Forever In My Heart by Susan

Chapter 1

Think back to the night of Lucy's party at Luke's club. She was celebrating
her new
partnership with Luke that Sonny sold to her. Sonny was in danger of being
on racketeering charges. I'm changing it that the PCPD didn't have enough
evidence to
press chargres so Lucy is just throwing a party to celebrate her success with
Deception and getting it back from ELQ. The whole wire thing happened and S&B
broke up. Lily is still hanging around trying to get her claws into Sonny
Brenda arrives at Luke's and sees Sonny by the entrance. She walks over to him
they look into each other's eyes.
"Lucy invited me, I'm not gonna stay long."
"Hey, it's her party. You are her top model."
"Yeah... I know it must be really good for you. You know you're free and you
got off of
the charges. It makes me really happy for you. I'm glad you're okay. That's
all I ever
wanted for you."
Sonny has a grim look on his face.
"Well, you just roll with the punches, that what I always do. Only this time
worked out okay."
"Did they ?" She asked in a soft, whispery tone.
"What are you trying to ask me ?"
Brenda looks really frustrated.
"Are things okay ? Are they the way you want them ?"
Sonny shrugged his shoulders. "It doesn't matter."
Brenda sighs. "You know it just makes things harder if you keep everything in
pretend that nothing is importnat. Why can't you let somebody in,
Sonny..." Her voice drifts off.
"It's a little too late for that.
"Didn't you learn anything from Stone? It's never too
late for anything."
"Sometimes it is. I loved Stone like a brother but he wasn't right about lot
of things. He
didn't understand everything."
"He was right when it counted and he understood what was important...Love"
They shift a little.
"I wanna ask you something." Brenda said. "Did you remember right before
things got
really awful between us and I asked you to leave Port Charles with
me and you said that you couldn't ?"
Sonny nodded. "That's right."
"Well I know that you couldn't then, but maybe we can now, Sonny..."
He looks at her, eyes filled with love. "We can just go away and be together
somewhere. I don't care where. That's all I've ever really wanted."
"You don't understand. It doesn't matter where we are. We would just be
running away
from our problems. It wouldn't solve anything."
"Maybe. Maybe not. I don't see how we can work things out if you won't at
least try."
"I can't."
"Why ? Because you said so ? That's what your head is telling you ? What about
heart is telling you ? ""What heart ?"
Brenda moves closer to him and Sonny can feel his heart beating faster and the
boiling in his veins. She looked so beautiful. All he wanted to do was take
her in his
arms and never let go again. Brenda put her hand on his chest, over his heart.
"That heart." She smiles sadly."You know I can feel your heart beating.
Strong. Just
like you."
Brenda moves even closer so Sonny can fell her hot breathe on his face. She
wearing his favorite perfume and it was driving him crazy.
"Do you know that more than anything all I really want is for you to be safe
and okay?"
Brenda whispered. She puts her hands on his face, Sonny tries to turn away.
She continued to talk in whispers.
"It's all I want. For you to be happy and-"
They were staring at each other, he gives her the *Sonny look*, moans and
her up against the wall with his hands holding her face as they kiss
Sonny pulled away. "No, no, wait... it's wrong..."
"It's not wrong...No Sonny, if it's wrong, then let me be wrong. I can't
pretend we're
over when we have our whole lives ahead of us."
Sonny sighed heavily. "No, see you don't...Aw, I don't uh...I'm not free."
"NO ! You can be. You are ! Can you honestly stand there and tell me that IT
you feel the way I do ? That you love her like you do me ? That she makes you
so hot
that you can touch you're own skin ? What about when you made me promise that
wouldn't settle for a spark ? What about you ? That-"
Brenda's voice drained out as Sonny's lips crashed down on hers. He kissed her
all the passion and love that he felt and she kissed back, not wanting to
stop. Finally
he pulled away. He was still trying to fight it but it was a losing battle. He
loved her
with everything in him and he was physically hurting from being away from her.
"We can't do this.We're not together."
Brenda was still fighting with him. "We are, we should be together! Listen to
people hurt each other and they betray each other, and they get over it and
again. I want us to forgive each other..."
He kisses her hungrily and pulls back again.
"No, no wait...I can't."
"Yes, yes! Listen to me, okay. Please, just stop fighting us. Just stop. We're
going to
go somewhere and be together. Like we always wanted to be. We don't have to
We'll just leave."
"Oh baby..." Sonny whispered taking her hand in his. "What did I ever do to
She smiled happily. "It goes both ways baby."
"Lets get out of here." Sonny led her to his car and they left the parking
lot. Little do
they know that Lily Rivera saw them leaving together.

