...why don't we just go to that little restaurant
off the southside of the bay? It's only a short drive, and we can bring
food back...we don't even have to eat it there. Please Sonny, I'll do
anything if we can just get away for a short while--
Sonny:"Did you say anything?" He leaned in to kiss his girlfriend,
only succeeded in brushing her hair with his lips as she jumped up from the
couch, annoyed.
Brenda:"Sonny, I'm not kidding! I can't DO this anymore, I can't just
sit here and pretend like everything's okay when it's not...I hate this
stupid house, I hate this stupid beach, that newscaster, this air
that doesn't even work right..." Brenda's voice trailed off as the tears
anger and frustration began to betray her and fall down her face. She
away from Sonny and sunk down to the floor. Sonny got up from the couch,
sighed, and bent down to kneel beside Brenda. He held her head to his
and stroked her hair while she cried. "Shhh, baby, don't cry, I know this
tough for you. I hate knowing that you're not happy, I can't stand feeling
like I should be doing more--"
Brenda lifted her head up. "Ohhh....Sonny....Oh God, baby, I'm so
sorry. No, no, you are doing everything you can and more. This is my
problem, the police are framing ME, not you, and you are still treating
like it's YOUR life..."
Sonny:"You ARE my life Brenda."
Brenda:"I know, and you're mine, but still...you're giving up
for me, and I still whine and complain like you're having this wonderful
time, and I'm the only one who's miserable. I should be thankful that I'm
here with you, no matter what--I AM grateful, Sonny, it's just that...I
know. It's hard to keep my cool, that's all. I love you for everything
you've done sweetie, I want you to know that, and I will always remember
sacrifices you make for me every minute of every day." She leaned up to
Sonny softly on the cheek, a kiss which turned more passionate than was
planned, and soon the star crossed lovers fell back, back to lay on the
rug and make up for the excitement lost by being forced to stay in for the


Sonny wolk up later that evening, after the two had eaten and gone to
bed, and stood by the window. He looked out across the ocean, and imagined
that for just a moment, he could be a part of the sea, free to sway and
swell, and forever rejoice in the peacefulness that the blue-green water
offered. He turned to look behind him at Brenda, who had stirrred under
thin sheet, but didn't wake. He walked over to the bed and lay back down
beside her, scooping her up in his arms, half hoping that she would wake up
and say the three words that always made everything so much
better....however, she did not awaken, but she did give his arm a small
squeeze, and that small token of her love was enough to get her handsome
haired savior back to sleep...

The next day was even hotter than the one before. Brenda wolk before
Sonny and sat up in bed carfeully, so as not to awaken her lover. She
at him, his beautful face and his perfect body under the lucid white sheet
and felt such love for him that tears came to her eyes. It was times like
this when she felt so guilty about the dread she was feeling inside, about
what she was hiding from him and why she was doing it. She got out of bed
and slipped on a tiny robe, then tiptoed into the small bathroom and closed
the door before she woke Sonny with the sounds of the impending morning

Sonny:"Brenda? Honey? Sweetie, are you ok?" Sonny knocked on the
bathroom door, a concerned look on his face. "Are you sick, babe?"
Inside the bathroom, Brenda panicked. This wasn't supposed to happen!
He couldn't find out this way, it was impossible. Just as she was about
make up some lame excuse about the length of time she had been in the
bathroom, another wave of nausea came over her and she leaned close over
side of the toilet and vomitted again. The door, having no lock on it,
opened slowly and Sonny peeked in, saw Brenda's body trembling and heaving,
and rushed to her.
Sonny:"Sweetheart? What's wrong? Did you eat something? Honey?" He
held her head gently in his hands and softly pulled her hair away from her
face. He stayed with her, wincing everytime she threw up, until it was
and she could pull back from the position above the toilet. Sonny helped
up and she washed her mouth out with water, brushed her teeth, and washed
mouth out again. Sonny rubbed her back and looked worried, and followed
back into the bedroom where she layed down.
Brenda:"God, this one was worse than Tuesday's..." She realized what
she said, then tried to stumble back over it, but it was no use.
Sonny:"Tuesday? You were sick then too? I must've been asleep...why
didn't you tell me?
Brenda:"I don't know...I mean, i just didn't want it to happen like
this...I've been trying to think of a way to tell you, so that we can be
and work this out, like how in the hell we're going to deal with
Sonny:"Listen baby, it's ok...I know we've never dealt with this
I guess we haven't thought about it...but I mean, I'm sure we'll be able to
get you something--"
Brenda:"Get me something?"
Sonny:"Yeah, one prescription should do it...I'll make sure it's the
kind that's non-addictive..."
Brenda:"What? One pres...oh, Sonny...you're not understanding what's
going on here."
Sonny:"Sure I do, and it's fine...we all get the flu once in a while,
it's ok..."
Brenda:"It's not the flu."
Sonny:"Ok, we'll call it a 72-hour bug," he said with a laugh.
Brenda:"This one may take longer than 72 hours to get rid of...we're
talking more like...well, umm...just a rough estimate...9 months?"
Sonny looked puzzled and started to say something, and all of a sudden
look of realization showed up on his face and he slightly smiled. "Are you
telling me...you're pregnant?"
Brenda:"MmmmHmmm...." She answered him in an unsure tone.
Sonny:"Oh my God...Sweety...

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