Hello My Friend by Julie and Lori

Chap 1

Jason watched as Brenda slept beside him. Her breath blew the few
strands of hair
that fell across her face back and forth. He smiled softly as he
brushed them away.
His attention was caught by a sound from the baby monitor. He
listened and then
smiled. It was only Bailey talking to herself in her baby talk. He
shifted his attention
back to his wife. Wife. It still sounded a little funny. There was
time when he
thought that word would never apply to anyone but Robin. But then
Robin had met,
fallen in love, and married someone else. The night he heard the
heíd gone out
and got drunk as had Brenda when she heard Jax had died in a plane
crash. Theyíd
ended up in bed together and Bailey had been conceived. Heíd
her to
marry him saying that they could divorce after the baby was born.
when it had
come time to sign the divorce papers neither one could do it and
finally admitted what
their friends and family had known for months. They had fallen in
love with each
other. Looking at her now he knew that this was where he was meant
be. With
Brenda, their daughter and her son, Stone Devane Corinthos.

Brenda had found out she was pregnant a month after Sonny split
He still
remembered her screaming at him to find Sonny. That he needed to
he was
going to be a father. As much as Jason agreed with her he couldnít
help her. Sonny
had severed all contact with him two weeks prior to Brendaís

Jason rolled onto his back and thought back to a few days ago.

''So whatís up Luke?''

''I got a call yesterday from a friend of ours.''




''Sonny Corinthos called me yesterday and the first thing he asked
was if Brenda was
still around.''

''Did you tell him?''

''No. Iím gonna save that little piece of info for you jr.''

''Thanks Luke.''

''No problem.''

Back in bed Jason sighed to himself. Sonny Corinthos was the one
threat to his
happiness. How was he going to tell his friend and mentor that heíd
married the
woman he loved?


Brenda woke up and rolled over expecting to find Jason, but instead
found a pillow.
Then she heard his voice on the monitor. She put on her robe and
wandered down
the hall to the nursery. Jason was rocking Bailey and she was
gurgling at him.

''Why do you like to wake up daddy so early on a Saturday? Huh,
princess? That's
OK, I don't mind. But your mommy needs to sleep so we have to be
quiet.'' He
kissed his little girl. She had dark hair and Jason's piercing blue
eyes. Brenda could
watch them forever. Jason was so gentle with Bailey and Stone.
She loved
that little boy so much, but sometimes it made her sad. He looked
exactly like Sonny.
Same black curly hair, same dark intense eyes, he even had his
father's dimples.
Jason had been great. He was the only father Stone had ever, and
probably would
ever know. Sonny. It still made her so angry what he had done. She
was startled
from her thoughts, when her 3 year old wrapped himself around her

''Hey! How's my little man this morning?'' she asked as she picked
him up and made
her way into the nursery.

Jason looked up and smiled at his wife and son. Son. that's what
Stone was to him.
Biology meant nothing. He had his family. A beautiful, successful
wife that he adored
and two incredibly beautiful children. No one was going o take that
from him. Not
even his best friend.

Brenda bent down to kiss Jason. ''Morning baby. How long you been
with her?''

''She woke up about an hour ago.''

''Why didn't you wake me up?'' she asked as she picked up her

''I didn't want to wake you. Besides I figured you would need your
rest after last

''Jason, there are children in the room.'' she giggled as he kissed
her neck.

''Alright. So what are we doing today?''

''Well, I have to check on some stuff for the show at the Outback
tonight. Then I
thought we could take the kids to the park.''

''OK, I have to go see Luke, then I will pick you up at the

''Great. Well I have to meet Lois in half an hour so I better get
kids ready.'' she
kissed him again and started her day.


Jason strolled into Luke's about an hour later with Bailey in his
arms and Stone next
to him.

''Uncle Luke!'' Stone ran up to Luke and climbed on the bar stool.

''Hey partner! What are ya up to?'' Luke loved this little boy. He
godfather. He and Brenda had become close in the last 3 years. She
had grown
and matured into a savvy business woman and an excellent wife and
mother. He had
finally realized that he had been wrong about her. He also
why Sonny
and Jason had fallen head over heels in love with her.

''Daddy and Mommy are taking me and Bailey to the park today. Daddy
said we
could fly a kite.''

''Hey Stone why don't you go find Grampa and let daddy and uncle


The two men watched the little boy run in the back room and then
Jason turned to

''OK so what's the deal with Sonny? Is he coming back?''

''Jas man, I don't know. But from the way he was asking about
yeah I think
he's planning to make an appearance.''

