Forever by

Forever chapter 1

****This story begins the day after Sonny declared his love for Brenda.****

****Brenda is sitting at her dressing table, in the bedroom she and Jax share, remembering the events of the day before. The day that changed everyhing.****

~~~~~~~~~ Flashback~~~~~~~~~

S: “It may be messy, it may be inconvenient, but it’s the strongest thing you’ll ever know. I love you, Brenda. When you change your mind, I’ll be around.”

J: “Brender? Brender? Earth to Brender?”

B: “Sorry, I was just daydreaming. I was thinking about when we were in New Orleans. ” (LIAR!)

J: “We’ll be back there soon enough.”

B: “Yeah......”

J: “I can’t wait!”

B: “I have a meeting with the photographer @ 2:00, about the new Jax Cosmetics ad campaign.”

J: “That’s good because I won’t be here anyway.” (Sarcastic)

B: “Where are you going?”

J: “I’m going to see Miranda.”

B: “Oh......”

J: “I have to go.”

B: “I didn’t say anything.”

J: “I know what you’re thinking. I know you better than you know yourself!”

B: (to herself) Not as well as Sonny knows me!

J: “I love you Brender.”

B: “I love you too.” (Saying it to one man while dreaming of another.)

J: “Dinner at the Grille tonight?”

B: “Sure. Around 7:30, okay?”

J: “Okay, I’ll see you then. Bye.” (giving Brenda a kiss on the cheek before leaving.)

****Brenda is alone in the house, with her thoughts.****

B: (thinking outloud) "I DO love Jax! I DO!!" (trying to convince herself.)


**** First time Sonny and Brenda made love in Washington, D.C.


S: “Tommorrow we’ll be the same people but without the lonliness.”

**** When Sonny left Brenda standing in the rain, outside Kelly’s.****

S: “As G** as my witness, I love you Brenda!”

B: “Do you expect me to stand here and try not to flinch while you rip my heart out?”

B: (alone again in the penthouse) “I can’t, I WON’T let you do this to me again, Sonny!”

****Meanwhile, a small envelope was slipped under the door. Brenda saw it, and picked it up. She opened it and inside she found a ring, a wedding band. Immediatley she recognized it. It was Sonny’s!****

B: “I can’t believe you, Sonny!!!!!”

****Brenda finishes getting ready, storms out of the apartment and heads toward Luke’s, blowing off her meeting with the photographer.****

****Brenda arrives at Luke’s so angry she can barely think straight. Mike is at the bar.****

M: “Can I help you, Brenda?”

B: “Yeah Mike. Where the hell is Sonny?”

M: “He’s in the back rom with Jason.”

B: “Thanks!”

****Brenda opens the door, startling both Sonny and Jason.****

Jason: “Ah.....Hi Brenda.”

B: “Hi Jason. Could you excuse us?”

J: “Yeah. Sure.”

****Jason leaves and closes the door behind him.****

B: “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

S: “Calm down, Brenda. What did I do now?”

B: “What is this? Some kind of sick joke?” (Brenda throws the ring at Sonny.)

S: “Where did you get that?”

B: “You sent it to me.”

S: “No...let me see the note.” (Sonny reads the note.)

S: “That bastard. Brenda, I buried this ring at Lily’s grave.”

B: “What?”

S: “The person that set me up...they must have seen me bury it. THEY dug it

up and sent it to you, NOT me!”

B: “Why should I believe you?”

S: “I DO love you and would do Anything to get you back, but I wouldn’t send you this. Come on, you know me better than that!”

B: “If you didn’t send this, then I’m sorry. But, if you did....”

S: “I DIDN’T!”

B: "I have to go. I’m having dinner with MY HUSBAND.”

S: “How is Candy Boy?”

B: “Don’t call him that.”

S: “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” (Grinning)

B: “BYE!”

S: “See you soon!”

Forever Chapter 2

**** Brenda and Jax are at the Port Charles Grille having dinner and making small talk.****

B: “How was your day, Honey?”

J: “Good. What did you do today?”

B: “I told you before, I went to see the photographer about Jax Cosmetics new ad campaign.”

J: “How can you lie straight to my face?”

