It's all comin' back by

Brenda sat at the bar at the PC Grille. She had been waiting on Jax for over
an hour. She'd tried everywhere she could think of to find him. She felt weird
that she'd been early for like the first time in her whole entire life, and
Jax was REALLY late. She waited another 15 minutes before getting up and

Brenda walked through the door at "Luke's". She was met by the sweetest
smile she ever known. Sonny had looked up as soon as she walked through the
door. If someone would have told her three monthe earlier that she'd be
friends with the man that left her standing at the alter she would have
laughed in their face. But when he'd come back to explain why he left and to
congradualate her on her engagment to Jax, she couldn't help but forgive me.
when Robin was busy and Lois couldn't come in and Lucy was going crazy about
how to do the next shoot, and Brenda wanted to relax she'd call Sonny and make
him take her shopping. They'd go and just hang out. The night he'd come home
she was so happy and mad at the same time, she'd wanted to kiss him then beat
the crapp out of him. But instead she'd listened to what he'd had to say.
After the both of them breaking down into tears, and after hearing
that he was leaving again so he didn't get in the way of her and Jax. She had
told him she wanted him to stay, that she didn't want to lose "them" again. So
Sonny stayed.
Brenda walked over to the bar.
S:"Hey beautiful"
B:"Hey doll. Have you seen Jax?"
S:"You mean besides in the freak show?"
B:"Sonny." Brenda said warningly
S:"Oh yeah Bren he was just here. We played a friendly game of 5 card stud,
hired a stripper and had a few drinks. No I haven't seen him. Why?"
B:"Ya know what."
B:"Your a smart @$$"
S:"The only thing keppin' me from bein' a smart @$$ is the smart part."
B:"Ha Ha. So you haven't senn him?"
S:"Brenda why would Jax come here?"
B:in an innocent, child like tone"I don't know. Maybe by some gift from G*d
you two put down this whole hatred thing and became the best of friends, just
for me."
S:"Huuh. Yeah right! Dream on Alice wonderland is right around the corner."
B:"Can ya balme a girl for tryin'?"
S:"Did Jax drop you on your head today? Or have you just gone completely
B:"Ha Ha! Your too funny!" Brenda hit him in the arm."Some friend."
S:"It's not my fualt Jaaaxxxyyy can't stand me. I try to be civil with him."
B:"Sonny you don't try to be civil with anyone!"
S:"THAT'S NOT TRUE! Just this morning I had a 10 minute conversation with
Mike. Not once did I tell him to shut up or butt out! So there little Miss
know it all!"
B:"Mircles never cease! Look I'm gonna head outta here. I have got to find
S:"Good luck."
B:"Later dork."
S:"Later whoe"
B:"You better watch it little boy."
S:"Bye Brenda."

Sonny watched as Brenda left, then turned back around and looked down at the
papers infront of him. He couldn't keep himself from laughing. It was always
intresting when he and Brenda were in the same room. Luke walked out from the
L:"Was that the beautiful Ms.Barrett I heard??"
S:"Yeah she was lookin' for Jax."
L:"You mean he wasn't attached to her him??"
L:"Sonny, why don't you tell the woman you still love her?"
S:"She knows."
L:"And this means nothing to either one of you?"
S:"Luke, I know that she still loves me and she knows I still love her. We're
friends. We like it this way."
L:"I never know which way you and Brenda are going. I get dizzy watching you
two! Forget I asked, and next time just pretend I'm Mike and tell me to but
S:"Luke, it's all about trust. She knows that I'm out of the organization and
that I'll always be here for her when she needs me. But we just don't have the
trust to make a relationship work."
L:"Uhhh ok. Whatever you say."

Jax sat quietly trying to think of the right words to write. Music from
Brenda's alarm clock filled the room.

