It's Hard to Say Good Bye! By: Amanda

This takes place the day before Sonny leaves and the day he does leave.

Brenda walks into the kitchen of the penthouse. She looks around and runs into the bathroom. Sonny walks into the living room and then walks into the kitchen and sit at the table.
Sonny: Brenda, where are you??
Brenda: Iíll be right there!
Brenda walks into the kitchen, kisses Sonny, and then sits down.
Sonny: Baby, are you okay?
Brenda: My stomach is just bothering me, Iíll be fine!
Sonny: Oh! You may be coming Dow with something.
Brenda: Yeah, thatís why Iíve got a doctors appointment today. What are you doing?
Sonny: I have some business that I need to take care of!
The phone rings and Brenda picks it up.
Brenda: Hello.
Person: Hey Brenda, itís Jason, can I talk to Sonny?
Brenda: Yeah, hold on.
Brenda: Honey, itís Jason.
Sonny: Yeah!?
Jason: Hey Sonny! Are we still meeting today?
Sonny: Yeah, meet me at the docks at about one, okay!
Jason: Okay, bye!
Sonny hangs up the phone and sits back down.
Brenda: What did Jason want?
Sonny: He wanted to know if the meeting was still on!
Brenda: Oh, well Iím going to get dressed. My appointment is in two hours and Iíve got to pick up Lois, sheís going with me.
Brenda kisses him softly on the lips and walks up stairs. Sonny sits at the table thinking.
Sonny: Brenda, I donít know how I can do this, but I have to. I love you so much.
Almost an hour later, Brenda walks downstairs to see Sonny still sitting at the table, but dressed.
Sonny: Baby, Iíve got to go.
Brenda: So do I.
The kiss each other and say goodbye. Brenda walks out and Sonny follows, but walks to the docks. Brenda picks up Lo and they head to the doctorís office.
Brenda: Thanks for coming with me, Lo!
Lois: What are friends for?? I didnít really have anything to do today any ways!
Nurse: Brenda Barrett, the doctor will see you now.
Doctor: Well, Brenda, the test show that there really isnít anything wrong with you!
Brenda: Well then, whatís wrong, whatís causing this?
Doctor: Brenda, your pregnant.
Brenda: Are you serious?!
Doctor: Yes, of course I am!
Brenda walks out of the office with a big smile on her face. She sees Lois still sitting there.
Lois: So, whatís wrong?? If there is anything wrong.
Brenda: Lo, when I tell you this, you canít say anything to anybody, including Sonny!
Lois: Okay, tell me! The suspense is killing me!
Brenda: Lois, Iím pregnant!

Meanwhile, Sonny is down at the docks.
Sonny: Jason, you I have to leave Friday! I love Brenda too much to let anything happen to her!
Jason: Yeah, I know!
Sonny: You are the only one that knows! Listen, when I leave, you wonít know where Iím going, but you are allowed to call me, only if it is important!
Jason: Okay, how are you going to leave?? Are you going to lie to Brenda, tell her to move out??
What?? Sonny: Iím going to fake my own death, I have no way but to lie to her! Iím not sure how yet, but Iíll let you know! Now, Iíve got to go!
Jason: Sonny, are you sure you want to do this?
Sonny: Jason, I have no choice! I hate to do this, itís the only choices I have.
Sonny walks off and Jason just stands there and then turns away!

Lois: Thatís great, Where are you going to tell him?
Brenda: Friday, Iíve planned to fix a romantic dinner and then tell him!!
Lois: Thatís so...........romantic!

