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Sonny and Brenda Online Fan Fiction Contest
Storyline Submission Phase: January 1 - March 31, 2005
Voting Phase: April 3 - May 31, 2005

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"6 Years After - Stange Bedfellows: A Prequel" by Jody

"All I've Ever Wanted" by Faye Kingsley

"All Roads Lead Home" by Christina Chapman

"Alternative Storyline" by Cathy

"Anything's Possible: Keep the Faith" by Jenny

"As Dreams Go By" by Lindsay

"At Last" by Rima

"Attraction" by Marissa

"Betrayals" by Stacy (chapters 1-7)

"Beyond Our Love" by Katie

"Bonded For Life" by Stacy

"Brenda Barrett, the Heroine" by Ann Holding

"Broken Promises" by Susan

"Can We Start Again" by Stacy

"A Change in Plans" by K.C.

"A Change in Plans 2" by K.C.

"Clues S&B" by Juliet

"Coming Home" by Katie

"The Conclusion" by JennC

"A Corinthos Family Christmas" by Clarissa

"December 2000" by StellaBlue
Sonny and Brenda Online Fan Fiction Contest Winner

"The Departure" by Val

"Difficult Choices" by

"Don't Dream It's Over" by Kate

"Don't Give Up" by Linda

"Don't Let Him Hurt Me" by Kuner

"Dreams" by Jolene & Donna

"Dreams Come True" by Linda

'Dreams Come True" (different story, same title) by

"Even Then" by

"Everlasting Love Overcomes Evil" by Marissa

"Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginnings End" by ANGELSTAGE

"Everything Changes" by K.C.

"Fate: It happened one day" by Susan

"Fathers and Sons" by Ann

"Feelings Lost But Not Forgoten" by Sarah

"The Final Play" by Heather

"Fire and Ice" by Ann Holding

"The Fire Within" by Carrie

"Foolish Games" by Julie and Lori

"For Love" by Jessica

"For Stone" by Shari

"For Stone: The Sequal" by Shari

"Forever" by

"Forever In My Heart" by Susan

"Fresh Starts" by Stacy (chapters 1-6)

"Ghost From the Past" by

"Hello My Friend" by Lori and Julie

"Here we are again" by PartyDoll

"Hidden Emotions" by Niki

"Hidden Emotions" (Continued) by Niki

"Hidden Love" by DitzyGurl
Sonny and Brenda Online Fan Fiction Contest Entry

"High School Heart Throbs" by Yvonne

"High Stakes" by Kat

"Holding On" by

"Home is where the heart is" by Sharipep

"I Do" by Yvonne

"I'll Be Home" by Lissie

"I'll Cherish You Forever" by Sonny Lover

"In My Heart" by Stacy

"In the End" by Chrissy

"Is it Over?" by Sus4dogs

"It Happened One Night" by Yvonne Schlitt

"It Won't Be Forever" by Stacy and Katie

"Is It All A Dream" by Donald

"It's All Comin' Back" by

"It's been so long" by Scarlet and Katie

"It's Hard to Say Goodbye" by Amanda

"The Last Goodbye" by Lindsay

"Learning to Love Again" (Chapters 1 & 2) by Wendy

"Lies of the Heart" by Stacy

"A Lifetime Together" by Sharipep

"Living A Lie" by

"The Long and Winding Road" by

"Losing Love" by

"Lost Loves" by Cara

"Love Hurts" by Stacy (chapters 1-10)

"Love Isn't Enough" (chapters 1-6) by Gravedigger

"Love Lasts" by joyjoy

"The Loves of their Lives" by

"A Love That Can't Be Denied" by Linda

"Meaning" by Ticon
Sonny and Brenda Online Fan Fiction Contest 3rd Place Entry

"Meant to Be" by Stacy

"Miracles" by Stacy

"Moving On" by Kitty

"Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos" by Jeannie

"A New Beginning" by Tara

"New Beginnings" by Kitty

"One Fine Day" by Takiyah

"One Heart" by Michelle

"One Last Look" by Kat

"One More Chance" by Mary

"One More Chance [2]" by Mary

"One More Time" by Lori

"Our Love is Forever" by Wendy

"Out of the Ashes" by PartyDoll

"Passionate Nights" by Daisy

"The Past is the Past" by Barbara

"Picture This" by Di

"Port Charles' Disturbing Behavior" by Kelly

"Prisoner of Love" by Stacy

"Puerto Rico Passion" by Shari

"Reality Check" by Cathy

"Redemption Song" by Bet
Sonny and Brenda Online Fan Fiction Contest Runner Up
"The Reunion" by Wendy

"Rewind S&B 2 yrs and some change" by Julie and Lori

"The Ring" by Lisa

"The Right Thing" by Jessica

"A S&B Christmas Short Story" by Clarissa

"S&B: The College Years" by Stacy

"S&B Forever" by Courtney

"S&B Heartbeat" by Debbie

"S&B Puerto Rico '97" by Suzy M H

"Saying Goodbye" by Shari

"Scattered Hopes"

"Second Chance at Love" by Shari and Lori

"Second Chances" by Stacy

"Secrets" by Dinah

"Seeking the Truth" by Lizel

"Shadowed Return" by Tracy

"Shadows in a Mirror" by Julie and Lori

"Six Years" by Kat

"So Close Yet So Far" by Linda

"Sonny and Brenda" by

"Sonny and Brenda Sex Games" by Natasha Bradley

"Sonny and Brenda Story" by

"Sonny Opens His Heart to Win Brenda Back" by Stacy

"Strange Bedfellows" by Jody

"Starting Over" by Stacy

"Starting Over" by Jenny

"Survivors" by Jeannie and Mandy

"Temptation Island" by SnBForever

"A thin line between love and hate" by Stacy

"The Time of Her Life" by K.C.

"Together Again" by Shari

"To Protect My Love" by PartyDoll

"To Sonny and Brenda - Forever" by Shari

"Together Forever" by Stacy

"Trial of the Century" by Shari

"True Lies" by Yvonne

"True Love Never Dies" by Marissa

"Two Halves" by Becky

Untitled by Tammie

"Waiting to Exhale" by Chris

"Welcome Home" by PartyDoll

"Welcome to Paradise" by Heather

"We Only Have One Life" by Donald

"When We Meet Again" by Corinna

"Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" by Sharipep

"Where do we go from here?" by Kitty

"Who's That Girl?" by Kelly

"Will Love Be Enough" by Stacy

"Wonder Years" by Julie and Lori

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