Chapter 2

"You little slut ! You'll pay for this. I'll make sure of it." The anger and
apparant in her voice. She glanced around the empty parking lot and walked
down the
street to a pay phone and dialed the operator.
"Yes, I'd like to make a long distance phone call to Puerto Rico. "
She told him the number. One of the maid's answered the phone.
"Hola ?"
"Gracietta, it's Lily. Is Papa there ?"
"Yes Ms. Rivera. Hold on."
"Sonny belongs to me. I won't let some spoiled lying brat take him away from
She said to herself as she waited for her father to answer the phone." You
think you've
won Brenda. I haven't even begun to fight."

Sonny's Penthouse.

Sonny and Brenda were still kissing in the elevator and kept kissing until
they reached
the door of the penthouse. Sonny opened the door and Brenda walked in, still
Sonny. They couldn't keep their hands off each other. Sonny pulled off her
short black
coat off her shoulders and pushed her up the stairs. He took his jacket off
and Brenda
started unbuttoning his shirt. She ran her fingers over his chest and he
groaned. He
couldn't take it anymore. He lifted her up and carried her to his bedroom. He
lay her
down on the bed and worked at trying to get her clothes off while Brenda
wasn't as
patient and tore off the rest of his shirt. She kissed his chest causing Sonny
to moan
with pleasure. She stopped long enough to let Sonny unzip her dress and get it
revealing only a black lace bra and matching underwear. Sonny started a trail
kisses from her shoulder to her stomach.
His lips felt so soft against her lips and she moaned.
"I love you so much Sonny. I'm sorry for everything."
Sonny brought his face back to hers and wiped her tears away.
"Hey, no crying tonight. Remember what you said. We're starting over."
"I missed you so much."
"I missed you too baby. But it's over now. I love you. I never stopped."
He kissed her as a reassurance.
"Show me."
Sonny flashed his dimples as pushed her gently back on the bed and made love
to her all night.
It was one of their best nights of lovemaking. It was like they were trying to
prove their
love to each other. As if they had realized what they had almost lost but had
They didn't know that it was about to crash down on them.

The Gatehouse

Lois and Ned had just gotten home from the party at Luke's. They were together
happily married although Lois was still pretty mad at what Ned did to Sonny,
him investigated behind her back but she understood that Ned was just trying
protect her.
Lois walks in first and goes over to the phone.
"Who are you calling Lois ? We just saw practically everyone we know tonight."
"Not everyone. Brenda said that she was going to be there."
"I'm sure she's fine but go ahead and call her."
Lois hangs up after letting it ring ten times.
"There's no answer."
Ned walked over to Lois and put his arms around her.
"Then she's either out or not answering her phone."
Lois looked at her husband thoughtfully.
"Did you see Sonny tonight at the club ?"
"You know I usually don't go looking for him but now that you mention it. No."
said watching the wheels turning in his wife's head.
"Why ? Do you think that they're together ?"
Lois nodded.
"Maybe. I would assume so."
Ned sighed. "I hope not."
"Why ? Brenda loves him."
"That's why. She loves him so much that she can't see straight. He could
someone right in front of her own eyes and she would still think that he is
Lois walked away from him.
"Sonny would never kill someone."
"It was an expression. Besides, what do you think he does all day ? He's a
Lois. I know that you and Brenda have this fantasy of him but that's just what
it is. A
fantasy. The man had a rough childhood and a few raw deals and you are ready
to put
him on a pedestal and defend him with your last breathe."


Luke is there cleaning up with Mike. Most of the guests have left except for
Lucy and
"Well, that was some bash Luce. I bet the whole town will be talking about it
Lucy clasped her hands together.
"Wasn't it ? If only my only model and star face had shown up." Lucy frowned.
talked to her earlier and she said that she would be here."
"Yeah, you know how model types are. She's probably off somewhere doing
Kevin helped Lucy on with her coat as they got ready to leave.
"Well Luke, we've really got to go. It's late and it looks like you're ready
to close up."
"Goodnight Luke. Say hello to Laura for me. Doc's right and Sigmund is
waiting at the pond for his midnight snack. I'm going to tell him all about
"Really ?" Luke said with a smirk.
"Mmmhhh. Ta-ta for now."
Mike watched as Kevin and Lucy left.
"Sigmund ?" Mike asked confused.
Luke sighed.
"Don't ask."
Mike nodded. "You know Luke, I don't know about the model thing. You partner
MIA too." Mike said.
Luke lighted up one of his cigars.
"Yeah, I noticed that. Lily was in here tonight. Where do you suppose he could
be ? "
"Don't you mean with whom ?"

