Fathers and Sons by Ann

Sonny and Brenda are happily married and have a child. Sonny becomes a legitimate businessman. But, his past comes back to haunt him and he's sent to prison. As Sonny and Brenda struggle to cope with this sudden turn of events, Mike becomes more determined than ever to make peace with his son.

Chapter 1 ~-~-~ Birthday Party ~-~-~

Sonny Corinthos awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of crying. The house was dark and he slowly made his way to his son's bedroom. He sat down at the edge of the bed, covered him with a blanket, and gently rubbed his back until he fell back asleep. Sonny lingered, smiling down at the miracle that had changed his life.

Anthony Stone Corinthos was born five years ago, soon after Sonny and Brenda had gotten married. Sonny had always felt a strong attachment to Anthony. He had held him as an infant, walking the floor at night and soothing his crying son. Anthony was never a very sound sleeper, but neither was Sonny. Once, Brenda had told him how much she thought they were alike, both in physical resemblance and temperament. Sonny had replied that might not be such a good thing. But, Anthony also had his mother's spunk and energy, and they had both laughed at how stubborn Anthony could be.

Anthony had given Sonny something he had been searching for his whole life- a family. They were feelings Sonny never felt before, not like this anyway. He wished his mother had lived to see her grandson. He wished Stone had lived to see his and Brenda's child. Sonny walked back to his bedroom, quietly slipped into bed and wrapped his arms around Brenda. She stirred for a moment, then became quiet again. Sonny closed his eyes and slept. He dreamt and for the first time in his life they were good dreams.


The next day was Anthony fifth birthday. Sonny and Brenda had planned a big birthday party for him. He had invited the kids from nursery school and family and friends were coming too. Mike had arrived early to help set up for the afternoon events. Sonny was in the backyard decorating the patio with dinosaur streamers and balloons.

"Need some help?" Mike said as he walked out to the patio.

Sonny stepped down from a chair, holding some streamers. "No. I got it covered."

"Okay, I guess I'll go help Brenda."

Mike turned around and walked back in the house. He put his present for Anthony in the living room. Mike had picked out the perfect gift for his grandson. He decided to get him his first baseball mitt. Anthony came into the living room standing behind Mike.


"Hey, kiddo." Mike picked up Anthony. "Wow, you're getting too big to pick up," teased Mike.

I'm five now," Anthony said seriously.

"I know."

Brenda came down the stairs. "Hi, Mike. Did you come to help?"

"Sure did. Although Sonny didn't seem to want my help," he said with a resigned tone.

"That's okay, you can help us with the games and prizes." She handed Mike a bag of kid's party gifts. "Can you put these in the party bags?"

"I think I can handle that."

By afternoon the party was in full swing with kids and adults filling the Corinthos house. They were in the middle of eating cake and ice cream when there was a knock on the door. It was Detective Taggert and Detective Garcia with a search warrant. Luke Spencer was the one that answered the door.

"What do you two want?" he said with disapproval.

Detective Taggert stepped in the door and up to Luke's face. "We have a warrant to search this house."

Luke blew some cigar smoke in Detective Taggert's face. "Do you have to do it right now? There's a kid's birthday party going on, for Gods sake."

Sonny, Jason and Mike came to the front door to see what the commotion was all about.

Sonny walked over to Detective Taggert. "Can I help you, Detective?"

"Yeah, seems your friend here is trying to obstruct justice. We have a warrant to search this house. Now, we can do it the easy way or hard way. It's up to you, Corinthos."

Sonny sighed. "You know there's nothing here. I'm a legitimate businessman, Detective."

Detective Taggert smirked. "I don't care what you say you are, Corinthos. I'm searching this house right now."

"You give cops a bad name," Sonny said with disgust.

"Is that a yes?" taunted Detective Taggert.

"Just try not to eat too much of the birthday cake. Wouldn't want you to spoil your appetite," Sonny retorts.

The two detectives searched the house for over an hour and left with a couple of boxes of evidence. Brenda and Mike had escorted all the parents and kids to the patio to do the piñata, musical chairs and other games. Then Anthony had opened his presents.

Sonny sat fuming and pacing in the living room with Jason and Luke trying to calm him down. "WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS?" Sonny yelled.

