Fate: It happened one day by Susan

A new S&B fanfic I just started. Lets back up a few years and say Sonny and Brenda met one summer day in Puerto Rico. Brenda is twenty and Sonny is 24 years old. She is on her way back to Europe and meets Sonny one fateful day while passing through.


It happened one day...

It was an unusually cool day in Puerto Rico that morning. She had been passing through the beautiful city of San Juan on her way back to Europe. She had hated it there but that was where she went to boarding school. In Switzerland. Where her father was for the time being. Harlan Barrett was a famous financier who traveled a lot. He couldn't be bothered with his 'worthless, ugly and fat' daughter as he put it, a product from his second marriage to her mother Veronica. She got shipped off to boarding school while her half-sister got to go everywhere with their father, meeting all kinds of interesting people and learning the family business. She tried not to think about it much but it was hard. One of the few things she really wanted for was a family, a home, somewhere she felt that she belonged. Her father had left that morning on his private jet, leaving her stranded. He had finished his business there and left her to find her own way back...to wherever.

She walked through a flea market in the streets looking at various handmade objects. Her eye caught was caught by a lovely silver locket. She walked over to pick it up. At the same time another hand grabbed it.

"I believe I saw it first." A deep unmistakable masculine voice stated
"I don't think so..." She said indignantly as she looked up into the darkest most intense eyes she had ever seen. She was thrown off guard as she tried to pull herself back together.
"I do. I saw it first." He said, mesmerized by her beauty. Her brown eyes, her long silky brunette hair. He could barely keep himself from taking her face in his hands and kissing her soft luscious lips.
"Didn't your parents ever teach you any manners ?"
"You never met my parents."
"No, I never had the pleasure." She said sarcastically.
"No need to get rude." He said smiling sardonically.
"Look, there are plenty of other pieces of jewelry here. I'm sure you can find
something else that your girlfriend would like." She said while listening
intently to his answer
"I'm sure she would love anything I gave her if I had one. Its for my mother."
She felt her heart beat faster and silently prayed that he couldn't read her
"What about you ? Isn't your boyfriend here to help you pick out something ?"
"I'm sure he would if I had one. I'm just passing through."
"Oh, listen if you really want the necklace then you can have it. Here." He
said as he handed the silver charm to her.
She felt the electricity shoot up her arms as his hand touched hers.
"I don't need your charity. You can keep it." She said stubbornly
"No, really take it. My mother did teach me manners. Ladies first."
"I really don't want it that bad. Just take it. Give it to your mother. I'm
sure she would love it. Goodbye."
She said as she started to turn and walk away. He stepped right in front of
her to stop her from leaving. He was so close she could feel his warm breathe.
"Why do you have to be so diffucult ? I wanted you to have the necklace so
take it."
He didn't really need the necklace and he could have cared less if she bought
it or not. He loved fighting with her. The way her eyers shined and the quiver
in her lip was so cute.
They could have stood there arguing all morning if the owner of the stand did
not interrupt that moment. He said something in Spanish that she could not
"Excuse me ?"
He said something back to him in Spanish.
"Well ?" She said expectantly at him.
"He says that the beautiful lady saw the necklace first and that she should
have it."
"Oh...well I told you so." She said blushing
"He also said that the necklace has special meaning.The charm on the locket is
a symbol of true love. The wearer will find that love and be happy for the
rest of their lives. It belonged to his great grandmother and it was passed
down from generation to generation."
"How come he's selling it then ? Why doesn't he give it to his daughter ?"
"He never had one. It belobed to his wife but she died and now he wants
someone else to feel love and hopefully the next wearer will be just as lucky
in love as he was."
"That's so sad." She said as her features softened
"No, not really. He was lucky enough to have experieced love and he had a long
life with the woman he loved. It was a gift. A very special gift. If a man
experiences love at least once in his life then that man is truly blessed. As
long as its deep passionate love. The kind that sets the world on fire." He
said wisely
"The only kind right ?"
"Exactly." He said as he flashed his infamous dimples. "So take the necklace
and may you find that love."
"I may already have." She whispered to herself.
"What ?"
"Nothing. Thank you for the necklace. I hope it does bring me good luck."
He was about to leave when this time she stopped him.
"Umm. Where are you headed ?"
"Nowhere in particular. Why ?"
"Like I said. I was just pasing through. I really don't know the way around.
Maybe you could show me the sights." She asked feeling extremely bold.
He smiled to himself.
"I have the rest of the day free and my mother taught me never to leave a
woman, especially a beautiful stranded so I'd love to."
He neglected to mention that he didn't live in Puerto Rico and he was also
just pasing through. He was supposed to leave that next morning on a plane
back to New York. He decided that he should make the most of his last day
there with a beautiful woman who didn't know who he really was.
He gently took her hand in his and they walked through the market together.
"What did you say your name was again ?"
"I didn't. It's Brenda."
"My name is Michael but everyone calls me Sonny."
"Sonny, nice to meet you."
He lifted her other hand to his mouth and kissed it.
"The pleasure is all mine." He said as she blushed again. "Now, what do you
want to see first ?"