Chapter 3

The next morning,
Sonny and Brenda are lying in bed wrapped up in each other. They are finally
together and happy that neither wants to get up and face the real world.
Brenda groaned and tried to pull the covers over her head to block out the
"You're awake."
"Unfortunately, I was hoping to actually get some sleep today." Brenda
"We didn't do much of that last night huh ?" Sonny said, kissing her cheek.
"No, I guess we didn't." Brenda said quietly.
"Baby, what's wrong ?" Sonny asked her.
Brenda turned around to face him.
"Nothing. I was just so scared..."
"Of what ?"
"Not being able to be like this again. Never being together. I was so scared
that something bad would happen."
"Hey, nothing is going to. We are right where we belong. With each other.
Believe in that and forget about everything else."
Sonny kissed her softly on the lips.
"Feel better ?"
Sonny kissed her again. This time harder and longer.
"That better ?"
"A little." She giggled as she kissed him back and they made love again.

A few hours later,
Sonny and Brenda were still in bed, curled together.
"Sonny ?"
"Yeah ?"
"I'm glad we're back together. I was scared we wouldn't be."
Sonny looked at her.
"Why ? You were so convinced that we would be."
"More like hoping and praying."
"You believe that I love you right ?" Sonny asked her with concern.
"I knew that but I thought that it wouldn't matter."
"It does. It means everything to me. I was trying to stop but I couldn't. I
couldn't fight it no matter how hard I tried. I couldn't keep pretending that
I didn't want you.
You're the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I need you in
my life. I'm going to take care of you and protect you always."
Brenda smiled happily.
"Thank you."
"Your welcome. Now, how about we get up and I make us some breakfast while you
get showered and dressed ?"
She rested her face back in the pillow.
"Do you really want me to get dressed ?"
Sonny smiled mischievously.
"You're right. How about you put on one of my shirts and I'll go make us
something to eat."
"What is the rush ? Can't we just stay in all day ?"
Sonny ran his fingers through her tousled hair.
"I'd love to do that but there are some things I have to take care of. It'll
only take an hour and then we can do whatever you want."
Brenda sighed.
"Business ?"
"No, it's personnel. I have to go see someone. I'll be back in a little bit.
You hungry ?"
"Not really. Just hurry back."
Brenda said as she watched him get dressed and disappear into the bathroom.
The phone rang and Brenda picked it up without thinking.
"Hello ?...Hello ?" There was no sound on the other end then a click.
Sonny came out of the bathroom.
"Who was it ?" He asked.
"I don't know. Probably a wrong number."
Sonny walked over to her and kissed her.
"Can you do me a favor and not answer the phone if it rings today ? Just let
the machine get it."
"Okay. Hurry back."
"I will. I'll grab some takeout from Kelly's for us. Do you need anything ?"
"Only you."
"Well, you've got me and you're stuck with me."
"I love you."
"I love you too."
Brenda watched him leave knowing where he was going. He was going to Kelly's
to see Lily. She sighed deeply. She didn't really care. She knew that he felt
that he had to but he could have told her. She wouldn't have gone off on him.
She didn't really care about Lily anymore. She was with Sonny now. That was
all that mattered.


