"Ghosts from the Past" by MBoyd93192@aol.com

Chapter 1
Brenda: "I can't believe this is all finally over."
Sonny: "Neither can I, baby. But, hey, like you said, it's over. The
murder has been solved, the illustrious Tin Man is in jail, and we can
finally get on with our lives."
B: "I know. I love you, Sonny."
S: "I love you too sweetheart."
Brenda gave Sonny a weary smile and put her head on his shoulder as they
walked out of the Port Charles police station. A few days earlier, Sonny
Brenda had led the Tin Man back to PC where there had been a showdown
Sonny and the mysterious stranger. The Tin Man turned out to be a cousin
Sonny's dead wife, Lily, who was out to avenge her death and take over the
organization. Sonny was about to kill the murderer when he was stopped by
Luke and the PCPD who had gotten word that the three were back in town. So
now, after several hours of arguing, interrogations, and insults between
Sonny and Brenda and Taggert and Garcia, the couple was headed to their
respective homes to shower and get some much needed sleep.

The next morning, Brenda called Sonny.
B: "Hi. Did I wake you?"
S: "No, I was actually getting ready to call you but I didn't expect you to
be up so early. Any more nightmares?" Brenda smiled at the concern and
in Sonny's voice.
B: "No, actually I slept better than I have in weeks. I missed you
though so I was calling to see if you'd like to go to breakfast."
S: "Well, sure, babydoll. How about you meet me in the park in one hour?"
B: " Um, ok, 1 hour then. Bye, honey, I love you."
S: "I love you too. See ya in one hour."
Brenda hung up the phone, puzzled. Why does he want me to meet him in the
park? she thought. She shrugged her shoulders and went to get dressed.

Exactly one hour later, Brenda pulled her red Porsche into a parking spot
across the street from the park and got out. It felt so good to be driving
again, to doing normal things. She and Sonny had been on the run for so
and it had felt like they'd never stop running. But not anymore. Now they
could go back to being a couple again. Brenda smiled at this thought and
closed the car door. She scanned the area around her but she didn't see
Sonny's limo anywhere. "What's going on, Sonny?" she wondered aloud.
sighed and walked to the bench where she and Sonny always seemed to wind up
at. Sonny was nowhere to be seen though. "Sonny? Sonny, where are you?"
called out but there was no sound except for the early morning breeze in
trees. Worried, Brenda checked her watch but she was on time. Then she
noticed a piece of paper taped to the side of the bench. Curious, she
around but seeing no one, she decided to read the note. It read:
"Dear Brenda. You're probably wondering where I am. That is for me to know
and for you to find me. Ha ha. Go to the place where we first saw each
to find the next clue. Happy hunting!"
Brenda smiled. "Ooh. This is going to be fun!" She turned and practically
to her car. The docks? No, she thought, I first saw him at the Paradise
Lounge, which was now Luke's. She started the car and headed for the

Chapter 2
Brenda drove quickly to Luke's hoping to find the next clue. But where
she look? she wondered. Oh well, maybe someone would know what was going
She parked her car next to the club and went inside. But no one was
She looked on and under chairs and tables, looking for the next clue but
couldn't find one. Confused, Brenda went back outside. She began to walk
back towards her car when she saw a note taped to the corner in the wall in
front of her. Excited and grinning from ear to ear, Brenda ran to get the
note. It read:
"Hi babe! You were confused for a minute, wern't you? Well, this place here
was special for us too. Now go to the place that is very important to us.
We were reunited twice here and will always be a special place for us
Brenda smiled and closed her eyes after she finished reading the note. The
spot she was standing in *was* special and she thought back to the night
Sonny placed her against that very wall and had begun to kiss her so
incredibly passionately. She had wanted to be with him so badly that night
but instead the police came an arrested him. Brenda smiled agan at this
memory and went back to her car. The docks had to be next.

Chapter 3
Brenda got out of her car and had to restrain herself from running to the
docks. She got there and immediately found a piece of paper taped to the
lamppost. It read:
"Hi honey. I was thinking- Wouldn't it be funny if someone else found these
notes? well, I hope you are getting these Brenda but I don't think anyone
else would get the clues. Least I hope not. Anyways, these docks have been
both good and bad to us. Now, you're going to have to take a drive. Drive
the countryside, to where we had our picnic. Be there by 7:30 pm. Drive
Brenda checked her watch- it was now 12:30. No wonder I'm so hungry, she
thought. We were suppose to be going to breakfast so I guess I'll have to
some lunch by myself. She grinned and got back in her car and drove off.

Jason's cell phone rang.
J: "Hello?"
S: "It's me. Were you able to get it? How does it look?"
J: "Yeah" Jason grinned "I got it. Are you excited man? Do you know how
you're going to do this?"
S: "Yeah, don't worry man. I got it all figured out. It's gonna be
Now remember, not a word to Robin because I don't want there to be a chance
of Brenda finding out until tonight when I tell her."
J: "Ok, ok. No problem. Anything you need me to take care of while you're
S: "Nah, nothing special. Just the day-to-day stuff. Look, I'll be in
all right?"
J: "All right, man. Well, have a good time."
S: "Believe me, I intend on doing just that."

Brenda checked her watch for what seemed like the hundredth time that
afternoon. It was 5:30, the perfect time to start driving since it would
probably take her a couple hours to get there. She freshened up in the
bathroom of her hotel room, grabbed her keys and purse, and left.

