It's been so long by Scarlet

This story takes place four years in the future.Brenda went away with Jax never to be heard from again.Sonny
spends his days at Lukes since he's no longer part of the mob.Robin and Lois are afraid he's working himself to death.
(Lois is married to Ned,and Robin and Jason are still together.)Everyone in Port Charles has given up hope of ever seeing Brenda
again.Including Julia who moved back to town a year before Brenda left.Without further introduction...

It's been so Long Ch.1

Julia-It's still hard.Even after four years.

Mike-I know.

Julia-I mean after all this time she couldn't find five or ten spare minutes to write one of us a
letter???I hate to say it but that's just not like her.

Lois-Well maybe she's afraid we'll be mad at her for leaving.


Lois-I don't know.Maybe???

Mike-I bet he's got her brainwashed.


Robin-Never,Jax is so sweet and caring.....


Brenda is tied down to a chair in a large living room in that has been her living area for the last 4

Jax-I thought I said you were never to leave this house.

Brenda-I...I know but...

Jax-(Screams)But what????

Brenda cringes as if she were slapped across the face.

Brenda-I just wanted to see the country side.

Jax-You were trying to ecscape.Admit it.

Brenda-No really I was just...

Jax raises his hand and slaps her across the face.Brenda rubs the red welt appearing under her
left eye.

Jax-After all I've done for you this is what I get in return.

Brenda-(crying)Please let me go.

Jax-Now why would I do that???

Brenda spits in his face.

Brenda-I hate you and I hate this place!!!!

Jax-You bitch.That's it.

He takes a few steps toward her.

Jax-I'm taking you to the attic.I'm sure you'll find the mice and spiders to your liking.
You don't deserve this room,or these clothes,or this life.I'll show you what hell is like.

He takes a knife and cuts the ropes.Brenda tries to get away but he grabs her arm.

Brenda-Ouch that hurts.

Jax-I wouldn't want you to get away now would I????Come with me to your room.Then we'll find some suitable
clothing.You can't wear those things in that dusty,musty attic.After that I'll show you to your new PERMANANT residence.

Brenda-You'll pay for this.Someone will find me.You'll see.

Jax laughs wickidly

Jax-They all think you left to marry me.No one cares where you are.They're all probably mad at you for leaving and not
calling or writing.

Brenda-I hate you.

Jax-My dear it's been four long years.I doubt anyone still cares.

Back in PC at Lukes Club....

Luke-Hey Corinthos what's shakin???

Sonny barley looks up from the papers he's reading.

Sonny-Nothin much you???

Luke-Well I'm doin pretty good now that the Black Bat has picked up and moved back to Greece.
Laura is as beautiful as ever and the kids are great,so I'd say life's going good.

Sonny-(emotionless)That's great.

Luke-Come on Corinthos what's bothering you???

Sonny-Can we talk in the back room.There's a few things I need to ask you.


At a table in the back...

Lois-Look at him.He look terrible.

Robin-He probably feels that way too,today being the anniversary and all.

Julia-Yeah I really feel bad for him.I never really liked him before but he's starting to grow on

Lois and Robin laugh.

Lois-I wish Bren would call or write or somethin.

Robin-Me too,me too.

Back in Vienna....

Brenda-Eeeeew this place is gross.But at least I'm not tied up.

The attic was the size of a large bedroom.It was dark with only a small gas lamp for lighting.There
was a bed in the corner with an old quilt and two goose feather pillows.On one wall there was a dresser
with an old fashion water bowl and pitcher for washing the face.In the corner was an old full length mirror
with a large crack in it.The only other things were an old children's toy chest on the other wall and a small
window large enough for an adults head to fit through.

Brenda sat down on the bed and sighed.

Brenda-Home sweet home.

She got up when she noticed the mirror in the corner.She looked at herself and gasped at the sight.

Brenda-This dress is so ugly.It's like from the 1800's or something.

She was wearing a black dress that went down to her ankles.Jax had also insisted she wear corsets and old fashioned black
leather boots.

Brenda-I hate these corsets or whatever they're called.They're like a cage.And these boots are so old and uncompfertable.I think
JASPER is stuck in the 1880's.Oh well.If only I had some other clothes I could change into.

Brenda walks over to the toy chest and lifts the lid.Inside there is a cream colored old-fashioned ball gown.Brenda gasps at the beauty.The dress is
rather low in the front for the time it was worn and and it had a long flowing train in the back.

Brenda-Now this is more like it.

She slips out of the black dress and slides into the glittering gown.The corsets act like a wonderbra and the dress looks fabulous

Brenda observes herself in the mirror.

Brenda-Wow.Now I'm ready to be rescued.

The thought makes her sit down on the bed and cry.

Back at Lukes...

Sonny-Something is going on.

Luke-Really???Care to tell???

Sonny-This is serious.I can feel her.

Luke thinks for a moment.


Sonny-Yeah she's out there,and I'm going to find her.

Luke-I think you lost it brother.She left to be with Candyboy.I know it hurts but it's the truth.

Sonny-No you're wrong.Today I felt pain under my left eye,and I couldn't figure it out.Then I remembered whenever Brenda feels pain
so do I.She's in trouble and I'm going to find her.Now will you help me or do I gotta do this alone?????

Luke thinks for a moment.

Luke-Alright I'm in.


In Vienna...

Brenda is on her bed sobbing.

Brenda-Sonny.Please help me.


Luke-So how do ya wanna do this????Do you have any ideas where they could be????

Sonny-He's got houses around the world.They could be in Australia,Alaska or some private
island in the Caribean.

Luke-Alright calm down.I'll send out a trace on both of them.

Sonny pauses for a moment and thinks.

Sonny-I got it!!!!!


Sonny-He kidnapped her!!!!!

Luke-Jax????I don't know.

Sonny-Luke it fits in with all the info we got.The hasty departure...

Luke interupts him

Luke-And I always thought it was weird the way Brenda never said goodbye.Even to Lois.

Sonny-I wish I thought of this sooner.

Luke-Hey man don't worry we'll find them.

Sonny-Thanks,I really appreciate what you're doing.

Luke-No problem.I gotta a club to run,and there's a table full of woman in the back that would like
a hello from you once in awhile.

They both smile and exit the back room.Sonny walks over to where Lois,Robin,and Julia are sitting.

Sonny-Hello Ladies.

Lois-Hey Corinthos your in a good mood tonight.

Sonny-That's right.I can't help it.I'm surrounded by beautiful woman.

Robin-Well I'm glad.

Julia-Me too.

Lois-Wanna join us????

Sonny-No I can't stay I have some calls to make at home.

Lois-Okay.We'll see ya later.



Sonny-See ya.

Sonny leaves the club and returns to his apartment.Since Brenda left he couldn't stand to live in the
penthouse anymore.Too many memories of Lily and Brenda.He bought an apartment in a high rise away from the media
that never calls anymore anyway.


Meanwhile in Vienna.......