Jason looked down at his daughter. ''Luke, Sonny's my best and I
him, but he
could ruin everything. I mean what happens when my wife finds out
real reason he
left town was to protect her, and that I never told her the

Chap. 3

''I donít know man. Iím just really glad Iím not you.''

''Gee thanks Luke.''

''No problem Jr. You know that little girl of yours gets more
beautiful each and every
time I see her.''

''She looks just like Bren.''

''You lucked out there.''

''I wouldnít say that Luke.'' Bobbies voice came from the door way.

''What do you mean baby sister?''

''Iím just saying that I seem to recall a certain niece of yours
had a
very large crush
on Jason here.''

''Yeah and if she knows whatís good for her shell stay with her
Quatermaine and
leave mine alone.''

''Baby whatíre you doing here?'' Jason handed Bailey to Bobbie and
walked over to
his wife.

''Well I wanted to talk to you.''

''I thought you had a meeting with Lois.''

''I did but I canceled after I finished my appointment with Alan.''

''Youíre not sick are you?''

''Not exactly. What do you think of the name Jeremy?''

''Its fine. Why?'' Realization started to dawn on him. ''Are you-?
Are telling me-?''

''Iím gonna have another baby.''


''6 months.''

''Are you serious?''


''Címere you.'' Jason took her in his arms and squeezed her tight.
Sonny is not going
to ruin this for me. He kissed the top of Brendaís head. For us.


Sonny walked the beach. He kept thinking of Brenda. God he had
her. But
soon heíd have her back. Oh sure shed be mad but they were meant
each other.
Theyíd be together if he had to spend the rest of his life begging
her forgiveness.
A family walking along the beach caught his attention. Maybe thatíd
them one day
soon. Theyíd always wanted children together and now maybe they
have them.
He just had to get back to her.

Ch.4~by Julie

Jason sat on a park bench and watched as Brenda played with Stone
Bailey. He
loved her so much. And the news about the baby blew him away. They
were going
to tell Stone tonight. Jason made up his mind that friend or not
Sonny Corinthos was
NOT going to destroy his family.

Brenda ran up to Jason and kissed him hard. ''What was that for?''

''Oh, well if youíre gonna complain I won't do it any more''

Jason grabbed Brenda's face and kissed her more passionately than
ever had
before. ''Don't ever stop kissing me. I love you more than my own
life. I don't know
what I'd do if I ever lost you.''

Brenda laughed. ''Jason, what's gotten into you today?''

He smiled and laughed. ''Nothing, baby. I'm just happy about the


''Of course I am. So I guess were going to need a bigger place. How
about we get a

''A real house? But what about the bodyguards?''

''Brenda, I want you to be safe and happy. You've always wanted a
house and now
youíre going to get it.''

''I love you so much, Jason.'' She kissed him again.



''Luke, my man!''

''Corinthos! How's it going friend?''

''Well, I was wondering if the old apartment above the club is

''Sure is. Why?''

''Well, I'm gonna need a place to stay.''

''You're coming back to Port Chuck?''

''My plane lands in an hour. I should be at the club in 2 hours,
See ya then

''See ya.'' Luke hung up the phone. ''Let the games begin and may
best man win.''

Chap 5~by Lori

Sonny watched out the window of the taxi as it drove towards
He couldnít
wait to see his best friend. Both of them. He frowned thinking of
Jason. He hadnít
been able to get a hold of him yet. But from what Luke had told him
he was still living
at the penthouse. Heíd drop by later and surprise him.




''Did you hear that?''

''The creak from Stones room?''


''Yeah I heard it. I was hoping it was a figment of my
Brenda giggled as
Jason nuzzled her neck. They were lying on the couch in each others
arms, just
relaxing while the kids were upstairs napping. They had been home
two hours and
so far Stone and Bailey had been sleeping peacefully but it sounded
like that was
about to change. Sure enough a few minutes later Stone appeared at
the top of the
stairs rubbing his eyes.


''What is it honey?''

''I cant sleep anymore.''

''Okay. But you have to be quiet because Baileys still sleeping.
here and well
find a video for you to watch.'' Stone obeyed his mother and ran
to her and

''Hey you know what? Mommy and I have something to tell you.''

''Now?'' Brenda looked at him.

''Yeah why not?''


''What? What?''

''You are gonna get another little sister or brother soon.''

''Really?'' Stone smiled and his whole face lit up.

''Uh-huh. What do you think of that?''


''Very cool.'' Brenda smiled at Jason over Stones head and he took
her hand. He
mouthed ''I love you.'' She smiled and mouthed it back. Their
exchange was noticed
by Stone.

