In My Heart by Stacy

~1 year later Sonny, Brenda, and Jax(who will not be mentioned really in this fanfic) have all gone their septerate ways. Jax cosmetics have been moved to London. Sonny stayed in Pc. And Brenda moved to Florida. Lucy has taken back Deception and Brenda went back to work for Lucy. Lois and Ned are reunited but don't have a child. Brenda and Lois are stll heavily involved in L&B. Robin and Jason are together. Brenda is going to have to come back to PC because working with L&B and Deception has become real difficult with her away. It is now the summer~

Chapter 1:


--Lois and Brenda are talking on the phone about L&B business--

L-So, does that sound ok with you?

B-Yeah. It sounds great.



L-I want to say something and I'm sorry if I'm being selfish.

B-You could never be selfish. What is it?

L-I wish you would move back to Pc. It would be so much easier for me and you to run L&B if you were here. I can bet that it would be easier with Lucy, too.

B-Lois, you know why I can't come home.

L-Brenda, you have to get past this. If you can't or should I say...don't want to be with him then you have to let him go.

B-You know it's not that.

L-Well, do you think staying away from PC where he is will make anything happen for the two of you?

B-No, but I don't think it matters either way. I am sure he let me go the minute I left PC.

L-You know that's not true. I don't think he's stopped loving you but since you chose to leave then he had no choice but to at least *try* and move on.

B-I don't know, Lois. I don't know if I could be in the same town with him and watch him with other women.

L-You have to try. If you can't be with him then you have to try and move on. You can do it here. Running isn't going to help you forget him, Bren. PLease.

B-All right. I can see I won't get out of this one. Will you do me a favor, then? Could
you please help me get past this.


B-Also, can you get a room for me in the PC Hotel? Call Lucy and tell her what's going on, too. I will be there in a few weeks.

L-I will. This is for the best, Brenda.

B-We'll see. See you soon.


--Sonny has been dating a woman named Sarah. She is 5'7", thin, dark brown hair,and brown eyes.--

--Sonny walks down to the docks. Even though Brenda's been gone for a year he still can't get her out of his heart and soul. But there is *no* way he could ever get her back. She is gone now.--

Sonny thinks about when Brenda left PC:

S-"Where are you going?"
B-"I have to leave. There is nothing that's
keeping me here."
S-"I am."
B-"No. Things can't work out."
S-"Are you telling me that you don't love me and
are ready to walk away without trying?"
B-"Trying won't help us. I'm sorry, Sonny, but I
can't."(Brenda leaves the docks crying)

--Sonny snaps back into reality--

S-(to himself) I have to move past this or at least try. I can't keep hanging on to the love I shared with Brenda otherwise I will never be able to move on. Then there's Sarah...(he pauses) she's nice and very beautiful. Maybe moving on with Sarah would be a good thing. She cares about me and I care about her. I know nothing could be the same as it was with Brenda but at least I could be happy.

--Sonny heads back to his PH--

Chapter 2:


--Lois calls up Robin and asks her to meet her at Luke's, so she can tell her what's going on with Brenda--


L-Hi, Robin.

R-Lois, hi.

L-Can you meet me at Luke's in about at 7:30 p.m.?

R-Sure, why?

L-There are some things I need to tell you about.

R-All right.

L-See you soon.



--Lois is on her way out around 6:45 p.m. and her phone rings--


B-Hi, Lo, it's me.

L-Bren? Don't tell me you changed your mind?

B-No. I was wondering if you told Robin yet?

L-Actually I was just about to meet her and tell her about it. Why?

B-Only tell her as long as she doesn't tell Jason because if she does Jason will tell Sonny.

L-Bren, Sonny will find out sooner or later.

B-I would prefer later.

L-Ok, we'll play it your way.


L-Oh, by the way, I called Lucy and she is ecstatic and she said she wouldn't say a word until you came back. And I got you a room at PC hotel. You are in room 224.

B-Thank you so much, Lois. I don't know what I would do without you.

L-I'm always here for you.

B-All right I will see you in 1-2 weeks depending on how long it takes me to pack.

L-(laughs) Ok.

--They say their goodbye's and hang up--


--Sonny is sitting on the couch when there is a knock at the door--

--Sonny opens it and it's Sarah--

Sa-Sarah, S-Sonny

Sa-Hi, sweetie.

S-(gives her a quick kiss and let's her in) Hi. I'm glad you're here.

Sa-I missed you today.

S-(hugs her) Yeah? I did, too.

Sa-Good. Then you'll have dinner with me tonight?

S-You know I wouldn't pass up an evening with you.

Sa-That was a good answer.

S-(laughs) Ok, but it is almost 7.

Sa-That's ok. Pick me up at 8. I will rush home and get ready.

S-All right.

--He gives her a kiss and she leaves--

S-(outloud) This is good. I *do* care about her, so it's good.

--Sonny heads back to his office--


--Lois and Robin meet at Luke's and they sit down at a table--

R-Ok, what's going on?

Chapter 3:

L-Before I tell you anything I need you to promise me that you won't tell Jason.

R-Lois, I don't keep things from Jason.

L-I know and I don't usually keep things from Ned but I have to make an exception just this one time.

R-All right. I promise.

L-Ok. Um, Brenda is coming back to PC.

R-(smiles) What? When?

L-In 1-2 weeks. She didn't want to come back because she didn't want to watch Sonny with another woman. I convinced her to come back and stop running.

R-I can't believe you got through to her.

L-I know. Plus it's just easier for L&B and also for Lucy since Brenda is working for her.

R-I guess. So, why shouldn't I tell Jason about this?

L-She isn't ready for Sonny to know yet.

R-All right. I guess I will do it her way.

L-That's what I said. I'm just glad she is coming home.


--As Lois and Robin are talking in walks Sonny with Sarah on his arm--

--Mike and Luke are behind the bar--

L-Hey, partner.


L-How are you doing, Sarah?

Sa-Good. Thanks, Luke.

M-Excuse me. I have things to do.

--Sonny looks at Mike knowing why he excused himself. Sonny knows that Mike has thought that Brenda was the only one for him. He doesn't know if he will ever give Sarah a chance--

--Sonny looks over at Robin and Lois, too. He smiles and they smile back. He knows it's hard for them to see him with someone else--

--Sonny and Sarah go sit down--

Sa-He hates me, doesn't he?

S-Who? (knowing that she's talking about Mike)

Sa-Mike. You know, your father.

S-No, he just....well, he has always thought that Brenda was the only one who was right for me.

Sa-What do you think?

S-I think it's none of his damn business and that I am happy that you are in my life.

Sa-Well, all that matters is what you think.

--Sonny leans over and gives her a kiss--

--Lois and Robin look at each other--

R-This *will* be hard for her.

L-Yeah, it will. You know, no matter what he says I know he still loves her.

R-Yeah, but he has buried those feelings so deep that I'm afraid that he won't admit that to her or anyone else.

L-I know. They are both so stubborn.

R-(laughs) Yeah, they are.

--Robin and Lois leave--


--1 week later Brenda is in the middle of packing up her things from Florida and moving back to PC--

--Brenda comes across some photos of her and Sonny together at the Nurses's Ball almost 5 years ago--

--Brenda smoothes her hands over the picture. She smiles and a few tears fall--

--There are so many things that Brenda ran across that reminded her of Sonny and when she was with him--


--Lucy is looking at the recent shots that Brenda did in Florida and were sent to her--

Chapter 4:

--Lucy looks through them over about 10 times before she makes a decision which ones to use since she is putting up a billboard of Brenda in about 1 week--

--She decides to do a billboard of Brenda since she is coming back home and it will be the start of a *big* ad campaign for Brenda--

--Lucy picks up the phone and dials Lois' number--

Lo-Lois, Lu-Lucy


Lu-It's Lucy. Have you heard from Brenda?

Lo-Hi, Lucy. Yeah, she should be here in a few days.

Lu-Great. Can you have her give me a call or stop by my office so we can go over a few things?

Lo-Sure, but why didn't you just call Brenda at home?

Lu-I know she needs to pack so I didn't want to bother her.

Lo-Ok. I will let her know.


--They hang up--


--Sonny goes over to Luke's to talk to Mike about the way he treats Sarah--

--Sonny walks in and over to Mike--

S-We need to talk.

M-All right.

S-I would like you to be nicer to Sarah.

M-What do you mean?

S-Come on, Mike. You don't like her because she's not Brenda.

M-That's not true. It's just that I think Brenda is the one that you should be with right

S-In case you haven't noticed....Brenda's been gone for a year and she was the one who left, not me.

M-Fine. What do you want me to do?

S-Talk to her when she says "hi" would be a good start.

M-I'll try.

S-That's all I ask.

M-All right.

--Sonny leaves--


--Brenda finishes packing her things and the movers grab the last box--

B-(to one of the movers) I am just going to look around a bit. I will be out in a minute.

Mover-All right. (he heads out to the truck)

--Brenda looks around--

B-(outloud) Goodbye. It's been wonderful here, but it's time to go home. It's time to see what I can find for myself back there again. Will I ever find happiness again? How will I deal with the new woman in Sonny's life? How will Sonny deal with me being back there again? I'm coming back Sonny, so be ready!

--Brenda heads out to the truck and they head to Port Charles--


--Brenda is in her car heading to the airport and she picks up her cell phone and dials Lois' number--


B-Lois, it's me. I'm on my way. I should be home later today and the movers should be there tomorrow.

L-Good. I can't wait to see you. Will you call me when you get here?

B-Of course. I can't wait to see you.

L-I will see you soon.

--They hang up. Brenda arrives at the airport and board the plane to Port Charles, New York--

Chapter 5:


--Later that night Sarah is over at Sonny's and they have just finished the dinner that he had cooked for them--

Sa-Oh, that was *so* good. I can't believe you can cook like that. Where did you learn to cook like that?

S-Well, that's a secret.

Sa-Oh, come on.

--Sarah goes over to him and smothers him with kisses and he just laughs--

S-That won't work either.

--Sonny and Sarah continue to kiss and they move over to the couch. Sonny pulls away--


Sa-What is it?

--Sonny knows he feels guilty that he is thinking of Brenda while with Sarah but can't help it but doesn't want her to know that--

S-Nothing. I am just really beat. It was a long day. I'm sorry, sweetie.

Sa-It's ok. I will just see you tomorrow, ok?


--Sonny walks Sarah to the door and gives her a kiss. Sarah leaves--

--After Sarah is gone Sonny walks over to the window and just looks out for a few
minutes before speaking--

S-(outloud) What the *hell* is my problem. Let Brenda go! Just let her go. Why can't I get her out of my heart or my soul. I don't care what I feel for Brenda. She's gone now and probably will never come back and I have Sarah and I'm *not* about to screw that one up.

--Sonny heads up to his bedroom--


--Brenda walks into her hotel room and puts almost everything away that she had moved and kept the rest in storage--

--Brenda looks around the room and can't believe she did it, she can't believe that she came back home--

B-(takes a breath) I'm home! (smiles) Now if I can just avoid seeing Sonny for awhile. Who am I kidding.....(pauses) no matter when I see Sonny it's going to be rough.

--Brenda decides to pick up the phone and call Lois--



L-Bren! Are you here?

B-I'm here.

L-I'm so glad. We have to get together *very* soon.

B-Yeah. Why don't you meet me for breakfast.

L-All right. Where?

B-Uh, the Outback. I think that might be safe.

L-If you say so. Lucy wants you to give her a call when you get back.

B-Yeah, I was going to call before we had breakfast. I think I will have Robin meet us
there, too.

L-That's a great idea.

B-All right. I'm going to call her.

--Lois and Brenda hang up--


--Robin and Jason have the house to themselves and are sitting in the living room
watching a movie when the phone rings--

R-I'll be right back.

J-All right.

--Robin goes over and answers the phone--



R-Uh, hi.

B-Jason's there?


B-All right. Ijust wanted to let you know that I'm home. Why don't you meet me and
Lois at the Outback for breakfast tomorrow.

R-Sounds good.

B-See you then. I'm missed you.

R-Same here.


--They hang up and Robin goes back to Jason--

J-Who was that?

R-Kevin looking for Mac.


--They go back to watching the movie. Robin knows how good Jason is with telling if
people are lying so she was relieved that he didn't catch it--

Chapter 6:


--The next morning Brenda is ready to leave to and meet Lois and Robin--

--Brenda picks up the phone and calls Lucy--


B-Lucy, it's me, Brenda.

L-Hi! Are you back in PC?


L-Oh, good. Listen, do you have time to come to my office so we can discuss some

B-Of course. I will be over as soon as Lois, Robin and I finish breakfast.

L-Great. See you soon.


--They hang up--


--Lois and Robin arrive at the Outback. Brenda isn't there yet. They wait outside for

R-Has she thought about Sonny coming here this morning? I mean, he does come here once in a while.

L-I don't know.

--As Robin and Lois are discussing Brenda, Sonny walks up--

R-(walks over to Sonny) Sonny, I think you should go over to Jason's apartment.

S-Hi, to you, too. Why?

R-Sorry. He said that you guys had things you needed to talk about and if I saw you that you should stop by.

S-Oh. Well, I guess I better go now then.

R-All right. I will talk to you later.

--Sonny leaves--

--Lois turns to Robin--

L-Not bad.

R-I think we need to talk with Brenda before she runs into Sonny.

L-Good thinking.

--They go and sit down at a table--


--Brenda arrives 5 minutes and joins Lois and Robin--

-Brenda gives Robin and Lois each a hug and then they all sit down--

B-It feels good to be home.

R-It's good to have you home.

L-Yeah, we've missed you so much.

B-I've missed you guys, too.

R-And Sonny?

B-What about him?

L-Stop it.


R-Come on, Bren. We *know* you still have feelings for him..dare I say that you still
love him.

B-You guys, it doesn't matter how I feel about Sonny. He has moved on and I'm sure he is over me. He has someone else in his life now. I just want him to be happy and as long as he is then I won't interfere.

L-But what if he'd rather be happier with you.

B-I can't Lois. I won't wreck his life again.

R-Ok. But I think you're wrong about Sonny's feelings for you. And you have to know that he won't admit them.

B-Well, I guess that's his choice then.

L-You are hopeless.

R-When can I tell Jason?

B-You can tell him, but I don't want him to tell Sonny until Sonny finds out.

R-I'll try.

--Brenda, Lois, and Robin spend an hour catching up--


--Brenda heads into Lucy's office and they talk before they discuss business--

L-All right. Now we have a lot to talk about.


L-I chose this photo (shows her) and I put up a billboard saying, "I'm home". I want to start a *big* deception ad campaign with you as soon as you can. How soon could you start it?

B-I love all of this Luce. I could start it next week. What are we going to do first?

L-Well, we'll do a few shoots first in PC.

B-Sounds good.

--Lucy and Brenda discuss more of what lies ahead for Brenda--

Chapter 7:


--Sonny stopped at Sarah's before heading over to Jason's apartment. Him and Sarah makes plans to go to dinner that night--

J-Hi. What are you doing here?

S-Robin, told me that we needed to talk about some business.

J-She did?

S-Yeah, didn't you tell her?

J-No. But anyways, maybe we should discuss who is going to the meeting with Benny (financial adviser) tomorrow.


J-I can go if you want me, too.

S-Sounds fine.


S-I wonder why Robin told me I had to come to your apartment.

J-I don't know but she was acting *very* weird last night.

S-I wonder why.

J-I don't know, but she got a phone call...

S-From who?

J-She said Kevin but there was just something weird about it. Not sure what.