The Cook-It's me Miss Barrett.

Brenda gets up and fluffs out her dress.

Brenda-Come in.

The cook unlocks the door and walks in bringing a tray full of foods.

The Cook-Mr.Jax asked me to bring up your dinner.

Brenda looks at her and decides the kind old woman could be of help to her.

Brenda-What he's doing is illegal you know.He can't keep me up here forever.

The Cook closes the door and steps towards Brenda.

The Cook-Mr.Jax is away right now on buisness.The butler,you and I are the only people here right now.All the other maids
have the day off.

Brenda-What are you saying???

The Cook-Do you know any phone numbers of your family members???

Brenda jumped up and gave Mary the cook a big hug.

Brenda-Thank you so much.

Mary-Shhhhh,the butler's a suspicious sort.Follow me child.

They crept down the hall to what looked like a study.Mary closed the doors and for the first time in a long time
Brenda was alone with a phone.Panic struck her when she realized she didn't know who to call.Lois and Ned probably moved.
She didn't even know Julia's new number.Luke's Club changed before she left and she had no clue as to what the number was.


Sonny-If you're ever in trouble my beeper number is 555-3030.


Brenda picked up the phone and dialed Sonny's beeper number.


In Port Charles.....


Sonny-Who the hell is beeping me at 5 in the morning????

He walks over to his dresser and picks up his beeper.

Sonny-458-598-0035 who's number is that????The only people I gave this number to are Robin,Luke,Lois,Mike,and....Brenda.

He ran over to the phone and dialled the strange number.


Brenda heard the phone ring and her heart skipped a beat.She could only hope it would be him.



When Sonny heard her voice he nearly melted.He had to remind himself to talk.

Sonny-Brenda is that you???


Tears were streaming down her face and a few were welling up in his eyes.

Sonny-Brenda are you okay???


Sonny can tell she's crying so he tries to get all he can out of her before she has to go.

Sonny-Alright where are you????

Brenda immediatley stops crying knowing her future may depend on this phone call.

Brenda-I'm in Vienna,Austria.

Sonny-Do you know the adress???

Brenda-Yes it's 166 Walnut(sorry for the cheesy street name but I don't know anything else.)

Sonny-Is Jax there???

Brenda-No he's on buisness.Are you coming out here????


Brenda-Sonny wait please be careful and take someone with you.

Sonny-I will......I love you.

Brenda smiles.

Brenda-I love you too,goodebye.

Sonny-See ya in about a day.

They hang up and Sonny immediatley dials Luke's house.

Luke-(Sleepily)Yeah??Spencer here.

Sonny-It's me.Are you ready for an adventure???


Two hours later Sonny and Luke were on a plane headed to Vienna,Austria.



Brenda is wandering nervously around her room.She wonders when Sonny will be coming and if Jax will find out that Sonny
was coming to rescue her.

Vienna National Airport...

Luke-Where to now Corinthos???

Sonny-I got the adress in my pocket.

Luke-I'll go get a taxi or whatever they're called here.

Luke got them a cab and they headed to the outskirts of Vienna.

Back in Port Charles....

Robin-Lois have you seen Sonny today???

Lois-No,why what's up???

Robin-I just came from the club and he wasn't there.

Lois-That's strange.He hasn't takin a day off since Brenda left.

Robin-Yeah and Luke wasn't there either.

Lois-Somethings up.I don't like this.


Sonny and Luke arrive in front of a set of unlocked massive iron gates.They could see the mansion
in the distance.

Luke-This must be it.How do you wanna do this???

Sonny-Let's go through that woods over there it looks like it leads to the back of the house.

Luke-Good thinking.

They work their way through the dense forest and find themselves at the back door,or the kitchen door in the old days.Sonny rattles
the door knob and finds it to be unlocked.

Luke-We're in.

Sonny-Luke don't you think it would be a good idea to put out your cigar???

Luke-Oh yeah.

He takes another puff and stomps on the cigar.

Luke-Let's go.

They walk in the house and find the kitchen deserted.

Sonny-Hey here are the back stairs.Let's take these.

They walk up the stairs and find themsselves in the servants quarters.They fly into a bedroom when they heard footsteps in the hall.

Luke-Who was that???

Sonny-I don't know.Come on let's hide in the closet.

Just as they shut the door to the closet some one entered the room.

Mary-Who's there???

She looks around the room.

Mary-Must be mice.

In the closet...

Sonny-She's gone.Luke I gotta get out of here.

Luke-Oh yeah your clauster-whatever.

Sonny knocks his head on something hard.

Sonny-Wait a minute what's this???

He pushes back some clothes and boxes and uncovers a flight of stairs.

Sonny-They must lead to the attic.Let's go up there.We might find some clues.

They reach the top of the stairs and find a door.Sonny fumbles with the knob onl to find it locked.

Brenda-Who's there????


Brenda-Sonny is that you???

Sonny-Yeah don't worry I'll get you outta there.

Brenda-Hurry Jax will be back tonight and we gotta get outta here.

Sonny takes a few steps back and knocks the door down.

Brenda rushes out towards him and they embrace.

Luke-Uhhh I think we should get out of here.

Brenda-Hi Luke.

Luke-Hey long time no see beautiful.

Sonny-Let's leave the same way we came.No one ever seems to be around.

The three of them take the same path as Luke and Sonny took.Just as they reached the end of the forest a car was pulling into
the iron gates.

Brenda-That's Jax.He's back sooner then I expected.If he sees I'm gone we'll never make it out of the country alive.

Sonny-Yeah and you won't make it too far in that dress and those shoes.

Luke-You can borrow the extra pair of clothes I brought but the pants will be a little loose.

Brenda laughs.

Brenda-That's okay,anything to get me out of these things.You know he made me wear corsets!!!

Sonny-He's more screwed up then I thought.Who knows what he's capable of.

Luke-See those mountains over there???

Brenda-Yeah what about them.

Luke and Sonny both smile.

Sonny-We're campin out tonight.




Luke-It'll be fun,we can toast marshmellows and tell scary stories!!!

Brenda smiles.

Brenda-Right.Anything's better than this place.

Sonny-Looks like Jax is going in the house.Now would be a good time to leave.

Luke-Alright on three we'll run down the driveway and out the gates.

Sonny-1...2...3 go

All three ran out down the driveway and made it safely without being seen.Luke and Sonny hopped
over the fence to a field and helped Brenda to reach the other side.But Brenda's dress got hooked
on the fence and it tore exposing her to the chilly weather from the thighs and down.

Brenda-Uhhh Luke,now would be a good time for that extra outfit!!!!!

Luke-Can you make it to that forest over there???

Brenda-I think so.It's really cold though.

Sonny-We're almost there,don't look back.

They reached the forest and Luke and Sonny sat down on some rocks and turned away from where Brenda was standing.

Brenda-No peeking.

Luke-Hey I'm a married man!!!!!