She began the slight hike up to the overlook where she and Sonny had made
love so many weeks ago. It had been the first time she felt they had been
"together" since before their awful brreakup two years ago. She shuttered
that memory but reminded herself that the days of lies, pain, and not
trusting one another were gone now and they were ready to move forward-
together. She smiled at this and finally reached the top of the overlook.
She grinned from ear to ear when she saw the blanket, picnic basket,
candles, and soft music playing from the tiny radio. But she didn't see
Sonny. Well, maybe he's a little late himself, she thought, and she walked
over to the rail at the edge of the cliff. There seemed to be so many
out that evening and she could just make out the sounds of the river down
below. Brenda smiled as she breathed in the cool air.
All of a sudden she felt arms slide around her waist and a voice said close
to her ear, "I love this time of day. Don't you?" Brenda turned around,
startled, but was relieved to see Sonny standing there. He looked so
gorgeous, standing there. He was freshly shaved and rested and was wearing
black tux.
B: "I feel a little underdressed." Brenda said as she looked down at her
black skirt and satin silver shirt.
S: "No, you look breathtakingly beautiful." Sonny replied.
B: "So, Sonny, what's up with the wild around-town chase and all of this?"
S: "Well, I thought that after all that we've been through in the past two
minths, we deserve a little together-time."
B: "Well, you know Sonny, we've been together, just you and me, every day
the past two months. Not that that was bad of course."
S: "Yes, I know but I wanted a little romantic together-time. Now, I
this is romantic, don't you? See, I got the candles, the music,..."
B: "It's perfect, Sonny. Everything is perfect."
Sonny smiled at her, not believeing she was here. Well, of course she was
here, but she was so beautiful and so wonderful and he loved her so much
everytime he was with her, it was like a dream. A wonderful dream come
and he felt so lucky to have her with him finally. It had taken so long for
them to come to this point.

Chapter 4
S: "Would you care to dance?"
B: "But of course."
Brenda smiled as Sonny took her hand and led her over by the small radio.
took her in his arms and they began dancing to the soft, slow jazz coming
of the little speaker. She felt so safe. Even while they were on the run
from the Tin Man and she kept having awful nightmares of when she had been
shot at in the shower, she felt safe as long as she was with him. He was
anchor, her life, her soulmate. She smiled at this last thought. Sonny
twirled Brenda out of his arms and then pulled her back in before dipping
her. When she came back up in his arms, she was breathless with happiness
and excitement. Sonny looked her straight in the eyes and whispered,
S: "I love you so much."
B: "I love you too."
Sonny took her face in his hands and kissed her slowly and leisurely
they both knew they had all the time in the world now. He pulled away and
motioned for her to sit down on the blanket. He opened up the picnic
and took out two plates of pasta, a bottle of champagne, and strawberries.
He set the plates in front of them and poured two glasses of champagne.
S: "Dinner is served, madame."
B: "Why thank you, sir. Strawberries and champagne. Remember the day you
taught me how to wash strawberries?" Brenda had a sly grin on her face.
S: "Yeah. I remember you were pretty good at it." Sonny returned the grin.
They ate their food talking of the news they had each found out had
in PC while they were gone. Brenda took a swallow of her glass of
B: "I can't believe Jason and Robin have separated. They are so much in
but the life he leads is just too hard for her to accept right now. I can
definitely relate."
S: "Well, if she is like you, I hope for Jason's sake she comes back to him
one day. He looked and sounded so lost today without her. He loves her so
much and he hates what his lifestyle is doing to her, but he doesn't want
give it up. I guess we can both relate to them."
B: "It's weird how life can repeat itself in other people."
They finished up the pasta and moved onto the strawberries. While they ate
the juicy fruit, Brenda noticed that Sonny seemed kind of quiet, like he
wanted to ask her something but didn't know how.
B: "What is it Sonny?"

Chapter 5
S: "What do you mean?"
B: "Come on, Sonny. I know you too well. What do you want to ask me?"
S: "Well, I thought I had this all worked out but I guess I'm going to just
have to come out and say it. Brenda, these last two months, even though we
were on the run, were maybe the best two months of my life. Because I was
with you and only you. Not to say I want you to only be with me but I found
that we can be together 24 hours a day, seven days a week and not get sick
each other."
B: "I could never get sick of you, Sonny. I love you. I would want to
every hour of everyday with you if I could."
S: "Well, I'm glad you said that. Now, could you stand up please?"
B: "What? I'm fine here."
S: "I need you to stand up because I can't do this if we're at eye level."
Brenda knew what was getting ready to happen and slowly stood up, tears
forming in her eyes. Sonny got up one knee.
B: "Oh my god, Sonny..."
S: "Brenda, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up
everyday with you in my arms. I want all your clothes crushing my suits in
the closet."
Brenda smiled at this last comment but she could feel the tears coming
and faster now that she was sure what Sonny was getting ready to ask her.
S: "Brenda, can I sleep over at your place from now on?"
B: "What?!"
S: "I'm only kidding sweetheart. I'm only kidding."
They both laughed. Sonny looked up at Brenda and pulled a box out of his
pocket. He opened it and held it out to her. Brenda gasped and put her
over her heart.
B: "Brenda, will you--
S: "Of course I will!" she cried.
Sonny looked at her raising an eyebrow.
S: "Can I finish, please? I have been practicing all day."
B: "Yeah, I'm sorry."
Sonny cleared his throat.
S: "As I was saying, Brenda, will you marry me?"
B: "Oh, honey, you know I will. Yes."
Brenda cried as Sonny put the ring on her finger and stood up. He had tears
in his eyes as he realized that, finally, he would be able to spend his
with her. They would be together forever. They looked at each other with so
much love, more love than either of them had ever felt. He took her in his
arms and kissed her with more passion than he ever had before. She
his kisses eagerly and lovingly. After what seemed like forever, Sonny
pulled away and looked at Brenda.
S: "Let's go home."


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