It Won't Be Forever by Stacy and Katie

-It's a story about how things could turn out with S&B now. Sonny having to leave town but Brenda stays. i am doing this story with RootGirl27 (Katie) so i hope you like our ideas.--

Chapter 1: (wrote by Golson5070 (Stacy))

~Brenda is meeting Sonny on the docks to discuss what they should do about the Dorman situation because Sonny is the #1 suspect and he is suppose to go to trial in 2 weeks~

~Brenda paces the docks waiting for Sonny. As she thinks about what could happen to Sonny if he goes to jail~

B-(to herself) “Sonny, you can go to jail. You know that you wouldn’t be able to survive that kind of torture? What are you going to do?”

~As Brenda is talking Sonny walks down the steps. ~

~Sonny startles Brenda and she jumps a little~

S-”Whoa, are you ok?”

B-”Yeah, I am just a little jumpy. That’s all.”

S-”Brenda, everything will be ok.”

B-”I’m not so sure anymore.”

S-”They can’t prove anything. I mean, we both know that I didn’t do it. They won’t convict me.”

B-”They could. Taggert wants to get you, Sonny. He will stop at nothing. Sonny, listen to me....(takes a deep breath) You can’t stay here.”

S-”What are you talking about? Where am I suppose to go?”

B-”Anywhere. You need to leave Port Charles.”

S-”No, I’m not going anywhere.”

B-”You need to leave and.....(hesitates) you need to leave without me.”

S-”NO! Brenda, I am not going anywhere without you. I am not letting you go.”

B-”It’s the only way you’ll be safe.”

S-”I’m not going to lose you again. I’m not!”

B-(She walks over to him and gives him a hug) “It is what you need to do. Do you know that all I want is for you to be safe. I couldn’t handle if something happened to you. Please do this.”

S-(paces) “How can you expect me to do this? How can I just walk away from you?”

B-”Listen, maybe if things cool down I can join you, but not until this whole thing boils over. You being safe is what I want more than anything in this world.”

~Sonny goes and sits down on the bench and Brenda comes and sits next to him and holds his hands. Sonny looks down at them~

S-”I am not sure if I can do this, Brenda. You are my life....I can I go on without you?”

B-”You have to try. As much as I want us to be together forever it’s going to have to wait. I mean, I will never forget everything that we’ve shared. You are the best part of my life.”

S-(whispers in a cracky voice) “I love you, Brenda.”

B-(she kisses him) “I love you, too.”

S-”Having you with me is all I want.”

B-”Maybe soon.”

S-”What do you mean, maybe?”

B-”It may not happen. I want it to, but you might forget about me or decide we shouldn’t.”

S”NO! The only way I will leave is if you promise to wait for me to come back and get you. We *will* be together forever. I promise you that.”

B-”I will try to hold on to that.”

S-”We need to make these last few weeks worth it.”

B-”We will.”

~Brenda hugs Sonny and they don’t leave each other’s arms for what feels like forever~

Chapter 2: (Wrote by RootGirl27 (Katie))

~Brenda and Sonny have tried to hang out with each other for the last week and a half as though nothing is wrong, but it isn't working. Sonny is supposed to leave Port Charles tomorrow~

~Brenda decides to call Robin~

R- Hello?

B- Robin? I'm so glad you picked up. Can you talk?

R- Brenda, hi! Of course I can talk, what's wrong?

B- How'd you know?

R- I could hear it in your voice. Did something happen with Sonny? He's supposed to go on trial for Dorman's murder in a few days right?

B- (her voice starts to crack) Yeah. I couldn't stand by and watch him get put in prison. I just can't let that happen to him, so I told him to leave Port Charles. He's leaving tomorrow.

R- Why Brenda? Are you going with him?

B- I won't let him go to jail. Detective Taggert will find a way to put him there.

R- But are you going with him?

B- No. It would be too obvious and too dangerous.

R- But Brenda, I thought you loved him and accepted his life. Why are you all of a sudden letting him go?

B- I *do* love him, and I *do* accept his life! I just don't want to see him hurt. We talked about it, and even though he hates the idea, he understands and agrees.

R- So what happens next?

B- We both know that the cops will come to me looking for him. After this blows over, he told me that he'll write me to let me know where he is and what the next step is.

R- You mean you don't even know where he's going? I thought you guys were going to be together forever.

B- I thought we would too Robin, I really did. We decided.... well Sonny decided, that it would be best if I didn't know so I wouldn't be lying to Taggert. I love him so much, and want to be with him forever, but I can't let him get hurt. This is killing us Robin, but how else can I protect him?

~Sonny's been down at the docks talking to Jason~

S- So that's the plan. I leave Port Charles tomorrow.

J- And you're OK with this? Because I know how much you love Brenda..........

S- I do love her, and I don't want to leave her. She's my life, and all she wants is to protect me. This is her idea of doing just that.

J- I don't like it. Who's going with you?

S- No one. It would be too dangerous, and I don't want anyone to get hurt.

J- Well I'm gonna make sure you get away safe. I want to go with you.

S- Hell no! No one can know where I'm at, because when Taggert questions you, I'll know you're not lying.

J- Not even Brenda knows? I don't like it Sonny. Will anyone ever get to see you again?

S- Not even Brenda, and believe me. It's killing us both. I'm hoping that when this all blows over, we'll be together again. She thinks it might not happen. All she says is "maybe".

J- This is bad Sonny. What do I tell Robin?

S- I bet Brenda told her already, but you tell her not to worry and that I love her.

J- (shakes his head) If you say so. Good luck. (sticks out his hand)

S- (shakes Jason's hand) Take care of her OK? In a few months I'll let someone know where I am, so if something happens you can let me know.

J- I'll take care of her, don't worry. (hesitates) And I'll take care of Brenda too.

S- Thanks man. I have to go now and take care of Brenda. Take care of yourself, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. (They both laugh)

J- I'll do my best.

S- Later man.

~Sonny and Jason shake hands again and hug. Sonny leaves to say goodbye to Brenda, leaving Jason on the docks fighting back tears~

more to come......

Chapter 3: (written by Katie)

~Sonny goes to Brenda's hotel room and hesitates before knocking~

B- (answers the door) Sonny. Come on in.

S- Hey baby. (kisses her) How was your day?

B- Fine, but better now that you're here. I called Robin.

S- And?

B- Of course she hates the idea. She's worried about you, and doesn't understand why we're doing this to ourselves.

S- Why are we doing this to ourselves Brenda?

B- (takes his hand and sits down on the couch) I thought you understood........

S- Well I don't. If you love me, then you wouldn't ask me to leave.

B- That's where you're wrong. I *do* love you, so much. I can't stand by and watch you get hurt. You're part of me, and when you're hurting so am I. I won't let them hurt you.

S- Brenda.....(sighs and kisses her hand) We've been over this before. They won't get me. They have nothing against me. Why won't you just let me stay so this can end and we can be together?

B- Sonny, Taggert hates you. He'll do *anything* to put you in prison. I know it, you know it. You wouldn't be able to last very long in there. I *will NOT* stand by and watch you get hurt.

S- (his voice cracks) But I love you. I don't want to lose you, not again. I just got you back.

B- We will be together again. As soon as this blows over.

S- Promise?

B- You know I can't do that. But you know I want us to be together so much......

S- Me too. But right now I don't want to talk.

~Sonny smiles and kisses her. Their kisses get more and more passionate. Sonny picks her up and carries her to the bed as they make love for what they think will be the last time~


~The next morning, Sonny and Brenda are in each others arms, afraid to open their eyes, afraid for the day to begin~

B- I don't want this moment to end.

S- Me neither. It doesn't have to you know.....

B- Yes it does. I can't let them hurt you.

S- You know this is killing me. I can't lose you, it hurts too much. Too deep inside.

B- I know, it hurts me too. But I'd rather end this for awhile than let Taggert hurt you.

S- I know, I know. I just don't want to lose you, you are my life Brenda.

B- And you're mine.

~They hug each other and lightly kiss. They both get up to get dressed~

S- So I guess this is it, huh?

B- (holding back tears) Yeah, I guess it is.

S- (holds her close to him) I love you so much, don't ever forget that.

B- (tears fall down her cheeks) I love you too, that's why I have to let you go.

S- (kisses her one last time, very passionately) I'll never forget you Brenda Barrett. Never.

B- Me neither Sonny Corinthos. I love you.

S- I love you too.

~Sonny looks at her one more time and walks out the door. Brenda falls on the bed and cries her eyes out~

B- (whispers) I love you Sonny.

~Sonny is leaning against the wall as a single tear rolls down his cheek~

S- God Brenda, I love you so much. I just hope you know that and we'll be together again someday. Together........ forever.

Chapter 4: (written by stacy)

~Sonny can't tear himself away from the wall next to Brenda's room. He doesn't move
and tears flow down his cheeks~

S-(to himself) I promise I will come back for you, Brenda. I promise. I won't and I
*can't* live without you for very long.

~Sonny wipes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He walks to the elevator and prsses the button. He turns around and watches Brenda's door hoping that she would come out and say she can't go throught with it.~

~The elevator door opens and he takes one last look at Brenda's door but it doesn't open. Sonny gets on the elevator and leaves PC~


~Brenda lays on her bed and can't stop herself from cying. Her pillow is all damp from all the tears that are flowing~

~Brenda gets up and pulls a chair next to the window and sits down. She looks ooutside~

B-(whispers) Please come back for me, Sonny. I can't be with anyone but you.
Everything has to work out so I can be with Sonny. It just has to.

~Brenda grabs her keys and decides to head for the docks~


~Jason heads over to Robin's house. She's home and she opens the door. All she has to do is take one look at him and she knows that he's heard the news.~

R-You heard?

J-Yeah. (Jason comes in and they sit on the couch)

R-What do you think of what they're doing?

J-I don't have the right to judge them but i think it's a bad idea.

R-That's what I thought. They love each other so much...why would they risk it?

J-I don't get it. Because if it was me there would be *no* way i would just let you go.

R-I think they feel that their love will always be there. Do you think they will find their
way back to each other?

J-It's hard to say. It depends on their love and how long it takes I guess.

R-Well, their love will last.....that much I'm sure of. The other part I'm not so sure of.

J-We stil have each other. I'm glad about that.

R-Me, too.

~Robin and Jason kiss~


Chapter 5: (written by stacy)


~The next morning Robin decides to go see Lois about Sonny and Brenda. Robin knocks
on the door and Lois let's her in. They go and sit on the couch~

R-I thought you would want to know that Sonny left town that morning.

L-(shocked) What?

R-Yeah. Brenda told him to leave to to keep him safe.

L-The trial, right? But he didn't do it.

R-Yeah, but Taggert will do anything to bring him down and Brenda knows that.

L-I see. Have you seen her this morning?

R-Not yet. But I plan on going over there.

L-I'll go with you.

R-Ok. Let's go. I have to stop by Mac's first.

L-That's fine.

~They leave~


~Sonny arrives in Puerto Rico around noon~

~Sonny has mad arrangements and bought a house on a secluded island~

~Sonny arrives ther about 1:00 p.m.~

~Sonny walks in the house and sets his stuff down. He looks around~

S- (outloud) Brenda will like it here. As sson as as it's safe for her to, than i will make
sure she's with me. We will be together and happy again....I swear.


~There is a knock at Brenda's door~

B-Who is it?

T-Detective Taggert.

B-(opens the door) What do you want?

T-Where's Corinthos?

B-Who knows.

T-What? He didn't show up for the trial this morning.

B-Oh. I haven't talked or seen him for over a week.

T-Why's that, Miss Barrett?

B-(yells) *We broke it off!*

T-Sorry about that. So you have no idea where he is?

B-Nope. And personally I don't really care.

T-Ohhhh....bad blood, huh?

B-Yeah. Now, please go. I have a shoot to do.

~Taggert leaves~

B-(outloud) I hope he believed me. I pray I was convincing enough. God, am I doing
the right thing?


~Another knock on Brenda's door. Brenda goes over and wips it open~

B-What do you want now? (sees it's Lois and Robin) Oh, I'm sorry, guys. I thought you
were Taggert again. He, asking about Sonny.


Chapter 6: (written by Katie)

~Lois and Robin walk in and hug Brenda~

B- Thanks guys, I needed that.

L- Why Brenda? I know you want to keep him safe but..............(hesitates) do you still
love him?

B- (very angry at this) Yes! How could you even ask me that? (She begins to cry again
and sits on the couch covering her face)

R- I know what she means Brenda. I mean, I thought that once you guys got back
together, nothing could tear you apart.

B- Nothing will!

L- She's right Bren. I thought you would always be together, your love was that strong.

B- (yelling) You know what Lois? You have some nerve. What about you and Ned?
(She can't believe what she just said and covers her mouth)

R- Wait wait wait! I know you're upset and we're sorry for making it worse by
questioning your love, but you don't have to take it out on Lois.

B- I'm so sorry. It's just...........(takes a deep breath) I miss him so much already. Sonny's
my world, but I can't let them hurt him. I won't.

L- (hugs her) We know bren, we know.

B- (little smile) I'm so glad I have you guys. What would I do without you?

R- You'd probably be talking to yourself about Sonny. (laughs)

B- You're probably right.

