Everything Changes by K.C.

Five years after 1997. Brenda and Jax moved away that year, Sonny recalls. That was one of the worst days of my life, seeing her walk away with him, it just broke his heart. She was so beautiful that day, she looked like the princess she was. They had said their good-byes, and even though he didn't want to, he tried his hardest to let go of her. In a way, he believes he has. But in those places like Luke's and the Port Charles Hotel, he remembers her and on those days like the day she wore the wire and on her birthday, he remembers her. Still he has moved on and knows this is partly because of Melissa, his wife. It took forever to actually ask her to marry him, but after the third year Brenda had been gone, he did it. Now it's 2002. Sonny doesn't look as if he has aged at all. Melissa and he have been married for two years, the longest ever he thinks. Today is the anniversary of Stone's death. It's been 7 years, but the pain still feels as bad as the day it actually happened. Like every year, Sonny visits the bridge where Stone's ashes were scattered off from. Melissa doesn't understand why he still does this, she doesn't understand a lot of things. She doesn't understand Sonny's business or his feelings about these people. She came shortly after Brenda and Jax left. She never knew Stone, Brenda, or Jax. She knew that Sonny had once loved Brenda, but that's about it. Right now Sonny's at the bridge. He thinks of all the things he and Stone did. The thoughts bring tears to his eyes. Melissa comes up behind him, putting her arms around him.

M (Melissa): Darling, why don't we go home now? It's quite chilly out here.

S (Sonny): Not yet, I'm not ready. Don't you get it Liss? Seven years ago today one of my best friends died. Let me morn his death. Joseph can take you back home and I'll walk back.

M: Are you sure sweetie?

S: Yes.

Melissa leaves Sonny standing at the bridge and Joseph pulls the car away.

S: Stone, my man, she just doesn't understand me. She doesn't understand how it was before she came here. Port Charles was a whole different place then. All the people I loved were here. Now that's not true.

Sonny stays at the bridge in the freezing cold. He doesn't even shiver at the cold blasts of winds. He doesn't know how he could survive after she left, but somehow has to this day. After a few more minutes of standing there, Sonny starts to walk. He doesn't feel like going home, not to Melissa, not on this day. He keeps walking, not knowing exactly where he's going, but then finds himself at Kelly's. He walks in to a crowded diner. Even Kelly's is different. Gina no longer lives there, but at Windermere. Ruby uses the rooms above for storage except for one. One she keeps as a bedroom hoping someone will need it someday. She won't say, but they all know she leaves it as a room hoping that Brenda will come back. Brenda hasn't really written anyone in Port Charles. She may occasionally write Lois and Robin, but the letters are short and don't contain very much information on her life. Really just a hi, how are you thing. Sonny scans the room and sees Lois, Ned, Brooke and Nathan. He walks over to them.

S: Hey guys. How's it going?

L (Lois): Everything's good. How are you today?

S: Okay I guess. Liss still doesn't understand. I don't think she ever will.

L: Sonny, today's a hard day for you and much of Port Charles. You've always got us.

S: Thanks Lois. I'd better get to Luke's and help him out for tonight.

L: We should be getting there too to make sure that everything is set up right.

S: Well, then I'll see you there.

L: Didn't you walk here?

S: Yeah. It's not that far from the bridge.

L: We'll give you a ride to Luke's. It's freezing out there.

S: Thanks, but I'd rather walk.

L: Okay, are you sure?

S: Yes. I just need some of Ruby's hot cocoa, and I'll be all right.

Lois and Ned exchange confused looks and then bundle Nathan up. Lois picks Nathan up and cradles him in her arms and Ned picks up his little girl. They leave Kelly's and get into their car outside in the parking lot. Sonny gets his hot cocoa and starts to walk to Luke's. Ned and Lois are concerned for Sonny, but know that they can't do anything for him. They know how stubborn he is and when he doesn't want help, he won't take it from anyone, except for one person. And they both know that one person is nowhere to be seen. They arrive at Luke's which lights are on and looks as if it is packed, but it's really empty. Everyone that works there is setting everything up for Eddie Maine. Sonny's walking down the streets of Port Charles remembering all sorts of things. Times he spent with Stone, with Robin and with both of them together. He starts to cry from all the memories. That's when he sees her, well at least he thinks she's what he sees. It's Brenda, but how could it? From what he heard last from Lois, Brenda was in Paris doing some model thing and that was just last week. He thinks that he's just imagining things, it was the day of Stone's death. He continues walking down the street to Luke's expecting to have bad night.

