Is it over by

Ths story takes place over 2 years later from the show after Sonny left Port
Charles. Lois and Ned worked things out when Lois moved back to P.C and got
back together. They live in the gatehouse with Brooke-Lynn. Robin also moved
back to P.C and moved in with Brenda at her cottage. Jason and Robin couldn't
work things out because Jason wouldn't quit the mob. Brenda liked having her
'little sister' round and
they offered each other support. Felicia and Mac found their way back to
each other after the Tess mess and are engaged. They keep fighting but it
keeps them on their toes or so they say but they still love each other very
much. Mac moved into the Brownstone. Robin didn't want to live in that house
by herself with the memories of Stone and Jason. Brenda understood and invited
Robin to start fresh at her cottage.
Laura, Lesley and Lulu all moved back to P.C from Switzerland.
So the story begins...

Chapter 1

The Spencer home
Laura is in the kitchen making breakfast. Lucky is getting ready for
school and Lesley is playing with Lulu. Foster brings the mail in and
gives it to Luke.
''Good for you Skillethead. Let's see what we have here.''
Here's a letter for you Dad. No return address. Listen I've got to go or
i'll be late. Mom, Grandma, Dad.''
''Lucky, what about breakfast ?'' Laura called after him. Exasperated she
gives up. ''Honestly Luke, our son is...'' She notices the look on her
husband's face and becomes concerned.
''Luke what is it ? The letter. Who is it from ?''
Laura gets a shocked look on her face.
''What does it say?''
''He's coming back.''
Laura looks at him with shock and surprise.
''I thought you said-''
''I know. I spoke with him a few weeks ago. He didn't plan on making an
appearance. Corinthos must've changed his mind.''
''Do you think he found out about Stone?''
''I doubt it.''
''You didn't tell him?''
''No, neither did Jason. No, we agreed to keep our mouths shut. I don't
even want to think about what will happen when Sonny finds out he has a
son by Brenda.''
'' What if Brenda doesn't tell him or he doesn't stick around long
enough ? Sonny isn't exactly on the top of Brenda's list.''
''Depends which list it is. Listen babe. I've got to get to the club and
confer with Jason.''
''OK. Bye.''
Luke leaves and Laura spend time with her mother and daughter.

Chapter 2

Luke's Half an hour later
Luke is behind the bar polishing glasses. Jason walks in.
''Hey junior. You got my message I presume.''
''Yeah. You heard from him too.''
''When is he due to arrive?''
''Tomorrow from Puerto Rico. No one else knows except us. He'll be
flying in in the morning.''
''Why now and how long does he plan on staying?''
''From what I hear things have settled down with Rivera's organization
and Hong Kong.''
''I take it Sonny doesn't know what's been going on since he left
''He knows its safe and we're all alive. What else does he need to
''He didn't ask about Brenda?''
''Not yet. Sonny knows she's safe, that's why he left. If she was in
danger Sonny would've come back sooner and taken her away.''
'' Jason, if Sonny knew that she was pregnant with his child then he
would have come back sooner anyway.''
''I know but he didn't ask so he doesn't need to know.''
''Well, enough about Brenda. How is Corinthos and what are his plans
when he gets back?''
''The PH will be his but as far as the club I don't know. We didn't work
everything out. Sonny's finally clean and out. If you feel more
comfortable with Sonny as your partner then it's cool with me. I still
have the ELQ shares.''
''What about the personal front?''
The door to the club suddenly swings open and in walks a familiar
''What about it?''

Chapter 3

~Brenda's cottage. Mike is there playing with his Grandson.
"If I didn't know better I'd swear he gets bigger everytime I see
"I know Mike. Pretty soon he won't be my little baby anymore.''
''Look at the time. I wish I could stay longer but I've got to get to
''That's OK. Stone loves any time he spends with his Grandpa huh
He gurgles happily and smiles at his mother.
''You should come by sometime for dinner Brenda. I hardly see you
anymore. Why don't you let me keep him for a night and you can go out?''
''I don't know Mike. I miss him too much when my son isn't with me.
Stone probably is getting tired of me and Robin all the time though. I'm
smothering him too much.''
''That's not true. You just love him a lot. Stone lights up everytime he
sees you. He really is a happy baby considering...''
Mike trails off
''It's okay Mike. You can say his name. I love Stone with all my heart.
He's all I need. I like being independent. Besides, I have my modeling,
L&B, Lois and Ned and Robin. I'll meet someone, get married and have
more kids eventually. I just need to spend as much time with my son as I
can right now. I need to be with him. Maybe I'm being selfish but I
don't like sharing him with anyone except his godparents, Robin and
Mike leaves Brenda and Stone alone to go to Luke's.
Little does he know that he's in for the shock of his life.

Chapter 4
(recap- Luke and Jason are discussing Sonny's return to P.C which is sooner
than they think. He's just walked into the club.)

Luke and Jason are both surprised to see Sonny so soon.
Luke: Corinthos, you're back. How long has it been man?
Luke walks out from behind the bar and embraces his best friend and former
Sonny: Too long. Jason (he acknowledged his other friend) So Spencer, how are
The books still in order?
Luke: Things are great. My wife, mother-in-law and kids are back from the
Alps. You should come by the house later. I'm sure Laura would like to see you
and Lulu's grown so much. You wouldn't believe it. They grow so fast !
S: So she's healthy?
Luke: As a horse.
S: That's good. I'm happy for you.
The three men stay there for awhile just catching up.
S: So, where's Mike?
[BTW: in my story Mike still works at Luke's and hasn't met Mary Scanlon]
L: Uh, probably spending time with Brenda at her house.
S: Brenda bought a house?
J: Jax helped her find a place after she moved out of their penthouse.
Sonny nodded his head and looked bothered by the fact Jax was still around.
S: They got back together? Man, he sure didn't waste anytime.
J: No, It wasn't like that. Or at least that's what Robin said. They're just
friends. Brenda was hurt and Jax offered her a place to stay. She accepted.
S: How is Robin?
Luke shoots him a look.
J: She's doing good. The protocol works and the HIV is almost undetectable.
Other than that I wouldn't know.
S: Listen, i'm sorry man. I didn't-
J: Sonny, it's cool. You didn't know. You wanted to know how Robin was doing
so you asked.
Jason glances at his watch.
J: Look, i've got to go. I'll talk to you both later. Oh, here are the keys to
the penthouse. It's yours.
S: Thanks man. I appreciate it.
J: No problem.
Jason leaves to go take care of some business. Sonny turns his attention back
to Luke.
S: When did Jason start wearing a watch?
L: After you left. Junior's holding up OK but I think he's doing better with
you back. He still loves Robin and she loves him. They can't make it work
because of his work. It's like it was with me and Laura and you and Ms.
S: Miss Barrett? When did you get so formal?
L: When she pretended not to know me and told me to take a hike. She doesn't
come here anymore. Jason paid her a visit after you left. Brenda couldn't get
him out of her house fast enough and blew a gasket when he mentioned security
and bodyguards.
She told Jason that if she saw anyone near, on or around her property she'd
call the boys in blue.
S: She cut me out of her life completely. Got rid of everything that reminded
her of me.
Sonny looked saddened by the thought of being completely out of Brenda's life.
He didn't know that that was the complete opposite of what he was thinking.

Chapter 5

Luke speaks cryptically "Not entirely man. You'd be surprised"
Sonny looks at him curiously. "What do you mean?"
Luke quickly covers."Uh, Mike... They're close, Mike visits them all the time.
They're family now."
Sonny is staring at Luke now, almost sensing something. "Them ?"
Luke slipped again but fortunately he covers again. "Yeah, Brenda and Robin.
Robin lives there too." Sonny nodded and accepted the explanation.
"She seeing anyone ?"
"I want to know what's going on with her. Please Luke, just tell me what you
"Listen Sonny. Are you planning on getting her back because-"
Sonny interrupts him.
"No. Things are over between us." Sonny is trying to convince himself more
than Luke.
"Besides I haven't seen her in years." Luke looks at him disbelievingly.
"All right Luke. I don't know. Things will never be completely over between
us. At least on my part. I'll always love her and we will always be connected
by pain if I don't explain things to her or make her understand so we can both
move on. I need to make things right with her."
Luke looks at him questioningly. "Are you sure she'll let you? If I were you
I'd make sure there were no breakable items around."
"Yeah, it'll have to wait though. I need to see Mike and Robin first. Lois
too. I can't spring my return on her like this."
"I think you underestimate the lovely Ms. Barrett. I doubt that she'll have a
breakdown when she lays her eyes on you."
"I know. One thing Brenda's not is a delicate flower. Was she okay after I
left ? I asked Jason but you know him..."
"I barely saw her but from what Mike says she's doing pretty good. Especially
after Sto-"Luke stops mid sentence.
"After what Luke? Don't stop I want to know."
Luke breathes a small sigh of relief when the phone rings.
"I'm expecting a call you'll have to excuse me partner. Why don't you sit down
and have a drink." Luke goes in the back office to take the call.

Chapter 6

Mike walks into Luke's office beaming.
"Luke, you'll never guess what happened with my grandson at Brenda's. Stone
did the cutest thing. He-"
Luke interrupts him. "Sonny's out front."
Mike looks at him for a few minutes not comprehending what he's saying.
"What did you say? My son Michael?"
Just that moment Sonny walks in "Right here Pops." Mike is still in shock but
manages to embrace his son and spoke finally.
"How are you ? You look great."
""I'm fine. So are you by the looks of things."
The shock and happiness wears off and the father-son moment is over.
"Michael, where the hell have you been? Do you have any idea how much damage
you did by just disappearing like that ? Why on earth did you do it? Brenda
was a wreck. You were supposed to get married."
Luke intercedes before it gets too heavy. "Mike, I think you should cool it
for awhile. You'll hear everything soon enough. Believe me Mike, Sonny had his
"You knew about this ? I asked you if you knew where he was and what happened.
You said-"
This time it's Sonny who intercedes. "Mike, lay off Luke. I made him give his
word not to tell anyone. Jason too. It was too dangerous. Sit down i'll fill
you in."
Mike reluctantly sits down and listens to Sonny's tale of the last 2 years.

Chapter 7

Mike and Sonny are sitting in Luke's office at the club. Luke has gone back
out front to take care of customers. It's lunchtime.
" I can't say that I agree with what you did Michael but I undertstand why you
did it."
Mike pauses not sure how to approach the next subject... Brenda.
"Are you going to see Brenda?"
"Yes. I have to."
"You can't Michael. Brenda doesn't want to see you. She's been through enough.
Just wait awhile. You can't just show up on her doorstep."
Sonny rubs his face. "Gee, Mike thanks for your faith. I have no intention of
doing that. I jst want to see Robin first. She can break the horrible news of
my return to her."
"I'm sorry son. No matter what happened or what happens I'm glad you're back.
Remember that."
Sonny nods his head. "I know. I'm glad I came back too. Even if its only a
short visit. I have to settle some things here. I don't know how long it'll

Chapter 8

The Bridge
Robin is there, just standing and thinking. A few minutes later Jason shows
up. He goes there because the place reminds him of Robin. He didn't really
expect her to be there, he only hoped she would be even though it hurt
everytime he saw her. Jason wated to hold her, touch her...Robin finally
turned around, almost expecting to see him. They stand and look at each other
for a few minutes. It seemed like an eternity. This time it was Jason who
spoke first.
"It's cold out here. You shouldn't be here, its not good for you."
"It's not good for you either Jason."
"The memories."
"Then why are you here." They are talking like strangers or people who just
met, not two people who are very much in love like they were. Going back would
only hurt more, they both knew it but couldn't help it.
"I do some of my best thinking out here."
"What are you thinking about now?" He silently prayed she would say 'About us,
you mostly.'
"Life. I was just thinking how much things change. Stone is gone. Sonny is
gone. It's like Uncle Mac has his own separate world now. I mean i'm happy for
him. He's going to marry Felicia and have a family. It was what I wanted when
I was younger. Maxie and I would pretend to be sisters. Felicia was like a
mother to me. Now it just seems different." She was lying. It was one of the
few times she did lie. Robin couldn't let Jason know she was thinking about
them and their life, how it was supposed to be. Jason knew it but he didn't
call her on it. He let it go.For now.
They are interrupted by Jason's phone ringing.
"Yeah...okay. She's right here. I'll bring her over."
Robin looks at him questioningly. "Who was that ?"
"Sonny. He wants to see you."
"What ? When did he come back?"
"This morning."
"How is he?"
"Pretty good considering. Sonny probably wants to explain to you why he did
what he did. He had his reasons."
"I know. It still hurt though. Mostly Brenda. Does he know about her ?" Robin
was refering to Stone, Brenda and Sonny's son.
"No, I didn't tell him. No one else knows he's back except Luke and Mike."
"Okay, let's go. I missed him."
"I know. So did I." Each were wishing the other would say that they missed the
other. They did but couldn't get the words out. They walk silently to the limo
to go see Sonny.

Chapter 9

Sony has left Luke's club and started to walk home. Somehow he ended up at the
docks. Their place. He started thinking about her like he had everyday for the
last 2 years. He stood there remembering everything that had happened there.
It was the place they had gotten back together twice. The first time was when
he found out Lily was pregnant. The second time was perfect. They were honest
and declared their love for each other. He was the one who screwed it up both
times. He should have never married Lily. He should have married Brenda. He
had plenty of chances. They would have been married...should have been married
by now. Hell, in his heart it was like they were already married. He didn't
need a piece of paper to tell him that he belonged with Brenda. That he should
spend the rest of his life loving and cherishing her and only her.
He thought about the children they should of had. How beautiful they would be
and what a wonderful mother Brenda would be. Maybe the factt that Brenda
wasn't married or involved with someone was a sign that they still had a
chance. Sonny hadn't really been in touch with anyone. He figure that she'd be
married with 2 kids by now. He never thought that she would still be single,
just hoped. Hoped that she would be waiting for him, thinking about him,
loving him from afar like he did her.God, she was beautiful. He remembered her
smile, her soft skin, how she felt next to him... He was still in love with
her but didn't know what to do about it.

Elsewhere in Port Charles.
Brenda sat in her home watching her son. Stone smiled happily at his mother.
He flashed his cute little dimples at Brenda. It made her heart melt just like
it did when Sonny smiled like that at her. In spite of herself she wished that
Sonny was there, he should be the one smiling at her like that. He should be
there with her and their son.
Brenda's thoughts were disturbed by Stone's cries.
"What's wrong sweetie? Huh, you want your mommy to pick you up ? I know how
you feel. I wish your daddy was here to hold me."
Brenda scooped up her son and set him in her lap. Mother and son played
"I wonder where Robin is. She should be back soon. It's getting late."

Chapter 10

Sonny finally leaves the docks to go back to his penthouse. He had called
Jason to find Robin and bring her. He had missed her and wanted to see if she
was all right. He wanted to see Brenda too but decided against it. At least
not yet. He had all the time in the worlf. Or so he thought.
A while later he arrives at the penthouse. He uses his key to open the door
and walked in like he had done hundreds of times before but it felt different
this time. Sonny glanced around the penthouse. Jason hadn't changed a thing.
More memories came flooding back. The many days he spent with Brenda after
they got back from Tiger Key, the night before they were supposed to get
married, the morning before...

" I understand that I love you and there is nothing that you can say to
me right now that is going to take away the happy feeling that I have
inside my heart because I know that I want to spend the rest of my life
with you,..."
"...we're going to be going to bed every night together. Together. We're
going to wrap up in each other and we're going to know that it's worth
"I want you to depend on me. 'Cause I am going to show you what it's like
to be so happy and so bold and so full of love. I want to do that for
you, but if you're not going to allow it, maybe I should let you go."

