I'll Be Home by Lissie

Chapter 1

Brenda looked around the kitchen and her eyes landed on the calendar. It was September 14th. Ten years to the day her life changed forever. She was so sure that it was going to change for the better. It was her wedding day. Sonny and her were supposed to live happily together forever. That was her dream. So much for dreams. Hers had lasted only an hour. The happiest day of her life was also the day the nightmare had started. They had been dancing their first dance as husband and wife when it all started. Sonny was holding her tight as they swayed around the room. He looked into her eyes, smiled his dimpled smile and whispered the words, ''I love you Mrs. Corinthos.''
She remebered smiling back at him and replying , ''I Love you too, Mr. Corinthos.'' Then a shot rang out in the room. Brenda started to cry as she started to remember what happened next. Why was she even doing this? It was ten years ago. Sonny was dead and there was nothing she could do about it.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the door to the kitchen slamming. She looked up and saw her daughter Jessica.
J: ''Mom, why are you crying?'' Jessica then noticed the calendar and wished she hadn't said anything. ''I'm sorry, Mom. You miss Daddy don't you?''
B: ''Yeah, Jessi I do. I don't know what came over me. I'm crying over something that happened ten years ago. I should be over it by now.'' Trying to change the subject, she asked, ''Hey Jessi what do you want for breakfast?''
J: ''Don't worry about it, Mom. I'm just going to get some cold cereal. The Spencers are going to be here pretty soon to get me. LuLu, Brooke and I are going to go to the Spencers after school, okay?''
B: ''Okay. Don't get into too much trouble. I'll come and get you before dinner okay.''
J: ''But Mom, you promised I could go to Luke's tonight to hear Uncle Ned sing. Brooke says he is singing his new song tonight.''
B: ''I'm sorry, Jessi. I forgot. I'll see if the Spencers can take you there and Aunt Julia and I will meet you there.''
J: ''Mom, are you going to be okay today?''
B: ''Honey, of course I will be. Don't be silly. Finish your breakfast. I have to get ready for work.''
J: ''Mom, you take care of yourself, okay.''
B: ''Jessi, you don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine.''
A honk is heard outside.
J: She puts her cereal bowl in the sink, grabs her bag and heads for the door. ''Bye mom, see you tonight.''
B: ''Bye sweetie''
Brenda decides she has to pull herself together or she will never get through the day. She goes upstairs gets ready for work, and leaves.


Meanwhile somewhere in the midwest, we see a dark haired man, face not shown talking on the phone.
M: I've held up my end of the bargain, when will I be able to get out?
Man on Phone (MP): Soon, soon. We have to make sure that everything will be safe for you and everyone you have ever been involved in.
M: Hurry up, it's been damn too long as it is anyways.
MP: We know, but you don't want anyone to get hurt do you?
M: No.
MP: Then just stay put for now.
M: Fine, just call me when I can go home. I'm sick of this business.
MP: It will be over soon. Bye.
M: Bye.
With that the man hung up his phone. He went into his bedroom and took out an old box from his dresser. He took out a gold wedding ring, and an old gold pocket watch. He looked at them and fingered them tenderly. ''I'll be home soon. Don't worry baby, I'll be home soon.''

Chapter 2

Brenda and Lois are trying to discuss how they are going to get their new band on contract in their high rise office that overlooks the bustling town of Port Charles.

L: "Bren, do you agree with this detail here in section 3?"
Brenda doesn't answer. She is staring out the window.
L: "Brenda, the longer you stare out there, the longer we have to stay here."
Brenda still doesn't respond.
L: " Brenda! Earth to Brenda!"
Brenda turns and looks at Lois.
B: "Huh? Oh, Section 3." Looks over the document "Yeah, I think it is okay."
L: "Bren, it's been ten years, just let it go."
B: "I can't I've tried. What do I have to show for it? Many failed relationships and haunting memories. Why do these things always happen to me?"
L: "Bren, stuff just happens, it's no one's fault." She goes over to Brenda and puts her arm around her. "Everything will be okay, sweetie. Just hang in there."
B: "Nothing is ever okay, Lois. I'm a curse to men. I don't know what they see in me. I always break their hearts or get them killed."
L: "Bren, you are not a curse. Sonny being killed was not your fault. Jax was looking for something you couldn't give him. John was a scroundel after your money, and Rob was just plain abusive. I'm glad my Nedley and Jason ran him out of town"
B: "They wouldn't have have to do that if I hadn't got Sonny killed."
L: "Bren, it's not your fault Sonny got killed. You didn't pull the trigger. You didn't sneak in as a photographer. You didn't order the hit."
B: Gets a strange look in her eyes and says quietly, "The hit was on me, not Sonny."
L: "What? Bren, that's nonsense. Sonny was in the mob, not you."
B: "Things happened that night that I never told you."
L: Gets a worried look. "Bren, what kind of things? You're not making any sense."
B: "You remember that I ran out of the hospital after the doctor told me that Sonny was dead?"
L: "Yeah. Jason got very ticked when he found out and went to find you. He said he found you crying at the docks and brought you home."
B: "He did find me there, but that's not the whole story." Brenda takes deep breath before she begins her tale.


