Home Is Where The Heart Is by Sharipep

The setting is Luke's, on Valentines Day, for a special
sweetheart night. Sonny is sitting at the bar, reading over some paper work
and Luke is down at the other end talking to Lucy and Kevin. Mike strolls up
out of nowhere and leans against the bar.
"Wanna drink?" he asks.
"Uh no thanks. Taxes."
"AHHHHH. I gotta do those my self. But why don't ya-"
"Not now Mike," Sonny interupts rudely, " I can't think with you talking."
Mike nods, and pours Sonny a drink anyway.

"So, hows Brenda?" He asks innocently enough.
Sonny slams down the paper work, irritated. "Mike......" He said warningly.
"Sorry, sorry." Mike turns away, but then quickly turns back. " I just don't
understand why you too can stop this foolish pride and get back together. I
know you want her back, and she wants you. Its all still there in your eyes.
Give it a shot, son."

Sonny smiles. " Don't you think i know that Mike? But Brenda doesnt know it.
She will soon, i am sure. Now please...."

Jax and Brenda's apartment. Brenda is flipping through the news paper while
Jax had an errand to run. She comes across and ad for Luke's. The ad read:
Sweetheart Night at
Bring Someone you love.
Friday February 14
7pm- 12am
Hosted By : Sonny Corinthos and Luke Spencer

Brenda gets to thinking about Valentine's Day 2 years ago. She remembered
everything in great detail. The way she had wrapped herself in red tissue
paper for Sonny. She remembered the way they had made love, over and over,
like their lives depended on it. She also recalled the gold pocket watch she
had given Sonny so he could "count the minutes they were apart" and the
diamond pendant that Sonny had given her. The ways he declared his love. All
the times that they had fought and maken up. The times they made love. The
heart break over Lily and the baby. All the times her life was in danger with
But yet, in that blinding instant she realized: " I still love Sonny."
Had she ever stopped?

Just then Jax walks in. "Hey Brender. What are you up to?"
Brenda doesn't smile, in fact, she frowns.
"Jax, we need to talk."

"Talk about what love?" Jax sits down opposite her and looks concerned.
"What about us?"

"We are just not-- I am -- I am-- still in love with Sonny."

Sonny moves toward Robin and Jason. " Hows the party, you two?"
" It's great, Sonny. You and Luke did great with the decorations."

"Actually, that was Lucy. She has this thing for red. "

"Well, whoever did it, its beautiful."
Sonny smiles, " Hey Jason can I borrow you for a moment?"
Jason rises. "Sure."

"What do you want?" Jason questions as soon as they are out of ear shot.
" What did you find on Taggert?"
" Well nothing more than I originally told you. But we're still looking."
"What about family history?" Sonny asks.
"I don't know. Why, what do you want to know?"

Sonny sighs. " This guy seems to have a beef with me and will do ANYTHING to
bring me down. Now this beef is nothing professional, it is 100% personal. I
just figure that he could be someone from my past that i chose not to
remember., but I don't know."

Jason is nodding at everything Sonny says and then says: "I'll keep looking
for you."
"Thanks man. Make sure he stays away from Brenda. I don't want her in any
deeper than she already is."
"Sure thing, boss." Jason goes back to Robin and Sonny starts to walk back to
the bar. But something tells him to turn around towards the door. He turns,
and just an instant later, the door opens.

***************************Commercial Break*********************
Jax sighs as he looks out the window. It was over. It was completely over.
Brenda and him were through. She said so herself, she still loved the son of
a bitch.

Jax suddenly rushes toward the phone and dials a number.
"Yeah, Harry, please."

" Well, well, well, if it isn't Mrs. Jasper Jacks. And to whom do we owe your
beautiful presence?"

"I am here to see you, Sonny, and it is EX Mrs. Jasper Jax to you."