~~*With a trembling pen in hand
I try the best I can to write
all the reasons I can't stay
And I hope she'll understand
I can't leave like a man ( Jax would have to be a man for him to leave like
'Cause a man would never leave her this way
a note of things I should have said
Lays beside her sleepin' head
As I turn and make my way off in the night
By the morning's breakin'
My heart will still be achin'
Everytime I think of what I left behind
'Cause I don't wanna se me leavin' in her eyes
And I can't stand to watch her watch me make her cry
And I don't know a right way I can do her wrong
So I don't wanna be here in the morning
When she wakes up and finds me gone
It hurts to know how much she'll hurt
I told myselfthings could be worse
But I've convinced myself she's better off this way
By the time she finds I'm gone
I'll be a long, long way from home
When she reads the note of things I couldn't say
'Cause I wat to see me leavin' in her eyes
And I can't stand to watch her watch me make her cry.
And I don't know the right way to do her wrong
I don't wanna be here in the morning
When she wakes up and finds me gone
" " '" " " ' " " ~~~

jax placed the letter on the mattel of the fire place. When he got to the door
he turned to take one last look around the small cottage. Then he left.


Brenda walked through the door of the cottage. There was a fire in the
fire place.
B:"Jax where have you been? I waited over an hour for you!"
When no one answered she walked of to the fire place. She found the letter
and read it out loud.
B:"Dear Brenda,
I'm sorry things had to be this way. I couldn't bare to tell you the
truth face to face. After everything that has happened to you, you deserve
more than I can give. I understand now what you ment when you said you could
never love me the way you loved Sonny. And you were right when you said I
would find someone that could. I find that person Brenda, and she's not you. I
thought if I jsut ignored it that it would go away. But it doesn't. And I
can't go on pretending like we're ok. B/c we're not. We were wrong from the
begining. I'm sorry things had to end this way. But I know you Brenda, your
strong, you'll find someone who does make you happy. Hell Brenda he's your
best friend!! And I'm telling you this to get myself off the hook. Everyone
see's it but you and Sonny! And as much as I HATE him, he's what's right for
you. He loves you unconditionally. I wanted to change you, to fit you into
my world. That was wrong. And I'm sorry. I do love you Brenda and it's hard to
say goodbye. But it's something I've got to do. Be happy Bren.

Love always,
Jax "

Brenda picked up her cell phone.
B:through tears"Hello?"
S:"Brenda? What's wrong?"
B:"Sonny I'll call you tommorow."
S:"Brenda don't you dare hang up on me! What happened? Did you and Jax have a
fight? Brenda did he hurt you, b/c if he laid one fionger on you I'll kill
B:now hysterical"Sonny He left me!"
B:"He's gone. He left!"
S:"Did he say why?"
B:"I didn't talk to him. He just left a note saying that he'd fallen in love
with someone else. OH G*D- Sonnytell me this isn't happening!"
S:"Sweetheart, I'm on my way. Don't move. I'll be right there."
When Sonny got there he could see Brenda through the window. She was
sitting in the floor, her knees pulled to her chest, she was looking into the
fire and crying.
He didn't even bother to knock. He jsut walked right in and went straight to
her, throwing his coat on the couch as he knelt down beside her. He wrapped
his arms around her and pulled her close to him.
S:"Shhhh. Sweetheart it will be ok."
B:"Sonny why? Why does this keep happening to me?"
Tears came to his eyes and made their way down his cheeks.
S:"B/c honey, you seem to get the fools who are only hurting themselves when
they hurt you. You can do so mcuh better Bren."
It took Brenda few seconds to realize that Sonny wasn't talking about
Jax, but about himself.
B:"Sonny you shouldn't have come. If run to my side every time I fall then
you'll spend all your time comforting me."
S:"You didn't fall Brenda. But you are hurting and I wanted to make sure you'd
be ok."
B:"It was really sweet of you, but- Sonny why did you call?"
He didn't want to tell her he'd felt something was wrong she'd think he was
S:"I just wanted to know if you'd found Jax." She knew he was lying.
B:"That's sweet Sonny. But what was the real reason?" Sonny quickly stood up.
S:"Are you going to be okay?"
B:"Tell me why you called!"
He was about to lie to her again when he heard the words she'd said to him on
the docks when he'd come back. "All I want is the truth Sonny. Plain and
S:"I don't know Brenda. I just felt that something was wrong."
B:"Did you that Jax was cheating on me?"
S:"NO! That's the last thing I ever would have guessed! Brenda you sadi that
you could feel me thining about you, that you knew I was in trouble. I just
got the sudden urge to call and check up on you. If I had known aboiut Jax I
wouldn't have hesitated to tell you. I would have killed him personaly for
hurting you. Brenda I---"
B:"Don't stop. You what?"
Sonny walked back over to where Brenda was now standing. He took her face
in his hands. His eyes were burning into hers, but instead of the passionate
kiss she expected he brushed a kiss on her forehead and started for the door.
He turned to see her still standing there, watching him.
S:"I..I don't want to lose my best friend. Your right you can handle this on
your own. But if you do need me call me, page me, fax me, whatever. Anytime 2
am. I'll be there." Sonny put his coat on and opened the door.
S:"I mean it Bren. Anytime, day or night. I'll be there for you. You'll get
through this. I know you will. Take care." With that he walked out the door,
closing it behind him.
Brenda watched as Sonny's car (he's driving his own now) disappered into the
night. She sat in the window saet and cried harder. She wasn't crying about
Jax anymore. She knew he was right. She would always love Sonny in a way she
could love no one else. She'd felt safe when Sonny had wrapped her in his arms
and held her. She felt like nothing in the world could touch her there. She
wanted to be back in them. She did still love him, if only she knew
whether or not he still loved her. At first when he was holding her and
rocking her she thought that maybe he did. Then when he took her face in his
hands and looked into her eyes, she could see his soul, ad she was positive he
did. The something changed, and he was gone.