L- We should get going now, unless......

B- No no, I'd actually like some time alone.

R- If you think that's best. (hugs her) If you ever need someone to talk to, call either one
of us.

L- Yeah, we'll always be around.

B- Thanks, I'll see you later.

~Lois and Robin leave Brenda's room~

~Brenda sits alone in her hotel room~

B- (to herself) I can't just sit here forever. I need to try and get past this. Maybe moving
into an apartment will help.

~Brenda grabs her keys and goes to find an apartment~


~Sonny's sitting alone outside of his new house. He's been very distraught the last few
days about leaving~

S- I can't believe I left. Without much of a fight too. God Brenda, why do we always do
this to each other? I thought when you came back it was forever. I guess I was wrong.
(sighs and closes his eyes) Soon baby. Soon it will be forever. You will come back to me
and it really will be forever.

M (Meghan)- Who are you?

~Meghan is slightly tall with long brown hair and dark brown eyes. She's thin and very

S- I think the appropriate question would be who are you?

M- I'm Meghan, and I live about three miles down the beach. I like to jog past this house
every once in a while, and now all of a sudden, here you are. Who are you anyway?

S- Sonny. Sorry, am I bothering you? (smiles a little)

M- No, it's just that I don't usually see people around here. Where did you come from,
and why are you talking to yourself?

S- I'm from Port Charles, New York. I'm upset about my last girlfriend, but that's a long
story that would probably just bore you.

M- Actually, I'm interested in what you have to say. You might already be able to tell that
not much happens around here. Not many people, not much to talk about.

S- If you say so..... Do you want something to drink?

M- No thanks. Can I sit down though? (he nods and Meghan sits in a chair next to him)
What brings you down here, other than your last girlfriend?

S- That's it, just her. She thought that I was in danger and asked me to leave PC. We
decided that it would be best if she didn't know where I was going, so she wouldn't have
to lie to anybody.

M- Sonny I'm sorry. She just ended it with you to protect you? That *sounds* very

S- I guess it was, but I was really surprised. We had just gotten back together about a
month before, and then all of a sudden......*BAM*

M- I bet she had her reasons. (she smiles at him)

S- I know she did, but it still hurts. (looks up and sees Meghan smiling at him) You know,
I think we could get to be *very* good friends.

M- That would be nice.

S- Want to come inside? I know it's hot out here and you must be *much* hotter if you
were running.

M- Thanks, I'd like that.

Chapter 7: (written by Katie)

~Sonny and Meghan are sitting in his living room talking~

S- So that's pretty much it. She thought I was gonna get framed for murder and didn't want to see it happen.

M- Wow. But you were in love right?

S- Yeah, I loved her so much. But enough about me. I want to hear about you. What brings someone like you to Puerto Rico?

M- (laughs a little) Well, awhile back I was really short on cash. I took my chances and played the lottery. The next morning, I get a phone call from my sister telling me that I won! It was hysterical, because I didn't believe her and we were both so happy that we ended up crying. So I paid all those bills that needed to be paid, quit my job and took a trip here. I liked it so much that I bought a house down the beach.

S- (laughs) That's a *very* interesting story. Much better than mine.

M- (laughing now too) Well, it's not that funny. I just started out as a regular woman in Cleveland who couldn't pay her bills, and now look at me! I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, a great house in a great place.......... (she pauses and the smile leaves her face)

S- What's wrong?

M- I just wish I had what you have. Someone to share it with.

S- Maybe you will someday.


~Brenda has found an apartment at the PC Hotel and just finished moving her stuff in~

B- (to herself) Sonny, I can't believe I just let you go. This was probably the hardest
decision I've ever had to make in my whole life.

~Jax bumps into her as she's carrying a box down the hall~

J- Whoa, sorry about that..... Brenda?

B- (sees that it's Jax and begins to cry) Yeah Jax, it's me.

J- What's wrong? I thought...... Here, let me take that for you. Is this apartment yours?

B- It is now. Thanks.

~They walk inside and sit down. Jax looks at her and is worried~

J- Talk to me. I hope you can trust me to still be your friend.

B- I do, it's just.... (starts to cry again) I don't think you would understand, or want to
hear about this.

J- Is it Sonny?

B- Yeah. I'm sorry. It's just that...... (she hesitates about whether or not to tell him the
truth) he left town a few days ago.

J- Brenda I'm sorry. Even though I never liked him, I never wanted him to hurt you.
That's why I thought you were better off with me.

B- Jax, please don't start. Sonny made me happy. God, I was *so* happy with him. We had a fight the other day, about me moving into his penthouse with him. I didn't want to, he wanted me to. It got out of hand, we said things we didn't mean, and he stormed out. Now he's gone, and I have no idea where he is.

J- I'm so sorry Brenda. I never wanted to see you hurting like this. (he hugs her)

B- You know, I need a friend like you right now. I'm not going to lie, I still love Sonny
and wish he was still in my life. But he's gone, and......

J- I know. It's alright. You're not alone here. You have me.

B- (pulls away from their embrace) I do have you. I always will have a friend like you

J- (smiles) Always. Forever.

Chapter 8: (written by stacy)

~2 weeks later Brenda is stil distraught over Sonny being absent from her life. She tries to imagine what he is doing and how he is doing. The only conselation to all the pain she feels is that she can pretty much bet that wherever he is, he is safe.~

~Sonny has spent the last few weeks with Meghan. They have been getting closer and closer as time moves on. Sonny has always thought that he could be happy with anyone but Brenda....but he is finding that he is having a lot of great times with Meghan~


~Brenda wakes up one morning feeling dizzy and sick to her stomach. She runs into the bathroom and gets sick to her stomach~

~This dizziness and sickness continues throughout the day~

~Brenda comes home that night after doing some work for Jax Cosmetics and feels sick. She wants to get some rest before Robin stops by before she goes to meet Jason~

~3 hours later Brenda's doorbell rings and Brenda wakes up from her nap~

~Brenda let's Robin in~

R-Hi, were you sleeping?

B-Yeah, I slept longer than I wanted to. I haven't felt good all day long.

R-What's wrong?

B-I don't know. I have been in the bathroom all day and have felt really dizzy. I had
problems doing the shoot. Maybe I have the flu.

R-Brenda, it sounds like....have you gone to see Alan about maybe being pregnant?

B-No, I wouldn't be pregnant.

R-I wouldn't be so sure. It sounds like you might be. Those are the signs. I know that would be hard for you but it could happen.

B-You think?

R-Yeah, I really do. You need to go see Dr. Quartermaine. (Brenda doesn't say anything) Brenda, I will go with you.

B-Would you?

R-You know I will.

B-Ok. I will make the appointment. I will call you tomorrow morning.


~Robin and Brenda talk for awhile and catch up and then Robin leaves~

B-(walks over to the window) "What will I do if I'm pregnang and Sonny is who knows
where. I don't want to raise a baby on my own. Not his baby...not without him.


~Sonny and Meghan are sitting outside talking~

S-How would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?

M-Sure, but your acting like we've never had dinner together before.

S-No, I mean, like a date.

M-Oh. Are you ready for that?

S-Yeah. I need to move on.

M-Ok. What time?

S-At 7:oo p.m.

M-Sounds good. Why don't I just meet you here.

S-I can pick you up. I will pick you up.

M-All right. See you then.


~The next morning Brenda makes an appointment for 11:00 a.m.~

~Brenda picks up the phone and calls Robin~


B-Hi, I made the appointment.

R-All right. What time?

B-11:00 p.m.

R-Sounds good. I will come and pick you up.

B-Ok. See you soon~


~Sonny wakes up and decides to take a walk on the beach~

~Along the way he stops at a rock and sits down to think.~

S-(to himself) "Is this right? Should I try and move on even though I still love Brenda? I
know I still want to be with Brenda, but it just can't happen. Too much is in the way if us being together. There is no way I would ever love anyone the way I love Brenda
but.....maybe I could find love and happiness again. I know Brenda is my true love and always will be. She could have moved on already so maybe I should try too. God, I hope I am doing the right thing."

~Sonny head back to his house to make breakfast~


Chapter 9:


~Robin picks up Brenda and they both head to the GH to see if Brenda's prenant~

R-Do you want me to come in there with you?

B-No, I'll be all right.

~Brenda walks into Alan's office~

A-Hello, Brenda. What can I do for you today.

B-I was wondering if you could run a pregnancy test for me. And could you also...well, that is if I'm pregnant, could you check the blood type?

A-Sure, we can do that for you. Do you want me to call you with the results in an hour or are you going to wait around here?

B-I'll wait here.

A-Ok. Where can I find you?

B-I guess me and Robin will go to the cafeteria.

A-All right.

~Brenda comes out of the office~

R-Brenda? What happened?

B-He is going to run a pregnancy test and a blood tye for it.

R-Why a blood type. It has to be Sonny's. I mean, you haven't....

B-No. I just want to make sure.


B-Let's wait till he gets the results. Let's go in the cafeteria.

R-Let's go.


~1 hour later Alan walks into the cafeteria and tells Brenda he has the results. Brenda and Alan go in his office and Robin waits outside his office~

A-Well, you were right, you are pregnant.

B-I am.

A-Yeah. The bloodtype is type O.

B-(whispers) It is Sonny's.


B-Nothing. What is the next step?

A-In about a week you should make an appointment to see the OBGYN.

B-All right, thanks Alan.

A-Your welcome. And Brenda?


A-I know things are difficult since things didn't work out with Sonny but I know you will be a great mother to his child.

B-(smiles) Thanks.

~Brenda walks out of his office~


R-(stands up) So?

B-Well, you were right. I'm pregnant with Sonny's child.

R-Oh, Brenda. I'm happy for you, but I'm so sad, too.

B-How am I going to do this, Robin? How am I going to raise the child that Sonny and I created without him?

R-You can do it. Maybe you guys can be together again soon.

B-Maybe. I hope so because this is something I would love to share with him. He would be such a good father.

R-Yeah, he would.

B-Can you do me a favor?

R-Sure. Anything.

B-When you tell Jason about this *please* tell him if he hears from Sonny to not tell
Sonny about this.

R-Brenda, Sonny would want to know.

B-I know he would....he would want to come back to us no matter what. I would rather have him safe not knowing about our baby rather than have him know and risk going to jail for life, well *at least* for now. Maybe someday we will all be together forever.

Chapter 10:

~Sonny goes to pick up Meghan. He decided that it would be nicer if he made dinner for them instead of going out like they usually do~

~Sonny has some candles lit and some music playing. Since Meghan is a pretty good cook and likes to help, Sonny lets her~

M- Wow Sonny, your place looks really different tonight.

S- (smiles) So you like it?

M- Yep, it's alot.......

S- Exactly. I don't usually do this, just for people I really like.

M- That's so sweet, I think.

S- It was meant to be sweet. I'm really not a bad person. Promise.

M- I didn't say you were..... (sighs) Never mind.

~Sonny and Meghan cook and eat their dinner. It's getting dark outside and they decide to go for a walk on the beach~

~Meghan and Sonny are holding hands~

M- Can I ask you something without you getting upset?

S- If you *think* I'll get upset, then maybe not. I'll try though.

M- What made you love Brenda so much? I mean, I've seen you dreaming every now and then, and it makes me wonder. She must have been something special if you're still thinking about her.

S- What makes you think that I'm thinking about Brenda and not you?

M- Don't lie to me Sonny, that's the worst thing you could do to me.

S- OK, you're right. I do still think about Brenda. I guess it's because she's my first love. Nothing will ever change that. I miss her so much, but I have to move on. I want to move on with you.

M- I want to be a part of your life too Sonny, but I need to know about her. As much as
you probably don't want to talk about it, as much as it hurts, it needs to be said. Maybe then it will be easier to move on without her.

S- (stops and takes her other hand) I understand what you mean, but I just can't talk about Brenda this way right now. (kisses her forehead) I promise you Meghan, one day I will. Just not tonight. (pauses) It's getting late, I should drive you home now.

M- Yeah, I guess you're right.

~Sonny and Meghan walk back to Sonny's house and he drives her home. They share a light kiss on the lips before she leaves~

~Sonny is back at his house thinking out loud~

S- (to himself) Why is this so hard? I just can't understand it. I love Brenda, I always will. She has her very own place in my heart, but why can't I let Meghan be part of that? Why can't I tell her about Brenda, why can't I let myself be with her? Am I really doing the right thing?

~Sonny sighs and goes to bed, dreaming of Brenda........ *and* Meghan~


~Brenda is at her new apartment, crying, wishing Sonny was with her~

B- (to herself) Oh, God Sonny. I had my reasons for asking you to leave, but it's too hard. I still love you, but I can't hold you, I can't touch you. I can't even tell you that I'm having your baby. (falls on the ground sobbing) WHY? Why didn't you fight me? Why did you leave without a fight, like you always do?

~There's a knock at Brenda's door, and she tries to compose herself before answering it. It's Jax, and he can tell right away that she's been crying~

J- Brenda? Are you OK? (he takes her in his arms and holds her)

B- Jax, don't. (she pulls away from him)

J- Brenda, don't do this. I thought we were still friends.