You should have let go then Brenda. You didn't deserve what I did to you. You
never did.
It was worth it. We were worth it but I was a fool and I let go. No matter how
bad things got between us, you never deserved to be hurt. I never even
deserved you. God, you were perfect. You stood by me and refused to let go.
You were ready to give everything up for me and I screwed it up again. If I
get the chance I'll make it all up to you. I promise, he thought to himself.

Sonny walks over to the window and walks onto the terrace. He stood in the
same spot where he stood holding Brenda many months ago.

"We'll always be enough for each other. "

Oh baby, you were more than enough for me, he thought to himself. Will it ever
be the same he wondered.

Chapter 11

The doorbell rings and interrupts his thoughts again. Sonny walks over to the
front door to answer it. It was Jason and Robin.
"Sonny, I'm so glad you're back. I was worried about you. I was afraid that
you were hurt or dead."
"I'm fine Robin. I just wanted to see how you were doing."
"I'm ok. The doctors said I was healthy."
"That's good." Sonny looks at Jason who excuses himself and goes upstairs.
"You didn't have to do that you know."
"Yes, I did. I wanted to see how you were really doing."
"It hurts Sonny but we can't be together. Other than thaat I'm doing good.
Uncle Mac is happy and I like living with Brenda."
Sonny laughs. "I remember what it was like living with her. I'm surprised
you're still standing. She's not driving you crazy is she ?"
"No, I'm sorry if you don't want to talk about her then it's fine with me. I
"No you don't understand. You don't get how I could just leave like that."
"You could explain it to me. You didn't say in Paris."
Sonny visited Robin in Paris a few months ago, briefly. He really needed to
see someone he knew and loved even if it couldn't be Brenda.
"I know. I couldn't then. It's safer now."
"I wouldn't have told Brenda. I didn't even tell her that I saw you. If she
found out she would probably kill me for not telling her."
"I couldn't take the chance. You know how stubborn she is. Brenda might have
found out and come after me. It was dangerous. They were after me and by
extension Brenda.
I couldn't risk her life. She means everything to me."
"As in past tense ? I can tell you still care about her."
"I love her so much it hurts. I haven't seen her yet and I just want to run
over there and ..I don't know what. I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Maybe I should leave it alone. I don't know if I should even stay here. So
much has changed."
"How so ? Port Charles was your home. It still is. You have family and friends
here. People who love you."
"There's only one I really want. Is Brenda seeing anyone ? I'm only asking you
because you live with her and you would know."
"Brenda dates sometimes but she usually stays home." take care of your
son was what she wanted to say but it wasn't her place to tell. It was
Brenda's but Robin didn't think that she would willingly teell Sonny.
"I can't imagine her staying home alone in a cottage. I can only see her
sitting in our dreamhouse at the farm in the country with me. In front of our
fireplace." Sonny said sadly.
Robin reached over and squeezed his hand."It's going to be okay. Everything
will work out, you just have to believe."
"You're amazing you know that. Of all the rotten things that have happened to
you, you still look forward."
"I still have a lot to be thankful for. So do you." More than you know, she
thought to herself.

Chapter 12

Across town Brenda was remembering the same nights that Sonny were.
Sonny:This is where you're spending the rest of your life.

Brenda: You promise?

Sonny: Yep.

Brenda: That's all I need to know.


Brenda: Are you afraid to leave?

Sonny: I'm afraid to live without you.

Brenda: Me too. It's going to work, isn't it?

Sonny: I promise.

Oh God Sonny. You promised. Why did I believe you. Were you lying to me or did
you mean it ? Brenda curled up in front of the crackling fireplace and started
crying. Why did you leave she asked herself for what seemed to be the
thousandth time. Are you even still alive or did something happen ? No, I know
you're out there somewhere. I'd feel it if you were dead. I'd feel dead inside
too. I know that you're out there hurting just like I am. Mising me like i'm
missing you. If only you knew about Stone, our beautiful son. I wish you could
hold him just one time. I wonder if you found someone else. If you have your
own children by now. You're own wife and a new life. Brenda inwardly cringed
at the thought of Sonny with someone else. Playing with other children,
tucking them in, loving them and not Brenda and their son. Never them.

" I know you love me. This is something about whether we can be
together. If the price is too high, you say so now, I will
walk away, and I'll never, ever think you didn't love me. But if you're
willing to walk away from everybody, then we'll walk away together. It's
up to you."
I didn't even get a chance to decide. You said I did but I never had one. You
decided for me. I'll never forgive you for that.

If you're willing to give up everything for me, then how could I not
trust you with my heart?
Why did I have to trust you. Why did I have to believe you. The answer her
head gave her was the same answer her heart gave whenever she asked why she
had to llove him so much. Because you do.
Besides I don't regret any of it, she told herself. I got Stone out of it. My
son. My handsome little boy.

Later, Sonny is walking around the penthouse. He enters his office. It was
exactly how he left it. He sat in his chair at his desk and remembered when
Mike gave him the ring.
He stared at the couch where he asked Brenda to marry him the second time.

"You know, I've waited a lot in my life. Waited to grow up, to get away
from Deke, to get respect. To get over -- things. But the worst of it
was the waiting I had to do for you."
I don't care how long I have to wait. I will get you back and spend the rest
of my life loving you, cherishing you and making it up to you.

"Because I bought this ring in love, and I gave it in love. And it would
have stayed there if I wasn't the biggest fool on God's earth. You see,
this ring needs a second chance, Sonny...the kind that you and Brenda
could give it. So it's yours. You do with it what you want. All I know
is that, this time, I'm betting on a sure deal that's going to make it."

"What's that saying. Oh yeah, like father like son. This time I was the fool.
That ring should be on Brenda's finger right now." Sonny sat there talking to
himself. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't notice Jason
standing in the doorway.
"You still have a chance Sonny. There's another saying I heard one time.
'Third times a charm.' " Jason spoke to Sonny. Giving him advice he knew Mike
would give if he was there.
"If I asked her to marry me again she'd probably slap me in the face and tell
me to go to hell. That's the best case scenario."
Jason nodded and left Sonny alone to think.
"You have a better chance than you think Sonny. Brenda will probably take you
back if for nothing else than your son." he whispered to himself, thinking
about Stone.

Inside the office.

"...I knew she wasn't ever going to take me back so the ring -- the ring
felt like hope."

Sonny thought back to his talk with Mike again. I need that kind of hope too.
He got up and walked into the master bedroom where his luggage was. He opened
a bag and took out a small black box. Inside were the diamond bracelets that
he had given to Brenda. A bunch of different emotions started hitting him. His
heart filled up with love, despair, regrets but more importantly..hope.

Chapter 13

Brenda is still sitting there in front of the fireplace. She had to put the
fire out so she could hear the baby monitor better. Stone fell asleep the
second his head hit the pillow. He looked so cute lying in his little crib. If
only I could put the put out in my heart, she pondered to herself, the passion
that she felt for Sonny. The fire inside of her that stilled burned for Sonny.
She hated herself for still wanting him but she couldn't help it. All she
really ever wanted was Sonny. If he walked in the door this second I'd forget
everything he did and ask him to take me in his arms and make it all go away
like he's done before.

" I know you love me. This is something about whether we can be
together. If the price is too high, you say so now, I will
walk away, and I'll never, ever think you didn't love me. But if you're
willing to walk away from everybody, then we'll walk away together. It's
up to you."

I didn't even get a chance to decide. You said I did but I never had one. You
decided for me. I'll never forgive you for that.

"If you're willing to give up everything for me, then how could I not
trust you with my heart?"

Why did I have to trust you. Why did I have to believe you. The answer her
head gave her was the same answer her heart gave whenever she asked why she
had to llove him so much. Because you do.
Besides I don't regret any of it, she told herself. I got Stone out of it. My
son. My handsome little boy.

Chapter 14

At Sonny's penthouse.
Sonny puts the bracelets back in the box and slowly males his way downstairs
and into the kitchen where Jason was trying to find something to eat.
"Hey, Jase. Why don't I make dinner and we can catch up on everything. I don't
feel like going out."
"You sure. We don't have to go to the Outback or the Grille. We could go to
Luke's.Its not that late. We could get Claude to make us something."
"No. I just want a quiet evening tonight. I can make my reentrance into P.C
society tommorow. We can go to Luke's and announce my return."
"It's ok. Brenda's at home and it doesn't seem like she's going out anytime
soon. I checked."
"Thanks Jason but that's not the reason. Come on. Let's see what we have to
eat. Now that I'm back you won't be living on take-out or pizza anymore." He
was lying and grateful to Jason for leaving it alone. Sonny walked over to the
refridgerator and webnt through the cupboards. He got all the ingredients he
needed and started cooking up a storm. He hadn't had a chance to do much
cooking when he was hiding out.


Chapter 15

Robin arrived home to find Brenda sitting the couch staring into space. She
came home and found her best friend like that countless times before. She was
thinking about Sonny.
"Hey Bren. I thought you would be asleep by now. It's late. I hope you weren't
waiting for me."
"Not really. I was wondering where you were though."
"I had somethings to do." What she really wanted to say was that she'd seen
Sonny but she couldn't. Not yet.
"Oh, well I just put Stone down. I was about to go to bed."
"Do you want to talk about it?"
Brenda smiled to herself. Robin knew she was thinking of him. She always did,
especially having Stone around as a constant reminder. She'd have left Port
Charles a long time ago if she didn't have Stone. Move someplace that didn't
have any memoriess of Sonny. She loved Stone with all her heart but she always
felt a pang of hurt, regrets and pain when she looked at her son but mostly an
overwhelming amount of love.
All her friends were here. The ones that counted. Mike, Lois, Ned and Robin.
Stone needed family and to be surrounded by people who cared. Something she
never had. She wanted to give her son everything she didn't have growing up.
She did whatever she could but it didn't make up for the fact that Stone
didn't have two parents who loved each other and him. He wouldn't have a
father. She never had one or at least one that cared and not just threw money
at her and shipped her off to boarding school.
"No. Actually I do. I just want to get it all out but it hurts too much to
talk about it or even think about it. I worked through everything I could with
Kevin's help. He's a good doctor. I just need answers about why. The only
person who can say is Sonny and for all I know i'll never see him again. He
could be dead or someplace with someone else.
Do you think that he's married now and has a family of his own ?"
Brenda's mind started filling up with unwelcome images of Sonny with another
woman and their children.
"Brenda stop it. You'll drive yourself crazy thinking like that. Sonny loved
you. You are his family. You and Stone. Even if he doesn't know. That doesn't
change anything."
"How do you know he loved me ? It was probably all a big lie."
"Because I do know. I watched you two fall in love. I've seen you guys
together. He was happy with you. You were happy together. When you guys were
getting married I could hear how happy Sonny was in his voice."
"I don't know..."
"I do. So did Stone. He knew you guys belonged together. Stone was closer to
Sonny than any of us and he knew that. Stone knew Sonny and he knew he loved
you. I won't let you disgrace his memory like that."
Brenda notices her 'little sister' getting upset and gets up to give her a
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. Stone did know Sonny best. Maybe he
did love me at one time. He just stopped. It all got to be too much and he
realized he was making a mistake and Sonny backed out. It wasn't enough. I
wasn't enough. We weren't enough."

Is It Over

Chapter 16

"I still think you're wrong."
"But you don't know for sure. The only one who can tell me is Sonny and he's
not here."
Robin thought to herself. But I do know Bren, I saw him after the wedding in
Paris. He was miserable. He loves you so much. I just saw him at the
penthouse. He's still miserable. There will never be anyone else for him just
like there'll never be anyone else for you. She wanted to say this to her best
friend so much. Her heart was screaming at her to say it but she couldn't. Now
wasn't the right time but when is the right time she asked herself.
"Bren, for all you know Sonny could be sitting in his house hurting as much as
you. Maybe worse."
Brenda wipes the tears that were streaming down her face away.
"You know you should probably get some sleep. You need your rest."
"I need my best friend too. "
"I know. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dump everything on you. You should stay
away from me when i'm feeling sorry for myself. I hate when I get like this."
"Don't apologize. You are who you are. I love you."
"I love you too. You know you're probably one of the biggest things keeping me
sane. Without you and Stone i'd probably be going crazy in this house by
"You're helping me too. With Mac back together with Felicia and living at the
Brownstone i'd probably be going stir-crazy in that house filled with memories
of Stone and Jason."
"I know how you feel. I went to our old apartment above Luke's. Remember when
Lucy had that brilliant idea to have the shoot there and I actually agreed ? I
just stood there. All the memories came flooding back. I could relive every
second we spent there, even the bad times like when I was shot at in the
shower. That's when things started to change for us. You still remember that
night when Jason was shot by the tin man don't you ?"
Robin nodded sadly.
"That's when things went bad for us too. I wanted him to quit but he wouldn't.
Imade Sonny fire him and it was the wrong way to handle it. I wanted to
protect him but you can't protect someone from themselves. You tried to prtect
Sonny by wearing that wire but it was the wrong way to handle it. "
"We were doing the same exact things for the right reasons. Look where it got
us. We lost the men we love. "
"But they're still alive. I regret asking Sonny to do it but I don't regret
trying to protect Jason. At least they're breathing."
"Jason is. I don't know if Sonny is. Do you know that he could be sick or
dying right this second and I wouldn't even know. I could always tell if there
was trouble or if he was hurt. Now I don't think I can any,ore. Our connection
is broken. That love that always pulled us together is gone. Do you think that
means i'm over him?"
Brenda was mostly just talking aloud. She knew deep down that she'd always
love him.For no other reason than she did. He was the only man she'd ever
really loved. The first man she'd ever loved and the man who taught her how to
"I know. Don't dwell on it. I'll always love him for giving me Stone and we'll
always be connected through our son. All that love and those few months that
we were happy together doesn't wipe out all that pain though."
"You'll always be connected through Stone."
"I know. Even if Sonny doesn't know about his son. "
He will soon enough, Robin thought to herself.

Chapter 17
Robin went upstairs to go to bed. Brenda is downstairs turning out the lights
and thinking.
Robin closes the door to her room and turns on the light.
Robin calls out to a dark figure in the shadows.
"Yeah, it's me"
Robin rushes over to him and hugs him.
"What happened ? I was so worried about you."
"I'm okay. Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself."
"Is that what you're doing because you look horrible."
"I'm serious. When are you going back for Brenda ?"
Robin knew what his response would be. The bad feeling in the pit of her
stomach gave her the answere but she had to hear him say it.
"I heard what happened but I didn't believe it. Not at first. What went wrong
? I know you loved her."
"I love her with all my heart but I couldn't put her in danger. I couldn't
risk her life like that."

"Oh god Brenda. If you only knew the truth."

Chapter 18
Brenda is still downstairs. She walks over to the stereo and turns it on,
putting the volume on low so she wouldn't wake up Stone or Robin in case she
was asleep.
Across town Sonny is lisiening to the same station, staring out the window
like he's done countless times before. A sad love song comes on.
"Figures." he mutters to himself

I really don't feel like talking on the phone
And I really don't feel like company at home
Lately I don't want to do the things I used to do
Baby since I lost you

Brenda sinks down on the couch and starts to cry.
"I still think Robin was wrong but i'll never know will I sonny." she
whispered to herself.
"Oh god, I want so much to move on with my life but I can't without you. Why
did you leave me like that. Why couldn't you just love me?"

And I don't want to sing another love song babe
I don't want to hum another melody
I don't want to live my life without you babe yeah
It's driving me crazy(crazy)

I really don't feel like smiling anymore
And I haven't had the peace to sleep at all
Ever since you went away, baby my whole life has
I don't want to live my life without you yeah, babe
It's driving me crazy(crazy)

"Oh god Brenda. I came back because things are safe now. I should've stayed
away but I can't go on without you. I can't sleep or do anything without you
by my side. Please understand and take me back. If I have to beg I will. I
need you back. I won't screw it up this time. I promise. Please give me
another chance. It can't be over."