B: “What?”

J: “I know you didn’t see the photographer today.”

B: “So, you’re having me followed too? You’re just as bad as Sonny.”

J: “I see. You went to see Sonny today. Am I right?”

B: “Yes, I did go to see him, but....”

J: “But nothing Brender. Can’t you see he’s hurting you? He’s putting you in danger. You may think he does it out of love, but he does it out of revenge. He doesn’t love you, can’t you see that?” B: (forgetting, for the moment, who she was talking to) “He DOES love me, and I LOVE him.... I didn’t mean that Jax. I’m so sorry!”

J: “Don’t be sorry. You meant what you said. I’ve been trying to deny it but you are still in love with Sonny and.....I am still in love with Mirander. I love you Brender but I’m not in love with you and you’re not in love with me. I really enjoyed what we had together but I think it’s time we both face the truth.”

B: “So that is what this is about. You still love Miranda.”(tears forming in her eyes, but inside she is feeling a huge sense of relief.)

J: “Miranda still loves me and doesn’t want us to get a divorce. She wants us to stay married.”

B: “Is that what you want?”

J: “Yes, I want to be with her as much as you want to be with Sonny. I want you to be happy. I’m really sorry. I’m surprised we lasted this long. I’ll always love you Brenda. Goodbye.”

**** Jax left, leaving Brenda alone in the restaurant, still shocked at what had just happened.****

Forever Chapter 3

**** An hour later, Brenda finds herself outside Sonny’s penthouse, debating whether to knock or to leave. She decides to knock****

S: “What? Who is it?”

B: (barely audible) “Sonny, it’s me.”

S: (opens door) “Brenda....”

B: “I shouldn’t have come...”

S: “No, come in. Come in.”

B: “I need you.”

S: “Did something happen with Jax? Did he hurt you?”

B: “We had a fight. He didn’t hurt me. At dinner, we had a fight. I was defending you and it slipped out. I told him I love YOU!”

S: “What?” (smiling to himself)

B: “Then he said that he still loved Miranda and that they wanted to stay married.”

S: “I’m sorry. I never wanted to cause you anymore pain and I can see that I have. Maybe if I left town....”

B: “Don’t leave. Not ever. I DO LOVE YOU!!! I ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL!!! Can’t you see that? I NEED YOU!!!”

S: (taking Brenda’s face in his hands and kissing her like only Sonny can) “I love you too!”

B: (now holding each other) “Ah, I’m sooooo happy. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy. I’ll be so happy with you forever.”

S: “I know. I’ve missed you so much.”

B: “I’m sorry it took me so long to realize......”

S: “Don’t be sorry, you’re here now.”

B: “Forever, if you’ll have me.”

S: “Oh Brenda, forever.”

**** That night they made love for hours, filling a space in themselves that had been empty for so long, too long.****

**** In the following days Brenda and Jax got a divorce, parting amicably. Now, they both had what they had always wanted: true love.****

**** Brenda returned to the penthouse and knocked, but remembered that now she had a key.****

B: “Sonny, I’m home!”

S: “Home. I like the sound of that.” (Sonny goes to Brenda and gives her a kiss.) “I love you.”

B: “I love you too. Guess what?”

S: “What?”

B: “I’m free. Finally!” (smiling from ear to ear.)

S: “Oh, baby. Let’s celebrate.”

B: “No, I just want to be here with you, ALONE!”

S: “That’s what I meant!”

B: “You’re bad!”

S: “I know!”

****Sonny carried Brenda upstairs where they made love, to celebrate their new found freedom.****

**** In bed:

S: “When are you going to bring your stuff over?”

B: “What? I was going to get an apartment. Maybe at Kelly’s. I didn’t know, but if you want me....”

S: “Of course I want you. Don’t you know that bye now? This is all I’ve ever wanted. This is OUR place now.”

**** There was a knock at the door****

S: (to Brenda) “Don’t go anywhere. I love you Bren.” (kisses her)

B: “Come back soon. I’m waiting for you. I love you so much!” ****Sonny puts on his robe and goes downstairs.****

S: “Who is it? What do you want?”

Jason: “Sonny, it’s Jason. I need to talk to you.”

