Lies of the Heart by Stacy

Think back guys to when Brenda came over to Sonnyís house with only a fur
coat on.
Those dimples glowed when she took it off and how they made love. Itís
the next
morning and Brenda has suggested that she move in and Sonny is hesitant.
Now on to
Chapter 1~

Chapter 1:

Sonny looks at Brenda in fear. He couldnít let her move in, he couldnít
let her know what
he was involved in. If she knew then it would be the end of them. He
would lose her for

S-I...I donít want to hurt you.
B-I believe you, but I donít want to sell us short and if it means walking
away from us...

Brenda looks at him as Sonnyís face is strikened with saddness and is
staring down at her
hand. Brenda takes one last look at him and she still gets no response.
She walks over
and picks up the sweatshirt and heads back into his room to change.


As soon as Brenda leaves the room Sonny begins to pace the room. He
starts to think to
himself, ďWould she actually end their relationship over this? I canít
let her go not after
everything weíve been through. For godís sake....I love her.Ē

Sonny stops for a moment after his last statement to think. He does love
her. The
thought of losing her scares him to death.

Brenda comes out of the room and looks right at him. Her face is filled with
disappointment and sadness. How could Sonny be so damn stubborn? She
walks right
past him and heads for the door.

S-Brenda, wait.

Brenda doesnít move. She puts her hand on the door as if to hold her up
from falling to
her knees.

S-Donít go.

B-(she turns around) Why? You donít want me anymore.
S-How can you say that. I.....I lov (he stops)
B-You what, Sonny?

Chapter 2:

Brenda looks at Sonny waiting for an anwer to come out of his mouth. She
stares at him
for a few more seconds hoping and praying that he will tell her the truth
for once. Still

B-If you canít say it then I better go.
B-What is left for me here?
S-Me. Brenda, moving in together is so......
S-You know Iím not good with that kind of thing.
B-Why do you always pull back everytime I think weíre getting somewhere?
S-I....I donít. Why do you always need more than I can give.

Brenda walks one step towards him and begins to reach out for his hand.
He looks down
at her hand and reaches out for her hand. As their hands are about to
touch Brenda pulls

B-I donít ask too much. Youíre just not willing to share yourself with me.
S-(paces around the room) I donít know what else I can do!
B-Sonny, if we donít matter enough to you then I guess I donít know what
else either.
S-You matter to me! God, you matter so much!
B-How much do I matter, Sonny?
S-(walks away) I canít. I just canít go through this.


Stone is downstairs sweeping the club floors when Robin comes strolling
through the
doors. (I am not having Stone have AIDS. I want them together) Stone
looks up and
smiles at her.

St-What are you doing here?
R-I wanted to see you. Is that a crime?
St-No. What did Uncle Mac say?

Robin rolls her eyes at the mention of Mac. She wishes that he wouldnít
be so
unreasonable when it came to Stone. She just wanted him to see Stone the
way she saw

R-He doesnít know. I wish he would stop this.
St-He doesnít think I am good enough for his neice.
R-No, but I donít care.
St-What if he catches you here?
R-Then I will deal with it, but I was hoping we could have a private lunch?
R-Yeah. Can you get off here?
St-Yeah. They really donít need me until tonight.
R-All right.
St-Let me go let Luke know.

Stone leaves to go tell Luke he is going to go have lunch with Robin.
Robin takes a seat
at the bar while waiting for Stone.


**In this story Mike has already arrived**

Mike strolls out of the backroom with a box of glasses when he sees Robin
sitting at the

M-Robin, you looking for Stone?
R-I found him. Thanks.
M-No problem. So, did you have a good christmas?
R-Yes. I spent it with Mac and we went over to Felicaís for a little bit.
M-Thatís good. I wish Sonny and I could spend a christmas together.
R-Iím sorry, Mike.
M-Hey, donít worry about it. Sonny is stubborn.

Robin smiles. Before either one can say anything more Stone comes out and
asks Robin if
she is ready to go. Robin and Stone say goodbye to Mike and leave for a
private lunch.