Sonny walked in and saw Ruby behind the counter. Lucky was also there.
"Hey Sonny. What's up man ?"
"Nothing much Lucky."
"Can I get you anything ?"
Sonny ordered some food for him and Brenda to go. Lucky went to go get the
food while he went upstairs to see Lily. He paused before knocking. It was
Saturday afternoon so he was sure she would be there. Sure enough she answered
the door and smiled when she was him. She ushered him in, not letting go of
his arm.
"Sonny, I'm glad you came by. I was going to call you later to see if you
wanted to have dinner."
Lily chatted away, pretending nothing was wrong.
"Lily, I can't tonight."
"Oh, some other time then."
"I don't think so."
Lily looked at him strangely, almost through him. Sonny got a weird feeling.
"You know I missed you last night. You weren't at Luke's like you said we
would be."
"I was. I just left early." Sonny said.
"Listen, I don't think its a good idea that we have dinner. I think that we
should stay away from each other for awhile. I appreciate your friendship and
I did care about you but-"
"But what ?"
Sonny paused for a few seconds. He though that he would have caught on by now.
He was just going to have to come out and say it.
"Brenda and I are back together."
Lily stared at him blankly.
"She told you to stop seeing me ?"
Sonny was getting really frustrated.
"No, Brenda doesn't tell me what to do or who to see. She doesn't even know
I'm here. This was my idea. I'm sorry."
"You have her back so you are just dumping me ?"
"No, its not like that Lily. I'm sorry if this hurts you but I told you how it
was from the beginning. I love Brenda. We are happy together. Please respect
that and stay away."
She shook her head.
"I can make you happy Sonny. Don't you remember how much pain she caused you ?
She betrayed you !"
Sonny sighed.
"I betrayed her first by lying to her. We forgave each other and we've moved
"She'll do it again. That's the kind of person she is Sonny. Can't you see
that ?"
"You don't know her Lily...Look, maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Maybe I
should just go."
Sonny turned around and opened the door.
"Goodbye Lily. I'm sorry for everything but this is the way it has to be. The
way its supposed to be."
Sonny left, closing the door behind him, leaving a fuming Lily behind.
"You aren't sorry yet but you will be. You and your precious Brenda. I'll make
her pay for turning you against me."

Sonny arrived back at the penthouse a short while later after picking up his
order. He tossed his coat on the couch when he walked in. He saw Brenda
sitting there waiting.
"I thought you were going to stay in bed and wait for me." Sonny said as he
sat beside her.
"I was but I was worried about you."
"I'm fine Brenda."
"I know but I worry anyway." She paused. "Do you want to talk about it ?"
Sonny looked at her. He could tell that she knew.
"How did-"
"I know you."
"You may be the only one."
She smiled wryly
"No I'm not. Stone, Robin and Luke know you too."
"Not as well as you."
"What happened ?"
"I told her that we were back together and happy."
Brenda moved closer to him and out her hand on his face.
"What did she say ?"
He shrugged.
"This and that but she has to accept it and move in, right ?"
Brenda kissed him lightly.
"Sonny, its best for her this way. You could never lover her the way she
wanted you to so she has to move on."
Sonny put his hand on her cheek.
"I thought you didn't like her."
"I just don't want to see her hurt. Besides she lost you and that must hurt a
She had a sad look on her face and looked away. Sonny put his arms around her
and held her close.
"I know how much you were hurting baby and I'm sorry but it's over now and
there's nowhere to go except forward."
"I love you."
"It goes both ways baby."
They stayed there for the rest of the afternoon, together like they were meant
to be. Sonny pulled away to kiss her. Their kissed grew more intense and he
carried her upstairs and they made love again.