Sonny walked into "Luke's"
L:"Hey was everything okay? How's Brenda?"
L:"Well you hauled @$$ outta here so I figured something must have been with
S:"Jax left her."
L:"WHAT? You kiding"
S:"No i'm not."
L:"Whoa. Poor kid. She's got the worst of luck."
S:"She sure does."
L:"Is she going to be ok?"
S:"I think she'll be fine."
L:"what about you?"
S:"What about me?"
L:"You look like you just lost your best friend."
Sonny looked at Luke with tears in his eyes.

Brenda hadn't heard from or seen Sonny in almost 3 weeks. She'd called,
and paged him over and over again. But he never got back to her. I t was like
he'd fallen off the face of the earth. She'd called Luke's and Luke said that
he hadn't seen Sonny come down in a few days. (This would probably a good time
to tell everyone that sonny is staying above Luke's again. :o) )
She'd decided that Jax was right. That she could get on with life and she
planed on making this known to Sonny. She went into her closet and picked out
a short white dress with a black lace button up blouse that was the same
length as the dress. She left her hair down and put on a pair of black swad
platform sandels. She checked her make-up one last time before heading out the

Brenda walked into "Luke's". Luke looked up and saw her. Without even a word
he smiled at her and pointed up stairs. She nodded and headed up stairs.
Sonny had just gotten out of the shower and was only in a pair of boxers
when he heard someone knocking at the door. He didn't even think to grab his
Brenda leaned against the door frame and waited for Sonny to open the
door. She nearly died when Sonny answered the door in only boxers.
B:"Well, well, if this is how you answer your door these days I'll have to
drop by more often!" She was grining from ear to ear.
S:"I thought you were Luke."
B:(sarcasicly)"Really? Is there something between you and Luke I should know
S:"I meant if I had known it was you I would have..I mean.."
B:"You would have put some pants on?"
Sonny walked over and grabed his robe and quickly wrapped it around him.
B:"Why so shy Sonny? It's not like I haven't seen you in less." Brenda looked
down to his black silk boxers, then back up and looked him right in the eyes."
ALOT less!"
Sonny finished tying his robe then looked up at Brenda.
S:" Well as little as you've seen me in things have still chaged."
B:"They couldn't have changed that much." her grin got bigger.
S:"What are you doing here."
B:"oh yeah! I almost forgot!" Her tone turning suddenly serious"Why have you
been avoiding me like I have the plague or something?"
S:"I haven't been avoiding you! I've just been busy."
B:"Doing what? What could you possibly be doing that would occupy all your
time for 3 weeks?!"
S:"WORK! I have been swamped with the books for Luke's"
Brenda walked over to the couch and made herself at home.
B:"Bullsh*t. I've talked to Luke. he said that you've been up here. that he
hasn't seen or talked to you in over a week. And when he did see you, you only
said two words to him."
Sonny walked over and was standing infront of her.
S:"Brenda, I'm busy. Why don't you call me in the morning."
He started to walk over to open the door. Brenda grabed his arm.
B:"NO DAM*IT!! I'm not going anywhere til I know what I've done to make you
act like this."
Sonny looked down into her pleadingeyes and felt himself begin to lose
control.He took her by the shouldersand pulled her towards him. Befor eBrenda
could react Sonny's lips were over her's. At first she was so stunned she just
stood there, but as reality set in she slowly wrapped her arms around his
neck. She felt him start to pull away, but she tightened her hold and pulled