They all laugh.Brenda finds a tree to hide behind and goes to work.She unbuttons the dress and hides it behind a rock.Then she tries to take off the corsets,but can't seem to get them off.
She looks nervously around and fumbles with the strings again.


Sonny-You okay???

Brenda-No can you come here???

Sonny-Sure what about Luke???

Brenda-No just you.

Sonny turns around and walks over to the tree Brenda is behind.Sonny stares at her for a minute but comes
to his senses.

Brenda-Can you undo this for me???

Sonny-Uhhh sure.What is this thing a cage???

Brenda laughs.

Brenda-Hurry though,the metal wires are digging into my back!!!

Sonny slowly undos the strings and the corsets fall to the floor.Brenda wraps her arms around her bare body and
she blushes.

Brenda-You can go now.

Sonny-Oh yeah if you need me I'll be over there.


Brenda quickly dresses and rushes over to them.

Brenda-Okay let's go.I'm dying to get outta here!!!

Luke-Alright we're outta here.

They walk for the next four hours stopping only for water.They reach the mountains and find an abandonned cabin
to sleep in.Luke and Sonny make a fire and Brenda rests her swollen feet.

Luke-Are you going to be okay???We gotta a long walk tomorrow!!!

Brenda-Yeah I'll be fine.

Sonny-Alright well you take the bed then.Luke and me will guard the door.

Brenda-No you take it I'm not even tired.

Luke-You're the girl we insist.

Brenda acts defiant as usual.

Brenda-Well then I guess the bed is wasted because I can't sleep.eITHER OF YOU CAN HAVE IT.

Sonny-Luke you take it.

Luke-Are you sure???


Luke-You're the brains of this operation you need the rest.

Sonny-Take it.


Luke goes and shuts the door to the bedroom leaving only Sonny and Brenda in the deserted


Sonny-So.What's new with you???

Brenda laughs.

Brenda-How's Lois and Robin and Julia???

Sonny-They're good.Just a little mad that you didn't write.But now we no why.

Brenda-Yeah I missed them so much.

Sonny-Just them??

Brenda-Noooo...I missed you too.

Sonny-Why does this always happen to us???

Brenda-It's fate.And it was fate that brought you here.You know what??


Brenda-You're my hero.

Sonny-All in a days work my dear.

They both laugh softly.

Sonny-I thought I lost you forever.

Brenda touches his cheek with her hands.

Brenda-You'll never lose me.I'll always be right here.

She takes his hand in her's and places it on his heart.Tears stream down her face and one forms in the corner
of Sonny's eye.

Sonny-I love you.

Brenda-I love you too.Always.

Sonny-And forever.

(remainder by Scarlet and Katie)


Brenda looks away from Sonny as if she was embaressed by her confession of love.

Sonny-What's wrong???

Brenda-Nothing.It's just been so long.I don't know where we stand.

Sonny-We belong together.And we will be together.If that's what you want of course.

Brenda smiles warmly at him.

Brenda-Of course that's what I want.That's all I need.

Sonny takes Brenda's head in his hands and kisses her with such force that it was almost painful for
both of them.


Sonny-Just making up for lost time.

Brenda-Why did you stop???

Sonny looks at her funny and she laughs.Brenda wraps her arms around Sonny and kisses him softly.He kisses her
back gently at first,but increasing with passion and force.

Brenda-Do you want to....

Sonny knew what she was hinting at and smiled.

Sonny-Are you ready???

Brenda-It's been 4 long,dry years.If I have to wait another minute I think I'll die!!!!

Sonny-You're sure???

As an answer Brenda wraps her legs around his waist and kisses him with passion.He kisses her back and picks her up.He takes
her around the room looking for a warm and soft place but sees none.He sets her down on a wooden table and looks into her eyes,
and into the far depts of her soul.

Sonny-Not the most romantic place.You know we could always wait till we get back to Port Charles.

Brenda-I'm beginning to get the impression that your not into this.

Sonny-Oooooh no.I'm into it,I just want to make this special.

Brenda-You're right.We should wait until we can make love in a nice soft bed.

Sonny laughs.

Sonny-I'm glad you feel that way.I want the next time we're together to be perfect.

Brenda-Me too.But that doesn't mean we can't still do other things.

She smiled seductivley.

Sonny-Like what???

Brenda-Like this...

She hops off the table and kisses him gently.

Brenda-Would you mind just holding me???

Sonny-I'd be honored.

He sat down on the hard ground and Brenda sat on his lap.He put his arms around her
and she sighed.

Brenda-I feel so safe with you.

Sonny-I'm glad.You know I'll never leave you.

Brenda-I know.

Back at the Mansion....

Jax crept slowly up the stairs leading to the dark attic.He opened the door with the key
and peered inside.

Jax-Brender I've got a surprise for you.Brender????

Once he noticed she was missing he ran down to the kitchen and questioned all the staff.No one
knew a thing about her disapearence,except the kindly old cook,who wasn't about to give up her secrets.
It was a known fact with the maids and gardners that Mr.Jax and his family had bad tempers and it didn't
do any good to set them off.


He whipped out his cell phone and called an associate.

Jax-Get some men over at the airport.You know what she looks like.Also be on the lookout for a short dark
haired man.He may be responsible.

He hung up and looked around the room.

Jax-Well Brenda,I said the only way you would get out of this country was in a casket and I meant it.


The next morning in Vienna.....

Man-Sorry boss it's been dry,but I promise to call you immediatley if we see anything.

Jax-Keep up the good work.

Jax hung up the phone and scowled.

At the cabin....

Luke-Alright kids let's get outta here.

Brenda-I'm with you.What a grand entrance I'll make looking like this when we get
back to Port Charles!!!!Port Charles.....ahhhh home.

She sighs happily and Sonny and Luke smile.

They walk nearly all day to the airport and when they make it to the doors Luke stops them from
going in.

Luke-Wait.Jax knows your gone by now.The place is probably swarming with his men.We gotta get disguises or something.

Sonny-Good thinking,maybe some wigs and new clothes.Nothing flashy though,don't want to draw extra

Brenda-I know there's a shop on the next street that sells wigs,and we could go to a shop on the next street that sells mens and
womans clothes.

Sonny-Great lead the way.

They walk to the desired shops and buy Brenda a red wig that's cut in a bob style with bangs.They could hardly tell that it was her unless
they looked really hard.Sonny bought a hat and a suit to cover his hair and body along with a pair of dark sun glasses.Luke got a dark black
shirt and black pants.Brenda,though was having trouble finding a out fit that fit her small body.She finally selected a light blue tight shirt
dress with a soft white sweater.Sonny thought she had never looked more beautiful,minus the wig of course.

Brenda-Port Charles here we come!!!!

Back in PC....

Lois-I'm going nuts.Who knows what they're up to.

Laura-Calm down.I'm sure they're ok.

Lois-You're right,it's just I hate not knowing.

Laura-Luke wouldn't tell me anything,only that we were all in for a big surpise if every thing
went off ok.