Chapter 4

The next morning,

Sonny and Brenda are resting comfortably in bed. They are talking and having a
really good time feeding each other strawberries.
"So, are we ever going to get out of this bed for more than a few hours ?"
"If I had my say, never."
"You are insatiable."
"I'm not the only one."
She laughed.
"Right...Did you hear that ?"
The doorbell rang.
"Hear what ?"
"That. There's someone at the door."
"I was hoping that it was my imagination."
"Well it wasn't so go answer it. I'll wait here."
Brenda tried to push Sonny out of bed.
"I'm going."
Sonny pulled on his robe and went to answer the door.
"I swear if it's Luke or Mike, I'm going to..." He mumbled to himself.
He opened the door.
"Hey Robin."
"Hi Sonny."
Sonny opened the door wider to let her in.
"What brings you by ?"
"Not much. I was just thinking and I thought I'd dropped by to see how you
"You were thinking about Stone." Sonny said knowingly.
Robin nodded sadly.
"I couldn't help it. I miss him."
Sonny pulled her into a hug.
"I know sweetie. We all miss him. Being in this penthouse alone didn't help me
Robin lifted her head off Sonny's shoulder and saw Brenda on the stairs and
watching them.
Sonny turned to see what she was looking at.
"Brenda. I was wondering where you were. I tried calling you before..." Robin
looked from Brenda back to Sonny, realizing that they were back together.
"You guys look happy." Robin smiled as Brenda walked over to Sonny and put her
arm around him.
"We are. I'm sorry. Am I interrupting ? "
Robin shook her head.
"No, I just needed someone to talk to. You guys are busy so I'll just go."
Brenda stopped her.
"No, don't go. It's okay. I'll go make us some coffee. You two stay and talk.
I'll be right back."
Brenda disappeared into the kitchen, leaving them to talk.
Robin smiled at Sonny.
"I'm happy that you and Brenda are together again. You were so miserable
without each other."
"I know. She's amazing. I don't know what I'd do without her."
"You'll never have to find out again Sonny. I'm much do you want to
bet that Stone is up in heaven smiling down at you ?"
Sonny laughed.
"Yeah, he always knew, didn't he ?"
Robin followed Sonny over to the couch and sat down.
"I was going through some of the things that you gave me the other day and it
made me think of him. Those pictures, the scrapbook..."
Sonny sighed.
"I'm sorry. I didn't think that it might hurt you to-"
"No, it hurt but it always does. That's what losing someone you love does.
It's good to have mementos to hold on to. It helps you remember the good times
and that's what matters. To never forget."
Sonny shook his head.
"I don't think I could ever forget. Stone was my brother. The best friend I
ever had...except for Brenda."
Robin smiled a little.
"Well you have her now. Be thankful for that. I know it was hard but you have
Brenda now. Be happy."
"I am."
"Good." Robin gets up to leave.
"You don't want to stay longer ? We could talk some more."
"Thanks but there are some errands that I have to do and you and Brenda should
have some time alone."
"I'll walk you out."
Sonny walks with Robin to the elevator.
"Wait Robin, I have a favor to ask."
"What is it ?"
"I wanted to plan a surprise for Brenda. You know do something special for
Robin smiled.
"I'm sure she'd like that."
"I was hoping so but I need your help."
Sonny tells her what he was planning and what he needs her to do.
"Thanks Robin. I'll call you when we get back. We can have dinner."
"I'd like that."
All of a sudden there a noise from inside. Robin laughed.
"You'd better get back in there. Who knows what Brenda is going in your
"I'm almost afraid to see. Bye sweetie. Remember what I said."
"I will. I'm glad that I have you to talk to you. Bye."
Sonny kisses her on the cheek and she leaves. He goes back into the penthouse
and into the kitchen.
"Uh Bren, do you need some help ?"
She was still trying to make coffee.
"No, not really. I think I got it. Did Robin leave ?"
Sonny walked up behind her and put his arms around her slim waist.
"Yeah, she had some things to do."
"Oh, well I'll call her later then. You know what we should do...Sonny are you
listening to me ?"
Sonny looked at Brenda absent mindedly.
"What ?"
"I just wanted to know if you were listening to me."
"I'm sorry baby. Robin just got me thinking."
"About Stone ?"
"Yeah, she really misses him. They loved each other so much."
Brenda looks at Sonny with love and sympathy.
"I know they did. I know how hard it is for her. I know its hard for you too."
Brenda sighed. "I'm sorry. You probably don't even want to talk about it."
Sonny shook his head.
"No, it's okay. You know what ?"
"What is it Sonny ?"
"We should get away from Port Charles for awhile. Isn't that what you wanted
to do ? We could go and spend a week in paradise somewhere."
Brenda smiled.
"I thought we were in paradise."
"We were. Still are but you know what I meant."
"Where would we go ?"
"Anywhere as long as there was a bed and we were together."
Brenda hits him playfully.
"Is that all you ever think about ?"
Sonny grins.
"No, I think about this." He kisses her. "And this." His lips go down to her
neck. "And this."
She giggles.


Lily is sitting alone in her room stewing in her own devices. Sonny's words
rang in her head.'...I love Brenda. We are happy together. Please respect that
and stay away.'
"I'll show you Sonny. I'll make you see how wrong she is for you. I can make
you happy. You'll see. You'll all see."
She gets up and picks up the phone.
"....Papa, it's me. Did you set it up yet ?"

