For Love
by Jessica

This is after Sonny told Brenda he loved her behind Luke's. I got mad at how
they're taking this so I'm changing it. It starts the day after he said I
love you.

Jax and Brenda have decided to hold off on going away but do decide to take a
short trip to New Orleans in a few weeks. They go to dinner at Luke's and
Sonny is there. Brenda just picks at her food because she's thinking about
Sonny. Before the waiter can give them their check, Sonny writes something on
it and Brenda sees this.

B: I'll pay this time.
J: That's all right, I've got it.
B: Really, I want to pay.
Jax looks at her oddly but doesn't argue. Brenda pays and then smiles at the
message. "Brenda, meet me at my penthouse later. Got news on the setup.
J: What are you smiling at luv?
B: Oh, nothing. Are you ready to go?

Brenda and Jax go home but then Brenda says she has errands she needs to run
and she'll be back in a few hours. She ends up at Sonny's and knocks on the
S:(smiling) Hi.
B:(smiling back nervously) Hi. Can I come in?
Sonny steps back and Brenda goes to sit on the couch. Sonny closes the door
and just looks at her.
S: I though you were leaving.
B: We dicided to hold off on that but we're going to New Orleans in a few
S: Oh. (looking a little pleased)
B: Don't think it had anything to do with you. You said you had news?
S: All in due time. Would you like some food? I noticed you didn't eat much
at dinner.
B:(slightly annoyed) Sonny. I told Jax I was running errands. Now what do you
S: We might know who set me up.
B: Who!?!
S: Harry Silver.
B: Why?
S:(sitting on the couch beside her) Think about it. Who knew that if I
thought you were hurt, I'd come? Who's mad enought at me to want me dead? Who
would get more power if I were dead? Harry gets everything if I were dead.
Revenge, power, and satisfaction.
B:(quieter) What are you going to do about it?
S: We're going to take him down. (Brenda looks alarmed) We're not gonna kill
him. We're just going to make sure he knows not to mess with me again.
B:(looking at him, realizing she is still in love with him) What if you get
hurt again?
S:(softly) I won't.
Brenda leans over and kisses him. Sonny kisses her back, but then pulls away.
S: We can't do this.
B: But I need you. Right here, right now.
S: If we do, I need to know you'll be here when I wake up.
B:(with tears in her eyes) You know I can't promise that. (She caresses his
face) But I DO love you.
Sonny takes her face in his hands and kisses her passionately. He picks her
up and carries her to the fireplace where a fire is going. He lays her down
and they make love that fulfills every dream and fantasy they've had since
they broke up.

Part 2
Brenda laid in Sonny's arms, not wanting to get up but knowing she had to.
Sonny had fallen asleep twenty minutes before, and Brenda was happy just
watching him sleep. She got up and got dressed without waking him up. She
scribbled a note and left. On the way home, she looked at her watch. She had
left for Sonny's three and a half hours before!

B:(opening the door) Jax!
J:(looking up from paper work at the table) Hi Brender! Lose track of time
B: Yeah. (flashes back to making love with Sonny)
J: Are you ready for bed?
B: Yeah. I'm so incredibly tired.
J:(looking disappointed) Oh, I was hoping to have some fun tonight.
B: Maybe tomorrow. Right now I just need to sleep.

The next day, Sonny woke up on the floor by the fireplace, but Brenda wasn't
there. He got up and put a robe on. He went to go make himself breakfast when
he noticed Brenda's note. "I'm sorry but I had to leave. I will meet up with
you sometime tomorrow and we need to talk. I love you. Brenda." He was
reading it when Jason walked in.
J: Hey man. What're you reading?
S:(looking a little depressed) Nothing.