Brenda was sitting on the bench by the docks just staring at the water. She was crying hysterically and was letting her mind wander in her memories of Sonny. Why was the world so cruel that her husband was taken from her on her wedding day? It wasn't fair.
Brenda is so lost in thought that she doesn't hear the footsteps come up behind her. She feels a hand cover mouth as the barrel of a gun is pressed to her head. She looks up with terror in her eyes as the man calmly says, "Congratulations Mrs. Corinthos. Your wedding was very beautiful. I'm sorry for what happened to your husband. That wasn't how it was supposed to end. You are the one that's supposed to be in the morgue right now, not your dearly departed husband." Brenda feels his grasp tighten around her as she gasps. "That's right Mrs. Corinthos. The hit was on you. I don't usually make mistakes, but that happens when the target moves. Your husband saved your life when he decided to turn you around." Brenda has started to cry uncontrollably by now.
M: "Hush now pretty lady. You don't want me to hurt you do you? What a funny question. My boss was actually happy that I made the mistake. He decided that it would make his job a little easier. I'm supposed to leave you alone, but guess what, I have just made a fatal mistake. I confessed to you and showed my face. I don't want you running to the cops so I guess I'll have to kill you right here and now."

Brenda was terrified by now. She had no idea what to think. As much as she wanted to be with Sonny, she had found out weeks earlier that she was pregnant. She had to live for the baby. This man was about to take what was left of her life away from her. She heard a noise behind them. And then the grip around loosened as the man fell to the ground. She turned around and saw Jason with his gun trained on the man. She looked at the man. He wasn't dead, but looked like he didn't have much time left.

J: "Are you okay Brenda?"
B: " Yeah, I think so. I just want to go home. Did you hear what that guy said?"
J: "Only that he was going to kill you."
B: Still crying, now crying harder. "He said the hit was on me, not Sonny?"
J: "What? Why?"
B: "I don't know?"
M: With his last breath, "Rivera, revenge on Lily and Hernando."
End of Flashback


Brenda is sitting on the couch in L&B offices crying. Lois is sitting next to her with her arm around her trying to get her to calm down.
L: Honey, why didn't you tell me this before?
B: I don't know. I guess if I didn't akcnowledge it, it really didn't happen., but I know it did. I see it in my nightmares. I can't run from it.
L: Did Jason ever find out what was behind the reasoning of that guy?
B: I don't know. I asked him to not tell me about it. I wanted to forget about it. I figured he must have because I haven't been shot at since.
L: Bren that's a heavy burden to carry around by yourself for 10 years.
B: I know. Believe me I know. Please don't tell anyone about this. Well maybe Ned, but that's it.
L: Did you ever tell Robin?
B: No I didn't, but I think that Jason did. She seemed to know what was wrong with me that night I stayed with her, even though I didn't tell her. I really miss her. It's been almost 3 years since that car accident.
L: We all miss her, Bren. Lois gave her one last hug and got up from the couch. I say it's about time for a lunch break. What do you say?
B: Getting up. "Definitely."

Still somewhere in the midwest, a dark haired man enters an apartment. He hangs his jacket up in the closet, and heads for the kitchen. He puts on a pot of coffee. He picks up the newspaper, sits at thetabe and starts to read it. He finds an article that catches his eye. Its headline is, "L&B Records are about to sign the hottest new band of the year."
He goes onto read the article and smiles. He thinks to himself, I knew you two could do it. You guys have made a small time company into a major corporation. I can't wait to see it.