The Bridge

Robin is standing there looking into the water. She wipes the tears from her
eyes and looks up at the darkening sky.
"Hey Stone. I know I said that I wouldn't come by so much but I had to talk to
you. I really miss you but you probably already know that. Just like you know
that Sonny and Brenda are together again. Like you said they would be. I saw
them. They looked so happy. Like we used to be. They were meant to be. Kindred
spirits. Soul mates. Just like us." She starts crying.
"I'm sorry Stone. I said that I would be strong. I told myself not to cry but
I couldn't help it. I miss you so much. Why aren't you here with me ? Why did
you have you go away ?"
Her sobbing blocks out the sound of footsteps. She eventually stops and
recognizes the sound.
"Hello ? Who's there ?"
Chapter 5

The Bridge

"Who's there ?" Robin asked, fear welling up inside.
"Robin, it's just me. Jason Quatermaine."
Robin sighed with relief.
"I'm sorry for scaring you. I didn't know you were out here."
"That's okay. What are you doing here ?" Robin asked.
Jason scratched his head.
"Looking for A.J. He ran out of the house earlier and I went looking for him.
He didn't come back for dinner. I heard someone out here...Robin, it's cold
out here. Shouldn't you be inside ?"
Robin smiled sadly.
"I'm fine Jason. I just came here to think. It makes me feel closer to Stone.
I know it may sound strange but-"
"No, it doesn't. I understand. You must miss him a lot. He was a really good
"Yeah, he was." Robin said quietly, wiping a tear away.
Jason took his jacket off and put it around Robin.
"It's late and Mac's probably worried. A.J's probably home by now. Can I take
you home?"
"I'd like that. Thanks."
"What are friends for ?" Jason said as he led Robin to his car.
"That's what I was wondering." Robin whispered to herself as she left with

The Airport

Sonny has whisked Brenda off on a surprise vacation. They are on a private
jet. Sonny won't tell Brenda where they are going and she is driving him crazy
trying to get it out of him.
"Not even a little hint ?"
"Please ?"
"No, you are just going to have to wait."
Brenda's face fell into a pout. After some thinking a smile crept onto her
"Sonny ?"
He inwardly groaned as he looked at her and recognized the look.
"Yes sweetheart ?"
Brenda snuggled closer to him, slipped her sandals off and placed her bare leg
on top of his. She was wearing a short black slip dress which made Sonny fill
up with want and desire.
"I was just thinking..."
Brenda rested her head on his shoulder and her lips curled in a seductive
"I'm almost afraid to hear this."
"Maybe I could guess and you could tell me if I was right or not. You know
maybe if I was hot or cold."
Sonny pulled her into a deep kiss.
"Definitely hot."
"I haven't even guessed yet."
"Babe, you aren't going to get it out of me no matter how hard you try."
"I haven't even begun yet."
Brenda moved closer to him and started caressing his shoulder and unbuttoning
his shirt to kiss his chest. After a few minutes she pulled away.
"You going to tell me now ?"
Sonny moaned.
"Brenda, the only thing you are doing is making me nuts. Come here."
Sonny pulled her to him and started kissing her. He pushed the straps of her
dress off her shoulders and let it fall. He made a trail of kisses from her
hand to her shoulder and then kissed her neck. She moaned at the feel of his
lips on her skin.
"Oh god Sonny...."


Lily is walking downstairs and sees Ruby.
"Hi Ruby." She smiled sweetly.
"Lily, how are you ?"
"Good. I'm on my way to school. I have classes this morning."
"Oh, would you like something to eat ?"
"No thank you. I have to run. I just wanted to let you know that there is
something wrong with my phone. Someone will be coming over later to fix it.
I'm not sure when but if he comes while I'm at work, could you let him in ?"
"Of course. Bye."
Lily left the diner and went outside to use the pay phone.
"...Papa, it's me."
"Lily, I'm glad you called-"
"Is everything set ? When does Antonio get here ?"
"There has been a slight delay."
"What ? " She was trying to stay calm but was going hysterical.
"Papa, this is my happiness we are talking about. You have to make this
happen. Brenda Barrett is ruining my life. She stole the man that I love from
me and she is going to ruin his life too."
She closed her eyes and prayed that it would work. She wouldn't let that witch
have Sonny. Over her dead body would she let that happen.
"I know Lily. I want you to be happy. I'm working on it."
"Work harder."
"I have sent Antonio on the next flight out. He will be there shortly but you
have to find him a place to stay."
"Why ?"
"Sonny Corinthos and the Barrett girl have left on a private plane someplace.
They won't be back for at least a few days."
Lily felt that blood in her veins go cold. That should be her and Sonny going
on a trip. Like they did to Puerto Rico.
"I see. Where did they go ?"
"Lily, just be patient. They'll be back soon enough and you will have the
results you want. Let them be for now. They should enjoy their time together
while it lasts."
"Fine, I have to go now Papa. Goodbye."
Lily hung up the phone and left, more determined than ever to break them up
again and get Sonny for herself.

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