Holding on by Pippey2@aol.com

B:"I don't know why you think we need someone else to help. We're doing fine!"
Lo:"Well besides having to keep L&B out of the hands of Edward Quartermain,
and keeping Eddie in line. I don't have the time I used to to make sure
everything runs smoothly."
B:"I just luv the confidence you have in me!"
Lo:"Brenda would you like to do the books, make sure that the hotels we stay
in are complete dumps, figure out the number of tickets sold per concert per
city per group per day?"
B:"Oh sure throw math in my face! I might not have taken every calculis (sp?)
class in high school, but I passed Algebra!"
Lo:"Brenda you passed b/c you cheated off Robin!"
B:"Not true!!..I cheated off Karen! When she wasn't looking."
Lois Laughed and shook her head. Brenda just sat there grinning. Niether had
had the time to get real dressed up for this, but according to Lois there was
no need.Brenda was wearing a blue crushed velvet thin strap tanktop and a pair
of blue jeans with the knees ripped out. Her hair was pulled up into to french
braids on each side of her head. Her new tan line was showing.
Lois had taken a little more time in getting ready but not much. She was
wearing a pair of jeans and a dress shirt.
Lo:"You could have at least put more a little more make up on!"
B:"You told me to get up and come as I was!"
Lo:"I thought knowing you it would take you four hours and you'd come in the
sexiest thing you own b/c our new partner is a single, male."
B:"Yeah well I'm not out to impress anyone! Everyone here knows I'm not up for
another three hours!"
Lo:"I don't see how you sleep so much!"
B:"I don't see how you talk so much!"
Lo:"It's easy when you got somethin to say!"
Brenda glared at her then took a drink of coffee.
Lo:"Look just be nice ok? give him a try!"
B:"Fine, sure, whatever."
Lo:"Here he is! Sonny!!"
Brenda didn't even bother to turn to see him. Knowing Lois he was probably
some nerd she'd hired! She looked up when Lois gave him a hug. She didn't see
his face until they pulled away. And right away she started kicking herself
for not taking more time to get ready. Lois noticed the looks being exchanged
between the two.
Lo:"Sonny this is the B in L&B. Brenda Barrett, Sonny Corinthos. Brenda had
trouble crawling out of bed this morning Sonny." She started laughing when
Brenda shot her an evil glare,
S:"Not everyone's as perfect as you Lo."
Lo:"I know there should be a rule or something."
S:"Hi I'm Sonny."
Brenda stood up not realizing how close he actually was. And they ended up
only inches apart. Brenda took a short step back.
B:"umm Brenda Barrett."
S:"Well it's nice to meet you Brenda. Lois has told me....nothing about you."
Lo:"Yes I did silly!! Remember I told she's the model!"
S:"Oh! Ok! I lied she told me you were a model. What she didn't tell me is
that you were the beautiful face seen all over town."
B:"Uhhh thanks! That's sweet. Lois as usual hasn't told me anything about
Lo:"Wrong again!!! I told you he was single!"
S:"Thanks Lo."
Lo:"Anything for friends."
B:"So let's get down to buisness."
S:"I thought we were here for breakfast?"
B:"Lois woke me up at the crak of dawn and said we had buisness."
Lo:"Well we have BOTH. See we really do need to talk about Buisness, and we're
having breakfast so..there! Up wait!! I have got to get Eddie up! We've got a
gig tonight here at the Outback!"
B:"That's 12 hours away!"
Lo:"Hey it's never to early!! Bye guys! Have fun!!!"
Lois grabed her coat and ran out he door.
S:"I think we've been set up."
B:"I think your right. I also think Lois is going to die when I see her
S:"Well let me get you breakfast. Your gonna need you engery when you start to
strangle her."
B:"That'd be great! Thanks."
They ordered and waited for their food.
S:"So got a shoot or something today?"
B:"As a matter of fact."
S:"What's it like?"
B:"What being poked, prodded, groomed, stuffed into clothes, sitting infront
of hot lights, while some guy takes pictures? It's a blast."
Sonny laughed.
B:"Ok enough about me. What do you do?"
S:"Well I own a club."
B:"Oh really? Where?"
S:"In Port Charles actually. I guess you could say I inheirted it. But I'm
closing it and reopening a new one with a friend of mine."
They continued to talk and then breakfast arrived. After eating they talked
some more, Brenda told Sonny about the shoot she had later that day and he
told her bits and pieces of what the new club would be like.
S:"The big Opening is tonight. By any chance would you like to go?"
B:"I'd love to. What time?"
S:"I can pick you up around 8 is that ok?"
B:"Yeah that's great! Wow I have got to get going! Lucy is going to have my
head on a platter if I'm late! Thanks for Breakfast Sonny."
S:"It was my pleasure."
B:"I'll see you at eight."
S:"See ya then."
Brenda walked out and not five seconds later walked back in.
S:"What's wrong?"
B:"Lois drove."
