"Hidden Emotions" by Niki

Chapter 3

Brenda looked at the clock sitting on the wall and sighed. I should find a place to stay tonight. I’m pretty sure I got kicked out,” Brenda said quietly. She moved her head up off of Sonny’s shoulder and reluctantly pulled herself out of his arms.

“You could stay at Kelly’s. I know someone who works there and they’ll give you a room until you find a place of your own,” Sonny replied. He looked at Brenda. She looked so tired. He couldn’t blame her. He still wanted to hurt Jax for what he did to Brenda. Brenda didn’t deserve what he did to her.

“You don’t have to do that Sonny. I can stay with the Quartermaines. They love me and keep on asking me to move in anyway,” Brenda answered. They were like family to her. They always took care of her and all. They were more of a family to her than her father and sister were. Her father wanted nothing to do with her.

“Are you sure? It’s kind of late. They might be asleep,” Sonny said. The Quartermaines hated him more than anyone else, except for candy boy that was.

“Yeah I guess it is late. I can stay with my sister for the night and talk to them tomorrow,” Brenda decided. She knew her sister wouldn’t mind her staying one night as long as she was out of there by tomorrow.

“Do you want me to walk you there?” Sonny asked. He wanted to make sure she got there okay. He didn’t need her running into Jax and her getting into another fight with him. She was already beat up enough.

“You don’t have to. It’s kind of late. You’re probably tired,” Brenda replied. She didn’t want to burden him. She would be fine walking to her sisters alone.

“I’m not that tired. It’s on the way to my place anyway,” Sonny said. He grabbed his jacket and Brenda’s hand to help her up out of the chair. He still couldn’t believe he was spending time alone with Brenda.

“Thank you Sonny. You’ve been so nice to me,” Brenda said softly looking up into his eyes. She was glad she met Sonny. Everyone was so wrong about him. He was so nice he didn’t seem like trouble at all like everyone else was making him out to seem. Obviously they didn’t know him that well if they were so quick to judge him.

“That’s because I like you,” Sonny said. He couldn’t believe he just told her that. Her and Jax just broke up and had a fight. He should have waited a while. They didn’t even know each other that well. Now he probably scared her away.

“Oh really. Maybe I like you to,” Brenda replied smiling. She looked at Sonny who was smiling back at her. They walked outside of Lukes and saw Jax standing there. Sonny shot Jax the dirtiest look ever.

“Brenda, we need to talk. I know I over reacted tonight and I was wrong. I had no right to treat you like that. I’ve just had a lot on my mind and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you,” Jax said apologetically. He really was sorry. Brenda was the best thing that could have happened to him. Now he may have ruined the best thing he’s ever had. He just hoped he didn’t lose her.

“I don’t know if I want to hear it Jax. You hurt me enough. You’re always mad at me and yelling at me. I haven’t even done anything,” Brenda shot back. She could tell that Jax was sorry but she was tired of his crap. She didn’t need that right now. She just wanted to go to sleep and forget about everything that happened tonight.

“I know I’ve been yelling at you a lot and you don’t deserve it. I promise things will change,” Jax said softly. He looked into Brenda’s eyes. He couldn’t believe he threw her into the glass table. She looked pretty beat up and it was his fault. He was just so jealous that she was talking to Sonny.

“Now’s not the best time to be talking to me Jax. I’m just gonna go to my sisters for the night and we can talk tomorrow when I come to pick up my things,” Brenda sighed. She didn’t want to hear anything he had to say though.

“Where are you going to stay Brenda? There aren’t any places available,” Jax said concerned.

“I’ll stay with the Quartermaines. This is the end of this discussion. I just want to go to my sister’s and go to sleep,” Brenda retorted. She walked away from Jax with Sonny following behind her. She didn’t feel like dealing with Jax right now. She was exhausted.

Brenda walked up to her sisters door and knocked gently. She hoped this went okay. She and Julia weren’t on the best of terms right now with her quitting high school to become a model. Brenda looked up and saw her sister standing there. She4 gave her a small smile.

“What do you want,” Julia asked. She didn’t expect to see Brenda standing at her door. They haven’t talked to each other for months. She just thought Brenda was giving up her life. She didn’t even finish high school and she gave it up to be a model. That was a harsh business. She wanted her little sister to have options and go to college. Brenda used to be so smart and then made the dumbest choice of her life.

“I need a place to stay for the night,” Brenda said softly. She didn’t even look at her sister. She didn’t know what her sister’s response would be. She couldn’t blame Julia if she said no. They haven’t even talked to each other for months.

“What happened to you staying with Jax?” Julia asked. She brought Brenda inside and they sat down on the couch. Julia looked at Brenda’s face and then her arm. She looked pretty bad. She didn’t think Jax would have done this though. It was probably Sonny. She saw him leave when Brenda walked up to the door.

“Me and Jax had a little disagreement,” Brenda replied looking down. Tonight was still a shock. She knew Jax had a temper but she never thought he would actually hurt her. He didn’t seem like that type of person.

