It Happened One Night by Yvonne Schlitt

Lois had sold her shares of L&B records to Sonny. When she came to visit
Ned, she realized that she did not want any connection with Port Charles
at all. She also wanted to devout her time raising her daughter not on
business. The story starts in Sonnyís office at Lukeís. In my world Jax
becomes involved with Miranda after finding that she had been staying in
Port Charles all these years under an alias. Therefore Jax and Brenda
never get married.

Brenda walks into in to the office without knocking. In her hand were
some papers. She had other things to do and did not waste her time
talking to Sonny.
Brenda: Sonny I need your sign.........
Sonny(interrupting her before she can finish): Have you ever
heard of knocking?
Brenda continues with what she was saying ignoring Sonny: As I was
saying, I need your signatures on these contracts for Miguel.
S: What contracts?
B: The ones I told you about at our last meeting. The ones for
Miguelís concert tour. Donít you ever listen to me?
S: I only listen to things that are important. (Sonny was in a
mood to edge Brenda on. He loved the way her eyes shined when she was
angry or turned on.)
S: Besides, isnít it time that Miguel came home for a while. He
has been on tour for years now. Doesnít the people get tired of
B: He is popular with the ladies.
S: You should know.
B:(angrily) Listen I did not come her to talk about my personal
live or Miguelís. All I need is your John Hancock on these
contracts and then I will let you go on with your so-called
legatee business work.
S: All my business is legatee.
B: Yeah, and that is why the federal government is always after
you and you could never tell me what exactly you did. Listen I
donít want to get into a fight with you. Just sign those contracts.
S: No
B: No?! Sonny why are you being stubborn about some stupid
S: I just want to read them over to make sure that we are not
giving Miguel more than he deserves. Before that you are not
going to get my signature on any of those contracts.
B: You are so Stubborn!!!
S: That is what you love about me, baby.
Brenda attempts to slap Sonny on the face, but Sonny grabs her arm and
pulls her close to him. He kisses her passionately on the lips. Brenda
breaks away and leaves the room flustered, dropping the contracts on the
way out. Sonny just stands there smiling still feeling her lips on his.
Meanwhile, Brenda has reached the gatehouse and is sitting at the desk
doing business. She tries to focus on her work, but the events of
earlier remain in her head.
B:(talking to herself) The nerve of that man to kiss me like
that. Who does he think he is? Okay Brenda you have to focus on
your work and donít let Sonny get to you.
She tries to do work, but the thought of his arms around her and the look
on his face, and those lips on hers makes it very hard.
B: I give up! I need some fresh air. That will help clear my
head. I will go for a walk in the park. Hopefully that will help.
Brenda picks up the keys to her Porsche and heads out the door.

When Brenda is at the gatehouse trying to do work, Sonny has moved out of
back office and is sitting at his chair at the bar. Jason walks in and
sits down next to him.
S: Did you get the information I sent you out for this morning?
Jason: ( handing Sonny an yellow envelope) yeah, here it is. Are
you sure about this? Those guys did not look like they could be trusted.
S: Yeah, Iím sure. By the way my day is going nothing could go
Jason looks toward Mike who is doing stock for some answers to why Sonny
is so happy.
Mike: All I know is that Brenda ran out her all flustered and
ever since he has been mr. go happy. We even had a conversation
that did not end up with him telling me to mind my own business.
J: (looking at Sonny puzzling) What happened with Brenda that
made you so happy?
S: Letís just say that the time has come for Brenda to be in my
life again. And this time I am not going to let her go.
S: What time is it?
M: twenty after
S: I gotta go. I am late for an appointment.
J: Do you want me to tag along?
S: No, I need to handle this myself. Meet me at Rubyís in an
J: Are sure? I got this gut feeling that this not right.
S: Listen I know how to handle things and besides I always carry
protection if things donít go as planned.
Sonny heads out the door, heading toward the park for his meeting time.
Business Associate: Okay, Letís make this quick. I got things to
S: You called for this meeting and now you want things to hurry
BA: I donít like discussing things in public.
S: Then why did you ask to meet here? Are you trying to set me
up? Cause if you are you are messing with the wrong man.
BA: No, relax. I thought that being in public would be less
auspicious. I guess I am just a little nervous about the Feds.
S: The Feds canít do squat unless you give them reason too. Now
tell me what you want to know. I am getting a little tired of
BA: Are you sure we are safe? And that you came alone?
S: Yes! Now get on with it before I give you a reason to worry.
Just as Sonny is saying this. Brenda walks by. She becomes angry.
B: Sonny, just the man I was looking for. I have some things to
say to you.
S: Brenda, this is not the time or the place.
BA: I told that I wanted to meet you alone. And look now I see
that you are trying to deceive me. Well you are going to pay for
The Business Associate grabs Brenda from behind and pulls a knife on her.
BA: If you follow us, your pretty friend is going to pay.
S: Let her go. She had nothing to do with this. She was just
passing through.
B: Sonny?!!
BA: Do you honestly believe that I would fall for that excuse.
She probably was part of your plan the whole time. Now she is
going to pay for your mistake if you do not listen to me. Donít
follow us or you will find this pretty face floating in the Port
Charles River. I will get in contact with you if I decide to let her
B: Sonny!!!
S: Brenda stay calm and do what he says. I will rescue you. I
promise with every breath in my body.
The Business Associate takes off Brenda. Suddenly Jason pulls out of the
bushes. Sonny turns with his gun and puts it down when he realizes who it