Brenda takes Lois home and then goes to the penthouse.
Brenda: Sonny, are you here??
Sonny: Hey baby! Howíd it go??
Brenda: Fine, I just have a virus!
Sonny: Thatís good! Do you want to go eat at the diner?
Brenda: Yeah, why not! How did your meeting go?
Sonny: Fine!
Brenda: Thatís good.
They sit down on the couch! Sonny grabs Brenda by the waist and kisses her passionately.
Sonny: I love you! **whispers**
Brenda: I love you, too!
Sonny: I have an idea! Instead of going out, lets stay in and have a little fun!
Brenda: That sounds interesting, I like it!
The lay down on the couch! Sonny un buttons her shirt, they make love!
The morning comes quickly. Itís Friday, the day Sonny must leave.
Brenda: Am I dreaming or was that the best night Iíve ever had?
Sonny: I think it was the best night weíve ever had!
Brenda: I think so, too!
Sonny: Brenda, I love you! I mean it! I love you so much! I donít know what I would have done without you!
Brenda: I love you too, Sonny!!
They kiss each other gently for about five minutes!
Sonny: Are you hungry, baby?
Brenda: Yes, Iím starving!!
Sonny: Would you like me to make you the best breakfast youíve ever had to go along with the best night youíve ever had!
Brenda: Sounds good already!
They walk into the kitchen. Brenda sits down at the table and Sonny starts to fix breakfast.
Brenda: So, do you have to do anything today?
Sadness come to his eyes.
Sonny: Jason and I have to meet someone! What about you??
Brenda: No, Iím just going to call Robin!
Sonny: Oh! Well hereís your breakfast, baby!
Brenda: It looks wonderful!
Sonny sit down and they eat. Then Sonny get ready to leave.
Brenda picks up the phone and calls Robin.
Brenda: Hey Robin, sup?!
Robin: Hi Brenda, not a lot! What about you?
Brenda: I have some great news! Robin, Iím pregnant!
Robin: Thatís great, have you told Sonny?
Brenda: No, tonight Iím going to! Iím going to make a romantic dinner and tell him!

Sonny: Jason, it happen today! This is how:
Weíre going to a warehouse where weíre suppose to meet someone! Iím going to put a bomb in there and weíre going to walk in five minutes before it goes off. Then, weíre going to go out the back way right before it goes off! Iím going to leave my suit in there! Youíll go back to my place and tell Brenda what happened!! Tell her that right before anything happened, if I didnít come back, that I love her!
Jason: Sonny, are you sure you want to do this?? You want to risk the love between you and Brenda?? Sonny, you love her!
Sonny: Jason, thatís why Iím doing this! I love her and I wonít let anything happen to her! If anything happens to her, itíll be my fault!
Jason: I was just making sure! I donít want you to do anything that your going to have second thoughts about! You do know what Brenda is going to do!
Sonny: Yeah, I know! Meet me back at my place in two hours! BYE!
Jason: C-yah!
Sonny walks back to the pent house where he finds Brenda sitting on the couch!
Sonny: Hey baby!
Brenda: Hey Sonny, how did your little meeting go with that peron you had to meet?
Sonny: Fine! Did you talk to Robin??
Brenda: Yeah, she says hi! So, what are you going to do tonite?? Are you and Jason doing anything??
Sonny: Yeah, but weíre not leaving for about 2 hours! He is coming here first!
Brenda: Oh, youíll be back later, wonít you!
Sonnyís eyes get red, he looks as though he is about to cry.
Sonny: Uh, yeah Brenda! Of course I will!
Brenda: Thatís good! So, what do you want to do??
Sonny: You wanna lay her and talk?? What do you want to do??
Brenda: Talking sounds nice, but I like kissing much better!
Sonny: Oh, so do I!!! My favorite thing to do!
Sonny and Brenda kiss and make love again! The last time that they will get to!
Sonny: That was nice!
Brenda: Oh yeah, I love kissing, itís also my favorite thing to do!
Sonny: Do you want something to eat??
Brenda: Uh, no! Not right now! Iíll wait till you get back!
Sonny: Are you sure!
Brenda: Yeah!
Sonny: Well, I have to go get dressed!! Iíll be right back!
Brenda: Okay! Do you want something to drink?
Sonny: Yeah, sure!!
Sonny walks up stairs to get dressed and Brenda walks into the kitchen and fixes them something to drink.
Brenda: When are you leaving??
Sonny: Jason should be here in about thirty minutes!
Brenda: Oh!
The doorbell rings. Sonny goes to get the door, it is Jason!
Sonny: Jason, why are you here so early?
Jason: I was in the neighborhood!
Brenda: Hey, Jason!
Jason: Hi Brenda!!
Sonny: I donít want to leave early!!
Jason: Okay, thatís fine! I didnít come here to leave early!
Sonny: Oh, okay! I was just saying!
Brenda: Do you want something to drink, Jason?
Jason: Yeah, sure!
Twenty minutes past, itís almost time to go! Sonny is upset! You canít see it, though!!
Jason: Itís time to go!
Sonny: Yeah, I know!! Brenda, I have to go now! I love you, donít ever forget that! I love you so much!
Brenda: Yeah, I know!
Sonny: I mean it, donít forget that Iíve always loved you!
Sonny grabs Brenda and kisses her passionately! They kiss for the ten minutes that weíre left!
Jason: Sonny, itís time to go!
Sonny: Yeah, I know!
Brenda: By honey, I love you!
Sonny: I love you! I will always love you! I love you Brenda!!
Brenda: Sonny, I love you too!
Jason: Bye Brenda!
Sonny and Jason walks out the door!
Jason: Sonny, you know she suspects something!
Sonny: Yeah, I know! I just wanted her to know that I loved her and will always love her!
Jason: Sonny, she knew that and will always know that!
They walk into the warehouse! Sonny, tell Jason to leave! He switches suits!
Sonny: Jason, youíve been a great friend! Your one of the best!! Remember, call me if any thing happens!
Jason: Okay, so have you! Iíll miss you!
Sonny: Iíll miss you!
The manly hug! Sonny jumps in the limo, Jason runs away, the warehouse blows up!