him closer. His arms slid down around her waist. Just as the kiss
started to get really intense Sonny pulled away.He turned quickly and put his
head in his hands. Brenda stood there staring at him. She was still breathless
from that amazing kiss. She had no idea what had just happenedbut it sure felt
right, and she decided say it to Sonny.
B:"What just happened here?"
S:"Brenda, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done that."
B:"Sonny look at me." When he didn't turn around she walked over and turned
B:"LOOK AT ME! Sonny what just happened?"
S:"I shouldn't have kissed you Brenda I'm sorry."
B:"HELLO?! I don't know where you were but I wasn't exactally beating you off
with a baseball bat!"
S:"Brenda I don't want to ruin this. I don't want to lose our frienship."
B:"And niether do I." She looked down at the floor then back up at him." But I
don't want to keep living w/o you either. I don't wanna keep pretending like
your nothing more than a friend b/c Sonny I feel so much more for you!"
S:"But-" Brenda stopped him w/a kiss. She slowly pulled away.
Niether said anything for a few seconds. Then Sonny spoke in a deep whisper.
S:"I was avoiding you b/c I could feel myself wanting you more and more
everytime I saw you. I was affraid that I'd lose control like I did a few
minutes ago, and that I'd lose you.Bren what I'm trying to say is that..that I
love you. Not just as a friend but the way I have always loved you. I'm scared
of loosing you."
Brenda smiled up at Sonny. He looked so nervous it was cute. Her first thought
was to tease him about it, but then she felt his hands shaking. She gentally
reached up and placed her hand on his cheek. She watched him close his eyesat
her touch. Music starts to fill the air, coming from where? Brenda didn't know
nor did she care. She leaned up and pressed her lips to his.
~~There were nights when the wind was so cold
That my body froze in bed if I just listened to it right outside the window
There were days when the sun was so cruel
That all the tears to dust and I just knew my eyes were dryin' out forever
I finished cryin' in the instint that you left
And I can't remember where or when or how
Then I banished every memory you and I had ever made
But when you touch me like this
And when you hold me like that
I just have to admit that it's all coming back to me
When I touch you like this
And when I hold you like that
It's so hard to believe but it's all coming back to me.~~~*

Brenda untied the belt on Sonny's robe. Slowly she slid her hands up his chest
to his shoulders. The robe fell to the floor. Sonny unbuttoned the black
blouse then unzipped the back of the dress and the two articles of clothing
joined his robe on the floor.

~~It's all coming back
It's all coming back to me now
There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light
There were things we'd never do angain but they'd always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure it was more than any lousy love
Baby, baby, if I kiss you like this
And if you whisper like that
It was lost long ago
But it's all coming back to me now
If you want me like this
And you need me like that
It was that long ago but it's all coming back to me
It's so hard to resist and it's all coming back to me
I can barely recall, but it's all coming back to me now ~~*

Sonny lifted Brenda up and carried her up stairs. He sat her back down on her
feet when he closed the bedroom door. Brenda brought her arms down from around
his neck and took his hand. She llead him over to the bed. She started to lay
down, pulling sonny down on top of her.