I don't wanna laugh, I don't wanna play
I don't wanna talk, I have nothing to say
I don't want to tour, forget the show how can I go
Now that you are gone

"You're gone Sonny. I know you're probably never coming back. I have to accept
that. It's just too hard nut what if Robin's right. Maybe you are out there
suffering as much as me."

And I don't want to sing another love song babe
I don't want to hum another melody
I don't want to live my life without you babe yeah
It's driving me crazy (crazy)

Stop it Brenda. It's almost midnight and you're talking to yourself. He's gone
and he's never coming back. Face it and move on. She kept trying to tell
herself that but her heart wouldn't listen. Brenda turns off the radio and the
lights then goes upstairs and gets ready for bed.

Sonny is doing the exact same thing in his penthouse.
Forget it man. She probably hates you. She put her life back together after
you destroyed it. She won't care if you're back or not.
In his mind he knew she probably did hate him but his heart was telling him
there was still a chance and it wasn't over. He had to get her back. There
hadto be some hope for them. They didn't go through everything they did to
have it end like this. It couldn't be over.

Is It Over

Chapter 19
Robin was trying to tell Brenda that Sonny was back in Port Charles but
Brenda was really upset so Robin decided to wait. After a goodnight's rest,
Robin finally worked up the courage to tell her best friends the news. She
takes a shower and then gets dressed. Brenda is downstairs already.
The next morning
Robin comes downstairs to find Brenda in the kitchen ( I know but since she's
a mother now she should know how to cook so lets say she learned from
"Good morning Robin." Brenda is bubbly and really cheerful
"You're in a good mood today Bren."
"Why shouldn't I be ? I have L&B, Lois, Ned, you and my beautiful son who
actually slept all night and is still sleeping as we speak."
"That's good. Want me to go get him ?"
"No, i'll do it but thanks anyway.You can stay here and finish making
"Gee Thanks."
Robin makes a face. Brenda smiles
"You're welcome. "
"At least it'll be edible."
"Haha Robin. I thought you said my cooking was getting better."
"Better than what ? No i'm kidding. You are getting better."
"Thank you."
Brenda pours them each a cup of coffee smiling to herself.
She's so happy. If I tell her about Sonny it'll tear her world apart again.
She'a almost got everything together, she thought to herself. Her life is
right where she wants it. I have to tell her. She'll find out eventually. Now
is better than later. Brenda's strong. She can deal with this and then move
on. I have to tell her...but how ?
Robin watched as Brenda went upstairs to get her son.
A half-hour later Robin finishes making breakfast and Brenda comes back down
with a dressed and cleaned up Stone.

Chapter 20

"Stone looks like he's ready to go out."
"He is. We're heading over to the gatehouse later. I've got some things to go
over with Lois and Ned is getting back from Jakarta today."
"That's good. I hope Ned solved his business problem"
"So do I. What are you doing today Robin ?"
" Since I won't be watching Stone I have time to go see Uncle Mac then I'm
going with Felicia to get our dresses fitted for their wedding. "
"Well, just make sure that she doesn't pick out hideous dresses for the
"Felicia has good taste. She is marrying Uncle Mac."
"Breakfast is getting cold. Let's eat because i've got something to tell you
then i've got to run."
"Why don't you just tell me now ?"
"It can wait an hour. Let's eat."
Robin and Brenda chat about the wedding and some other stuff. Brenda is trying
to feed Stone his breakfast but he's real fussy. The phone rings.
"Robin, why don't you answer that ? I left some papers upstairs that I need to
Robin answers the phone while Brenda goes back upstairs to get the L&B
business files.
"Oh Hi Mac. No...Yes. I'm going over there later...I know...I'll make sure
Brenda came downstairs and heard bits and pieces of Robin's conversation. She
was happy that Robin was getting a family and that Mac and Felicia had finally
got it together after so many tries but it hurt to much to talk about
weddings. All of hers were ruined... by Sonny. She couldn't take it anymore.
She rushed out the door with Stone.
"Robin, i'm running late. I'll talk to you later." she called to her best
"No Brenda wait !!!"
It was too late. She was gone.
"No Uncle Mac i was talking to Brenda but she left. "
Robin returned to her phone call while praying that Brenda didn't run into
In the car Brenda remembered that Robin had something to tell her.
"Oh well. It couldn't have been that important. "

Chapter 21

The Gatehouse
"Hey Lois. How's my beautiful goddaughter ?"
"She's great. We're playing dollies. She loved the one you got her."
"That's good. Come on Stone. You want to play with Brooke huh ?"
Brenda leans down and sets Stone on the floor near Brooke.
"How's my handsome godson? He looks good."
"He is. We both are doing good."
"Here let me play with him for awhile then we can talk shop."
Lois and Brenda set the kids down on a blanket with their toys.
Brenda gets all of her papers out of her briefcase and she and Lois go through
them. They set up some concerts and book studio time. After a few minutes
Brenda speaks.
"I like this"
"What ? the statements ?"
"NO! This ! We're sitting here in your home with our kids playing together.
This is nice. Like we're a family."
"Girlfriend, we are family. We're like sisters and that's saying something
considering i've got all brithers and you have Julia. Are you getting sappy on
me ?"
"I don't know. I didn't have much of a childhood and I want my son to have
everything. He does the cutest things and I'm the only one around to be amazed
sometimes. I didn't really have anyone but now I have you, Ned, Robin and
Mike." Stone's got you guys too."
"You better watch what you say. We're going to spoil that little boy like
crazy with attention and love. Especially Ned and me. We love him just like
our own just like you love Brooke."
"I love you guys"
"Aw. We love you too. Come here girlfriend."
Both of them are getting extreely emotional, crying and hugging. They don't
even hear the door open.
"Excuse me. Am I interrupting ?" a confused male voice asked.

Chapter 22

Both Lois and Brenda look up in surprise. Ned is standing in the doorway
looking at them completely lost. Ned sets his luggage down and walks over to
his wife.
"Uh Ned, Bren and I were trying to get some work done and you know us. Chat,
chat , chat. We took one look at our kids and started bawling. Right Bren ?"
"More or less. "
Ned looks down at his daughter and godson
"It is a wonderful sight. How are they ?"
Lois and Brenda start crying and hugging again. Ned rolls his eyes and starts
playng with the kids
"They're getting tired. Why don't I put them down for a nap upstairs. You two
can finish your work. I've got to go to the main house and see Grandfather."
"I'll do it.You just flew in from Jakarta.Aren't you jet-lagged ?"
"I would be if I had time to spare. Grandfather is bellowing about some deal
i've got to take care of and i've got another one that needs to be closed
soon. I've got to get to the ELQ offices. Do you need anything Lois ?"
"Just my husband."
"I'll be back soon. I promise" They start kissing, totally ignoring Brenda who
finally clears her throat after a few minutes.
"Uh guys. Do you want me to come back later ?"
Ned glances at her. "Actually-"
Lois hits him playfully.
"No, stay Bren, Ned was just leaving."
"Actually I was."
"Later" Ned left and Brenda and Lois went back to their work after putting the
kids down for their afternoon nap.
Brenda had watched their interaction with amusement. She was happy for them.
She was truly glad that they were happy and together. Everyone around her was
happy and in love. Mac and Felicia. Lois and Ned. Luke and Laura. Edward and
Lila. Even Monica and Alan patched things up. She was all alone without the
man she loved. She couldn't admit it to anyone else but she still loved Sonny.
No matter how much she tried to stop.
at least she had Stone, her wonderful healthy son, their son.

Chapter 23

Ned finishes up at ELQ hours later and walks over to the Port Charles Hotel.
On the way he stops at Luke's to see Jason about an ELQ board meeting. Despite
his best efforts Jason still had his ELQ stock.
Luke, Jason and Sonny were all in the back room planning.
"Did you hear that ?" Jason asked Luke
"Are we expecting anyone boys ?" Luke asked
"No "
"I'll get rid if them."
Luke walks outside. Once he sees who it is he panics but keeps his cool. He
decides to get rid of him before he sees anything too soon.
"We're closed Ashton."
"Is Jason here ?" Ned asked ignoring his comment
"Ashton. I'm surprised. You coming from a fancy boarding school and all I'd
assume you'd have better manners than that."
"You assumed wrong. I did school with Damian after all. I need to speak with
Jason. Is he here?"
"He's busy. Come back later."
Ned senses something is up and decides to check things out. He starts to walk
into the back room.
"Hold up Ashton. "Luke is trying to stall, hoping Jason will come out and see
why Luke hasn't come back yet.
"What is it Spencer ?" Ned knew he was stalling but he was playing along.
"You hardly come in anymore. I haven't seen nor heard a peep from the
Quartermaine camp in awhile. How is Edward ?"
"Still his old grumbling self. And you?"
"Oh the usual. How's the leather cooling ? " Luke smirked
"My singing carrer is on hold for the moment. I've been far too busy. My wife
and I both have."
"That's too bad. I like her. How's Brenda and company ?"
"She's fine. So is Stone. He's happy considering his father abandoned him but
in this case its a good thing. Sonny is bad news. Brenda is lucky to be rid of
him. So is this town."
Luke was starting to get annoyed.
"Watch your mouth in my club Ashton. Sonny's been out of touch. He doesn't
have a clue about his kid. If it is his kid."
"Unfortunately for Stone it's true. Good thing Brenda didn't fill in the birth
certificate with Sonny's name on it. That little boy would be a target."
"Sonny's long gone. Why would you be asking ? You on a fishing expedition or
something ?"
"No. I've got better things to do. Why ? have you heard from him ?"
They both know the other is lying but they don't let on.
"Jason's busy. Come back later."
Luke starts to leave but Ned stops him
"Busy with what ? Another less than legal business dealing ?"
"You would know. You and Edward own the corner on them."
"As fascinating as this conversation is, I came here to speak with Jason so
that's what I intend to do. Excuse me."
"Not so fast Ashton."

Chapter 24

Inside the back room
"What is taking Luke so long ?"
"I don't know. You want me to check it out ?"
Yeah but hurry Jason."
Jason is halfway out the door when he hears voices.
"Who is it Jason ?"
"It's Ned."
"Ned Ashton ? Why is he here ?"
"He called me earlier. Something about my stock."
"Go get rid of him."
"I'll try."
Too late. Ned finally forces his way into the back. Ned is needless to say
shocked to see Sonny and not at all surprised to see Jason too.
"Corinthos. When did you slither back into town ?"
Luke is still trying to get rid of Ned
"Ashton. This is my private office. No Quartermaines allowed."
"Jason's here."
"I'm not a Quartermaine."
"For once i'm my life I'm glad you're not." Ned turns his gaze over to Sonny
who is sitting behind the desk relaxing.
"Corinthos. I'm glad to see you enjoying yourself."
"Are you ? I'd just as easily assume you had my grave picked out and were
getting ready to dance on it."
"For Brenda's sake I would be." Ned pauses
"Luke, it's okay. Go back outside. I'll take care of this."
"Like you took care of Brenda ?"
"If you have a problem with me then leave her out of this."
My problem with you is Brenda and what you did to her. I guess congradulations
are in order Sonny. I thought you'd be off celebrating on a beach somewhere
with your next conquest."
"Celebrating what ?"
"Successfully breaking Brenda's heart in a million ieces and getting away with
it. That was a nice disappearing act you pulled. No one could find you. Not
even whoever was after you."
"Were you looking for me ? If I had known you missed me -"
"Shut up Sonny. I could care less if you disappeared off the face of this
planet but Brenda did. Leaving was one mistake. You just made another one. You
should've stayed gone. "
"Is that supposed to be a threat ?"
"No. It's a fact. With the exception of these two fine gentlemen here no one
wants you here."
Jason finally interrupts them
"Why don't you leave Ned."
"I came to see you"
"You did. Now leave. If you have something to say then say it and go. Leave
Sonny out of it."
"Sonny Cortinthos made it my business when he left my friend Brenda alone and
broken without so much as a good-by like she was nothing. "
"You know Ned-"
"Sonny. It's okay. Look Ned Now is not a good time. "
"I can see that. When would be a good time ? Right after Sonny leaves ? And
when would that be Corinthos ?"
Sonny glances at him nonchalantly
"I haven't decided yet. My travel plans are up in the air. Possibly
"I hear the Bahamas are nice this time of year. I'll even lend you the ELQ
"That's real generous of you Ned but i'll have to decline. I might have
engine trouble and then where would that leave me."
"You read my mind. Jason, tonight 6:30. There's an ELQ board meeting. We have
to discuss something."
"I can't make it. I have plans."
"I can see that. Sonny I'm not through with our discussion. "
"I am. If you have something to say then you can save it. I don't want to hear
it. Jason it's okay. I'll handle this."
Sonny nods to his best friend who goes back outside to wait with Luke.
"I've sen how you operate Corinthos and it sucks. Even I didn't think you'd
stoop so low as to-"
"Enough. I'm not going to stand here and defend myself to the likes of you. "
"Why ? because you can't explain what you did ? That's what it comes down to
doesn't it ? You came back here lookinfg for forgiveness from Brenda. You can
forget about it. Brenda hates you. She wants nothing to do with you."
"Since when do you make decisions for her ?"
"If she doesn't i'll make sure she stays away from you. So will Lois, my
"You two back together ? How'd you manage that one ?"
"We love each other and our daughter. We worked things out like two adults and
we remarried. We respect each other and we trust each other. We have an honest
relationship, something you'd know nothing about and that's the truth."
"You wouldn't know truth if it bit you-"
"I may not be a saint but I look like one next to you. Brenda didn't deserve
what you did to her. Even you know that. Deep down. I honestly believed you
cared about Brenda because of Lois. Now I'm not so sure. Why did you come back
"I have some matters to setle."
"Whatever it is you settle them and then leave. Stay away from Brenda. She
doesn't need you waltzing back into town and rubbing her face in the mess you
left. I meant what I said Sonny. Stay away from Brenda. You'll be lucky if she
just slams the door in
your face."

Chapter 25

After Ned leaves Jason walks back into the office and sits in front of Sonny.
"What do you want me to do ?"
"About Ned ? Nothing. I'll take care of it. "
"You're not worried ?"
"No, the only thing he''ll do is run and tell Lois that i'm back. We need to
take care of my territory. You're running things now and that's how its going
to stay but there's something I need you to take care of..."
Jason and Sonny continue to talk about business.

At the Gatehouse...

Ned walks through the door . Lois is on the couch alone
"Hey honey. You're back early-"
Ned glances around
"What's wrong ?"
"Is Brenda here ?"
"No she just left. She went for a drive. She had to do something and told me
to take care of Stone. He's upstairs. What happened ?"
"He's back. "
"Who ?"
"Sonny "
"Wha ? When ? How ?"
"He was at Luke's . I went there to talk to Jason. He was there."
"Is he okay ?"
Ned looks at his wife exasparated.
"He left Brenda at the altar and you're worried about Sonny ? Brenda doesn't
know. If she runs into him-"
"I didn't mean it like that. Sonny's an old friend. Look Brenda went out. Port
Charles isn't that small of a town. What are the chances that they's run into
each other..."

The Docks

It was late, she needed some time to think so she went to their place. It was
dark on the darks with only light coming from the lampost and not a very safe
place to be but she had to be there, near by at least,near him. C'mon Bren get
over it and move on, she told herself, he probably has. Easier said than done.
She knew she still loved him with all her heart and soul just like he still
loved her.
Or so she hoped. That's what made it so hard. The not knowing.
She was about to turn around and go home when she stopped dead in her tracks.
The man whose arms she called home was there. The man she planned her life and
world aroundthe second she saw him. The man she had fought so hard to resist.
The man she loved with all her heart. She didn't even have to turn around and
look. After all this time, they were still so connected. That had to mean
something. Even to him. She felt his presence just like he felt hers.
She felt his body come closer and she heard his footsteps. Brenda felt her
heart jump into her throat, her breathe stopped and she couldn't move.
Silently she cursed herself for still feeling this way and letting him get to
her this way again, after everything that had happened. She couldn't speak so
she let him talk first.
She felt her whole body tingle like it always did when he said her name. No
one else said it like him
"...I've waited for this day for awhile."