When the coffee is done, he pours himself a cup. He sits back at the table. The phone rings.
M: Sam Danto here
Man on Phone: You can go home in a week.
M: Are you sure?
MP: Yes
M: Thanks
MP: Just doing my job
M: Well thanks anyways. Bye
MP: bye
They both hang up.
The man smiles and says, "Watch out Port Charles, I'm coming home."


Chapter 3

It is after school and Jessi, LuLu and Brooke are in LuLu's room. They are in the Spencers' attic looking for old photo albums because LuLu has a project where she needs baby pictures of herself and her siblings. Nikolas had dropped one off earlier that day. She was just looking for cute ones of herself, her older brother Lucky, and younger sister Lindsey.
J: "Here's a cute one, Lu." Lulu takes the picture from Jessica. She takes one look at it and puts it in the discard pile. Brooke picks it up and looks at it.
B: Lu, what's wrong with this, its so cute. I love the way your hair curls around your ears.
L: "Yeah, well I have chocolate all over my face in it." She takes the picture from Brooke and puts it back in the discard pile.
J: That's what makes it so cute. You know my mom's favorite baby picture of me is where I'm sleeping on the couch, holding a half eaten chocolate chip cookie and have smudges of chocolate on my face."
B: "That one is so cute. It's the one she has hanging in the hall to the kitchen, right?"
J: "Yeah, it is."
L; "know, what guys? I'm not finding anything in this box, I'm going to try that one over there."
B: "Okay, do you want us to help or you want us to keep looking here?"
L: "There is fine, just show me the ones you think I could use. I found one of Lucky, so don't worry about him."
J: "Did your parents have many pictures of him when they were on the run?"
L: Opening up the box. "They had a couple. They couldn't take much stuff with them, but they did have a few. The one I got is really cute. He must be about two and he's trying to put an ornament on the Christmas tree."
B: "That must be really cute. Hey Lu this one of Lindsey looks good. She's trying to ride Foster."
J: "Let me see." She takes the picture and starts to laugh. "Foster looks like he wants to get away from her as fast as he can."
L: Her head is buried in the box as she digs through the contents. "I think that must be the picture I was looking for. I wanted to write a little bit about Foster also, and that would be the perfect……" Her voice trails off. Brooke and Jessi look up at her
J: "Lu, are you okay?"
L: Looks up at Jessi, she's holding an old yellowed newspaper. "I don't think I should have opened this box."
B: "Why not? Lu, just show us what your looking at."
L: Her hands are shaking and she looks like she she is very unsure about what she should do. "This is so unbelievable. Where did this box come from?" She folds the newspaper in half, and looks closely at the top of the box to see if the contents are listed.. She can't figure out how she missed it. The box said it was personal items of Sonny's from Luke's office. She vaguely asked herself why these weren't at Jessi's house.

Brooke and Lulu were getting worried by now. They come over to her and try to reason with her.
J: "Lu, are you okay? What are lyou looking for?"
L: Looks at Jessi. "Do you know how your father died?"
J: "Why do you ask? Yeah, him and mom were in a car accident when they left town. She survived and he didn't. She feels guilty about it sometimes. You know this, why are you asking?"
L: Hands her the newspaper, and gives her a hug. "Sweetie, I don't think we were told the whole story."
J: Looks at the paper. A look of shock and terror crosses her face. "I need to sit down, this can't be true." She looks up at Lulu's face with pleading eyes. "It can't be, right?"

Chapter 4

Jessi is sitting on the floor of the Spencer's attic staring in shock at the newspaper she is holding in her hands. Brooke and Lulu are hovering around her, trying to figure out how to help her.
J: "This is just so cruel and made up. I thought the Port Charles Herald was a reputable newspaper. They must have gotten their facts wrong."
B: Looking at the paper. "Honey I think we should ask someone about this. It might be true."
J: With a look of defiance, gets up and starts to yell, "Don't tell me you believe what this says! My father was not in the mob! He wasn't shot at his wedding!! He wasn't!! My mom would have told me!" She sits back down and starts to cry. She can't ignore the sinking feeling in her stomach that this might be true. She looks up at Brooke and Lulu, and quietly whispers, "What if it is true?"
B: Kneels down to Jessi's level. Her bright blue eyes look into Jessi's brown ones. "Jess, I think we need to get solid answers from our parents before we question this. They were there; this reporter may have or may not have been there. Let's go down and talk to Mrs. Spencer. I'm sure she can tell us if this is true." She helps Jessi up off the floor.
J: "Okay. You're right we need answers. Lets go find your mom, Lu."