B- No Jax, that won't work with me tonight. I want only one man in my life, and you
know damn well who he is.

J- Don't tell me you're still hung up on Sonny? Brenda he's gone! He ended your
relationship and left, without a trace.

B- (yelling) Don't you dare tell me that I'm not allowed to be upset! I'm having his baby for God's sake, and he's not here to take care of it! He's not here to take care of me!

J- (obviously upset at this) I'm sorry that you're hurting, but there's not much I can do
about it, except go find Sonny for you, which you *know* I would never do. *Or*, I
could take care of you and your baby, which you would never let me do. Just let it go Brenda. Move on, he probably already has.

B- Sonny would never do that to me. He still loves me, I can feel it. I feel whatever he feels. When he's sad, I'm sad. When he's happy, I'm happy. When he's in pain, so am I. (gets quieter) When he's in love, so am I. You don't know, you don't understand. You never will either. Just get out Jax, just leave.

J- Fine, but this isn't over Brenda. It never will be. (starts to leave)


~Brenda slams the door and once again falls to the ground and breaks down in tears~

Chapter 11: (written by stacy)


~1 month later Sonny and Meghan are becoming *very* close and Sonny decides it might be time to move on with her. Sonny wakes up the next morning and goes for a walk on the beach~

~~Sonny sits down on the beach close to the water and rolls his pant sleeves up a bit~

S-(to himself) I have to let Brenda go. She will never leave my heart but at least I can try and move on with Meghan. That is what I will have to do. Meghan is someone I can see myself moving on with. I need to see her.

~Sonny heads over to Meghan's house~


~Brenda has seen her doctor a few times and is excited about being a mom but *so* sad that Sonny isn't here to share it with her~

~The whole Dorman murder is just about to blow over. Their main suspect is Rebecca Chase. After Sonny was nowhere to be seen they started investigating others besides Sonny.~

~That morning when Brenda woke up and ended up in the bathroom for what seemed like hours. She finally comes out of the bathroom and lays back down on her bed~

~There is a knock at the door and it's Lois. Brenda let's her in. (Lois knows about her pregnancy)~

L-Hi, sweetie. How are you?

B-Not too good. I'm not really feeling that well. I have been in the bathroom for awhile.

L-I hate to bring this up but....have you talked to or heard from Sonny?

B-(whispers) No.

L-You would tell me if you had, right?

B-You know I would. I know you would keep whatever is going on a secret. I know you would protect us.

L-Of course I would.

B-How am I going to do this, Lois? How can I live without him? What the hell was I
thinking? (Brenda bursts into tears and Lois hugs her)

L-Honey, you were just trying to protect him. You were being unselfish.

~Brenda and Lois sit there and talk about Brenda and her situation~


~Robin had just seen Brenda the day before and can't stand to see her in so much pain. She knows how Brenda feels. Brenda is feeling a life without Sonny is unbearable. Robin heads over Jasons~

~Robin knocks on the door and Jason let's her in~

J-Hi. You're here early.

R-I've been thinking and I need some answers from you.

J-What is it? You know I will try and answer anything.

R-It's about Sonny.

J-All right.

R-Have you heard from him?

J-Not yet, why?

R-It's Brenda. You know she's pregnant.

J-Yeah and I'm sorry he doesn't know. Maybe you can convince her to let me tell him when I hear from him.

R-Jason, you can't.

J-Why? I don't understand. He would want to be with her and his baby. Nothing would keep him away.

R-That's why she doesn't want him to know.

J-All right. I give up. I haven't heard from Sonny and when I do I will let you know.


~Robin and Jason leave his apartment~

Chapter 12: (written by stacy)


~Sonny knocks at Meghan's door. Meghans answers it~


S-Hi. (gives her a kiss) Can I talk to you for a second?

M-Sure come on in.

~They go and sit on the couch. Sonny holds her hands~

S-I have been doing a lot of thinking in the past month and I have decided to move on
with my life....with you.

M-Are you sure? I mean, I want to be a part of your life, but I want you to be sure.

S-I'm sure. I've gone over this and over this. I can see myself moving on with someone like you.

M-Someone like me?

S-Your easy to be with, to talk to. You're smart and beautiful. I'm ready.


S-(kisses her hand) Meghan....will you move in with me?

M-(shocked and has a hard time speaking) Are you serious?

S-I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. I don't take that kind of thing lightly.

M-I would love to move in with you. Being closer with you would be a good thing for
the both of us.

S-(smiles) I agree.

~Sonny kisses her~


~Lois is still at Brenda's and waits for her while she makes a few trips to the bathroom. Brenda comes out~

L-Are you ok?

B-Yeah. It's just routine.

L-I wish Sonny could be here with you to raise this child and to just be with you. It's not fair. I will be here for you every step of the way and I know it's not the same though.

B-Thanks, Lo. It means a lot to me. I just don't know what I am going to do without
him, you know?

L-I know. You know, I've never seen you more happier than when you're with Sonny.

B-That's because I've been my happiest when I've been with him.


~There is a knock at the door~

L-Let me get it.

~Jax is at the door~

L-Jax....(she looks at Brenda and Brenda whispers, "No")

J-Can I see Brenda?

L-I don't think it's a good time. She's sleeping, Jax.

J-Tell her I stopped by. How is she doing?

L-All right. Jax, let me give you some advice.

J-(knowing he won't like this) What?

~they step out into the hall~

L-Stay away from Brenda. The last thing she needs right now is for you to be harping at her about Sonny and wanting another chance with her.

J-Why shouldn't I? He had *two* chances with her and he blew it both times. Why
shouldn't I try and get her back. He won't come back.

L-He will be the only one for her. She is having his baby and I don't think you will have another chance with her. She loves Sonny, not you. And that's all I have to say on that. Let her go, Jax.

~Lois goes back into Brenda's room~

B-What did you say to him?

L-I told him you love Sonny and not him. I told him to let you go because his chance with you is probably over.

B-Thank you. I just don't have the strength to say that to him. I can't explain to him why Sonny and I are *really* apart.

L-It's ok. Me and Robin are both here for you always.


~Lois leaves~


~Meghan stops by Sonny's house and knocks on the door~


M-I was running on the beach so I thought I would come and see you.

S-I'm glad you did. As soon as you're ready to move in here then you can run all you

M-I think I'm ready.


M-That would be good.

S-All right. I will stop by and help you tomorrow.

M-I'll be waiting.

~Meghan leaves~


Chapter 13:

~Sonny and Meghan have just finished moving her stuff in. They sit on the couch to talk for awhile~

M- Thank you so much Sonny, I know this must have been hard for you.

S- Why? I really care about you, and I want to move on... with you.

M- (kisses him) I'm glad you feel that way.

S- I only speak the truth.

M- So, this is a little strange. What do you want to do?

S- Well..... I can think of one thing. (he starts to kiss her and she pulls away)

M- (laughs) I didn't think you were ready for that yet! You have to tell me when you are, because I want it to be perfect.

S- If you say so. So, are you throwing me out of our house now?

M- Our house. That's so sweet of you. (pauses) Anyway, yes I am. You have to leave and can't come back until 9:00.

S- But that's three whole hours! Fine, you win. (kisses her) Later Meg.

M- (smiles) See ya soon.

~Sonny leaves to go for a walk on the beach. He smiles at the thought of what Meghan will have in store for him that night, but all of a sudden remembers Brenda~

S- (to himself) Damn it Brenda! I want to be with Meghan, but you just won't go away. I'm sure you know that I'll always love you, but I need.... (groans) Oh God, look at me. I'm sitting here on the beach talking to myself. Things just haven't gone as I planned. I thought that everything back in PC would go away, right away. You promised! I wish we could be together, but I haven't heard from Jason yet. It's time to move, and I bet you already have. I think I love Meghan, and I really want to be with her.


~Brenda is sitting in her apartment holding her head in her hands and crying. Robin is there~

R- Brenda, I know you're not feeling well, but I came because I think you'll want to hear this.

B- What? What Robin? I don't really want to talk, I'm too upset right now. (looks at
Robin) I just came from my appointment with Alan.

R- And?

B- The baby's fine! I'm having Sonny's baby, Sonny's precious little baby that we made together, and he's not here! (she starts to cry again) He's not here to be with me, to take care of me. He's not here.... (her voice trails off) Oh.... We planned our lives together, we were gonna build a huge house, with everything and anything I wanted in it. We planned on three kids, everything would be perfect.

R- Brenda, I know how upset you are, but you were the one who told him to leave.
That's why I'm here. I have something to tell you.

B- What is it?

R- I think you'll want to hear this. (takes a deep breath) Jason got a letter yesterday.

B- So? Jason gets letters all the time.

R- It was from Sonny.

Chapter 14:

~Robin has just pulled the letter from Sonny out of her purse~

~She hands it to Brenda~

B- (takes it and reads it aloud) "Dear Jason, I know I haven't spoken to you or anyone since I left. This is really hard for me, being away from all the people I love and care about. But, I think I've finally found peace here. This place, it's just incredible. I could just see you and Robin down here, you would like it so much. I'm in Puerto Rico." (Brenda looks up) Why didn't he tell me? (she continues reading the letter) "I'm really at peace with myself here even though I miss you, Robin, Lois, Mike, Luke, and Brenda. I think I want to stay, without anyone coming to take me back to PC. If things have gotten a lot better with Taggert and the PCPD, let me know. I would love to come back, but not to stay. I've met someone down here. She's just amazing, and that's not even the right word for it. I think I love her, but I'm not positive yet. I need to give her a fair chance. Tell everyone that I miss them, and you can tell Brenda to move on, because I already have. Take care of Robin. I'll leave you with my address and number, so if something happens to her or anyone else, you know how to reach me. Sonny."

R- Brenda?

B- No. He wouldn't do that. He wouldn't move on......

R- But he did, and it's time you did too.

B- Robin no!

R- Yes Brenda! You've waited too long. All you do anymore is sit in your apartment crying and dreaming of Sonny. He just said so himself. He's with someone else down there, and you have to let go. It's time.

B- Maybe you're right, but it's so hard.

R- I know, but it's the right thing to do.


~Sonny has just walked back into his house to find Meghan standing there in the kitchen with her back to him. He walks over to her and wraps his arms around her waist~

M- (turns around) Hi.

S- Hey. (kisses her) What are you making? It smells good.

M- That's for me to know and for *you* to find out.

S- Fine, fine, fine. Can I help you with anything?

M- No, leave everything to me.

~Sonny lets Meghan cook, and then they sit down and eat their meal~

M- I'm glad this worked out. I mean, I know how much that other woman meant to you before you left...

S- I know, and I'm sorry if I haven't....

M- No, I completely understand. You have every right to still love her.

S- I know that I do, but I just want you to know that I've *finally* moved on, and I want to be with you.

M- Really? That maked me *so* happy Sonny!

S- It should. I mean, I'm glad.

~They kiss~


~Robin is at Jason's~

J- Robin? I can't believe you showed that letter to Brenda!

R- Jason, you don't understand! She's a mess, and needs to move on. I think that now that she knows that Sonny's moved on without her, she will too. You understand why I did it right?

J- Yeah, but you should have asked me first.

R- You showed it to me, so I just figured...... Never mind, I don't want to fight with you.

J- Me neither. I'm sorry I over-reacted. Did she take it well?

R- No, she thinks that Sonny would never do that to her. I never thought he would either, but he did. Now she knows that it's time to move on.

J- I hope you're right. I mean, I hope she doesn't come here looking for his address so she can go find him.

R- God, I hope she doesn't do that. I think it would only make things worse for her.

J- Let's just forget about this now and go to sleep.

R- Nite Jason.

J- I love you.

R- I love you too.

~They kiss and go to bed~


Chapter 15:(written by Stacy)


--The next morning Brenda gets up and takes a shower. She starts going through all her boxes that have memories of her and Sonny--

--She runs across photos, clothes ect. and packs them all in 3 boxes and then brings then down in the basement of the PC Hotel in the storage area--

--She returns from storage and runs into Jax--


J-(turns around) Are you talking to me?

B-(laughs) Yeah. Who else?

J-Well, you haven't wanted to talk to me since things went bad between you and Sonny.

B-Oh. I'm sorry about that. I am trying really hard to let go and I want us to be friends.

J-I want that, too.

B-But we can never be anything more again. I need to move forward with my life and not backwards. I hope you understand.

J-I do. I want you to be happy, Brenda. I have been seeing someone myself.

B-You have?

J-You sound surprised.

B-I'm not. I just didn't know.

J-I really like her and I want you to meet her sometime.

B-I would love to.

--Brenda and Jax go in seperate ways and they both head back to their rooms--


--Sonny leaves the beach and runs some arrands and comes back to Meghan 3 hours later--

--Sonny walks in the door with flowers in his hand--


M-Yeah. I'm in the dinning room.

--Sonny walks in and notices that she has decorated the table beautifully. He looks at Meghan and smiles at how gorgeous she looks--

M-(smiles) You're staring. What is it? Did I do something wrong?

S-I'm sorry. You look gorgeous and you have a nack for decorating.

M-Thanks. (notices the flowers) What are those?

--Sonny walks over to her and gives her a kiss and hands them to her---

S-These are for you.

M-Thank you.