Later that night at Luke's. Sonny's sitting at a table with Lois, Nathan and Brooke whose sitting on his lap. Eddie Maine's up on stage, singing his heart out. Brooke watches with joy. She always has loved hearing her daddy sing. Brenda walks into the club unnoticed. She watches from a dark corner of the club so no one will see her. She's not quite sure if she should have come back to Port Charles, but decided to come to at least see her friends. Lois somehow senses her and turns back seeing her in the corner. Brenda beacons for her to come and be quite. Lois excuses herself, saying Nathan's diaper is wet and walks into the bathroom. Brenda, making sure no one is watching follows.

L: Bren, what are you doing here?

B (Brenda): I just back from Paris and decided to see you guys.

L: Girlfriend, you never called, like you said you did, you never gave me your address so I couldn't tell you about anything, like little Nathan here. When you did write, it was short and sweet, just really hi and bye. I couldn't tell you about Sonny and Melissa.

B: Melissa?

L: Sonny got married again. He waited three years after you left, probably hoping that you'd come back or at least write him. You love him Bren, how could you not even write him?

B: I'm over Sonny. I always have been! This is why I didn't want to come back! I could have stayed somewhere in Europe, so I don't get yelled at because of my past.

L: Bren, Sonny was so upset when you and Jax left. For months he asked if I saw you or hear from you. After a year, he just gave up saying your name and asking. He couldn't even tell Melissa. He had me do it. He asked me, "Could you tell Melissa about her? I can't keep it a secret like Jax."

B: Why should I be concerned about his life? About the way he reacted after I left? It's not my problem! Now I'm leaving after tonight. I'll sit out in the crowd, if anyone comes up I'll say hi, but I DO NOT want you running to Sonny telling him I'm here. I can't have another possible marriage ruin because of our past! He must be happy, so he doesn't need me screwing things up.

L: Girl, today of all days, he needs you. You are one of the only ones who knows how it is today.

B: Today's the day of Stone's death isn't it? It's been seven years today. Does he still get really upset?

L: Yes. Bren he needs you today, of all days.

B: I can't. I can't face him. I can't face any of Port Charles.

Brenda leaves, leaving Lois changing Nathan in the bathroom. Brenda decides to sit at the bar, a little more obvious that she's there than the corner. The first to notice her is Luke.

LS (Luke): Brenda? Is that you?

B: Luke. I see you still have Eddie playing your club.

LS: Yeah, what are you doing here?

B: Just stopping in town for the night.

LS: That's too bad. Tonight Laura is away. I know that she would love to see you. It has been five years.

B: It has. How's Lulu?

LS: Good. Looks more like Laura everyday. She has the same blonde hair and blue eyes.

B: That's good.

LS: So why didn't you tell anyone your were coming to town?

B: I wasn't supposed to be here, it's just that I had to because I didn't want to drive all night.

Brenda and Luke continue to talk as Eddie keeps playing. Brooke drops a doll she was holding and Sonny reaches behind himself blindly to pick it up. He can't find it, so he turns his head to look and he sees Brenda. He knows that it has to be her. He sees her and she looks as beautiful as she did the day she left. It doesn't look as if she aged a day. She still has that beautiful face and that smile. He can tell that it's her from that smile. He doesn't understand why she didn't say anything. Lois walks out of the bathroom with Nathan back to the table where Sonny and Brooke seem to be into the concert.

Sonny asks her while still paying attention to the stage. S: Did you know that she was going to be here?

L: No. I didn't even know that she was going to be in Port Charles.

S: Is she planning to say anything to me.

L: No.

S: When's she leaving?

L: She said tomorrow morning.

S: I've got to talk to her. I need to touch her face again.

L: Sonny, you can't. What is Melissa comes?

S: I don't care! I need to see her. Brooke, I'll be back in a minute.

Brooke jumps off Sonny's lap and he gets up. Once he's up, she climbs back onto the chair. Sonny walks over to the bar and interrupts Brenda, who's still talking to Luke.

S: It's nice to see you too.

B: Did Lois tell you?

S: No, I saw you. Why do you do this?

B: Do what?

S: Be so stubborn! Why did you leave? Why didn't you stay? At least have written or called. YOU and Jax didn't have a perfect life. Everything was fine in Port Charles.

B: Sonny, everything was messed up. Everything!