The girls trek down the stairs and go into the kitchen where they find Laura, who is setting up paints for Lindsey to finger paint. Laura smiles when they come into kitchen. She is about to ask them something, but takes one look at Jessi and decides against it.
La: "Jessi are you okay? Are you getting sick?"
J: "Can I ask you something?"
La: Sensing that something really big is on Jessi's mind."You know you can ask me anything"
J: "Daddy didn't die in a car accident did he?"
La: Shocked by the question and wondering what to tell Jessi. She knew Brenda didn't want Jessi to know the truth yet. "Why do you ask that?"
J: Holds up the newspaper and gives it to Laura. "Because we found this in the attic."
La: Looks at the old faded newspaper. The headline boldly shouts, "MOB BOSS MICHAEL " SONNY" CORINTHOS, Jr. GUNNED DOWN AT HIS WEDDING AS HE DANCES WITH HIS BRIDE, MODEL BRENDA BARRET" A blown up colored picture of Sonny and Brenda dancing moments before the shooting was displayed on the front. She sadly remembers the events of that night. She doesn't want to get too much into detail with Jessi about it, because that's what Brenda needed to do with her. She looks up at Jessi, and realizes just how much she looked like her father. The same dark curly hair, the same intense brown eyes, and when she smiled, which she wasn't doing at the moment, the same dimpled smile. "No, honey your father didn't die in a car accident. There wasn't even an accident that night." She goes over to Jessi and leads her to a chair to sit down. "Lu, go get her some water. Brooke make sure she is okay. I'm going to call her mom and tell her what is happening."
J: "Wait. I want answers now. Please give them to me."
La: "I would like to Jess, but I think this is something you need to discuss with your mom."
J: "She won't discuss it. She never tells me about that night. I've asked a million times for her to tell me about the wedding and the accident, or rather whatever happened to Daddy. She always tells me she will later. She never does."
La: "She's probably just scared. I'll sit with you and help her answer questions if you like."
J: "I'd like that."

Laura gets up and calls Brenda a L&B. Jessi asks Lulu to read the article out loud to the three of them. The girls sit in the kitchen and listen to the details of that horrible, heart - wrenching night. Lindsey, the happy three year old, is oblivious to what is going on around her. She has decided against finger painting is in the corner of the kitchen, painting the wall shades of purple and red. No one notices.

Meanwhile, at L&B the phone is ringing.
Lo: "Hold on Bren, let me get the phone…..Hello?""
La: "Lois, this Laura.."
Lo: "Hi! How are the girls doing?"
La: "Well, not so good. I need to speak to Brenda, is she around."
Lo: "Yeah, hold, on." Lois motions Brenda to come over and grab the phone.
B: "Hello?'
La: "Brenda you need to come here quick, Lois might want to come too. The girls just found out about Sonny."
B: Getting agitated. "What!? When?! How?!" Lois started to get concerned and was hovering around Brenda.
La: "They were in the attic looking for pictures and somehow they came across the newspaper that had the whole story in it. Jessi's really upset, and she's asking questions. You need to get here right away."
B: "We're on our way." With that, Brenda grabbed her jacket and headed towards the door, calling to Lois, "Come on Lo, we have an emergency to get to."
Lo: "Tell me what's going on, Bren."
B: Leaving the office with Lois right behind her. "The girls found out about Sonny."
Lo: Sarcastically. "Oh boy, this day is just getting better and better."