S-Maybe you should ask her.

J-No, I don't want her to think that I think she's lying.

S-All right. See you later.

J-Ok. I'll stop by after I see Benny.

S-Sounds good. Bye.


--Sonny leaves and heads over to Luke's--


--Robin stops by Jason's apartment after seeing Brenda. Jason let's her in--


R-(paces nervously) Hi.

J-(knows something is bothering her) Robin, is everything ok because you just seem...

R-You're right, something is the matter.

J-Did I do something?

R-Of course not. There is something that I need to tell you, that's all.


R-What I tell you is very important and is something you can't tell Sonny.


R-Because it's what has to be. I really don't know, Jason.

J-That is what's bothering you, isn't it? I mean, you want to tell Sonny but you can't.

R-Right. (Jason nods in agreement) Ok. Brenda is back in town.

J-Your kidding?

R-No, she came back because it was hard for her to take care of L&B and Deception.

J-Let me guess....Sonny doesn't know yet.

R-No, and Brenda isn't ready for him to know yet either.

J-Why? She's not over him yet, is she?

R-I don't think so, but like Sonny, she would never admit it.

J-I don't know Robin. Sonny seems like he has pretty much moved on.

R-It may look like that but *believe* me as soon as he sees her he will be back to square one. He won't be sure of his feelings for anyone, especially Sarah. Once again in the end someone will get hurt and I don't think it will be Sonny or Brenda.

J-So, you don't want me to say anything, right?

R-Right. At least until Brenda is ready.


--They make plans to meet at Luke's for dinner--

Chapter 8:


--Brenda's phone rings and it's Lucy--


L-Hi, it's me. Listen, can you meet me at Luke's tonight about 7?


L-Yeah. Is there something wrong with that?

B-(pauses) No, it's fine. See you at 7.

--Lucy and Brenda hang up. Brenda walks over to the window after she hangs up with Lucy--

B-Well, I'm going to Luke's. I wish I had more time to prepare before I ran into Sonny
again, but that probably isn't possible. Port Charles is small and I guess I can't stay away from him too long. Tonight could be the night. It could be the night I see Sonny after being away for a year. Will he even say a word to me? Forget it, Brenda. He's moved on.

--Brenda sighs and starts to get ready to meet Lucy at Luke's to go over some deception business--


--Around 6:00 p.m. Sonny is getting ready for a night with Sarah. He gets a weird feeling in his gut. He has a weird feeling about tonight. He can't quite picture why he got a weird feeling but he just *knew* it wasn't going to be a normal night out--

--Sonny remembers the only time he has this feeling was when
he was missing Brenda or was about to meet Brenda--

S-This is crazy. I know I won't be running into Brenda tonight so what is going on.

--Sonny tries to shake off the feeling and leaves to Luke's to meet Sarah--

--Sonny walks into Luke's and doesn't see Sarah yet so he decides to go talk to Luke for a bit in the back--

--Sonny walks in Luke's office--

L-Hey, man. What are you doing here?

S-I'm waiting for Sarah.

L-Oh, another night out with Sarah, huh?

S-Yeah. Can I ask you something?


S-Do you think it's wrong of me to be happy with Sarah?

L-Why would you ask that? Is it because of Brenda?


L-Man, she left you remember.

S-I know, but sometimes I catch myself thinking of her.

L-I know, but since she doesn't want to be around then I think you should move on and be happy with Sarah.

S-I needed to hear that. Thanks, Luke.


--Sonny and Luke talk a little about his family--


--Brenda stops in front of Luke's and just looks at the door before heading inside.--

--She takes a deep breath--

--Brenda slowly walks into Luke's. Brenda sees Mike but he is busy so he doesn't notice that she has walked in. Brenda spots Lucy talking with someone she doesn't know. Brenda goes over to Lucy and they hug. Brenda and Lucy go sit down at a table--

L-It's good to have you back.


--Brenda looks around the room wondering if Sonny will be there--

Chapter 9:

-Lucy notices that Brenda is looking around the room--

L-What is it?

B-Oh, nothing.

L-Right. You are looking for him, aren't you?


L-You can't fool me. You're looking for Sonny. It's written all over your face.

B-I guess you know me pretty well.

L-What's going on, Bren?

B-Nothing. I haven't seen or talked to him in a year and I was just wondering if I would be running into him. I don't know how I'm going to deal with him being involved with another woman.

L-(smiles) You still love him.

B-Well, I think I will always love him. He's in my heart and I don't think that will ever
change, *but* he's happy and has moved on with someone new and I *won't* come
between that.

L-We'll see.

B-(gets a little defensive) What is that suppose to mean?

L-I'm sorry. I know this is hard for you. But, I think sooner or later you will end up back together. Come on, once Sonny knows that you are back he won't be able to forget what you shared and his feeling will sooner or later resurface. Can you do me a favor?


L-Don't give up on Sonny. If it's meant to will.

B-Thanks, Luce, but I can't promise anything.

L-I understand. (takes a breath) Ok, now down to business.


L-I want to do our first shoot at the docks starting monday.

B-Really? Cool.

--Brenda and Lucy are discussing their plans for Monday's shoots--


--Brenda and Lucy have their backs towards the bar and the door--

--Sarah walks through the door and Mike tells her Sonny is in the back--

--Sarah goes and gets him and they come out and walks up to the bar to talk to Mike-

--The closer Sonny gets to the bar the stronger that feeling in Sonny's gut gets. He can't shake this uneasy feeling--

M-Hi, Sonny.


M-(looks at Sonny and then Sarah) Hi, Sarah.

Sa-Hi, Mike. How are you?

M-Pretty good. And you?

Sa-(puts her arms around Sonny and smiles) Good.

S-Let's go find a seat.

Sa-All right. See you, Mike.

M-Yeah. Talk to you later.

--Sonny and Sarah walk hand in hand over to a table.--

--They are close to Brenda's and Lucy's table. Brenda has her back facing them, but Lucy sees them and her smile fades. Sonny smiles at Lucy and she fakes a smile back--

--As Sonny and Sarah walk past Lucy and Brenda's table, Sonny and Brenda both get a weird feeling in their guts--

--Brenda slowly turns around and at the same time and so does Sonny--

--As soon as Sonny sees Brenda he drops Sarah's hand immediately-

--Sarah looks at Sonny as Sonny & Brenda stare at each other without moving--

Sa-(she breaks the silenceand whispers) Sonny, sweetie, who is that woman staring at you?

Chapter 10:

--Sonny and Brenda have a hard time breaking the intense gaze that they are sharing--

--Neither one of them can get a word out--

--Sonny thinks, "Oh, my god, is it really her? Is it really Brenda? She's right in front of me. It feels like nothings changed. She looks as beautiful as ever."

--Brenda thinks, "Well, this is it. The first time I've seen Sonny in a year. He is still as hot as ever. I wish I could just get up and have him wrap his arms around me. No, Brenda, you have to keep up your gaurd."

Sa-(still curious) Sonny?

S-Uh....I'm sorry. Sarah, this is Brenda Barrett. That is, if it's still Barrett. (thinks to
himself, "If I could only touch her.")

B-Um...yes. It's still Barrett.

B-How have you been, Sonny?

S-Good. And you?

B-Pretty good.

S-So, what are you doing back in town?

B-Uh, because of Deception and L&B. It's too hard being away.

S-Yeah, I guess. Well, talk to you later. (looks at Sarah) Are you ready to eat?


--Sarah wraps her arms around Sonny and they head over to the table--

--Brenda turns back to Lucy--



B-He had no reaction to me being back at all. I know now that I was right and that he's happy now.

L-Are you kidding me? Did you see the look on his face when your eyes met?

B-I guess I didn't see what you saw.

L-You will.

B-Lucy, I'm sorry, but I have to get out of here. I can't concentrate with Sonny here.

L-That's ok.

--Brenda leaves and Sonny watches her--


--Sonny tries to concentrate on his dinner with Sarah but can't help but think of Brenda--

--Sarah's cell phone rings--

--Sarah hangs up her phone--

S-Who was it?

Sa-I'm sorry, Sonny. I need to go back to the office for a important document that got lost.

S-It's ok. I will talk to you later.


--Sarah leaves and so does Lucy--

--Sonny walks up to the bar by Luke and Mike and lets out a deep breath--

M-How long have you known Brenda was back?

S-I didn't. Seeing her now was the first time I've seen her since she left.

L-What are you going to do?

S-What do you mean?

L-Well, come on, man. Brenda, is your true love and now she's back, do you think

S-(interrupts) No! She *chose* to leave and that was her choice. There is no going
back. I'm with Sarah now.

M-But maybe you could move *forward* with Brenda.

S-(gets upset) I said *no*, Mike! Just drop it.

--Sonny storms out of Luke's--

Chapter 11:


--Brenda walks onto the docks knowing that this is a special place to her....a place where she can't help but think of Sonny--

--She doesn't want to think of him but she can't help it. Seeing him again that night
brought back so many dreams they had and so *many* memories they shared together--

B-(to herself) "God, Sonny....I can't believe I'm back in Port Charles and you are with
another woman. I never thought this would happen. Was Lucy right? Do you still have feelings for me or are you happy with your life as it is?"

--Brenda comes back to reality. She stands there with her arms wrapped around herself and some tears start to fall down her cheeks--


--Lucy calls Brenda's hotel room to check up on Brenda because she's worried about her after seeing Sonny--

--There is no answer when she calls Brenda. So Lucy decides to call Robin and tell her what happened so Robin can check on her--


--Jason is at Robin's when the phone rings--

R-(to Jason) I'll be back in a second.

J-All right.

R-(answers the phone) Hello.

L-Robin, it's Lucy.


L-I wanted to let you know about a few things. I was with Brenda at Luke's tonight
discussing Deception business and Sonny and Sarah came in there.

R-Oh......did she see them?

L-Yeah. They just sat there and looked at each other for the longest time. It's not gone.

R-What's not?

L-Their love. I know it's been a long time, but I know it's still there.

R-Yeah, I know, but she won't believe that.

L-Well, just give them time. Anyways, she left pretty much after she saw him and I'm worried about her so I tried to call her but I couldn't get ahold of her. If you have time later maybe you can check and see if she's ok.

R-I will do that. Thanks, Lucy.


--Lucy and Robin hang up. Robin goes back over to Jason--

J-Who was that?

R-Lucy. Sonny and Brenda ran into each other tonight.

J-Oh, boy.

R-Yeah. I need to go see Brenda.

J-That's fine. I will see you later, k?

--Robin nods. They kiss and Jason leaves--


--After Sonny left Luke's he decided to go for a walk. He thought he would go to the
docks because that is usually where he does his best thinking about Brenda at--

--Sonny approaches the docks and is just about to walk down the steps when he sees Brenda standing there--

--Sonny just stands there and watches her--

S-(to himself) "Look at her. I wonder what she's thinking. I wonder if she still feels
anything for me. I know I still feel something for her, but I can't let her know that. She doesn't want me anymore.....(pauses) or does she? No, Sonny, forget it, you're with Sarah now. I will not admit anything unless she comes to me."

--Sonny walks down the steps--

--Brenda hears footsteps and she knows that it's Sonny. She quickly wipes away her tears. She doesn't want him to know how she *really* feels--

--Brenda turns around and they look at each other intensely--

--Brenda doesn't say anything to him. She shows a small smile and walks right past him. He turns around and watches her walk away once again. Brenda heads back to her hotel room--

--Sonny can't get himself to stay at the docks any longer after seeing Brenda there, so he goes back to his PH--

Chapter 12:


--Brenda walks into her hotel room and lays down on her bed and bursts into tears--

--There is a knock at the door--

B-(crying) Go away!

R-Brenda, open up. It's me, Robin. (silence for a few minutes) Come on, Brenda, I
know you saw Sonny tonight. Please open up!

--Brenda gets up and and goes over and opens the door for Robin. Brenda and Robin

--Brenda and Robin pull away. They both come inside the room and sit on the bed--

R-What happened?

B-Oh, Robin, it was awful. I wasn't sure how I would feel when I saw him or how strong my feelings are for him. (she tries to wipe her tears as fast as the tears fall) You were right.

R-Right, about what, sweetie?

B-I stil love, Sonny.


--Sonny is on his way walking home and he walks right past a billboard. He thinks it looks familiar, so he steps back and looks up at it again and it's Brenda--

--Sonny stands there for a few moments looking at how beautiful Brenda looks in that

S-(outloud) "Brenda, it wasn't suppose to be this way. We were suppose to be
*together* not apart. Now what do I do? You came back but I'm with Sarah. Maybe
you didn't come back for us. Maybe you came back like you said....for *business*. I
guess you coming back for us would only be wishful thinking. I don't want to hurt Sarah but will I just be able to go on with my life as if nothing ever happened? Will you be able to do that? God, you still love me?"

--Sonny groans and walks into his PH--

Chapter 13:


--Brenda and Robin are sitting on her bed and Brenda tells her what happened when she saw Sonny--

B-You know, right before I saw him....I had this weird feeling in my gut and then I turned around and there he was....with whoever that woman is.


B-Right. Robin, does he love her?

R-I don't think so. You know he loves you.

B-I have my doubts.

R-Well, now the worst is over with. I know you don't want to tell him you still love him, right?

B-You got that right.

R-Just don't make it seem like you are over him because then he will *never* admit it.
You need to find a way to get closer to him without saying that you still love him.

B-I guess time will tell. But I was wrong about my feelings for him. This will be harder than I thought.

R-You can do it.


--Sonny is looking out the window of his PH when there is a knock at the door--

--Sonny goes to answer it and it is Jason. Sonny lets him in--

S-Hey, what's up.

J-Not much. I heard you ran into Brenda.

S-(takes a deep breath) Yep.

J-How did it go?

S-I don't know. Hey, did you know she was back?

J-Yeah, a few days ago and she wasn't quite ready for you to know, so she didn't want us to say anything.

S-Oh. You know, I had this weird feeling all day and I should of known why.

J-What do you mean?

S-I get that feeling with Brenda and *only* Brenda.

J-You feel the same way about Brenda as I do about Robin, don't you?

S-I can't talk about that.

J-All right.

S-Can I ask you something?


S-Is it wrong for me to stay with Sarah? I mean, I care about Sarah a lot but now that Brenda's back I'm not sure what to do.

J-Well, you need to do what you think is right. You need to decide what it is you really want or should I say who.

S-I guess. Did you see Benny?

J-Yeah. He wants us to meet with him Monday on the docks at 1:00 p.m.

S-Sounds good. Meet me here aroud 12:30 p.m.

J-See you then.

--Jason leaves and Sonny's phone rings--


Sa-(Sarah) Hi. I have some news.


Sa-I have to go away on a business trip.

S-How long?

Sa-For 2 weeks.

S-That long?

Sa-I'm sorry but it can't be helped. I will miss you.

S-Yeah, I will miss you,too.

Sa-I promise I will call you every night and I will call you right when I get back.

S-Sounds great.

Sa-Bye. (they hang up)

Chapter 14:


--Robin leaves Brenda's room and heads over to Lois'--

--Ned and Lois are sitting in the living room when there is a knock at the door--

N-Who could that be. It's kind of late.

L-I know. I'll get it.

--Ned heads into the kitchen. Lois answers the door and it's Robin--

L-Robin, are you ok?

R-Well, I just came from Brenda's.

L-Is she ok?

R-Sort of. She saw Sonny today.

L-Oh, great. I take it that it didn't go down well?

R-Not exactly.