Lois is on the phone trying to get Miquel a concert in New York City.
There is a knock at
the door. While she is talking she walks over to see who it is. Who is
on the other
side......Ned Ashton. Lois takes one look at him and slams the door (she
hasnít forgiven
him quite yet)

After Lois finishes her phone call she goes back to the door to see if he
is still there. He is
leaning against the door waiting for her to come back.

N-I knew you wouldnít leave me out here for too long.
Lo-Donít bet your bottom dollar.
N-On you.....I would bet the world.
Lo-What do you want, Ashton?

Chapter 3:

Brenda looks at Sonny as he starts to walk away from her. She canít
believe he is being
like this. All she wants is the truth from him but it seems like an
impossible struggle to get
that from him.

B-(walks over to him and holds onto him arm) No way....I am not going to
let you just
walk away like this. Foget it.
S-(confused) What?
B-Youíre going to tell me how you feel. I need to know.
S-You do know. I show you all the time how much you mean to me.
B-I need more than that. I need words.
S-I canít! (she lets go of his arm and he turns to her)
S-Why do you always have to ask so many questions!
B-Tell me!

Sonny gets frustrated and starts to walk away from her again. Brenda
shakes her head and
starts to walk away. She goes to the door and slowly reaches for the door
handle. She
begins to open the door.

S-(yells) want to know how I feel? Fine....I will tell you.

Brenda quietly shuts the door and turns around to face him.

S-You are so important to me. You.....(he swallows hard) are my world. I
have never felt
this way about anyone else before. I....forget it. What I say doesnít
matter anymore.
B-(walks over to him) Why do you say that?
B-Why canít you just say it?

Sonny doesnít say anything. He takes her in his arms and wraps his strong
arms tightly
around her body. He pulls her in for a long and intense kiss filled with
hunger and
passion. After a few moments Brenda pulls away breathless. They just
stare into each
others eyes.

As the intensity begins to built between them...Brenda nervously tears
open his shirt and
he does the same to her. They begin to kiss passionately and they fall to
the floor and
make love.


Robin and Stone decide to have a picnic at the park. Robin had packed
sandwhiches and
fruit for them along with sparkling cider. Stone had a blanket in the
back of his car and
they laid that on the ground. They finished their lunch and just talked.

R-I am so full.
St-It was good. This is great.
R-I know.
St-I am glad you could get away for a little while.
R-Yeah. Me, too.

Stone leans in for a soft and gentle kiss. As they continue to kiss a
figure stands before

R-(she looks up startled) Uncle Mac.....


Ned gives Lois a smug look and walks into the gatehouse.

Lo-Oh, just come on in.
N-Thank you.
Lo-I am very busy. What do you want?
N-I want to take you to dinner tonight.
N-I have a proposition for you.
N-Something to do with Eddie Maine.
Lo-Are you going to start singing again?


Brenda lays in Sonnyís arms looking up at the ceiling as Sonny watches her

B-(to herself) ďGod, what have I done? This is what I wanted, but he
wonít move
forward with me. How am I going to make him see that the best thing for
us is to move
on when I canít even believe that myself?Ē

Sonny leans in for another kiss and she quickly sits up.

S-What is it?
B-This was a mistake.

Brenda puts on her clothes and stands up as Sonny watches her. He canít
believe this.

S-Excuse me? How can you say that we just....
B-I know but that wasnít suppose to happen. I didnít mean to....I have to go.
S-Go where?
B-Iím sorry, but this is goodbye.

Sonny looks at her hoping that she is going to say that she canít live
without him because
he sure needs her.

Brenda takes one look at him as tears fall down her face. She heads for
the door and
leaves him sitting on the floor in his apartment. Sonny struggles getting
on his jeans as he
races out the door after Brenda.

Chapter 4:

**note: The club has not opened yet!**

Brenda races down the stairs as fast as she can. She wips by Luke who has
no clue what
is going on. Brenda races out the door.

Sonny comes flying down the stairs with a pair of jeans on and a shirt in
his hand. He is
yelling after Brenda. He rushes to the door and opens it. He finds
Brenda in her car
leaving the parking lot.

S-Brenda!! (Hits the door after shutting it) Damn it!

Luke walks over to Sonny and Sonny looks at him.