At Luke's Jason has just come in to do the books. Luke is behind the bar wiping it down. He motions for Jason to come over to the bar.
J: Reluctantly goes over. He respects Luke, but doesn't really care one or the other for him. He had been Sonny's friend, not his. "Everything okay Luke?"
L: "I'm not sure yet. See that guy over in the corner?"
J: Turns slightly. "Yeah, he's been coming here a lot lately."
L: "Yeah, he has. Says his name is Clive Johnson. He's been asking about Brenda."
J: This catches Jason's attention. "Asking about what?"
L: "Says he's a modeling agent and wants to persuade her back into the business. He's too nosy for my liking. He wants to know how she's been doing since Corinthos died, where she lives, if she's married again. I didn't tell him anything too specific. It's been ten years, but do you think she is still in danger?" (Note: Luke knows about the hit)
J: "She could be, I never found out who that guy was working for. After I made the hitman disappear, no one came looking for him. I figured he was a loose cannon working on his own or his boss doesn't have a need to get rid of Brenda anymore. Why do you think that Mr. Johnson over there isn't on the up and narrow path?"
L: "Instinct."
J: Jason knows all too well that Luke's instinct is usually correct. "You keep a watch on him. Tell me if you notice anything else. I'll have him checked out."
L: "I'll do just that. Keep me posted on what you find out."
J: "I will." Jason walks to the back office to do the books. He makes a mental note to put guards on Brenda and Jessi again, just in case something fishy was going on.

Chapter 5

The girls are in the Spencer's kitchen. They have just finished reading the article in the old newspaper. Everyone is still oblivious to the fact that Lindsey is having the time of her life painting the kitchen wall red and purple. She has started to sing the song that never ends, but she is still being ignored. Lucky comes into the house through the kitchen door.

Lk = Lucky
Li = Lindsey
La = Laura
Lu = Lulu
Lo: Lois

Lk: Walks in and sees the girls, but doesn't notice the somber mood. "Hey how's my favorite girls? How's your project coming Lu?" They all look up at him and he realizes he has just walked into something big.
Lu: "Hi Lucky, why aren't you at work? "
Lk: "Cases are running kind of slow right now. Nobody wants to hire a detective these days. What's got you girls in such a quiet mood? You are usually talking up a storm."
Lu: Lulu hands the newspaper to Lucky. "This."
Lk: Takes the paper as he sits down at the table next to Brooke, and across from Jessi. He sighs. "I guess the can of worms has been opened. Does mom know that you found this, Lu?"
La: Walks into the kitchen, "I do. I just called Brenda and Lois, they're on their way over."
Lindsey has started singing really loud. Everyone turns to look at her.
La: "Lindsey! What are you doing?"
Li: "Painting pretty picture mommy!!"
La: "Honey, it's very pretty, but it should have gone on the paper, not the walls."
Li: "But Mommy, the wall is bigger than the paper."
La: "Yes, honey it is, but the wall needs to be one color. Come on lets get you upstairs so I can clean you up."
Lk: "Mom, I'll do that. Looks like you have your hands full here." Walks over to Lindsey, wipes her hands on her paint apron, and picks her up.
La: "Thanks Lucky."
Lucky heads up the stairs with Lindsey. As they go up the stairs Lucky's voice is heard saying that Lindsey needs a bath. Lindsey is heard screaming with delight, "Bubbles! Bubbles!" After they leave, we see Jessi. Her face, which has showed everything from shock to anger to sadness to curiosity now has a hint of a smile on it. She suddenly bursts out laughing.
J: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be laughing, it really wasn't funny, but… but it was!"
La: looks over to the wall and also starts to laugh. Soon everyone is joining them. "It is kind of funny, but Luke won't think so when he has to paint the walls again."
Lu: "Yeah, your right mom. Especially since he had to paint them last month after Jess and I got carried away with our permanent marker fight."
J: "That was pretty funny."
The doorbell rings.
La: "That's probably your mothers."
The smile disappears from Jessi's face and is replaced by a look of fear. She was about to hear the truth from her mother and she didn't know if she really wanted it. Brooke took her hand and squeezed it.
La: "Honey, it will be okay. Everyone will be here with you."
J: "Thanks, I know."
Laura leaves the room to go answer the door. The girls sit in quietness because Brooke and Lulu have no idea what to say to Jessi. They never imagined this is what happened to Sonny Corinthos in their worst nightmares.
A few seconds pass and Brenda and Lois rush into the kitchen with Laura behind them. Jessi turns around and sees her mother. She gets up and looks her straight in the eyes.
J: "Why didn't you tell me that my father was a bad guy?!"
B: Those words cut through Brenda's heart. She didn't want Jessi hating her father because of the business he had been in. "Honey, he wasn't a bad guy, just a guy who made some wrong decisions."
J: "Don't tell me that! He was in the mob! Better yet he ran part of the mob! They kill people! My father was a mob man and you thought I didn't need to know!"
Brenda sighed. How was she going to explain her relationship with Sonny to their nine year old daughter? Better yet how was she going to explain it without falling apart? She had barely made it through this day and now she had to deal with something that she wasn't prepared for. Ten years had gone by fast. It seemed like only yesterday that he had died holding her hand in the ambulance. Now their daughter wanted her to explain Sonny to her? She prayed that God would give her strength and was grateful she was in the company of friends.