--They sit down on the couch and Robin fills her in--

R-I didn't mean to come over too late, but I thought you would want to know.

L-Thank you.

R-How long do they have to keep doing this? I mean, it's obvious their love never died and never will die. If they could just get past this stubbornness they both posess....
L-(understands Robin's frustration) I understand exactly what you are talking about.

--Robin leaves and Ned and Lois go to bed--


--Brenda climbs into bed and just lays there but can't fall asleep. She keeps on having thoughts of Sonny--

B-(to herself) "Why can't I just reach out and tell you that I still love you? Why can't
you do the same?"

--Brenda rolls over and closes her eyes--


--Sonny sits on the couch after hanging up with Sarah--

S-(outloud) "Maybe Sarah being away wont' be such a bad idea. It will give me some time to think about what I should do. Yeah, I think this could be a positive thing."


--Jason stops over at Robin's to talk to her about the Sonny and Brenda situation--

--Robin let's him in--

R-Is something wrong?

J-Well, no, but I was just thinking about the Sonny and Brenda situation.

R-What about it?

J-You were right.


J-Well, I wasn't so sure how Sonny felt but after talking to him tonight I know he does still have feelings left for Brenda, but I'm not quite sure how strong they are.

R-(smiles) What did he say to you?

J-Not much. It was just in the way he said it I guess.

R-I know what you mean. That's how Brenda was. I wish I could just get them back
together but I know they have to do this on their own.

J-I wonder how long that will take.

R-Who knows. I just hope their not miserable too long!

J-Yeah. Well, I guess I will see you soon.


--They kiss and Jason leaves--

-- Robin goes to bed--

Chapter 15:


--2 days later (Monday) Brenda meeets Lucy at the docks at 11:00 a.m. for her shoot--

L-You're here!

B-Sorry, I was a little late. I had a late night.

L-It's ok. Ready to start?

B-Am I ever.

L-All right.

--They have a place for her to change and for her makeup and hair to get done--

--Brenda goes and changes into a short white top and a black mini skirt--

--Brenda comes out and Lucy looks at her--

L-You look great!


--Brenda starts her shoot--


--Jason meets Sonny at Sonny's PH--

--They both head to the docks to meet Benny--


--Sonny and Jason approach the docks and run into Brenda in the middle of her shoot--

--Sonny stops and watches her and Jason watches Sonny--

--As Brenda is being shot by the photographer she starts to feel a little uneasy--

--She looks up and sees Sonny watching her and Jason is with her--

--Brenda stops and Lucy looks up--

L-Gentlemen, what can I do for you?

J-We had a meeting here.

S-We'll have it somewhere else.

--Sonny takes out his cell phone and tells Benny to meet him at his PH in an hour. S&B don't take their eyes off each other--

B-(walks over to them) Is Robin ok?

J-Yeah. She has an appointment today, though.

B-Can you let me know how it goes.



J-We better go.

B-Bye, Jason. I'll see you, Sonny.


S-(whispers) Yeah, I'll see you.

--Brenda goes back to finish her shoot--


--Sonny and Jason enter Sonny's PH--

J-I want you to be the one to tell Brenda about Robin's appointment.


J-Because I think you should.

S-I don't think I can....

J-(interrupts) No, you can.


--Sonny and Jason wait for Benny to come--


--Brenda walks into her hotel room and starts to feel a little queezy. She orders some food and eats dinner--


--2 hours later Brenda is still feeling terrible so she goes into the bathroom and she starts to get weak in the knees and grabs onto the sink. Her face starts to feel hot and sweaty. Brenda colapses to the floor--

Chapter 16:


--Robin stops at Sonny's PH after her appointment to tell Sonny and Jason the news--

--Robin gets off the elevator just as Benny is leaving Sonny's PH--

J-(hugs Robin) Hey.

R-It went great!

S-Come in and tell us about it.


--They walk inside--

R-I still don't have any traces of HIV in my system. Alan said this medication is really working for me.

S-(smiles big) Oh, Robin, I am so happy! (he gives her a hug) This is the best news.

J-I am so relieved. (Robin and Jason hugs and Sonny smiles at watching Robin being happy)

J-Sonny, now go tell Brenda.

S-Uh, maybe Robin should.

R-Sonny, go to her. She's in room 224.

S-What? Do I have both of you ganging up on me now.


S-Fine. I'll go tell her. Wait here. I'll cook you dinner for the wonderful news.

--Jason and Robin both agree--

--Sonny leaves for Brenda's hotel--

J-(turns to Robin) We are good, aren't we?

R-Sure are. I wonder how it will go.

J-Hopefully better than last time. Sarah left town for two weeks on a business trip.

R-Really? This is the perfect time to get them on track. Without any distractions from Sarah.

J-Yeah, I agree.

--Robin and Jason kiss--


--Sonny walks up to Brenda's room--

--He takes a deep breath and knocks on the door--

S-Brenda! Brenda, it's me, Sonny. Are you there?


--Brenda wakes and slowly starts to get up but can't, she's too weak. She falls to the floor again and hits her head on the door and is knocked unconscious--


--Sonny decides she's not there and just as he is about to leave he hears a loud bang. He turns back around--

--The door isn't locked so Sonny makes his way in the room. He sees no trace of

--He heads into the bathroom and finds Brenda unconscious on the floor--

--Sonny rushes to her side--

S-(he kneels next to her and touches her face shakingly) Brenda, sweetheart. (waits for a second) Brenda, wake up! Brenda!!

--There is no movement from Brenda. Sonny leans his head down to her chest to check for a pulse--

--After waiting for a few minutes Sonny finally hears a weak pulse from Brenda--

--Sonny takes the cell phone out of his pocket and dials 911--

S-You need to get over here right away. She's unconscious and I don't know what
happened to her.

--Sonny gives them the address--

--15 minutes later they come rushing through Brenda's room--

S-It's about time you got here.

Man-(puts her on a stretcher) Let's get her out of here.

S-I'm going with.

Chapter 17:

--Sonny sits by Brenda's side in the ambulence--

S-(whispers) Brenda, you have to pull through this. I won't lose you like this. Please, wake up.

--Brenda opens her eyes and looks up at him. Neither one says a word--

--Sonny just smiles--

--The ambulence pulls up to GH and they wheel her in--

--They wheel Brenda into ER 1--

--Sonny paces outside of Brenda's room waiting for word from Alan on what is goinh on with Brenda--


--2 hours later Alan comes out--

S-(grabs Alan) Alan, do you know what's wrong with her? Is she going to be ok?

A-(stops for a second) I'm sorry. I don't have any news to tell you. We aren't sure what it is.

S-Haven't you been running tests?

A-Yes, we have. But the tests that we have ran so far haven't showed us anything.

S-(gets a little angry) I don't understand what you are telling me. I mean, she has to be all right. Please tell me that she's going to be all right.

A-I'm sorry, Sonny. I can't say that yet. We aren't sure what's wrong with her.

S-(paces) I can't believe this is happening. Can I ask you something?


S-Why did she faint? I mean, something has to be wrong if she fainted.

A-That part doesn't make sense to us. Whatever is wrong with her might have nothing to do with her fainting. She could've been under stress. We don't know the answer to that one and we might not find that out.

S-All right. Thanks, Alan.

A-I am going to run some more tests.

S-All right.

--Alan heads back into Brenda's room to run some tests--

--They continue to run tests, but can't find anything--

--Sonny decides to call Robin and Jason, Lois and Ned, Luke and Laura, and Mike--


--Robin and Jason are sitting in Sonny's PH waiting for Sonny to come home--

J-I wonder where he could be.

R-Maybe him and Brenda are working things out.

J-I hope so.

--the phone rings--

J-I'll get it.

J-(walks over to the phone and answers it) Hello.

S-(shakey voice) Jason, it's me.

H-Hey, man, where are you? Are you ok? You don't sound awful.

S-Well, actually I'm not doing so good.

J-What is it?

S-Brenda is at GH.

J-What do you mean, "At GH"?

S-I showed up at her place and I found her unconscious in her bathroom floor.

J-We'll be right there.


--Jason and Sonny hang up--

R-(walks over to Jason) What is it?

J-It's Brenda. Sonny went over there and found her unconscious on the bathroom floor and she is at GH.

R-What? Oh, my god. Let's go.

--Jason and Robin leave for GH--


--Sonny calls Ned and Lois, Luke and Laura, and Mike. They all tell Sonny that they are on their way to GH--

Chapter 18:


--Robin and Jason run into Ned and Lois on their way into GH--

--They all walk over to Sonny, who is standing by Brenda's room--

L-Sonny, how is she?

S-Uhhh.....they don't know yet.

R-Sonny, come for a walk with me.

S-I think I am going to wait until the doctor gives us some news.

J-We'll come and get you if we hear any news.

--Robin puts her arm around Sonny and he nods. He leaves with Robin--

L-Look at him. He is so worried about her.

N-Yeah, I do have to agree with you. He is hurting....that much I can see.

L-She has to be ok, Ned. We all need her so much. I don't know what I'd do without her. For god's sake Sonny and her need another chance at love.

J-Well, I do think you are right. I don't know if Sonny could handle something happening to her.

L-I feel the same.

--They all just look at each other--


--Robin and Sonny go sit in the lobby--

R-How are you doing?

S-I'm fine. I'm just worried about Brenda. What if she doesn't make it, Robin? What will I do?

R-You can't think like that.

S-I can't help it.

R-Look, I know you still love her and you're worried about her. But you have to take
care of yourself, too.

S-I'm fine. I'll be better once I know that Brenda will be ok.

R-Sonny, Brenda's strong and she will be ok. She's stubborn. She wouldn't leave us yet.

S-I hope you're right. I *won't* lose her like this Robin, I won't!

R-You won't. You two will have another chance again.

S-I don't know about that, but...all I want is for her to be safe and healthy.

--Robin gives Sonny a hug--

--Luke and Laura, and Mike walk in and see Sonny and Robin. They walk over to them--

L-Luke La-Luara M-Mike

L-Sonny, what's going on?

S-(Sonny and Robin stand up) Their running a bunch of tests right now.

La-(hugs Sonny) I'm sorry.

M-She'll pull through. You know that, don't you?

S-I'm trying to hold on to that.

M-Should we go see if they've heard anything?


--They go back to where Brenda's room is--

S-Any news?

L-Not yet.

--As Lois is talking with Sonny, Alan comes out--


A-Well, we have ran about every test we can think of. Nothing yet.

S-What do you mean?

A-We have one more test to run. I should have some news for you in an hour.

S-In a hour?

Chapter 19:

A-I hope to have news soon.

S-All right.

--Everyone paces for about a half an hour--

S-Hasn't it been an hour yet?

R-It's been half an hour. Sonny, why don't you sit down.



--After waiting for another hour, Sonny is getting nervous--

S-It's been over an hour.

L-He should be out soon.

--Alan comes out--

A-I have some news.


--Everyone gathers around Alan and Sonny to hear the news--

A-Brenda has a sist in her left breast.

S-What does that mean?

A-It could be cancerous. But we need to run a biopsy to be sure.

S-What about the fainting?

A-I'm not sure. We couldn't find anything in any of the tests that we ran that would give us a reason for that.

S-All right.

--Lois and Robin cover their mouths. Ned holds Lois and
Jason holds Robin--

S-What are you telling me? Are you telling me that Brenda could have cancer?

A-Yes, but we're not sure yet.

--Sonny just looks at Alan but doesn't say anything--

A-I'm sorry. I don't mean to scare you. I know that you wanted to know what was going on. It could very well turn out to be noncancerous. You guys need to stay positive, ok?

--They all nod--

S-Thanks. Can I see her?

A-I guess.

S-Does she know?


--Sonny walks into Brenda's room--


--Sonny sits on the chair next to her bed. He pulls the chair up as close as he can get it--

S-I'm here, Brenda. I won't leave you, I promise.

B-Why? I mean, I don't understand why you're here.

S-I was the one who called 911. Brenda, how could you possibly think that I would leave your side at a time like this.

B-Well, I thought you didn't care anymore. I thought that maybe you loved. ...

S-I...let's not talk about that now.

--Sonny is holding Brenda's hands and puts his head on them--

--Sonny lifts his head and a few tears stream down--

--Brenda wipes his tears away--

B-(whispers) Thank you.

S-I'm going to make sure you make it through this.

--Alan walks in--

A-Can I talk to Brenda?

S-Sure. (looks at Brenda) I will just be outside the door.

B-All right.

--Sonny joins everyone else outside Brenda's room--


Chapter 20:

A-How do you feel?

B-a little weak.

A-We need to find out if the sist that we found is cancerous.


A-I think we can send you home tomorrow and then I want to do a biopsy in a week.

B-All right.

--Alan walks out--

--Lois and Robin go in and see Brenda--

B-Lois and Robin. I'm so glad to see you.

--Lois and Robin sit next to Brenda (one on each side of Brenda)--

L-You're going to be fine. You know that, don't you?

B-I know.

R-And Sonny will be here for you.

B-I can't believe he hasn't left.

L-He still cares.

R-I believe that, too.

B-If that's then why is he still with Sarah.



--They leave--

--Everyone comes in seperately and talks with Brenda.--

--Everyone goes home for the night--


--Sonny walks back in--

B-You're still here.

S-Yep. Like I said....I'm not going anywhere.

B--Thank you.

--Brenda falls asleep and so does Sonny. Sonny sleeps in the chair next to Brenda's bed--


--The next morning Alan comes in and he relesases Brenda. Sonny takes her home--

S-You should lay down. You need your rest.

--Brenda lays down and falls asleep--

--Sonny goes over and looks out the window--

S-(to himself) "Why didn't I tell you how I felt when I saw you on the docks the night
after I saw you again after a year. You looked so beautiful."

--Sonny looks over at Brenda and walks over to her. Sonny just looks at her as he is
standing next to the bed--

S-(to himself) "I still love you. I know I shouldn't, but I still do. I don't know if I can tell you that. Why does love have to be so hard."

--Brenda wakes up to find Sonny standing by her bed staring down at her--

B-Are you ok?

S-Yeah. I was just thinking.


--Sonny goes and sits next to her on the bed and holds her hands--

S-(to himself) "About us and about you."

S-(to Brenda) Nothing really. Some business I guess.

B-Oh. I hope everything is ok.

S-It's fine. Are you hungry?

B-Not really.

S-You look tired. I'll stay here, you rest. (Brenda nods)

Chapter 21:

--Sonny finds himself dreaming of him and Brenda being together--


--Sonny is standing by the window and
Brenda walks into the PH and wraps her arms
around his waist.

S-"Hi. I missed you."

B-"I missed you, too. (turns him around to
look at her) Promise me that we'll never
be apart again."

S-"I promise. We will be together

--Sonny reaches in and kisses Brenda

--Sonny comes out of his dreamworld and looks over at Brenda laying there next to him and realizes that they're not together and that Brenda could die--

S-(to himself) You *won't* leave me like this, Brenda. Do you hear me? Losing you
would be like losing a piece of myself. I can't imagine anything life threatening happening to you.


--Brenda lays there and feels Sonny's breath on her neck--

--Brenda goes into dreamland of her admitting her feelings for Sonny--


--Sonny is in his PH when someone
starts pounding on the door--

S-"Coming. (the pounding gets louder) Hold
on. I said I'm coming!"

--Sonny opens the door and finds Brenda
there. He let's her in--

S-"What can I do for you?"

B-"Sonny, I love you. Don't even try and
deny that you love me, too, because I can
see it in your eyes. I want us to be
together again."

S-"What? Am I hearing things?"