L-If youíre going to get violent.....the least you could do is tell me why.


Ned looks at Lois but doesnít answer her question.

N-Weíll talk about it at dinner. Be ready at 8.
Lo-Fine, but I want to know what this is all about.
N-I will give you a little hint.
N-Itís something that I think you will be happy about.
Lo-Oh, you think so huh?
N-Yeah, I do.
Lo-Weíll just see about that. Now, I have got to get back to work.
Brenda should be in
soon and we have a lot to do.
N-All right. I will let you get back to work. See you at 8.

Before he leaves he gives Lois a kiss on the cheek and races out the door
before she can
smack him for kissing her.

Lo-(to herself) What is he up to?


Stone slowly pulls away from Robin as they notice that itís Robinís uncle
standing before

Mac-What are you doing here?
R-Weíre having a lunch.
Mac-I know....but I thought I told you to stay away from him.
Mac-Save it.
R-(stands up) Stop it!

Stone feels a sense of uneasiness between the three of them. He stands up.

St-I think I better go.
Mac-I think that would be good idea.
St-Robin, I...I guess I will see you around.

Robin doesnít say anything outloud. She mouths ďIíll call you later.Ē He
nods and she
just smiles back at him.

R-Iíll take care of everything.

Stone leaves and Robin turns to her uncle.

R-This has gotten out of hand and I wonít let you treat him that way


Sonny shrugs as he walks away from Luke and sits at the bar.

L-Come on, man. Whatís going on?
L-It didnít seem like nothing to me. You looked pretty steamed. Whatíd
she do?
S-She......(gets all tense) She left me.
S-Yeah. She wanted us to move in together and I hit the brakes.

A moment of silence. Luke doesnít know what to say to Sonny and Sonny
exactly know what to say either.

L-Iím sorry. I know you care about her.
S-Care? I feel so much more for her than that. She means everything to me.
L-Did you tell her that?
S-Sort of.
S-I couldnít really get it out. I have a hard time when it come to words.
L-What did she say?
S-That if I canít tell her than we canít be together. (Mocks her) She
wants us to ďmove
L-Whatís wrong with that? You either want to be with her or you donít.
Which is it?


Brenda walks into the gatehouse. Lois takes one look at Brenda and knows
something is
wrong. Brenda stands there with her shirt half buttoned, her face
tearstained, and her skirt

B-So, have you found out if we can do that concert for Miquel in New York
Lo-I think we need to talk about something else.

Brenda walks over to the desk and starts flipping through papers at a fast

B-I donít know what you are talking about. We have business to discuss.

Lois walks over to her and touches her head and whispers, ďItís ok. Bren,
whatís going

Brenda doesnít move but bursts into tears. She slowly turns around and
Loisí face turns
full of empathy.

Lo-Honey, what is it?
B-Weíre over. Itís all over.

Chapter 5:

Lois leads Brenda over to the couch so she can find out what is going on
and why.

Lo-Iím lost. What do you mean?
B-(through her tears) Me and Sonny are over, Lois.
Lo-What? Why?
B-It doesnít matter.
Lo-Come on. Donít shut down on me. You know you can talk to me.
B-Lo, I love him so much. But he wonít open up to me.
Lo-About what, sweetie?
B-His feelings. I *know* he loves me. Why canít he say it?
Lo-Maybe he just needs a little more time.
B-Heís had enough time. Heís always so gaurded when it comes to his
feelings. What is
it about me that makes him do that?
Lo-You know he had a rough childhood. Is this all worth throwing your whole
relationship away?
B-I donít know what else to do. I feel like a fool.
Lo-Why? Bren, I know there is more to this.
B-I wanted us to move in together and he just shut me down. He wonít
talk to me, Lois
and I donít know what to do.


Luke looks at Sonny waiting for a answer. Sonny just looks away.

L-Look, man....I know trusting and telling someone how you feel is hard
for you.
L-But sheís never going to know if you donít tell her.
S-But I show her all the time.
L-Take it from a man who knows.....that might not always be enough. You
go to Brenda
and you tell her how you feel.
S-I donít know if I can.
L-Well, you either tell her or youíll lose her. I guess itís up to you.