~~*There were those empty threats and hollow lies
And whenever you tried to hurt me
I just hurt you even more but so much deeper
There were hours that just went on for days
When alone at last we count up all the chances that were lost to us forever
Thought you were history woth the slaming of the door
And I made myself so strong again somehow
And I never waisted any of my time on you since then
But if I touch you like this
And if you kiss me like that
It was so long ago but it's all coming back to me
If you touch me like this
And if I hold you like that It was gone with the wind but it's all coming back
to me
It's all coming back
It's all coming back to me now
There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light
There were things we'd never do again, but they'd always seemed right
There were night of endless pleasure
It was more than all your lousy love
But baby, baby,baby,when you touch you like this
And when you hold me like that
It was gone with the wid but it's all coming back to me
When you see me like this
And when I see you like that
And we've seen what we want to see
It's all coming back to me
The flesh and the fantisies
All coming back to me
I can barely recall but it's all coming back to me now
If you forgive me all this
And I forgive all that
We forgive and forget
And it's all coming back to me
When I see you like this
And when you see me like that
We see just what we want to see
All coming back to me
The flesh and the fantisies
All coming back to me
I can barely recall but it's all coming back to me now
And when you kiss me like this
And when I touch you like that
And if you do it like this
And if we...~~~*
Brenda woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. She felt Sonny reach across
her and hit the speaker phone.
Luke's voice filled the room.
L:"Hey man are you comin down to the party? Are you still alive? Did Brenda
beat the crap out of you? Man she looked PO'ed!"
B:"That's not true Luke and you know it!"
L:"Ahh Brenda!! Have you beat the crap out of my best bud?"
B:"Yes! And you are interupting!"
L:"Sonny tell her what you told me the other night."
L:"Hey don't hang up!"
L:"Are you coming down and joining the party?"
L:"Did Brenda leave?"
S:"Luke you just talked to her! NO she DIDN'T leave. Now leave me ALONE!"
Sonny clicked the phone off. Brenda was struggling not to laugh.
S:"What's so funny?"
B:"You know he's gonna call back in 5 minutes."
S:"I can easily tune him out." Sonny leaned down to kiss her again. Just as
their lips met the phone rang again. Sonny reached over and put it on speaker
phone again.
L:"I don't want to talk to you."
S:"Then why do you keep calling?!"
L:"Shut up Sonny! HEY BREN!!!!"
Brenda busted out laughing. Sonny gave up and rolled off her.
L:"Hey the only speaker phone up there is in the bedroom! Brenda what are you
doing in the bed room?"
B:"Uhhh Cleaning!!!"
L:"YEAH RIGHT! At least make it believeable!"
Sonny threw the blankets off him and got out of the bed.
S:"Spencer I'm comin' after you man! You are DEAD!"
Brenda hung up the phone.
B:"Where are you going?"
S:"I just told you I'm going down there and I'm gonna kill him!"
She crawled across the bedand looked up at Sonny.
B:"Wait on me!"
S:"Oh no! B/c if you go down there then we'll get stuck down there. That is
NOT how I want to spend the rest of the night."
B:"Your gonna get stuck down there whether I go or not.Mike, Robin, and Jason
are down there and they all saw me come in. So I'm going! Just give me five
S:"Brenda number 1., you can't do anything in five minutes. It take s you ten
just to get out of bed. and number 2 I don't wanna go down there and party. I
wanna stay up here and party."
B:"We'll only stay for an hour."
S:"Ok. Go get dressed. I'll go down stairs."
Sonny walked out of the room. After about 20 minutes she came down the stairs.
Her hair and make up were fixed but she was in a pair of his black silk boxers
and a white dress shirt.
B:"Sonny have you seen my dress?"
when no one answered she walked over to the door where there was a note tapped
to it.
You took longer than 5 minutes and I don't want to stay down stairs
for an hour. I'll be right back don't move! Oh and I have your dress with me.
Just to make sure you don't go anywhere.
Luv ya,
Sonny walked in the door and found Luke at the bar with Jason, Mike,
Robin, Lucy, and Ned. He walked over not realizing that he still had the dress
in his hand.
S:"Your dead Spencer!"
Robin took the dress from Sonny knowing very well it was Brenda's.
J:"So Sonny new hobby?"
Luke grabed the dress from Robin before Sonny could.
L:"I've seen this dress before. Actually I saw it tonight. Who-"
B:"Thank you!"
Brenda grabed the dress from Luke. None of them had noticed her walk up.
B:"Thougt I wouldn't come down b/c it would be too embarrassing? Sonny I get
paid to wear less than this."
Lucy:"true But Bren? How'd Sonny get your dress?"
B:"Uhh Well. You see I can explain that."
R:"Can you explain this too?" Robin moved Brenda's hair back to reveal the
begings of a hicky. Brenda looked over at Sonny who just shrugged and gave her
the "oopps my bad" look.
B:"Actually yes I can. See I was bit by a vampire and after he bit me he stole
my dress. And Sonny went and got it back for me."
Everybody laughed but Sonny.
S:"That was stupid! You could have done better than that!"
B:"Your right. Ok. I went up to Sonny, stripped for him, got him up stairs and
in bed. Then Luke called up just as we were about to go for it a 3 time. He
didn't want me to come down here for fear we'd get stuck down here and he'd
never get me back up to bed. So he took my dress when he came down here to
kill Luke."
S:"I didn't mean tell the truth!"
B:"Don't even! That's not true!"
R:"Sonny we know you lying. Brenda wouldn't just strip."
L:"Yeah! She'd make sure you were stripped first!"
Everyone was dying laughing except Brenda who had an embarassed, shock look on
her face.
Mike:"Ok guys leave Brenda alone."
B:"Thank you Mike."
M:"We all know Brenda wouldn't strip for free."
S:"Guys lay off. I'm sorry sweetheart."
B:"You are in SO much trouble!"
S:"Brenda we were just treasing!"
B:"SHUT UP!" her expression went from a frown to a smile as she added"and kiss
Sonny lifted her up and kissed her. After a few minutes Luke broke in.
L:"Save it for later!"