B-"No! I love you!!"

--Brenda goes over to Sonny and kisses him
with more passion than he's felt in over a

--Brenda moves a little and comes out of her pleasant dream--

B-(to herself) It feels so good to have Sonny laying there with me. Will we ever get the chance at happiness again?


--The next morning there is a knock at the door. Sonny gets out of the bed without
disturbing Brenda--

--Sonny steps outside the room to talk to them--

L-Is she doing ok?

S-She's sleeping right now.

La-That's good. Why don't you have Luke take you home for a shower.

S-I don't know. I told her I wouldn't leave.

L-Laura can stay with her. We won't be gone long.

S-I don't....

La-It will be ok. I will call if anything happens. Brenda would want you to take care of yourself.

S-I guess. I better tell her.

L-I'll wait out here.

--Laura walks in the room with Sonny--

--Sonny taps Brenda on her shoulder--

S-(whispers) Brenda. Brenda, wake up.

--Brenda turns over--

Chapter 22:

B-(sleepy) Sonny?

S-Luke and Laura are here. Luke is going to take me home to take a shower and change some clothes.

B-That would be good. Why don't you stay home tonight. I'lll be fine.

S-No, I'll be back soon. I am not going to leave you.

B-All right. See you later.

--Sonny kisses her on the head and leaves with Luke to go back to his PH-

La-He loves you so much, you know.

B-I don't know. He's with Sarah now.

La-I don't think Sarah is half as important to him as you are.

B-God, I wish that was true. He has been so great.

La-I can tell that he still cares. He hasn't left your side.

B-Yeah, but how much.


--Sonny and Luke enter Sonny's PH--

--Sonny sees that he has messages so he checks them--

Message 1: "Sonny, this is Sarah, I guess you're
not in. I will call you later

Message 2: "Sonny, it's Mike, I am going to come
and see Brenda sometime in the next
few days. But if there is any change
please let me know.."

Message 3: "Sonny, it's Sarah, again. Where are
you? Well, I miss you. I can't wait
to see you again."

--Sonny turns and looks at Luke--

L-Now what?

S-You mean with Sarah and Brenda?

L-Yeah. You still love Brenda, man. You may not say it but I can tell. And she will
make it. She has to.

S-I may love Brenda, but I can't. It's not right. I can't hurt Sarah.I guess I have a lot to think about.

L-You know, you don't have to go back. You can just move forward.....together.

S-I don't know if that's possible anymore. I am still angry about her coming back.
Besides, I don't even know if she loves me anymore.

L-Come on. You have to know that she still does. She wouldn't want you to stay with her if she didn't.

S-She needs a friend. For now, that's what it has to be. I am not going to say anything to Brenda until we know how she is.

L-I guess. Give it time. If it's right, like I think it is, then you will find a way.


L-So are you going to stay with Sarah for now?

S-I don't know. I will have to talk to her.

L-That's probably best.

--Sonny takes a shower and changes his clothes--

S-I guess I should get back to Brenda.

L-Let's go then.


--Just as Sonny and Luke are about to leave the phone rings--

S-I better get that quick.

S-(answers the phone) Hello.

Sa-Sonny, hi! It's Sarah.

S-Hi. How are things going?

Sa-Good. I miss you.

S-Me, too.

Sa-Well, I just wanted to call and say Hi. I have to go, but I should be home within a few days.

S-Great. We need to talk as soon as you get back.

Sa-All right. I will stop by as soon as I get back.

S-See you soon.


--They hang up--

--Sonny turns towards Luke--


S-Yep. Let's go.

--They head back to Brenda's hotel room--

Chapter 23:


--Ned and Lois are in bed later that night. Ned is holding her--

N-Are you having trouble sleeping?--

L-A little. I just can't believe what Alan told us. I mean, Brenda maybe having breast
cancer. I can't even deal with it. I am glad that Sonny is going to stay by her side through this, though.

N-Yeah, me too. I never was sure about him, but maybe I was wrong. It seems that he *really* does care about her and always will. She will make it through this, Lois.

L-I hope so.

--Ned gives Lois a light kiss--


--Jason comes out of his room to find Robin sitting in the dark on the couch--

J-Robin? What is it?


J-You're thinking about Brenda, aren't you?

R-Yeah.....and Sonny.

--Jason goes and sits next to her and holds her--

J-She'll beat this. She has so much to live for. She deserves the chance to be with Sonny again--

R-I know she does.....and she will, right?

J-Well, that depends if they are going to still hide their feelings for each other or not.

R-They can't now. Not after what they're going through. They have to realize that life is too short.

--Jason nods and kisses Robin on the head as he holds her)


--Sonny and Luke walk back into Brenda's room--

S-How is she doing?

La-She slept most of the time.

S-That's good. She needs her rest.

L-Yeah. Let's go, Laura. Call us anytime.


La-If you need anything don't hesitate, ok?

S-I won't.

--Laura gives Sonny a hug. Luke and Laura go back home--

--Sonny goes and lays next to Brenda on the bed--

--He wraps his arms around her, but after realizing what he just did he pulls his arms

--2 hours later Brenda wakes up and turns her head--



B-How long have you been back.

S-A few hours.

B-Why didn't you wake me?

S-You looked so peaceful.

--Brenda pulls one of Sonny's arms closer to her and they fall asleep--

--there is not 24. so you aren't missing a chapter. i just numbered wrong.

Chapter 25:


--2 days later Sonny is still staying at Brenda's and taking care of her--

--Jason and Robin, Lois and Ned, Mike, Luke and Laura have been there for him and
Brenda. They have stayed with her while Sonny has gone home for a little bit--

--Sonny has talked to Sarah a few times. Sarah is coming home sometime that day -

--There is a knock at the door--

--Sonny let's Robin and Jason in. Brenda is eating breakfast in bed--

--Robin and Jason talk with Brenda for awhile and then they leave--

--Sonny sits next to Brenda on the bed--

S-You have to make it through this, Brenda.

B-Of course I am. I don't have cancer. There is no way I could have caner.

--Brenda starts laughing and gets up and starts cleaning up her hotel room--

--Sonny looks at her in disbelief--

S-(to himself) She's in denial. She's refusing to belive that anything could be wrong.

--Sonny gets up--

S-Brenda, stop!

B-What? I have to get on with the day. I mean, I have to fo to that shoot with Lucy.

--Sonny walks over to Brenda and grabs her arms--

S-Look at me.

--She doesn't. Sonny grabs her face with his hands and forces her to look into his eyes--

S-Don't do this. You're sick, sweetheart. You have to realize that this could go any way.

--Brenda pulls away from him--

B-No! I am going to go take a shower.

--Sonny doesn't say anything.--

--Brenda heads into the bathroom--

S-Damn it! Why the *hell* can't she open up to me?

--Sonny straightens up Brenda's hotel room--


--Sonny's cell phone rings--


Sa-Hi! I'm home. I wanted to stop by but there was no anwer on her phone. where are you?

S-Uh, with Jason. Why don't I stop by in an hour.

Sa-All right. See you then.

--Sonny hangs up and Brenda comes out of the bathroom--

S-You feel better?


S-I have to go back to the PH. I'm meeting Sarah.

B-That's fine. You don't have to explain. I mean, Sarah is the one you're with.

S-(whispers) Right.

--Sonny calls Lois and Ned to come and watch Brenda--

--They arrive and Sonny goes back to his PH--


--Sonny knocks on Sarah's door--

--Sarah answers it and wraps her arms around Sonny and kisses him--

--Sonny pulls away-

Sa-What is it?

S-We need to talk.

Sa-Ok. come in.

--Sonny walks inside and they sit down on the couch--

Chapter 26:

S-I don't know how to do this.

Sa-Do what?

S-It's about us. Uh, things have changed....I mean, for me.

Sa-I see. It's that woman, isn't it?

S-"That woman?"

Sa-Yeah, the one we saw in Luke's that one time.

S-Yeah. She is really sick and I have been with her for the past few days.

Sa-Are you telling me that you cheated on me?

S-No. I wouldn't do that.

Sa-You're not over her.

S-No. I don't know if I ever will be. I'm sorry. It's not fair to you to keep going like this. If Brenda hadn't come back this might not be an issue, but she did and I can't.....

Sa-I understand I guess. I mean, I know what it's like to have one true love. That is what she is, right?

S-Yeah. I want you to be happy because I care about you a lot. I'm just not it.

Sa-I'm sorry.

S-No, I am.

--Sonny gives her one last kiss and he leaves--

--Sonny goes over to Jason's apartment to talk with Robin--


--Robin answers the door and let's Sonny in--

S-Where's Jason?

R-Oh, he had to go get a few things. He should be back soon. Is something wrong with Brenda?

S-No. (they sit down)

R-Then what is it?

S-I ended things with Sarah.


S-Just now.

R-Sonny, I know I should be sad, but I'm not. I think that was the right thing to do. Have you told Brenda.

S-No. I don't think I'm going to.

R-Why? I don't understand.

S-I'm not ready yet.

R-Are you going to tell me that you don't love her?

S-No. I just need to take care of her right now. I don't want her to have to deal with our feelings for one another yet. I am going to wait until she has her biopsy and we get the results.

R-You will tell her then, right?

S-Yeah, I think so.

--Robin and Jason talk for a little bit. Sonny heads back to Brenda before Jason returns--


--Sonny walks in the door and finds Brenda sleeping--

S-(whispers) What happened?

L-Nothing she's just really tired.


--Lois gives Sonny a hug. Her and Ned leave--

--Sonny goes and sits on the chair and watches Brenda--

S-(to himself) This is how I want it. I want to be able to tell you that we'll be together. I *need* for you to make it through this. I don't know what I would do if you didn't. I don't even have any power over this. God, do you know how much I wish I could just take away *all* your pain. I would take away the pain in a second if I could. (closes his eyes) I love you, Brenda.

--A few tears fall down his face--

--Sonny gets up and goes to look out the window--

Chapter 26:

S-I don't know how to do this.

Sa-Do what?

S-It's about us. Uh, things have changed....I mean, for me.

Sa-I see. It's that woman, isn't it?

S-"That woman?"

Sa-Yeah, the one we saw in Luke's that one time.

S-Yeah. She is really sick and I have been with her for the past few days.

Sa-Are you telling me that you cheated on me?

S-No. I wouldn't do that.

Sa-You're not over her.

S-No. I don't know if I ever will be. I'm sorry. It's not fair to you to keep going like this. If Brenda hadn't come back this might not be an issue, but she did and I can't.....

Sa-I understand I guess. I mean, I know what it's like to have one true love. That is what she is, right?

S-Yeah. I want you to be happy because I care about you a lot. I'm just not it.

Sa-I'm sorry.

S-No, I am.

--Sonny gives her one last kiss and he leaves--

--Sonny goes over to Jason's apartment to talk with Robin--


--Robin answers the door and let's Sonny in--

S-Where's Jason?

R-Oh, he had to go get a few things. He should be back soon. Is something wrong with Brenda?

S-No. (they sit down)

R-Then what is it?

S-I ended things with Sarah.


S-Just now.

R-Sonny, I know I should be sad, but I'm not. I think that was the right thing to do. Have you told Brenda.

S-No. I don't think I'm going to.

R-Why? I don't understand.

S-I'm not ready yet.

R-Are you going to tell me that you don't love her?

S-No. I just need to take care of her right now. I don't want her to have to deal with our feelings for one another yet. I am going to wait until she has her biopsy and we get the results.

R-You will tell her then, right?

S-Yeah, I think so.

--Robin and Jason talk for a little bit. Sonny heads back to Brenda before Jason returns--


--Sonny walks in the door and finds Brenda sleeping--

S-(whispers) What happened?

L-Nothing she's just really tired.


--Lois gives Sonny a hug. Her and Ned leave--

--Sonny goes and sits on the chair and watches Brenda--

S-(to himself) This is how I want it. I want to be able to tell you that we'll be together. I *need* for you to make it through this. I don't know what I would do if you didn't. I don't even have any power over this. God, do you know how much I wish I could just take away *all* your pain. I would take away the pain in a second if I could. (closes his eyes) I love you, Brenda.

--A few tears fall down his face--

--Sonny gets up and goes to look out the window--

Chapter 27:


--3 days later Sonny had gone out for a little while. Brenda convinced him that she would be ok while he went to go get some lunch--

--Sonny comes back to find Brenda sitting on the floor all curled up with tears falling
down her cheeks--

--Sonny sets the bags down and runs over to her. He kneels down to her and touches her head--

S-What is it?

B-(wipes her tears) I just got a call.


B-My sister. I told her what I was going through and she told me that one of my mother's sister's died from breast cancer.

S-Oh, baby.

--Sonny sits next to her and holds her for a few minutes--

B-(looks at him) What if that's me. What if...

S-(interrupts her) It won't be. Brenda, listen to me. I *won't* let that happen to you. I won't let you leave me. Do you understand?

B-(whispers) I hope you're right.

--Sonny and Brenda look into each other's eyes. Sonny leans in for a kiss, but he stops when they aren't even an inch apart--

S-(pulls away) Sorry.

--Brenda stands up--

B-That's ok. I didn't mean to brake down on you like that. If have other things to worry about than me. I mean, maybe you should go spend time with Sarah.

--Sonny wants to tell her it's over, but can't get the words out--

S-Don't worry.

--Brenda goes over and picks up the bags off the floor. Sonny just looks at her--

S-Why can't you talk to me!! Why can't you open up to me!


S-(goes over to her) Please tell me why. You never had that problem.

B-Everything's different now.

S-The more things change, the more they stay the same.



--Sonny and Brenda eat lunch--

--Brenda has a lot of visitors that day--


--2 days later Brenda is just getting out of the shower and getting ready to go in for her biopsy--

--Brenda comes out and finds Sonny at the window--

B-Sonny, are you ready to go?

S-Yeah. Are you?


--S&B head to GH--


--When S&B arrive they find Lois and Ned, Robin and Jason, Mike, Luke and Laura
waiting for them--

--Brenda goes over and gives them all a hug--

B-I can't believe you all are here.

L-Do you think we'd be anywhere else?


--Alan walks over to them--

A-Ready Brenda?


A-Meet me in my office when you're ready.

B-I will.

Chapter 28:

--Sonny turns Brenda to face him--

S-I will be here when you get out of there and I will wait with you until you get the

B-(smiles) Thank you.

--Sonny gives her a kiss on the cheek--

--Everyone gives Brenda a good luck wish and says they will be here when she's done--

--Brenda leaves and heads to Alan's office--

--Robin and Lois go over to Sonny and wrap their arms around Sonny--

S-She has to make it. She has to be ok. What would I do without her in my life.

--Lois pulls away--

L-Excuse me.

S-Oh, I ended things with Sarah.

L-You did? And?

S-I am going to tell Brenda as soon as we know she's going to be ok.

L-You will have another chance at happiness with Brenda again.

S-I hope so.

--Sonny and everyone else wait for hours. Sonny is getting scared that they haven't heard anything yet.--

--Mike walks over to him--

M-She will make it through this.

S-We should of heard something by now.


S-No, what if something's gone wrong. What if...

M-I want you to stop that right now. You have to stop imagining things.

--Alan comes out--

S-How is she?

A-It went well. We will have the results in 2 hours. Where can I reach her?

S-At her hotel room.

--Alan bring Brenda out and Sonny bring her back. Everyone else drives seperately and goes over to her room--


--They all wait in Brenda's room--

--Sonny comforts Brenda. He knows that she is frightened--

S-(whispers in her ear) It will be ok. I have a good feeling about this.

