"Is It All A Dream" by Donald

Brenda Barrat stood in front of the Port Charles line she had always heard that Dream's come true there but what would she know she had "Daddy Problems" and her ex boyfriend's were well not her kind of Prince Charming well she was going to start over.


Sonny Corinthois was the owner of a little bar called Sonny's Grill and Bar. He was also lonely his last girlfriend was well you know and she never loved him he was looking for a new waitress and then she happend


Brenda was going to start over and she started by looking into getting a job she went to a bar called Sonny's Grill and Bar
B- Hey it's a start
Brenda walked in and she was taken by a handsome man sitting at the bar
B- Hey do you own this joint?
B- Well I'm Brenda Barrett
M- Sonny,Sonny Corinthos
B- Nice to meet you Sonny
S- You too
B - Well I was looking for a job
S- Do you have any experience
B- No but I learn fast
S- How fast
B- I can learn this job in an hour
S- You think so huh
B- I know so
S- alright you got the job but if you can't learn in an hour I understand
B- well that's very big of you
S- Thanks I think Hey um you know I was wondring if you maybe um are you new in town
B- Yes I am I'm from Brooklyn
S- Are you really I'm from Brooklyn
B- Cool what school did you go to
S- It was Catholic
B- Well if it wasn't for Adella Woods I would have dropped out of school
S- (Hoarsly) You knew an Adella Woods
B- Yeah did you
S- She was my mother
B- Oh wait you must be Michael
S- Yeah how did you guess
They went on for hours just talking
S- Well since you're new in town let me cook you dinner tonight
B- Ok well you can order take out
S- Oh don't worry I can cook
B- Great I'll be there at seven


Brenda was wearing Short Red off the sholder dress and Red strappy shoes her hair was in a mess of curls and she wore the exact amount of make-up to make the point Sonny had made everything Salad Lausana Rolls and then Chcolete coveerd strawberries for dessert

TBC Will Sonny and Brenda make love or will the dinner go as planned we'll se next time

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