The next morning Brenda woke up feeling happy and alive. She felt Sonny's
arms around her. She wondered if he was awake so she started to get out of
bed. She had made it less than an inch when his grip tightened and he pulle
dher back into the bed.
B:"So you are up."
S:"What gave me away?
B:"Normally when I wake you up you give me a kiss."
S:"Oh. Well lets try again."
B:"Can't I have to get out of here. I have a shoot in 2 hours."
S:"Which means you still have an hour and 45 minutes."
B:"Dream on."
S:"Well then I guess you are just going to miss your shoot."
B:"Sonny either go make breakfast or join me in the shower."
S:"Why waist food and water?"
B:"B/c I said so."
S:"Fine I'll go make breakfast."

Brenda came down the staris and hour later. She didn't go into the kitchen.
B:"Sonny! I'm leaving! I'll call you after my shoot!"
Sonny came out of the kitchen.
S:"Ok have fun."
B:"Oh yeah. A blast!"
S:"Bye."Sonny gave her a quick kiss and watche dher walk out the door.

Brenda had been at her shoot all day. It had been almost 5 hours since
she last seen Sonny.She was leaning over the side of a chair when she suddenly
got dizzy. She stood up and almost fell.
Lucy:"Hey are you ok?"
Lucy:"Let's go ahead and take a break. Do you want something to drink?"
B:"No. I just wanna talk to Sonny."
Lucy noticed the fear in Brenda's voice.
Lucy:"Bren is everything ok?"
B:"I hope so." Brenda grabed her cell phone and dialed the Pent House phone
number. She let it ring 6 or 7 times then hung up. She tried his cell phone
but got no answer. She tried Luke's but no one had seen him. She was getting
REALLY worried. Her 5 minute break ended and she went back to posing. About 20
minutes later Brenda's cell phone rang.
B:"Luc can you get that?"
Brena watched as Lucy's mouth dropped wide open.
Lucy walked back over to Brenda. Before Lucy said a word Brenda jumped up and
headed for GH.