Lois-They're grown men I guess they can be trusted.


They both smiled tensly knowing everything was probably going to be turned upside down when they returned.Little
did the two unsuspecting woman know,that Luke and Sonny were not going to return home alone.

At the Airport....

Sonny-Uhh we'd like three tickets to NYC please.

Lady-Coach or First class???

Sonny-First Class.

Lady-Smoking or non???


Lady-Okay,we have a flight leaving in a half an hour for NYC.Would that be okay???


Sonny handed her his credit card,and in a half an hour they were headed towards NYC without even
arousing the suspicions of the men working for Jax.

Brenda-That was really fun!!!

Luke-Risk-taking is always fun when you don't die.

Sonny-We're lucky to get out alive.

Brenda,unknown by Luke,took Sonny's hand in hers and squeezed it.He looked at her and she smiled at him.
He smiled back.She layed her head down on his shoulder.Luke took a double take but decided against questioning.
All three fell asleep and when Brenda awoke she found both men staring over her.

Sonny-We're here.


Luke-Quick wasn't it???

Brenda-Ooooh Lois and Robin are gonna be surprised.

Luke-Why don't we take you to the club and call them and tell em to come over.Then with that
little wig you got there we'll pull a real fast one over them.

Brenda laughed.

Brenda-That would be fun.

Sonny-Alright let's go then.

All three headed over to Luke's Club and Brenda hid out in the back talking with Sonny and gosipping over the events
that she missed while gone.Luke on the other hand went home to see Laura and invite everyone over to Lukes for a special dinner
that night.

Laura-Luke,what's going on???

Luke smiled slyly.

Luke-You'll see tonight.Let's just say that after tonight Port Charles will never be the same again!!!

After making that puzzling statement to Laura, Luke proceded to call everyone important to Brenda that he knew of to Lukes that night for
the celebration.

Lois and Robin and Julia were all confused over Luke and Sonny's invitation,but were happy they were back safe.

Lois-I'm kinda excited,you never know what'll happen with those two.

Robin-I know,Luke told me everyone was invited to the club for a private party.Now what's put him in such a good mood???

Julia-That's what I'd like to know.But I'll tell you one thing,I wouldn't miss this for all the world.

Dara,Justus,Mac,and Felicia were all gathered at The Outback for lunch and had all also recieved their invitations to Lukes that night.

Mac-Are you two going????

Dara-Hey I'm not missing this.

Justus-Oh you can count on me to be there.

Mac-Then I guess I'll go.I'm not too crazy about either of them,but this seems pretty important to Luke.

Felicia-I can't wait.I'm dying to find out what that trip to Austria was about.

The Quatermaines were all gathered around the living room,fighting as usual.

Ned-I'm only going for Lois.

Edward-Well that's one place where you won't see me.

Lila-Oh yes dear,we're all going,and that means you.

Alan-I for one am interested in the meaning of that trip.

Monica-It will be good for all of us to get out.Besides this might be fun.

Emily-I can't wait I love parties.

Alan-Are you sure it's not a certain young Spencer boy you want to see???

Mike and Mary were both sitting at a table at their popular bar.

Mike-He seemed really excited on the phone.

Mary-Well tonight will be a treat,you haven't seen Sonny in a while and we need a night out.

Mike-Oh I agree,I'm just a little puzzled over the secrecy.


What the town didn't know,was that their lives were all going to be changed after that seemingly insignificant
invitation to Lukes on that seemingly insignificant night.

More soon!!!!!!!!!!!!


It took an hour for all the guests to arrive,but when the last few got there Luke took to the
stage.Sonny and Brenda,decked in her wig and outfit,hid out in the back room.

Luke-Lady and Gents I'm glad to see you all made it!!!I'm sure some of you were a little weary of coming
but I assure you you won't be disapointed.After this day all your lives will be changed for the better,I hope.

In the back room..


Sonny-That guy never stops....Oh well there's are cue.

Brenda-This is gonna be fun.


Luke-May I present to old friend.

Sonny leads Brenda out of the backroom next to the stage.

Robin-Who's that???

Lois-She looks so familiar...

Lila-Dear me who's that lovley woman???

Edward-What's the meaning of all this nonsence???

Monica-I'm sure there's some good reason...

Alan-Look at her eyes,there's something familiar about them.

Emily-Maybe she's Sonny's fiance.

Ned-For her sake I hope not.


Robin looks closley at the petite figure and a startling thought passes through her mind.

Robin-It couldn't be.....

Mac-Couldn't be who???

Felicia-Do you know this person???

Dara-Who is it Robin???

Robin gets up from her chair and walks over to where Brenda's standing.With one quick motion
she rips off the red wig.


Brenda has a few tears in her eyes.

Brenda-Yeah it's me.

Robin-Oh my God.

She gives Brenda the biggest hug.

Lois-That's Brenda,that's Brenda!!!


Lila-Oh how lovely.

Edward-What's she doing here???

Monica-I don't believe it

Alan-I'd never in my wildest dreams think I'd see that face again.

Emily-This is soo cool

Lois walks over to Brenda and Robin and they hug.

Julia also walks over to Brenda and they hug too.

Lois-Where were you???

Julia-You should have called..

Robin-What's with the wig???

Brenda breaks away from her sister and best friends and walked up on the stage next to Luke and now Sonny.

Brenda-I know I have alot of explaining to do,so I'll do my best.Four years ago I didn't leave...



Edward-What in the devil???

Brenda-I was kidnapped.

The crowd gasped

Brenda-Jax took me away from everyone that I loved and would not let me call or write to any of you.I'm
sorry if I scared you,but I tried several times to ecscape and each time I was caught.

Lois-Oh my Lord..

Julia-If only we knew...

Robin-He seemed so sweet.

Brenda-Until a few days ago I was locked in an attic in Vienna,Austria.Then Luke and Sonny came
and brought me back.

For the rest of the party everyone took their turn talking to Brenda and catching up for lost
time.Sonny and Luke shared the story of the "breakout" and the croud was awed by the close calls and
narrow ecscapes.Meanwhile Mac,who was still the police commisioner,had all of his available men
on the case to find Jax.

After everyone had left Brenda finally realized something that was overlooked earlier.


Brenda-I don't have a place to stay!!!!

Sonny-Oh I've had that figured out for at least a day and a half.


Sonny-You're staying with me.

Brenda smiles sexily

Brenda-I think that's a great idea.

Sonny-Well then let's blow this joint.(He yells)Luke we're outta here

Luke comes out of the back room.

Luke-I'll see you tomorrow then right??


Brenda-Bye Luke and thanks for the party.

Luke-My pleasure Sweetheart.

Brenda and Sonny exited the Club and drove to Sonny's newly boughten skyrise apartment.
When they were inside...

Brenda-Why did you move...if you don't mind me asking.

Sonny-Not at all.I moved from the Penthouse because there were too many memories.

Brenda looks down quietly.

Brenda-Of Lily???