--Brenda doesn't say anything. She just leans back on his chest--

--They wait and they feel like these 2 hours are taking longer than they ever imagined it could--

--Brenda kept imagining all the terrible things that could happen--

--1 more hour passes--

B-Something had to go wrong. He would've called.

S-Don't think that way.

R-You know, Bren, he's right.

--The phone rings--

B-I'll get it.

--Brenda walks over to the phone and takes a deep breath--


A-Brenda, it's Alan.

B-I know.

A-You can take a deep breath. The results came back negative. Just remember to come in if you notice any other changes. Congratulations for the news. I am so happy that you are going to be ok. Take care.

B-Thank you, Alan.

Chapter 29:

--Brenda hangs up the phone and can't get any words out at first. She is just enjoying the great news to herself at first--


B-(starts to laugh) I.....

S-Oh, my god. (he goes over and holds her hand) You can tell us. We're all here for you.

B-I'm fine. It came back negative.

--Sonny laughs and throws his arms around Brenda--

--They all take their turns congratulating Brenda--

L-I think we'll leave Brenda time alone with Sonny for awhile. Call tomorrow and we will ALL go out for lunch.

B-Sounds good.

--they leave--

S-Do you want some time alone?

B-No. There is something that I've wanted to say for a long time.


--they go sit on the bed--

B-All right. First of all, I want to say that I appreciate everything you've done for me. It was great having you here with me every step of the way.

S- I would do anything for you. I hope you know that.

B-(smiles and nods) Sonny, there are some things I need to explain to you.

S-All right.

B-When I left, it was the hardest thing for me. I was scared of being with you again. I was running away from "us". When I was away I thought about you all the time.
Sometimes I swear I could feel you next to me. I dreamed of us being together. And then when I came back and I saw you....all those feelings came flooding back. They were so strong.

S-(caresses her face) For me, too.

B-I wanted to run into your arms and never leave. Sonny, this past week has changed my life.

S-(smoothes her hair over) I know. But you're ok now.

B-Yeah. Going through this made me do some serious thinking, It made me realize
what's really important to me. What *really* matters. I know you are with Sarah and I know I probably shouldn't even be saying this, but I have to. I can't keep this in anymore.


B-Let me get this out. Sonny, I still love you and I want us to start again.

S-You still love me?

B-Oh, god. Did I say something that you didn't want to hear?

S-No. I feel the same way. Brenda, do you remember that night I had to go see Sarah?


S-I ended things with her that night.

B-What? Why didn't you tell me?

S-I didn't want to add anything to what you're going through. I wanted to make sure you were going to be ok first. I love you, too.

--Brenda hugs Sonny and then kisses him passionately--

--The kisses between them get hot and more intense--

--Brenda pulls away--

B-Wow. I haven't felt this way for so long.

S-Me either.

B-You are the only one who I can feel this way with. You are my heart and my soul.

S-I've waited so long for you to say that. I love you so much and I don't know what I
would've done if I (whispers) had lost you.

--A few tears fall down Sonny's cheeks. Brenda wipes them away and kisses him with so much passion. They soak up every part of each other that they've been away from for so long. They both get refamiliar with every part of each other's body once again. They make love for hours--

Chapter 30:

--The next morning Brenda and Sonny wake up, but they don't want to move away from each other. They are afraid if they open their eyes it could all be a dream--

--Brenda feels Sonny's hand over her stomach and pulls them closer to her--

--Sonny smells her hair and smiles--



--Brenda turns around and touches his face over and over. Sonny looks at her in a weird way. He isn't sure why she is doing that. She's touched his face before but never like this. Brenda notices his feeling--

B-I'm sorry. I was just making sure it wasn't a dream.

S-(smiles) It's not. We will always be like this. I promise. I will always be here to take care of you.

B-I hope so. I don't know what I would've done if I didn't have you by side this past
week. That meant the world to me.

S-I couldn't leave you. I was so afraid that I would lose you. I knew we weren't together then, but I couldn't help but think that if something happened to you that we would never get another chance. We've been given a second chance and there is *no way* I will lose you now.

B-I love you so much.

S-I love you, too.

--Brenda pulls away and looks a little serious--

S-What is it?

B-There is one thing I didn't tell you about the sist.


B-I have to have surgery to remove the sist.


B-Don't worry it will be ok.

S-(holds her tight) I know it will. I will be here every step of the way.

B-I know. You are the greatest.

S-Will you do me a favor?


S-Will you please come to me if you are scared about anything. I want to be here with you during the happy and not so happy times. I would do anything for you.

--Brenda kisses him with passion--

--After awhile they finally pull away slowly--

S-Uhh....I feel so happy already.

B-Me, too.

S-I can't believe it's almost 10:00 a.m. already.

B-Should we call Lois and have everyone meet us at Luke's at noon?


--Brenda slowly climbs out of bed and calls Lois. Lois tells Brenda that she will let
everyone know--


--Lois and everyone at a table for S&B to come in--

--S&B come in arm and arm. Lois waves for them. S&B walk over to them and they sit down. Everyone is pleased to see S&B so close so soon--

R-Does this mean what I think it means?

B-(looks at Sonny) Yes. We're back together.

--Everyone congratulats them--

B-Before we have a great time there is some news I didn't share with you guys yesterday.

L-All right.

B-I have to have surgery to remove the sist.

N-They can't avoid this?

B-No. But I made it this far so I think I can make it the rest of the way.

R-That's our girl. We're here for you always, Bren. We love you. (Brenda looks at
everyone and smiles)

Chapter 31:

L-Luke La-Laura Lo-Lois

--S&B and everyone sit at the table and talk about S&B being back together and the joy that they feel for them--

R-You know, I knew you guys had to realize sooner or later that it was just meant to be and there was no way around it.

S-I guess everyone knew it all along, but us.

L-Well, man, you are stubborn.

S-(laughs) Thanks.

--Everyone is laughing and having a good time when a figure walks through the doors of Luke's and walks up to S&B's table--

--Everyone sees her but S&B--

--S&B notice the looks on everyone's faces and they turn around--


Sa-Hi, Sonny. Can I talk to you for a minute?

S-(looks at Brenda) Sure.

S-(whispers to Brenda) I'll be right back, sweetheart. (Brenda nods)

--Sonny leaves to go to his back office with Sarah--


--Sonny closes the door to his and Luke's office behind them--

S-What's this about?

Sa-I wanted to let you know that I'm leaving PC for awhile.


Sa-I need time away to think. Time to myself. I need to rediscover who *I* am and what it is about me that makes men bolt.

S-There is nothing wrong with you. You are a smart, beautiful, and caring woman. It
was me. I was still in love with Brenda and I knew it. I knew it from the moment I saw her again and I'm sorry I waited so long to tell you. It wasn't fair.

Sa-It's ok. I don't blame you. (to herself, "I blame her and she will get what's coming to her.")

S-Well, I wish you good luck.

Sa-Thank you. I wish the same for you.


--They hug and they walk out at the same time--

--When they get to where his table is she leaves Luke's--


--Sonny sits down at his table and kisses Brenda--

B-Is everything ok?

S-Yeah. I'll tell you all about it later.

B-(smiles) All right.

--They all order their meals and they eat--

--After an hour they all say goodbye and all go home--


--On the way to the airport Sarah takes out her cell phone and dials a number--

--A man with an accent answers it--


Sa-It's me.

Man-I thought you were going to keep Sonny away from her.

Sa-Well, she came back and when I came down to see you....she got sick and...

Man-(interrupts) What do you mean got sick?

Sa-I don't know the details but her and Sonny got real close and when I got back he ended things with me because of her.

Man-Damn it! It wasn't suppose to go this way. You were suppose to keep those two apart. We have to come up with something else.

Sa-I know.

Man-Where are you now?

Chapter 32:

Sa-I am on my way back. I am coming home to London.

Man-Good and then we can think up of something else before things go to far with them.

Sa-Right. I should be there tomorrow.

Man-All right. Come to my suite as soon as you get here.

Sa-Send me a limo.

Man-I will.

--They hang up--


--Ned and Lois are kissing in their bed. They have their arms wrapped around each

--They pull apart and look up at each other and smile--

L-Did you have a fun time tonight?

N-Actually I did. They looked so happy tonight.

L-They sure did. They looked almost as happy as I feel everytime that I'm with you.

N-Sweetheart, that is one thing that you will never lose. I promise you that.

--Ned kisses Lois and they fall asleep--


--Robin and Jason walk into his apartment--

R-What a night!

J-You can say that again. I can't believe they *finally* got it right.

R-I know. And I wonder what Sarah wanted to talk to Sonny about.

J-Who knows. Let's not talk about them anymore tonight.

R-What would we do? (she smiles)

--Jason moves closer to her and they start kissing--

J-Let's go to bed.


--They head to bed--


--Sonny and Brenda are walking out to their car--

B-Can we walk down to the docks?

S-Sure, but why?

B-It's a place that's always been a good and a bad place for us. A reality place.

S-Let's go.

--They walk to the docks and they sit on the bench--

--Brenda leans up against Sonny--

B-It's always feels so right when I'm here with you.

S-Brenda, is something wrong?

B-No. Why would you ask?

S-Are you worried about my talk with Sarah?

B-No, but I guess I am a little curious.

S-It was nothing. She said she was leaving PC for awhile to find out who she is. She wished me well and I wished her well.

B-Oh. Well, I'm glad.

S-You know I would never leave you.

B-I know.

--Sonny leans down and they kiss--


--The man that was on the phone with Sarah stands at the window in his hotel suite and looks out thinking of a plan him and Sarah could come up with to keep Sonny and Brenda apart--

Man-Soon, Brenda, soon. I *won't let you be with him. I just won't. You will be mine. One way or anoter you will be mine and Sonny will be Sarah's.

--The Man heads to bed--

Chapter 33:


--Brenda and Sonny wake up the next morning--

B-(kisses him) Good morning.

S-Good morning.

B-What are your plans for the day?

S-I have a few things to do over at Luke's.

B-All right. I have to meet with Lucy about scheduling a shoot for sometime after my


--S&B get up and get ready. Brenda comes out of the bathroom--

S-I want to ask you something.

B-All right.

S-I was wondering what you thought of the idea of living together again?

B-Are you serious?

S-Yeah, why not?

B-I don't know. I just never thought you would be the one to suggest it.

S-Well I am.

B-Wow, you are serious.

S-Yeah. I mean, I love you and I want to spend my life with you always. I can't think of there being any reason to wait. But if you're not ready then we'll wait but i would want to pay for you to get an apartment.

B-Sonny, you are so sweet.

--Sonny smiles and gives him a hug--

B-Yes, I would love to move in with you.

S-Great! That way when you have surgery I can watch you at all times.

--S&B hug and they both leave--


--Robin and Jason stop at Luke's--

--Luke and Mike are behind the bar--

M-Hey, gorgeous.

R-Hi, Mike.

L-What brings you guys by before the mad rush?

R-Oh, Jason wanted to talk to Sonny so I thought I would come along.

L-Oh, ok.

--In walks Sonny--


--Lois and Ned talk a early walk at the park. They sit down on the bench--

L-I'm glad you took part of the day off from work so we could spend some of it together.

N-Me, too.

L-It's so beautiful out here.

N-(puts his arms around her) She sure is.

L-(hits him a little) Not me, the weather.

N-Ohhhh.....silly me.

--Lois kisses him--

--Ned pulls away and Lois bring him in for more kisses--


--Sarah gets off her plane and gets on the limo that the man sent for her--

--She is brought to a hotel suite and knocks on the door--

--The man opens the door and let's her in--

Sa-Jax, are you ready to brainstorm?

J-(turns toward her) Ready as I will ever be.

--They smile with devilish looks on their faces--

Chapter 34:


--Sonny just walked into Luke's--

S-Hey, you two.

--Robin goes over and gives him a hug--

R-Jason had some business to discuss with you and I wanted to talk with you after.


R-I will just wait out here while you guys talk.


--Jason gives Robin a quick kiss and then leaves with Sonny to the backroons--


--Jax turns towards Sarah--

J-Do they know you left?

Sa-Yeah. I told him and I bet he told her.

J-All right.

Sa-Jax, what do you say we go back there and fight.

J-Fight for them?

Sa-Yeah. I mean, if we were both there we could work as a team. Make it twice as hard for them to stay together.

J-Ummm......I think I like that idea.

Sa-(smiles) Yeah?



J-Let's take my jet tomorrow nigh, ok?


--They talk for a bit--


--Brenda walks into Lucy's office--

L-Brenda, it's so good to see you. I was so glad to hear that everything went well. You had me worried for awhile.

B-Thanks. I was worried for awhile, too.

--Brenda is smiling and Lucy notices the difference--

L-Look, I know you just went through an awful ideal, so what's with the extremely happy face.

B-Well, me and Sonny have gotten back together.

L-(smiles) You have! I'm so happy for you guys.

B-Thanks. He was really there for me during everything. I couldn't have gotten through *any* of this without him. We opened up to each other and we came to the realization that we belong together.

L-I'm glad.

B-About our next shoot.....I don't know when you have it planned, but can it wait a month because I have to have surgery to remove the sist.

L-Oh, of course. We will start up again whenever you get well.

B-Thanks, Luce. You are the greatest.

L-(smiles) You bet. Just don't wait too long.

B-I won't, I promise.

--Brenda and Lucy talk a little and then Brenda goes back to her apartment--


--Ned and Lois go back to the gatehouse--

L-You know what I'd love?


L-To go away for the weekend.



N-What about this weekend. I mean, that way we'll be back before Brenda has surgery.

L-I would love that.

Chapter 35:


--Jason and Sonny walk in the backroom and Sonny shuts the door--

S-Did you talk to Benny?

J-Yeah. I need to go to New York in a few days. When is Brenda's surgery? I want to be here for that.

S-I'm not sure. She was going to call Alan today. Don't make any plans with Benny until I call you later today.

J-Ok. How is she?

S-Great. She is going to move in with me.

J-That's wonderful. Is she ok with staying where you lived with another woman?

S-I think so. We haven't talked about it but I think she is ok with almost anything as long as we are together.

J-That's good. Well, I know Robin wants to talk to you so I will go and send her back, ok?

S-All right.

--Jason leaves and Robin comes back--

S-Hey, what's on your mind?


--Brenda walks into her hotel room and realizes that Sonny hasn't come back yet--

--Brenda picks up the phone and dials Alan's number at GH--

A-(picks up the phone) Alan Quartermaine.

B-Hi, alan, it's Brenda.

A-Brenda. How are you doing?

B-Very good. I was calling about the surgery.

A-Right. Let's schedule it for monday. Is that ok?

B-That's fine. Get it out of the way.


--Alan explains to her what she needs to do and they hang up--


--Jax and Sarah board his jet--

J-So are you ready for this?

Sa-Of course I am. I was born ready.

J-You do know that Sonny will be seeing another side of you. A side that he hasn't seen before.

Sa-I know, but it will all be worth it in the end, right?

J-You bet. They won't know what hit them.

--Sarah smiles and they sit back and wait to arrive in PC--


--Robin is in the back room with Sonny--

R-I just wanted to let you know that I am *so* happy for you guys. I know I said it when we had dinner the other night, but I wanted to tell you in private, too.

S-Thanks. That really means a lot to the both of us.

--Sonny hugs Robin--

S-You know, I asked her to move in with me.

R-You did?

S-Yeah and she agreed.

R-Oh, Sonny. I have always wanted you guys to be happy and I'm glad it's together. This is the best news.