Meanwhile at Luke's Clive Johnson is talking quietly on the phone
C: "Sam, I have some good news for you."
S: "Yeah? Shoot."
C: "How fast can you pack?"
S: "Fast, why?"
C: "I can get you home tonight, if you still want to go."
S: "You kidding? I can be packed in a flash. Just tell me details and I'll be there."
C: "There will be a cab waiting for you in about an hour. Whatever you can't get packed will be shipped to you later. I have an airplane ticket for you under your current alias Sam Danto headed for Port Charles. I'll be there when you get here. After that it's up to you."
S: "Wait, you'r e in Port Charles?"
C: "Yeah, does that bother you?"
S: "No, but why are you there?"
C: "Making sure things are safe for you."
S: "You already said they were, are you not telling me something?"
C: "No, just double checking. I gotta go, and you need to pack."
S: "Fine, bye."
C: "Bye."

As Sam hung up the phone, he had a feeling that Clive was keeping something from him. He would figure that out later. Right now he had get things ready. He was going home. Ten years was a long time. Time changes things. He wondered how much time had changed things at home. He was about to find out.

Chapter 6

Clive had just hung his phone up when he saw Jason Morgan come out from the back office and stare him down suspiciously with his cold steely blue eyes. Clive smiled. He was wondering when Jason was going to figure it out. He knew Jason wouldn't talk to a FBI agent so he had to make him a little bit suspicous. It had taken Luke long enough to get Jason involved in his suspicions. He needed Jason tonight and was about thisclose to confronting Jason himself, no matter what the risk was.
J: "Mr. Johnson, we need to talk." Sits down across the table from Clive"
C: "We most definitely do, Mr. Morgan."
J: "What the h*ll does the FBI want with Brenda Corinthos."
C: "You get right to the point, don't you?"
J: "I don't have time for small talk. I swore to Sonny Corinthos that I would protect her if anything ever happened to him. I want to know what is going on."
C: "Do you really think that I would tell you FBI business?"
J: "No, but I'll find out anyways."
C: "You will, will you? Well to answer your question, we don't want anything to do with Mrs. Corinthos."
J: "Then why the h*ll were you asking about her?"
C: "To get to you, and for personal knowledge."
J: "Personal knowledge? What is that supposed to mean? What do you want with me?"
C: "Personal knowledge? You'll find out soon. You? I need you to come with me tonight."
J: "Why would I go anywhere with you tonight? I don't even know you, let alone trust you to take me anywhere. You're a damned FBI agent."
C: They had been talking in hushed whispers, but Clive started talking even more quietly so that Jason could barely hear what he was saying. "Corinthos is coming home tonight and I want you there when I meet him."
J: Shocked. He couldn't have heard what Clive had just said correctly. Sonny coming home? Impossible. He was dead, wasn't he? "What kind of game do you think you're playing, Mr. Johnson? Do you really think I would believe you?"
C: "No, but you can believe this." Clive hands Jason a tape recorder with headphones. Jason listens to it. It was of the conversation that Clive had just finished with "Sam." Jason recognizes the voice immediately.
J: Takes the headphones off. "I'm not sure if I trust you, but you have my curiosity piqued. I'll come tonight, but I'll get there by my own means. I want you to explain to me what is going on."
C: "Later. All you need right now are tonight's details." Clive hands a file full of intructions to Jason. Jason takes it cautiously. He looks at Clive wanting answers now, but can tell that he won't get any. Clive gets up and heads to the door. Before he leaves. "Mr. Morgan, don't tell anyone about this, not even Mr. Spencer. It would put everyone in danger if they find out about him too soon." Clive leaves before Jason can ask what kind of danger.