Chapter 26
Brenda couldn't turn around for fear he'd see the tears and pain in her eyes.
She couldn't let him know how much he'd hurt her, could hurt her.
Slowly she turned around and looked at him. He still looked handsome as ever
in his tailored $1000 suit but there was something different about him. She
felt her heart melt and relief flood through her body. Something bad didn't
happen to him. Sonny was alive.
The whole time she was watching him, he was looking at her too.
God she was beautiful, he thought to himself. She looked the same but her hair
was longer and there was something in her eyes. Something different.
"You're really back ?" she asked him. It was the only thing that came out. She
was just glad that he was safe and there, with her, at their place.
He nodded and finally spoke.
"Who'd of thought we would end up here where it all started."
While he was talking Brenda lifted her hand up to Sonny's face as if to caress
it but she stopped midway and slapped him with everything in her. He was
shocked and started rubbing his face.
All of a sudden Brenda snapped out of it, all of the rage and anger floated to
the surface and came flowing out full force. The words came tumbling out.
"Whose fault is it that we're where we are right now, like this ! . Who the
hell do you think you are ? You just come waltzing back into town after what
you did to me !"
Sonny was still rubbing his face
"I thought you would've calmed down by now."
"What do you mean ?.." Brenda realized something. "Robin was trying to tell me
something before. Always the last to know huh Sonny ?"
"It wasn't like that. I-"
"You what Sonny ? Do you know that you're a coward ? You can face Robin but
not me! You send Jason to tell me you're not coming and break things off with
me and now you try and send Robin to tell me- What ? tell me what ? Try and
explain things ?"
"It wasn't supposed to be like that. I-"
"Then tell me what it's supposed to be like ? Why did you leave ?"

Chapter 27
"I had to. They were after me. They would've killed you."
"Who ?"
"I can't tell you that but they would've killed both of us. I don't care about
myself but I do care about you."
Brenda was getting even angrier.
"Ha, if you did care you wouldn't have left. You can stop feeding me all this
crap about protecting me. I've heard it time and time again. It's getting real
tired. Everytime you do something to hurt me it was because you were trying to
protect me. You lie to me it was because you were trying to protect me. By
marrying Lily, you were trying to protect me. Ruin my wedding to Jax, you were
trying to protect me. Leave me at the altar, you were trying to protect me.
Well, I have news for you, I don't need your protection. Do us both a favor,
will you. Go back to wherever the hell you were and don't come back. Just
don't tell me where. I could care less."
"You did a minute ago." He was still reeling from the hurtful things she said.
He could easily pass them off as her being angry and saying a bunch of things
but he couldn't. Sonny knew that she meant every single word.
"That was nothing. Someone leaves like you did without so much as a card let
alone explanation. I have to ask why. Stupid huh ? It was a reflex. I stopped
caring as of September 19."
Brenda turns to leave but he stops her
"Bren, wait. Let me explain. We have to talk."
"We don't have to do anything ! Whatever you have to say you can shove it. I
don't even want to hear anymore of your lies."
"I'm not lying this time. You were right. I was a coward. You were ready to
run off with me and never look back but I couldn't do it."
"Why ?"
He looked her right in the eyes
"Truthfully ? I don't know. I was scared for you. Both of us."
"That doesn't cut it. "
"I know. Just give me some time. I can tell you everything then. "
"I don't want to know everything. "
Sonny looks at her disbelievingly
"Well maybe I do but you can't give me everything I need or want. I have to
go. "
"No. I have nothing else to say to you unless you're willing to tell me the
truth. "
Brenda turned to leave again but Sonny grabbed her arm to stop her. Sonny
looked deeply into her eyes and saw hate, anger and coldness. He didn't see
any trace of love or trust, anything that showed she still cared. Nothing. He
loosened her grip and Brenda ran.

Chapter 28
Brenda hurried up the steps and got out of there as fast as she could. To
where she didn't know yet. She just had to get out of there.
Sonny was left alone on the docks
"Fine, go. I'll wait. We have all the time in the world. I'm not going
anywhere this time" he w whispered to himself. After she left Sonny sat down
on the bench and put his hands in his face.
He finally put his finger on what was different about Brenda. That spark was
gone. It was his fault. He had put that pain in her eyes and he hated it. He
hated himself. Sonny promised himself that if he got her back he'd never hurt
her again and he'd make it all better even if it meant that he'd spend the
rest of his life on his hands and knees.
Brenda made it to her car and drove. She could barely concentrate. How she
even made it home in one piece alluded her.
On the porch of her cottage, she couldn't stop trembling so she dropped her
keys. She collapsed on the porch right there and started crying. She sat there
rocking herself until Robin came out. Robin heard Brenda pull up and hurried
"Brenda, what's wrong ?"
"Sonny..he..." she couldn't get the words out but Robin just held her best
friend and helped her inside. Brenda was grateful for the quiet and her
'little sister'. Robin knew what had happened the second she saw Brenda. She
recognized the look on Brenda's face. Her heart went out to her.
Robin helped Brenda sit on the couch in front of the fireplace.
"Sssh. You don't have to say anything. It's okay."
"You know." It was more of a statement than a question
Robin nodded sadly.
'I saw him yesterday. I tried to tell you but-"
"But I was such a basketcase you didn't want to push me over the edge. You
should've seen me Robin. I completely lost it. He probably thinks I'm crazy.
Do you think he knows that they locked me up in a padded cell ?"
"Brenda. No one thinks you're crazy. I understand. You were probably just
walking along and saw him there. After what happened..."
"I know. Thank you. You already made me feel better." Brenda smiled weakly
Robin watched Brenda for a few minutes. She spoke cautiously.
"You're not mad ?"
"At you ? No, this isn't your fault. If you had told me then I probably
would've gone off on you instead of Sonny. "
"Are you going to be okay ?"
"Not really but i can manage. Just give me a few minutes."

Chapter 29
Robin glances around and looks at Brenda strangely
"Where's Stone ?"
"What ?...Oh my god. I left him at Lois and Ned's. I meant to go back and pick
him up after my walk but I ran into Sonny...I have to go get him."
Brenda grabs her purse and tries to get up.
"Brenda. Relax, it's late and you're in no condition to drive. He's probably
asleep by now. I'll call Lois and see if she can keep him for the night. If
they can't then i'll pick him up."
"You're right. I don't know what i'd do without you."
They hug each other.
"Go upstairs and rest. I'll call Lois."
"You can stop thanking me Bren, he's my godson too. And you're my best friend"
Robin waits for Brenda to go upstairs until she dials the number
" 'Lo ?"
"Lois, it's Robin."
"Oh thank god. Sonny's back. You have to tell Bren-"
" She knows. She saw him tonight. I saw him the other day and I tried to tell
Brenda but I couldn't. "
Lois nodded and glanced at her husband who was watching his wife, trying to
catch what was going on
"Is she okay ?"
"Not really but I think I calmed her down a bit. Is Stone okay there ?"
"Oh yeah. He's sleeping like a little angel. Tell Bren we can keep him as long
as she needs."
Robin and Lois finish their conversation and hang up.

Elsewhere, back at the docks. Sonny finally gets up after what seemed like an
eternity from the bench. He finally decided that he should get out of there.
He wanted to go see Lois, he needed a friend right now. He couldn't talk to
Luke or Jason yet. They didn't understand about him and Brenda. Lois did.

Is It Over

Chapter 30

Soon Sonny arrives at the gatehouse to see Lois. He knocks on the door.
Unfortunately Ned answers the door.
"Corinthos, why am I not surprised. Did the fact that I told you you weren't
welcome here just slip your mind ?"
"Can it Ashton. I'm here to see Lois."
"She's busy. Next time call."
Ned tries to slam the door in Sonny's face but he pushes his way in. Lois
hears voices and comes downstairs.
"Ned, with all the noise you're makin' you're going to wake up the-"
She sees Sonny and stops mid sentence.
"Sonny, how are you ? I was worried about you. Where have you been ?"
Lois rushes over to him and wraps her arms around him. Ned is less than
"I'm fine Cerrullo. Take it easy."
"Well, you look good. One of my oldest and dearest friends disappears and
leaves my best friend on their wedding day, I worry."
Ned takes the opportunity to interrupt.
"At least you didn't forget that part Lois. I was just telling Sonny here that
he should leave since it isn't a good time. You just put our daughter down and
she's sleeping like a baby."
Lois caught on quickly
"Nonsense. I can make time for Sonny. You stay here and me and Sonny will go
for a walk.
Come on Sonny. Ned can watch the baby for awhile."
Lois grabs her coat and pushes Sonny out the door
"We'll be right back."
Ned is about to object when Lois shoots him a look. Sonny smirks at Ned
"See ya Ashton."

Chapter 31

Lois and Sonny sit on the perch in front of the gatehouse.
"So Corinthos, Ned isn't here anymore. Tell me truth. What happened ?"
"Cerullo, I told you I was fine."
"How come I don't believe you ? Come on , spill."
"I had to leave Lois."
"I know you don't like to talk much Corinthos but you can do better than that.
I was here after you left Brenda. She was a wreck. I know you loved her. Why'd
you go ?"
"I had to. They were after me. Brenda would've been hurt. "
"She already was. Bren was a mess. I was still in Brooklyn and Robin was in
Paris. She didn't have anyone except Jax and her sister. "
"What did they do ? Badmouth me ? Make her think I was no-good and never loved
her ?"
Sonny asked as he rubbed his face
"Like you've said a thousand times, actions count more than words. What you
did to Brenda spoke for itself. Those thoughts were already there even if they
did. "
"I never wanted or meant for any of this to happen. I thought I could do it
but I couldn't."
"You're back. Why ?"
"Why not ? "
"Is it safe or did you just come back for Bren ?"
"I'm trying to make it safer. The danger has subsided but it's not completely
over. Port Charles is my turf. I can fight better here than on the run or
hiding out in some house in Puerto Rico. I still love Brenda with all my heart
and soul. Always will but I doubt she'll take me back. I don't blame her.
Besides I have to beat this thing before I can even think about getting her
back and making things right with her."
"Those are pretty big goals my friend. I wish you all the luck in the world. "
Lois pauses and takes a few minutes to stare at her old Bensonhurst pal." You
gonna tell me why you really came here ?"
Sonny smiled to himself. Lois really knew him well.
"I came here to ask you about Brenda."
Lois smiled knowingly
"What about her ?"
" You are her best friend. You were there for her and you've been there for
her this past year. I sure as hell can't ask Julia or Jax, so tell me. What
happened with her and what's going on with her life right now ? I need to know

Chapter 32

Brenda tossed and turned all night. She could barely sleep and would've given
up trying if her mind didn't keep wandering back to Sonny like it always did
especially after that talk she had with Robin. She left early the next morning
to pick up Stone at Lois and Ned's. A bunch of thoughts had passed through her
mind. Sonny was back and she had his son. She had to tell him. Or did she?
Maybe it would be best for everyone if she didn't say anything, keep quiet but
Port Charles was a small town. If Sonny stayed, he'd find out eventually. Luke
or Jason could tell him, just because they hadn't so far didn't mean anything.
They were Sonny's friends, not hers. What would happen then, she wondered.
Sonny might hate her and try to take her son away from her. Just the thought
of losing her son sent shivers down her spine and made her heart stop.
Wake up Brenda, the man left you like you were nothing and humiliated you in
front of everyone. He already hates you.
She didn't want Sonny near her son and she knew what a child would mean to
him. He'd always wanted a family but... Her thoughts were disturbed as she
reached the Quartermaine grounds and pulled into the Quartermaine driveway.
She forced herself to push her thoughts aside for the moment. Everything will
work out and i'll deal with whatever happens, she assured herself. Cheer up,
you're going to see your son. He'll make you feel better, she told herself as
she slowly got out of the car and walked the short distance to the Gatehouse.
It was still early but she hoped Lois was up and didn't mind. She needed
someone to talk to.
A groggy Ned answered the door in his bathrobe.
"Hi Ned. How's it going ?" she asked as she bounced into the room. " You look
awful by the way."
"Gee Thanks little sister. Want to refresh my memory of the reason you're
always welcome here."
Brenda smiled at him
"Because i'm your best person. Just call me whenever you need a pick me up.
Didn't you get any sleep? "
"Not really considering I had two young children to take care if all night."
"Was Stone okay ?"
"Yes, your son's an angel but even angels won't sleep peacefully throughout
the night."
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dump him on you. I just needed downtime."
"It's okay. You can leave my godson here whenever you like."
Brenda glanced at her tired best friend
"Why didn't you get Lois to help you ?"
Ned didn't like where this conversation was going
"Uh, she was otherwise engaged."

Chapter 33

"With what ? She got another husband we don't know about ?" she teased him
Ned smiled wryly and tried to change the subject
"Something like that. May I offer you some coffee ? Better yet, let me get
dressed and we can both go up to the main house for breakfast. We'll take the
kids. I'm sure Grandmother would love to to see you."
Brenda looks at him suspiciously
"Okay, something is definitely wrong with this picture. You actually want to
willingly go up to the main house where the rest of the Quatermaines including
Edward and face a whole meal with them not to mention an entire morning !"
"I do remember a time when I would hide out here with my wife and avoid
"So do I. Let me take Brooke and you two can spend the day together."
"Thanks for the offer but i've got a dozen meetings to take and about 10
deals to close before the end of the business day."
"Sounds... boring. Sure you don't want to reconsider ?" she asked as she
plunked herself on the couch
"Tempting but Grandfather would have my head on a platter for ducking out
today of all days."
"Well, don't say I didn't try. Is Lois up yet ?" as she stretched out on the
couch after accepting a cup of hot freshly brewed coffee from Ned.
"Not yet. She had a long night."
"Do I want to hear this ?" she smiled suggestively.
Ned smiled back
"I told you I was taking care of the kids all night."
"Are you sure Stone was no trouble ?"
"None whatsoever. My godson is welcome here whenever he wishes to visit. No,
we had an unexpected visitor."
"Who ?"
"Sonny dropped by "
The smile instantly left Brenda's face.