S: Didnít I tell you never sneak up on me like that. Next time I
might not look before I shoot. What are you doing here anyway. I told
you to meet me at Rubyís.
J: Sorry, I told you I did not think that was right so I followed
just to make sure. You ought to be glad I did because I got the
licensee plate number on the vehicle and saw which he was heading with
Brenda. Do you want me to follow him?
S: Of course I do. I will not let anyone harm Brenda. Call me
when you find out where he has taken her. I need to go think of a
plan and make some few phone calls. Do not do anything before I get
there. I do not want her hurt by some stupid mistake. Do you hear me?
J: Yes, Sonny. I will call you as soon as I find them.

Jason leaves to follow them. Sonny heads to grave of Lily to search for
some answers.
S: Lily, I donít know what to do? I love her so much that it
hurts sometimes just to look at her. But what if I am putting her
in danger just being partners with her. I have to find a way to
make her safe. The one thing I learned is that I canít live without
Brenda in my life. I canít lose her again.

As Sonny is talking to Lily, the Business Associate took Brenda to an
abandoned warehouse on fifth street. She is tied and gagged in a chair
that sits in the center of the room. She has a cut on her forehead from
when the Business Associate hit in the head to knock her unconscious.
Blood has run down her forehead. She has other scraps and bruises from
the ordeal.

BA: You better hope that your friend does not make a mistake? I
would hate to have to kill a pretty face like you.
(As he is saying this he reaches his hand out and strokes her face.
Brenda turns her head away to hide the tears. She is praying that Sonny
gets here soon.)
BA: But before I kill I might come up with a few things that
would make it more pleasurable for the both of us.
Brenda screams and tries to fight him touching you. Tears are strolling
down her face.
BA: Shut up or I will really make you have something to scream

Jason walk near the warehouse door and hears the whole incident. He calls
S: Cornithos
J: I found them.
S: where? Tell me now and I will be over there as I can.
J: I am at the corner of fifth and miller street. It is an
abandoned warehouse with a sign that says Black Quartz on the
S: Gottcha ya. Does she seem okay?
J: I donít know. I canít get a good look, but I can hear her
scream and cry.
S: If he has laid one hand on her I will personally tear his
heart with a knife. Donít do anything I am on my way.