S: Bren, I loved you and then you left me. Then over the years, I started to believe if I stopped loving you, you'd come back home, but you didn't. I was so heartbroken that I couldn't say your name. I couldn't even tell my wife about you. And now you're here again, today. She doesn't understand me Brenda. She can't accept the business, she doesn't understand the way I feel about Stone! She doesn't know about the Port Charles before she came. Please be my friend and help me tonight. You're the only one who knows how I feel today.

B: Fine. I'm leaving tomorrow though.

S: That's okay, as long as you're here for me tonight. I need someone tonight.

B: Do you want to talk?

S: Yeah, in my office.

Brenda and Sonny stand up and walk to the back of the club into Sonny's office. Brenda sits down on a leather couch and Sonny sits in a leather chair behind a desk.

S: It still hurts now as much as the first day. It's as if he died just an hour ago.

B: Is this how it always is? Have you always felt like this every year?

S: Not always. It got worse after you left. There was no one else who knew who I felt except Robin. But then Robin is and was away at school.

B: Have I really caused you all this pain Sonny?

S: Not on purpose. Not to your knowledge at the time. I moved on tough. I moved on with my life. I got married again and I kept the memories of the best years of my life. And the memory of the night you left.

Brenda remembers that night, very clearly. She can't forget it, even when she tries.

{flashback to the night that Brenda left. Sonny and Brenda are behind Luke's}

S: So Brenda, what's this news?

B: Jax and I are leaving.

S: Where? Where's he taking you?

B: He didn't say. He's afraid. Of you, of what could happen if we stayed here. That you and I would get back together. And that he's lose me.

S: What about last night.

B: I wanted so much to be there when you woke up, but Jax would have found out.

S: Damn it Brenda! Look me straight in the eyes and tell me that you don't love me. You do that and I'll let you leave this place and never think of you again. I'll let you leave and then stop loving you. Just like that, if you just say it!

B: (Brenda looks straight in his eyes, nearly in tears) I love you Sonny. I'll never stop, but Jax will hurt you or me if we would ever get back together. That's why I have to leave. I have to leave because I love you.

S: Brenda if you love me, we can get away. We can go to Puerto Rico, somewhere, anywhere. I've got people who will protect us.

B: I can't I can't.

Brenda kisses Sonny one last time and then leaves.

{Back to reality}

B: I remember that night too. Right after Jax left me, I know the first place he looked for me was here in Port Charles. He came to check if I came back to you. I'll be your friend tonight, but what about your wife?

S: Melissa's probably out somewhere. Who knows where. She doesn't love me. It's all a show. She's just in it for the money.

B: And you stay with her?

S: What did you think Brenda? I was going to wait forever for your second return to Port Charles? I had to move on. I said I wouldn't unless you said you didn't love me. That night saying you loved me was the worst think anyone could have done. I kept me hoping you'd be back.

B: I'm sorry.

S: So, do you still love me?

B: Never stopped.

S: It's a shame you're leaving tomorrow and I'm married again. Maybe if that wasn't all true, we'd have a chance.

B: Maybe I could stay a day longer. To caught up.

S: Five years in one day?

B: Well, it could be more.

There's a soft knock on the door. Sonny tells the person to come in. In walks a girl the age of 20 or 21. She's a little taller than Brenda and just as beautiful.

A (Alyssa): Sonny, Luke said that you'd be here. (noticing Brenda) Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

S: You aren't. Alyssa, this is Brenda. Brenda, Alyssa.

A: Hi. Brenda Barrett the model?

B: Yeah.

A: Anyways Sonny, here are those things that you asked for.

S: Thanks. I'll see you later sweetheart.

A: Okay, bye. Nice to meet you Brenda.

Alyssa leaves Brenda and Sonny alone again.

B: So who is she?

S: Believe it or not, Robin's sister. Ana had a baby while her and Robert were away and put it up for adoption. They never told Robin about her because they didn't want to disappoint her about having a sister that she'll never know. So when Alyssa began searching for her family, she came here looking for Robin. We all were surprised by the news. She's staying with Mac right now.

B: Oh. Wow! That's amazing.

S: Yeah. She's really sweet. We've become friends. She spends a lot of rime here with Lucky. She's seen your pictures in all those teenage magazines. She once told me she wanted to be a model like you. It was really cute.

B: Wow. She wants to be a model like me?

S: Yeah, are you still modeling?

B: Yeah. There's nothing else really I can do. L&B is out of the picture. I mean I haven't done in five years and the fact I'll be gone.

S: Then stay.

B: It's not that easy Sonny. I can't just decide to stop my whole life and stay here.

S: You did it when you left 5 years ago.

B: I know.

S: So, what have you been up to?