sonny laughed
S:"Come on I'll take ya where you need to go."
B:"Thank you!! You are such a lifesaver!!"
Sonny pulled up outside of the Port Charles Hotel. Brenda sat there for a
minute not really wanting to get out.
B:"Thanks for the ride."
S:"Hey it was no problem. Anytime! Giving beautiful ladies rides to work is
something a guy can never get tired of doing!"
B:"Well...I guess I'll see ya at 8 then!"
B:"Bye Sonny."
S:"Bye Brenda."
Brenda was bitting her lower lip. She smiled and opened the door. She turned
back to him.
B:"Ya know now I owe you one. So anytime you need something give me a call or
drop by or whatever."
S:"Wow!! three choices as to how to get a hold of you!"
Brenda laughed.
B:"Well there's my cell phone, pager, But don't page me cause it always scares
the crap out of me, my home phone, and if there's no answer at my place try
S:"What no fax machien and e-mail?!"
B:"Me on a computer? Yeah right! I hate the stupid things."
S:"Well I'll be sure to get all your numbers. Wouldn't want to need something
and not be able to get a hold of you."
B:"Bye Sonny."
Brenda got out of the car and watched as he drove away.
B:"God he looks good!"
Lucy:"Your late, who were you with? and your right he didn't look good!"
B:"I know I'm late, he looks more than good, and he's my date!"
Lucy:"Child you have no time for a date!"
B:"Not now! Tonight!"
Lucy:"well then we'll make this quick so you can go home. I can't believe he
asked you out with you wearing this...this stuff!!! How do you do it?"
B:"I smile, nearly kill Lois, and act like a complete child. He probably
thinks I'm a complete looser!!"
Lucy put her arms around Brenda's shoulder.
Lu:"If he thought you were a Looser he wouldn't have asked you out!"
B:"That's true."
Lu:"Come on let's get this thing over with!"
They were just finishing up the last roll of film when Sonny walked in.
After the photographer took the last picture Brenda walked over to where Sonny
was standing.
B:"What are you doing here?"
S:"Well I was sitting at the club getting ready to go get some needed things
when Lois walks in. She asked where you were. So I told her I dropped you off
here. She then pointed out a very good point. If she drove you to the Outback
and I drove you here, who's driving you home? So I came to pick you up."
B:"Boy you are just tryin' to rack up the brownie point aren't you?"
B:"Sonny I could have called a cab."
S:"Not hardly! No way will I let you ride in a cab when I'm not doing anything
and can give you a lift home!"
B:"You don't know if I'm on your way to where your going!"
S:"Where are you going?"
S:"Your on the way!"
B:"Well where are you going?"
B:"Sonny I'm serious! You said you had things you needed!"
S:"Luke's gonna get them!"
B:"I can't believe you came all the way back over here just to take me home!"
Lu:"Awwwe that's soooo sweet!"
B:"Sonny Lucy Coe, Lucy, Sonny Corinthos."
S:"Nice to meet you."
Lu:"Hold on to this one Brenda!"
Lucy turned and walked away. Brenda stood completly embarrassed and shocked.
Sonny just laughed and put his arm around her shoulder and led her out the
door to the car.
Brenda had been home for three hours trying to find something to wear. Her
hair and make-up were done she just couldn't find anything to wear. She was
still going through her closet trying to find something when the phone rang.
Lo:"Hey are you coming tonight?"
Lo:"Eddies concert?"
B:"Oh nope can't!"
Lo:"I've gotta get new friends! You suck!"
B:"Yeah well I luv you but I'm looking for something to wear!"
Lo:"Hmmmm must be a hot date!!"
B:"Yeah he's hott!"
Lo:"So what time is Corinthos picking you up?"
B:"How'd you know?"
Lo:"Lucky guess."
B:"8. We're going to the opening of his new club."
Lo:"Cool ok. Well I'll talk to you tomorrow. Have fun. Don't do anything I
wouldn't do."
B:"So the sky's the limit huh?"
Lo:"Very funny! Bye."
Brenda went back to her search for something to wear. Eventually she
decided on a knee length black form fitting backless dress. Her hair was down
in curls. She was just doing the last touch ups on her make-up when there was
a knock at the door.
Brenda opened the door. Sonny was standing on the other side.
S:"You look beautiful."
B:"Not so bad yourself."
B:"Are you kidding me?! I was born ready!"
They both laughed. Brenda shut the door and they left.
They arrived at the new club. Sonny got out of the car. Brenda started to
open the door but Sonny was already there opening it. He offered a hand to
help her out and she took it. But instead of letting go they walked hand in
hand into the club.
Alot of the people Brenda knew were there including Lois. She walked up to
her two friends.
B:"I thought you had a concert tonight."
Lo:"Oh we changed it for tomorrow."
S:"Excuse us Lois. May I have this dance?"
Sonny and Brenda walked out on the dance floor.
~~Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, Ooh, I'm so glad