S: (opens door) “Come in.”

J: “Sonny we got news on the set-up. I think it’s Harry Silver or one of the Jaxes.”

S: “I don’t think it’s the Jaxes. I heard through the grapevine that that scumbag Harry Silver is in town.”

**** Brenda comes downstairs and sees Jason****

B: “Hi Jason!”

J: “Uh..Hi Brenda.” (Sonny grins.)

B: “Sorry to interrupt. Sonny, I have a meeting with Lucy. I’ll be back soon. I love you.” (she kisses him, and when she tries to leave Sonny holds her for an extra moment.)

S: (whispers) “I love you too. I’ll be waiting. We can go out tonight, or not. Bye!” (grins when she leaves)

B: “Bye Jason!”

J: “Bye Brenda.”

Forever Chapter 4

**** After Brenda left Sonny’s penthouse.****

J: “What happened?”

S: “Nothing, Well, not nothing. Brenda is back with me, where she belongs.”

J: “Are you sure you can trust her?”

S: “With ny life.....with my heart.”

J: “If you say so. I heard that Harry is back in town.”

S: “He’s waiting to make his move. Now that Brenda is with me, I can keep her safe.”

J: “I’m going to go get Robin from Yale. We’re going to take off. If that’s okay?”

S: “Sure. Keep her safe and have fun.”

J: “Don’t go anywhere without bodyguards. Hear me?”

S: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bye!”

J: “Bye.”

****After Jason leaves, there is a knock on the door***

S: “Who is it?” (he opens he door.) “Harry, I was expecting you.”

H: “Oh yeah, were you expecting this?”

**** As fast as the blink of the eye, Harry pulls out a revolver and shoots Sonny in the abdomen. Sonny lets out a grunt.****

S: “Ugh.....”

H: “Now everything’s mine. You got what you deserve. It wasn’t meant for her. It was meant for you and that whore.” (Harry left.)

S: “Brenda....”

Forever Chapter 5

**** About 10 minutes later Brenda arrives home.****

B: “Sonny? Baby, where are you?” (Brenda looked
around and walked upstairs. When she came back
down she saw Sonny on the floor near the couch.)

B: “Sonny! Oh my GO*!!!! Not again!! Sonny, please wake
up!!! PLEASE!!!! Don’t you die on me!!!!!!!”

~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback ~~~~~~~~~~

B: (Brenda remembers when she begged Sonny to stay
awake after he had been shot up with heroin)
“SONNY!!!!!!!!! Don’t go to sleep!!!!! Don’t die on
me!!!! I need you!!!!!”

S: “Brenda.......”

B: “What happened? Who did this to you?”

S: “He shot me......”

B: “Who shot you? Sonny? Who did this to you?”

B: “Hello? 911? My boyfriend has been shot. There is so
much blood. I don’t know what to do!!!! I don’t
know who did it. Penthouse 4, Harborview Towers.
Come quick!!!!”

B: “Sonny? You can’t leave me!!!!!! Not now, NOT EVER!!!!!
I need you!!!!!”

**** The ambulance came and took Brenda and Sonny to
General Hospital. Sonny was in surgery for over three
hours. Ned, Lois, Mike and Jason were with Brenda
when Alan came with news.****

A: “Brenda, Sonny is in critical condition. He’s lost a lot
of blood, and his type is VERY rare.”

B: “Well, I’ll donate blood. We are the same type.”

~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback ~~~~~~~~~~

****Brenda remembered the first time she saved Sonny’ life
when he was shot in a mob attack.****

S: “You saved my life. I can feel your blood running
through my veins.”

A: “Well, lets go!”

B: “Okay!”

**** Once Alan and Brenda were alone:

B: “Give it to me straight. What are his chances?”

A: “60-40”

B: “Oh...” (tears welling up in her eyes.) “Can I see him?”

A: “After you give blood. But, only for a little while. And,
I have to warn you, he is VERY weak and might not

B: “I don’t care. I want to be with him.”

**** Twenty minutes later Brenda was in Sonny’s room in
the Intensive Care Unit of GH. Sonny was hooked up
to about ten different machines and was recieving a
blood transfusion.****

B: (sobbing) “Sonny? I need you to wake-up for me!