“Jax did this to you? Are you okay?” Julia asked concerned. Sure her and Brenda weren’t on good terms but she still cared about her and didn’t want to see her hurt. She just couldn’t believe that Jax would do something like this to her. She dated Jax and he had never hurt her. Why would he hurt Brenda like this?

“Yeah he did and I’m fine. I just can’t stay with him Julia. He apologized but I just can’t trust him anymore,” Brenda answered. She couldn’t believe her sister was actually concerned about her. She didn’t expect that one. Especially with Julia screaming at her that if she wanted to throw her life away she better not come back here ever again.

“Yeah I understand. Do you know where you’re going to stay though?” Julia asked. She didn’t want her little sister sleeping out on the streets.

“I don’t know. I was going to see about staying with the Quartermaines,” Brenda said. She didn’t think they would have a problem with it. They loved her and have asked her to move in before.

“ You could always stay here,” Julia offered. She missed having her sister around even though she thought Brenda was throwing her life away.

“Are you sure about that? We remember what happened the last time I was staying here,” Brenda reminded Julia. She wouldn’t mind staying here again. Things just didn’t end good the last time she was here.

“Yeah I know, but I got over that. It’s your life and we should get off the subject before I say something stupid,” Julie said. She didn’t want to lose her sister.

“That sounds nice. And now that I have more time with Lucy being on vacation I was thinking maybe I could go to summer school,” Brenda said. She saw Julia’s face light up and laughed. She knew that one would make her happy. It was a good idea for her to have at least a high school education.

“We can register you tomorrow,” Julia said excitedly. She was so happy Brenda was going back to school. At least Brenda grew up a little.

“We should get some sleep,” Brenda suggested. She was tired and she knew Julia would have her up bright and early to register her for summer school.

“That’s a good idea. We’re gonna have a long day tomorrow,” Julia said. She couldn’t wait.

“Oh fun,” Brenda replied. She knew this was going to happen when she mentioned going to summer school. She brought this upon herself. Now she would actually have to wake up before noon.

Brenda was awoken by the smell of pancakes. At least she woke up to the smell of food. She hadn’t eaten anything yesterday. Brenda climbed out of bed and went into the kitchen to see the table already set. She saw Julia pouring the coffee and then sitting down herself.

“Okay so I was on the website looking at the classes they offer for summer school. You’re going to have to take a foreign language to be able to graduate and two maths since you dropped out before you had geometry. They also have a psychology class that sounds kind of cool,” Julia chatted happily. Brenda sat back and drank her coffee. She should have known Julia would have already looked up the classes they offer.

“Are you ready to go register?” Julia asked. She grabbed the list of classes and pulled Brenda out the door. She didn’t even give her the chance to answer. They were at the school in a matter of minutes with how fast Julia was dragging her.

Brenda looked at the list of classes and started writing down the ones she was going to take. She saw Julia looking over her shoulder to see what she was choosing.

“Okay, I think we’re done,” Brenda said. She had fifteen classes picked out. That was more than she needed to graduate but it wouldn’t hurt.

“Okay I’ll hand it in for you,” Julia said. Brenda sat back down and sighed. What did she just get herself into? She waited for Julia to come back and they both left.

“Wasn’t that so much fun now?” Julia said smiling. Brenda just nodded her head and plastered on a fake smile. This was crazy. She saw Sonny coming there way and smiled.

“I’ll meet you at home,” Brenda said. She saw the look on Julia’s face and watched her leave.

“Hey there. Are we still on for tonight?” Brenda asked. She saw Sonny smile back and couldn’t help but blush.

“Of course. So what brings you out this way?” Sonny asked.

“I registered for summer school and I’m already regretting it. I signed up for like a million classes,” Brenda said rolling her eyes.

“Now I thought you didn’t want to go to school,” Sonny said smirking. He figured she was going to stay with her sister now that she was going back to school. Everyone could here Julia screaming at Brenda when she decided to drop out of school.

“Yeah well, I need an education,” Brenda said sarcastically remembering what Julia said to her when she decided to drop out. Sonny just laughed at her. She still couldn’t believe she was going back to school.

“Are you busy right now?” Sonny asked.

“No why?” Brenda asked back. She was still blushing. She couldn’t help it she just really liked Sonny a lot.

“I was thinking we could go to the beach or something. It’d only take a couple of hours to get there and its still early,” Sonny replied.

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit,” Brenda said smiling. The beach did sound fun. But she did still have to get her things from Jax’s place. That was going to be a nightmare.

“Niether did I,” Sonny smirked. He loved seeing her blush which she was doing a lot of at the moment.

“I don’t know Sonny. I still have to get my things from Jax and all. My sister would be worried about me being out all day,” Brenda said softly.

“We’ll be back before dark,” Sonny joked. He watched Brenda look down and then back up at him.

“Sure that sounds fun but I better be at home before dark,” Brenda laughed. She never thought she’d actually fall for Sonny.

“Ohh is your father gonna come after me if I don’t,” Sonny joked back. He grabbed Brenda by the arm and they walked to his place. She knew she’d have fun with Sonny and she really liked him.


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