Sonny-Yeah,but mostly of you.


Sonny-I missed you,and I couldn't stand being there without you next to me.So I bought this
place a year ago.No memories here.

Brenda looks at him sexily.

Brenda-We could make some!!!

Sonny smiles his famous dimpled grin.


Brenda-No next year!!!Of course now.

She walks over to him and he pulls her in for a long kiss.Brenda drops her purse on the floor and wraps
her arms around Sonny's neck.She unbuttons his coat and let's it fall to the floor.He does the same for
her coat.He picks her up and carries her to his room.All the time they never stop kissing.He sets her on
the bed and she pulls him down on top of her and unbutoons his shirt and unties his tie.He takes off her
soft sweater and unzips her dress.When they're both finally undressed Brenda just stares at Sonny with
fire in her brown eyes.Sonny can't believe what's happening and how long it's been since the last time
they were together.She takes his hands in hers and draws him down on top of her in the semi-dark room.
They make love for the whole night,never wanting to stop or be away from eachother again.

The next morning....

Brenda and Sonny are sleeping peacefully in each other's arms when the doorbell rings and disturbs their soft

Brenda-Who could that be??

Sonny rolls over on top of her and smiles down at her.

Sonny-I don't know and I don't care!!

Brenda smiles softly.

Brenda-What if it's someone important??

Sonny-They can wait.

Brenda-So can this.

Sonny-Alright...alright.But don't go anywhere.

Brenda-I won't.

She covers herself up and Sonny puts on a pair of black silk boxers and the matching
robe.He walks across the hall to the foyer and answers the door.

Lois-Sonny....would you happen to know where Brenda is???No one has heard or seen her since
last night and I'm worried.

Sonny-Don't worry she's fine.

Lois-Then you know where she is??

Brenda-I'm right here,where I belong.

Brnda was standing behind Sonny in one of his shirts.

Lois-Oh did I interupt something??


Lois-I'll come back later.

Brenda-You better,we have a lot of catching up to do,in private with no party going on
around us.

Brenda-I agree.I'll stop by the gatehouse at six.Is that ok??

Lois-Perfect!!I'm so glad I got my best girlfriend back.

Brenda-And I'm glad to be back.

Lois-See ya,and you too Corinthos.

Sonny-Bye Lois.


Brenda shut the door and turned to face Sonny.

Brenda-Now where were we??

Sonny-I think I was just about to do this.

He takes her in his arms and kisses her softly at first and build it with passion as each second goes
by.Brenda takes his hand and leads him to his room.They make love again and finally wake up at around

Brenda-What do you wanna do today???

Sonny-You know what I want to do.

Brenda-Sonny come on,be serious!!!

Sonny-I am.

Brenda-We have forever to do that.Besides I meeting Lois tonight remember??

Sonny-Do you really want to know??


Sonny-I want to take you to a deserted tropical island and make love to you in the

Brenda smiles.

Brenda-Sounds like heaven.

Sonny-It can be reality.

Brenda-Do you really mean that???

Sonny-I do.

Brenda-I'd love to go,but not today,or tomorrow,or the next day,or the next.

Sonny-I know you just got back,but we could go sometime next month.

Brenda-That would be great.I need a vacation.

Sonny-Your wish is my command.

Brenda-Well in that case...since it's only 12:00 and I don't got to be at the gatehouse till six I think we have alot of time
to do other things...

Sonny grabs her by the waist and pulls her in.

Sonny-Like what??

Brenda-I don't know,we could take a bath...

Sonny-I'll race you there.

Brenda laughs and pushes Sonny down in a mad race to the hot tub.


It's Been So Long Ch.9

The next morning....

Brenda stretches out like a cat on the bed next to Sonny.She turns over to face him and sees
he's still asleep.She watches him for awhile and brushes a few curly strands of hair out of his
face.His beautiful choclate brown eyes flutter open to face the love of his life.

Sonny-How long were you watching me??

Brenda-Not long,you know,you look like an angel when you're asleep.

Sonny-You look like that every time I see you.

Brenda smiles.

Brenda-I love you so much.

Sonny-I love you too.

Brenda sighs and lays back on her pillow.

Brenda-I never want to leave this room,or bed for that matter.

Sonny-Who says we have to??

Brenda laughs softly.

Brenda-What would people think???

Sonny-Who cares??

Brenda smiles and gets up off the bed.She walks towards the bathroom with a sheet wrapped around her
thin,shapley body.She turns her head to look at Sonny and smiles seductivley.Sonny jumps up and puts his
black silk robe on.He can here water running in the hot tub and he walks in to see Brenda in the middle
surrounded by bubbles and steaming water.

Sonny-This must be my luckey day.

Brenda-Luck has nothing to do with it.

Sonny slides off his robe and hops in.The water is so hot it almost burns,but it's also relaxing for both of them.
Brenda crawls towards Sonny and splashes him with water and bubbles.He pulls her down on top of him and kisses her
passionatley.She returns his kiss with more force.He makes a trail of kisses down her neck and shoulders and she
squealed with delight.He made his way up to her lips and kissed her again and again.Then he proceeded to make love
to her,one of their favorite pass times.


At The Outback...

Lois,Julia and Robin are talking over breakfast in a corner table at the back.

Lois-I normally don't gossip,especially about one of my best friends but...

Robin-But what??

Lois-Well guess who Brenda's staying with??

Julia-Sonny everyone knows that!!

Lois-But I didn't tell you the best part.

Robin-Ooooh what??

Lois-I think they're back together.


Julia-That's great!!

Robin-How do you know though??

Lois-When I went over there Sonny anwsered the door in a pair of boxers and a robe.


Lois-So...Brenda was wearing one of his shirts...which kinda made it obvious.

Robin-I'm so happy for her.

Julia-She did look like she was glowing yesterday.

Lois-I think it's great.

Sonny and Brenda finished up in the bathroom and were getting dressed for the day.Sonny dressed in one of his Italian suits and Brenda
wearing a black mini-skirt and a white top that showed off her midriff.

Sonny-You're gonna turn heads in that outfit.

Brenda-Don't worry,their attention is unwanted.I dress sexy for you.

Sonny-You don't need to dress sexy to turn me on.All you gotta do is look at me.

Brenda smiles

Brenda-Maybe we shouldn't have gotten dressed!!!

Sonny-That would have been fine with me.

Brenda-What's up for today???

Sonny-Well I'm not needed at Lukes,I finished the books last night,so I'm free.

Brenda-Then let's do something,just the two of us.

Sonny-Sounds good to me.

Brenda-We could take a walk on that boardwalk and stop at all those cute little shops.

Sonny-Sounds good.

They left for the east west end of town to where the new boardwalk was located.They walked around for
awhile and stopped in a little icecream shop.They got their icecream and left holding hands.Little did
they know that a cameraman was taking photos of them together for the 5:00 News.He got a few of them walking
and a few of them kissing.After an hour they left for home.In the car Sonny said some words that startled
and pleased Brenda.