I will never find another lover
Sweeter than you, sweeter than you
And I will never find another lover
More precious than you
More precious than you

Girl you are
Close to me, you're like my mother
Close to me, you're like my father
Close to me, you're like my sister
Close to me, you're like my brother
You are the only one, you're my everything
And for you this song I sing, and

1 - All my life
I prayed for someone like you
And I thank God that I
That I finally found you, baby

All my life
I prayed for someone like you
And I hope that you
Feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do love me too

I said, you're all that I'm thinking of, baby
Said I promise to never
Fall in love with a stranger
You're all I'm thinking of
I praise the Lord above
For sending me your love
I cherish every hug
I really love you so much, baby, baby, baby

Repeat 1

You're all that I ever know
When you smile on my face
All I see is a glow
You turn my life around
You picked me up when I was down

You're all that I ever know
When you smile my face glows
You picked me up when I was down

You're all that I ever know
When you smile my face glows
You picked me up when I was down

And I hope that you
Feel the same way too
Yes I pray that you
Do love me too

2 - All my life
I prayed for someone like you
And I thank God that I
That I finally found you, baby

All my life
I prayed for someone like you
Yes, I pray that you do love me too

Repeat 2 until fade~~

Sonny smiled down at her and led her to the bar.
Luke:"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?"
S:"Luke this is Brenda. Brenda this is my partner Luke."
L:"Well it's nice to meet you Brenda."
B:"It's nice to meet you too Luke."
L:"Do me a favor and keep him out of trouble tonight."
B:"I'll do that."
Lo:"Yeah right! You have enough trouble keeping yourself out of trouble!"
B:"Thanks Lo."
Lo:"Anytime girlfriend."
They stayed and talked to everyone and partied for a little while.
S:"Hey are you ready to go?"
S:"Let's bust this joint."
Sonny picked up her coat and helped her with it and they left.
They got to Brenda's. Sonny turnedoff the car.
B:"I had a really good time tonight."
S:"So did I. We'll have to do this again."
They both leaned in at the same time. Sonny took her face in his hands and
kissed her.
Brenda pulled away.
B:"I better go."
S:"I'll see you later."
Brenda got out of the car and walked up to her room.
Two months passed and Sonny and Brenda became more involved with each other.
Brenda was finishing up one of her shoots. She went back into her dressing
room to change. She was looking in a drawer for a brush when she felt someone
run something down her neck. She jerked up and turned to see Sonny standing
there with a sterling rose and a sly grin.
B:"You nearly scared me to death!"
She stood up and Sonny pulled her close.
B:"What are you doing here?!"
S:"I came to see you!"
B:"You just saw me not 24 hours ago!"
S:"I know and I've been missing you ever since!"
Sonny leaned in and kissed her. Brenda pulled away breathless.
B:"Lucy's gonna kill you if she catches you in here!"
S:"I'll risk it."
B:"I won't go wait for me outside."
Sonny kissed her once more then walked out leaving the rose on her dressing
Brenda walked out with the rose. She wrapped her arms around Sonny's neck and
kissed him.
S:"Hmm what was that for?"
S:"How about I fix Lunch?"
B:"Sounds good to me!"
S:"Let's go."
Sonny was in the kitchen making lunch while Brenda sat ontop of the counter
and watched. Sonny dipped a spoon into the sause.
S:"Opend up." Sonny put the spoon inb her mouth.
B:"Mmm. Great!"
S:"Hop down."
Brenda hopped off the counter and right into Sonny's arms. They were both
laughing. Brenda reached up and kissed him.
They started to take things up stairs when the door bell rang.
B:"uhhhh ignor it!"
S:"Good idea." They started up the stairs when the doorbell rang again.
B:"Oh this had better be important!"
Sonny walked over to the door and opened it. Stone and Robin were standing
St:"Took ya long enough."
S:"I was busy. Why didn't you just use your key?"
St:"Oh hey Bren. I left my key in my room."
B:"And it's a good thing too."
Sonny started laughing.
R:"Hey Bren."
B:"Hey Robin."
S:"Do you guys wanna stay for lunch? I made more than enough."
St:"No that's ok.."
S:"Are you sure?"
St:"Yeah. Robin and I are going to the outback."
B:"Is that a good idea?"
R:"Uncle Mac is just going to have to learn to deal with it."
S:"Ok. well have fun. But not too much."
Stone grabed his keys and they left.
S:"Now where were we?"
Brenda walked over and started kissing him.
B:"Right about here."
They were starting up the stairs again when the smoke alarm went off.
B:"Not again!"
It's been a few days since Sonny and Brenda tried to burn the kitchen down.
Sonny is sitting on the couch with his paper and his remote. Brenda walks thru
the door.
B:"Awww my baby's growing up into a normal man! This is sooo..sick! Why aren't
you doing something productive?"
S:"This is productive!"
B:"Ok what have you accomplished?"