"Sonny, you know he's just jerking you around," Luke explained. "And it looks like he's doing a pretty good job of it."


"Listen, Sonny. He must have some judge in his pocket to keep getting all these search warrants approved. But, like you said, you're clean. He can't touch you."

Sonny sat down and sulked on the couch. "I want to kill Taggert," he muttered under his breath.

The birthday party was finally winding down and kids and their parents were starting to leave. Brenda and Mike had done a good job of distracting everybody and Anthony didn't even seem to notice.

Anthony ran in the living room and sat on Sonny's lap. "Daddy, did you see my baseball mitt?" beamed Anthony.

Sonny looked at the mitt and than over at Mike. He knew who gave it to him, because he had gotten one himself for his fifth birthday. "That's nice, Anthony. We'll have to go to the park and try it out."

"Can we go now?"

"It's a little late now. I'll take you tomorrow, okay." Sonny flashed a dimpled smile at his son.

"Okay, Daddy." Anthony left the living room to put some of his present s away.

"What did Taggert want?" asked Mike.

Sonny gets disgusted all over again. "The usual. He won't be happy until he puts me in jail."

Mike could see how upset Sonny was. "I'm sorry he keeps harassing you."

"Hey, it's not your fault." Sonny changed the subject. "Thanks for your help today."

Mike smiled. "You remembered I gave you a baseball mitt, didn't you?"

Sonny allowed a slight grin. "Yeah, I remembered. That was a long time ago, Mike," he said with sadness. "Maybe it will be different with your grandson."

They're both silent for a few moments then Mike decided to leave. "Well, I better be going. I've got to close the bar tonight. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Mike."


Later that night, as Brenda was washing up in the bathroom, Sonny lay on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. Brenda came in and they settled down into bed. Sonny reached over and held Brenda's hand.

"Do you think Anthony had a nice party?" whispered Sonny.

"Well, he told me it was his best birthday party ever, if that tells you anything."

"I'm glad." Sonny turned on his side and looked at Brenda. "I need to stop letting Taggert get to me. I really lost it today."

"He must have known about the birthday party. It's harassment, Sonny. Isn't there anything we can do about him?"

"I don't think so," Sonny said discouraged.

Brenda kissed Sonny softly on the lips. "I just don't like to see you so upset."

"I thought all of this would end when I went legitimate. I wanted Anthony to have a great birthday," he sighed.

"He did, sweetheart." Brenda kissed Sonny again and they gave each other a long, burning kiss. They made love and fell asleep in each other's arms.


Fathers and Sons

Chapter 2 ~-~-~ My Brother's Place ~-~-~

The next morning Sonny got up and made breakfast. Anthony had gotten up early and wanted to try out his new baseball mitt. Sonny promised they'd try it out after they ate. He was showing Anthony how to scramble eggs when Brenda came downstairs.

"Good morning, sweetheart." Sonny pulled out a chair for Brenda.


"Morning Mommy."

"Morning, sweetheart. You're up kinda early," Brenda said as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

"I want to go to the park. Did you see what Grandpa got me?"

There was a knock on their kitchen door.

"Who can that be so early?" wondered Brenda.

Anthony ran to answer the door. "It's Grandpa. I want him to play catch with us." Anthony opened the back door. "Hi, Grandpa!"

Mike stood in the doorway. "Hey, kiddo. How's your glove?" He looked past Anthony and over to Sonny, who was still working on the eggs. "Can I come in?"

Sonny shrugged his shoulders.

"Come in, Mike," said Brenda. "You're always welcome here." She gave Sonny a hard glance.

Mike stepped into the kitchen and Brenda gestured for him to sit down for breakfast. Sonny remained silent as Mike, Brenda and Anthony enjoyed some breakfast conversation. Brenda noticed the time and turned to Sonny.

"Can you take Anthony to work today? I've got a couple of appointments. I can pick him up this afternoon."

"Sure, sweetheart. Busy day?"

Brenda sighed, "Looks like a busy month."

Sonny stood up and gave Brenda a peck on the cheek. "We'll see you this afternoon. We're stopping off at the park and then I'm heading to the restaurant." He turned to Anthony. "Ready?"