Part 1

The young couple spent the rest of the day touring the city. He showed her
everything there was to see. They stopped at a restaurant and had them pack a
picnic for them. They ate lunch on the beach.
It was a beautiful day and the beach was usually filled with people but the
spot they were at was nearly deserted because it was a secluded area. The
waves were crashing onto the shore. It was incredibly peaceful and for one of
the few times in his life Sonny Corinthos felt at peace with himself.
"What are you thinking about ?"
Brenda interrupted his thoughts with her beautiful voice
"How great it is out here. The tranqulity."
She nodded
"It is beautiful."
"So are you." He said truthfully
She shook her head.
"That is the second time you've said that to me today."
"It's true. Whoever said that you weren't is either blind or incredibly
"Both my father and sister are neither."
"What about your mother ?"
"She died when I was young. I don't really remember her." She said sadly.
"I'm sorry."
"What about your family ?" She asjed, changing the subject to something less
"I live with my mother and my step-father."
"What about your father ? Do you see him often ?"
"I haven't seen him since I was a kid. He left when I was young and i've never
seen him since."
"That's so sad. He just abandoned you like that."
"He's not worth it."
"I guess if he walked out on you and your mom like that then he's probably
not. Well, at least you have your mom and your step-father."
Her response emitted a silence from him.
"You want to talk about it ?"
"Talk about what ?" He asked in surprise
"Your step-father. Your eyes darkened when you talked about him. You don't get
Sonny smiled to himself.
"What ?" She asked smiling back
"We met this morning and you already know me so well. I've probably told you
more than I've ever told anyone else besides my mother."
"I feel comfortable with you too. So tell me." She ordered
"To say that we don't get along is an understatement. We actually hate each
other's guts. He hates me because I was a constant reminder that my mother had
loved someone else. I hated him because he.." His voice gets choked up and he
can't speak.
Instinctively she moves closer to him to put her arms around him.
"Sshh. You don't have to say anything. We don't have to talk about it if you
don't want to."
In thanks he stroked her hair and gently kissed her head. They remained
wrapped up in each other's arms for what seemed like hours but in reality was
only half an hour. She felt so good in his arms. So right. She felt safe and
reassured for the first time in her life since her mother died.
Finally she pulled away. He felt disappointed. She looked at him and put her
hand on his face.
"So, do you want to tell me where you're really from ?"
"What ?" He said in shock.
She laughed
"As much fun as I had with you today seeing all the sights with you as my
guide, I'd rather know the real you. Where are you from ?"
"New York. How did you know ?"
"I have my ways."
He looked at her increduously
"I saw your I.D in your wallet when you paid for lunch."
"You're not mad ?"
"Why should I be ? I'm more flattered that you cooked up this guise just to
spend the day with me. It was sweet but you should have just asked me out"
"I would have but you were leaving in the morning and so am I."
"True. I have to get back to Europe. Are you going back to New York ?"
"Yes, Europe huh ? What do you do there ? Model ?"
"Not exactly. I go to school there. Its also where my father and sister are
for the time being. My plane leaves in the morning. What about you ? You going
back to New York to see your mom ?"
"Yes, I'm going to see her but I have my own place in a small city called Port
"Never heard of it."
He laughed
"Neither did I until I got a job there. Its not a bad place to be."
"I'm sure its not. What exactly is it that you do Sonny ?"
"This and that. I don't think you really want to know."
"Why ?"
"It might ruin your image of me."
"What do you think my image of you is ?"
"Why don't you tell me. You seem to be the expert at creativety."
"I think that you are a big corporate exec at some fancy company. You make
tons of money and you love playing the field."
"You think i'm a playboy ?"
"Are you ?"
"No, I just date ocassionally. What about you ?"
"What about me ?"
"You're a beautiful woman who knows how to impress living in Europe. Tell me
that you aren't some sort of socialite that can get any man she wants wrapped
around her little finger."
"Wow, that's some image. I wish it were true and then I could trade it in for
that one great love that you were talking about."
"I don't think any man that you can control will make you happy."
"What makes you say that ?"
"Just a feeling that I have.You need a man that will respect you, treat you
like a queen and worship you but will listen to what you have to say and never
mistreat you. Someone who will protect you and love you the way you deserved
to be loved."
Brenda was so wrapped up in his words that she could barely breathe. She
looked deep in his eyes and what she saw surprised her. Love. Desire.
He slowly moved into kiss her and she welcomed his kiss. Soon she was kissing
back with such passion and fire that she had never felt she was capable of.

I'm afraid i'm starting to feel
Like I said I would not do
The last time really hurt me
I'm scared to fall in love
Afraid to love so fast
'Cause every time I fall in love
It seems to never last
But every time your love is near

And every time i'm filled with fear
'Cause every time I see your face
My heart does begin to race every time
One half wants me to go
Other half wants me to stay
I just get all confused

I'm scared to fall in love
Afraid to love so fast
'Cause every time I fall in love
It seems to never last
But every time your love is near
And every time i'm filled with fear
'Cause every time
My heart does begin to race every time
Every time your love is near
And every time i'm filled with fear
'Cause every time I see your face
Could it be that this will be the one that lasts
The fear does start to erase every time
Oh could it be that this will be the one that lasts
For all my times
For all my times

To be continued...


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