''Are you two gonna be mushy now?''

''What do you know about mushy?''

''Grandpa and Grandma are always mushy when they talk about babies.
Aunt Karen and Uncle Joeís.''

''We wont get mushy on ya, promise.'' Jason said pulling Stone into
his lap and
tickling him.


Sonny walked into Lukeís and the first person he saw was Luke.

''Hey man.''

''Corinthos! Its great to see ya.'' He gave his friend a hug after
set his bags down.
''So whatís up?'' He asked as they sat down.

''Nothing much. I just came here straight from the airport but I
hoping you could
help me.''

''With what?''

Ch.6 by me

''Brenda? What about her?'' Luke was getting a little

''Well, for starters where is she living and is she involved with

''Uh, Sonny, maybe you should just go up and take a shower relax.''

''Luke, I've wasted to much time with her already. I don't plan on
wasting anymore.''

''Look, when Brenda sees you the you know what is really gonna hit
fan so I suggest that you rest up.''

''Luke...fine. But I still want to know what she's been doing for
past 4 years. Can you at least do that?''


Sonny took his bag and went upstairs. Luke waited for Sonny to
picked up the phone.

There was no answer at the Morgan household. ''Damn.'' Luke looked
the stairs that lead to the apartment above the club. ''This is not
to be fun.''


The Morgan family got back from the video store and Stone ran to

''Are you sure you want to go out tonight?''

''Jason, I'm fine. Really. Now Maxie will be here to sit in about
hour, which means I have to get ready. Now, make sure you call
and invite them to Luke's. I want all our loved ones around, when
announce our newest addition.'' She kissed him and ran up the

Jason stared after her, she was so happy. They both were. But he
couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. He shrugged it
and went upstairs to change.


Brenda and Jason strolled into Luke's that night looking like the
totally in love couple they were. Brenda was wearing a short black
and looked stunning. Mike and Mary waved them over to the table.

Dinner went along as planned. Everyone was having a great time. No
knew what was about to happen. Would change lives forever.

Chap 7

Sonny listened to the noise of the crowd from the back room. He
couldnít stop
thinking about Brenda. The minute heíd stepped foot inside their
memories engulfed him. Them making love, fighting, making up,
together, making meals together. He couldnít wait to see her.


Brenda giggled as Jason whispered in her ear. Mike looked at them
both with
fondness. He loved Brenda and Jason like they were his own. Brenda
noticed his
smile then.

''What are you so happy about Mike?''

''Why shouldnít I be happy? I have a beautiful wife, three
daughters and
four handsome sons. Not to mention all my grandchildren.''

''Speaking of grandchildren, youíre gonna have another one soon

''Youíre kidding?''

''Nope I found out today.''

''Congratulations. Hey Babe lets get a bottle of sparkling cider
here.'' Luke
walked over to their table, smiling.

''Whatís the occasion?''

''A new Morganís on the way.''

''Well congratulations and dinner is on me tonight.''

''Thanks Luke. Maybe I should get pregnant more often.'' Brenda

''No complaints here.''

''You just like whatís involved with me getting pregnant.''

''Damn straight.'' The table laughed

''Hey Jason can I talk to you for a minute?''

''Sure. Ill be back in a minute, okay?''

''Okay.'' Jason kissed her cheek and went with Luke into the

''Whatís up Luke?''

''Sonnyís here.''


Jason felt the breath stop in his chest.

''sonny's in PC?''

''Nope. He's upstairs. He wants her back.''


Everyone had been congratulating Brenda on the news of her

Mike came up and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

''I'm so happy for you, sweetie. I know how happy Jason and the

''thanks Mike. They do make me happy. They're my life. Ya know it's
funny. I always believed that the only person that could make me
Sonny. But now. Now, I know who the real love of my life is. My

mike smiled. He still couldn't understand what had happened 4 years
The day Brenda should have officially become a member of his
became the day she was officially exiled from it. But he had Stone
Bailey and now a new baby on the way to spoil. It helped fill the
that Michael had left in his heart.

''I know. So when are you due?''

''In about 6 1/2 months.'' Brenda was beaming. ''who would have
thought that I would become such a maternal person?''

''I did. I saw the way you were with Stone and sonny. I'm sorry
Brenda I
didn't mean to bring him up. Not when your so happy.''

''Mike don't apologize. Sonny can't hurt me anymore. He has no
my life. listen I'm going to go find my husband.''

she kissed mike on the cheek and went back to the office.