"Okay." Anthony ran over and hugged Brenda. "Bye, Mommy."

"Bye, honey."

Anthony grabbed Mike's hand. "You ready, Grandpa?"

Mike stood up and held Anthony's hand. "I wouldn't miss this for the world."

Brenda watched as Sonny, Anthony, and Mike headed out the door. She hated the way Sonny treated Mike. She thought things would change when they had Anthony. That Sonny could get past his anger and bitterness towards his father. But, it had never happened. It was the one topic that Sonny refused to talk about and she had finally stopped trying. Brenda finished her coffee, put the dishes in the sink and headed out the door.


Sonny Corinthos had been completely legitimate for over three years now. He had quietly phased out all of his operations. He sold his territories to interested parties and transferred his crew to other bosses. It had taken him over two years to succeed. He hadn't wanted to cause any wars and managed to keep all involved happy by giving them the most lucrative action on the eastern seaboard.

At first, he felt anxious about being legitimate. He decided to stay partners with Luke, but also wanted to expand his business options. Sonny was always a good businessman and was slowly starting to build up his wealth in the legitimate world.

He opened up a new restaurant with Jason. Sonny and Jason were equal partners. They had named the restaurant "My Brother's Place." They named it for their loyal friendship. For Sonny, there was a second meaning. He named the restaurant in memory of Stone, his other best friend and brother. It was something he would have wanted Stone to be a part of if he were still alive. The restaurant did well, too. It was in a good location on the docks overlooking the Port Charles River. Sonny had hired one of the best chefs around and on occasion Sonny would make some of his own favorite dishes.


Brenda and Lois were having a great deal of success with L&B. They had a steady client base and were signing new contracts on a regular basis. They were renting an office down on the waterfront and both worked long hours. Brenda was glad that Lois had decided to return to Port Charles. Anthony and Brooke Lynn were two years apart, but they got along really well. It was like old times for Lois and Brenda.

Brenda and Lois had been at the office most of the afternoon. They barely had time for lunch and still had a lot of work to do. Brenda finally sat down and looked at her watch.

"I'm through for now. I'm going to pick up Anthony." Brenda said as she headed out the door.

"We still have a lot of work left. Are you coming back?" asked Lois.

Brenda grabbed her briefcase. "I'll finish it tonight."

"Call me," yelled Lois.

"I will."

Brenda arrived at the restaurant to pick up Anthony. He saw Brenda and ran in her arms.

"Hi, Mommy."

"Hi, honey. You ready to head home?"


Detective Taggert had continued his preoccupation with Sonny Corinthos. He never really believed Sonny's alleged career change. All he knew was that he couldn't prove a damn thing about Sonny's business. When Sonny had first opened his restaurant Detective Taggert had arranged for some surveillance. He had a close friend in the FBI and they informally arranged to bug the restaurant and Sonny's home.

Taggert walked into the van and sat down with the FBI agents. They listened as Sonny and Jason talked about inventory, paychecks, and plumbing problems. Over the past year, they had listened to hours and hours of the surveillance tapes. There was never anything incriminating. Sonny Corinthos was too smooth to get caught thought Taggert bitterly.

"Damn," shouted Taggert. "These guys are good. I want to nail Corinthos. I'm never going to get him this way this way!"

The FBI agent looked up at Taggert and took another sip of coffee. "Would you be patient. They all trip up sometime. It's just a matter of time," he said with certainty.

"We'll, I hope your right, 'cause this guy is going down, and I don't care how I do it." Taggert left the van in disgust and headed towards the docks. He ended up standing in front of Sonny's restaurant. Sonny and Jason were sitting at a back table when Detective Taggert walked in. Sonny looked up from the table with a look of disgust and hatred. Taggert had the same look.

Sonny took a sip of his drink. "May I help you, Detective Taggert?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact you can. I'd like to order a drink."

Sonny gave a quick look at Jason that revealed a slight smirk, too quick for Taggert to see. "Then go somewhere else. You're out of luck."