Few minutes later Sonny arrives at the warehouse. He finds Jason and
they devise a plan to get Brenda free.
S: You go around the back and sneak in through the crack in the
door. When you get in, distract the guy as I get Brenda free. Knockout
if you have to, but donít kill him. That is going to be my job. Now be
careful, Brenda is the most important person in my life. I donít want
her harm by us making a stupid mistake. Understand?
J: Yeah, I would feel the same way about Robin.
Jason heads off toward the back. Sonny patiently waits, watching Brenda.
BA: You know it is too bad that we had meet this way. I am sure
that I am a better man than that Sonny. I am sure that he does not
know how to treat you right.
The Business Associate begins to stroke Brendaís leg. Brenda squirms and
tries to hold back the tears, knowing that would cause him to hit her
again. Sonny stands and listens becoming more angry by the minute.
Meanwhile, Jason has snuck into the warehouse and crept behind the
Business Associate. The Business Associates turns around and Jason knocks
him unconscious. Sonny enters and unties Brenda. He takes her in his
arms and Brenda just hangs on to him tightly.
S: You are safe Brenda, and I promise that nothing like this will
happen again. I will die before I let anyone hurt you.
Jason walks out just before Brenda could respond.
J: What do you want me to do with the guy?
S: I will handle him. You take Brenda to the car. I will be back
in five minutes.
Sonny walks toward the warehouse. A few seconds later you hear gunshots
as Sonny shoots the Business Associate. He then heads to the car where
Jason outside and Brenda is inside huddling.
S: Why donít you go home for the night. I will take care of the
J: Are you sure?
S: Yeah! I will call you in the morning with more plans.
Jason takes off on his motorcycle. Sonny opens the car door and stares
at Brenda hating the way that she looked and what he put here through.
S: Iím sorry Brenda
B: Sonny, you have nothing to be sorry about. It was my fault
that I walked into you in the park.
S: But if you had never known me then you would not have had to
go through this.
B: It wasnít your fault and I donít ever regret having you in my
life. I just need to get out of here. But, I need to ask you a favor
S: Anything at all. I will do anything for you.
B: Can I stay at your place tonight. I donít feel like being
S: Of course.
Sonny gets into the car and they head to the penthouse. He carries her up
the stairs because she twisted her ankle fighting the Business Associate
in the park. Brenda is sitting on the couch. Trying to forget the night.
Sonny comes down holding a t-shirt in his hand.
S: Here I brought you this to sleep in? I remember how you use to
love to sleep in it when we were living together.
Sonny and Brenda lock eyes remembering their relationship together. After
a few moments of silence Sonny finally says something.
S: Are you sure that you are going to be all right on the couch?
After what you have been through, you deserve a good sleep in a
comfortable bed.
B:(attempting a smile) Yeah! But I am starving. Do you think that
I could get something to eat?
S: Your wish is my command. Go change and when you get back a
feast will be waiting for you.
Brenda heads upstairs to the bathroom. Turning around only once to look
to back at her savior. Sonny heads to the kitchen to prepare something
for Brenda. A few minutes later he comes out of the kitchen carrying a
tray of food. Just as he enters the living room, Brenda comes down the
stairs in Sonnyís t-shirt. Sonny stops in his steps and just looks at her
with loving eyes. He realizes then how much he really loves her.

B: What is wrong?
S: Nothing, I just forgot how beautiful you look in my shirts.
Brenda smiles and heads to the table to see what there is to eat. She is
starving, but realizes that she is not just starving for food.
B: What do you have here? Chocolate croissants. You remembered.
S: I never forgot anything about you, sweetheart.
Sonny reaches out and grabs her hand. They lock eyes again and stare into
each others souls for what seems like eternity. Sonny then moves closer
and whispers in her ear.
S: Do you know that every night I lay awake at nights thinking
about you. I dream about your eyes and how they shine, the feel of
your lips on mine, and how soft your body feels when I touch it. You
are like a drug that I can not get enough of. Do you feel the same
way Brenda?
Brenda lets out an exasperated Yes! Sonny then begins to kiss her. Slowly
at first building his intensity with each kiss. He gently then lifts her
on to the table swiping the food on to the floor.
B: I love you Sonny! I always have.
S: Shhh!
And he kisses her some more. She slowly removes his shirt revealing the
body that she had been dreaming about at night. He takes off her shirt
and admires the body that he has yearned for so long. They make
passionate love. Letting go all the feeling they have been holding back
so long. They finally end upstairs in Sonnyís bed. Just before they fall
asleep in each others arms.
Sonny whispers: Brenda are you awake. There is something that I
have to say to you. I canít hold it back any longer.
B: What is it Sonny.
S: I love you with all my heart and soul. I canít live without
your love. I promise that I will keep you safe at all costs.
B: I know. I always safe when I am with you. Do you know I how
much I love you.
S: Yes, but I would like to see you prove it to me.
Brenda smiles and passionately kisses Sonny. They make love and fall
asleep in each others arms knowing that they have found their soul mate
for life.
The End

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