Brenda ran into the ER at GH. Mike, Robin, Jason, and Luke were already
B:"What Happened? Where's Sonny?"
L:"They didn't tell you?"
B:"Tell me what?"
L:"Brenda sweetie Sonny was in a head on colision with a drunk driver.
B:"What?! Is he ok? Where is he? I have to see him!"
R:"Bren, they are still in surgry."
B:"I want to see him! NOW!"
M:"Listen to Brenda. He's going to make it. I promise. Sonny is strong he's
not gonna leave us."
B:"Where's the guy that did this?"
At that moment Karen and Joe walked up.
K:"Taggert and Garcia took him to the station."
B:"He got out of this alive?"
Jo:"Yeah. Just a few scratches actually. Brenda their will be a court date set
B:"NO! B/c if Sonny doesn't make it out of this. We won't need a court date
b/c I'll kill the guy myself!"
R:"Bren, come on let's go sit down."
B:"NO! I'm waiting right here until I hear that he's ok!"
Jo:"Brenda, they could be in there for hours. You need to sit down."
B:"What part of NO don't you people understand?! I'm staying right here!"
Lois walked off the elevator with Ned. Without a word to Brenda she grabed he
hand and led her to the waiting area.
Brenda broke into tears."I can't not until I know he's alright!"
Lo:"Brenda, Sonny wouldn't want you to stand here looking off into nowhere,
and being b*thcy to everyone. He'd want you to calm down, take a seat and let
your friends help you."
Brenda and Lois both sat on the couch at the same time. As soon as she was
sitting, Brenda burst into tears. She was crying hystericaly and trying to
talk to Lois at the same time.
B:"Lo...He can't...he can't die! He can't...I need!"
Lois was try to keep herself calm so she could get Brenda to calm down. But
watching her best Friend in so much pain was killing her. Then noticing that
Jax wasn't there to comfort Brenda she turned Robin who was standing behind
Lo:"Where's Jax?"
R:"He's gone."
Lo:"And left her here like this."
R:"Lois he's been gone for almost a month."
Lo:"Where'd he go?"
B:"That's a question everyone seems to ask."
Lo:" You mean you don't know where he is? He should be here with his fiance."
B: Her crying stopped."Jax left Lois. I don't care where he is, what he's
doing, and who he's doing it with! I don't, nor have I ever loved Jax. I want
Sonny! I want him to walk out of that operating room and hold me and tell me
that everything is going to be ok! I want to go home and never have to leave
again! I him want to walk into the kitchen and see him in some stupid apron
making Breakfast! I want to hear him laugh when I burn a pice of toast!"
Brenda started to cry again." I want his arms wrapped around me so tight that
I feel like I'm part of him!" Her voice became cracky and dropped almost to a
whisper." I want to hear him tell me he loves me more than life, more than he
thought he could ever love anyone. He used to tell me that all the time. And
it always made me feel like nothing could ever hurt us. We were on this cloud
above everything and as long as we had eachother we were never
coming down. I want Sonny."

6 Hours passed before Alan and Bobbie came out of surgry. (In my
story Alan is a surgan again) Brenda saw them walk out and stood up.
A:"Brenda, there was a lot of internal bleeding. He had several broken ribs,
he had a sever concusion, and a few more broken bones. There were some
lasherations to his face and chest."
B:"Alan I have no clue as to what you just said. All I care about is that he
is going to pull through."
A:"Right now....that's something we don't know. He hasn't come to. And it's my
job to tell you that we don't know if he will. Right now we have him on life
support. Brenda he took some pretty hard hits. Even if he does wake up I can't
assure that he'll ever fully recover."
B(holding back tears):"Can.. Can I see him?"
A:"for a little while. But Brenda, Sonny's gonna need you now more than ever.
He needs you stong and healthy. I don't want you exhusted and have dead b/c
you won't eat. I know you, and I know how nuch you love Sonny. But you've got
to think of yourself first."
B:"Yeah. Where is he?"
A:"Bobbie will you take her back?"
Bb:"Sure. C'mon."
Brenda and Bobbie got to Sonny's room in ICU. Bobbie stopped her outside the
Bb:"Brenda, there are a lot of tubes, and machines. He looks like he's in a
lot of pain, but he's not. He's got alot of cut and bruises. Are you sure you
want to go in?"
Brenda took a deep breath and walked in. She had listened to every word
Bobbie said but still wasn't prepared for what she saw.


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