Chapter 34

"What ? When ? " Brenda jumped to her feet and started spilling, forgetting
about the cup of steaming hot coffee in her hands
Ned got up, took the cup and tried to calm Brenda down.
"Brenda, relax. "
"Relax ?! Did he see Stone ? He was here all night -"
"Sonny was in this house no more than 2 minutes. He didn't see or hear Stone
at all, in fact Lois and I got rid of him so fast he never had a chance."
Brenda loosened up a little bit more.
"What did he want ?"
"I'm not sure. Probably just talk to Lois. "
"About what ?"
"I don't know. They went outside and I never got a chance to ask. It was lat,
you're going to have to ask Lois." he lied
At that moment Lois walked walked down the stairs holding Stone with Brooke
right behind them. She should be about 4 or 5 years old so she can walk and
"Ask Lois what ?"
"Oh, hey Lo. There's my beautiful goddaughter."
Brooke smiles at Brenda
"Aunt Brenda ! Did you come over to play with me ? "
"You know i'd love to sweetie but I just came over to pick up Stone. Maybe
some other time. I really have to talk to your mom for awhile then i've got to
be someplace. I'm sorry."
she explained as she saw the pout forming on Brooke's face.
"That's okay Aunt Brenda. " Brooklyn said as she turned her attention to Ned.
"Hey daddy, after we eat , you wanna play ?"
"I'd love to. Let's go back upstairs and get dressed then we'll go have
Ned and Brooklyn head upstairs, leaving Lois, Brenda and Stone.
Brenda takes Stone from Lois and sits back down
"Hey , honey I missed you last night. Did you miss me , huh ?"
"The little cutie always misses his mama when she's not around. So Bren, wha'd
ya wanna talk to me about ?"
"What did you and Sonny talk about last night ?"
This time the smile left Lois's face

Chapter 35

Sonny and Luke are at the bar, drinking coffee and talking
"So then what happened partner ?"
"Brenda went off on me "
Sonny rubs his face in the spot where she slapped him. He could still feel it
because it was sore.
"She told you to take a hike in a not so elegant way."
"Basically, yeah, she did."
"What else did she say ?" Luke asked
"Nothing much. She left, couldn't get out of there fast enough. Why ? Is there
something else I should know ?"
"No" Luke lied. He hated lying to his best and longtime friend but it wasn't
his place to say anything. He'd give Brenda a week tops or else he would say
something. Fortunately for Luke, Sonny was too wrapped up in his own thoughts
to notice Luke was growing uncomfortable.
The front door opened and Robin walked in.
"Hi Luke. Hi Sonny."
"Hey sweetie. "
"Robin. How's it going ? Haven't seen you around in awhile"
"I've been busy. I just dropped by to chat."
"Got better things to do than hang out with a couple of old guys like us ?"
"Watch your mouth Corinthos. Seriously Robin, you're a young intelligent
woman. You should be out partying."
"I've been real busy with school and work not to mention Uncle Mac's wedding
coming up."
Luke soon excuses himself and leaves Sonny and Robin to talk.
"He's gone. How are you really doing ?"
Sonny asked concerned
" I miss Jason but we can't be together. I figured that out a long time ago
but it still hurts. Things are easier though now that Mac's getting married.
I'll finally have a family. Maxie and Georgie are like sisters to me and
Brenda and -"
Robin caught herself in time. It was so easy to talk to Sonny. Maybe too easy
"What were you going to say Robin ? If Brenda's seeing someone then it's okay.
You can tell me."
he lied. Just the thought of someone else with his beloved Brenda killed him
"Not really. Brenda's gone out a few times but mostly she's trying to rebuild
her life."
"After I destroyed it."
"I know. Let's talk about something else. Why don't you find someone else ?
Luke was right. You're smart, beautiful and have lots of things going for
you. You should be able to meet someone."
"I also have HIV."
"So what ? If a guy can't see past that then he doesn't deserve you."
Robin smiled at him half-heartedly
"Maybe you should take your own advice."
Sonny was caught off guard. There wasn't anyone for him except Brenda. Never
would be. He thought Robin knew that.
"I will never love anyone like I do Brenda. Even if I don't get her back I can
spend the rest of my life thinking about her."
"That's what I thought after Stone died but then I found Jason."
"This is different. I know what you're thinking but I don't know if I can
leave it alone. I love her Robin. I have to get her back."
"I just don't want Brenda to be hurt anymore."
"Neither do I"
"I know. I want to see you both happy too."
"Thank you. That means a lot."
Just then Jason walks in. He sees Robin and he stops. There is an
uncomfortable silence which Sonny breaks.
"Hey Jason. I wasn't expecting you so early."
"Uh, I know but there's something we need to discuss."
Robin gets up to leave.
"I have to go. You two talk. "
"You sure ?" Sonny asked. Jason finally looks at Robin and felt his heart melt
"I can come back if you're not through."
"No, it's okay. Uncle Mac is expecting me. I have to go."
Robin leaves and Jason is watching her go. Sonny watches the two of them and
feels guilty for being the one responsible for their unhappiness.

Chapter 35

the gatehouse
Ned and Brooke walk back in an hour later after having breakfast at the main
house. Lois is coming down the stairs freshly dressed.
"Hey mommy ! We brought you something to eat."
Ned is holding a plate of food
"I managed to sneak a plate out without Cook noticing. "Ned glances around
"did Brenda leave ?"
"Yeah. She had errands to run. I told her i'd call her later. I'm worried
about her Nedley."
Lois said concerned
"So am I. With Sonny back in town there's no telling what could happen."
Lois starts playing with her daughter and Ned leaves for work.


Luke went to see his sister Bobbie at the hospital. Sonny and Jason are there.
Robin has just
left after visiting with Sonny.

"So Jason what did you want to talk about ?" Sonny asked his best friend
"We got trouble" Jason said solemnly
"From who ?"
"Richards, Smith and some of the other guys. Benny's trying to cool them down
"They're getting nervous because i'm back in town. They don't know what's up."
"Look Sonny, I'm in charge now. They know that but they know you disappeared
and now you're back. They don't know why and they're antsy. "
"They don't know what to think. If I were in any one of their shoes i'd be
jumpy too. I'd also be ready for an attack. "
"I'm trying to keep everything together-"
"No, Jason, it's okay. This is my fault. I never meant to cause any trouble
for you. I came back because-"
"You wanted to be back home. I understand. This is your home. "
"It doesn't feel like it anymore." Sonny said sadly
"What do you mean ?" Jason asked
"It feels like everything's different but it's not. Luke is still running the
club. Mike still works here, you know but it feels -"
"Strange " jason nods in understanding

Chapter 36

General Hospital

Brenda walks off the elevator on the fifth floor where Pediatrics was. Stone
had an appointment for his check-up. She walked over to the big circular desk
a few feet away. She looked around and thanked god Amy wasn't on that floor
that day. The last thing she needed was more gossip especially with Sonny back
in town.
"May I help you ?" a nurse asked
"Yes, I have an appointment with Dr. Simone Hardy. My son needs a check-up."
"Dr. Hardy is with another patient right now but i'll take you to an exam room
and she'll be there shortly."
Brenda followed the nurse to the room, set Stone down and waited. A few
minutes later Simone walks in.
"Hello Brenda." Simone smiles at Brenda then at Stone." And how is this cute
little guy ?"
"He's perfect in every way but i'm probably prejudiced."
"All us mothers are. I have his file, it says he's due for a shot soon. Why
don't we take care of that today after I examine him ?"
Brenda agrees and Simone checks baby Stone over.
"I give your son a clean bill of health. He is growing along nicely and you're
feeding him everything he needs but I am worried about one thing."
"What is it ?" Brenda asked. She was afraid something was wrong with her
precious son. He was the most important thing in her life.
Simone glanced up from her charts and saw how worried Brenda was.
"Relax. Your son is fine. It's his mother i'm worried about."
"Oh, well somethings are happening right now but i'll survive."
"You look tired. Maybe you should take a vacation."
"Yeah right. Where would I go ? "
"Take a cruise. Meet a gorgeous man and live happily ever after."
"I wish that would happen but I can't leave my son for that long. "
"Just a thought. I do recommend that you get some sleep."
"I will. Anything else ?"
Simone says no. Brenda scoops up her son, thanks Simone and leaves. In the
hallway she gets an idea. Brenda thinks for a minute Maybe Simone's right. I
should go to London and visit Julia
While she was turning the corner she ran into someone.

Chapter 37

Brenda held Stone tighter while the man steadied her
"Oh Luke. You scared me. I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going."
"Brenda, it was probably my fault anyway. If I had a beautiful baby like your
son, i'd be in la-la lan too."
Luke was playing with Stone's hand
"You do, how's LuLu ?"
"She's good. The whole Spencer clan is." Luke turned his attention to Stone.
"Hey little fella. The munchkin looks good." then realizing they were at GH
"He's not sick is he ? "
"No, thank god. Simone gave him a clean bill of health." Brenda replied
"That's good. You know Mike is totally enthralled by his grandson. He barely
comes in anymore and when he does he can stop talking about the kid. Mike's a
proud grandfather." Luke said cautiously
"Did you tell Sonny ?" Brenda asked directly
"No, at least not yet but you should soon. "
"Or what ? He's the one who left. I don't owe him anything." Brenda said
"But you do owe your son a father. I'm sure your doing a good job taking care
of Stone but the kid needs a father."
"I agree but it doesn't have to be Sonny. The only thing he comes with is
danger and violence. I won't allow my soon be caught in the middle of the
crossfire. You of all people should understand. Lucky's lived on the run for
most of his life and he's been shot not to mention other things. I need to
protect my son."
"I do understand Brenda but Sonny's in a better position to protect the both
of you."
Brenda eyes Luke carefully
"What are trying to say ? Sonny's not out ?"
"I'm not saying anything, just that you need to talk to him real soon. I've
got to run. I'll see ya around."
Brenda watched Luke leave

Chapter 38

Brenda continues down the hall, heading for her session with Dr. Kevin
Collins. Brenda is better mentally and physically. Brenda got over all of the
trauma of the past two years with Kevin's help and support from friends. She
managed to sort through her troubled childhood and her relationships with men,
particularly Sonny.
She got in the elevator and stepped of the fourth floor where Kevin's office
was. Kevin's suspension has long been overturned. Kevin was reinstated at GH
over one year ago. He was happily married to Lucy. After months of trying the
couple had a beautiful baby girl named Dominique.
She knocked on the door when she reached the familiar blue door
"Come in" a male voice answered.
"Hi, Kevin. Am I early ?"
Kevin smiled as she put Stone down
"Right on time. And what is this little guy doing here ?" Kevin asked as he
played with Stone
"I hope you don't mind that I brought him but I didn't want to leave him at
the Quartermaine's. I really need to talk to you so I didn't want to cancel."
"That's fine. He's a great kid. You know you should come by the house
sometime. Lucy would love to have you two over. Dominique and Serena would
love a new playmate."
Brenda smiled
"Thanks for the invite. Next time I see her, we'll set something up."
"Better yet. Lucy and I will be at Luke's later. Why don't you stop by, we
have a surprise for everyone ?"
"Um, I don't think that's such a good idea. " she paused "Sonny might be
Kevin didn't seem shocked or surprised. He shifted into doctor mode and
"Sonny's back ? When did this happen ?"
"I'm not sure. According to Robin two days ago. "
"So Robin saw him before you ?"
"Oh yeah. I had the pleasure of running into him yesterday at the docks. I
don't know whether to be angry or hurt that he saw fit to speak to Robin first
instead of me. The woman he supposedly loves and left at the altar." she
smiled ruefully
"What happened when you saw him ? Did you talk to him ?"
"If you can call it that. See Sonny and I don't communicate well. I spent most
of the time yelling at him and telling him off."
"At least you got all of your angry out." Kevin commented
"Did I ? I'm still angry, hurt but mostly scared." she said quietly
"Scared of what ?"
Brenda lowered her eyes
"Sonny doesn't know about Stone."
"Will he ever?"

Chapter 39

Brenda started playing with her hair
"Well, you don't ask the easy questions do you ?"
Kevin smiled " That's not what you pay me to do."
"I know. I just ran into Luke. He told me that I should tell Sonny."
"Do you think that you should ?"
"Yes but I don't know if I can. I mean what do I say ? Just spit it out or
what ? I don't even know where to start. Maybe it would be better not to say
" How so ? " Kevin asked
"Sonny's into some dangerous stuff, you know. I used to not care. I loved him
so much I really didn't. I just wanted to be with him. Now it's not just me
anymore. I used to trust him to take care of me and protect me." Brenda pauses
then continues " I don't trust him anymore. I have absolutely no faith or
trust in him anymore."
"You think there could be trouble."
"Yeah, I do. I need to keep my son away from it. I need to keep Sonny away
from us."
"Is that a possibility ?"
"It has to be. I can't let Sonny find out. I'm not a target anymore but I
won't allow my son to be one. I don't know what I would do if something
happened to him. Stone's my world. He means everything to me."
"Maybe you should sit down and have this talk with Sonny. He might surprise
you and understand. He'll back off."
"No, you don't know him. Mike walked out on Sonny when he was little. That
scarred Sonny for life. We were going to run off together when he found out
that Lily was pregnant. That was the first time he left me standing in the
rain. He couldn't, wouldn't leave his own child for any reason.
Sonny went to her and begged her to take him back. Obviously she did but I
won't. If he finds out about our son, he'll be relentless."
"You said for yourself that he didn't love Lily-"
"Exactly. Sonny loved me, at least I thought so. He still left me. I was the
one he loved and he left me. He's done it over and over. He would never leave
his son. That I know for sure but he'll take us both down with him."
Kevin looked at her questioningly
"I'm sorry. I'm probably not making any sense. You see Sonny might feel the
need to disappear again except he might take Stone with him. He doesn't need
or want me but a son would mean everything to him."
"Because he's lost a child and he had a rough childhood. He might feel the
need to make up for all of that. Prove to himself and everyone that he's
better than all of that." Kevin stated comprehending it
Brenda nodded and went on
"After everything that's happened...I was talking to him on the docks and it
was like...nothing changed. I asked him why, you know but he still didn't tell
me anything. Actually that's not true. He kept feeding me all the same crap
abut how he was protecting me and it was too dangerous. I couldn't know
anything. The usual." Brenda stated warily
"Did you believe him ?"
Chapter 40

"I wanted to so much. A part of me still wants to believe that he did all this
because he was trying to protect me, because he loved me soo much that he
couldn't stand to see me hurt."
"But you don't."
"Even if that was true, it still hurt. I was hurt. I almost lost everything. I
did. I had a total breakdown and I had to rebuild my life. Whatever was left
of me Sonny took with him. I was left with almost nothing. I couldn't model so
I was out of a job, my business manager stole all of my money, I almost lost
L&B. Thank god for Ned and Lois. The only thing I had left was my beautiful
son." Brenda looked over at Stone who was sleeping in his carrier.
"If I didn't have a child to take care of I wouldn't have made it."
"I think you would've regardless. You've been through a lot more than most
people could stand.
You may not think so but you're strong."
Brenda smiled half-heartedly and wiped her tears away.
"Thank you for that. Thank you for everything. I don't know what I would've
done if I didn't have you to talk to. You have helped me more than you know.
I probably would've lost my mind by now. "
"You should give yourself more credit. It was your battle and you fought hard.
You won."
"And I have a beautiful son to show for it. " she bent down and kissed a still
sleeping Stone.

Brenda left Kevin's office feeling much better about everything. As she
settled Stone in his car seat she whispered to herself
"Well, it looks like your mommy has finally made a decision Stone. At least
this way I'll be in charge. I'm holding all the cards this time Sonny."

Chapter 41
Brenda was at home getting ready to go to Luke's. She was having dinner with
Lois, Ned and Kevin and Lucy. She didn't really want to go because she would
be the only one without a date but she had to talk to Sonny and tell him about
Stone. How or when she didn't know. It just had to be soon or she'd lose her
nerve and change her mind. Robin took Stone with her to Mac's. They were
having dinner at the brownstone. That was the safest place for him to be
considering that Sonny would find out about him. She was worried that he might
try something and Mac would be there just in case.
She stepped into her walk-in closet to find something to wear. Something that
made her look spectacular so Sonny would eat his heart out. She picked out a
tight black dress.
"Oh god. What are you thinking. Who cares what he thinks?" she told herself as
she threw the dress back on the rack and picked out a dark brown spaghetti
strap dress that brought out the color in her eyes. She put it on and looked
more stunning in it than the other one. The slit up her thigh showed off her
She fixed her hair and touched up her make-up.
"There, that looks good." she glanced at the clock on the night table "It's
now or never."