Later that day, Brenda's sitting with Lucy at the Outback talking about work
when Sonny comes in with Jason.
B: Can you excuse me a minute Lucy?
L:(looking where Brenda's staring and seeing Sonny) Sure, no problem. I'll
just call doc really quick.
B: Thanks.
Brenda gets up and walks over to Sonny. Sonny nods at Jason and Jason walks
B: We need to talk.
S: This isn't really the place.
B: Where is?
S: The back room of Luke's. Can you meet me there in an hour?
B: Sure. By the way, I meant it when I said I loved you.
S: Prove it.
B:(laughing) Maybe later. I'll see you at Luke's in an hour.

Brenda walks into the back room of Luke's and Sonny's sitting in a chair
waiting for her. She walks over and kisses him but he doesn't return the
S: If you had stayed, you could have done that this morning.
B:(defensivly) I told you yesterday that I wouldn't be able to be there. You
didn't seem to mind all that much last night.
S: I know. I just missed you.
B: I've missed you too.
S: What are you going to do about Wonder Boy?
B: I don't know. I don't know if I can leave him.
S: What do you mean you don't know if you can leave him? You just said and
proved that you love me.
B: I know, but I love him too. Not in the same way and not nearly as much,
but I do love him.

Brenda sits down on the edge of the pool table. Sonny get up and stands in
front of her so that their faces are just inches apart.
S: Do you remember last year, when you said that you would be my mistress?
(Brenda nods) Well, what if I become your...mister?
B: Really?
S: Yeah, I could get a hotel room and just save it for us.
Brenda kisses him happily. She figures she'll worry about Jax later, right
now she just wants to be with
B: You know, we could always find a hotel room right now. (she smiles
S: Lead the way.

Part 3
It had been three weeks since that day in Luke's. Brenda and Sonny were
meeting almost every day in their hotel room. They would talk, discuss
things, and make love. Brenda was trying to figure out a way to break up with
Jax but she was having trouble. Sonny was starting to get mad, but then he
realized that he had no right to be mad because he knew exactly what she was
going through. Jax was realizing that something was keeping her preoccupied
so one day when they were eating breakfast (bananas and yogurt, eeewwww!) he
made an annoncement.
J: Brender, remember when we said that we would go away to New Orleans soon?
B: Yeah.
J: How about we go this weekend?
B: What are you talking about? We can't just drop everything and leave.
J: Yes we can. I've already booked the flight and hotel. I talked to Lucy and
she has no problem with it. All that's left do is leave.
B: And when exactly are we supposed to be leaving?
J: This afternoon.
Brenda realizes that she can't say that she doesn't want to go because she's
supposed to meet up with Sonny later so she stay quiet. Later she goes over
to Luke's to talk to Sonny. Sonny takes her into the back room and asks her
what's up.
B: I have to go away with Jax to New Orleans.
S: Oh. When do you leave?
B: This afternoon.
S: When are you going to break it off with him?
B: After we get back.
S: That's what you say.
B:(starting to get angry) What do you mean by that?
S: I'm sorry. I just want to be with you all the time. I want to let other
people know that I love you and you love me, and I can't.
B:(goes over to him and puts her arms around him) I promise that when we get
back I will break it off with Jax.
Brenda kisses him and he kisses her back but then she pulls away and leaves
with Sonny watching her all the way. Mike has been in Luke's the entire time
and when Sonny walks into the main part of Luke's, Mike goes over to him.
M: May I ask what that was all about?
S: You may ask but that doesn't mean I'll answer.

Brenda has just gotten back from New Orleans. The entire time she was there
she thought of Sonny. When she looked at Jax, she saw Sonny's face. Whenever
she made love to Jax, she wished it was Sonny. But while she was there, she
did something else that Jax didn't know about. Now she had to go tell Sonny
what she found out. She told Jax that she was going to meet up with Lucy but
instead went to Luke's again.
B:(seeing that Sonny isn't in Luke's) Hey Mike, where's Sonny?
M: He left to meet with Jason but he should be back in a few minutes. Would
you like a drink while you wait?
B:(knowing that she shouldn't drink) No, that's all right.
At that moment Sonny walked into Luke's and seeing Brenda, smiled.
B:(seriously) We need to talk.
S: Would you like to go to the back room?
B: Sure.
They go to the back room and Brenda sits down in a chair.
S: So have you broken up with Wonder Boy yet?
B: No, but I need to tell you something.
S: Go ahead.
B:(takes a deep breath) I'm pregnant.