Sonny's eyes become very wide and he stutters, "Oh."
He helps her with her coat and takes her to a table in a private littel

"Care to expound?"
Brenda sighs. " Nice party. Looks like evryone in Port Charles and beyond has
come here."
"Wow, is that Java? Did you make it?" Her excuses are becoming pretty lame.
Brenda sighs desparingly, takes off her wedding ring and slams it on the
" I saw the ad in the paper for thids party and it got me thinking about how
happy we were together, and i thought about all the times we made love, and I
just wanted the security of YOUR love again. I knew i had to be here, because
this is where i belong. I love you, Sonny, and I want you back."
Sonny takes her hand into his and smiles. " I love you too, baby. Its good to
have you back."
He leans over and puts his hands on either side of her face and kisses her
passionately, and just like before, the shocks and flames, and electricity
was there, coursing into their bodies. And just like before they were the
only 2 people in the world.
The penthouse:
"Yeah, Harry, we need to act NOW!!!!"
******************************Commercial Break**************************
Brenda is helping Sonny, Jason, Lucy, Mike, and Luke clean up.
They just put the last dish in the washer and allsix of them collapse. Brenda
falls straight into Sonny's arms.
Mike winks at the two of them.
"Why don't you two love birds go home? I am sure that you want to spend
sometime together."
"We do need to talk Sonny." Brenda whispered.
"Yeah, ok, bye, guys."
Sonny and Brenda depart. Brenda suggests that they take her car. They hope
in, and Sonny notices the bags in the back.
"It really is over, isn't it" It was not a question, more like a statement.

"Thank God." Brenda pulled out of Luke's parking lot. " I can't stand to
think about Jak and MIRANDUH again."

"Its ok, Brenda." Sonny said, " I know that you had SOME feelings for him....
wait, did I say THAT? I really AM tired."
Brenda suddenly turns serious, " Sonny, to make this relationship work we
need to be completely honest, open, and loving with each other. I need you to
be able to trust me and I want you to forgive me for the damn wire. I lost
you because of it and that ain't gonna happen again....Sonny?"

"We're being followed Brenda."
****************************Commercial Break****************************
Brenda looks at Sonny but before she could utter a word, the car slams hard
into them from the rear. Brenda screams and steps on the gas pedal, speeding
up. But even Brenda's sports car was not fast enough. It hit them at full
sped sending the car vering off the icy highway.
Brenda screams as she looks directly at Sonny as if saying, "Help me."
Sonny lets out a howl, "Brenda NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She flies right out of the
window into the icy night, and before Sonny can utter another breath,
everything turns real black real fast.....
"What is it, Taggert?" Mac asked. He was completely tired and after being
dragged out of bed, he was very grouchy.
"Accident, Mac, on Route 84, suspected fatal. "
"Anyone we know?"
The crime scene was a mess, branches strown everywhere, and Brenda Barret's
beloved car, nearly ripped in two. Brenda was found barly alive, unconsious,
50 feet from the car. Sonny was unconscious also, his head lying on the
drivers seat.
"Whats the status?" Mac asked a paramedic.
"Well, Miss Barret, here, has massive head injuries. She was thrown from the
car. Possible trauma. And, Mr. Corinthos, he has 2 broken ribs and a broken
arm. He is ecspected to make it. Miss Barret, here, we'll let you know."

"Who would want to do this?" Mac pondered.

2 weeks later

Brenda and Sonny are both in the Intensive Care Unit. They share a room.
Brenda is still in a deep coma, and expected not to pull through it alive.
Sonny's injuries were worse than they thought. One of his broken ribs
punctured his lung and he needed imediate emergency surgery.

Lois is sitting in between Sonny and Brenda praying to God.
" Lord, I know they both have done some stupid things in life. Some REALLY
stupid things that you frown on. But they are both loved trmendously here on
Earth, I am sure not nearly as much as up in heaven, but PLEASE God, let them
pull through.
I need my two best friends, I need someone to laugh and cry with.......I need
Sonny and I need Brenda. They need each other......" Lois breaks down, and an
ICU nurse walks in. "I am sorry, miss, but you must leave them now."
Lois looks helplessly at the nurse.
"Please...." She starts.
"Lois?" She hears at the same time.
She looks at both Sonny and Brenda.
They are awake! They woke up at the same time too!
Lois can't help it, she screams.

2 1/2 weeks later

"We have a lead, Mac." Taggert said to the commisioner.
"Well what is it?" Mac puts down his mug of coffee, and sits up straight.

"There were skid marks on the sid of the road, not matching those of Miss
Barret's vehicle. They are 1989 Ford Broncho, owner is still unknown at this

"Well keep searching, right now I have to go to a Welcome Home Sonny and
Brenda party at Corinthos's apartment."