Please!!! Honey, if you can hear me squeeze my

S: (now awake but not really coherent) “Brenda??
What....what happened?”

B: “Sonny, you were shot.”

S: “Harry....”

B: “Harry? Harry did this to you? He set you up? It’s ]
been HIM all along. How could I have been so blind?
Sonny, we are going to get through this. You hear
me, honey? We’ll get through this together. I love

Forever Chapter 6

**** A week later Sonny was released from the hospital. ****

**** Back at the penthouse:

S: “Baby, we need to talk.”

B: “Sure, anything.”

S: “If we’re gonna make this work we have to set some
ground rules.”

B: “Okay. I have one. Be as honest with me as you can.”

S: “Sure. The same goes for you. Don’t ask a lot of
questions about my business. I’ll tell you everything
you need to know. I only keep you in the dark to
protect you.”

B: “Okay. I only have one more. Love me, okay? That’s
ALL I’ve ever really wanted.”

S: “That I can do!!!!” (grinning. They kiss.)

B: “How are you feeling?”

S: “Okay, I guess.”

B: “Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?”

S: “OH, Yeah!!!”

**** The next morning Sonny and Brenda fall asleep in
eachother’s arms. Brenda wakes up, the next
morning to find Sonny gone.****
B: “Sonny????? Sonny, where are you?????”

S: (faint call from the kitchen) “I’m down here,

**** Brenda puts on one of Sonny’s shirts and goes
downstairs and into the kitchen, where she finds
Sonny, cooking.****

B: “What are you doing?”

S: “What does it look like i’m doing? I’m cooking
breakfast for my lady and I. Pancakes, bacon,
fresh-squeezed orange juice and strong coffee.”

B: “A man after my own heart. Besides, I was so sick of
eating bananas and yogurt!”

S: “YOU ate that?”

B: “Yeah, can you believe it????? I miss GOOD food!!”

S: (placing a huge plate of food in front of her) “Well,
here you go.”

B: “I love you so much. I’m glad someone can cook, in
this relationship.” (laughs)

S: “ME TOO!!!!!! I’d STARVE if I had to eat your cookin.’ I
still love you though.”

B: “REAL FUNNY!!!! I think my feelings are hurt!!!!”

S: “I was just kidding!”

B: “Liar!!!!!” (she throws pancake batter at Sonny.)

S: “You didn’t just do that?!”

B: “YES I DID!!!!” (She sticks her tongue out at him)

S: (He throws batter at her.) “That’s it! THIS IS WAR!!!!”

**** Both Sonny and Brenda become covered with
pancake batter. By the time the “war” is over, they
are both COMPLETELY covered with batter. The
kitchen looks like it has been hit by a tornado. Both
of them sit in the kitchen laughing hysterically!****

S: “Look at US!!!!!!”

B: “We are ALL DIRTY!!!! I need to take a shower!!”

S: “Me too!!”

B: (grins) “Well, in the interest of the environment, I
think we should conserve water.”

S: “I’m glad you are so ‘environmentally-concious’!

B: “OH. Is THAT what you call it?”

**** Brenda leads Sonny upstairs where they take a
shower. After the shower ther begin to get dressed. In
the bedroom:

S: “I’ve been thinking. You love me, right?”

B: “Right....”

S: “And you know I love you, right?”

B: “Right...”

S: (He gets down on one knee) “Brenda, I owe you my life.
I have let you into a part of my heart that I never
even knew I had. I have NEVER been as happy as I am
when I’m with you. In fact I don’t think I have ever
been this happy in all my life. I want you to be with
me forever. Baby, will you marry me?”

B: (crying tears of joy) “OF COURSE I’LL MARRY YOU!!!! I
have been dreaming of this day since we first met. I
have finally found a place where I fit. I love you so

S: “I love you too!! You have made me the happiest man
alive!!!!!” (They kiss.)

S: “I think we should elope.”

B: “NOOOO!!! I want a big wedding with all of our
friends and family. That means Mike, Sonny!”

S: “Okay. Whatever you want Bren. All I need is you, me
and a priest!”

B: “I love you!”

S: “Te quieres mi amor.”