Just then Stone storms through the door. He takes a seat next to Sonny
and Luke.

S-What happened?
St-Mac is such a jerk.
S-What did Scorpion do know?
L-(laughs) Is he still giving you a hard time about Robin?
St-Yeah. He caught us having a picnic in the park and he went nuts.
L-What were you *two* doing?
S-Yeah, right.
St-Whereís Bren?
L-You donít want to know.
S-Iíll be right back.


Lo-You asked him to move in?
B-Yeah. Did I do something wrong?

Just then Ned walks through the door.

N-Hey, Bren.
Lo-(stands up) Can You stay with Brenda for a second?
B-Where are you going?
Lo-To see an old friend.
B-Not Sonny? (Lois heads out the door) Lo.....

It was too late. Lois had left to see Sonny Corinthos.

Chapter 6:

Brenda plops back on the couch and lets out a long breath. Ned walks over
to her and sits
next to her.

N-What was that all about?
N-What about him?
B-I ended things with him.
N-(surprised) Really?
B-Itís not what you think, Ned.
N-I think that you coudnít have done a smarter thing. I always knew you
would realize
that he was scum.

Brenda stands up and a look of anger and frustration over comes her.

B-Look, I *do not* think Sonny is scum.
N-Ok....ok. So, what happened?
B-He wouldnít open up to me so I ended things with him.
N-Youíre joking right?


Sonny comes back inside after getting a breath a fresh air and rejoins
Stone and Luke.

L-Feel better?
St-What is this all about anyway?
S-I donít want to talk about it right now. I am going to go make a few
phone calls in the

Sonny goes to the back. Stone looks at Luke.

L-Brenda called it quits because he wonít tell her how he feels about her.
St-How he feels? He loves her.
L-I know that and you know that but it looks like Brenda needs a little
more convincing.
St-What did he say?
L-Not much.
St-He is *so* stubborn. (Luke nods)

Just then Lois storms through the front door. She has a look of ďI mean
businessĒ over
her face.

L-Well, itís good to see you. What can I do for you.
Lo-You can get Sonny out here.
L-Uh....heís making some calls.
Lo-Cut the crap, Luke. I need to see him. Now, are you going to go get
him or do I have
to do it myself.
St-Hi, Lois.
Lo-(smiles) Oh, hi Stone. Seen Sonny?
St-Heís in the back but....
Lo-(heads to the backroom) Thank you....


Mac looks shocked at Robinís tone of voice. She has never really spoken
to him like that

R-Iím sorry, but this is important to me.
Mac-What? Stone?
Mac-He will ruin your life.
R-No, he wonít. Please, canít you just give him a chance?
Mac-Give me one good reason why I should?
R-Because.....because I love him.


Lois opens the door and Sonny turns around.

Lo-(look of determination) Corinthos, we have got to talk.

Sonny goes and poors himself a drink. He knows with Lois....this could be
a *long* talk.

S-Whatís up?
Lo-You know. Have you lost your head?
S-Oh, this is about Brenda.
Lo-She was a wreck when she showed up at the gatehouse.
S-How did you know it was about me?
Lo-Donít play me for a fool. Youíre the only one that can affect her like
that. Come
on....tell me what is going on.
S-She dumped me.
Lo-Sonny, I know you and I know she means something to you.
S-Of course she does. Why does she have such a hard time believing that
when I show
her how much all the time. I mean, we always.....
Lo-Spare me the details, ok?
Lo-Sonny, Brenda needs reassurance that she is loved. If you want to know
why youíre
going to have to ask her that. Now, do you really want to throw away what
the two of
you have just because youíre afraid of getting close?

Chapter 7:

Sonny tries to shrug off Lois but he knows that if anyone understands why
he is the way
he is....Lois does.