Chapter 42

Luke's was packed that night. There was a live band playing music. Brenda
could barely get in. She managed to and saw Mike. He greeted her
"Hi Mike. Are Ned and Lois her yet ?" she yelled over the music
"Not yet but Kevin and Lucy are over there. They have good news i think you
might want to hear." Mike yelled back
"Finally some good news for a change. I'll see you later okay Mike ?"
Mike nodded and went back to tending bar.
Brenda spotted Lucy and walked over to their table to say hi
"Hi guys. What's up ?" she asked as she sat down
"Brenda ! Just the person that I wanted to see." Lucy squealed
Brenda shot Kevin a look but he just shrugged his shoulders.
"Well, I'm here. What's your good news ? and what's with the cider ? You're
married to a doctor who i'm sure can spring for a bottle of champagne for what
i'm paying him."
Brenda kidded
Lucy and Kevin smiled
"Should we tell her ?"
"Tell me what guys ?" With everything that's happened the last 2 years Brenda
and Lucy got closer because their kids were close in age. They helped support
each other during their pregnancies and Kevin was Brenda's doctor
"Lucy, I'm surprised you've kept quiet this long already. I was sure the whole
town knew by now.'
"Oh pooh. Listen bub, i'm perfectly capable of keeping a secret. I mean look
how I kept quiet to help Serena and Scott. I can certainly not say anything
about the baby we're going to have and another thing...
Brenda finally absorbed what her friend was saying as she rattled on and on
like she always did.
"You're pregnant again ! That's great Lucy ! I'm so happy for you." Brenda was
sitting next to Lucy so she reached over and hugged her.
"Congratulations Kevin. So, are we hoping for a boy or another girl ? "
"We'll be happy for a healthy baby." Kevin replied
Lucy and Brenda looked at him skeptically
"Oh come on Kevin. You'll probably be the first one in there hoping for a son.
All men want sons." She noted as she thought about Sonny and Stone
"I think Brenda's right. I'd love to have a boy who becomes like you when he
grows up."
Luke overheard them and came over
"Just what the world needs. Another doc shrink. " Luke joked "I heard the news
Luce, Congrats. Kevin."
"Thank you bub. I was wondering when you were going to show you're ugly mug
over here. And what's with sticking us back here at this table ? ?This isn't
my table. If you had been here I would have gotten my table. You're the only
one who gives me the right table. The one I like."
Luke smirked
"Sorry about that Luce. I was detained and unavailable to greet my favorite
customer and favorite ex-partner because I was with my other ex-partner." he
said as he glanced at the bar where Sonny stood.
Lucy gasped then tried to cover
"Oh my god. Uh, Brenda. I just had a craving for Mac's greasy hamburgers. Why
don't we head over to the Outback."
Brenda looked at her strangely
"What are you talking about ? We just got here. Besides I have to wait for Ned
and Lois."
Brenda glanced at the door to see if they were here yet. Out of the corner of
her eye she saw what Lucy was trying to hide.
"Oh Sonny. It's okay Lucy. I know he's back. I saw him the other day. "
"You did ? What happened ?" Lucy asked
"I really don't want to talk about it tonight. I'm all talked out. Right Kevin
Brenda picked up one of the menus Luke left and started reading while Lucy
glanced at Kevin who nodded slightly
"So what are you guys getting ?"
Lucy smiled
"Anything dipped in calories and flavor. Something really greasy and
fattening. And lots of it."
Brenda laughed
"Pregnancy cravings kicking in already huh ?"
Brenda was busy reading the menu and didn't notice that Sonny had walked over
"What would you know about that Brenda ?"

Chapter 43
Brenda dropped the menu on the table and paled. She quickly covered
"In case you've forgotten I was with Lois through her entire first semester
and I was with Lucy her entire first pregnancy."
She shot Lucy a look to keep her quiet.
Unfortunately Luke and Sonny both caught it too but Luke interrupted
"I'll have your food come as soon as possible but in the mean time, why don't
you guys dance ?"
Kevin took Lucy's hand and led her to the crowded dance floor
"Come on Lucy. They're playing our song."
Sonny and Brenda were left alone at the table as the music started to play.
Sonny couldn't take his eyes off of Brenda. She looked so beautiful. He just
wanted to take her in his arms and take her upstairs, to their old place,
where he could make love to her all night.
Brenda grew uncomfortable under his gaze.
"Why are you staring at me ?" Brenda asked coolly
Sonny ignored her question.
"Dance with me."
He grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the dance floor before she could
He wrapped his strong arms around her waist and forced her to move to the

Chapter 44
"What are you doing ?"
"Shut up and dance."

It still feels like our first night together
Feels like the first kiss
It's getting better baby
No one can better this
Still holding on
You're still the one
First time our eyes met
Same feeling I get
Only feels much stronger
I wanna love you longer
Do you still turn the fire on?
So if you're feeling lonely, don't
You're the only one I'll ever want
I only want to make it go
So if I love you a little more than I should...

He pulled her closer and she relented. If she wasn't so surprised by his
audacity she might have been angry but she only wanted to feel him near her
even if it was only for a few minutes. It might be the last time he held her
after tonight.

Please forgive me, I know not what I do
Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you
Don't deny me, this pain I'm going through
Please forgive me, if I need you like I do
Please believe me, every word I say is true
Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you

Sonny felt her tense up and he looked down at her.
"Brenda, we have to talk. There are somethings I need to tell you."
"I know. I need to tell you something important too."

Still feels like our best times are together
Feels like the first touch
Still getting closer baby
Can't get closer enough
Still holding on
You're still number one
I remember the smell of your skin
I remember everything
I remember all the moves
I remember you yeah
I remember the nights, you know I still do
So if you're feeling lonely, don't
You're the only one I'll ever want
I only want to make it go
So if I love you a little more than I should...

Sonny looked deep into Brenda's eyes and saw the hurt and pain there. He felt
a pang of guilt because he was the one that put that there. He hated himself
for it.
Brenda looked back at him and could tell what he thinking. She knew that Sonny
was truly sorry for what everything he'd done but it wasn't enough. She put
her hand on his cheek to reassure him. He smiled and stroked her hair.

Please forgive me, I know not what I do
Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you
Don't deny me, this pain I'm going through
Please forgive me, if I need you like I do
Please believer me, every word I say is true
Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you

The only thing I'm sure of
Is the way we make love
The one thing I depend on
Is for us to stay strong
With every word and every breath I'm praying
That's what I'm saying

Luke and Mike watched the scene unfold from behind the bar.
Luke turned to Mike
"What do you thinks going on with those two ? "
"I'm not sure. All I know is that my son better not screw it up this time."
Mike said seriously
Luke nodded in agreement
"If he does then i'll have to kick some butt around here."

Please forgive me, I know not what I do
Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you
Don't deny me, this pain I'm going through
Please forgive me, if I need you like I do
Babe believe me, every word I say is true
Please forgive me, if I can't stop loving you
No, believer me, I don't know what I do
Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you

I can't stop loving you.

The song ended and the band took a break. Sonny and Brenda were the last two
left on the dance floor. Brenda finally pulled away. Sonny looked down

Chapter 45

"Listen, Sonny if we're going to talk then maybe we should go someplace else."
Sonny agreed
"Let's go back to the penthouse. Jason will be out all night."
Brenda was about to get her purse and leave when Ned and Lois finally arrived.
They walked in with another man she'd never seen before.
Ned spotted her with Sonny before Lois did and frowned.
He stopped them from leaving
" Brenda, sorry we're late. Grandfather had some important business to
discuss." Ned explained the whole time ignoring Sonny
"It's okay Ned. I was with Lucy and Kevin. Hey Lois."
"Bren, How's it going Sonny ?"
"Fine until a minute ago." He replied while staring daggers at Ned who was
returning the look
" Lois, Kyle. I think our table's ready. Why don't you two sit down and order.
Brenda, can I speak to you for a minute. Excuse us."
Ned dragged Brenda outside, leaving a furious Lois and Sonny.
"Come on Sonny. Why don't you join us for a drink. Kyle this is Sonny
Corinthos, an old friend of mine. Kyle Montgomery, this is an old friend of
The two men shook hands, neither liking the other very much.
They all sat down and ordered their drinks.
"What brings you to town Kyle ?"
"ELQ business. Edward and I are putting some deals together."
Sonny nodded
"Sonny here used to be on the ELQ board." Lois threw in, trying to get Sonny's
mind off of what was happening outside.
"Really ?"
"Yeah, unfortunately I had to leave town so I sold my shares back to a friend.
Will you excuse me, I have to make a phone call." Sonny left and walked over
to Luke
"What's up partner ?"

Back at Lois' table
"Who was that woman your husband's talking to ? Sonny's wife ?"
"Nah, they're not married. That's my bestus firlfriend. Brenda's like a sister
to Ned and me."
Kyle nodded

Chapter 46

"What are trying to do Ned ?" an angry Brenda asked Ned
"Good, you're angry. Be mad but not at me. At Sonny. I was trying to protect
"From what ? Sonny ? "
"Yes. If I hadn't come in when I did, what would have happened ?" Ned asked
"We were going to his penthouse to talk. I have to tell him Ned."
Ned could tell by the look on her face what she was talking about.
"You made a decision ?"
"Yes, I did and if you care about me then you'll stand by me and support my
Ned looked at her closely.
"I'm sorry. I won't tell you what to do. Let's go back inside. I want you to
introduce you to Kyle."
"Who's he ?"
"An old friend of mine and someone Grandfather is looking forward to doing
business with."
They are about to go back inside when Ned's cell phone rings. Ned answers it
"Hello ? Ashton here...yeah, she's right here."
Brenda looks at him questioningly
"It's Robin"
Brenda grabs the phone
"Is it Stone ?...uh huh...I'll be right there...Bye" Brenda hangs up and turns
back to Ned
"What's wrong ? Is it-" Ned looked worried
"It's okay. Stone has an ear infection. Bobbie looked at it. Georgie had one
before so Felicia showed Robin what to do but he's cranky. I just want to go
home and stay with him. Robin needs her rest. Can you tell Lois i'll call her
in the morning. And tell Sonny i'll call him tomorrow too."
Ned watched Brenda get into her car and drive off then headed back into the
club to his wife.
He sat down next to Lois and Sonny walked over when he saw him come back in.
"Where's Brenda ?" Sonny asked
"She told me to tell you that she would call you tomorrow. Something came up."
"What ?" Sonny asked, this time more annoyed
"Robin called. There was some emergency at her house. Nothing serious but she
had to leave."
Sonny accepted his explanation and walked away
Ned turned back to his guest.
When the waitress came with their order he leaned over and whispered into
Lois's ear
"Don't worry. Stone just needed his mother. He's fine and so is Robin."
Lois looked relieved
The three of them chat, enjoy the food and listen to the music.

Chapter 47

Sonny arrived at the penthouse half an hour later. Renaldo was standing guard.
He said Jason had to leave town for some business but that he'd be in the next
morning. He was alone for a good hour before he got a visitor. The time was
driving him crazy. He felt he had to do something since he was in Port
Charles. When he was hiding out in Puerto Rico he had almost got used to the
isolation and lonliness.
Renaldo knocked on the door and said someone was there to see him.
"Who is it?" Sonny asked
"It's me" a female voice answered
"It's okay Renaldo. Let her in."
Brenda glanced around the penthouse nervously. She hadn't been there since
that fateful night before their 'wedding.'
"Take a seat. Relax Brenda. There isn't anyone here besides me. " Sonny said
as he motioned to the couch. "Can I get you anything ?"
"No thanks. I'd rather have a clear head when we talk. Go ahead though."
He poured himself a brandy then sat next to Brenda
"I'm surprised that you came."
"Why ? "
"I thought you had changed your mind about us talking and you sent Ned to tell
me. The fact that you came...I expected you to...I don't know."
Brenda looked at him
"That pretty much defines our relationship huh ? The unexpected always
"What did you expect ?" he asked quietly
"Honestly ? For us to be together forever. For you not to marry someone else.
For us to be married by now and be a family.For you to be honest with me and
not lie. I'm still waiting. Maybe I am wasting my time." Brenda looks back
down at her hands
"Why does it sound like you're trying to put all the blame on me. It's a two-
way street you know."
"Look I didn't come here to fight with you. I wanted to have an honest
conversation with you. I need to get everything out in the open. If that's not
possible then just say so now. I've got somewhere to be."
"What is this ? Psych 101 ?"
Brenda stares at him angrily and hurt.
"Kevin's helped me a lot these past few years. "
Sonny looked at her apologetically
"Look i'm sorry. If he's helping you then that's good. Ijust meant-"
"I know what you meant Sonny."Brenda stands up angrily
"Listen, if I didn't want to talk to you I would have told you so. Robin
called and I had to go take care of a sick friend." she lied
" Is she all right ?" Brenda looked at him. She couldn't read his mind but she
could tell he was thinking that she had met someone. He was always jealous of
any male friend of hers except Stone Cates. He was extremely jealous of Miguel
and he hated Ned and Jax. She would let him suffer for awhile.
"Robin's okay."
"I meant your friend."
"He's fine for now. I have my cell phone in case anything happens."
"Why'd you leave him then ?" he asked
"Because I really wanted to talk to you and I didn't want to put it off any
further." she answrered truthfully. Brenda paused. "I really need to hear you
tell me why."
"I thought I did at the docks." he said quietly
"No, what you did was the same thing you always do. You kept feeding the same
bull that you've been feeding me since day one."
"It's not bull. It's the truth. I don't know what you want me to say ?"
Brenda starts getting upset and pushes him a little
"Anything but what you're saying now. I've heard it all before. You're
reasons for doing anything are always to protect me. Protect me from what ? I
made the choice to leave everything to be with you. You wouldn't let me. I
choose you like I always do, stupid fool that I am. You never choose me. It's
always something or someone else over me. And I'm the one who gets hurt every
single time. I can't take it anymore. I almost died inside when you left. Do
you even know ?"
She yelled at a silent Sonny.
"Do you ?!"

Chapter 48

Sonny finally brought his gaze to meet Brenda's. It was too much for him.
"It was killing me too. I sat in an empty beach house in Puerto Rico alone. I
couldn't take it, I don't even know how I survived. Something kept me going. I
sat up all night for months. I couldn't sleep or eat for weeks. I literally
had to fight the demons away."
"That's not what I asked."
"I know."
"Do you ?" Brenda asked him again while sitting back down
"Yeah, I probably. I know what it's like to be left behind and feel unwanted.
I of all people should know. I shouldn't have done what I did. You were right
before when you said I was a coward. I didn't want to suffer the consequences
if you were killed because of me so I let you suffer instead. It was wrong. I
should have thought it through more but all I could see was you dead because
of me."
"What do you mean ? I thought you were planning this the whole time."
The fact that she would even think that he would do something that hurtful was
too much for him to bear. He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes.
"No. I don't blsme you for thinking that. I wanted to marry you. I was going
"Then what happened that morning ?" Brenda asked. If he did intend on coming
to the church and leaving like they had planned then something must have
happened that morning.
But what could have ben so bad that it had caused him to leave her behind ?
"I had to leave. They were after me. They would have killed us both."
"Who is they Sonny ?"
"Davis Reese"
Brenda recognized the name but couldn't place it right away
"The guy who called me to congradulate us ? I don't get it..."
"He didn't call to toast to our future marriage. He called to send me a
warning that he could get to me whenever he wanted. That we would both die
right after we were married."
"But you said that we were leaving right after and no one knew. Did Resse find
out ?"
"No but he would have found us eventually. I couldn't take the chance. Rivera
put a million dollar contract on my head. That just doesn't go away. They
would have hunted us down. You can't run forever."
"We didn't even try."
"We never had a chance ! "
"You're right." Sonny looked up at her in surprise and Brenda continued.
"We probably should have known that from the beginning. Maybe that's why it
took so long for us to get together. We shouldn't have gotten back together
but we did. It would have saved us both a lot of heartache and needless pain."
Sonny could feel his heart, their heart breaking all over again. She was
regretting their whole relationship. No matter how bad things got, it never
had come to that. He must have really hurt her. He didn't know.
"It's funny. I still remember you saying that you would never take anything
that had happened to us back. That you would never do that like yesterday and
here we are."
Brenda stared at him totally devoid of emotion.
"You said a lot of things too."
"But I meant most of them. I wanted to give you everything you wanted in life.
I wanted to make your dreams come true. I wanted to make you as happy as you
made me."
Brenda starts crying a little.
"Maybe that was part of the problem. You already did all of those things. You
just didn't know it. I just wanted to be with you. I built my life around you
for a long tiime. I did it again when we were going to run off and give
everything up. That's what made it so hard."
"When you left to go to the church I was here waiting for Jason to get here.
You know that nightmare I had that night ?"
Brenda nodded
"Yeah, you woke up screaming my name."
"I was getting ready and I suddenly remembered the dream in a flash. I was
having flashbacks of that night at Luke's when Lily got into the car and it
exploded except it wasn't her, it was you. I watched you smile at me and get
into the car. I kept seeing you in the car. Icouldn't let it happen so I left.
I couldn't take it if I lost you llike that."
"You did lose me."
"I know. I don't expect you to take me back."Sonny stated quietly and
"Then what do you expect me to do ? Why did you come back ?"
"I came back to settle things once and for all. Maybe I was being selfish but
I had to see you just once. I had to make sure you knew the truth. I had to
let you know that I did love you and that i'll always love you."
Brenda had a sickening feeling imthe pit of her stomach.
"You make it sound like this is the end and i'll never see you again." she
laughed darkly
Sonny's eyes bore into hers but he didn't say anything.