S-I have to agree with you on that.

R-You were so great with her through that whole caner scare and I want to thank you.

S-You don't have to thank me. When it came down to it there just wasn't anywhere else that I wanted to be, or anyone else that I wanted to be with.

R-I know. I knew all along that you both still loved one another.

S-Yeah. I better get back to Brenda. (laughs) I miss her already.

R-You go. I wiil talk to you soon. (They both leave)

Chapter 36:

--Brenda is waiting for Sonny. The phone rings--



B-Hey, Lois, what's up?

L-Well, I wanted to let you know that me and Ned are going to go away for the weekend. But we will be back in time for your surgery.

B-That's great. Have a great time.

L-We will. Have you talked to Alan yet about your surgery?

B-Yeah. It's monday, but don't come back just because of me.

L-We will be back. We wouldn't leave, but I know you have Sonny to take care of you so we thought we'd take some time for ourselves.

B-That's a wonderful idea. And yeah, I do have Sonny.

L-Right. And you always will.

--Brenda and Lois hang up in few minutes later--


--Jax and Sarah arrrive at the PC hotel and they get a room--

--As they are walking up to their room, Sonny is walking to Brenda's room--

--Sonny sees two figures that look like Jax and Sarah--

S-(to himself) It can't be. Why would he come back? What is left for him here and who's with him. Wait, that's....that's *Sarah*! What the *hell* is going on here.

--Sarah looks back and sees Sonny--

S-(taps Jax) Look who's coming our way?


--Jax looks back and sees Sonny. He stops until Sonny gets closer to him--

--Sonny intends to go right past Jax and not say a word, but Jax grabs his arm--

S-(takes a breath) What? What do you want?

J-Where are you going?

S-To Brenda. You know, a place where you're not welcome.

J-*You* won't be welcome much longer.

S-Stay away from her, Jax.

J-I think you need to get something straight. I will go near Brenda if I feel like it. You
can't choose her friends.

S-(laughs) Friends? No. I don't choose her friends, but you're not her friend. I protect her from the people that hurt her.

J-Oh, well, than you should've stayed away.

S-Just drop it and I want you to stay away from her. (looks at Sarah) Since when did you know Jax?

Sa-It doesn't matter.

S-Well, be careful. He's not what he seems.

--Sonny walks right on past Jax and Sarah--


--Sonny taks a few breaths before walking into Brenda's hotel room. He doesn't want her to know why he's upset and he *doesn't* want her to know Jax is back--

--Sonny walks in and finds Brenda sleeping on the bed. He smuiles and walks over there--

--Sonny crawls next to her and wraps his arms around her. He kisses her head--

S-(to himself) I won't let him hurt you or come between us, Brenda. I promise you that. *Nobody* will ever come between us again.

--After laying there for about an hour Brenda feels Sonny's arms wrapped tightly around her and she rolls over--

--Brenda kisses him lightly--

--Brenda notices that he is trying to hide something. She knows that he is feeling uneasy about something. She can't tell what it is, but *knows* something is bothering him--

B-Sonny, what is it?

Chapter 37:

--Jax and Sarah have rented a suite. They both have seperate rooms--

--Sarah comes downstairs and finds Jax sitting on the couch--

--She goes and sits next to him--

Sa-What are you thinking about?

J-I can't believe he weeseled his way back into her life.

Sa-Him? She was the one who did it.


Sa-You will get her back and I will get Sonny back. We just have to, Jax.

J-(smiles) We will.


--Ned and Lois arrive at one of their houses Hawaii--

--They walk inside the house--

L-Wow. Ned it's gorgeous here.


--Lois walks out onto the patio and down the steps to the beach--

--Ned wraps his arms around Lois--

N-I'm glad you like it. A place where we can get away just the two of us. It's especially for us.

L-(turns around) You bought this? I thought.....

N-I know. I wanted you to think that it was a family home. I wanted to surprise you.

L-(shocked) And I am. I love you so much.

N-I love you.

--They start to kiss and head back into the house and continue to kiss all the way into the bedroom. They fall on the bed and make love--


--Brenda sits up--

B-Sonny? What is it?

S-(shrugs) Nothing. Why would you think there would be something wrong?

B-I know you. What is it? Does it have something to do with Sarah?

S-(laughs) You know me so well it's scarey.

B-We know each other. Now, tell me what's bothering you.

S-All right.

--Sonny sits up and takes Brenda's hand and kisses it--

S-You know that I love you. Brenda, I won't let anyone hurt you or come between us

B-(touches his face) I know that, sweetie. Sonny, what's going on?

S-I saw Jax and Sarah in the hall. They're back.

B-Jax is back and is staying here?


--Sonny gets up and walks over to the window--

--Brenda looks at him and walks over to him and wraps her arms around him--

--Brenda turns him around to look at her--

B-I hope you're not worried about Jax and me.


B-Nothing will tear us apart. We've been through so much together and especially in the past few weeks. Without you....I don't know where I would be. You saved me. (she touches his face) I love you and only you.

--Brenda wraps her arms around Sonny and gives him a long hug--

S-You mean everything to me.

--Brenda smiles and she leans in and gives him a kiss--

--After awhile they finally pull apart and they give each other a hug. They hold on to each other for what seems like dear life--

Chapter 38:

--Sonny pulls away from Brenda--

S-Did you talk to Alan today?

B-Yeah. Surgery is Monday.

S-All right.

B-Are you sure you still want us to live together?

S-Are you kidding me? I want us to be together every moment.

B-We will.

S-We should move some of your stuff into my place.

B-Sure. You know, I don't want to get in the way of things after my surgery. Should we wait until after i am better. I mean, it shouldn't take long at all.

S-No. I don't care if it takes two minutes or two months for you to get better. I want to take care of you.

B-(smiles) Ok. If your're sure.

S-I'm sure.

--Sonny gives her a kiss--


--Robin is waiting for Jason to come back to his apartment--

--Jason walks in the door--

J-Hey. (he gives her a kiss)

R-I missed you.

J-I missed you, too. Have you talked to Brenda?

R-No. I should call her to see when her surgery is.

J-Go ahead.

--Robin picks up the phone and dials Bren's number--



R-Bren, it's me.

B-Hey, Robin.

R-I was calling to see when your surgery is scheduled for.

B-It's monday at 10:00 a.m.

R-All right. Are you ready?

B-Yeah. (looks at Sonny and smiles) I have Sonny and as long as I have him than I will make it through anything.

R-I know and I am thankful for that. The news of you guys back together is the best news that I've heart in a long time.

B-Thanks. I am happy about it, too.

--They hang up with each other--


--In the next few days Sonny and Brenda have moved everything out of Brenda's hotel
room in the PC hotel and into his place--

--They have just moved the last box into Sonny's living room--

S-(exhausted) There. That's the last one.

B-Thank god, but I wish you would've let me help you.

S-You did more than I should've let you. You packed things up. You are having surgery tomorrow. So, tonight I just want you to relax.

B-All right. If you say so.

S-I do. Why don't you go take a bath and I will make you some dinner.

B-Sounds great.

--Brenda goes over and gives him a kiss--

--Brenda goes to take a bath and when she comes down the stairs she hears Sonny in the kitchen--

--She walks into the kitchen quietly and walks up behind him--

B-What are you cooking?

S-You'll see.

--Brenda and Sonny eat dinner and then go sit on the couch--

Chapter 39:

--Sonny and Brenda sit next to each other on the couch--

S-Do you want to go to bed? I mean, you need your rest before surgery tomorrow

B-Yeah, but I feel a little funny sleeping up there. But if you're comfortable with it then I guess I will be.

S-It's where you belong. Let's go.

--Sonny leads her upstairs and they get in bed--

--Sonny wraps his arms around her and they fall asleep--


J-Jason Ja-Jax

--Sarah and Jax go for breakfast the next morning and run into Jason and Robin at the Outback--

R-Jax, what are you doing back here? And Sarah.....

Ja-What else? Came back to win Brenda back and her Sonny.

J-Forget it. There is nothing that can tear them apart now.

R-That's right.

Ja-We'll see about that.

J-Well, Robin I will see you at the hospital later.

R-See you.


R-Brenda has her surgery.


--Robin leaves--

Ja-(turns to Sarah) I guess you know where I'll be.



--Ned and Lois arrive home--

N-What time is Brenda's surgery?

L-At 10:00 a.m.

N-Ok. Should we eat some breakfast first?



--Sonny wakes up to find Brenda not in bed--

S-Brenda? Brenda?

--He hears the shower running and waits for her to come out--

B-Hi. I was wondering when you were going to get up.

S-Yeah. I can't believe I slept that long.

B-It's ok.

S-I suppose I should get ready.

B-All right. I will meet you downstairs.

--Brenda smiles and walks past him. Sonny stops her--

S-Are you ok?

B-I'm fine.

S-Everything will go ok. You know that, don't you?

B-Yes. How could it go any other way when we're together. Nothing could ever go
wrong again. Jax is out of my life. And as long as Sarah doesn't come between us then we're fine and will always be together.

S-It doesn't matter what she does. I don't want to be with anyone but you.

--Brenda hugs him and gives him a kiss--

B-I'll be downstairs.

S-All right.

--Sonny gets ready and then comes downstairs--

S-Are you ready to go?


--Sonny goes over and puts his arm around Brenda and leads her out the door--

S&B head to GH for her surgery--

Chapter 40:

--Sonny checks Brenda into the hospital and sits with her in the room before they come and get her--

--Brenda is sitting on the bed in a hospital gown--

B-I hate these things.

S-I think you look kind of cute in it. Maybe you can ask to take one home.

B-(smiles) Very funny.

S-Got a smile out of you, though.


--They come in to get Brenda--

Man-Are you ready Ms. Barrett?


--They put Brenda in a wheel chair and Sonny kneels down to her--

S-(touches her hair) I love you. Remember that, ok?

--A tear falls fom Brenda's cheek and Sonny wipes it away--

B-(whispers) I love you, too.

--Brenda kisses Sonny--

--The man takes Brenda to the surgical room to meet Alan--

--Sonny watches her until he can no longer see her--

--As Sonny is waiting outside Brenda's room.....Lois, Ned, Jason, Robin, Mike, Luke and Laura appear--

S-Wow. You all came.

L-Of course we're here, partner.


R-How is she?


--Sonny and everyone wait for Brenda to come out of surgery--


--2 hours later Alan comes walking towards Brenda's room--

--Sonny is sitting between Lois and Robin. He isn looking down at the ground--

--Lois taps Sonny and points to Alan--

--Sonny stands up and walks over to Alan--

S-How is she?

A-She is doing very well. She has about another 20 minutes in recovery. It was *very* successful. We got rid of the sist.

--Sonny smiles and takes a deep breath. Everyone else breaths a sigh of relief--

S-Thank you.

A-I'm glad it went well. Now, everything is fine. You can take her home later tonight.

S-That soon?

A-Yeah. The recovery at home shouldn't only take a day or so. It's not a complicated procedure so it should be ok.

S-I'm glad.


--Half hour later Alan comes out and tell them that they can see Brenda one at a time--

L-Sonny, you go first.

--Sonny walks into Brenda's room and sits on the bed next to her--

S-Hey, baby.

B-Hi. It went well.

S-Yeah. I'm so happy.

B-I know. Thanks for being there for me through everything. I will never forget that.

S-You are always there for me. We're even.

--Brenda smiles--

S-I can't wait to take you home.

Chapter 41:

--Brenda and Sonny talk for a little bit--

S-There are a lot of people tha want to see you so I will make this short for now.

B-We have all the time in the world.

--Sonny kisses her and walks out the room. Mike enters the room--

M-Hey, sweetie.

B-Mike, it's so good to see you.

M-It's good to see that you made it through.

B-Well, I couldn't have done it without your son.

M-Yeah. He's been real great with sticking by your side. You can tell that he loves you so much.

B-I know and I love him.

M-This is what I've always wanted for the both of you.

B-We've wanted it, too. It just took us awhile to get here.

--Mike gives her a hug and leaves--

--Lois and Robin come in and sit by Brenda--

B-Can you do me a favor?


B-As soon as everyone leaves can you take Sonny to get something to eat.

R-We'll try.

--They talk for a bit--

--Everyone else waits their turn to see Brenda and then they all leave--

--Sonny is just about to go back in when Lois stops him--

S-I need to back to see her.

L-Let's go get something to eat.

S-I want to stay with her.

R-I know, but she asked us to do this. Do this for her. She needs you healthy.

S-All right. Not too long, though.


S-Let me go tell her.

--They nod and Sonny walks into Brenda's room--

B-Did you get something to eat?

S-I will. I won't be long, ok?

B-I'll be fine. I'm ok, remember?


--Sonny gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves with Robin and Lois--


--Jax and Sarah come around the corner after Sonny, Robin, Lois leave--

J-Now distract him if he comes back too soon so I can have some time with Brenda alone.

Sa-I'll do my best.

--Jax walks into Brenda's room--

B-Jax? What are you doing here?

J-I came to see you. Who else?


--Sarah watches Sonny with Robin and Lois--

L-I'm glad you were there for her.

S-Where else would I be?

R-Well, having you by her side made her get through this.

S-I'm glad.

R-Do you want to go back?


--As Sonny, Lois, and Robin are leaving they run into Sarah--

Chapter 42:

--Sonny looks at Sarah and stops dead in his tracks--

S-What are you doing here?

Sa-I heard and I thought you could use some comfort.

S-I have all the comfort from my friends thank you.

Sa-But, Sonny....

S-No. I need to get back to Brenda.

Sa-Uh....I don't think that would be a good idea.



S-(walks closer to her) Why??

Sa-Jax is with her.


--Sonny leaves--


B-Jax, you never answered my question. What are you doing here?

J-I wanted to see how you were doing.

B-I'm just fine. I am going home soon.

--Brenda thinks how good it sounds to call a home with Sonny "home"--

J-Oh. Maybe I will come and see you at the hotel since we are staying at the same place.

B-I'm not staying there anymore.

J-Really? Where are you staying?

B-With Sonny.

J-Oh, Brenda. You can do better than that?

B-Better? What the hell does that mean?

J-Sonny, doesn't deserve you! What happened to your brain Brenda? You never use to be this way.

--Brenda sits up a bit--

B-Listen, here. I love Sonny and I will be with him always. There is nothing you can do about it! (yells) Jax, just go!

--As Brenda is getting upset Sonny walks in the room--

S-Brenda, sweetheart, are you ok?


--Sonny walks over to her and holds her hand--

B-Jax, was just leaving.

J-No, I wasn't.

S-Are you going to leave on your own or are do I have to *force* you out of here.

J-Fine. But, Brenda.....this isn't over. I am sorry I upset you, but you have to realize that that man next to you is no good.

B-No, you're the one that is wrong. Now leave.

--Jax takes one last look at Brenda and then leaves her room--

S-I knew I shouldn't have left you.

B-I'm fine and you're back now. I handled it.

S-I bet you did.

--Sonny kisses the top of her head--

S-I won't let him hurt you, Brenda. I promise.

B-As long as we're together.....nothing can hurt me. As long as I have you in my life than I will be ok.

S-I love you.

B-I love you, too.

--Brenda looks up at Sonny and smiles--

B-When I was talking to him I told him that I was going home. It felt so good to call your PH home. Any place with you is where I feel at home.

S-I'm glad. It feels so full when you're there.

B-For me, too.

Chapter 43:

--Alan comes in two hours later--

A-Brenda, how do you feel?

B-(looks over at Sonny) Great.