S-What am I suppose to do?
Lo-Tell her! Is that so hard?
S-Lois, you know me....
Lo-Youíre right, I do. I know that you have a kind heart and I know how
afraid you are
of letting someone in. But you can trust Brenda. She loves you.
S-Sometimes I donít know. You know, she is so beautiful and smart and
kind. Do I
really deserve to be with someone that wonderful?
Lo-Of course you do. Sonny, is there someone else?
S-God no!
Lo-Ok...tell me this.....what would you think if she started seeing
someone else?
S-(gets angry) What do you know that youíre not telling me?
Lo-Get a grip. This is a hypothetical question.
S-Oh. If someone layed their hands on her I would have to break their hands.
Lo-Sonny, I am going to tell you how I see it. (he nods) If you donít
get your behind
over to that gatehouse you are going to lose the one person that could
make you happier
than you have ever been. The two of you together can be the better than
the fourth of

Sonny paces and thinks about what Lois has said to him. Is she right?
Should he let
Brenda in? She already has his heart, but could he let her in all the way?

S-I gotta go.
Lo-Go see her.
S-All right....all right. What would we do without you?
Lo-Just go.

Sonny runs out of the club and gets in his limo and heads to the gatehouse
to talk to


The phone rings at the gatehouse and Brenda answers it. Ned watches her.
He can only
hear what she is saying.

B-L&B. Hi, Miquel. No, I am not sure about the New York concert. I
havenít had time
to talk to Lois about that yet. Did you pick up Lily yet? Thatís good.
(lily went to NY
for a week in this story) Ok...see you later. (she hangs up)

N-Brenda, Iím sorry.
B-Yeah, well forget it. Look, I am going to go for a walk and think.
(she was going to
go to the one place that always made her decide the right thing when it
came to Sonny)

Brenda hops in her car and starts it up. She turns on the radio as she
begins to drive
away. She is flipping through the stations. A familiar song of hers and
Sonnyís starts to

"The Nearness of You"

It's not the pale moon that excites me
that thrills and delights me
oh's just the nearness of you

B-(to herself) ďDid I overreact Sonny? Do you need more time like Lois
said? Are we
going to lose this connection because you are afraid to let me in?Ē

It's not your sweet conversation
that brings this sensation
oh's just the nearness of you

Sonny sits back in his limo on the way to the gatehouse to see Brenda and
he thinks to
himself, ďIím on my way, Brenda. I wonít let you go. Lois is
right....weíre too important
for me to cut you out like this. This time I wonít shut down. Itís time
to tell you how I
really feel.Ē

When you're in my arms
and I feel you so close to me
all my wildest dreams come true
I need no soft lights to enchant me
if you only grant me
the right to hold you ever so tight
and to feel in the night
the nearness of you

Mac gives Robin a double take after hearing the words of love his neice
fees for Stone

Mac-You canít be.
R-Donít say that. I AM!
Mac-What do you want me to do?
R-I want you to let me see him. Please, itís really important to me.
Just give him a
Mac-I will let him see you but the first sign of trouble with him or who
is associated
with...thatís it.

Robin gets excited and she gives Mac a kiss on the cheek and heads to
where the new club
is to see Stone.


Sonny gets out of his limo and tells the limo driver to wait for him.
Sonny goes up to the
door and Ned answers.

N-What do you want?
S-Is Brenda here? Lois said I could find her here.
N-She doesnít want to see you.
S-Where is she?
N-She isnít here. But since youíre here I have one thing to say.
S-I donít have time for this.
N-Well, youíre going to hear it. You stay away from her and let her find
someone that is
worth her love.

Chapter 8:

Sonny walks in the gatehouse right past Ned. He looks around for Brenda
but doesnít see
her. He looks back at Ned who has a smug look on his face.

S-Where is she?
N-I donít know.
S-Look, I need to see her.
N-Are you deaf?
S-What is that suppose to mean?
N-I *told* you to stay away from her.
S-Yeah, I heard you but Iím not going to do it. We *will* be together
again sooner or
later Ned so just get use to it!

Ned walks over in Sonnyís face.

N-You look here. Brenda just doesnít love you anymore....thatís all.

Lois walks through the door as she hears Ned.

N-(slowly turns his head towards Lois knowing things between then just
took a notch
backwards) Uh.....hi.
Lo-You bud out! Sonny, she still loves you. Ned, here doesnít know what
he is talking
S-Do you know where she could be?
Lo-No. Think real hard. Where does she go to think?
S-(smiles and knows just where to look) Thanks.