Sonny-Let's buy a new place.

Brenda-A new place??

Sonny-Yeah,something bigger,maybe on the outskirts of town.

Brenda-Are you serious???

Sonny-Yeah,why,you don't think it's a good idea??

Brenda-No it's great,I just didn't think you would want to.

Sonny-Of course I do,I love you and...and...I want you to marry me.

He screeched the car to a halt on the deserted road.

Sonny-Brenda Barrett I'm asking you to marry me.

Brenda just sat their for awhile not believing his words.When she finally came back to her senses she
was overwhelmed with joy.Tears were streaming down her face and all she could do was nod her had head.


Brenda-Yes of course I will.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

It's Been So Long Ch.10

They drove to home to the apartment,and immediatley hit the bed.They made love for hour at a time,and finally only
stopped because they were hungry.As she was getting dressed Brenda hummed a song.Sonny flipped on the TV to the news and
was surprised to see his face.

Sonny-Hey Bren come here.

Brenda walks out of the bathroom.

Brenda-What's up??

Sonny-Look who's on TV.

Brenda looked and saw herself and Sonny kissing at the Boardwalk.

Brenda-What the hell??


He turned up the volume so they could here.

Newslady-Port Charles' most eligable bachelor is taken ladies.One of our reporters caught the two in this tender embrace
at the Port Charles Public Boardwalk today.It seems model Brenda Barrett is again wrapped up in a romance with the famous
ex-mob man Michael "Sonny" Corinthos.Now onto the weather,Charly?

Sonny flipped off the TV.

Brenda-Wow,we didn't even notice them.

Sonny-I don't mind it,as long as it doesn't go too far.

Brenda-Either do I.But why should the public be treated to our make-out sessions??

Sonny-I hardly think we ever "make out"

Brenda-What do you call thirty kisses in a row then???

Sonny-Let them watch.I don't care.

Brenda-You know what??Either do I.

Sonny-Good,then let's go to Lukes for dinner.

Brenda-Great.I'm starving.

They leave for dinner with their friends.

Later that night...

Lois,Ned,Robin,Jason,Luke,Laura,Julia,Sonny,and Brenda were seated at a table in the back.They already got their
food and they were going over the events since Brenda came back.Lois as always was the center of the conversation.
Brenda and Sonny decided not to tell their friends they were engaged that night.They wanted a little time alone
before they publicly announced their wedding plans.However,they did decide to tell everyone that they were a
couple again.

Lois-I knew it!!!

Robin-That's great!!!

Laura-I'm very happy for you two.

Luke-Cigars for everyone.

Julia-Uhhh no thanks.Really though I'm very happy for you,the both of you.

Ned-Take care of her Sonny,or I'll come after you.

Sonny-You got it man.

Jason-I'm glad you two are back together.

After another hour of talking and visiting everyone was ready to leave.

Lois-See ya,Ned get our coats.

Ned-Yes dear.See ya later Bren,Sonny.

Robin-Jason we should be leaving too.


Brenda yawned and Sonny went to go get their coats.

On the way home Brenda fell asleep on Sonny's shoulder.He carried her to their apartment and set her down on the
bed.She stirred and he undressed her and put on her pajamas.She awoke suddenly.

Brenda-Did I fall asleep or something??

Sonny laughed and laid down next to her.

Sonny-Yeah on the way home.So I carried you up here and put on you flannels for you.


Sonny-I guess I tired you out today!!!

Brenda-Yeah,but today was really fun.

Sonny-I had a great time today.

Brenda-I love just spending time with you...alone.

She laid her head down on Sonny's shoulder and he covered them up.Then they both
fell asleep.

The next day...

Sonny and Brenda are sitting up in their bed.They're talking about their dream house.

Brenda-We need a really big bedroom with a kingsize bed...

Sonny-And a hot tub!!!

Brenda smiled sexily at him.

Brenda-How could I forget??

Sonny-And a big kitchen.

Brenda-For you,not me.

Sonny laughed.

Brenda-What about a....nursery??

Sonny-Just thinking of our children makes me happy.

Brenda-They're gonna be beautiful.

Sonny-If they're anything like there mommy you can count on that.

Brenda-What about you??You're sexy too.With that dark curly hair and those choclate brown eyes,
our son's gonna be a heart breaker.

Sonny-And we're gonna have to keep our daughter under house arrest.

Brenda laughed.

Brenda-What else??

Sonny-A game room,with a big screen TV.

Brenda-Ooooh,a work out room with a sauna and spa.

Sonny-Ooooh sauna.

Brenda playfully hit Sonny's arm.



Brenda-You're so bad!!

Sonny-I know,what else??

Brenda-Of course there has to be a dining room,a formal living room,a family room,a few
guest rooms and a lot of bathrooms.

Sonny-Why don't we have it built???That way we can make it however we want.

Brenda-Really???That would be so cool.

Sonny-I know,that's why I already bought the land.

Brenda-You did??Oh my God where is it?

Sonny-It's close to town,but far enough away to be near the woods and away from the noise.

Brenda-Can we see it.

Sonny-I have that all planned.We leave today and spend the night in a cabin on the property.

Brenda hugged him tightly.

Brenda-I can't believe you.I love you so much.


Brenda-Uhhhh,who the hell's that??

Sonny smiles.

Brenda-What else did you do??

Sonny-Sit here and I'll be right back.

He left the room with Brenda on the bed smiling.

Sonny thanked the delivery man and tipped him.Then he walked back towards the room with a small
package in his hand.Before he goes in he takes it out of the box and opens the small jewelry case.
Inside was a solitare diamond ring.It was set in gold and platinum.The diamond was huge and looked like
it would fit Brenda perfectly.

He walked in the room nervously.Then he knelt down on the ground next to Brenda on one knee.

Sonny-Brenda Barrett will you marry me??

He flipped open the case to reveal the giant diamond ring.Brenda screamed happily and Sonny slid the ring on her slender finger.
It was a perfect fit.

Sonny-Do you like it??

Brenda-I love it.It's perfect.

She kissed him passionatley and he kissed her back.She pulled him on the bed and on top of her.All the while kissing him like there was
no tomorrow.She unbuttoned each of the buttons on her flannel top as he watched her.He slid off her bottems and she did the same to his
silk boxers.Then Sonny pulled the covers over them and they made love to start the new day.

Two hours later...

Brenda-Are we still going to the new property??

Sonny-Yeah,let's go now.

Brenda-I have to pack.

Sonny smiled.

Sonny-That's been takin care of.

Brenda-What's with the secrecy??

Sonny-You'll see.
It's Been So Long Ch.11

They got dressed and Sonny drove them out to the new property.It was a thick woods surrounded by
a small lake and a highway road hidden in the back that lead to the city.

Brenda-It's beautiful.

Sonny-This is where the house goes.

Brenda-What a pretty view.Our bedroom should back up to the woods.

