"I Do" by Yvonne

Brenda was sitting at home alone when all of a sudden she heard a loud bang it was Sonny and they had just broke what did he want to laugh in her face and tell her how much happier he was without her? He asked if he may come in she smiled of course why are you here she asked I wanted to ask you a question what is it? Will Will Will you marry me Brenda you are the only one for me. This was the first time in her life she had to think of an answer for Sonny She smiled and said why wouldn't I marry you he gave her a huge diamond and said it I will be different this time I promise it will be different well months went by and they were married in a beautiful garden in the spring and by the fall Brenda was pregnant and Sonny said what are you going to name it if it's a girl Robin if it's a boy Michael with the nickname Stone it sounds very perfect well then Brenda found that she had a miscarriage and that was hard for Sonny to bare and then Robin finds that she is pregnant with Stones child and says that if it's a boy Sonny and a girl Brenda Then Carly is pregnant and says it's Sonny's baby but Sonny denies ever sleeping with Carly so then Sonny tells Jason that he must marry Carly for her protection and then Sonny surprises Brenda with a trip to Puerto Rico and they make passionate love on the beach


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