Sonny leaves to go find Brenda.


Brenda approaches the docks and walks down the steps over to where the
lightpole is.
She leans up against it and her mind thinks about her and Sonny in PR.
All the times they
made love.....the danger. She remembers how they made love on the beach
after escaping
from being shot. She can still feel how he kissed her passionately and
how he couldnít get
enough of her. She remembers how he said he was glad that she was alive.
All he wanted
to do was consume every part of her.

A few tears escape from Brendaís eyes.

B-(whispers) Oh god, Sonny......did I over react? Do you love me? Do we
still have a
chance to be together?

A man passes by as he hears this woman talking outloud and crying. He
walks up to her
and taps her shoulders.

Brenda thinks it could be Sonny so she turns around with a smile on her face.

Man-Are you ok?
B-Iím fine.
Man-Whatís a beautiful thing like you crying for?
B-Who are you?
M-My name is Kyle. Kyle Johnson.
B-(reaches her hand out to shake his hand) Hi, Iím Brenda Barrett.

Brenda smiles at him while they shake hands. Sonny comes running towards
the docks
and stops as he sees Brenda with this other guy.

Robin races into the club and sees Stone talking with Luke.

St-Robin, I didnít think Iíd see you so soon.
R-(kisses him) Well, Iím here.
L-I will excuse myself.
R-Thatís ok. Stone, we can see each other now with Macís approval.
L-Thatís great, you two.
St-Whatís the catch.
St-Iím sorry but he *hates* me.
R-Weíll just have to change his mind. You just need to stay out of
trouble and so does
Sonny but since Sonny has gone legit that should be easy right?
St-(wanting to say NO) Right.

Robin squirms in his arms and he holds her close. Robin is so ecstatic
that he doesnít
want to upset her.

Chapter 9:

Brenda asks Kyle if he is new in town while Sonny listens the best he can.

K-I am actually just passing through. I needed to stop her for a few days
and will be
leaving tomorrow. I needed to get some fresh air so I thought I would
take a walk.
B-How did you end up here?
K-Someone suggested Rubyís and then I just started walking.
B-I see. The docks are the best place to think.

Sonny watches her and this guy heís never seen before talk to each other.
Sonny tries to
be quiet so Brenda doesnít see him. He kneels down and someone comes up
to him.

Boy-Hey, mister. What are you doing?
S-Nothing. Please go.

The boy nods and walks away.

Brenda hears the boy and she looks up and can see Sonnyís face hiding from
around the
corner. She gets a smile across her face and then looks back at Kyle.

B-So, has anyone shown you around town? (eyes glance back in Sonnyís
K-No. Are you suggesting?
B-Maybe. Do you have a girlfriend?

Sonny pops out behind the wall and runs down to Brenda and Kyle. He looks
straight into
Brendaís eyes.

S-What do you think youíre doing?


Robin turns toward Stone and smiles. He gives her a quick kiss and she
wraps her arms
around him. They pull apart and both smile with the feeling of content.

R-Can we spend some time together tonight?
St-Of course. What do you want to do?
R-Anything as long as itís just the two of us.
St-All right. Leave it up to me.
R-What are you planning?
St-Canít say. Itís a surprise.
R-Ok. What time?
St-Uh.....7:00 p.m.?
R-Perfect. (she comes out of his arms) Well, gotta go.
St-(pulls her back) Hey, where are you going?
R-Youíll see. Bye. (she gives him a kiss and heads out the door)

Luke comes out from the back.

L-Did she leave already?
St-Yeah. Now I have to come up with a great plan for us tonight.
L-Like what?
S-Something that will show her how much I love her.


Lois waited a few minutes before attempting to talk to Ned. She hated how
he always
came between Sonny and Brenda.

N-Are you going to talk to me again?
Lo-I donít know. You going to learn to stay out of things that donít
concern you?
N-It did. *Brenda* concerns me. Heís not right for her.
Lo-Who are you? When did you become God?
N-Lois, come on.....
Lo-No, you come on. They love each other and thatís that.
N-She might love him but.....
Lo-I mean it, Ashton. Thatís enough!