Sonny-I was thinking we could have the hot tub be next to a huge window facing the woods too.

Brenda-That's a great idea.

Sonny-Come with me to the cabin.We can change and walk around the grounds.


They followed a path to a cabin in the middle of the woods.Inside there was a fireplace and a large bed.Also Sonny had a jacuzzi put in
for that night.There was a small table with some candles for their dinner after the walk.Sonny lead her to a closet full of new outfits
for both of them.Brenda was having a hard time picking what to where.She chose jeans,a tight white tank top,and a flannel shirt which she
tied around her waist.Sonny wore jeans,a white T-Shirt,and a blue flannel shirt.After they finished getting dressed they took a tour of
the grounds.To Sonny's and Brenda's surprise they found a gate house which was run down with vines and weeds in a clearing.They didn't
dare look inside,but Brenda insisted that they would fix it up.They walked around some more when they came to another clearing which had
a picnic set up on the ground,complete with a blanket.

Brenda-You did this??

Sonny-Anything for my lady.

Brenda-That's so sweet.

She sat down and opened the picnic basket.Inside there was enough food to feed an army.They ate and finally came to desert,strawberries and
a bottle of champagne.Sonny poured two glasses and gave one to Brenda.She took it and picked up a strawberry and fed it to him.He chewed it
and fed one to her.Brenda set the bowl aside and pushed off all the other food.She pulled Sonny down on top of her and they kissed.After a
few minutes Brenda pulled away.

Brenda-See this is making out.

Sonny-I guess we do do it all the time then.

Brenda laughed and took off her tank top.

Brenda-But making out is for kids.

She undid her bra and peeled off Sonny's shirts.She unzipped her jeans and did the same to
him.They made love on their new property for the first time.After a couple hours they picked
up their stuff and relocated to the cabin where they got dressed in evening clothes at Sonny's
insistence.Brenda was wearing a sexy low cut black dress.Sonny was wearing a tux.While Brenda
was dresing dinner arrived and Sonny set the table for two.He lit the candles and turned down
the lights.He also lit candles all around the room and turned on the jacuzzi for backround noises.
Brenda stepped out of the bathroom in her dress and Sonny whistled.


Brenda laughed.

Brnda-Well,you have good taste.

He pulled out a chair for her and she sat down.They spoke no words as they ate,only staring in each
other's eyes.After dinner Sonny turned some music on and asked her to dance.She accepted and they
danced to the song All My Life.Afterwards Brenda lead Sonny to the large bed and slipped off her dress
slowly.Then she laid down on the bed.This was too much for Sonny to resist.He took off his jacket and
began to unbutton his white shirt.Brenda began to get impatient and walked over to Sonny.She practically
pulled him down.He laughed at her and she laughed at herself.Then she slowly pulled him on top of her.
They made love for hours and hours.When they finished on the bed,Sonny carried her to the bubbling jacuzzi
They relaxed for awhile and then Sonny poured them some champagne.

Brenda-Let's toast.

Sonny-To what??

Brenda-To our future.

They raised their glasses and clinked them.Then Sonny took her's and his and
set them down on a table.He put his hands on her face and kissed her.She wrapped
her arms around his neck and kissed him back.Her lips burned at his touch and at
that moment she realized her life was perfect.



For a month Sonny and Brenda spent their time planning their house and the
basement was already being dug when they broke the news to friends and family
of their engagment.Brenda spent day and night with her dress designer and making
phone calls to the florist.Sonny was busy going over house plans and working out
last minute details.They decided that they wanted the house to be almost done by
the time they were back from their Honeymoon.Sonny had every available worker on
it to please Brenda.

Brenda-And have a sample delivered to the apartmnt for our approval.And thank you
very much for all your work.

Sonny-Was that the florist??

Brenda-Yeah,he's sending us some sample bouquets to see what we like.


Brenda-So what's up for tonight??

Sonny-I was thinking we could stay in and ren some movies.You know,just
the two of us.

Brenda-Great idea.I'll order some take out.

Sonny-I'll go get the movies.

Sonny left and Brenda ordered the food.Also while he was gon she slipped
into a silky black nightgown that flowed to her ankles and a matching robe.
By the time Sonny got back the food had arrived.

Sonny-Oooh damn,you never wore that before.

Brenda-Oh this old thing???Go change into your silk boxers and put the movies in.
I'll put this food onto some plates for us.


He disapeared into their bedroom and change into his pajamas,while she put the food
on some plates.She carried them into their room and laid down next to Sonny.

Brenda-Oh by the way,what did you rent??

Sonny-Sleepless in Seatle

Brenda smiled at him.

Brenda-That's so sweet.

Sonny-That's me,Mr.Sentimental.

Brenda laid her head down on Sonny's shoulder and they watched the movie.But Sonny hardly
saw it.His eyes were mainly focussed on Brenda.He knew she would be the only one for him.
She was so beautiful that he couldn't resist looking at her.One time she caught him staring.


Sonny smiled at her.


Sonny-You're so beautiful I'm having a hard time focussing on the movie.

Brenda smiled back at him.She reached up and kissed him gently on the lips.
He wrapped one arm around her and kissed her back.She ran her fingers through
his thick curly hair and flipped off the movie.She rolled over on top of him
and slipped off his robe.He did the same for her robe.Then he slowly slid the
straps of her nightgown down.All other clothing was discarded and they made love
to end the day.Finally during the night they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The nxt morning Brenda rolled over to face Sonny,who was awake.

Brenda-Good morning.

Sonny-Good morning is right,but I think good night would be more appropriate!!!


Sonny-What you didn't enjoy last night??

Brenda-I did,I did.Last night was very uhh...


Brenda-Yes,but let's focus on the present.

She kissed him softley on the lips.

Brenda-I love you.

Sonny-I love you too Sweetheart.More than you'll ever know.

Brenda-I think I know,because that's how much I love you.

Sonny-I can't wait till I get to call you my wife.

Brenda-I can't wait to be called your wife.That's all I ever wanted.

Sonny-I know,and I'm sorry I couldn't have given you this happiness sooner.

Brenda-It's not your fault.

Sonny-I know,but we missed out on so much.

Brenda-But we're getting our chance now,and we have to take it.

Sonny-You're right.Let's talk about something else though.

Brenda-Yeah like where we're going on our Honeymoon.

Sonny-Ooooh,the Honeymoon.That's the second best part.

Brenda-I know.Where do you want to go???

Sonny-Somewhere warm,where I can make love to you in the sand.

Brenda-Sounds like heaven.

Sonny-I was thinking maybe Puerto Rico.

Brenda-Oooh.I like that.

Sonny-Peurto Rico it is then.

After about an hour Sonny and Brenda got up and got dressed.The wedding was
a week and a half away and Brenda still had alot of planning to do.

Brenda-Sonny you have to leave.My dress is coming today.

Sonny-Alright,I got some stuff to do at the Club su I'll be back at five.


She walked over to him and kissed him passionatley.