A-That's good. How do you feel about getting out of here?

B-I would love to.

A-(looks over at Sonny) Sonny, you will take care of her and make sure she takes care of herself in the next few days. It's very important.

S-I will. Her welfare is my first priority.


--Alan tells Sonny what he needs to watch for and then hands them the release papers--

A-Now, go home and get some rest. Take care of yourself, ok?

B-I will.

--Alan leaves--

S-Ready to go, baby?

B-More than ever.

--Brenda slowly gets out of her bed and puts on her clothes. Sonny walks over to her and lifts her up--

B-(laughs) Sonny, what are you doing?

S-You can't really walk so I am carrying you to the car.

B-(smiles) Oh, ok.

--Sonny takes her home--


--Lois calls the hospital to check on Brenda--

L-Brenda Barretts room, please.

Nurse-Hold on. Let me check.

--The nurse checks with the other nurse that is ready to leave her shift about Brenda--

Nurse-Ms. Barrett has been released.


Nurse-About an half hour ago.


--Lois hangs up the phone--

N-So, how is she?

L-I'm not sure. They released her.

N-Then she must be doing really well.

L-I will have to call Sonny's tomorrow.

N-All right.


--Jax and Sarah come back from eating dinner--

J-Why didn't you get Sonny away from there?

Sa-I couldn't. He was with Lois and Robin.


Sa-I couldn't! I tried, but I couldn't.

J-All right.

--They sit down on the couch--

J-What the hell are we going to do to keep them apart?

Sa-I don't know, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

J-We have to.

--Sarah is feeling a little weak and Jax notices her change--

J-Are you ok?

Sa-Yeah. Can you get me a glass of water?


--Jax gets it for her and gives it to her. Jax puts his arms around her and watches her drink it--

--She looks up at him and smiles--

Chapter 44:


--Sonny carries Brenda inside and sets her down softly on the couch--

--He sits next to her--

S-It's good to have you back where you belong.

--Brenda smiles and gives him a short kiss--

B-I know it hasn't even been a day, but I missed this.

S-Me, too.

S-I have a something to ask you. You can turn it down if you want, but I was just

B-All right.

S-(holds her hands) Brenda, what would you think of us going out and finding a new
place of our own?

B-You would leave this PH?

S-Sure. Since we are starting over together I think it would be good to start over on all accounts.

--A tear falls from Brenda cheeks and Sonny wipes it off--

S-Did I say or do something wrong? I mean, all I want is to make you happy.

B-No, that's not it. I just am so happy. (touches his face) You make me *so* happy.

S-That's what I want to do. I want you to always be happy.

--Brenda hugs him and gives him a kiss--


--Jax looks down at Sarah--

J-Do you feel better?

Sa-Yeah. Thanks.

--Jax looks down at his hand and realizes where it's placed. He quickly removes it and scoots a little farther from her--

Sa-I'm tired. I will see you tomorrow.



--Robin is sitting on the couch with Jason, who is holding her--



J-I am glad you and me are together. I never want to lose that.

R-We won't. What brings this on?

J-Nothing. I was just thinking of what Sonny and Brenda have gone through to get things right again.

R-Oh. I am glad they are back together.

J-Yeah. It's good to see them both happy again.

R-I know.

--Jason leans down and gives her a kiss--


--Sonny brings Brenda up to the bed and lays her down gently--

B-Will you lay with me?

S-I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

--Sonny gets into bed and wraps his arms around her--

S-Are you ok? Do you need anything?

B-No. I have you and that's all I need.

S-I'm glad.

--Brenda grabs his hands and pulls them close to her--

B-This feels so good.


B-Us. Laying here together. Nothing has ever felt more right.

S-And it will only get better for the both of us from now on.

--They both close their eyes and fall asleep in each other's arms--

Chapter 45:


--4 days later Brenda is now 100% better and S&B are going to go look for a new home--

S-Brenda, are you ready to go?

B-Almost. I will be down in a little bit.


--About 10 minutes later Brenda comes walking down in a baby blue sundress--

S-(looks at Brenda) Wow.

B-(looks down at her dress) What? Is something wrong with this dress?

S-(laughs) Wrong? Oh, baby, you look......beautiful.

B-Oh. Thanks. (walks over to him and puts her arms around him) You don't look so bad yourself.


--Brenda and Sonny kiss. Their kisses become passionate--

B-(pulls away) Ok. Enough of that. We have to go look for our new home, remember?

S-Oh, right. Let's go.

--They leave to go house hunting--


--Lois and Ned are in the living room when Emily knocks at the door--

--Lois opens it and let's her in--

L-Hey, Em. How are you?

E-Good. I wanted to ask you a favor.


E-Well, I have a date with Lucky tonight.

L-You do! That's great!

N-Well, I guess you guys need to talk about girl stuff. I will be back later.


--Ned leaves and then turns back to Emily and drags her over to the couch--

L-I want details.

E-Lois, he called the other day and asked me out. It's nothing major, but I am very

L-Of course you are. It's your first real date.

E-And I was wondering if I could borrow some jewlry.

L-Of course you can.

--They go and look for some jewlry and then Emily goes to get ready for her date with


--After Emily leaves Lois picks up the phone to call one of their clients for L&B and after she is almost done Ned walks back in--

--Lois hangs up the phone--

N-Who were you talking to?

L-Just a client.

N-Are you sure you can handle much more of this by yourself.

L-Well, Bren's better now so she will be getting back into it. she has been through so much. It's fine.

N-All right. I just don't want you to overdue yourself.'re so sweet to worry.

--Ned kisses Lois--


--Sonny and Brenda walk into their first home that they are looking at--

S-So, what do you think?

B-I don't know. It doesn't seem like us.

S-Yeah, I agree. Let's move on to the next one then.

B-All right.

--They leave that house and go to the next one--

Chapter 46:

--Sonny and Brenda walk into gorgeous house--

--This house has 6 bedrooms with a bathroom in every room, fireplaces, a terrace off of every bedroom on the top floor, and huge dining room. There is also a gigantic pool in the backyard--

B-(squeals and grabs his arm) Sonny, look at this place. It is so gorgeous!

S-You like it?

B-I love it! But it is big and maybe we can't afford it.

S-Afford it? Baby, we can afford everything. If you want this house's yours.

B-Thank you!

--Brenda covers his face with kisses and he laughs and twirls her around the room--


--Jax and Sarah go out for lunch at the PC grill--

--They sit down and order their lunch--

J-What are we going to do about S&B?

Sa-I don't know, but if we don't do something soon it's going to be too late. You know, they are finding a new place together.


Sa-Today I think.

J-Where did you hear that?

Sa-I heard Robin talking to Jason about it.


Sa-What are we going to do? Wait a minute. She's has a shoot do next week in the
country mabye.....

J-If I could just have some time alone with her for a little while.

Sa-Jax, why don't you snatch her for a few hours at the shoot.

J-No, I couldn't. But I guess I have no choice. Can I count on you for your help?

Sa-Of course.


--Sonny and Brenda finish looking over the rest of the house and then as Brenda is
finishing looking outside Sonny gets everything with the realtor taken care of. Sonny goes outside to meet Brenda--

B-I was wondering when you were going to join me.

--Sonny goes over and wraps his arms around her--

S-It's ours.

--Brenda turns around and looks at him--


S-Yeah. That was what I was doing. I was working out the details.

B-(hugs him) Oh, Sonny! Do you know how happy I am?

S-Maybe. But you can show me later. How would you feel about staying here tonight?

B-I would love to. I have to go meet Lucy about that shoot in a week in the country.

S-All right. I will get everything moved and you just meet me back here.

B-Are you sure you don't need help.

S-I got it covereed.

--Brenda kisses him--

B-See you soon, baby.

S-You, too.

--Brenda starts to walk out of the yard and then stops and turns and looks at him--



B-I love you.

S-I love you, too.

Chapter 47:


--Brenda walks into Lucy's office--

B-Hey, Luce.

L-Brenda. It's good to see you.

B-(she sits down) So, tell me about the shoot.

L-Your ready?

B-I'm ready.

L-That's what I was waiting to hear.

B-I'm looking forward to getting back to work.

--Lucy discusses the details with her and then brenda leaves--


--Sonny picks up the phone and dials Jason's cell phone number--


S-It's me.

J-Hey. I thought you and Bren went house hunting today.

S-We did.

J-Didn't go well?

S-No, we found our dream house.

J-That's great.

S-I need some help from you and Robin, Ned and Lois, Luke and Laura, and Mike.

J-With what?

S-I want to move everything in to the new house while Brenda is doing things today so that it will be ready when she comes back.

J-Sure we can do that. Are you going to call the others?

S-Yeah. I will have you all meet me at the PH.

J-All right. We're on our way.

--They hang up and Sonny heads to his PH--

--Jason turns to Robin--

R-What was that about?

--Jason tells her what's going on--

R-Great! Let's go.

--They head to Sonny's PH--


--Sonny calls everyone and they all say they will help out and everyone heads to Sonny's PH--


--They all show up at Sonny's PH--

Luke-Corinthos, this is a cool idea.

M-Yeah. Brenda will be surprised.

R-We are glad to help do something special for you guys.

--They all spend the next 4 hours packing things up and the movers move everything over to their new home--


--2 hours later Brenda walks into their new place and finds boxes all over the place--

--Brenda is confused about what's going on. She hears a lot of noise and the voices sound familiar--

B-Sonny! Are you here?

--Sonny comes running down the stairs--

S-You're back.

B-Yeah. What's going on?

S-We moved everything over here.



--They all come down the stairs--

B-Oh, my god. I can't believe this.

Chapter 48:

B-What is going on?

S-It's your surprise, baby.

--Sonny goes over to her and gives her a kiss--


L-Welcome home, Bren. The hard work is all done.

B-I see that. (totally surprised) Thanks. I don't know what to say.

R-Yeah, you do. All we want is for you and Sonny to be happy. That's enough pay back for us.

B-Well, that's an easy one because we will.

--Sonny walks over to her and puts his arm around her--

S-That's right. Nobody and nothing can come between us.

L-Well, Corinthos, we will let you guys spend time together.

B-Thanks. We will take everyone out to dinner for helping us real soon.

--They all nod and leave--


--Brenda and Sonny are alone. He walks over to her and wraps his arms around her and kisses her on the cheek--

B-I love it here.

S-It's a good place to start over in.

B-Yeah. But it doesn't matter where we are. Being together is home for me.

S-For me, too. Are you hungry?


S-Did you eat?


--Brenda seductively walks over towards him and wraps his arms around him--

B-Eathing isn't what I had in mind right now.

S-Oh, really? What did you have in mind.

B-(kisses him) A little of this. (kisses him again) And a little of that.

S-(laughs) If that's what you want.

--Sonny lifts her up and carries her upstairs and lays her gently on the bed--

--They slowly unbutton each other's shirts and they start to kiss--

--S&B's kisses become more and more intense by the second--

--Sonny pulls away and looks deep into her eyes--

S-Welcome home, baby.

--Brenda answers him with a kiss--

--They fall back on the bed and make love all night--


--Robin and Jason walk into Jason's apartment--

R-Did you see the look on her face?

J-Yeah. She really was surprised. I think she was happy.

R-Yeah. They look so happy.

J-Sure do. But that's what we wanted for them.

R-Sure did. But I always knew it would happen sooner or later.

J-I am just glad it wasn't later.

R-(laughs) No kidding. It's hard work getting them back together.

J-Yeah. They sure are.

--Robin nods and makes her way into the bedroom to change and get ready to go to bed--

--Jason comes in a few minutes later and finds her in bed already--

J-You're tired, huh?

R-Yeah. Coming to bed?

J-Yeah. (they fall asleep in each other's arms)

Chapter 49:


--Sarah comes down the stairs and sees Jax on the phone--

--Jax hangs up the phone when he sees her--

Sa-Hey. Can you go shopping with me today?


Sa-Some new clothes.

J-I guess I could. Nothing else to do today. We have a week before Brenda's photoshoot.


--Jax and Sarah decide to go to breakfast before they go shopping--


--Brenda and Sonny wake up the next morning in each other's arms--

--Sonny opens his eyes and kisses Brenda's head--

B-Good morning.

S-(smiles) Good morning. I hope you slept well.

B-You know I always sleep well when I'm with you. When I'm in your arms.

S-Me, too, baby. Do you have plans today?

B-I thought I would stay here and get things organized. I know you have some business at the club, so why don't you do that.

S-Are you sure?

B-Of course.

S-All right.

--They get up and Sonny goes to the club--


-Sonny walks into Luke's and Luke is there--

S-Hey, man.

L-Sonny. Did you guys enjoy your night?

S-(smiles) Sure did.


S-I have a favor to ask you.


S-What do you say you coming with me to look for an engagement ring for Brenda?

L-Are you serious?

S-Yeah. Why?

L-I just didn't know you were ready for that.

S-I just realized it yesterday.

L-Well, I think it's about time. And I'd be happy to go with you.

S-Yeah, it is. I also have another favor for you.


S-I want Luke's to be packed. We need to invite all of our friends. I want to purpose to Brenda in front of everyone.

L-Cool! I love that idea. I will have Mike call everyone today.

S-Great. I am going to do some work and then we can go look for a ring.

L-All right.

--Sonny goes back to his office--


--Sarah finds a baby blue dress and models it for Jax--

J-Wow. You look gorgeous.

Sa-Thanks. I love this dress.

--Jax and Sarah leave the mall and go for a walk--

--It's a very, very hot day and as they are walking Sarah collapes on the floor--

--Jax falls to his knees and tries to get her to come to and touches her face--

Chapter 50:


--Sonny comes out of the back room and him and Luke go find a ring for Brenda--

--10 minutes later Sonny and Luke arrive at a jewlrey store and start looking for the
perfect ring--

--After looking at 10 different rings Sonny finds the ring that he knows is perfect for

S-Spencer, come here.

L-Did you find one?

S-Yeah. This is it, man. This is the one.

L-Wow. It sure is gorgeous. I think it will look gorgeous on Brenda's hand.

S-Me, too. I hope that she says yes.

L-Oh, Corinthos. I don't think you have to worry about that one.

--They buy the ring and head back to the club--


--Jax bends down to Sarah and she is very weak--

J-(touching her face) Sarah. Sarah, please answer me.

--After a few seconds she opens her eyes--

S-Jax....what happened?

J-I think you fainted. Come on let me take you home.

Sa-(smiles) Thanks.

--Jax lifts her up and carries her to the car--

--When they get home he brings her up to the bed and lays her down and then goes and gets her a glass of water--

J-Here. Drink this.


J-(touches her arm) Are you all right?

Sa-You don't have to fuss.

J-Shhh. Don't worry about me. I want to make sure you're ok.


--Sarah goes to sleep and Jax watches her sleep--

J-(to himself) Why do i have this feeling with making sure she's safe in ok? Why are my feelings changing for her? It feels different. Soemthing's changed.

--Jax goes back downstairs--


--Sonny and Luke get back to the club and Sonny picks up the phone--

--Brenda is putting new sheets on the beds and arranging things around the house when the phone rings--


S-Bren, it's me.

B-Sonny. How are you?

S-Good. Clear your calendar for tonight.


S-I want you to put on your best dress and I will come home and get dressed and we are going to Luke's tonight for a special dinner?


B-What's the special occassion?

S-Us! We deserve it.

B-All right. See you soon.

S-I love you.

B-I love you, too.

--They hang up and Sonny opens his box where he has the ring for Brenda and looks over at Luke--

S-Let the fun begin!