Detective Taggert looked Sonny up and down with contempt. He wanted to put Sonny away for life. His casual disrespect and rudeness towards him made him even angrier. He weighed if he should drag him down to the station and harass him for a couple of hours. He had nothing on him, no evidence, no proof, but he always figured Corinthos would slip up sooner or later. Sonny had a smirk on his face that Taggert just didn't like. Taggert walked up closer to the table. "I need to talk to you."

Sonny let out a large sigh, getting tired of the conversation. "So? Talk."

Taggert smiled. "No, not here. At the station."

Sonny started getting a little agitated. Trying not to react, but feeling like standing up and punching Taggert in the face. He took another deep sigh and tried to calm himself. "What for?"

"I have a few questions I need to ask you." He stared Sonny down again, trying to read Sonny's next move, how resistant he would be.

Sonny took another sip of his drink. He decided he needed to pick his battles. He knew Taggert could close the restaurant down if he really wanted. Sonny reluctantly decided to stand up. "How long will this take?"

Taggert smiled again. "Smart move Sonnyboy. One hour."

Sonny gave Jason a quick glance that everything was under control, that he knew what he was doing. He stood and faced Taggert. "Let's go detective."


Fathers and Sons

Chapter 3 ~-~-~ Foul Play ~-~-~

Sonny walked out of the police station in disgust. He knew that Detective Taggert had nothing on him. Sonny was clean, legit, yet Taggert continued to question him about his business. Sonny was getting so worried that he had Jason meet him later that night. Sonny had arrived a little early, to think, but soon heard Jason's footsteps. They both sat down on the bench.

"What's going on?" asked Jason.

"I need to go over a few things with you."

"Okay." replied Jason.

"I don't know what Taggert found when he raided the house, but he'll stop at nothing to nail me. He won't rest until then. I want to be prepared for anything." Sonny leaned back and looked up at the night sky. "He's been watching me like a hawk for the past year. He's closing in, I can feel it."

"What do you want me to do?"

Sonny leaned in and looked intently at Jason. Speaking in a whisper, he said, " I have an account that's untraceable to me or Brenda. If they freeze my assets, I'll need to use it. The house is in Brenda's name, so that's clean. Her business is untouchable."

"Sonny, what do you think they have"?

"Nothing. I don't know . . . nothing. But, I don't like it. There's one more thing, Jason." Sonny put his hand on Jason's shoulder and looked him in the eyes. "If anything happens to me, please take care of Brenda and Anthony."

"Of course I will. Don't even think about that. I'll protect them, forever."

"I know . . . I know. Thanks Jason."


It was late when Sonny got home. Brenda was in the living room working on some L&B paperwork. Sonny looked beat and sat down next to her on the couch.

"You okay?" Brenda looked up from her laptop.

"Yeah. Sorry I'm late."

"Good night at the restaurant?" asked Brenda.

"I don't know. Taggert pulled me into the station for a couple of hours. I never made it back."

Brenda looked up from her work. "What did he want?"

Sonny stood up and started to pace. "He was trying to pin some murder on me. Every time there's a crime he calls me in. I'm getting really tired of it." Sonny walked over and looked out the window.

Brenda walked over to Sonny and stood behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I'm sorry he keeps doing all of this to you."

"I just feel like he's going to set me up. I've had a bad feeling about this for a while."

"Don't you think he would have done it by now? He can't touch you, honey."

"I know," agreed Sonny. "He's just so damn relentless."

Sonny changed the subject. "So, how was your day?"

"Better than yours. I think we'll have two contracts signed by the end of the week."

"Fantastic, sweetheart." He looked towards the stairs. "Is Anthony asleep?"

"I think so. He's coming down with a cold though. He sniffled all through dinner."

"Maybe I should go check on him," said Sonny.

Sonny headed up the stairs and walked into Anthony's bedroom. Anthony was still awake and was playing under the covers with a flashlight.

"You still up?' whispered Sonny.

Anthony pulled the sheets off his head. "Daddy!"

"Mommy said you have a cold." Sonny felt his forehead. "You feel okay?"

"Yeah. Could you read me a story?" pleaded Anthony.

Sonny looked at his watch. It was kind of late, but one story wouldn't hurt. "Just one, okay?"


Sonny read Anthony a story and then tucked him into bed. Sonny kissed him on the forehead. "I'll see you in the morning," he whispered. "Goodnight."

