High School Heart Throbs by Yvonne

Brenda has just moved here to Port Charles from La and is getting to be friends with Lois Cercello and this is first day at high school

L- how do you like it here.

B- ok I guess but where are the cute guys you told me about.

L- ok hold on here comes one

Jason is walking through the hall and is shocked to see Lois waving him over he has a crush on her

L- Hey Jas this is my good friend Brenda Barrat she's from La

B- hi

J- hi I know someone who I think you will like Brenda Right?

B- yeah

Jason took Brenda's hand and dragged her from through the halls

J- this is my good friend Sonny Corenthos

S- hi who is this beauty another girl from the country club he joked

B- What's it to ya she winked and walked away

J- that was Brenda Barret Lois's friend she just moved here

S- she's Feisty

J- she likes you

S- You think so

J- yeah you know Lois is getting so in to me how could she not I mean look at me

S- yeah uhhu do you think I should ask Brenda out she's drop dead gorgeous

J- I bet if we asked Lois and Brenda out they'd say yes

So Jason and Sonny are off to see their Crushes

Mean while

L- so who was it

B- Oh Sonny Corenthos

L- wow if I told you something would you so not hate me

B- of course

L- I kinda like Jason he's so hot I mean don't you see it and he likes me too.

B- that's great I think Sonny's hot I 'd go with him on a date totally

The bell rings and they start class

School was over and Sonny and Jason walked up to Brenda and Lois

J- Lois you wanna uh go to the movies to night or something

L- sure it sounds like fun if we stop for dinner first

J- sounds good

S-so Brenda wanna go to some where to night

B- Sure why not oh I was meaning to ask you how is the movie the Hours

S- Idonn know

B- why don't we double date that way we can um see a movie and eat together kind of a night on the town

S&J- Cool

L- oh you guys can pick the movie well pay movie you pay dinner

S- deal

They leave and Brenda asks what to where

L- I don't know what about something casual you've got two closets and you can borrow somethinng from me if ya want

B sure

the date went fine Jason took Lois home and Sonny took Brenda at Brenda's house

S- have a good time

B- yeah thanks

Sonny is hesitating he wants to kiss Brenda but dosen't know what to do

B- kiss me Sonny

he kisses her passionately and she says come in

queitley they make it to her bedroom and she walks in after Sonny

and then they start to make love for the first time

it was over

S- I better go I don't want you to get into any trouble

B- I won't ok

S- ok

B- Sonny do you love me

S- yes I don't just make love to people I don't know ok

B- ok I just don't want to end up pregnate or something and be alone through it

S- if you are prgnate I wil stand by you I promise

B- ok I love you

S- I love you too.

Lois and Jason are happy with each oher and have made love and had the same talk


L-Me and Jason had fun after the date too.

B- good

L- did you and Sonny ya know

B- Lois of course we did I gave him the talk about if I got pregnate I don't want to be alone

Part 2

L- you did what

B- I did what I said

L-ok ok so you told him you could get pregnate and he still...

B- Lois drop it

L-ok (She started too look sick she ran to a stale)

B-Lois you ok

L- I don't know go tell Jason I think I might be pregnate

B-Are you sure


Brenda's searching through the halls looking for Jason

B- Jason

J- huh

B- we need to talk

J- ok is this about Lois

B- yeah

they move away from the crowd

J- ok

B- Lois thinks she might be pregnate what are you going to do about it

J- wow um let me talk to her after class and oh yeah Sonny wants to see you

B-thanks ok

Brenda finds Sonny

S- hey Brenda

B- hey can we talk

S- yeah

B-I had fun with you last night but umyou wanna go out to night but we meet here

She hands him a piece of paper

Sonny is looking for this place and he Finds it

B- how do you like

S- wow

well I thought we could have more fun

they make long passionate love


Sonny and Brenda had funa nd she knew she was pregnate and so was Lois and what were they going to do so she told Sonny he was very happy and got on ine knee and said will you be my wife

Brenda acepted and they were married after school in a little chaple and they put their money together and rented an apartment near the school


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