--She puts them in a vase and sets them on the table--

--Sonny and Meghan eat dinner and then some time on the couch talking. They are
getting so close and both feel like they are in love--

--Sonny leans in for a kiss and their kisses become stronger and Sonny carries her up to their bed and they make love--


--The next day Robin wants to check on Brenda after showing her the letter that Sonny sent Jason--

--Brenda's phone rings--

B-(cheery) Hello.


B-Hi, Robin!

R-Hi. You sound like you're in a good mood.

B-Yeah, I am. Would you like to meet me for lunch?

R-You want to go out?

B-Yeah, why not?

R-Oh, nothing. Sure. Where?


R-Are you sure?


--They hang up--


--Meghan wakes up to find Sonny not there--


--Sonny is looking out the window downstairs--

S-(thinks to himself) "Brenda, it's time that I let go. I hope you have, too. I mean, I
never wanted it to be like this, but it is. I wish you all the happiness and I will never forget the way you saved my life. I will always love you. Goodbye, Brenda."

--Sonny walks upstairs--

M-Where were you?

S-Just thinking.


--Sonny goes over and gives Meghan a kiss--

--Meghan decides to get up because she has some things to get done that day--


--Robin walks into Luke's and finds Brenda at a table. She goes over there and they hug. Robin sits down--

R-I have to say. You look great.

B-Thanks. So do you.

R-I thought you would be.....

B-I would be upset. I am better. I told myself that I had to move on since he was. I
mean, there is no point in longing for him when I know that it will never be. I can have a life without him. I can raise his child knowing that he is safe and happy.

R-I'm glad. You will have so many people that will be here for you and getting you
through this pregnancy.

B-I know. That means a lot to me.

R-This is the right thing, Bren.

B-Yeah. You know, I ran into Jax the other day.

R-You're not thinking of....

B-No. I told him that I want his friendship but we can never be anything more. I told him that I can't go back. I told him that I have to move forward.

R-What did he say?

B-He understands. He's seeing someone else now anyway.

R-That's good. It makes it so much easier on you.

--Brenda and Robin order and eat lunch--

B-Will you come to my next doctor's appointment with me?

R-Of course. Did you want Lois to come, too?


R-When is it?

B-In a month.


--They say their goodbye's and leave Luke's--

Chapter 16: (written by Stacy)


--1 month later Brenda is getting ready for Lois and Robin to pick her up for her next
doctor's appointment--

--There is a knock at the door--

--Brenda answered it and let's them in--

R-Are you ready?


L-Let's go.

--They head to GH--


--Sonny has planned for a special evening for Meghan. He is going to propose to her. He has bought the ring--

--Meghan has been away for a few days. She went to go visit a friend. She is coming home that night--

--Sonny has everything set--

--He has prepared all her favorite foods and has the table set and romantic music playing--


--Robin, Lois and Brenda sit in a room waiting for Alan to come in and do an ultrasound--

--Alan walks in--

A-Hi, Brenda. How have you been feeling?

B-Not too bad. Nothing that is uncommon.

A-All right.

--Robin and Lois stand on opposite sides of Brenda. They each hold one hand--

--Alan puts jelly on Brenda's stomach and sets up the monitor and rubs the machine across her belly. They wait for the baby's heart beat--

--Brenda starts to laugh when she sees the baby's heart beating. Thump, thump you can see it move on the monitor--

R-Look at that.

B-It's getting more real every day.

A-Do you want to know the sex?

B-(smiles) Yeah.

A-It's a girl.

L-Oh, Brenda. We will have so much fun shopping for her.

--They finish it up and Alan tells Brenda she is due in 2 more months. They make another appointment for 1 month--

--Brenda gets dressed and Robin and Lois take Brenda home--

--They go into Brenda's hotel room--

L-We are so proud of you.


L-You have moved on with your life. You are starting to live again. We are proud that
you haven't rushed into any realationship and you know you can raise this baby on your own. Nothing in the romance department has happened yet, but give it time.

B-Thanks. I guess I just realized that I will always carry a piece of Sonny with me. I
mean, I am having his child. I don't need to rush into anything. I am having a good time living again after Sonny.


--Meghan walks in and sees what Sonny has done--

M-What is this?

--Sonny kisses her--

S-I have a special evening planned for us.

--Sonny sits her down and they eat--

--They finish eating--

S-Will you dance with me?


--Sonny lends out his hand and she holds it and he pulls her close. They dance close to each other. Sonny smells her hair and smiles. He feels so happy with Meghan. He wasn't sure if he could ever feel that way again, but he is *so* happy that he could--

S-Can you sit with me. We need to talk.

--They sit--

S-I am so happy with you. I wasn't sure if I would after Brenda, but you have made it
possible for me. Meghan, in recent months I have realized that I love you. I want to
spend my life with you. I want you to know I don't take things like this lightly and I am very positive that this is the right thing to do. Meghan, will you marry me?

M-(shocked) Yes, I will marry you. (a few tears fall) I love you, too.

--Sonny places the ring on her finger--

--They kiss and they go up to their bed and they make love--

--Sonny and Meghan lay in bed with their arms wrapped around each other--


Chapter 17:

--2 months later Brenda is as big as a house. Robin has stayed with Brenda these last few days since Brenda is due anyday to give birth to a baby girl--

--Brenda takes a shower and comes out of the shower and makes her bed and Robin is talking on the phone with Jason--

J-(on phone with Robin) I got that other letter from Sonny with his address and phone number in it. Are you going to tell Brenda?

R-I don't think that would be good right now.

J-I agree.

--Brenda starts to get sharp pains in her stomach and groans--

--Robin looks over at her--

B-(to robin) It's time.

R-now? (brenda nods) Jason, meet me at GH. I'm bringing Brenda there.

--They go to GH--


--Brenda and Robin sit in the room. Robin makes sure Brenda keeps her breathing

--8 hours later Brenda's breathing is getting harder and harder. The contractions are
getting closer and closer--

--2 more hours later they contractions are too close and they bring Brenda in to give


--Robin calls Lois and Ned, Luke and Laura, and Mike and let them know--

--Jason has been waiting for hours--

J-How is she?

R-Good. She went in about 10 minutes ago.

J-It took so long to get the contractions so close.


J-Can I ask you someting?


J-Do you want me to tell Sonny?

R-No. When and if she is ready for that. She will want to contact him herself. But we need to wait until she is ready.

J-All right.

--Everyone arrives and they all wait for the doctor to come out with the news on Brenda and the baby--


--Sonny and Meghan have just finished lunch--

S-Is the wedding coordinator coming over to day to start making plans for the wedding?

M-Yeah. Around 4. Is that ok with you?

S-Of course. We need to start planning soon so we can get married.

M-All right. What are your plans for today?

S-Not much. Let's go shopping!

M-Really? Let's go.

--They leave for the mall--


--Brenda has now been at the hospital for 14 hours and the doctor has came out and
announced that Brenda had a baby girl and it is now time for friends and family to go see Brenda. The baby is in the nursery--

--Lois and Robin head to the nursery first. Mike goes in to see Brenda--


--Lois and Robin see the baby and smile--

L-She's gorgeous. She has Sonny's eyes and Brenda's face.


L-I wish Sonny could've been here for this.

R-I know. He would've been a great dad.



--Mike sits by Brenda and Brenda slowly smiles at him--

B-Did you see your grandaughter?

M-Not yet, but if she's anything like you...she'll be gorgeous.

B-Thank you. Sonny would've been a great father.

M-Yeah. I have always thought of you as a daughter so please don't let things changed.

B-It won't. I think of you as a father.

--They nod and smiles--


--Sonny and Meghan come back from the mall. They have a ton of bags and they set them in their bedroom--

--Sonny goes and kisses Meghan. They pull away from each other and Meghan gives him a long hug--



Chapter 18:

~Brenda is just getting back to her apartment with her baby, Cassandra Adella. She
thought that since Sonny couldn't help with the name, she would help for him. Robin is also there helping her get settled~

R- Oh Brenda, she's so beautiful.

B- Yeah, she is. She reminds me of Sonny.

R- She has his eyes.

B- I know. But (she picks up the baby), now it's time for your nap Cassie. Robin, do you want to see her room? Lois and I finished it a few weeks ago.

R- Sure.

~Brenda and Robin take Cassie upstairs to her room and put her down for a nap. When they get back downstairs, Jason's there~

B- Jason, hi!

J- Hey Brenda. Hi Robin. (he goes to Robin and they kiss)

R- What's up?

J- Not much, just came to see if you needed any help with the baby.

B- Nope, but thanks. We just put her down for a nap.

J- Man, Sonny would have been a great father. I bet he'll be pretty upset that he missed her being born.

R- If he ever finds out that is. You are going to tell him right Brenda?

B- Yeah, but not yet. I'm gonna wait a few weeks. I wouldn't want anyone to watch her while she's still so young.

R- Well, I wouldn't mind watching her, and neither would Lois or Mike I bet.

B- Thanks, but I don't want to leave her yet. Besides, I don't think I'm ready to face
Sonny yet.

J- When you are, let us know. We'd be happy to take care of Cassie while you're gone. And I have Sonny's address anyway.

B- That's right, you do. I just need to figure out how to tell him that he has a daughter.


~Sonny and Meghan have been planning their wedding. It's supposed to take place in two weeks~

S- So, are you getting excited?

M- Are you kidding? I've never been so happy in my life Sonny. It's all because of you.

S- (touches her face) I haven't been this happy in a long time.

M- I'm glad.

S- So, just the two of us and a priest?

M- That's all we really need, unless you want to tell some of your friends back in New

S- I don't see why I have to. I mean, I just want to be with you and make you my wife. I love you.

M- I love you too. (they kiss) Soon we'll be married. Wow, I can't believe it.

S- Me neither. Soon, everything will be just perfect. (they kiss again)


~Robin went to see Lois after Brenda and the baby got settled~

L- So, how's Brenda and the baby?

R- Good, I think. Brenda seems really tired though.

L- I bet she is. I know I was miserable after Brooke was born, but it was the best time of my life.

R- I can tell she's happy. It's just.....

L- Sonny right? (Robin nods) I knew it. She's not upset about him again is she?

R- No, it's not that. I just think she misses him more than we think. She's trying to hide it, trying to be strong, but it's not working.

L- She loves him. They made a baby together. The poor thing, I'm sure she wants Sonny to be there with them, to be a family.

R- That just might happen. Brenda says that she's gonna go down to Puerto Rico to see him. She's gonna tell him about Cassie.

L- You think she's ready for that?

R- Brenda's strong. She'll be fine. And to be honest, I think Sonny's heart will just melt at the thought of his daughter. He'll come back to PC just to see her, and he'll end up staying.

L- I hope you're right, but what about that girl he met? Have you or Jason heard anything about that?

R- God, I completely forgot. I just hope Brenda doesn't see them together; it wouldn't be a good scene.

L- All we can do now is hope everything's OK and no one gets hurt.

Chapter 19:

~Brenda has been at Lois and Ned's house with Cassie. Robin and Jason are there too~

L- Brenda, I hate to bring this up, but when are you going to tell Sonny about Cassie?

B- I'm not sure. I mean, all I want is to tell him *right now*, but I can't do that.

J- Look, I have his address and phone number. If you don't want to meet him

R- Jason's right. You shouldn't have to do it that way.

B- No, I think I need to see him in person. We can end it then too. It would be too
awkward to officially end it over the phone, or in a letter.

L- Ok Brenda. If you say so. We just don't want you to get hurt.

R- Yeah, do you want us to come?

B- No. I have to do it by myself. In fact, I think I should go to Puerto Rico as soon as I can. You guys will watch Cassie for me right?

L- Of course, we'd be happy to.

B- Thanks. Jason, I need your help. I need his address so I can find him.

J- Sure, I'll see you later ok Robin?

R- Sure. (they kiss)

~Brenda and Jason leave. Jason gives her Sonny's address and phone number, just in case. She calls the airport and reserves a flight. Later, she goes back to the gatehouse with some of Cassie's things. She says goodbye to her friends and goes to the airport~

B- (on the plane, to herself) All I have to do is give him Cassie's picture, tell him that he's the father and leave. It shouldn't be as hard as I think, right?


~Sonny and Meghan are walking along the beach, talking about the wedding~

M- Two weeks. That's all.

S- I know, I can't wait!

M- Me neither, this is so amazing.

S- I know. This is gonna be a real big step in our lives. We're gonna be together forever, and no one will tear us apart. No one.


~Meanwhile, Brenda has gotten off the plane and found Sonny's house. She's standing at the door, wondering if she should knock~

B-(to herself) I can't do it. I need to think of exactly what to say.

~Brenda decides to go for a walk along the beach~


~Sonny and Meghan are behind their house, on the beach. They are talking and kissing~

M- This is *so* perfect.

S- It is. (they kiss) I want you to know that I want to have a family with you.

M- Really? (Sonny nods) That's great! I mean, I always thought you wanted kids, but I wasn't sure. I love you Sonny!

~As they kiss again, Brenda sees two people kissing on the beach. She smiles and her eyes fill with tears, thinking of when her and Sonny made love on the beach~

~Sonny and Meghan stand up to go inside, and Brenda knows right away that it's Sonny. She starts to cry and runs away~

S- (turns around) Who was that?