"Night, Daddy," Anthony whispered back.

Sonny headed down the stairs and watched as Brenda diligently kept working. Sonny was impressed and proud at how successful Brenda and Lois had been in the past few years.

Sonny sat on the couch next to Brenda. "You work too hard, baby." He leaned over and kissed Brenda's neck then gave her a hard and deep kiss.

Brenda put down her work. "Anthony okay?"

"Fine, but I'm not," he teased, kissing her neck again.

Brenda smiled and ran hands through Sonny's hair. Sonny gave Brenda a long, hard kiss again. He took off her blouse and started kissing her shoulders. They started making out on the couch, then decided to continue upstairs. Sonny carried Brenda to their room and gently put her down on the bed. He continued to undress her, took off his own clothes, then they made love.


A week later, Detective Taggert raided Sonny and Jason's restaurant. He arrived with Detective Garcia and some FBI agents. They had a search warrant and ransacked the whole place, looking in the kitchen, office and bar area. All Sonny could do was sit back and watch as they tore the place apart. They had taken over four hours and again left with some boxes.

"We're closing you down, Corinthos," smirked Detective Taggert.

"What the hell for? Sonny was seething.

"The city has just revoked your liquor license and you just failed the city food inspection. I could think of a few others, but that's a good start."

"You're kidding, right?"

"Don't give me that innocent look, Sonnyboy. I'm well within the law." Taggert scoffed.

"What the hell's your problem. What do you want from me?"

Taggert gave a twisted smile and walked up to Sonny's face. "I know you killed Deke. And you're gonna pay if it's the last thing I do. Understand!" Taggert jabbed his finger into Sonny chest.

Sonny stepped back a bit as his anger rose. "He deserved to die," Sonny said with a quiet detachment.

"So do you, boy. So do you." Taggert walked out of the restaurant.

Sonny looked around and saw the mess the cops had made. He knocked down a chair in frustration. "Damn!"

"Can they do this?" asked Jason.

"They can do whatever the HELL THEY WANT!" Sonny yelled. "We're screwed Jason!"

"What are we gonna do?"

Sonny looked down at the floor. "Nothing," he said quietly. Then he walked out of the restaurant.


It was late afternoon when Sonny headed home. He walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. There was nothing very appealing to eat so he slammed the door shut. Damn. He was furious. Is this what happens when you go straight? He kicked over a barstool for good measure, then paced the kitchen floor. They couldn't get him on anything, could they? But, then he thought about all the evidence they kept collecting. What the hell was going on? He looked out the window and watched the snow fall to the ground. He hated snow. Always did.

Brenda arrived home an hour later with Anthony. She found Sonny sitting in the dark at the kitchen table. He didn't hear her come in. "Sonny? Why are you sitting in the dark?"

Sonny remained silent for a few moments. "The restaurant. They closed it down," he said with detachment.

"Who did?"

"Cops. They raided the place. Had search warrants, the works. They even revoked my liquor license." He was speaking so softly that Brenda had to strain to hear him.

"I'm sorry." Brenda sat down opposite Sonny. "What's going to happen, Sonny?"

"I don't know yet. They took all the books, receipts, cash. The Feds were there, too."

"The FBI? They didn't find anything . . .. incriminating, did they?" She knew it was a mistake as soon as she said it.

Sonny gave Brenda a cold, hard stare. "What are you saying, Brenda?"

"I just meant . . ." she tried to calm the rising tension. "I don't know Sonny! This is the third time this year they searched the restaurant. They must suspect something!"

Sonny couldn't believe his ears. Even Brenda doubted him. "You think I've been LYING this whole time? You've never believed me?" He was yelling now.

Brenda saw the hurt in Sonny's eyes. "No! I haven't doubted you," she said frustrated. "You're putting words in my mouth. That's not what I meant."

Sonny stood up. "What DID you mean, Brenda?" His eyes were small and mean. He didn't wait for an answer. He walked towards the front door.

Brenda followed him and grabbed his arm. "Sonny, don't leave! Not like this," she pleaded.

Sonny looked down at her hand. "Let go," he said angrily. She released his arm and he stormed out the door. She heard him skid out the driveway and tear down the street.



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