Sonny heard the noise from the club. It felt like old times. He
to go take a look around for any familiar faces.

He started down the steps when he heard Luke and a familiar voice
the office.


''what? Luke he is not going to destroy my family. He left her, he
has no
right to destroy my wife's happiness now!!!''

''Your wife? Jason you got married?''

Luke and Jason turned around to find Sonny smiling at his two
friends. Before either could speak the office door opened up.

''Honey, what's taking so long?''

All eyes turned to Brenda.

Ch 9

''Honey? Are you okay? You look like youíve seen a ghost.'' Brenda
hadnít seen
Sonny yet. He was standing out of her eye sight.

''Iím fine baby. Why donít you go call Maxie and check on the

''Okay. Donít take to long.''

''I wont.'' Brenda smiled at him and walked back into the club.
looked at

''What kids?''


''As yours and Brendaís?''


''Iím gonna go out front and distract Brenda.'' Luke left and Sonny
and Jason faced
each other.

''Iím waiting.''

''For what?''

''An explanation would be nice.''

''For what?''

''Lets see. You were MY best friend and you go and marry the woman
love. Id
say that requires an explanation. Boy I ask you to take care of
watch out for her,
and protect her and you take it to mean I want you to marry her?''

''I didnít marry her because you asked me to protect her I married
because I got
her pregnant!''


''Luke where is my husband?''

''Taking care of some business darlin.''

''Well I wish heíd hurry up. I want to go home, get rid of Maxie,
take my
husband to bed.''

''Id like to do that with Laura.''

''Has she called lately?''

''Not since last month.''

''Iím sorry Luke.''

''Thanks.'' Joe Scanlon came over to them.

''Hi Bren.''

''Hi Joe. Whereís Karen?''

''She had an emergency in pre-op. So Iím single tonight and I was
wondering if my
beautiful sister wants to dance.''

''Shed love to. Later Luke.'' Luke raised a glass in farewell and
looked at the back
room. Damn he wished heíd left that tape recorder on.


''You did what?''

''We got drunk one night and it just happened.''

''Congratulations. So why are you still married?''

''We love each other.''


''Brenda and I fell in love. Do you need me to draw you a
Before Sonny
could answer Mike came into the office.

''Hey Jason, Brenda wants to know'' He trailed off at the sight of
Sonny. He
whispered. ''Michael?''

Ch 11

''Defending myself. He punched me first.'' Sonny said sitting on

''After you antagonized him Iím sure.''

''Whoís side are you on?''

''For once Iím on Jason and Brendaís. Especially Brenda. You leave
You break
her heart and then you waltz back into town and think you can just
pick up where
you left off. Man youíre a piece of work. I thought I was


''Thanks for sitting Maxie. Say hi to Felicia and Mac for me.''

''Sure Bren. Bye Jason.''

''Bye Maxie.'' After Brenda shut the door behind her she turned
around to face
Jason. ''So what now?''

''Good question. I wish I had an answer.''

''Me too.''

''Why does he do this? Every time I have my life together he
back into it and
tears it apart.''

''Címere.'' Jason reached out his arms and Brenda walked into them.
''He wont tear
it apart this time Bren. I wont let him.''


''Selfish? Where do you get off calling me selfish?'' Sonny glared

''I think Iím pretty justified in thinking youíre selfish. You
you can just snap your
fingers and get Brenda back and to hell with the fact that sheís
with Jason.''

''When did you become her biggest supporter?''

''When I realized she wasnít the spoiled brat YOU always made her
to be.''


''Jas, what if he tries to take Stone away?''

''He doesnít even know about him.''

''This is a small town without a lot of gossipy people in it.
of them could slip
and try and then he could try and take away our son.''

''Thatís right. Heís our son. Sonny has no claim to him emotional

''Thanks I needed that.''

''I love you. Donít ever forget that.''


''Bren, I have something to tell you and I want to be the one to
you because its
my responsibility.''

''Jason whatís wrong?''

''Lets sit down.'' They sat on the couch.

''Honey youíre scaring me. Whatís the matter?''

''I lied to you about why Sonny left.''

Ch 12

''What do you mean you lied to me? Jason there has never been a lie
between us.''

''No there hasn't, but this wasn't my decision.'' He got up and
started pacing. He
wasn't sure how he was going to tell her, or what she would do when
she found out.

''Jason just tell me.''

''Baby, first you have to know how much I love you.''


''Luke what are you talking about, I made her out to be selfish.
was selfish!''

''No, partner that's where you're wrong. You never really
her. You still
don't. Take my advice Corinthos, leave her alone. She has a husband
and a family,
she's happy. Let her be.''