M- I don't know, I haven't seen anyone but us around here for months!

S- Why don't you go inside while I find out who it is, ok?

M- Ok. (they kiss)

Chapter 20:

~Brenda has fallen on the beach after seeing Sonny with another girl. She's crying~

B- (to herself) Oh God! Why is it so hard? It wasn't supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be easy.

~Sonny walks over to the girl, kneels down and puts his arm around her. Brenda shudders~

S- Hey, what's wrong? (Brenda turns around to look at him) B..Brenda?

B- Hi.

S- What are you doing here? Didn't Jason tell you..........

B- Jason told me alot of things. I didn't want to move on, away from you. It was too hard. (she wipes away the tears) But I did. I just..... wanted to come down here and tell you that myself.

S- Ok. But, why are you crying?

B- Look. You have a life down here, a good one from what I saw. I shouldn't have come, I'll just ruin that. Forget that we ever saw each other.

S- But, can we talk?

B- I have to go. I'll be here for a few days, but I have to go.

~She gets up and leaves. Sonny is *very* confused and walks back to the house~

M- Who was that?

S- That was.......Brenda.

M- What? Your old girlfriend? I thought you ended things with her.

S- I did, but she says she needed closure. That we had to end it in person.

M- Is that all? I mean, she must have had a different reason.

S- I think I'll go see her at her hotel, do you mind?

M- (sighs) Go ahead. I don't mind. (kisses him)

S- Thank you. I'll be back later.

~Sonny leaves to go see Brenda. He knows exactly where she is, at the hotel they stayed at when they were in Puerto Rico together~


~Brenda is in her hotel room, trying hard not to cry~

B- (to herself) This wasn't supposed to happen! I didn't even get to tell him about Cassie.

~There's a knock at the door. Brenda goes to answer it and it's Sonny~

B- Sonny.

S- Can we talk? Please?

B- Come on in. (Sonny walks in) How'd you know where I was?

S- Gut feeling I guess. Why'd you run away from me earlier?

B- You were with that girl, what was I supposed to do?

S- You mean Meghan? She's.......

B- Don't try to tell me that she's just a friend, because I know better.

S- Why are you even here? You had a different reason, you're not here just for closure, I can tell.

B- (sighs and sits down on the bed) You're right. I think you'll be a little upset about it though.

S- (sits next to her and hugs her) You know that I still care about you. You're still part of me, always will be.

B- Ok. There's no real easy way to do this, so I'll just come right out and say it.

S- Go ahead, I'm listening.

B- I, God this hurts, I had a baby a few weeks ago. A little baby girl.

S- Really? That's great Brenda. I'm really happy for you.

B- You didn't let me finish. (gets the picture of Cassie for him) Her name's Cassie. She's beautiful isn't she?

S- Yeah, she has her mother's smile.

B- And her father's eyes. (smiles)

S- I guess, but I don't know her father.

B- I think you do. Want to see a picture of him too?

S- You know, I better get back to Meghan....

B- Sonny wait! I think you know Cassie's father. Just wait for one more minute.

S- Ok. But I really need to get back home.

B- (gets a mirror out of her purse) Ok, ready?

S- Come on Brenda, I don't have time for games.

B- Ok! (holds the mirror in front of him)

S- (completely shocked) You're joking right?

B- You're her daddy Sonny.


A special Chapter for those who wanted MORE. You know who you are. Enjoy!

Chapter 21:

--Sonny looks at Brenda in total and complete shock--

S-No, you've got to be mistaken. This can't be.

B-You think I would lie about this?

S-I don't know. I don't know what you expect me to think. Nobody contacted me for months, so I moved on with my life.

B-Come on, Sonny. Don't tell me you waited for months to move on. I can tell by the way you are with Melissa.


B-Whatever. The point is....Sonny, I know you and I know it takes you awhile before you open up to anyone.

S-All right. I just don't understand. Why didn't Jason write me back and tell me about this when I wrote him. I would've risked everything for you and our baby.

B-I know. That's why I made him promise not to. I needed to keep you safe until it was safe enough to tell you.

S-And that is suppose to make up for it?

B-Don't you see.....I was protecting *everybody*.

B-Listen, I am not expecting anything from you. I just thought you deserved to know that you had a child....a daughter.

S-Where is she?

B-Back home. I left her with Jason and Robin while I came to tell you. I am heading back to Port Charles tonight.

S-The hell you are. (Walks closer to her)

B-(walks away from him and a few tears fall down her cheeks) Sonny, don't make this any harder than it has to be.

S-Nothing will be easy again. You have my baby. I mean, *our* baby.

B-Please stop.

S-No! Brenda, do you have any idea how much I missed out on?

B-Yes, and I'm sorry.

S-That's not good enough. Who was there for you during this whole pregnancy?

B-Uh.....Lois, Robin, Jason, Ned. Everyone really.

S-Well, the most important person was missing. I was Brenda. I was the father and I should've been there to help you through lamaze. I should've been the one to rush out to the store and get you whatever you craved in the middle of the night. I missed out on it all! Damn you, Brenda. Damn you!

B-(bursts into tears) I'm sorry!!! I don't know what else I can say.

S-I don't know.

B-You better get back to Meghan.

S-No, we're not done talking. Not after what you just told me.

B-We're done. Just go. I promise I won't keep her from you. You can come and see her and I can bring her here, but *don't* expect me to bring her when you have Meghan there because I won't.


B-(still crying and screaming) Just go! You have your happy life, so go back to it!

S-It should've been you and me! That's how it should've been.

B-But it's not. It can't be.

S-Promise me something.


S-Promise me that you won't leave tonight and that we can talk more tomorrow about this.

B-Sonny, I don't know if I can.

S-Please, Brenda! Just promise me.

B-All right. I won't go anywhere.....for tonight. But I have to leave tomorrow.

S-We'll talk tomorrow.

--Sonny looks at her intensely and then leaves--


--Sonny is in total shock over the news that Brenda just gave him so he decides to go for a walk before facing Meghan--

--Sonny walks down by the beach. Sonny paces on the beach--

--He thinks back to some of the things that Brenda said to him that night--
B-''You're her daddy, Sonny.''

B-''Don't you see......I was protecting *everybody*.''

S-''It should've been you and me! That's how it should've been.''
B-''But it's not. It can't be that way!''

--Sonny comes back into reality--

S-(outloud) What the *hell* is going on. Brenda was pregnant with *my* baby and I didn't even know it. How can I possibly go back to how things were before she breezed back into my life with that news? Is that even
possible. God, all I wanted to do was reach out to her and hold her when she told me that *we* have a baby! This is amazing. Me and Brenda have a baby. I have to see her again tonight.--

--Sonny starts to head towards the hotel where brenda is staying but when he realizes what he is doing he stops--

S-(outloud) What are you doing, man? You can't be with Brenda and your baby. You are with Meghan now and you are about to be married. Damn it! What am I going to do?

--Sonny heads back up to his house where Meghan is waiting--

Chapter 22: (written by stacy)

--Brenda sat at the window for awhile after Sonny left in tears--

--She walks over and sits on the couch in the living room area of her hotel room. She
brings her feet up close to her body and rocks back and forth-

B-(outloud) It wasn't suppose to be this hard. I wasn't prepared for it to be this hard.
Why can't I just let him go? I can't be with him anymore. (she stands up) Why the hell should I feel guilty. I am the one who risked everything to protect him and just when I find out that things are safe I find out he is seeing someone else. (silence for a few minutes) No, Brenda. Just let it go.

--Brenda walks over to the phone and picks it up to call Robin--


--Sonny takes a deep breath before he walks into his and Meghan's home--

--Meghan is just hanging up the phone at the same time-

M-Hi, honey. Did you talk to her?


M-Why is she here? Is it for closure like you thought?

S-Well, it's not exactly that easy.

M-Do you want to talk about it?

S-I'm not ready to yet.

M-All right. When you are you know I will be here to listen.

S-I know. Thanks.

M-Yeah. I'm going to go to bed. Are you coming?

S-In a minute.

--Meghan gives him a kiss and she heads up to bed--

--Sonny watches her go up the stairs and thinks to himself, "Why now? Why couldn't this have happened before I met Meghan?"--


--Robin phone rings--


B-Robin, it's me. How's Cassie?



R-Casie is doing really good. She has been perfect for us. Did you talk to Sonny?

B-Oh, yeah.

R-Well, what happened?

B-Well, at first I saw him kissing Meghan.

R-You didn't? Oh, Brenda, are you ok?

B-A little better than I was.

R-Tell me what happened.

B-Ok. I saw him by his house on the beach and I told him I was pregnant and he was the father. It was too hard for me so I left. I am staying at the same hotel we stayed at when we were in PR and he came there.

R-How did he know where you were?

B-He said he just knew. Anyways, he came over and we talked. He's so hurt Robin and so angry. You should've heard him. Talking about all the things he misseed out on, like going out in the middle of the night and bringing me food that I craved.

R-(laughs) What are you going to do?

B-I don't know. He made me promise that I wouldn't go anywhere tonight and that we
would talk tomorrow. He said that it should've been us together having this baby.

R-Brenda, you know it still could. I mean, it sounds like after seeing you and hearing that he isn't sure what he *really* wants. I mean, of course he wants to be part of this baby's life, but maybe.......

B-No. He chose someone else. He was the one that chose to walk away. I will *not* have him come back to me just because i am carrying his baby. I won't.

R-Just think about it. I mean, you have to know that he wouldn't do that just because of the baby. I will always believe that he still loves you.

B-I don't think so. His feelings are just confused because of the baby.

R-You do what you have to do. We're all here for you.


--Brenda and Robin hang up--

--Jason heads into where Robin was--

R-Is she sleeping?

K-Yeah. Who was on the phone?


J-Did she see Sonny?

R-Yeah. He's angry and shocked. From the things that Brenda said it sounds like he isn't as over Brenda as he pretends to be.

J-But he's marrying this girl.

R-I know, but who knows if it will happen. I know how Sonny and Brenda are and I
think I'm right.

--Robin and Jason go to bed--

**i will post more of this story and some of the other story later today!**

Chapter 23: (written by stacy)


--Sonny wakes up early the next morning and decides to go for a walk--

--Sonny walks on the shoreline of the beach barefoot. He lets the water flow over his

--He goes over and sits on the sand by the rocks--

S-(to himself) This is too hard. I should've been the one who was there for Brenda during the pregnancy of *our* child. I can't believe I have a daughter now. I'm a father. Can I stay with Meghan knowing that I want to be a father and a husband to my child's mother--

--Sonny takes out his cell phone and calls Brenda--

B-(sleepy) Hello.

S-Brenda, it's me.

B-Sonny? Why are you calling me so early?

S-I couldn't sleep and we need to talk. Can I come over in an hour?

B-I guess. I will get up.


--Sonny hangs up and goes back up to his house to talk to Meghan--

--Meghan is eating breakfast when Sonny walks in--

M-Where did you go so early?

S-Just for a walk.

M-All right. I have to get going. So, I'll see you later?


--She gives him a kiss and then walks out the door--

--Sonny goes to get ready for his visit with Brenda--


--An hour later Brenda is coming out of the bathroom and there is a knock at the door-

--She opens it up and let's Sonny in--

B-Sonny, there isn't really much else to say.

S-Brenda, please let me go first. (she nods) I've done a lot of thinking since we talked last yesterday.


S-I can't let you leave.

B-Sonny it's not up to you.

S-Bring her here.

B-I'm not moving here.

S-I know, but can you stay here for awhile so I can spend some time with you guys.

B-What is the point, Sonny?

S-Please, Brenda. After owe me at least that.

B-WHAT???? Wait a minute. I've done nothing wrong.

S-How can you say that?

B-You were the one who chose to move on with someone else.

S-You were the one who asked me to leave.

B-GOD, I did that to protect you! Why can't you see that?

S-Brenda, listen.....

B-No, you listen. I couldn't get past us. I couldn't move on. I sat up night thinging of
you and of *us* while you were what......enjoying someone else's company.


B-I'm not finished. I ached for you, Sonny. I cried myself to sleep hoping that when I
woke it would all be a bad dream. Then when I found out I was pregnant I was so angry at you. Angry that you didn't fight hard to stay like you always did. I was angry that you weren't going to be the one to get me through it. To take me to Doctor's appointments, to the delivery room. Sure everyone was there for me, but all I wanted was you!!

S-If that's what you wanted then why didn't you tell me!

B-You just don't get it! I would've done anything to keep you out of jail. But I have to
admit that when you wrote Jason and told him that you moved on with someone new I didn't believe it. I mean, the man who I thought was the other half of me, my soul mate just threw away our love.

S-Just wait. I *never* did that. I could never do that. Our love was with me the whole time.

B-Well, I finally got myself to move on because as long as you were safe and since I was carrying your baby then I would always have a piece of you with me. Always.