S:(confusion is all over his gorgeous face) You're pregnant?
B: Yeah. I thought I might be before I left so when I was in New Orleans I
went to a doctor for a test.
S: Does Jax know?
B: No. I told him I was shopping when I got the test done and then I wanted
to tell you first.
S: So now you're going to stay with him. It's like me and Lily all over
B: Sonny, you don't get it. I don't know who the father is.
S: Well it's Jax of course.
B: Or it could just as easily be you.
S: What do you suggest we do about this?
B: I was thinking we could get a paternity test. If it's not you, then we
know that it's Jax.
S: And if it is Jax, you'll go back to him.
B: I don't know. Do you want to get the test done?
S: Of course. Should we get it done at Mercy?
B: Sure. Do you want to see if we can do it now?
S: Why not? I'll call Mercy and see. (Sonny calls Mercy to see when it could
be done.) We can go over there now and get it done. Thank go* for
doctor/patient confidentiality.
B:(looking so sad) I'm sorry. Go*, if only I had broken it off with Jax
earlier none of this would be happening.
S:(pulls her towards him and hugs her) Don't worry about that now. What's
done is done. Now we have to do what we have to do.
They leave Luke's as Mike watches curiously. He knows they've been spending
more time together but he can't figure out what's going on.

Sonny and Brenda are at Mercy and have both had their blood drawn for the
B: When will we know the results?
Doctor: We should have them done tomorrow.
S: That's soon.
D: Well, we aren't that busy at the moment. You should call tomorrow and ask
if they're done.
B: Thank you. (Sonny's cell phone rings)
S: Corinthos. Um, (looks at Brenda) yeah. I'll meet you there in a half hour.
B: Business?
S: Yeah. Will you be okay by yourself?
B: Sure. I'm a big girl. Do you want to meet up at Luke's tomorrow to call?
S: Yeah. Two okay?
B: Fine.

It's the next day, and Brenda's at Luke's waiting for Sonny. He comes in the
door and they both head to the back room.
B: I'll call.
S: Are you sure?
B: Yes.
She gets out her phone and calls Mercy. As she's talking she keeps her
expression blank so that Sonny doesn't know what's being said. She hangs up
the phone and turns around and looks at Sonny.
B: Are you ready to be a daddy?
Sonny face goes from shock to happiness as he runs over and gives Brenda a
huge hug.
S: Really?
B: Yep.
Sonny takes her face in his hands and gives her a gentle kiss on the lips.
S: Are you ready to tell Wonder Boy now?
B: Yeah. I'm not going to tell him about the baby though.
S: Okay. (he kisses her again and then she leaves)

Brenda's at home now, waiting for Jax to come home. She's sitting on the
couch when she hears the door open.
J: Brender? How did your meeting with Lucy go?
B: It went fine. I need to talk to you.
J:(sees the look on her face and knows it's bad) Okay, go ahead.
B:(takes a deep breath) I'm leaving you.
J: What do you mean you're leaving me?
B: I mean I want a divorce. That is if we still legally need one.
J:(his voice getting louder by the second) You don't expect me to actually
let you just go! What, is it Sonny?
B: Sonny has nothing to do with us. Neither does the fact that you still love
Miranda. The main thing is that we don't love each other anymore.
J: And I suppose that after you get done here you're going to go to Sonny!
B: I told you, Sonny doesn't have anything to do with us.
J: I'm not letting you leave. (he can feel the anger rising and knows that he
can't keep it in anymore)