S:"The sports page, the local news, and the scores for the Yankees and the
Cubs. Yankees are ahead by two. And I've been learning what the big kick about
golf is."
B:"You've been watching golf?!"
S:"Hey it's intresting."
B:"It's stupid! (sorry golf fans!!! I like golf but I like to tease my uncle
about it b/c he luvs it.) I mean really Sonny. " She sits down and watches a
guy drive a 170 yard shot. "If you think about it the people who play this
sport are stupid! They hit a ball 3 inches big watch where it lands and then
chase after it. And this takes all day!! How intresting can that be?! At least
in baseball the person who hits the ball isn't stupid enough to chase
it!! They let others chase it for them!! And football and hockey they chase
eachother which I'll admit is kinda barbarick but hey at least there's
S:"You just have no sense of culture."
B:"That's it!! No more TV for you!! Next thing ya know you'll be watching
tennis or the fishing and hunting channel!"
S:"Actually I thinking the home shopping channel."
B:"Why can't you be normal and watch something like that all action, killing
channel? Ya know those big action adventure movies with guys like Sly Stone,
and Arnold. And the big buff guys that have taken a few too many steriods.
Instead of guys who look like even if they spent 24/7 in the gym they'd still
look like mickey mouse with no sense of fashion."
S:"Dear dear Brenda,you no nothing of entertainment."
B:"Well that's not what you said last night."
Brenda got up and walked into the kitchen. (I'nna be putting some of the
original stuff in here in some places. It might not be in right order but
that's b/c I changed the begining so things changed.) When Sonny walked in
Brenda was unloading stuff she'd bought. When she finished putting everything
away she opened the package of strawberries that she'd left out.
B:"I’m going to go wash the strawberries so we can have them with champagne
later, okay?”
S:"Oh, that’s right, you don’t know that about me. I *love* washing
strawberries.” He gives her a sexy smile and she smiles back, caressing his
B: “Right.”
S:“It’s true. Come on, I’ll show you.”
Brenda laughs.
S:“You get the bowl, I’ll get the water"
B:"This one?”
She holds the bowl up so he can see.
S:"“Yeah, that’s great, that’s beautiful.”
He carries the bowl of water over to the table and says to Brenda, “Come on.”
Both of them have huge grins on their faces.
Brenda giggles.
B:“Come on.”
S:“Let me show you how to do this.”
He leans across her and helps her take off the plastic wrap on the pint of
B:“Oh, you’re going to show me?”
They are both grinning like crazy.
B:“Oh, okay.”
Sonny picks a strawberry out of the pint
S:“You get a strawberry”
he rips off the top of the strawberry and Brenda does the same thing to her
strawberry S:“You tear that, put it in here"he puts his strawberry in the
water and starts washing it with his hands "and wash it kinda like that.”
Brenda puts her strawberry in and starts washing it. They each have both
their hands in the bowl of water washing their strawberries.
S: “See what I’m saying?”
B: “Mmm...hmm”
S: “Okay.” They throw their strawberries from the bowl with the water into the
empty bowl.
B: “Wow, you’re really good at this.” They are both grinning at each other
like crazy.
S: “Thank you.”
They each grab another strawberry and start washing again.
S:“Then you put it in here..and then you....uh....you know.” Again, each of
them have both hands in the bowl and they are both washing their strawberries.
Sonny takes Brenda’s hand underneath the water.
S:“You get what I’m doing?” He stares at her intently, smiling.
B: “Mmm....hmm.” She stares back into his eyes and with her other hand takes
another strawberry to wash.
S: “Hmm?”
Brenda looks up at him.their hands intertwined under the water in the bowl.
They squeeze their hands together and Brenda gives Sonny a come hither look.
She slowly pulls a strawberry out of the water and feeds it to him. He
sensuously and slowly eats it and she’s just watching his mouth, smiling. He
starts smiling and chewing - the strawberry juice is running all down his
chin, she’s really smiling now. They start kissing slowly and erotically.
puts both his hands on the side of Brenda’s face, stares into her eyes, and
then he kisses her passionately. Brenda has the bowl of strawberries in her
hands and as they continue to kiss. Suddenly all the strawberries tumble out
of the bowl she’s holding and onto the floor. They start walking while they
are *still* kissing. Sonny’s walking backwards, Brenda is taking off his shirt
and Sonny is undoing hers while they are walking. They make their way
into the living room and not once do they stop kissing.
They make their way to the couch,they are still kissing and Sonny is on top of
her. She’s running her fingers through his hair and he just continues to kiss
her, pausing for a brief moment to gaze into her eyes and then they start
kissing again.

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