--Sonny doesn't say anything to her. He just looks at her--

--Brenda can't hold her tears in anymore. She breaks down into tears and falls to the

--Sonny walks over to her and bends down to her and puts his arms around her. He lifts up her chin and looks into her eyes and they both feel nothing but love between each other--

--Sonny leans in for a passionate kiss--

--Brenda wraps her arms around Sonny--

--They continue to kiss and both don't worry about what this could possibly mean. They just can't help but still feel love for each other--

S-(pulls away) Oh, my god. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that.


Chapter 24:


B-Just forget that ever happened. I will. Now go back to Meghan.



S-Will you bring her back here so I can see her for awhile.

B-I guess. Not long though. 2 weeks.

S-All right.

B-I will leave and go get her today. I will be back tomorrow morning.

S-Ok. Call me when you get back.

B-All right.

--Sonny looks at Brenda once more and then leaves--


--Brenda makes arrangements to stay for 2 weeks at the hotel--

--She then gets ready and makes plans to go get Cassie and bring her to PR to meet her father--


--Sonny walks into his house hoping to find Meghan so they can talk--

S-Meghan? Are you home?

--There is no answer so he goes for a walk--

--As he is walking on the beach he runs into Meghan who is running on the beach--


S-Hi. I was looking for you.

M-Here I am.

S-Yeah. We need to talk.

M-Don't tell me it's....

S-I talked to Brenda again today. Remember when I came home last night and I had a lot on my mind?


S-She told me she had my baby girl.

M-Oh. I don't believe this.

S-She is bringing her here for a few weeks so I can spend some time with her.


S-And nothing. There is nothing else to tell.

--Sonny knows he isn't being completely honest with Meghan, but he can't help it. He feels that he loves both of them. He knows the love is different, but isn't sure what to do--

M-Come on.

S-She's moved on. It's all about Cassie, our daughter.

--Meghan looks at him and nods. She knows that it's not over between Sonny and his ex. She knows that he is fooling himself if he can't see that. If she can see it, why can't he? She doesn't understand. She just looks at him and smiles--

S-Should we go back to the house?


--They head up to the house and barely say a word to one another--


--Brenda arrives at the gatehouse where she was going to meet Robin with the baby--

--Brenda walks in--

B-I'm back!

--They come out of the kitchen--

B-My baby girl. Bring her to me.

--They hand Cassie to Brenda--

B-Oh, she's is so beautiful. I've missed you sooo much, Cassie.

L-So, you're bringing her back, huh?

B-Yeah. That's what he wants.

R-Did you talk about anything more?

B-We got in a arguement about me keeping Cassie a secret and I got angry about him staying away. I ended up in tears and he ended up kissing me.

R-(smiles) He did?

B-Yeah, but don't read anthing into it. It didn't mean anything.

L-Bren, wake up.


L-You are fooling yourself if you don't think it meant anything.

B-I don't know. He's getting married, you know.

R-There is still time to change his mind.

B-I have to go. (looks down at Cassie) Well, sweetie, are you ready to go see your

--Brenda leaves and heads back to PR with Cassie to see Sonny--

Chapter 25:


--Lois and Robin sit down on the couch after Brenda leaves--

L-Well, all we can do now is hope for the best.

R-Yeah. Why do they have to be so stubborn. They know what they want. Why can't they just go after it?

L-You know Sonny. Remember when he was married to Lily? He wanted to be with
Brenda, but couldn't leave Lily.

R-Yeah, but he didn't have a choice with Lily.

L-I guess. He could walk away from Meghan right now. I mean, he can't possibly love Meghan more than Brenda.

R-He doesn't, but I think he is probably unsure what to do.

L-RIght. If he screws this up we are taking a trip down there to talk some sense into his head. He can't marry Meghan.

R-(laughs) We will and he won't. We won't let him.


--Brenda arrives that night and gets everything settled in her hotel room--

--Brenda lays Cassie in the crib next to her bed--

B-(to Cassie) Well, sweetie, this is where your daddy lives now. You will get to see him tomorrow morning. He will be so happy to see you. He is going to such a great father. I only wish we could've been a family......just you, me, and your daddy. I know it's not possible but I think it's important for him to be a part of your life.

--Brenda looks out the window for a few minutes than crawls into bed--


--Sonny gets up to go look out the window. He can't sleep that night. He is excited,
nervous and all kinds of emotions are flowing through his body--

--He can't believe it's only a matter of hours before he gets to see the baby that he's wanted for so long and the mother is the one woman who he will never be able to get over--

--Sonny looks over at Meghan who is sound asleep--

S-(to himself) I know I will never be over Brenda, but Meghan makes me happy and I
think that I love her. Brenda doesn't even want anything to do with me anymore. I have to stay with Meghan. I have to let that part of my life go. But I.....what the hell should I do?

--Sonny crawls back into bed next to Meghan--


--Brenda wakes up early the next morning and gets ready for Sonny to meet his daughter--

--Brenda gets herself all dressed before she gets Cassie ready--

--After they are both ready Brenda picks up the phone--


--Robin and Jason have just woke up but are lying in bed--

J-Is something wrong?

R-No. Sonny is going to meet Cassie today.

J-Really? He will fall in love with her instantly?

R-How could he not? She looks so much like Brenda already.

J-Yeah, she does.

R-Are we still going out to lunch today?


--Robin kisses him and gets out of bed--


--Sonny is sitting at the table eating breakfast with Meghan--

M-Have you heard from her yet?

S-Brenda? (she nods) No, not yet.


--There is a knock at the door--

M-Are you expecting her to come here?


--Sonny gets up and answers the door--

S-Oh, thanks. Can you send all of those in the car over there?


S-Did you get everything?

Man-Yeah. The rest is over by the car.

S-Thanks. Just set it all in there. The limo driver will help you.

Man-All right.

--Sonny has bought all kinds of stuffed animals, stroller, bottles, diapers, clothes, baby carriages ect. for his daughter--

--Just as Sonny is closing the door the phone rings and Meghan answers it--


B-(almost hangs up) Is Sonny there?

M-Yes, just a second.

M-(To sonny) I think it's her.

S-(picks up the phone) Brenda?

B-Yeah. She's in PR now.


Chapter 26:


S-She's here?


S-When can I see her?

B-When you're ready I guess. We will only be here two weeks.

S-All right. I will be over pretty soon.

B-All right. See you soon.

S-Yeah, soon.

--Sonny hangs up the phone and looks at Meghan--

S-Is this ok with you?

M-(not saying what she really means) It's fine. It's your daughter and you deserve to see her and spend some time with her.

S-Thanks. I really appreciate it.

--Sonny goes over to Meghan and gives her a hug and a kiss--

--Meghan forces a smile from her mouth--

--Sonny heads to Brenda's hotel room--

--Meghan goes into the kitchen and throws a glass against the wall--

M-(outloud) Why the hell did she have to come back and tell you that she had your child. Is it possible that I could lose you to her? It's not like she was just someone in you life. She was your one true love. How can I compete with that?

--Meghan grabs her purse and heads out the door--


--Robin is at Luke's waiting for Jason--

--Mike walks over to the table--

M-You are having lunch with Jason, huh?

R-Yeah. He wanted to eat somewhere quiet and he thought you would serve us.

M-You know you can come here anytime.


M-(sits by her) How is Brenda doing with her new baby? I want to come and see her
when she's ready to have visitors.

R-She's fine, but she's not here in PC for awhile.

M-Did she take a vacation.

R-You could say that. She brought the baby to meet Sonny.

M-She what?

R-She talked to him first and he wants to see her.

M-That's probably a good thing. I can just about imagine how upset he is.

R-He's *very* upset.

M-Well, it will all go away when he sees that little girl of his.

--Jason walks into the door just as Mike is about to comment on S&B and what could be ahead--


--There is a knock at Brenda's hotel room--

--Brenda takes a deep breath and heads over to the door--

--Brenda opens the door with Cassie in her arms and Sonny is standing there looking at Brenda holding his baby--

B-Come in.


--Sonny walks in the door and smiles at the sight of Brenda with a baby. Brenda notices that he is staring at her--


S-Nothing. I just haven't seen you with a baby before.

B-I know. I am still getting use to it, but I am doing my best.

S-I'm not complaining. You look like you were always meant to be a mother. YOu look beautiful with her.


S-Can I hold her?


--Sonny goes over and sits on the couch and Brenda kneels in front of him and hands
Cassie to him--

B-Sonny, meet your daughter, Cassie.

--Sonny smiles down at her and just studies every part of her and then looks up at

S-She's gorgeous. She looks so much like her mother.

B-She has her father's eyes.

S-(looks down at Cassie) You think?

B-Just look. Her middle name is Adela.....after your mother.

--Sonny is touched by Brenda naming their baby girl's middle name after his mother--

S-(whispers) Thank you.


Chapter 27:

B-You look good with her. I always knew you would be a good father.

S-I hope I can be.

B-No matter what will always be her father.


B-Please don't do that. I am not ready to get into that.

S-All right.

S-(looks down at Cassie) I can't believe you are my little girl. Do you know how long
I've waited to have a little girl. (whispers) I love you already.

--A few tears fall down Brenda's cheek and she quickly wipes them away before Sonny
sees her so emotional--

--She loves the way that Sonny looks with her--

S-Stay here. I have some things for her.

B-(smiles) Like what?

S-You'll see.

--Sonny stands up but holds Cassie close to him--

--Sonny walks over to the phone and calls down to his Limo driver to bring the things up--

B-What did you do?

S-You'll see.

--The limo driver makes three trip and unloads all the stuff that he has bought for his

B-(laughs) Sonny! I can't believe you bought all of this!

S-Well, I want her to have everything. She deserves everything.

B-I know, but she is still so young that she can't use them yet.

S-That's ok. She has time.

B-(looks away for a second) Yeah.

--Brenda lays Cassie down in the bassinet that Sonny brought her--

B-I appreciate all this.

S-I'm glad to help.

--She goes and sits on the couch and Sonny sits next to her--

S-She is *so* beautiful.

B-I know. I love her so much.

S-I can tell.

B-I want her to have the best of everything.

--Sonny looks at Brenda and touches her hands--

S-(whispers) She will. We will make sure of that.

B-Promise me that when or if you have children with Meghan that you won't forget about

S-I could *never* do that! How could you even think such a thing. She's a part of me
and nothing could ever change that.

B-Ok. I just don't want her to get attached to you and have you leave her after you start
your new life.....(gets all chocked up and Sonny notices it) with Meghan.

--Brenda removes his hands from hers and gets up and walks over to Cassie--

--She turns back to Sonny--

B-You can go. She will probably sleep for awhile. She needs a nap later in the morning.

S-Can't I wait?

B-I think it would be best.

S-All right. But I want to see her later.

B-Tomorrow, ok?

S-But I.....

B-Please, Sonny.

--Sonny nods his head and goes over and gives Cassie a kiss on the head. Sonny then

--Brenda looks down at Cassie--

B-How am I going to pull this off Cassie? How am I going to stop myself from reaching
out to him. I can't him back. I can't.


--Jason goes over and gives Robin a kiss--

J-So, what's going on?

R-Nothing. I was just talking to Mike about Sonny and Brenda.

J-Oh. Did she come and get the baby to see Sonny?


--Mike stands up--

M-When you guys know what you want let me know.

R-Thanks, Mike.

J-Yeah, thanks.

--Mike goes back behind the bar and thinks about Brenda and Sonny spending time with
each other and their baby--

Chapter 28:


--Sonny walks into his and Meghan's home after being gone all afternoon--

S-(outloud) I guess she's not here. I have to do something special for her. She does mean a lot to me. I have to show her how much she means to me.

--Sonny plans a special dinner for her--

--1 hour later Meghan walks through the door--

M-Sonny, are you home.

--Sonny comes out of the kitchen--

S-Hey, sweetie.

--Sonny goes over and gives her a quick kiss--

M-Hey. How was it seeing your daughter?

S-Let's talk about that later. I have a something special planned for you.

M-Oh? Let me go change first.

--When Meghan comes back down the stairs Sonny has the table all set--

M-What's all this for?

S-To show you how much you mean to me.

--They sit down to eat--


--Brenda has just finished feeding Cassie and eating herself--

--She put Cassie down to bed and walks out on the terrace and looks out at the beach--

--A few tears fall from Brenda eyes and she wipes them away--

B-(to herself) I was wrong. I *do* still love Sonny. But I can't tell him how I feel. I
can't do that. Oh, today was so great when Sonny was here with Cassie. It almost felt like we were a family......almost.