Sonny stared at Luke. ''Luke, tell me about her. What's she like
happened after I left?''


''Jason, honey, I know you love me. And I love you. Look I'm tired
and I really don't
want to talk about Sonny. Can't we just go to bed and make love?
just forget
that Sonny Corinthos ever existed.''

''Bren, I would love to do that, but I can't. You need to know the
real reason that
Sonny left you at the altar. And you need to know my part in it.''

Ch 13

''What do you mean your part in it?''

''Before I came to you at the church Sonny gave me instructions
what to tell
you. He wanted me to help you hate him.''

''I didnít need any help there.''

''Just listen to me. He didnít leave because he didnít love you. He
left because there
was a contract on his head and he wanted to protect you. He wanted
make sure
you were safe.''


''What she was like after you left? Okay. It took months for her to
pull herself
together. Jax, Lois, and Julia tried to help and so did Robin.''

''Julia? Her sister?''

''Yeah. Anyway after months of moping around she just snapped out
it one day.
She started coming to the club for dinner, going out with Lois and
Robin. That sort of

''You forgot to mention sleeping with Jason.'' Sonny said bitterly.

''That didnít happen until a couple of years ago.''

''And they already have two kids? They must be busy.'' Luke got a
look on his face.

''What what?''

''Whatís that look for?''

''What look?''

''Donít play dumb Spencer. What arenít you telling me?''


''To protect me? He left me and broke my heart to protect me?''


''No you know what? I donít care anymore. That excuse got old real
fast. Every time
heís done something to hurt me heís said it was to protect me. When
first got
together and he lied to me about what he did it was to protect me.
married Lily to
protect me and he stayed with her for the same reason. Now youíre
telling me he left
me at the altar to protect me. Well he can take his protection and
shove it. I donít
need that kind of protection or that kind of love. Not anymore. You
want to know


''Because I already have the best kind of love in the world. I have
yours and I
wouldnít trade it for anything.''

''That mean youíre not mad at me?''

''Nice try but Iím ticked as hell. But I kinda understand why you
it. You were
loyal to him at the time not me and even though you should have
me I guess its
okay that you waited until now. At least you told me before he did.
This way he cant
use it to hurt us.'' Jason walked over to her and kneeled down in
front of her. She
took his face in her hands. ''I love you Jason. So much.''

''I love you more than you will ever know. Now what did you say
going to
bed?'' Brenda giggled as Jasonís lips met hers. Then they rose and
Jason led her


''Iím not telling you anything.''

''Luke you know youíre not a good liar. Come on spit it out.''

''Its not my place to tell you.''

''Whoís place is it?''

''Jasonís and Brendaís.''

''Why? What are they hiding?''

Ch. 14

Jason laid in bed holding his wife. They had just had the most
intense night of
lovemaking since they had been together. It was like they were both
trying to prove
something to the other. Jason was trying to tell her how much her
loved her and how
sorry he was that he had lied for the past 4 years. She was trying
tell him that she
was no in love with Sonny anymore and that HE was the only man she
loved now.
He glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost 8. He hadn't
much. He
heard Bailey on the monitor and decided to get up. He made his way
done the hall to
the nursery and was surprised at what he saw. Stone was playing
Bailey through
the bars of her crib. She was smiling and gurgling happily at her
brother. Stone saw

''Daddy! You're up! Will you come play with us?''


Sonny hadn't slept all night. He knew that Luke wasn't telling him
something. He
thought back to last night. It certainly wasn't the homecoming he
planned. So
much had changed and so much was still the same. Brenda and Jason
were married,
with kids. That was still too unreal to comprehend. He even thought
it would have
been easier if she had remarried Jax. But instead she had married
best friend. He
hadn't wanted to be so cruel to her, but he couldn't help it. He
hurt and he didn't
want her to know it. He hadn't wanted to say the things he did at
all. Instead when he
saw her he had wanted to grab her and kiss her. He wanted to take
upstairs to
their old place and make wild passionate love to her all night
But instead she
went home and made love to her husband, his best friend. And he
home alone.
He still couldn't get over the fact that she was a mother. He
remembered when they
were together, she was the least maternal person he had ever met.
now, he
wanted to see her with her children, see what kind of a mother she
was. but he knew
if he did, he wouldn't be able to control his jealousy for Jason's
life. The life he was
supposed to have with Brenda.

''It wasn't supposed to end up like this Brenda.''