Part 5
Brenda's being wheeled into the GH emergency room. Dr. Quartermaine is there
and he asks Brenda how she got here.
B: Jax.
D: Jax did this to you?
B: Yeah. Alan?
D: What Brenda?
B: How's the baby?
D: The baby...Brenda are you pregnant?
B: Three weeks. (Brenda goes unconcious)

Three hours later.
Brenda's in a private room. Ned, Jason, Sonny, Kevin, and Lucy are in the
waiting room. Jax has been arrested. Dr. Quartermaine comes out.
S: Is she okay?
D: She's going to be. She got beat up pretty bad but she's very optimistic.
N: When can we see her?
D: It's to soon right now but you can in about an hour.
S: Alan, can I talk to you alone for a minute?
D: Sure.
S: I need to see her.
D: Sonny, you heard what I said.
S:(sighs) The baby's mine.
D:(somewhat confused) What?
S: The baby's mine. How is it?
D: The baby's looking okay. Do you mind my asking how you know it's yours?
S: We had a paternity test done. Jax doesn't know. This will stay
confidential, right?
D: Sure. I guess you can go on in and see her. She isn't awake yet but you
might be able to do some good.
S: Thanks. (he goes into Brenda's room and sits by the bed. He holds her hand
to his face.) Hey, baby. I'm sorry about all of this. I'm sorry I wasn't
there to stop him. I should have...(Sonny starts to cry and closes his eyes)
B: Sonny?
S:(opening his eyes to see Brenda looking at him) Oh, thank Go*. I'm so sorry
B:(caressing his face) How could you have known. I didn't know he would do
anything like that. What happened to him?
S: He was arrested for abuse. (Sonny leans over and kisses her) It's all
over. All over.
B: We can be together now.
S:(he kisses her again) Forever and ever.

Part 6
One week later...
Brenda has been given the okay to go home. The only problem is that she
didn't know where home was. She can't go back to Jax, that was obvious, but
she wasn't sure if she should go back to Sonny just yet. She had to sort
through all of her feelings and decide what to do. They had been talking a
lot while she was in the hospital. Brenda know that she still wouldn't be
able to know everything about Sonny's business, but she also knew that she
could live with that now.
B: I'm sure that Ruby could fix me up with a room.
S: Are you sure you don't want to just come to the penthouse?
B:(softly) That's her place, not mine.
S:(thinking) I'm sure that Ruby has got an apartment for two.
B: Now what would you be suggesting?
S: Let's move in together. I mean we're going to need a place when the baby's
born, but for now an apartment would be fine.
B: The baby, our baby. (smiles)
S:(leans over and kisses her) I love you.
They kiss for a few minutes but then Brenda pulls away thinking.
B: What about Jax?
S:(his face showing his displeasure) What about him?
B: He's out of jail, right?
S:(sarcastically) Yeah. If I had done something that bad, they would've
locked me up until they could find something else to get on me.
B:(caressing his face) But you wouldn't do something like that.
S: Okay, enough about Jax. Are you ready to go?
Brenda is about to say yes when Robin comes through the door with Jason
trying to catch up with her.
R: Brenda, are you okay?
S: I thought I told your not to bring her here.
R: Oh, come on! You don't think I would let Jason stop me did you?
S: Well, I guess we should leave you two alone. Come on Jason.
Sonny and Jason leave and Brenda and Robin sit on the bed.
R: What happened? All Jason would say is that you got beat up by Jax but that
you were okay.
B: I told him I was leaving him and I guess he couldn't take it.
She gives out a weak laugh. Dr. Quatermaine comes in and makes a little bit
of small talk with Robin.
D: Brenda, do you want the results to the tests now? (looking at Robin)
B: Sure, it's all right.
D: Okay. (he gives a few results) The baby looked okay in the sonogram but I
want you to come back for some more tests in a couple of days.
As Alan is saying this, Robin just turns to stare at Brenda with her mouth
open. Sonny and Jason walk back in and see Robin staring at Brenda.
S: What happened?
R:(trying to recover from the shock) Baby?
B: I forgot about that test.
D: I think this is my cue to leave. (walks out the door)
R: Wait a minute. You're pregnant, but you're leaving Jax for Sonny. (Brenda
looks at Sonny)
S: Well it's kinda my baby.
Robin just looks back and forth between Brenda and Sonny. To Jason, she says:
R: Are you as confused as I am?
B: Can we explain it to you later. Right now, I just really want to get out
of here and talk to Ruby.