--Music starts to play in the background--

**I heard he sang a lullaby
I heard he sang it from his heart
When I found out I thought I would die
Because that lullaby was mine**

--Brenda walks inside and picks up one of the stuffed animals that Sonny bought for
Cassie and holds it close to her heart. She makes her way over to the bed and lays down--

**I heard he sealed it with a kiss
He gently kissed her cherry lips
I found that so hard to believe
Because his kiss belonged to me**

--Brenda thinks back to when she saw Sonny kissing Meghan and how she couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing. How she felt like her heart had just been ripped out again--

How could an angel break my heart
Why didn't he catch my falling star
I wish I didn't wish so hard
Maybe I wished out love apart
HOw could an angel break my heart**

--Brenda holds her body tight and wishes how their love would be strong again. Wonders if they will ever share the same love again--

**I heard her face was white as rain
Soft as rose that blooms in May
He keeps her picture in a frame
And when he sleeps he calls her name**

--Brenda rolls over and tears flow down her cheeks as she hurts from the love that she still feels for Sonny and for the love that they shared. Wonders if Meghan makes him feel the way he made her feel--

**I wonder if she makes him smile
The way he use to smile at me
I hope she doesn't make him laugh
Because his laugh belongs to me**

--As she lay there she can't imagine that he could feel the same about Meghan as he felt about her. She *knows* that there is no way that could be possible. She knows that their love was a once of a lifetime love--


**Oh, my sould is dying, it's crying
I'm trying to understand
Please help me**

--She aches from her love for Sonny as she continues to cry for him. Brenda tries to
convince herself that he's moved on but can't get herself to let go. Wonder if she would ever let go--


--Sonny tosses and turns in the bed next to Meghan--

--He gets up since he can't sleep and goes outside--

S-(to himself) Brenda, this isn't working. What am I going to do? I tried to get things back to normal with Meghan tonight, but it just doesn't seem to be the same. You always affect my life in a way which I can't think straight, I can't breath and I can't see clearly. Now, we have a daughter and I always wanted to have a baby with you.....why does it have to be like this? I'm marrying Meghan soon. Can I get myself to end it? Will I ever be free to love you again?

--Sonny walks over to the steps and sits down--

S-(to himself) Damn it! I can't get you out of my thoughts.

--Sonny sits there for a few minutes and then heads back up to bed--

--Meghan turns around and looks at Sonny--

M-Where did you go?

S-Just went to go get some fresh air. Go back to sleep.

--the song used in there was HOW COULD AN ANGEL BREAK MY HEART and I got the idea from Fivemax (Rae)--

Chapter 29: (written by Stacy)


--Brenda and Sonny have been spending a lot of time together with Cassie--

--They both realize that their connection never disappeared but just don't know how to say

--Cassie has been in Puerto Rico for over a week now and Meghan notices the differences in their relationship because of it. She wonders how much longer she can put up with it--

--Sonny and Brenda make plans to meet at the park by his house on the beach--

--Brenda arrives but there is no trace of Sonny yet. She goes and takes the baby and sits on a swing with Cassie--


--Jason and Robin meet Ned and Lois at the Outback for lunch--

--They arrive at the same time--

L-I thought we were running late but I guess not.

R-No. You're not late.

N-Should we sit down.

--They sit down at a table--

N-So have any of you heard from Brenda?

R-No. Actually I'm a little worried. But then again maybe things are going well.

L-Yeah, maybe.

J-We hope so anyway.

N-For Brenda's sake....that's what we hope.

L-How are you guys doing?

R-(smiles) Great.


--Sonny shows up at the park and smiles when he sees Brenda sitting on a swing with his baby girl--

--Sonny walks over to them--

S-(whispers) Hi.

B-Hey. Can you hold her for a second? I want to go get her bottle.


--Brenda hands her to Sonny and heads to her car--

S-(to Cassie) Hey, little girl, you look so beautiful today. But then again how could you look so much like your mother. I wish it could always be like this.

--Brenda comes back--

--Sonny hands Cassie to Brenda and they both sit down on a blanket while Brenda feeds Cassie--

--He watches Brenda feed her--

S-She is so peaceful when she's hungry.


S-Thank you for bringing her here so I could spend some time getting to know my daughter.

B-Sure. You both deserve it.

--Brenda and Sonny spend a few hours together with Cassie and then Brenda decides Cassie is tired so she is going to take her back to the hotel--

S-When can I see her again.

B-You can see her tomorrow if you want.

S-I'll call you.


--Sonny walks over and kisses his daughter on the cheek and looks up at her mother and kisses her on the cheek--

--They pull away slowly and look into each other's eyes and then leaves the park--


--Meghan is waiting for Sonny to come into the house. She is sitting on the couch waiting for him. Sonny walks in the door and looks over at Sonny--

M-Sonny, I think we should get married as soon as possible.

Chapter 30: (written by Katie)

S- What are you talking about? I thought we were gonna wait until next week.

M- Well, I changed my mind. (she goes and puts her arms around him) All I want is to be with you. As soon as we can Sonny.

S- Meg, (he pulls away) you know I love you, and you know how much I care about you, right?

M- Yes. That's why I want to do this so fast.

S- Meg, (he puts his head in his hands) OK. We'll go tomorrow.

M- Really? (she's *very* surprised by this) I love you! (she runs into his arms and smothers his face with kisses) You have no idea how happy I am.

S- (forces a smile) Me too honey. Listen, I'm gonna go get some stuff for dinner now. I'll be back in a little bit, ok?

M- Ok, I love you Sonny!

S- Me too.

~Sonny leaves to go buy some food for dinner......and to see Brenda~


~Brenda is in her hotel room rocking Cassie to sleep. She's thinking about what it could be like to have Sonny as part of their family~

B- Oh God Sonny. I still love you. I can't do this anymore, be around you without telling you how much I still care.

~Sonny takes a deep breath before knocking on Brenda's hotel room door~

B- (answers the door) Sonny. Hi, come on in.

S- (walks in and shuts the door) Thanks. Is Cassie almost asleep?

B- Yeah, you can finish rocking her and put her in her crib if you want.

S- You don't need to ask me twice. (takes Cassie and rocks her)

B- You are so good with her. I always knew you'd be a great father.

S- You're so perfect with her too, it just amazes me.

B- (smiling) So what's up? I thought we weren't gonna see you till tomorrow.

S- I.....uh, have something to tell you. This is really hard for me, but.....

~Brenda is trying to hide a smile, thinking he's going to tell her it's over between him and Meghan and he still loves her~

B- Sonny, you know you can tell me anything.

S- Ok. (sighs) When I went home, Meghan and I had a little talk.

B- And?

S- And, we're getting married tomorrow.

Chapter 31: (written by Katie)

B- (takes Cassie from him and puts her in the crib) Oh. That's great Sonny, I'm really............happy.........for the two of you.

S- Yeah. I'm sorry, I know this is hard for you.

B- (turns around and looks at him) I won't let you do this.

S- What? Why, I don't understand.......

B- (starts to cry) I can't Sonny, I just......

S- Say what you have to say Brenda. (he walks over to her, they are standing thisclose)

B- It's nothing. Go and be happy with her. I'm sorry, I just wanted Cassie to have a daddy close by. do you know what I mean?

S- Yeah, maybe we'll move to the states someday.

B- (puts her hand on his cheek) You'll always be part of me, part of me will always love you.

S- Part of me will always love you too. (he leans in to kiss her, but she pulls away just the tiniest bit)

B- You should go now, you should be with Melissa.

S- Meghan.

B- Yeah, whatever.

S- I'll come by and see Cassie before...........

B- Yeah, I think we'll leave tomorrow too.

S- See you tomorrow morning then.

B- Bye.

~Sonny leaves Brenda's hotel room, and it's obvious he's upset, even though he's not crying~

~Brenda goes into the bathroom and wipes away the tears. She looks at herself in the mirror~

B- (whispers) Oh Sonny....


Chapter 32: (written by Katie)

~Meghan is sitting at her and Sonny's house, thinking of their wedding~

M- (to herself) I was sure you were still in love with Brenda, just *positive* of it. I guess I was wrong. (smiles)

~Sonny walks in~

S- Hey Meg, what's up?

M- Nothing, just thinking of our life together. I thought you were bringing home some food.

S- Oh yeah, I forgot. I went to see Brenda and Cassie. They're leaving tomorrow, and I just wanted to tuck her in.

M- Who Sonny? Who did you *really* want to tuck in? Are you sure it was just your baby, because I'm not that sure.

S- What are you talking about? How many times do I have to tell you, I 'm over Brenda. I love *you* Meghan!

M- Ok, I'm sorry. I just get a little worried. You've been spending so much time with that woman, I started to wonder who it is you're really getting married to.

S- You don't have to worry anymore. Tomorrow, we will become husband and wife, and nothing will stop us.

M- Nothing?

S- Nothing. (they kiss)

~Brenda is sitting in her hotel room, crying just the tiniest bit. She decides to call Lois~

L- Hello?

B- Lo, I hope I'm not calling at a bad time.

L- Brenda, of course not! What happened?

B- *Everything* happened! Sonny loves Cassie so much, you should just see them together, it's so sweet.

L- That's great! Right?

B- Not exactly, he had a talk with Meghan. They decided to get married tomorrow instead of next week like they planned.

L- Oh my God. What are you going to do?

B- Nothing. I told you, and everybody else, it's over. He loves Meghan, not me. I want him to be safe and happy. If Meghan makes him happy, then that's the way it has to be.

L- But, don't you love him anymore? I thought....

B- It's over between me and Sonny. That's it, we're coming back home tomorrow. Sonny said he'd come say goodbye to Cassie in the morning.

L- Ok, I'm so sorry Brenda. But listen to me now ok?

B- What?

L- If you still love him, and you just aren't telling me, then you *have* to tell him when he comes to say goodbye. Otherwise, you'll feel just miserable. At least then you'll know how he feels.

B- I'll see you tomorrow, ok?

L- Yeah, bye.

~Brenda and Lois hang up the phone. Brenda's thinking about what Lois said to her~

"You have to tell him...."
"At least then you'll know how he feels."

B- (to herself) No, I just can't. He's happy with her, that's all I ever wanted for him.

Chapter 33: (written by Katie)

~The next morning, Meghan and Sonny are getting ready to go to the church to get married. They are just finishing up breakfast, as Sonny gets up to leave~

M- Where are you going now?

S- I told you last night, to say goodbye to my baby girl.

M- Ok, but come back soon!

S- I will. (he kisses her and leaves)


~Brenda is just about ready to burst. She knows that Sonny is coming over soon, and she still doesn't know whether or not to tell him that she still loves him~

"You have to tell him...."
"At least then you'll know how he feels."

~Sonny's standing outside of Brenda's hotel room, thinking~

S- (to himself) I still love her, but I can't tell her unless she says something first. Maybe she doesn't want to be with me anymore. She said last night that she wanted me to marry Meghan and be happy, but did she mean it?

~Sonny takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. Brenda answers it and forces a smile. Sonny smiles back~

B- Hi, come on in.

S- Thanks, but I can't stay long.

B- Right, your wedding.

S- Uh, yeah. So where's Cassie? I want to just say goodbye and leave.

B- (picks up Cassie out of her crib and brings her to Sonny) She's gonna miss you.

S- (smiles at his baby) I'll miss her too. (looks at Brenda) And I'll miss you.

B- Yeah, so will I.

S- So....(looks back down at Cassie) What time does your flight leave?

B- Uh, around 3. I wanted an earlier flight, but couldn't get one.

S- Oh. (kisses Cassie on the head) I love you sweetheart. I want you to know that I won't ever forget about you, and I'll come to PC to see you. (looks at Brenda) You will let me see her right?

B- Of course! I wouldn't even think of *not* letting you see her. I'll even bring her down here sometimes to see you.

S- Good. I was hoping you'd do that. Even though I won't always be there, I still want to be a father to her.

B- You will. I promise.

S- Thank you.

B- Sure.

~Sonny hands Cassie back to her. Brenda puts her back in the crib~

S- I uh, better go now.

B- Yeah, you wouldn't want to keep Melissa waiting.

S- (sighs and whispers) Meghan.

B- Whatever! (she holds her face in her hands) I'm sorry, I'm just really tired. Cassie kept me up all night.

S- Uh huh. Look, I really do want to be a father to Cassie. I mean, I don't just want to be left out in the cold.

B- You won't, I promise.

S- Well, thank you for letting me meet her. It really means alot to me.

~Sonny walks over and hugs her. Brenda wraps her arms around him, never wanting to let go, while Sonny thinks the same. Slient tears fall down Brenda's cheeks, and she quickly wipes them away before pulling away from Sonny. He gives her a kiss on the forehead~

S- You know you'll always be part of me.

B- Ditto.

S- I hope we'll talk soon. Bye.

B- Bye.

~Sonny leaves her hotel room and leans against the wall, silently crying~

S- (whispers) I love you Brenda.

~Brenda sits down on the bed, holding herself and crying~

B- (whispers) I love you Sonny.


Chapter 34: (written by Katie)

~Sonny realizes that he really can be happy with Meghan. He loves Brenda, and always will, but he thinks he can be happy with someone else. He drives home, and he and Meghan head over to the church for their wedding~

M- This is it Sonny, we're gonna be husband and wife.

S- Yes we will Meg, together forever.


~Brenda is sitting in her hotel room, getting ready to go home to PC. She's *very* upset about what she said to Sonny, or what she didn't say~

B- Why couldn't I just tell him? Now he's gonna marry that girl, whoever she is, and he'll be with her forever, not me. I wanted us to be a family, with our little girl. (sighs) But if he's happy with her, that's all that matters to me. (whispers) I still love you Sonny.


~Back at the church, Sonny and Meghan are thisclose to tying the knot. But for some reason, neither one of them look very happy about it~

Priest- Do you, Sonny, take Meghan to be your wife? To love, honor, and cherish her in sickness and in health, for as long as you live?

S- (takes a deep breath) I do.