Chapter 49
"Sonny, answer me !" Brenda could feel fear and dread fill her body.
"This isn't the end yet. but the danger is still there."
Sonny looked away but Brenda made him look at her
"What do you mean ? Why'd you come back if it wasn't safe. You could be
putting everyone in danger including me."
"It's safer than it was before. The Tin Man's dead and Davis Reese had been
neutralized. His organization is almost nonexistent. The only threat is the
possible fallout of my return. It could hurt Jason."
Brenda stared at him in wonder. He was actually telling her the truth.
Everything. He wasn't holding anything back.
"What ?"
Brenda shook her head.
"I don't know. You just seem different and you're actually telling me what's
going on."
"Ouch. I shocked you by not lying. I don't know if that's supposed to be a
good thing or not. I guess I did change a little. Two years of total solitude
can give you a lot of time to think."
"Don't I know it."
"You weren't completely alone. You had Mike, Lois and Robin."
"What else did they tell you ?"
"Not much."
"Lois visited me a couple times but she didn't move back permanently until
about seven months after you left. Robin came back about a month later. It
was hard being around Mike for awhile but we managed to put everything behind
us. I only had Julia and Jax for awhile."
"I thought you hated your sister."
"Can you believe we actually worked things out ? We don't hate each other.
We're sisters. Our problems started with our father and ended there. We put
that behind us and worked things out with Jax's help. "
"Where is he ?"
"Jax is off jetsetting around the world somewhere. We still talk a lot. Last
time we spoke, Jax was in Alaska with his parents."
Sonny nodded
"I told you about what was going on with me and everything else you wanted to
know. Tell me what happened with you."
Brenda started squirming uncomfortably.

Chapter 50

"Like what ?" brenda asked
Sonny shrugged in response
"I just wanted to know what's going on with you and what happened with you
after I left. I've been out of touch with everyone for awhile. I didn't even
tell Jason where I was. I couldn't because it might spell trouble for him I
asked Lois and Mike what happened with you but they just said that things were
really bad for you and that I should talk to you like there was a huge
Brenda took a deep breathe and finally spoke
"It's not exactly a huge secret."
"Then what is it?"
"After you left things were extremely hard for me. I couldn't do anything. I
finally went back to work. I bought my shares of L&B back from Ned and we were
handling things together. It didn't work out though."
"Why ? You loved working there. You were good at it."
"I had a lot of problems that I had to deal with outside the company that
affected L&B so I quit again. Lois came back and we started everything up
again at the Gatehouse. Lois and Ned have been great. I'm sorry. This is
really difficult for me."
"The problems were because of me, weren't they ?" He asked trying to make
things easier for her. He didn't know that he had done just the opposite.
"No....Yes. Sort of. I've been through so much in my life that it all started
hitting me at once. I couldn't deal with it all. You know, Lucy convinced me
to do a shoot for Jacks Cosmetics. We were going to tape it for a television
special. I don't know what went wrong but I just lost it. There were all these
people there. Jax had to leave and Lucy was late. I was standing there all
dressed up and ready to go. The photographer was snapping pictures but there
was something wrong with me. I started seeing things that weren't there. I
kept seeing you. I started throwing and smashing things. They took me away."
Brenda was crying by now and Sonny was watching her in disbelief as she told
her story.
"Who is they ?" he asked hoarsely
"Someone called the EMT's. An ambulance came. Lucy and Jax calmed me down and
convinced ne to go. They put me in the psych ward. The doctors tried to have
me committed and wouldn't let me be released. Jax finally got me out Christmas
Day. "
"What ? I didn't know any of this. I swear. I didn't hear about any of this
happening. "
"They got my breakdown on tape. Somehow Jax stopped the tabloids from using
it. They wouldn't let me out of the hospital. Julia tried to help me but-"
She turned to look at Sonny. She recognized the look on his face. He didn't
believe her. She stared at him in horror. He wasn't ...he couldn't
"What are you thinking ?" she asked incredulously
"I...I can't believe any of this happened. Jason would have told me." Sonny
"What ? Are you calling me a liar ? You think I would make all of this up !
You believe Jason over me ? You said so yourself that Jason didn't know where
you were."
Brenda wiped the tears away
"It's not like that. I would have known. I should have known if something was
"And you don't think that leaving mr like that wasn't wrong ? What did you
expect would happen ? I would go on with my life like nothing happened ? As
far as I'm concerned. Nothing did. This was a mistake. Why don't you have this
talk with your precious loyal Jason. I 'm leaving."
Brenda got up in anger and walked to the front door, slamming it in anger and
As soon as she got into the elevator she let the tears fall. She couldn't hold
it in anymore. She let it all out.

Chapter 51

Sonny watched her leave in shock. He didn't even try to stop her as he tried
to digest what she was telling him. So much could change in a few years.
Except his feelings for Brenda. He had watched her modeling career plummet,
had watched L&B's decline, and had wondered what was
happening to her. He had known, even from a distance he had known that
something was wrong, but he ignored that feeling in his gut. He brushed it off
as just the pain of losing the woman he loved. The guilt he had for giving her
up and causing her pain but it was much more than that.
He shouldn't have walked away from her. She was the
woman he had been madly, passionately in love with, was still in love with.
He was the first and only woman he had ever really loved.
Seeing her standing on the docks and in the door of the penthouse had brought
it all rushing
back to him, and now listening to Brenda telling him about the hell she had
been through. He should have stopped it. He should have gone back to Port
Charles and fought for her, but instead he had let things end. God, what had
he done. Sonny finally tore himself away from the thoughts that filled his
head and glanced at the clock. Jason should be getting back soon. He'd make
Jason tell him everything. He couldn't believe Jason try to look for him when
all that stuff was happening with Brenda. She needed him and he wasn't there.
He'd never be able to forgive himself but there was one thing he could do.
Make things right if that was possible. But first he had to talk to Jason and
find out as much as he could. He'd get Jason to tell him everything and not
hold anything back.

Chapter 52

Sonny went upstairs to shower and change. When he came back downstairs Jason
had just arrived.
"Hey Sonny. Renaldo said that you wanted to talk to me. Do you need me to do
anything for you?"
"Yeah, one thing. Tell me the truth."
"About what ?" Jason asked. This couldn't be good. Renaldo said that Brenda
had been there. Maybe she told him something.
"Brenda. She was here. I told her everything."
"Why ? I thought you didn't want her to know."
"That was before. I was protecting her but it was wrong. I can't keep lying to
her. I asked her about what happened with her."
"What did she say ?"
"Brenda told me that she almost lost L&B, how she lost it while trying to do
some modeling work for Lucy and how she ended up at GH in the psych ward. She
rushed out of here after I told her that you would've told me if something
like that had happened. Wouldn't you have Jason ?"
Sonny was standing right in front of Jason, almost staring right through him.
"Is it true Jason ? " Sonny asked again when Jason remained silent. He didn't
know what to say.
"Brenda went crazy and smashed a bunch of things. I went to see her and she
seemed okay. Jax was taking care of her."
"That wasn't good enough. I asked you to take care of her."
"Look, I was in the hospital too. I went and smashed up Jason Quartermaine's
room. I thought that she would be okay. "
"Brenda's not you. Everyone thinks that she's strong but she's not. Brenda's
been through a lot. You were supposed to protect her ! I trusted you !"
"I can't protect her from herself."
"What the hell is that supposed to mean ? Brenda would never hurt herself."
Sonny yelled
"They had her under suicide watch when she was at GH. Jax found her when she
was about to take a pair of scissors to her face. They threw her back in the
padded room. She's 2/3's crazy. I couldn't do anything."
Jason said calmly. Too calmly. It made Sonny angrier
"But I could have. If I had known then-"
"Then what Sonny ? You would have come back for her ? You left for a reason
Sonny. You couldn't have come back. It was too dangerous."
Sonny was pacing across the room in anger
"That wasn't your call to make ! Whatever reason I had to leave stopped being
important. Brenda means more to me."
"That's why you couldn't come back. You can't think straight with her around.
You said so yourself. It would have put all of you in danger. Mike and Jax
said that I should bring you back to help her. I was going to look for you but
Brenda said that she didn't want to see you."
"Brenda was in no position to be making choices like that."
"This was after she got out of the hospital. She was doing better. Brenda
moved back into her house and started taking care of herself. She started
seeing Kevin Collins and she had Robin."
Sonny looked at his best friend. He couldn't believe what he was saying to
"What changed ?"
"What ? "
"What made Brenda better ? It sure as hell wasn't either one of us."
"She found out something after she was released from the hospital. They ran
some tests and found something."
"What ?"

Chapter 53

"They told her that she was pregnant."
Sonny blinked. He couldn't have heard him right.
"What ?"
"They told her she was two and a half months pregnant."
"How ? I mean..."
"Alan ran some tests and they told her. I didn't find out til later. Brenda
has a kid. She named him Stone. Robin helps Brenda take care of him."
"I have a son ?" He said hoarsely
"Yes. I wasn't sure at first but yes. He's definitely yours."
The shock wore off and Sonny was getting really pissed off at Jason and
everyone else who didn't let him know. They could have found a way to get in
touch with him.
"Why didn't you tell me dammit ! Not telling me that Brenda was in trouble was
one thing but this... I missed out on years with my son. I wasn't here to take
care of Brenda."
"You couldn't have done anything. You would have brought danger back with you.
All three of you would have been marked for death."
"That wasn't your call to make. Brenda needed me. My son needed me ! "
"Does Mike know ?"
"That he has a grandson ? Yeah. He's over there a lot."
"Oh, that's great ! The only father figure my son has is Mike. Dammit Jason. I
should have been here raising my son with Brenda."
"Look Sonny-"
"No you look. I trusted you ! I put Brenda's life in your hands dammit ! and
by extension my son's. Now I see I made a huge mistake. One I won't make
Jason tried to explain and calm him down but Sonny wouldn't stand for it.
"No you look. I can't deal with this right now. I have to get out of here. I
have to talk to Brenda. Don't expect me back."
"Sonny, I know that you're angry-"
"Damn straight."
"But none of this was my fault. I begged you to stay. I asked you not to
leave. I tried to get you to stay or at least talk to Brenda. You made the
decision to leave."
Sonny knew that Jason was right but he couldn't talk about it right now. He
could talk to Jason later. He had to go to Brenda. Sonny rubbed his face
"That doesn't make up for everything."
"I know but I did what I thought was best for everyone involved."
"You mean what was best for you." Sonny stated bluntly
Jason could tell Sonny was very angry but there was nothing he could do about
it now
"Look Sonny, you're my friend. You're like a brother to me. I missed you. I
took over for you but I would have given anything to have you with me. I was
fine working for you and taking orders. I like being in charge but I would
never choose that over you."
"You already did,. " Sonny hissed as he grabbed his coat and walked out the

Chapter 54

Brenda rushed out of Sonny's penthouse really upset. She couldn't go home
yet. She was too upset to drive and Robin was there with Stone. She didn't
want her son to see his mother in this shape. He was still young but kids
sense things.
'God, pull yourself together Brenda. I can't believe I let him do this to me
again.' she thought to herself.
She sat down on a bench in the park and tried to calm herself down. She was

Won't you talk to me
This is so out of hand
Something's gone so wrong
With the life that we planned

Won't you look at me
You're avoiding my gaze
And it seems like you've changed
In so many ways

It isn't fair
It isn't right
If it's really gone
Then tell me tonight
If it's over
If it's over
Let me go

Won't you speak to me
I'm just here holding on
'Cause baby I really don't need to
wait around
If the feeling is gone

I don't need no apologies
I'm not looking for sympathy
All i'm asking for
Is your honesty
Won't you give it to me
Give it to me now

It isn't fair
It just isn't right
'Cause if it's really gone
You've got to say the word tonight
If it's over
If it's over
Baby, if it's over
Won't you let me know
Baby, if it's over
If it's over
Over-let me go

As she tried to collect her thoughts she heard someone walking through the
park towards her.
She felt her pulse quicken and her heart fill up with fear.
It was really late in the night and the sun was coming up. She didn't have a
watch or a good sense of time, that's why she was always late. This time she
didn't care. She just wanted the hurt to go away. She looked towards the noise
to see who it was.
"Ms. Barrett ? What are you doing here all alone ? Its late, you should be at

Chapter 55

Sonny left his penthouse in a huff. He was angry at Jason but mostly himself.
He thought he was a smart man but somehow, whenver it came to Brenda, all
reason went flying out of his head and he did something incedibly stupid to
screw it all up. Sonny should've learned by now but he couldn't help it. He
should've known something was wrong with Brenda. Even if he was far away. They
had a connection. Or was that gone too ?
He pushed the disturbing thoughts out of his head for the moment. He had to
find Brenda and explain. More importantly he had to find her and make sure she
was all right. Brenda shouldn't be
wandering the streets alone.
It wasn't that he didn't believe her. He just couldn't believe that he had
been the cause of all that pain for her. Then he thought about how he would
feel if she walked out on him like he did, without a word. Just the idea of it
made him sick to his stomach. He couldn't bear losing her again. He already
had tons of times before and it was always his fault.
The first time he almost lost her was to death, luckily Brenda wasn't hurt
when she was shot at in the shower. He physically hurt just reliving it.
Brenda was scared the entire night. He remembered holding her and trying to
make it all go away.
Then he really had lost her when he wasn't honest with her. He was lying to
her about his business and everything else. If he had told her the truth then
she wouldn't have gone to Ned and Lois and they wouldn't have convinced her to
wear the wire. He wouldn't have gone to jail and he wouldn't have been forced
to marry Lily and all that crap with Rivera would never have happened.
She would never have gotten pregnant and he would be with Brenda. They would
be happy, with their son. They would be together with their family and
Sonny looked everywhere he could think of for Brenda. He tried the
Quartermaines, the docks, the gatehouse, the Outback. Finally he ended up back
at Luke's. He went upstairs to see Mike. If she wasn't ther then he'd find out
where Brenda lived or at least get the number so he could call Robin and see
if Brenda was okay.

