Learning to Love Again (Chapters 1 & 2) by Wendy

Brenda is busy decorating her new home and listening to an L&B CD when her doorbell rings.


B: Who's there?

J: It's Jason.

B: Go away Jason! I don't need anything from you!

J: It's important.

B: (exasperated) It damn well better be Jason...

She stopped when she saw how bad he looked.

B: You look like h*ll. Now what is so "important" (rolling her eyes)

J: It's Robin. She was flying home and her plane (choking up) her plane went down.

B: Oh My G*d! Is she ok?

J: There were no survivors.

B: NOOO!! Not Robin!!!! (sobbing hysterically)

J: Brenda...

B: First Sonny leaves me at the altar and, and
now Robin's gone.

J: Brenda, I think you should know the truth.
B: The truth about what?
J: Why Sonny left you at the altar.
B: Why, why did he break my heart???
J: To protect you. The night I interrupted you he met this man who claimed he knew your plans to leave Port Charles and said you two were going to be killed.

B: but Sonny knew I would give my life for him!

J: He didn't want to take that chance Brenda. I have to go now. Robin's memorial service is on Friday at 5:30.

B: I'll be there... and Jason..

J: Yes

B: Thank you for telling me the truth.

J: Sonny told me to take care of you.

B: Tell him to take care.

J: I will... Bye

B: Bye
Chapter 2 It is now Friday and all of Port Charles has gathered to pay their last respects to Robin. Brenda is giving a eulogy (spelling?)

B: Robin Scorpio was my best friend and she was like a sister to me. She also gave courage to all those around her. In the last two years she lost one true love to AIDS and then found out that she too was HIV positive; but she managed to carry on her life. She fell in love again, went to college and was a great help to all those around her who needed her help. (She looks up) Robin Port Charles will never forget you.
Two weeks later a package arrives addressed to Jason, Brenda, and Robin. When Jason sees who it is from he freezes for a minute then he calls Brenda on his cell phone.

B: Hello, Brenda here.

J: Brenda, This is Jason. Look I need you to meet me at the docks in 15 minutes

B: Why?

J: Just be there.

Brenda gets a gut feeling something is very wrong. She grabs her coat, her purse and her keys and heads out the door.

<15 minutes later>

J: Brenda

B: Why do have a feeling something bad has happened?

J: It has; Sonny is dead.

B: NO, Not Sonny, he can't be

J: He is. I got this package today, It has 3 letters inside they are addressed to me, you, and Robin.

B: No, I don't believe you. He isn't dead!!!!

J: Brenda believe me it is true!

B: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crying uncontrollably)

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