They go to Ruby's and get an apartment to stay in for a few months. Then they
both head back to Sonny's penthouse to pack up his stuff. While there, they
decide to tell Robin and Jason what's been going on.
R:(after she comes in and sits down) Okay, may I ask what's going on?

Part 7
B:(looking at Sonny) Would you like to explain or should I?
S: Go ahead.
R: Somebody tell it!
B: Okay, but don't interrupt. (takes a deep breath) Okay, about a month ago I
went to tell Sonny that I couldn't help him with the setup anymore and that I
was leaving with Jax. (looks at Sonny and smiles) Of course, Sonny being
Sonny, he told me that he still loves me. (Robin looks at Sonny and he just
shrugs. Brenda finishes the story, takes another deep breath and goes to
stand by Sonny) And now, we're going to move into an apartment together.
J: And you did all of this without my knowledge. What if something had
S: That's the way it had to be. Luckily nothing did happen so we didn't have
to worry about that.
R: Jax doesn't know about the baby, right? (Brenda nods her head) You better
hope he doesn't find out.
S: Well when it comes to that, we will work it out.
B:(putting her arms around Sonny's waist) For now, I just want to relax and
be happy.
Robin looked at Jason and they got up and left. Brenda and Sonny finished
packing up all of his stuff.
S: I can arrange for the furniture to be moved within the hour, if you want.
B: Okay. Wow it looks really empty.
S:(looking around, flashing back to when he was with Lily) Yeah.
B: Will you come with me to get my stuff? I don't want to go alone.
S: Anything you want sweetheart.

Brenda and Sonny are in the bedroom packing up Brenda's stuff when Jax comes
home. They don't hear him, but he can hear them and goes into the bedroom.
J: Well, isn't this cozy?
B: We just came to get my stuff.
J: The last time I checked, we were still married so you won't be going
S: Obviously you haven't gotten the papers from the lawyer.
J: What papers?
B: The divorce papers. That is if we'll need them. There is still a question
as to whether or not we're legally married. Now if you don't mind, we're
going to be going.
J: You're not going to go anywhere.
S: And what are you going to do? Beat her up again? Oh yeah, you're a big
J: Why don't I just go for you?
S: Try, and you won't be alive long enough to be brought up on assault
B: Sonny. Come on, let's go.
Brenda and Sonny leave with Jax watching them all the way. They go to their
new apartment and all of the furniture is there. They get all of their stuff
put away and look around.
B:(going over and kissing him) Welcome home.
S:(kissing her back) I could get used to this welcome. What do you say we go
check out the bedroom?
B: I don't know.
S: What's the matter?
B: It just feels weird being in her bed.
S: Honey, the minute I took off that wedding ring, it wasn't her bed anymore.
It was waiting to become your bed.
B: Ohhh. Well, I guess we shouldn't make it wait any longer then.
She takes his hand and leads him to the bed where they make passionate love.


part 8
It had been three weeks now since Brenda got out of the hospital. People
were starting to figure out that she was back with Sonny.
B:(laying in Sonny's arms) I should get up.
S:(hugging her closer to him) No you shouldn't.
B: Yes I should. (she gets up and puts on a robe, then sits down beside
Sonny) I have to go meet with the lawyers.
S: Is he going to be able to fight this?
B: I don't think so. They said that since he was arrested for beating me
up, it should go through with no problem.
S: That's good.
B: Are you going to come for the check-up with Alan?
S: Yeah. I have a meeting with Jason but I'll be there.