Brenda meanwhile is fixing up the dinner that she thought her and Sonny would enjoy and she would be able to give him the good news that she is pregnant.
Brenda suddenly hears a knock at the door! She opens it and itís Jason.
Brenda: Hey Jason, what are you doing here? Whereís Sonny?
Jason: I have some bad news!
Brenda: What is it?
Jason: Brenda, Sonny is dead! The warehouse blew up and Sonny was killed!
Brenda: NNNNOOOOO! Not Sonny! Not my baby!
Brenda runs over to the couch and almost passes out. She cries and cries and doesnít stop!! Jason tries to comfort her but nothing works!
Jason: Brenda, before it blew up, Sonny told me to tell you that he loves you and will always love you!!
Brenda: No, not Sonny! Jason, heís not dead! He canít be! He was just here with me!
Jason: Brenda, he is!

Three days later, there is a funeral for Sonny! Brenda hasnít stopped crying, she misses Sonny so much and is afraid his son or daughter isnít going to have the best life!
Lois and Robin comes bye one day to see her! Brenda is still crying!
Lois: Brenda hi, are you okay??
They hug!
Brenda: Yeah, Iím okay! **SNIFF**
Robin: Are you sure!
Brenda: No, Iím not okay! Iíll never be okay! Iíll never be able to live without my Sonny, what about the baby??
Robin, Lo, and Brenda all hug! They donít talk, just comfort Brenda!
Robin goes over to Jasonís! They talk about Brenda!
Jason: How is she doing??
Robin: No better! One reason that itís so hard for her is that sheís pregnant with his baby!
Jason: What?! Your not serious, are you?? Sonny didnít know!
Robin: Yeah, I know! Thatís the reason Brenda had fixed up that dinner the night he died!

Brenda tries to pull herself together. She goes to the docks and talks to Sonny!
Brenda: Sonny, I have a surprise! I know you wonít ever be able to touch your baby or anything but youíll always see it! Sonny, Iím pregnant! I know your happy, I can see you smiling! Yes, Iím pregnant with your baby! A living person that will hopefully look like you! Iíll always have a piece of you in my life! Sonny, I love you and will always love you! I know your happier up there, itís better up there! Sonny, I miss you! I love you!
She sits and stares at the sky! She rubs her stomach and talks to the sky!

Sonny is a great character and every fan who loves the super couple, Sonny and Brenda, will be upset when he loves! All I have to say is, Sonny, we will miss you! No other character can replace you!

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