Mike walks into the club and sees Luke right away. (Mike and Sonny have
already met
and all that stuff that went with it right away)

L-Mike, whatís up?
M-Nothing. Sonny isnít around, is he?
L-Not right now. You actually want to see him after what just happened?
I think you
should give him some time.
M-I know, but I canít help it. I guess I want to get through to him.
L-I know, man. Want to help me?
M-Sure. With what?
L-Cleaning the glasses?

Mike and Luke go in the back to clean glasses while Stone sits thinking of
what to do for
Robin that night.


Brenda looks at Sonny. She thinks of how cute he looks with fumes coming
out of his
nose. He is so jealous. Could she have been wrong about him and what
they have

B-What do you mean, Sonny?
S-Brenda, come on...donít do this.
B-Do what?

Kyle interrrupts them.

S-Excuse me but weíre talking.
K-Carry on. Look it was nice to meet you, Brenda. I hope things work out
for you.
B-Goodbye, and I hope you have a safe flight.

Kyle leaves and Brenda turns to Sonny with a smirk on her face.

Chapter 10:

Sonny looks at Brenda who has a ďI got youĒ look. He canít help but smile
at how
beautiful she looks.

B-What are you smiling about?
S-Oh, come on. What was that all about? You know, with Kyle?
B-Nothing Sonny. He was just here when I was here. Now if youíll excuse
me I better
S-Go? Please donít.
B-Why? Is there something that you want to tell me?

Brenda looks deep into his eyes and then starts to walk up the steps to
leave the docks.
Sonny watches her and he tries to get the words out of his mouth but he is
struggling. He
knows he canít let her walk away anymore.

S-Donít go. I *do* have something very important to tell you.


Stone calls Sonnyís cell phone for help on finding doing something for Robin.

Sonny walks over to Brenda. He takes her hand and leads her close to him.
He is
shaking. Brenda touches his face showing him that itís ok and that he can
open up to her.

S-Brenda, I.....(the phone rings) Hold on. I have to get it. But donít
you dare move. (he

St-Itís me.
S-Stone? What is it?
St-I need your help, man.
S-What is it?
S-Is Robin ok?

Brenda inches near Sonny wanting to know if Robin is ok. Sonny looks at
Brenda and
knows why she got close to him. Even though he wished it was because of

St-Sheís fine. Mac said we can see each other.
S-Congratulations. I knew that bum had to come around.
St-Yeah well.....I want to do something for her. You know
special.....with just the two of
S-I got it. Call the no name and tell them to reserve you the special
room so you guys can
have dinner in peace. You my son, order the flower ect. and have it
delivered. Tell Harry
that I said that itís important.
St-Thanks, man.
S-Youíre welcome. Have a good time. You can take the Jag.
St-What? Are you serious?
S-Yep. (looks at Brenda) I have a feeling this night is going to be

They hang up the phone and Sonny goes back to Brenda.

B-What was that about?
S-Stone and Robin are going to have a private night.
B-What about Mac?
S-He approved it.
S-Yeah. Now, I told you that I have something to tell you.

Sonny takes her hand and leads her to the bench. They sit next to each
other and he holds
her hands.

S-I have done a lot of thinking since you left me earier today. Do you
know that you are
the most important thing in my life?
B-No, I donít.
S-Well, you are. I donít know what i would do without you. Just being
apart from you
this long has drove me nuts. Now, you want to know how I feel?
B-I do.

Sonny takes her face in his hands and looks deep into her eyes....her
soul....their soul and
he starts to shake. Brenda puts her hands up to his hands to calm him
down and she looks
into his eyes.

S-Brenda I lo.....I love you, Brenda Barrett and I want us to be together.

Brenda starts to cry and whispers, ďI love you, too.Ē She grabs his
collar to his suit jacket
and pulls him in for a long passionate kiss. He wraps his arms around her
as tight as he
can get them and she runs her fingers through his hair. Neither one of
them can get
enough of each other. They sit on the bench for a few minutes and then
finally pull away

B-Letís go home.
S-But I.... can show me. All right?
S-Is this what you really want?

Brenda sits on his lap and starts kissing him hard and passionately. She
pulls away.

B-Does that anwer your question?


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