At the hospital getting for a sonogram.
D: You want to see your baby?
B:(takes Sonny's hand) Can you tell what sex it is?
D: Not yet. Maybe in about another month. (moves the thing around on her
stomach) There he is.
B: Or she.
S: Where?
D:(pointing at the screen) There's the head. Those'll be the arms, and
these will be the legs.
B:(looking from the screen to Sonny) There's our baby.
S: Looks like we did good. Is the heart what's fluttering?
D: Yeah. Do you want to hear the heartbeat?
Brenda nods. Alan gets out another little machine and puts it on Brenda's
stomach. He moves it around until they hear a soft whooshing sound. Sonny
breaks into a huge grin, dimples blazing.
S: That just made this so real. (he leans over and kisses Brenda)
D:(cleaning the gel off Brenda's stomach) How are you doing? Any morning
sickness? (Sonny groans)
B:(laughing) Yeah. I'm very used to our bathroom now.
D: Have you lost any weight?
B: Six pounds.
D: That's all right, you'll put it all back on in a few months.
B: Can't wait.
D: Okay. I think that's it. If you want to make an appointment now for in
about a month, talk to my secretary. (walks out of the room)
B: Sonny, can we tell people now?
S: What about Jax?
B:(exasperated) I don't care! I just want to be able to tell people I love
you and that I get to have your baby.
S: Can we talk about this later? (puts her coat on her and they leave the

Part 9
S: Sweetheart, I need to talk to you.
B:(going up and putting her arms around him) About what?
S: Business.
B: Oh. (he leads her to the couch and they sit down) What's up?
S: We finally got all of the evidence we need on Harry.
B:(scared) What are you going to do now?
S: We're going to take him down.
B: Who all is we?
S: Me, Jason, and Mike.
B: Mike?
S: He insisted. We aren't going to kill him. We're just going to make sure
he leaves us alone.
B: And what if he doesn't?
S: Then we'll give the evidence over to that creep Taggert and let him deal
with it.
B: What if something goes wrong?
S:(hugging her) Nothing is going to happen. I'm going to be here to see
this baby to grow up.
B: You better. (softly) I love you.
S:(in typical Sonny fashion) Oh yeah? Why don't you show me?
Brenda kisses him hard. He carries her toward the bed and they make hot,
passionate love, pushing all thoughts of Harry Silver out of their heads.

Part 10
It's three days later and Mike, Jason, and Sonny are ready to take down
Harry. They meet at Luke's to go over the plan.
J: Sonny, you're going to meet Harry here. (points to a drawing of the
warehouse they are to meet in)
S: Then you and Mike will come in here and here. (points)

At the warehouse.
S: So, Harry. How've you been? A lot better than Lily, I believe.
H: I didn't mean for her to die.
While this is going on, Jason and Mike are taking care of the four gaurds
standing watch outside the warehouse.
H: What do you want? (Jason and Mike sneak in)
S: I want you to leave. I want you to go away forever and never come back.
H: Then why do we have to meet?
S: Because we want to show you something. (Jason comes up and takes Harry's
gun) You didn't think I'd be ready?
H: What do you want to show me?
M: This. (shoves a box with evidence against Harry in it towards Harry)
H: How interesting. This could put me away for a long, long time. (takes
astep toward Sonny) But you know what? It's not going to.
In one quick move, he takes out a knife and shoves it in Sonny's chest.
Jason goes for his gun, ready to shoot.
S:(groaning) Jason! Don't shoot! Get him and call Mac. (Sonny collapses.
Jason grabs Harry and Mike runs to Sonny.)
M: Hey! Michael, wake up! Come on. Do it for Brenda! She needs you.
(Sonny regains conciousness)
J: Sonny, think about the baby. You want to see your child grow up! (Mike
looks at Sonny in shock)
S: (weakly) Surprise. (The ambulance comes and loads Sonny. Jason gets on
the phone and calls Brenda.)
B:(answering) Sonny?
J: No, it's me. Come to GH. Sonny was stabbed.
B: Stabbed?
J: Yeah, I got his gun but he had a knife hidden.
B: I'll be over there in a few minutes.