Sonny-I'll see you later baby.

Shortly after he left there was a knock on the door.Thinking it was the
delivery man with her dress Brenda answered the door without seeing who
it was first.To her surprise and disgust Jax stood before her.



It's Been So Long Ch.13

Brenda tried to close the door,but Jax put his hand out to stop her from closing
it.He walked in and looked around.

Jax-Nice place you got here.

Brenda-What the hell do you want???

Jax-I must say it's a little smaller than our home in Vienne though.

Brenda-You're home in Vienna,and if you don't leave I'm calling the cops.

Jax-No you won't.

Brenda stared at him in fright as he closed the door.

Brenda-I'm going to ask you one more time.Please leave.

Jax just stood there with a taunting grin on his face.Brenda went to the phone,but he grabbed
her arm and ripped out the cord.

Jax-Now you're going to listen to what I have to say.

He pushed her down on a couch in the living room and stood over her.

Jax-You're ruining your life.

Brenda-No you ruined my life.

Jax-Staying here is dangerous to your life.

Brenda-Noooo,what you did to me...was...was..unthinkably inhumane.

Jax-I did it to protect you.

Brenda-And what about all the times you hit me???Was that to protect me too??

Jax looked at her and before he could say anything the doorbell rang again.Brenda quickly got up and ran to it
before Jax could stop her.She whipped open the door to a delivery man.

DM-Ahh I got a package here for a Miss Brenda Barrett.

Brenda-That's me.

DM-Sign right here please.


But Brenda did not sign her name,instead she wrote down the words Help me,and call security.
She would have ran,but she didn't know if Jax had a gun.By that time he had followed her to the
door and was trapping her in.The delivery man looked up funny and Brenda gave him a forced smile.
But he was no dummy and as soon as she closed the door he ran to the nearest phone.Brenda brought
the package inside and set it down on a table away from Jax.Jax still had no clue that someone was
on to him.

Jax-What do you have here???

Brenda replied quickly.


Jax went over to the table and opened the long box.Inside was a long beautiful white dress.It looked like
it was made of vintage cloth and it had a long flowing train that went on for several yards.It was obvious
to Jax that it was a wedding dress,however he had no idea that Sonny and Brenda were getting married.

Jax-So you're getting married??

Brenda replied very coldly.

Brenda-I thought you'd know by now.

Jax screamed loudly and it made Brenda flinch.

Jax-How could you??

However,by this time the police and security had been notified and were on their way up.They
made their way silently to the door and barged it open just as Jax had cornered Brenda.

Jax-What the....

Security-Freeze.Put your hands up.

Jax did as he was told and they put him under arrest.They took him away in a police car and he was
sentenced to ten years in jail.But,he busted out and was never heard from again.Brenda immediatley
called Sonny.He came home and held her while she cried.When the cops had gotten their statements and
left Brenda laughed.


Brenda-Don't turn around,you'll see my dress.

Brenda picked it up and hid it in her closet.

Brenda-And don't go peeking around for it.

Sonny-I won't.

Brenda-I'm gonna go try it on.It'll make me feel better.

Sonny laughed.

Sonny-Are you sure I can't see it??

Brenda-Yes,it will be bad luck if you do.

Sonny-Alright,I'm gonna go lay down.

Brenda-In our room????



Sonny-I know,I know no peeking!!!!


Brenda went inside her walk in closet and tried on the dress.It fit perfectly and she
looked beautiful.She tried on her vail too,which was about as long as the dress itself.
Brenda sighed with delight,it looked perfect.She took it off and slipped into her
flannel pajamas.She walked out and laid down next to Sonny.He put his arms around her
and they fell asleep.They woke up at around dinner time and decided to go out.They spent
the next week and a half with their friends and family.Finally it was the day of the

It's Been So Long Ch.14

~~~~The Wedding~~~~

At the Church...

Julia who was Maid of Honor was wearing her dress which matched Lois and Robin's,they were bride's maids.They all wore
matching light blue spagetti strap dresses.Brenda was already in her dress.

Robin-Brenda,it is not right for one person to look that good!!!

Lois-She's right Bren,you look beautiful.

Julia had tears in her eyes

Julia-You're gonna knock em dead!!!


There was a knock on the door.

Lois-Brenda don't get it,it might be Sonny.

It turned out it was Edward,who was to give Brenda away.

Edward-Young Lady I think they're almost ready.

Brenda beamed

Brenda-Alright let's get this show on the road!!



Sonny was pacing the room.

Luke-Calm down man!!

Jason-Everything is gonna go perfect.

Mike-They're right.

Sonny-I know,but this means so much to Brenda,I don't want anything to go wrong.

Luke-Don't worry partner I got everything covered.

(By the way Luke was the Best Man and Jason and Mike were ushers.)

Sonny-Alright then let's get this show on the road.

Sonny took his place at the alter with the priest.Everyone one who was close to them,or knew them was attending
the wedding.Music started to play and Jason escorted Robin down the isle.They went to seperate sides and Robin
winked at Sonny.He smiled back at her as Lois was escorted down the isle by Mike.Mike took his place by Jason as
did Lois by Robin.Finally Julia and Luke took their turn and went to their places.Then the music changed and the
crowd stood up as Brenda and Edward wlaked down the isle.Everyone was Ooooing and Awwing at her beauty and Lucy began
to cry.

Kevin-It's ok Lucy.

Lucy-I know but she's so beautiful.

Brenda smiled at Sonny and he smiled back as they took their places across from each other.They both mouthed the
words I love you as the Priest began his spiel.However neither of them really heard his words.They were to busy looking
into each others eyes.

Priest-Do you Brenda Barrett take Michael Corinthos to be your Lawfully wedded husband??

Brenda with tears in her eyes had a hard time talking.

Brenda-I do.

Priest-Do you Michael Corinthos take Brenda Barrett to be your lawfully wedded wife??

Sonny-I do.

Priest-By the powers vested in me and by the state of New York I pronounce you Husband and wife.
You may kiss your bride.

Sonny gentley lifted the vail and kissed her,their first kiss as man and wife.The crowd stood up and clapped when they
turned around.Lois,Julia and Robin were crying,and crying hard.Mike had a few tears and Luke was misty eyed.Jason,being
himself just smiled,but it was a different sort of smile.Most of the audience was in tears and Lucy couldn't control herself.
At the reception Brenda changed into a light blue suit with a mini-skirt and top that beared her thin waistline.She walked out
and announced she was going to throw the bouquet.All the woman lined up ready to catch the prize.


She turned around and gave the bouquet a small toss.She turned around to see who caught it and she had to give a little giggle.
Emily had caught it.

Emily-I caught,I caught it!!!!!!

Alan-Oh dear God.

Everyone laughed and Sonny walked over to Brenda.They said their goodbyes as the wedding party through rice at them.They enetered
the limo and left for the airport where they would take the ELQ jet to Puerto Rico for their two week long Honeymoon.

Next time-The Honeymoon


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