Jason was playing on the floor of the nursery with Stone and
He watched
Stone. There was no denying that he was Sonny's child. He looked
exactly like him
and it killed Jason. He then thought about what Brenda had said
earlier. What if
Sonny did try to take Stone from them? He would take his best
down before
he would let Brenda lose her son. Their son.


''Hey baby! What are you doing up so early?''

''You know I can't sleep without your arms around me.'' She kissed

''So what are you doing today?''

''Well, Lois and I decided to take the kids to the zoo. We haven't
had much time to
talk lately between L&B and family, so we thought this would give
a chance to
catch up.''

''I think that's a good idea. So why don't we meet at Kelly's for
dinner? I'm sure
Ruby would love to see the kids and we still haven't told her about
baby number
three yet.''

''Great! Well I guess I better get the kids ready. So I'll see you

She kissed him again and started to round up the kids.


Brenda strolled into Luke's an hour later. She hadn't even thought
that Sonny would
have the nerve to move back into their old place above the club.

''Uncle Luke!'' Stone ran towards the bar and climbed up on a

''Hey partner! What are you doing today?''

''Mommy and Aunt Lois are taking us to the zoo!''

''Wow that sounds like fun. Hey there little princess. Bren there's
something I think
you should know.''

''Luke we got any coffee?''

Brenda whipped around and stared at Sonny.

Chapter 15

Sonnyís eyes focused on Brenda. ''Well if it isnít Mrs. Morgan.''

''Sonny. I think I can guess what you were gonna tell me Luke.''

''Yeah I guess you can.''

''Uncle Luke whoís he?'' Stone said pulling on Lukeís pantleg.
looked down
at the little boy.

''Heís no one sweetie. Címon were gonna be late for the zoo.'' She
turned around
and picked up the baby carrier in one hand and took Stones hand
her other.
''Luke Ill talk to you later.''

''Sure Brenda see you later.'' Brenda walked out of the club,

''Mama whatís wrong?''

''Nothing baby. Mama was just a little surprised.'' Stone accepted
the explanation as
Brenda settled him and Bailey in their car seats and drove to the
gatehouse. She had
to take deep breaths the whole way there to keep herself from
Sonny had
seen his son. He had to know that Stone was his. They looked
alike. God
what was she going to do?


''Who was that little boy?'' Sonny looked at Luke who was trying to
look like he was
fascinated by the leisure section of the paper.

''What little boy?''

''The one who called you Uncle Luke.''

''Oh that little boy. Thatís Brenda and Jasonís son.''

''He doesnít look anything like Jason or Brenda.''

''So he looks like Alan and the sweet thing that was Jasonís


''Its a long boring Quartermaine-esque story. What else do you want
to know?''

''Whereís Jason now?''

''Probably working in his office.'' Sonny charged out of the club.
''Youíre welcome.''
Luke picked up the phone and dialed Jason. ''Hey Jason its Luke. I
just wanted to
let you know that Sonnyís on his way over. Yeah Brenda and the
were in
today and Sonny got a real good look at Stone. Bingo. Hey call me
tell me how
it goes.''


''Sure thing Luke.'' Jason hung up the phone and began to pace his
office. When he
stopped he picked up the picture of him, Bren, and the kids. It was
taken a few
months after Bailey was born. ''This is my family and I wont let
tear it apart.
Friend or not.''


''So anyway I turn around and standing there is Sonny. Iím telling
Lois I nearly

''Oh man. Did he see Stone?''

''Oh yeah. As soon as Stone opened up his mouth to ask Luke who

''You really are in trouble.''

''What if he tries to take him away? I cant lose my son Lois.''

''Honey no judge in their right mind would give Sonny custody.''

''How can you be so sure?''

''Because you and Jason are the best parents in the world and Sonny
has a history of
taking off and violence. Donít get me wrong I love him like a
but he would
never get custody.''

''I hope youíre right Lo. I really do.''


''Show him in Pete.'' The bodyguard nodded and left the study. A
minutes later
Sonny entered the room. ''Hi Sonny. Didnít expect to see you again
soon. Do you
want some coffee?''

''Cut the niceties Morgan. I have a question. That little boy I saw
this morning with
Brenda. Whoís his father?''

Ch. 16

Jason stared at Sonny. His worst fear had come true. Sonny knew
he wasn't
really Stone's father. He had to stall.

''What are you talking about? What little boy?''

''That's cute Jason.'' Then he saw the picture on Jason's desk. He
picked it up. ''This
little boy.''

''He's mine.''

''Yeah right and I'm the tooth fairy. I believe that he's Brenda's
son, he has her smile,
but no way in hell I'm I gonna believe that he's your kid.''