"Exciting." Taggert said sarcastically.
Mac rolled his eyes, "See ya, Taggert."
Jax is relaxing comfortably in his apartment, reading the paper when he comes
across an article about the accident.
Sonny Corinthos
and Brenda Barret Survive Terrible Crash

Jax throws the paper at the wall. "Why won't they just DIE??????????????" Jax
bellows so loud, you could practically see steam come out of his ears.
Brenda and Sonny are both estatic when they arrive home to see Luke, Laura,
Lucy, Kevin, Robin, Jason, Ned, Lois, Mac, Felisha, and Mike.
Sonny helps Brenda into a chair and Alan, who had operatted on them both AND
saved their lives AND escorted them home, hands them gift after gift from
Benda is teary-eyed and Sonny is real quiet.

After the party, Robin helps them clean up and then says good bye before she
leaves for school.
Lois says bye too. "Aren't you satying?'
"No, i gotta go back to Bensonherst. I have changed so much."
"I'll miss you, you know."
"We both will," Sonny chimes in.
" I love you guys, and be happy." Lois leaves and Brenda and Sonny are left

3 months later

Jax is just getting out of the shower when there is a knock at the door.
Clutching the towel, Jax opens the door and is confronted with two serious
looking men in long wool coats.
"May I help you?"
"Are you Jasper Jacks?"
"Yes i am."
"We have a warrent for your arrest."
'A WHAT??????"
The two men throw a jacket on jax and turn him around, cuff him and are on
their merry way.
Sonny and Brenda are relaxing in their home on a beautiful June day. Sonny
kisses her neck softly and whispers, '" I love you with evry ounce of my
being. I am surprised that you do not hate me for what I did to you. But all
I know is that I love you and I am so sorry for everything that has happened
to you. I need you to forgive me."
"I do, Sonny. I am just really pissed at whoever wrecked my car."
Sonny laughs. "I'll find him and kill him for you if you want. "

'Nah. But what I do want is for you to make love to me."
" I like that idea."
Sonny carries Brenda to the bed and sets her down gently. They make love for
hours and hours, and for hours and hours they are the only two people in the
"Marry me."
"Huh?" Brenda looks up from her magazine incredulous, and stares at Sonny
who is across the couch from her.
Sonny gets up, goes over to her and takes her hand. He looks directly into
Brenda's eyes and says: "Be my wife, marry me, have my children and lets
live happily ever after. I need you in my life, as my wife."
Brenda cries out: "Yes!!! Yes!! I'll marry you!" She is crying hysterically.

2 months later
August 20, 1997
The BIG Day

Brenda is dressed in a long white Narsisco Rodreguiz gown with a white silk
see through shawl and high heeled toe-less sandles. Her hair is made up in a
neat bun, with some curly tendrils shaping her face. Her bridesmaids, Robin
and Keesha are dressed in gold, and Lois, her maitron of honor, is in silver.
She paces back and forth outside the Q's terrace, where the service is to be
held. The sun is shining bright and it shall be a grat day in PC.

Sonny is dressed in his usual black today, with a silver shirt and he still
looks as hot as hell. He was able to convince Jason to wear a tux, but Jason
said he would only do it for his best friend, And THEN he said he would burn
it. Luke, his best man, looked espessially happy today, along with Mike.

The service began. First the bridesmaids, Keesha on Mike's arm and Robin on
Jason's. Then Lois on Luke's arm. Finally, Brenda stepped onto the terrace
with Ned at her side. Sonny's love for Brenda mirrored her own for him. She
looked breathtakingly beautiful. Sonny could not believe how fortunate he was
to have her love him.

When Brenda finally reached him, they took hands and stared deep into each
others eyes.

"We are gathered here today to join Micheal Corinthos, JR, and Brenda Barret
in Holy Matrimony......."
They droned out the ministers words as they stared deep in each others eyes.
"Before we join these two lovebirds together, Micheal, is there anything you
care to say to Brenda?"
Sonny clears his throut. " The day that we met on the docks was the day that
I knew love for the first time. I knew that i had no cahnce with you, but I
was wrong. You are the most important thing in my life. You are my heart, my
soul, my mind, my blood, you are me. And I will never forget it again."
Brenda was sobbing as she began her vows: " Today, I am marrying my best
friend. The one I can turn to when i am hurting, sad, depressed, or when I am
lonely. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you, Sonny. You
are MY heart, soul, mind , blood, YOU are ME. And no one can change that. I
once told you that no matter who we love or who we let love us or who we let
into our lives, no one will diminish whatwe mean to each other. Well, that
still stands. I am not losing you ever again, beacuse I love you with all my
There was a moment of silence, for there was not one dry eye in all of Port
Charles, it seemed.
The minister then said, " The rings."
Luke fumbled in his pocket for the gold heart shaped box where the rings
were. He handed it to Sonny and Sonny placed th diamond on Brenda's finger.
"Repeat after me, " The minister said. "With this ring, as a token of my love
and affection, I thee wed."
Sonny whispered the words ever so softly.
"Brenda, repeat after me, with this ring as a token of my love and affection,
I thee wed."
Brenda's tears are falling rapidly as she places the gold band with little
diamond studs on Sonny's hand and whispered, " With this ring as a token of
my love and affection, I thee wed."