Jason is the only one at Lukes. Customers don't usually come in the middle of the afternoon, and Luke was out until the night. What was going on? Was Sonny alive? Why was he involved with the FBI? Better yet, how did he survive death? Brenda had watched him die and the rest of the wedding party watched as the EMTs wheeled what seemed like very dead man to the morgue. Jason had gone to see him in the morgue, and he had looked so sickly. There couldn't have been any life in him. This whole scenario was close to impossible, but Jason somewhere in the back of his mind and in the corner of his heart he hoped it was true.


The confrontation scene in Spencer kitchen was starting to heat up.
B: Coming towards Jessi to put her hand on her face. Jessi retreats backwards and stares cooly at her mother. "Honey, I didn't want you to find out yet." She sees the newspaper and goes to pick it up. Glances over it and puts it back down. "Or to find out like this."
J: "Well I did find out like that. Did you think I wouldn't ever find out? Did you think I would live my entire life in some dreamworld that my father was the best man in the world and a great business man?" She can see the hurt in her mother's eyes, but she doesn't care because she was very angry.
B: "Jessi, I was going to tell you when you were older. You're nine years old. I wanted you to live in peace a couple more years before you were hit with reality of you father. As old as you act, you are still very young and you shouldn't have to deal with this."
J: "I don't care how young I am, I want to deal with this. I want to know why…..why he was in the mob, why you married him, why he died." She feels tears start to well up in her eyes. She lets them fall down her face, they somehow make the hurt, anger and confusion seem less painful.
B: She can't stand seeing her daughter in so much pain. She tries to reach out and hug her, but Jessi refuses her touch again. Jessi does however let Laura hold her hand. Brenda felt a little comforted by this. "Jessi we need to sit down, this is going to take awhile."
La: "Why don't we all go in the living room and sit down. I'm sure all of you girls want to know what happened. Brenda, remember Lois and I here to help you and the girls. This moment has come way to fast for all of us."
B: "Thank you Laura."
They all go sit in the living room. Jessi sits next to Laura on the couch. Brenda sits next to them. Lois sits in a chair. Brooke sits on the floor next to her mom. Lulu sits in the other chair in the room.
B: Looks at Jessi. "What would you like to know first?"
J: She had so many questions. Where would she start? How about where all the lies started. "The wedding. What happened at your wedding?"
B: A sad smile appears on her face. "Where do you want me to start? The beginning of the wedding or where everything went bad?"
J: "The beginning. You never told me about it."
B: "Okay. I was wearing an off white fitted dress and had white flowers in my hair. Your father looked so good in his tux. It was going to be the happiest day of our lives. I remember the bride music starting and I walked down the aisle on Mr. Quartermaine's arm. He was kind of like a father to me so I asked him to give me away. I got to the end of the aisle and I looked into Sonny's eyes and I knew that he loved me. I don't remember much about what the priest said I was looking at Sonny the whole time. The next thing I knew I was Mrs. Corinthos and I was walking down the aisle on the arm of my husband." Brenda smiles. "My husband. That's all I ever wanted him to be. It only lasted an hour. We went to the reception and greeted our guests. Then we started dancing our first dance together as husband and wife. We were the only ones on the dance floor. That's probably why we were such easy targets." Brenda notices that somewhere during the story, Jessi had let go of Laura and had inched closer to her. She reached to grab her hand and Jessi took it and held on to dear life. Brenda felt her shaking. "Jessi do you want me to continue? Do you think you can handle this?"
J: Gets closer to her mother and curls up next to her. "Yes, I need to hear it."


Miles away "Sam" is boarding an airplane headed for Port Charles. He is finally going home. The only thing on his mind is his wife. Does she still love him? Will she let him explain where he's been? Had she gotten married again? He didn't even want to think about that. He wanted to finish that dance they had started and live the rest of their lives together, but would she be willing? God, he hoped so. He hadn't gone through h*ll for the last 10 years for nothing.