--Luke and Sonny both smile--

Chapter 51:


--Jax is on the phone when he hears a scream from upstairs--

J-I gotta go.

--Jax rushes up the stairs and runs over to Sarah's side--



J-Sarh, it's me. Wake up.

--Sarah looks at him and covers her face--

Sa-Sorry. I had a nighmare I guess.

J-Can you tell me about it?

Sa-I dreamt that you took Brenda away and Sonny came after you full of anger and
he........I was so scared and I was looking everywhere for you. Then He killed you!

J-Oh, hey. I'm here. It's ok.

--Jax holds her and it starts to feel like in his arms is where she was suppose to be. He pulls her closer to him and holds her tighter--

--After awhile they pull apart from each other and he touches her face--

--Jax slowly leans in for a kiss and after they pull away they just look into each other's eyes--


--Sonny walks through the door--

S-Brenda! I'm home.

B-I'm up here!

--Sonny smiles and heads upstairs. He walks into the bathroom and holds his hand on his heart after he sees Brenda--

S-Wow. You look gorgeous.


--Sonny gives her a kiss and gets dressed. He and Brenda head to Luke's for what she thinks is just a special dinner for her and Sonny. What she doesn't know is *how* special it really will be--


--Ned and Lois are getting ready to go to Luke's for Sonny's surprise--

N-I wonder what is so important that we go to Luke's tonight.

L-I don't know. But it has to have something to do with Brenda.

N-I'm sure it is.

L-You don't think he could......

N-What? Purpose? No way. I don't think he is ready for that.

L-Maybe. But they have been through a lot. They could be ready. They do love each other

--Ned and Lois head off to Luke's--


--Robin and Jason head over to Luke's and walk in. They can't believe how packed the place is. Robin goes over to talk to Luke and Laura--

R-Hey, Luke. Do you know what this is all about?

L-Yeah, but I can't say. Sonny wants this to be a *big* surprise.

J-I'm sure it will be.

La-You look beautiful Robin.

R-Thanks. So do you.

--Robin and Laura hug--

J-Well, we're going to go sit down.

L-All right.

--Jason and Robin go and sit down at a table--


--Brenda and Sonny walk in and Brenda let's go of Sonny's arm and looks around and can't believe there are so many people here and they are all dressed so nice. She sees all her friends and looks at Sonny who is grinning from ear to ear--

Chapter 52:

--As Brenda looks over the room a smile appears on her face--

B-What is going on?

S-Come with me.

--Sonny drags Brenda to the stage area(where people perform when they come to

S-(grabs a microphone) Excuse me. Everyone can I please have your attention.

--There is a hush over the crowd. Everyone sits down at their tables and focuse their
attention on Sonny and Brenda--

S-Thank you. Now you all know that I am not very good at speaking, but this is one time I need to do it right. (clears his throat) Ok. As everyone knows me and Brenda are back together. I want all our friends and family to be part of this special moment.

--Sonny turns to Brenda and gets down on one knee. Brenda realizes what he is going to do and she looks at him--

S-Brenda, you are the best part of me. When you came back to me you made me the happiest man in the world. I want to be with you always and I never want to lose you. Brenda Barrett....will you marry me?

--There is all smiles with everyone in the crowd--

--Brenda feels a rush of excitement and happiness in her gut and a few tears fall down her face--


S-What do you say?

B-Of course I will marry you! I've never wanted anything more in my life.

--Brenda hugs Sonny and gives him a passionate kiss--

--Everyone in the crowd claps and shouts screams of happiness for S&B--


--Sonny takes her left hand and takes the ring out of his suit jacket pocket and slides the ring out of the black velvet box and places it on Brenda's hand--

B-Sonny, it's gorgeous. I've never seen anything more beautiful in my life. I love it and I love you.

S-I I love you, too.

--Brenda wipes her tears away and kisses Sonny--

--Brenda and Sonny eat dinner and share their joy of their engagement with their friends--

--A few hours later they go home to spend an evening to themselves--


--Sarah has fallen asleep and when she wakes up Jax is sleeping next to her--

--Sarah looks at him and smiles--

Sa-(whispers) Jax. Jax, are you awake?

J-(opens his eyes and sits up) Are you ok? Is something wrong?

Sa-No. I feel fine. Look, I think we need to talk.

J-All right.

--They sit up--

Sa-Something happened last night. I don't understand.

J-Me either. Somehow my feelings changed for you last night. I don't understand them completely, but all I know is that I couldn't bare to leave your side.

Sa-I feel the same. I thought I was losing my mind and I didn't want to say anything, but after you kissed me I knew you felt it, too.

J-I did. Do you know how weird this is? We come back here to win back the people we *thought* we loved and we end up.....well, you know, falling for each other.

Sa-Maybe we should go back to London.

J-Why not? There's nothing keeping us here anymore.


--Jax leans in and kisses Sarah. After they pull apart they lay back down and he holds her--

Chapter 53:


--Brenda and Sonny walk into their new home--

B-Do you know how happy you've made me?

S-Almost as happy as you've made me. I don't know what I would do without you.

B-Good thing you will never have to find out.

--Sonny walks over to her and kisses her passionately. After a fe minutes of kissing, Sonny lifts Brenda up and carries her upstairs to their bedroom and make love--


--Robin and Ned say goodbye to Robin and Jason--

L-That was probably the best thing that he could've done for her.

R-I know. She looked so happy tonight.

J-I wouldn't have believe this could happen for them a few months ago.

R&L-Oh, we knew.

N-Yeah, Jason, don't you know. These *two* always knew Sonny and Brenda would be together in the end.

J-(laughs) Right.

--They all say their goodbye's and leave--


--Laura walks over to Luke to say goodnight--

La-I am going to go home. Will you be late?

L-I don't know. Hopefully it won't be too late.

La-All right. It would be nice to spend some time together tonight.

L-It sure would.

La-I'll wait up.

L-I will try and get home as soon as i can.

--Laura gives him a kiss and then leaves--


--Brenda and Sonny lay in bed after making love--

B-I can't tell you how happy you made me tonight. I feel like I am about to burst.

S-You made me happy, too.

--Brenda turns over and gives Sonny a kiss--

S-I love you so much. Do you know that?

B-Yes, I do.

--Brenda sits up and goes into deep thought--

S-What are you thinking about?

B-I have an idea, but I'm not quite sure what you will think.

S-(kisses her shoulder) Um...I love your ideas.

B-(lifts his head up and holds it) I'm serious.

S-(Sits up) Ok. Tell me.

B-What would you think of getting married right away.

S-Whenever you want.

B-How soon do you think we could get everything together?

S-How soon are we talking?

B-This weekend?

S-Are you serious?

B-I'm sorry. I just want to get married right away.

S-Then we will. I will call and make the plans tomorrow morning.

--Brenda hugs Sonny and kisses him all over his face--

B-Thank you.

S-Anything to make you happy, baby. Anything.

B-Us being married will make me happy.

--Sonny kisses Brenda and they fall back on the bed and make love--

Chapter 54:

--Brenda wakes Sonny up early with kisses--

S-Good morning to you too, sweetie.

B-Get up.

S-Why? Is something wrong?

B-We have many plans to get taken care of for our wedding tomorrow.

S-Right. I guess we should get started, huh?

B-Ok. I will call everyone and you call for the church.

S-Sounds good. Don't worry, we'll definately have our wedding tomorrow!


--Brenda goes downstairs to make the calls and Sonny takes goes in his jacket and takes out his cell phone--


--Lois and Ned's phone rings--


B-It's me. I have some news.

L-All right.

B-Me and Sonny are getting married tomorrow. Can you come?

L-Tomorrow? Of course we will be there?How are you going to get everything ready?

B-Sonny is taking care of all that.

L-That's great. Where is it at?

B-I am not sure yet. Will you be my maid of honor? I will call with that later with a

L- I would love to Bren. If you can't find any place i am sure you could have it at the Q's.

B-I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, Lois.

--They hang up and Lois tells Ned they are going to a wedding tomorrow--


--Brenda picks up the phone and calls Robin--



R-Hey, Bren. It's kind of early, isn't it?

B-I know. I want to know if you will come to my wedding tomorrow?

R-What? Tomorrow?

B-Yeah. And will you be a bridesmaide?

R-Of course!

B-Can you meet me at Wyndom's in an hour?


--Brenda and Robin talk a bit and hang up--

--Brenda calls the rest of the people in PC that they are friends with and would want at their wedding--


--Brenda runs upstairs to where Sonny is--

B-Any luck?

S-It's all taken care of, baby.

B-Really? The church and everything?

S-Yep. Everything will be all ready at 2 tomorrow afternoon. I got some people to work around the clock for us.

B-Oh, goodie! I can't wait. I left you to call Luke and Laura. Robin and Emily as my bridesmaides. Lois as my maid of honor. You decide your groomsmen and best man. And see how Mike would feel about walking me down the aisle.


B-Now I am going dress shopping with the girls.

S-Have fun.


--Brenda turns to leave--

S-Hey. ARe you just going to leave?

B-Oh, I forgot.

--Brenda goes over to Sonny and gives him a passionate kiss--


S-It will do for now.

--Brenda smiles and leaves--

Chapter 55:

--After Brenda leaves Sonny calls Luke for a best man and Lucky for a groomsmen--

--He then calls Mike--


S-Mike. It's Sonny. I was wondering what you would think about walking Brenda down the aisle tomorrow? We're getting married tomorrow.

M-Wow. I can't believe so soon. I would be honored to walk her down the aisle.

S-Great. Can you meet me and Luke at that place in the mall for Tux's?

M-(laughs) Yeah.

--They hang up--


--5 hours later Brenda comes back from getting her dress--

S-Hey, baby. No luck?

B-No, I found one.

S-Really? Can I see it?

B-Of course not. Actually I won't be able to see you tonight.

S-What do you mean?

B-Robin and Lois are making me stay over there.

S-What? I would like to be with you tonight.

B-Tomorrow, ok? I will miss you, though.

S-I will *definately* miss you more

--Sonny walks over to her and gives her passionate kisses and starts heading towards the stairs with her--

--Brenda pulls away breathless--

B-We can't tonight.

S-Oh, come on.


--Brenda gives him one last kiss and walks towards the door--



B-I love you!

S-Baby........I love *you*! And soon you will be my wife.

B-I can't wait.

S-Me either.

--Brenda leaves--


--The next morning the girls arrive early and find Brenda already there and in her dress-- look so gorgeous.

B-You think?


E-You are so beautiful.

B-Thanks, Em.

L-You are going to take Sonny's breath away!

B-I am so happy you guys and thanks for being her for us and having so much faith in us.

R-We knew it would happen sooner or later.

--Brenda finishes getting ready--

Chapter 56:


--Luke walks into Sonny's room--

L-Are you ready, man?

S-Yeah. I've never been more ready. Have you seen her?

L-(smiles) For a little bit.

S-How does she look?

L-All I will say is that she looks gorgeous and she is definately going to take your breath away.

S-She always does.

L-You look so happy.

S-I am beyond happy.

L-Yeah, I can tell. Well, it's time. Let's head down there.

S-Let's go.


--Mike walks into Brenda's room-- are so beautiful.

B-Thanks, Mike.

--Mike looks at the girls--

M-So do the rest of you.

B-You look pretty good yourself.

M-It's time. Are you ready?



--Sonny stands at the alter waiting for Brenda to come down the aisle--

--The bridesmaides walk down the aisle with the groomsmen--

--The music starts to play and everyone stands and Brenda stands at the back of the church with Mike--

--Everyone smiles at how gorgeous she looks--

--Brenda and Mike make their way donw the aisle--

S-(to himself) "She looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Luke was right, she does take my breath away. This is the moment we both have been waiting for"

--Sonny takes a deep breath as Mike hands Brenda to Sonny--

--They go through the most of the ceremony and it's vow exchanging time--

Priest-Sonny and Brenda have decided to exchange their own vows.

S-(turns to Brenda) "Brenda, you are the best thing that has ever entered my life. You are the only thing I can *really* count on. Your love means everything to me. We have been through so much to get to where we are. I want to be with you and love you for the rest of our lives. With you, anything is possible. I love you."

--Brenda wipes a few tears from her eyes after Sonny's vows--

B-(looks deep into Sonny's eyes)"Soony, I was so sure that I lost you forever. I am glad I was wrong because I missed you every single day that we were apart. You have made me happier than I ever thought was possible. I can get through anything as long as we're togther. I feel whole when I am with you. You are the other half of me. And I love you."

Priest-You may kiss the bride.

--Sonny leans over and kisses Brenda. Everyone cheers--

--They all head to Luke's for the reception--


--Everyone cheers as Sonny and Brenda walk into the room--

--Sonny and Brenda talk to all their friends who congratulate them on their marriage--

--After an hour Luke walks up on the stage--

L-"As best man, I am suppose to make a toast. Sonny and Brenda, I was worried for awhile. We all knew that you two were meant to be together. I, for one, am happy for the two of you. I hope you get all the happiness that you two so rightfully deserve. (raises his glass) To Sonny and Brenda!"

--Everyone says, "To Sonny and Brenda--

Chapter 57:

--Brenda and Sonny make their way out to the dance floor as they dance the first song as husband and wife--

--As the music starts to play they hold on to each other and tune out everyone else--

--Brenda looks up at Sonny and he kisses her lighly. Brenda smiles and after they pull apart and rests her head on his chest and her arms are wrapped aroud his kneck. Sonny has his hands wrapped tightly around her waist--

S-(whispers) We did it.

B-(looks at him) We sure did. We will be together forever, right.

S-Right. Nothing will ever tear us apart. There is no way that anything can break our love. We are too strong.

B-I know it is.

--Brenda gives him another kiss--

B-I love you more than words can say.

S-Good thing the night isn't over. You can show me just how much later.

--Brenda laughs a bit and wraps her arm around him--

--The song ends and everyone else makes their way onto the dance floor and join S&B, who don't notice anyone but each other--


--2 hours later everything is starting to wind down--

--Brenda and Sonny say goodbye to some of their friends as they leave--

B-I am going to go talk to Robin and Lois for a bit.

S-All right.

--Brenda goes to talk to Lois, Robin, Laura and Sonny goes to talk to Mike and Luke--

L-Bren, you made it.

B-I know. This is the happiest day of my life.

R-And we are happy to be a part of it.

B-We are too!


--Sonny walks over to Luke and Mike--

M-I am happy for you, son.


--Sonny hugs Mike--

L-Well, Corinthos, there's no turning back now.

S-I wouldn't even want to .

M-She's happy and so are you. That's all I ever wanted for you. I wanted you to be happy and she is the only one that can do that.

S-She sure is. I don't know what I would do without her.

L-I know what you mean. I feel the same way at Laura.

--Luke looks over at Laura and smiles and Sonny does the same with Brenda--

--Brenda and Laura come over and wrap their arms around their men--

B-What are you guys talking about.

S-Oh, just how happy we are with the women we love.

L-And how we couldn't live without you.

La-Well, that's good because I don't think we are going to let you go.

--Brenda kisses Sonny--


--Everyone gathers around Sonny's limo as Brenda and Sonny are going out to their limo-

--They all throw rice at them as the get into their limo--

B-I am ready to spend a few weeks of just you and me.

S-I know. We are together forever Bren. You fill my heart.

B-I feel the same.

--Brenda and Sonny kiss passionately in the back of the limo as the driver drives to the airport to take them to Puerto Rico for their honeymoon--

The End! hope everyone enjoyed this story!

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