Forever Chapter 7

**** In the months that followed, Brenda and Sonny decided to
get married on November 30, the day Stone died. It was a
beginning and an end, of sorts. They had planned a huge
wedding and a honeymoon where the passion ignited,
Puerto Rico.****

**** It was the day of the wedding. The wedding was being
held in Saint Joseph’s Cathedral in Rochester. There were
over 200 people in attendance. Both Brenda and Sonny
were a bundle of nerves but they both knew that this was
right. They both knew that this was destiny. They decided
to write their own vows. Sonny looked incredibly
handsome in his black tuxedo and Brenda looked
gorgeous in her off-white vintage gown. It was to be the
best day of their lives. Lois was Brenda’s maid of honor,
and the bridesmaids were Robin, Emily, Gina and Keesha.
Luke was Sonny’s best man. Mike, Jason and Lucky were
ushers. Ned was the person walking Brenda down the aisle.
Everything was perfect. All of the people Brenda and Sonny
loved were there. Everyone was happy for them, but
everyone was sad at the same time. They were all
remembering Stone, on the second anniversary of his
death. ****

**** Sonny paced nervously in his dressing room, with Luke,
Jason and Lucky by his side:

Luke: “How ya feelin’ partner?”

S: “Fine. A little nervous, but I’ve never felt better.”

J: “Everything is secure. There are guards at the door
and in the crowd.”

S: “Good. I don’t want anything bad to happen. I want
this day to be perfect for Brenda.”
Mike: “I’m so proud of you Sonny!”

S: “I’ve been waiting for this day for my whole life!”

**** Brenda was putting the finishing touches on her
ensemble. She had her something old, the diamond
bracelet Sonny had given her, her something new, her
engagement ring, something borrowed, Lois’ pearl
earrings, and her something blue, the sapphire bracelet
Robin’s mother had given her. Everything was perfect:
Her hair, her make-up, her dress, her soon-to-be
husband... Lois and Robin were with her:

Lois: “How are you? Are you okay???”

B: “I’m GREAT!!!! Dow do I look?”

Robin: “Beautiful!”

B: “Good. I want to look great for Sonny.”

L: “Well, if he has any sense in his head, which he
obviously does because he is marrying you, he will
think you look beautiful.”

B: “I hope so!!”

R: “I am so happy for you!!”

**** Ned goes into Sonny’s dressing room:

N: “Sonny, it’s time!”

S: “Okay.”

Luke: “Ready?”

S: “I have NEVER been more ready for anything in my
whole life!!!!”

**** Ned goes into Brenda’s dressing room:

N: “Ladies, I believe it’s time for me to give away the

Lois: “Okay. I love you Bren.”

B: “I love you too. Thanks for everything.”

R: “I love you big sister. I am SO happy for you. You and
Sonny deserve to be happy!”

B: “I am. I love you, little sister.”

Ned: “Let’s get this show on the road!”

**** Lois and Robin leave:

B: “Have you seen Sonny?”

N: “Yes.”

B: “Well? How is he?”

N: “He’s very calm.”

B: “Really?”

N: “Yes.”

B: (breathes a sigh of relief) “That’s good. Thanks for
being such a good friend. I love you Ned. Thanks for

N: “I love you too. Let’s go before you get all weepy.”

B: (punches him) “Funny!!!! Let’s go!!!!!”

Forever chapter 8

*** “Wedding March” begins. Ned and Brenda begin down
the aisle. Brenda sees Sonny ahead, grinning from ear
to ear. When they reach the pulpit Ned places Brenda’s
hand into Sonny’s. They gaze into eachother’s eyes and
the whole world seems to dissappear. Sonny winks at
Brenda. The priest begins:

P: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness
the joining together of Michael Corinthos and
Brenda Barrett in Holy matrimony....... Is there
anyone here who has reason why Brenda and
Michael may be joined in Holy matrimony? Speak
now, or forever hold your peace.....Michael, Do
you take Brenda to be your lawfully wedded wife? To
have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to love,
honour, and cherish, forsaking all others, ‘til death
do you part?”

S: “I DO!!!”

P: “And Brenda, Do you take Michael to be your lawfully
wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness
and in health, to love, honour, and cherish,
forsaking all others, ‘til death do you part?”