About five minutes later a very tired Mike opened the door.
"Michael ? What-"
Sonny walked into the apartment and glanced around.
"Brenda's not here ?"
Mike looked at Sonny strangely
"No. Why ? Should she be ?"
Sonny rubbed his face. He wasn't in the mood to deal with Mike now. He just
had to find Brenda before someone else did.
"I just have to find Brenda. Do you know where she is ?"
"The last time I saw her was at the club when she was dancing with you...What
did you do Michael ?" Mike asked as realization hit him.
"I messed up again Pop"
"I figured as much. Wanna talk about it ?"
"Not really. Look, if you don't know where she is can you give me her phone
number or her address. I have to know that she's fine. I have to explain."
Mike glanced at his son reluctantly
"I don't think that would be such a good idea. Give it a few hours or a day or
so. "
"I can't. I've wasted enough time. I have to talk to her. Can you at least
call Robin and see if Brenda's home yet. She was really upset when she left
the penthouse."
Mike agreed and he picked up the phone to make the call.

Chapter 56

Sonny glanced around the apartment again. It hadn't changed that much expect
it was full of Mike's stuff. All of the memories he and Brenda had made there
came flooding back. All the times he and Brenda had fought and made up. All
the hundreds of times they had made love there. On the floor. In their bed.
Then for some reason he thought about Stone and their times there. He still
missed him like crazy. Sonny thought that if Stone was still alive then maybe
he would still be with Brenda. Stone wouldn't let him screw it up as bad as he
did. At that moment he missed tone more than he ever had.
A shiny framed picture on the table caught his eye. He walked over to pick it
up. It was a picture of a little baby boy. It looked like him when he was
younger. At first he thought it was an old picture of him but it was new.
Tears welled up in his eyes. It was his son. Stone. He plced his hand over the
picture as if imagining holding his son. He was a handsome little boy. He was
smiling at the camera and flashing his dimples.
Mike had finished the phone call and had just hung up when he noticed what
Sonny was looking at. Sonny slowly put the picture back and glanced at his
"What did Robin say ?" Sonny asked hoarsely
"Brenda's not there. Robin said that she'd call when she got in."
Sonny nodded
"Do you know ?" Mike asked quietly
"That I have a son ? Yes. No thanks to some people around here."
"We didn't know where you were. You didn't tell anyone. Jason lost track of
you after you disappeared. You wanted it that way."
Sonny raised a hand in anger.
"Save it all right. I heard it all from Jason."
Mike sighed.
"Did Brenda tell you ?"
"No. Jason did."
"Jason ?"
"I was talking with Brenda and she was telling me everything that happened
after I left. She got the impression that I didn't believe her so she stormed
"And how did she come up with that idea ?" Mike asked incredulously
"Look, it wasn't my fault. I didn't know what was happeneing here. I thought
that it would be safer for everyone if they didn't know where I was. I assumed
that if anything major happened that someone would get in contact with me. I
assumed wrong and Brenda paid the price. So did my son."
"You know what Mike ? I don't want to fight with you now. Can you just tell me
about him? "
Sonny asked refering to his son. "Luke said you spend a lot of time over
there. I take it to mean that you've been playing the role of Grandfather."
"He's a wonderful kid. We're lucky to be blessed with him. Brenda's a terrific
mother and she takes wonderful care of Stone."
"She named our son Stone ?"
"Michael Stone Corinthos."
"Its a beautiful name. Brenda choose it ?"
Mike shifted uncomfortable
"Not exactly. That's what we all call him but its not on the birth
"Why ?" Sonny looked at his father in pain
"Brenda thought it best to leave your name off. I know how you must feel but
Brenda didn't do it to hurt you. I was there. She waited for days until she
filled it out. Jason agreed with the decision because he thought it would be
easier to protect them. Your son would be better off. "
Sonny laughed darkly
"That's great Mike. My son is better off with out me. He doesn't have to carry
my name like its a curse."
"That's not what I meant. I'm just saying that your son wouldn't be a target.
A piece of paper means nothing. You're still Stone's father no matter what.
You just have to want it and be a father to him."
Mike paused to let what he just said sink in.
"You should talk to Brenda but not just yet. Why don't you stay her until
morning and then you can go do what you need to."

Chapter 57

Brenda sat back down and wiped her tears away. When she saw who it was she
relaxed a little.
"I was just about ready to go home. I just needed some fresh air. "
She grabbed her purse and got up.
"Ms. Barrett, you're shaking and its cold out here. Why don't you let me take
you home ?"
"I'm fine."
"No thanks, I have my car." Brenda smiled weakly at the brunette "I'm okay,
really V."
Venus smiled at Brenda
"You sure ?"
"Yeah, listen i'm sorry. It's not you. The next person that crossed my path
would have been pounced on. My car is parked over there. I just need to pull
myself together. I haven't been having a good day. What are you doing here ?
You working a late shift or something ?"
"No, I was having dinner with Mac and Felicia. It ran late because we were
having a good time."
"That's good. I'm glad they're happy. Why don't we sit down for a few minutes.
You know we don't talk a lot anymore."
Venus is one of Felicia's closest friends now since she lives above the
Outback and Brenda is close to both Mac and Felicia now mostly because of
"Well, you've been busy with everything and so have I."
Brenda smiled
"I know. I was going to think the next time I would see you would be at the
wedding. You know I was beginning to think you were avoiding me because of
Jax...I'm sorry-"
"Ms. Barrett-"
"It's Brenda, remember ?"
V smiled sheepishly
"Brenda, I don't blame you for what happened. Things didn't work out between
Jax and I, it wasn't your fault. We were meant to be together."
"Maybe it wasn't totally my fault but I was a factor."
"Jax fell in love with you. You didn't make him do anything. He couldn't
really fully get over you. He left town to deal with things and he chose to
stay away. Jax is happy living in Alaska with his family and his new wife."
Jax stayed away a lot after he found out Brenda was pregnant with Sonny's
child. Brenda didn't want him around so much smothering her and was kind of
glad when he went on his business trips. He went on more and more trips,
mostly to save Jerry from kidnapers. A year ago he met someone on one of those
trips and he married her.
"I got a letter. Jax sounded happy. That's all I ever wanted for him. You know
I really do have to go V. Why don't I meet you at the Outback tomorrow for
lunch ? I have a feeling that I might need an unbiased friend."
"Robin told Mac that Mr. Corinthos is back and I kind of overheard. Do you
want to talk about it?"
"Not really. I'm all talked out"
"Anytime you need to talk come by."
Both of them say good-by then leave.

Chapter 58

Brenda walked into her home. Robin and Stone were still asleep. She shut the
front door quietly and walked upstairs to take a hot shower. She needed to
rest a bit and then she'd make breakfast for Robin as a thank you.
The next morning Brenda is in the kitchen trying to make breakfast. Robin has
just woken up and is coming downstairs.
"Hey Brenda. You got in late last night. How did things go with Sonny last
night ?" Robin asked
"Horrible but I don't want to talk about it right now. Let's just eat and talk
about something else. Is Stone still asleep ?"
"Yes. He had a bad night. Just let him sleep for a few more hours. "
"Thanks for taking care of him."
Robin smiled
"He's my godson and your child. I love taking care of him. I love him like he
was my own."
Robin looked away sadly
"Robin ? I'm sorry if it hurts that I have Stone but you could always adopt."
"Only if I get married and that's a big if. I don't think they'd give a child
to me because I'm HIV positive."
"You can't give up hope yet. You're as healthy as you can be. You're viral
load is nearly undetectable. Besides, you'll find someone. I know you will.
You're a beautiful person and you're the kindest, sweetest person I know."
They hug
"Besides myself that is."
They both laugh
"So what are you doing today ?"
"I have volunteering work to do at GH and then I'm going to the Outback later
to see Uncle Mac. Do you need anything ?"
Just the man that I love, she said to herself. She forced a smile
"No, go and do whatever you have to. I'm going to stay here with my son until
tonight. I have to go over to Lo's and handle some things for L&B."
Robin helped Brenda clear the table and then left to go to General Hospital.
The kids she worked with were great. The Quartermaines were great to her. She
had graduated from Yale in one of their special programs and was thinking of
going back to get her medical degree but she missed Port Charles too much when
she was away. It was easier being in the same town with Jason but not much.
Brenda went upstairs into her sleeping son's nursery. She stood over his crib
watching his rhythmic breathing. He had kicked off his blanket again so she
pulled the covers over him.
"Hey sweetie. You still sleeping ? That's okay. Mommy likes to sleep in too. "
As if on cue Stone woke up when he heard his mother's voice. He chattered away
in his baby talk. Every now and then he said a coherent word and toddled
around. She was so proud of him when he did.
"You want mommy to hold you, huh ?"
Stone laughed happily and stretched his arms out.
renda scooped him and sat down in the rocking chair in the room with Stone in
her lap.
"Don't worry. I'll always be there to hold you and comfort you. Just call me
whenever you have a nightmare or a problem or anything. Listen sweetie. I know
you probably don't understand me right now but its okay. Just listen. I love
you and I just want to take care of you and protect you. I always will no
matter what. I won't let anyone hurt you. I promise."
She kissed his head and held him tighter.

Chapter 59

Brenda carried Stone downstairs and put him in his playpen. She decided to
work downstairs that day. She'd get everything done and then play with her
son. Brenda got all her papers out and was trying to get some work done but
for some reason she couldn't concentrate.She walked over to the CD player on
the mantle and turned the radio on. Music always seemed to help before.

All alone on Sunday morning
Outside I see that the rain is falling
Inside i'm slowly dying
But, the rain would hide my crying,crying, crying
And you
Don't you know
My tears will burn the pillow
Set this place on fire
Cause i'm tired of these lies
All I needed was a simple hello
But, the traffic was so noisy that you could not hear me cry

I gave you my love in vain
My body never knew such pleasure
My heart never knew such pain
(And you)
You leave me so confused
Now I'm all cried out
-Over you
(Crying over you)

Never wanted to see things your way
Had to go astray
For why was I such a fool
Why was I such a fool
Now I see that the grass is greener
Is it too late for me to find my way home
How could I be so wrong

Leaving me all alone
Don't you know
My tears will cause an inferno
Romance of these flames
Why should I take the blame
You were the one who left me neglected
(So sorry baby)
Apology not accepted
Add it to the broken hearts you collected

I gave you all of me
(Gave you all of me)
How was I to know
You would weaken so easily
I don't know what to do
(I don't know what to do)
Now I'm all cried out over you
(All cried out)
-Over you

I gave you my love in vain
My body never knew such pleasure
My heart never knew such pain
(And you)
You leave me so confused
Now I'm all cried out
Now I'm all cried out
-Over you

She quickly turned off the radio. The song only depressed her even more if
that was possible.
"I'm done crying over you Sonny. No more." Brenda said to herself.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell.
"Looks like your Aunt Robin forgot something sweetie."
Brenda walked to the door and glanced out the window quickly.
It was Sonny.
"What do you want ?" She called through the door
"Brenda, I'm sorry. I need to talk to you. Please let me in."
"Go away. I don't want to talk to you right now."
"Just give me 5 minutes."
"You have 5 minutes to get off my property or i'm calling the police."
"I know you're angry and hurt but you have to hear me out."
The nerve of that man she thought to herself. She walked over to Stone's
playpen and picked her son up. She softly set him down on the couch. She
grabbed all his baby things and threw them in the playpen which she shoved
into the kitchen.
"Come on Stone. I know I said you could stay with me but this is important.
You stay in your room and don't make any noise. I'll turn on the baby monitor
so I can hear you but I need you to be good for 10 minutes while I get rid of
your daddy."
She rushed back downstairs carrying the baby monitor which she hid behind her
back. Brrenda turned the volume down so only she could hear it.
She angrily walked over to the door and flung it open.
"I do not want to hear anything you have to say. I think you said enough last
Brenda stated cooly. Her eyes were cold. Sonny had never seen her like this.
Not even when they saw each other on the docks. He grabbed the oppurtunity he
Sonny pushed his way past her into the living room
"I knew that would get your attention. Now, are you going to hear me out or do
I have to make you listen to me."
Brenda shut the door quietly. She would have slammed it but she didn't want to
disturb Stone.
"Fine, you have 5 minutes then you can get the hell out of my house. "
Sonny looked at her. She was still as beautiful as ever but she as really
pissed off at him. She looked even more beautiful when she was mad. All he
wanted to do was take her into his arms and make love to her upstairs.
Brenda noticed Sonny staring at her.
"Are you going to talk or gawk at me."
"Sorry. I...never mind." He wanted to say how sorry he was, how gorgeous and
sexy she looked, how much he had missed her but he also knew that she didn't
want to hear it.
Brenda sat down on the couch and shoved the baby monitor behind a pillow.
Sonny sat down nevt to her.
"Look I really don't want to keep fighting with you. I don't have the energy
for it anymore. Lets just have a nice honest adult conversation without
yelling or throwing things." Brenda said lowering her voice
"I think we can handle that."
He looked around the house.
"I can't believe you own this place."
"I know. Its not anything like our dream house but it's home."
"It suits you."
"Does it ?"
"Yeah. I guess it does."
"Can I ask you something ?" Brenda asked Sonny carefully
"What ?"
"Why did you assume I was making up all that stuff I told you ?"
Sonny took a deep breathe before answering.
"I didn't think you were lying. I should have handled it better but I was
caught off guard. I knew it woiuldn't be easy for you but I thought you could
make it because you were strong. I thought I was giving you you're life back.
I didn't know I was destroying it. I was angry at myself because I didn't
know. I should have. I couldn't take the fact that our connection is broken. I
should have felt your pain but I was too involved in my own pain and in my
business to think about you and what you might be going through. I was... a
lot of things. Not all of them good but I honestly thought I was doing the
right thing."
Brneda looked deep into his eyes while he was talking and she knew he was
telling the truth. His eyes didn't change. They were filled with pain, love
and regrets.
"I believe you."
"You do ?" Sonny said surprised.
"I believe that you thought you were doing the right thing but it was still
wrong. You could have at least come to me and told me what you were going to
do. You didn't give me a chance. I can't forgive you for that."
Sonny looked at her sadly.
"I guess this is it huh ?"
"Yeah. We've been through too much. I can't go back to all that pain with you.
I've moved on. We can't keep doing this."
"Doing what ?"
Brenda shook her head
"Getting back together only to be torn apart again by something or someone. It
keeps happening
no matter how much we wish it wouldn't or how much we want or love each other.
It just never works out and I don't even want to try."
"I won't let it happen again. We can be together. This time is forever."
"Last time was supposed to be forever. Look how that ended."
Brenda stood up and so did Sonny
"I have to go upstairs and do something. If you still want to talk some more
then you can wait here for me. I'll be right back"
Brenda went upstairs to Stone's nursery to check on him. He was sitting in his
crib waiting for her. She pulled open the curtains more and let the sunlight
in. She had left the baby monitor behind one of the pillows and was still on.
Sonny found it and could hear Brenda talking.
"Hey sweetie. You're such a good boy. That's why I love you so much. Now, i'll
be right back in a few minutes and we can play with your toys."

A few seconds later Brenda was walking back downstairs to a waiting Sonny. He
had ut the baby monitor back where he found it. Sonny stood back up to face
"How is he ?"
"How is who ?" Brenda asked nervously. She didn't hear him come upstairs.
Maybe he heard her. She removed all the pictures she had on the mantle.
"Our son."
Brenda stood there in shock
"You know ?"
"About Stone ? Yeah, Jason told me after you left last night. G*d Brenda, I
had no idea. If I had known I-"
"Sonny, its too late for what ifs now. Stone and I are fine. I"m taking care
of him and he's a perfect healthy little boy. We can take care of ourselves."
"I know you can. Mike told me you're a wonderful mother. I always knew you'd
"Thank you. Listen, i've got things to do. Maybe you should leave."
"I want to see him."
"I don't think that would be a good idea right now. We can work something out
"Please, just give me a few minutes with him. I know you don't owe me
anything, if anything I owe you but I've already missed so much. I know that
that's my fault too but I just want to see him."
Sonny was pleading with her. Brenda melted a little and relented.
"Okay, he's upstairs in the nursery. Just go up and see him. I'll show you
where it is but not for too long okay ?"
Sonny agreed and followed her upstairs

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