~Meghan looks at him in complete shock. She was sure he was going to back out of the wedding~

P- And do you, Meghan, take Sonny to be your husband? To love, honor, and cherish him in sickness and in health, for as long as you live?

M- (squeezes Sonny's hand) I can't.

S- (looks at her in disbelief) What? I don't believe this.

M- Neither can I.

P- Uh, maybe I should give you some time alone. I'll be in the back office if you need me again. (he leaves)

S- I don't understand.

M- No Sonny. I'm the one who shouldn't understand. You just promised to love me for the rest of your life.

S- And I will-

M- I know you better than that. I know you loved Brenda once, and I can tell that there's still love there. It's too obvious.

S- Meg, you don't understand.

M- I think I do. You can try to make me believe that it's over between you too, and that you really do love me. I know better. You still love her. I was expecting you to break this off, but when you didn't, I realized I had to.

S- I'm sorry. I never wanted this to happen.

M- Me too. I want you to be happy, and I think only Brenda can do that. (she kisses him one last time) Now go to her. And I only want to see you again when you come to get your stuff.

S- (smiles) Are you gonna be ok?

M- Yeah, I'll recover. I'm a strong woman.

S- I've noticed. Be happy Meg.

M- You too Sonny.

~Sonny runs out of the church and Meghan breathes a sigh of relief~

M- This is how it has to be Sonny. You still love her. God, I wish I was her. What a
lucky woman.


~Sonny gets to Brenda's hotel room, hoping he's not too late. Breathless, he knocks on the door~

B- Sonny? I thought you had a wedding to go to.

S- (smiles) We need to talk Brenda.

Chapter 35: (written by Katie)

B- Sonny, we have nothing to talk about. I already told you this, you can be a father to Cassie. You can be a husband to Meghan, I just want you to be happy.

S- Meghan wants the same for me. That's why she called off our wedding.

B- She.......she what? Why?

S- Because I was too stubborn to do it myself. Brenda.......(he takes her hands)

B- Sonny........

S- Meghan realized the same thing I did when you came back here. She was smart
enough to say something though.

B- I don't......

S- Let me finish. I think that the reason Meghan moved our wedding up a week was to see if I would go through with it. I was willing to, because I really wanted to be with her. When I said "I do" (Brenda cringes at the thought) she knew I wasn't serious. She knew that I would always love someone else.

B- Sonny.....

S- I should have said this to you so long ago. I still love you, and I want to be with you. Forever.

B- (starts to shake a little bit) I.....can't believe you just said that.

S- What? Don't even try and tell me that you don't feel the same.

B- No! I still love you too! I was just so afraid I was gonna lose you forever, but you
looked so happy with her, I couldn't break that up.

S- Really? I mean, you still love me?

B- (smiles) With all my heart.

~Sonny smiles and takes her face in his hands. He kisses her and all the passion that had been missing from their lives erupts again in that one kiss~

B- (pulling away, but they are still standing thisclose) I love you.

S- I love you too. I never want us to be apart again.

B- Me too.

~They kiss again~

:Chapter 36: (written by stacy)

--Sonny and Brenda finally pull away breathless from one of the most passionate kisses that either one of them have experienced in so long. A kiss that only they could experience with each other--

--Brenda and Sonny stay only an inch apart after they pull apart from their hot kiss.
Brenda puts her fingers through his hair--

B-(whispers) I love you so much.

--Sonny gives her a quick kiss--

S-(shakey voice) I love you, too, baby.

--Brenda pulls away a little and looks at him and goes to sit down on the couch and he joins her--


B-Nothing. I just never thought I would ever hear you call me "baby" again. I wasn't sure if we would ever be together again.

S-(smiles) I never thought I would be able to call you that again.

B-Our love always seems to survive through the toughest times, doesn't it?

S-It sure does. There is no way to get around it no matter how hard you try. I know
what that's like.

B-What do you mean?

S-I thought about you all the time. I especially thought of you when I would take walks on the beach.

B-Right. Come on, you had Meghan.

S-I know I did, but it just wasn't the same. I could never love anyone the way I love you and she knew that. She was very smart I want you to know that I never stopped loving you.....ever.

B-I wasn't so sure. Being away from you was the hardest thing I ever did. When I made you leave I wondered over and over if it was the right thing to do. And when I found out I was pregnant that was when I really regretted my decision. (stands up and paces the room) You know, sometimes I couldn't sleep at night because I just ached for you. I needed you so much. (Sonny gets up and puts his arms around her body) I couldn't get myself to move on until I got your letter.

S-(turns her around) I should've never sent Jason that letter. I thought if I said all those things and I thought you were moving on that would help me fially put it all behind me. I was wrong.

B-No, it was good for me. After that letter I let go as much as I could. I lived my life for me and my child......our child. I figured that even though you weren't with me physically that you would always be with me because I was having your baby.

S-If I only knew. I would've been back here in a second to take care of you and our baby. Or I would've sent for you. If I would've know I swear I would've never let you raise this child alone.

B-I know that. That is why I *had* to wait.

S-All right. I understand now. Not that I'm surprised. You always try to protect me.
You, Brenda Barrett, are my lifeline.

B-And you are mine.

--Sonny and Brenda lean in for yet another passionate kiss--


--Robin stops by Lois and Ned with Jason--

--Ned comes to the door and let's them in--

L-Roibin and Jason, it's so good to see you.

R-You too.

L-Are you guys ok?


R-We were just wondering if you had heard from Brenda in the last few days.

L-Yeah. Unfortunately she's a wreck.

R-What do you mean?

L-He should be married to Meghan about now. They moved their wedding day up.

J-What is their problem? You know, I have *never* seen two people so damn stubborn.

R-Well, you are pretty stubborn, too.


N-Well, I hope she tells him what Lois told her to say.

J-Which is?

L-Oh. He was coming over to see Cassie because Bren was coming home today and I told her to tell him how how she really feels. I told her if she doesn't tell him then he might not know.

R-I hope she does, but she is so stubborn.

N-We know.

J-Yeah. Maybe we'll hear some good news soon.

R-I would love that.

L-Me, too.

N-Can you guys stay for dinner?

R-(She looks at Jason) I guess.

J-Yeah, we could do that. Thanks.

L-It's our pleasure. We never spend enough time together.

R-No kidding.

--Robin and Lois head into the kitchen together while Ned andJason talk in the living

Chapter 37: (written by stacy)


--Mike sits behind the bar thinking what it would be like to have his son back in PC with Brenda and their baby. What it would be like to be a grandfather and show Sonny that he was here to stay in his life--

--Mike wanted all the happiness his son could have. He felt that after everything Sonny and Brenda have been through that they deserve to be together--

--Luke walks up to Mike--

L-Hello. Mike!

M-(pops out of dreamworld) Oh, sorry.

L-What were you thinking about?

M-Just what it would be like to have Sonny and Brenda with a baby living happy together.

L-It would be nice, wouldn't it?


L-They would be great parents. Sonny would be a terrific father.

M-Yeah. Better than I was.

L-Don't beat yourself up about that. You and Sonny are past all that.

M-I know.


--Brenda and Sonny have spend the last half hour or so holding each other and kissing each other--

--Brenda pulls apart and touches his face--

B-Will you do me a favor?

S-Anything. I would do *anything* for you.

B-(smiles) I know. I hope it's not something that is a problem.

S-All right.

B-Would you stay here with me. I mean, I don't want to make love yet. I want us to save that till we get back to PC. I want it to be special. Even though I know that no matter where we are when we make love again that it will be special. I just want to wait. I hope it's ok with you.

S-Of course. I agree that we should wait for it to be special.

--Brenda hugs him tightly and gives him a short kiss--

B-I just want to go to bed with your arms around me and wake up with them around me, too. I just want to be close to you tonight. Am I being dumb here?

S-No, because there were so many nights that all I wanted was to hold you. TO be close to you.

B-Good. I want to call Lois and Robin, k?

S-Sure. Unless you want to surprise them.

B-Well, I talked to Lois before you came over this morning, and I was so upset
about you marrying Meghan. She wanted me to tell you how I really felt, but I couldn't get myself to say it. For some reason I just couldn't.

S-Me either. Go call them. I will watch Cassie.

B-(smiles) All right, daddy.

S-(smiles) Daddy. Wow. I wasn't sure if that would ever apply to me.

B-It does.

--Brenda goes to call Robin and Lois--


--Robin and Jason, Lois and Ned are just about to sit down to dinner when the phone

L-Let me get it!


B-Lo, it's me!

L-Bren? You should tremendously happy. Did something happen with Sonny.

B-You got it.

L-Spill it, girlfriend.

B-All right. Meghan let him go because she knew that the love between me and Sonny never died and never would. And she was right. He came to me and told me and that he still loved me and that he wanted us to be together forever.

L-Wow! I am so happy for you guys! This is the best news. Now you guys will finally have the family that you both have wanted for so long.

B-Yeah. I can't believe we came so close to losing it. It's still not quite real.

L-It is. When are you coming home?


L-We can't wait to see you.

B-I better call Robin.

L-Actually she's right here.

B-Will you tell her the news for me?

L-Yes, of course.

--They hang up and Brenda walks over to Sonny, who is standing over Cassie's crib--

S-(whispers) I love your mommy so much, sweetie.

--Brenda walks over to him and wraps her arms around Sonny--

B-And Mommy loves your daddy so much, too.

TBC> Katie will finish from here on out! I had a lot of fun doing this and i know Katie will do an awesome job finishing it up for you guys! i hope you guys will still read my other two new stories!


Chapter 38:

~Sonny and Brenda have just been sitting in her hotel room holding and kissing each other. They don't really want to do much of anything else~

S- This is amazing, I'm so glad I *finally* told you how I feel.

B- I should have told you as soon as I saw you, but you know why I couldn't.

S- I do, but it really doesn't matter to me now. I'm with you and our baby (Brenda smiles) and that's all I'll ever want.

B- (kisses him) We should probably go now. I told Lois we'd be coming back soon, and I don't want to keep Cassie away from home for very long.

S- Ok, but I need to go get some of my stuff at my house. (Brenda looks down at the floor) Hey. (he puts his hands on her face and she looks up at him) What did I just tell you?

B- I know, it's only....

S- Brenda, I love *you*. I know it's been forever since we've been together, but that's changed. I'm going back to my old house to get my stuff so I can be with *you*. Yes Meghan's there, but I promise you. It won't be a problem.

B- Ok. I trust you. (smiles at him and kisses him) I'll be here.

S- I'll be back soon.

~Sonny leaves to go to Meghan's house~


~Meghan has been laying out on the beach since she called off the wedding. She's thinking of what might have been~

M- (to herself) It was the right thing to do. It's so obvious he loves her, I don't know why I even tried to get involved with him. I knew from the start I would probably get hurt. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

~Sonny walks in the house and gets his stuff. He packs it all in the car and looks for Meghan. When he doesn't find her inside, he knows exactly where outside she is~

S- Meghan?

M- (turns around) I thought we ended this....

S- We did, well you did. I just came to get my stuff, I'm going back to PC later today.

M- Good, you'll be happy there. You'll have your true love and your daughter, everything will be just perfect.

S- Look, I know I hurt you. I didn't expect Brenda to come back, and I didn't think we had a child either. If she didn't come back, we'd be married by now. This was *not* my fault.

M- I didn't say it was. I'm sorry, I'm overreacting. I guess you never stop loving your first love.

S- Who was yours?

M- (stares into his eyes for a minute, then looks at the ground) He was in love with someone else, and I lost him forever.

S- Oh.

More to come - Now you guys know that if *stacy* ran out of ideas, i'm not too far behind. this should be over pretty soon, just a few more chapters. unless i get a really crazy idea, which probably won't happen. stacy - it was fun! you're a great writer, and we should do another one again sometime =)

Chapter 39:

S- I also came here to thank you.

M- For what?

S- You knew that I was still in love with Brenda. If you hadn't called off the wedding, we'd be married and upset about it. You were the smart one who knew what was right.

M- I just hope she makes you happy.

S- She does. I hope you'll be happy too, you deserve it.

M- Thanks. (smiles) You should go now, before I get upset.

~Sonny walks over to her and they hug. He pulls away and kisses her on the forehead~

S- Bye Meghan.

M- Bye Sonny.

~Sonny turns and leaves. Meghan sits down and starts to cry~

M- (whispers) I love you.


~Brenda has all of her stuff packed, as well as Cassie's. She's getting impatient while waiting for Sonny~

B- Where is he? God I hope that woman didn't start anything.

S- (runs through the door) Miss me?

B- Yes! (they kiss) What took you so long?

S- Nothing, just had to pick something up. (smiles)

B- (smiles back) What?

S- Nothing important. Come on, we don't want to miss our plane! (he picks up some of her stuff and starts to leave)

B- Sonny wait! (he turns around) Come here. (Brenda walks over to him and gives him a *very* passionate kiss)

S- Wow, what was that?

B- (smiles) Nothing important.

S- Ha ha, I love you.

B- I love you too. Now come on, let's go home. (she picks up Cassie)

S- Yeah. (looks at Cassie) You hear that sweetie? We're going home, we're gonna be a family!

B- (laughs) Come on...

~S&B go to the airport to go back home to PC~

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