Sonny and Brenda clasped hands as the minsiter continued, " What God hath put
together, let no man put asunder. And by the power vested in my byt the
almighty God in heaven and by the state of New York, I now pronounce you
husband and wife. Micheal, you may kiss your beautiful bride."

Sonny took Brenda's face in his hands and kissed her passionately.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Cornthos
The reception at the Quartermaine's was in full swing. Brenda and Sonny never
left each other's sides and were often seen kissing passionately. But that
was to be expected, knowing how much they love each other.

Brenda soon stepped up to the microphone as everyone sat down, waiting for
dinner to be served.

" I have an announcment to make. Honey?" She motioned for Sonny to stand
beside her. " My husband and I are.... ............... pregnant!!!!!!!"
Sonny's eyes became wide as everyone cheered.
"You are? Pregnant?"
"3 weeks! " Brenda gushed.
Sonny became estatic, he picked brenda up and swung her around, planting a
big one on her lips. "I love you."

9 months later
May 3, 1998

Brenda is huge. She is so big that she can't see her feet. Sonny has been
there for her every step of the way, and that was why he was reluctant to fly
to Houston for an ELQ confrence. But she erged him to go because he had
missed 4 meetings just to take her to lamaze classes. Brenda grabbed a carton
of Ben& Jerrys and was leaving the kitchen of her and Sonny's brand new home
when she dropped the carton and howled in pain.

She automattically knew it was the baby and rushed to the hall closet got her
suitcase, jacket and baby supplies and ran out the door.

On her way to GH, she called Sonny's hotel and asked for him, but they said
her was not avalable, She left a messge and called Lois.
" Your in labor? AHHHHH I'll be in PC as fast as i can."
Brenda sped up to GH emergency and an orderly helped her into a wheel chair.
She was taken into a labor room and told to wait. Ruby came rushing in, " Oh
my baby!" She cried. " and just where IS your husband?"

"At an ELQ conference." Brenda panted, before howling in pain.

SHe passed out. When she awoke she was being wheeled to the delivery room.
Her stomavh hurt. "Sonny, where's Sonny?" She asked.

"We're looking, Brenda."

"I want my husband!!" Brenda was frantic. crying because she missed Sonny and
crying because of the pain. As they were nearing the elevators, it opened and
Sonny came rushing out.
He saw Brenda and rushed to her giving her a big kiss. "Here, put this
on",the doctor said, handing Sonny the blue scrub suit that was required.

10 minuetes later, Sonny stepped out of Delivery beaming his one million
dolar dimpled smile. Crying could be heard in the back round.
" It's a girl!" Sonny exclaimed, " we have a beautiful baby girl."
"How's Brenda," Lois asked, " Is she alright."
"She's beautiful," Sonny said, " She's just so beautiful."

4 Days later

Sonny helps Brenda over the threshold of their house.
He takes Michelle out of her mothers arms. " Look at that, Michelle. This is
home. And you know what they say about home. " His eyes connect with
Brenda's, who is looking at him and her daughter with such visible love.
" Home is where the heart is."

Late that night, Brenda and Sonny are awakened by Michelle's crying.
"What a set of lungs." Sonny whispered.
"She takes after her Daddy." Brenda smiled.
"I'll go." Sonny whispered.

To get Michelle backe to sleep, Sonny puts on Bryan Adams' "Everything I do,
I do it for you". He dances along with his little girl, and Brenda watches
from the doorway.

"Come on Mommy." Sonny whispers. Brenda walks over and Sonny puts his other
arm around his wife. " I love you." Brenda whispers softly to Sonny.
" I love you too, baby," They kiss softly as they dance to the music.

Sonny has his Queen and Brenda has her King, and together with their Princess
they will live happily ever after.
The End

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