Part 11
Brenda's in the room with Sonny. He hasn't woken up yet but Dr. Quatermaine
said the was doing really well. He also told Brenda that she shouldn't get
too stressed because of the baby. Like that'll happen, she thought to
S:(just waking up) Brenda?
B:(squeezing his hand) I'm here.
S:(relaxing) Sorry.
B: Hey, don't worry about it. (smiles) I got good news.
S: What?
B:(leaning back in her chair) You're looking at a free woman.
S: The divorce is final?
B: Yep. So, I figure now is a good time to tell everyone about the baby.
S: I can agree to that.
B:(smiling happily) I can't wait!
S: Why don't you go tell everybody right now?
B: Really?
S: Yeah, but Mike already knows. Jason let it slip after I got hurt.
(Brenda goes into the waiting room, almost skipping like a little kid.
Kevin, Lucy, Jason, Mike, and Mac are sitting down.)
J: How's Sonny?
B:(giddy) He's awake and talking. He's sore but he'll be all right.
K: What are you so weird about?
B: He said I could tell everyone now.
Mac: Tell everyone what?
B: First, I am now a divorced woman.
J: I can see how that would be good for you.
B: Yean. And a few of you know this already but the second thing is...I'm
Mac: I'm assuming it's Sonny's child.
B: Yeah.
L: How far along are you?
B:(hesitantly) Two months.
L: But you and Jax have only been se--oh.
B: Yeah.
L: Then how do you know?
B: A test. (Lucy runs up and hugs her)
L: I'm so happy for you.
B: This may put my modeling career on hold.
L: Oh, pooh. I don't care right now.
B: I need to get back to Sonny now.
K: Congratulations.
B: Thanks.
She gets up and walks back into Sonny's room. He's fallen back asleep and
Brenda walks over and kisses his forehead.
B: I love you.

A week later, Sonny's been allowed to leave the hospital. He and Brenda are
heading out the door of his room when Jax stepped out of the elevator. Jax
comes running at Sonny and Brenda steps in front of him.
J:(glaring at both of them) What, you didn't think I'd find out?
B: Jax, please leave us alone.
J: Why, so you can go have his baby? By the way, how do you know it's
really his baby?
S: We had a test done.
J: And you, you couldn't find anyone else? You had to go around making my
wife sleep with you?
B: I went to him, not the other way around. (Jax pulls his hand back and
slaps her)
S: Don't do that!
Jax shoves Sonny in the middle of his chest. Sonny falls back feeling some
of the stitches on his chest pull and come out. One of Sonny's bodygaurds
comes over and grabs Jax. Brenda goes over to Sonny and starts to freak out
when she sees blood on the front of his shirt.
S: Don't worry. It's just from the stitches coming out. (turns to his
bodygaurd) Get him out of here.
A nurse comes over and gets Sonny back in his room so she can look at his
stitches. She gives him a shot of novicain then stitches him up again. She
then calls Dr. Quatermaine to make sure Sonny can go home. He says yes and
Sonny and Brenda leave and go home.

A few days later, Sonny and Brenda eat dinner at Luke's. Sonny's kinda quiet
and Brenda secretly worries. After they eat, Sonny says they should take a
walk. As they are walking along the docks, Sonny stops and pulls something
out of his pocket. Brenda looks at him curiously as he gets down on one
S: I'm gonna do this right. Brenda, I love you. I always have, and I
always will. Nothing will change that. I want to spend the rest of my life
with you and be happy. Will you marry me?
B:(a huge smile on her face) Yes! Oh, yes Sonny, I will marry you!
Sonny picks her up and kisses her as he spins her around.
S: Now, everything is perfect.


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