''Well, believe it, cause it's true.''

Sonny studied the picture. The little baby. It had Jason's eyes and
the rest was
Brenda. But the little boy...could it be? Sonny looked up at Jason.

''He's my son isn't he?''


''Can I speak to Justus Ward please?'' Brenda waited patiently on
phone. Lois
knew she was scared to death.

''Justus? Hi! It's Brenda. Listen Jason and I need to talk to you
about a possible
custody suit. Yeah. Could you meet us tomorrow morning at the Q's?
thanks! Bye.''

''Well? What'd he say, Bren?''

''He said he'd meet us. Apparently Mike called him this morning and
told him about
Sonny being back in town.''

''Smart move Mike. Bren? Listen I know youíre scared, but youíre
going to lose
Stone. I promise.''


Jason stared at Sonny. He wasn't sure what to do or say next.

''Well? Am I right? Of course I am. I have a son. With Brenda. I'm

Still Jason said nothing.

''Look Morgan, if you and Brenda think you're going to keep me away
from my son,
you're wrong. I want you to call Brenda and tell her I want to meet
my son. Now.''


''Lo, I'm gonna go see Jason and tell him what happened. He needs
know that
Sonny saw Stone and that there could be trouble.''

''If you need anything, call me k?''

''K.'' Brenda hugged her best friend and picked up the baby and
grabbed Stone's
hand. She loaded them into the car and headed for Jason's office.

''Mommy where are we going and why didn't we go to the zoo?''

''We're going to see daddy, sweetheart. Mommy's really sorry about
the zoo. We'll
all go another day.''

''Promise mommy?''

''I promise.''

Ch 17

''Jas? Baby are you here?'' Brenda called out. No answer. ''Stone
upstairs and
play okay?''

''Okay mommy.'' Stone ran upstairs. Brenda set Baileys carrier on
table and
took off her coat. Then she put Bailey in the playpen and went
further into the
penthouse towards Jasonís study. She stopped at the sound of

''Look I dot have to do anything. I sure as hell donít have to
my wife to bring
our son home because you want to see him.''

Heís not your son. Heís mine.'' Brenda decided now would be a good

''Thatís youíre wrong Sonny.''

''Bren, when did you get home?''

''A couple of minutes ago. I wanted to talk to you about what
happened this morning
but Iím guessing you already know.''


''Where is he Brenda?''

''My son? Heís upstairs in his room playing but if you think for
seconds you are
getting within five feet of him you are sadly mistaken.''

''Heís my son too.''

''No heís not. You are not his father. Stones father is the man who
held my hair
back when I had morning sickness. Heís the one who got me food in
middle of
the night. Heís the one whose hand I nearly broke during labor.
father sleeps
next to me at night and Stones father is the one heís called Daddy
since he could
talk. Youíre Stones father? I donít think so. You are nothing to
and you are
nothing to me. Now get the hell out of my house.''

Sonny just stood there. He couldnít believe Brenda could be so
They shared a
son and she was acting like it was nothing. ''Brenda, I-''

''I think she made herself clear Sonny.'' Lukeís voice came from
doorway. ''You
better go.'' Sonny put the picture back down on the desk and slowly
walked out of
the room. As he walked through the living room he passed by the
playpen. He took a
look a Brendaís daughter. It wasnít supposed to be like this. Not
them. They
were supposed to be together for the rest of their lives. As he got
in the elevator, he
blinked back tears. He had lost her. For good this time. He had
her to his best
friend. What in Gods name was he supposed to do now?

Ch. 18

Luke and Jason stared at Brenda. She had followed Sonny with her
as he left.
She looked at Jason and Luke and started to cry. Jason went to
comfort his wife, but
she shook her head and left the room. Jason turned to Luke.

''You don't think that she still loves him do you?''

''Jr., she'll always love him. But she's married to you. And she
that quite clear
just now. Listen she needs some time to deal with all this. She's
buried a lot of
feelings for that man for 4 years. it's gonna take some time.''

''I know that. I'm just scared she'll regret marrying me.''

''Jr., I know Brenda, And I know how she feels. She loves you.
in that.''


Brenda went over to the playpen and picked up Bailey. She held her
daughter close.
Then she started to cry. She couldn't help it. She loved him. She
hated him. She was
angry, confused, scared and tired. Stone came downstairs and saw
mother crying.

''Mommy? What's a matter?''

''C'mere Stone.''

She hugged her son close. She walked over to the couch and sat down
holding both
her children.

''Mommy why are you crying? I don't like it when you cry.''