Chapter 7

Jessi is curled up next to her mom. Brenda has put her arm around her and pulled her closer to her. They are holding onto each other tightly. Brenda not wanting to relive the past and Jessi scared to know the truth. Both know it has to be done.
B: Tears are starting to form in her eyes. "As I said, we were dancing. I heard a gunshot. The next thing I know Sonny's face cringed in pain as he let go of me and sank to the floor. Blood was everywhere. He had been shot in his left side. I don't remember all the details. I was pretty hysterical. I tried to talk to him, but Alan and Monica at the party rushed to him and Aunt Lois and Aunt Robin dragged me a couple of feet back so I could still see him, but Alan and Monica could look at him. Someone called 911. I don't even know who. Alan told me he didn't think Sonny was going to make it because he was losing a lot of blood and he was starting to get delusional. I screamed that Alan was lying. Grandpa Mike came over and tried to calm me down. He tried to tell me everything was going to be okay, but I knew he didn't believe it. I could feel his tears fall on my shoulders as cried on his. The EMTs came and took Sonny. I insisted that I ride with him and they let me. They got the bleeding to stop in the ambulance. They were doing all kinds of stuff to him an d had him hooked up to so many machines. I wasn't paying much attention to the EMT's, because I kept looking at his face. He looked so weak and sick. I remember one of the EMT's yell that they were losing him after one of the machines went crazy. They tried to get me out of the way, but he grabbed my hand and looked at me and said, "I love you, Baby. I'll always love you." I cried and told him I loved him too. He closed his eyes and the machines went crazy again. I knew then that he died. I always knew when he was in pain, and I felt it then and then I felt empty inside. No more pain, just emptiness and lonliness. The EMT's were shouting things and talking hurriedly. They were busy at work on him. I didn't understand a thing they were saying until one quietly said, turn off the machines, we can't revive him. I was hysterical. By this time we had reached the hospital. They hurried him out of the ambulance and I followed. Inside the hospital I just stood as they wheeled him into the ER. I just hoped that the EMT's made a mistake. I waited, and Aunt Lois, Aunt Robin, Uncle Ned, Grandpa Mike, Aunt Laura and Uncle Luke and arrived. They were there when the doctor came out and told me that he was dead. He had died before he even reached the hospital. I couldn't take it and I ran from the hospital, I ran from the pain." Brenda looked around the room. Brooke had crawled up into the chair with Lois and Lulu had moved from the chair and was between Jessi and Laura on th e couch. She was curled up next to her mother. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. She pulled Jessi closer to her and wiped away her tears.
J: "Where did you run mama?"
B: This caught Brenda by surprise. She hadn't been called mama in such a long time. Jessi had decided when she started kindergarten that she was a big girl and big girls didn't use "mama." She had been "mom" ever since. "I ran to my special place to think. I stayed until Uncle Jason came and took me home." Brenda hated lying even more to her daughter, but the incident at the docks was something she didn't want Jessi dealing with along with the issues about her father. Brenda realizes she sounds like Sonny. She was and had been lying to the person she loved the most in this world to protect her. This is what would get her so upset with Sonny. He always lied to her to protect her. She hated the lies, but she finally understood. Silently in her heart she said, "I forgive you Sonny. I finally understand."
J: "Mama, tell me about him."
B: "What about him? You've already heard all the stories I have at least a million times."
J: "Tell me why the man you loved, the man that was my father, was in the mob?."
B: "Turning to crime was a mistake he made long before he met me, honey. He felt like he had power, respect, control, everything he didn't get when he was young. He was good at it. He liked the danger. At times I think he liked the world being against him, and others I think he just wanted to feel like he belonged somewhere. Then he met me and realized how much danger he was in. He was going to get out. We had it all planned, but someone else's plans got in the way."
J: "Did you ever find out who shot Daddy?"
B: Lying through her teeth again. "No, honey, we didn't"
J: "Would Daddy have loved me?"
B: "You don't have ask that Jessi. He would have loved you very much. You would have been his pride and joy. Besides he always had a soft spot in his heart for little girls. He loved being around Lu and Brooke when they were babies."
J: "I have lots more questions, but I don't want to talk much right now. I just want to go home and think about everything for awhile. Can we go home now?"
B: "Sure, honey."


A little later in the evening "Sam" is in an airplane. The pilot has announced that they will be landing in a few minutes. "Sam" prepares for the landing. He's a little worried. He was so excited to get home, he forgot to ask Clive how he was supposed to recognize him. He had been in contact with the man for years, but had never once met him face to face. Clive would find him. He always did.

The plane has landed and "Sam" is walking out of the passenger walkway. He looks around hoping to see a face he can put with the voice of Clive. Someone callse out, "Sam!" He turns in the direction of the voice. He sees two men. One is tall with light brown hair, the other one looks exactly like, no wait, it was Jason Morgan.


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