B: (crying) “I DO!!!”

P: “Sonny and Brenda have written their own vows.

S: “Brenda, I love you with all my heart and soul. You
have saved my life more than once and I want to
spend my life trying to repay you...”

B: “You already have...”

S: “You always knew, even when I didn’t. For once, I’m
glad you were so stubborn. I want to take care of
you. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you
and trying to give you the happiness you deserve.”

B: (crying)“Sonny, you have given me the one thing I
have always dreamed of: Love. I love you more and
more each day. I want to spend the rest of my life
showing you just how much. I have ALWAYS known we
were meant to be. So did Stone. He helped us find the
way back to eachother. I’d like to thank him. Stone,
you were right all along. Thanks for helping us out.
You were our guardian angel. Sonny, I have always
loved you and I will always love you, forever!”

P: “Michael, repeat after me: With this ring, I thee wed.”

S: “With this ring I thee wed.”

P: “Brenda, repeat after me: With this ring, I thee wed.”

B: “With this ring, I thee wed.”

P: What God hath brought together let no man put
asunder. Michael, you may kiss your bride.”

S: “Gladly!”

**** They kissed passionatley, hungrily for what seemed
like days, blocking out the rest of the world. They
were beaming!****

P: “I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corinthos!”
(roaring applause)

S: “I love you!”

B: “I love you too!!”
**** There was only a small reception at Luke’s because Sonny
and Brenda had to fly to Puerto Rco in an hour. As
Sonny’s best man, Luke made a toast:

L: Here’s to the bride and groom. I have never met a
couple who deserves happiness more, besides me and
Laura. Congratulations!”

Crowd: “To Sonny and Brenda!!”

B: “I..We would like to thank you all, so much..but MY
HUSBAND and I have to get going. Go ahead and
party without us, besides Sonny’s paying!!” (grins)

S: “Look. We’ve been married for what? Like an hour?
And she’s ALREADY driving me into the poor house!”

Crowd: “Bye!! Have fun!!!!”

S: “Don’t worry we will!!!!!!!” (grins)

**** Outside Luke’s:

B: “I can’t wait to get to Puerto Rico!!!!”

S: “Me either! I’m glad Stone was right!”

B: I love you so much!!!!”

S: “We have to get to the airport or we’ll miss our flight!”

Forever chapter 9

**** Hours later, Sonny and Brenda arrive in their old
hotel room in Puerto Rico.****

B: “This room holds so many GOOD memories. Sonny, is it
hot or is it me?”

S: “It’s you!! YOU ARE HOT!!!!!!!!”(grins)

B: “Sonny.. do we have to talk? We’ve done enough of
that already!!” (Kisses him)

S: “Noooooo....”

B: “Good. I need to change.”

S: “For what?!?”

B: “Good things come to those who wait. Be patient, you’ll

S: “Don’t be too long.. I’ll get lonely!!”

**** About 5 minutes later Brenda emerges from the
bathroom in a delicate silk nightgown:

S: “Whoa...(tries to take in all her beauty) You
look AMAZING!!!!”

B: “You’re not so bad yourself!!”

S: “Come here baby!” (kisses her)

**** They made love until early morning, for the first time
as husband and wife.****

S: “Good morning!!”

B: “Yeah, it is a good morning and a GREAT last night.
I’m famished!!

S: “Well that’s good because I just ordered room service.
It should be here any minute.”

**** They ate in silence. For the rest of their honeymoon
they laughed, relaxed and had FUN!!!! It was like
they were the only two people in the world. It was the
last day of their honeymoon:

S: “Brenda, we have to get packed. Back to reality.”

B: “Sonny are you sure we have to go back? Now? Are
you sure we can’t stay here forever? I feel so...I don’t
know. This feels so sinful. It feels sinful to be this
happy!!! I’ve gained like 5 pounds!”

S: “You have NEVER looked more beautiful, almost
radiant! But.....we have to get back or people will
start to think we got lost!”

B: “Fine! But...I want to come back here! SOON!!!!”

S: “Whatever you say Mrs. Corinthos!”

B: “Wow! I’ve never been called that before! It sounnds so

S: “It is!”


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