''Mommy's fine sweetheart. Why don't we take a nap?''

''I'm not tired.''

''Please. I'll sing you a song.''


Brenda laid down and Stone and Bailey laid down with her. She sang
lullaby and all
three of them fell asleep.


Sonny went to the docks. Their place. He was crying now. He
stop the
tears. He kept hearing her words. She was so angry at him for
her. She
would never forgive him. More importantly, she would never let him
a part of his
son's life. His son. It was still hard to believe. He was a father.
He remembered this
morning at Luke's. He saw Stone in his mind. He had been so close
him and hadn't
known. He had a beautiful son. A son that didn't know who his real
father was.
Would he ever know?

Mike came down the stairs of the docks and saw his son. He could
from the look
on his face that Sonny knew about Stone.

''Did she tell you or did you figure it out?''

Sonny looked up at his father.

''It's funny how ironic life can be isn't Michael? I mean you never
really forgave me
for doing what I thought was best when I left my wife and son, and
here you sit,
realizing you did the exact same thing. So how does it feel?''

Ch 19

''Its not the same thing Mike. I didnít know about Stone. You knew
about me.''

''Yeah I knew about you but you knew about Brenda. Do you have any
clue as to
how much you hurt her?''

''Yeah I think I do. She chewed me out today. Big time.''

''You deserved it.''


''Well what do you expect me to say?''

''Maybe IM sorry you were lectured by the woman you love and the
woman who
made it crystal clear that I will never have a place in my sons

''Give her some time to cool off then try talking to her again. Oh
and Michael?''


''Get some sleep. You look like hell.'' Mike chuckled as he walked
away and Sonny
shook his head. Maybe Mike was right. Just give her some time.
He had plenty
of it now.


Jason smiled at the sleeping forms of Brenda, Stone, and Bailey.
had left and he
was watching them sleep. He gently picked up Bailey and put her in
her playpen and
then he took Stone upstairs. When he came back down he put a
on Brenda
and gently laid her down. Then he laid down next to her and put his
arms around her.
She snuggled close to him and he kissed the top of her head.

''I love you Brenda.'' He whispered. Then he closed his eyes for

Ch. 20

Brenda woke up the next morning to the sound of Jason cooking
breakfast. Bailey
was wide awake and playing in her playpen and Stone was playing
his trucks on
the floor. Brenda realized then that she had slept on the couch.
got up and kissed
the kids, then went into the kitchen.

Jason looked up and smiled at his wife.

''Good morning, beautiful!''

''Well aren't we in a good mood this morning.''

Jason went over and kissed her. ''And why not? I have two
another one on the way and an amazing wife. I'm a very lucky guy!''

''Well, I won't argue with that!''

''C'mon, breakfast is ready.''

The Morgans sat down and had a big family breakfast. Both Jason and
Brenda were
trying to forget the night before. Neither were succeeding.


Sonny had finally gotten some sleep, although it was not peaceful.
dreamt of
Brenda and Stone and of the life they should of had. He walked down
the stairs to
the club. He decided that maybe Mike was right. maybe if he just
her some
time. Or maybe if he could talk to her alone.


''Bren, don't worry about it. I'll go to the meeting with Justus.
stay here with the
kids. I don't think Sonny is going to try anything. Just enjoy some
time alone with the
kids. Remember in 6 months or so there's going to be three of them
and you'll be
begging for some peace and quiet.''

''OK, OK, you win. Tell Justus I said Hello! I Love you Jason
don't forget
that!'' She kissed him and walked him to the front door.

''I never do. Bye!''


Before Sonny entered the club he saw Justus and Luke talking at the

''Well, Luke I gotta go. I'm meeting Jason at the Q's in 15
so I better get

''Is Brenda doing any better this morning?''

''Well, Jason didn't really say, but from what I gather not really.
She's not coming to
the meeting.''

Sonny knew this was his chance. Brenda would be at the penthouse
alone. She had
to let him explain. Let him talk to her. He left out the back way
headed over to
the penthouse.


A half hour after Jason left, Brenda had gotten dressed and gotten
the kids dressed.
Bailey was walking around, although not very steadily around the
living room. Stone
was back to playing with his trucks and other toys that he had
around the
room. Brenda was feeling very sick this morning and wasn't sure if
was fear or
morning sickness. She didn't have time to answer her own question,
due to the door
bell. Stone ran and opened the door.

Sonny looked down at his son. He couldn't believe he was standing
front of him.

''Stone what did mommy tell you about opening up the door.. What
hell are you
doing here?''

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