B: Well, five years ago when we left, Jax and I were happy. Very happy. First we went all over Europe and then we went to Australia and then Puerto Rico. That's where things fell apart. We got in a fight about something{flashback: Brenda and Jax in Puerto Rico on the beach}

B: It's amazing here.

J: Glad you like it.

B: I do. This beach, it's as amazing as it was when I first came here. It seems as if it were yesterday.

J: When were you on this beach before?

B: Sonny and I were here. It was when we were running from Rivera's men. I told that before.

J: You never told me you and Sonny came to Puerto Rico.

B: I told you Jax. I don't keep my past a secret.

{Back to reality}

B: so after he left me in Puerto Rico, I had to decide what to do with my life.

S: You could have come back to Port Charles then.

B: I had no money Sonny.

S: You could have called me. I would have helped you.

B: I know. I could have done so many things, but at the time I felt so helpless and not worthy of your love. I left Port Charles and you for what? You told we could run away together and you would protect me and I was so, I don't know, stubborn, that I wouldn't accept it. I was so simple-minded and now I realize all the mistakes I made. Please understand that Sonny.

S: I do. I'm sorry.

B: Me too.

Sonny gets out of the chair, walks over to Brenda and passionately kisses her. Then steps back. Sonny coolly walks out of the room back into the audience. Brenda remains on the couch, not believing what had just happened. She loved Sonny with all her heart and never has stopped. How was she going to tell him. Brenda walks out into the audience, scanning it for Sonny. She spots him over at the bar where he is sitting with someone. She pushes her way through the crowd over to that spot and taps him on the shoulder.

B: Sonny, there's one more thing. One more very important thing.

S: Brenda, this is my wife Melissa. Melissa, Brenda.

M: Oh, this is the illustrious Brenda. Lois has told me so much about you.

B: Yeah, Sonny I have to tell you something important.

S: Well, my wife and I are having dinner, why don't you call me on the business line before you leave town.

B: Damn it Sonny! Just listen.

S: Fine, what?

B: You have a daughter. Her name is Brittlyn Ann Barrett. She's almost five years old now. That's the reason I had to come back to Port Charles, so you could meet your daughter.

S: I have a daughter? How?

B: Then night before I left. She wants to meet her daddy.

S: Doesn't she think that Jax is her father?

B: She was only a month when he left us. I've shown her pictures of you, of us. She wants to know you.

M: Sonny you have a child and never told me?

S: I didn't know. What does she look like?

Brenda opens her purse, takes out her wallet and opens to a picture of a little girl. In the picture is Brenda and a little girl. She looks like Brenda with that smile. She has Sonny's eyes and blonde hair.

S: Why didn't you tell me before?

B: I wasn't sure if I was going to come back or not. Would you want to know that you had a little girl and would never see her?

S: No.

M: Sonny, this is too much for me.

S: Melissa this has nothing to do with you!

M: It has everything to do with me. I'm your wife.

S: You're just using me for the money and the name. I've known it since the beginning.

M: That is not true.

S: Then go out on you own and show me that you can make it.

M: You want a divorce, I'll give you one. I'll call my lawyers.

S: No, my lawyers. Now stop interrupting this conversation. I want to find out about my little girl. Where is she right now Brenda?

B: At the Quartermaine's with Lila.

S: Can I see her?

B: Of course, she's your daughter.

S: When?

B: Tomorrow would probably be better, um because she's probably already asleep. She's in European times.

S: I don't know if I can make it without seeing her until tomorrow.

B: Well, we can go to the Quartermaine's. She may not be asleep yet.

S: Okay then, let's go.

Sonny and Brenda grab their coats and leave while putting them on. About five minutes later, after a silent car ride, they arrive at the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny practically jumps out of the car and runs up to the door knocking on it like an eager child. Reginald opens the door, sees Brenda in the background nod and let's Sonny in with Brenda flowing close by.

B: Reginald is Brittlyn asleep?

R (Reginald): Yes, Miss Barrett. She's in the guest room in the West wing.

Brenda and Sonny walk up the stairs to the guest room where the precocious Brittlyn is sleeping. Sonny walks in as Brenda is still standing at the doorway watching as he sees her for the first time.

S: (he looks over at Brenda) How can she have blonde hair? We both have dark hair.

B: I guess the blonde showed up. At first I wasn't sure she was yours when she was born, but the blood type didn't match Jax's, so she is your daughter.

S: She looks like a little angel. So precocious and delicate. I would never think that I could have make such a thing.

B: We did Sonny.

Brittlyn starts to turn and wake up. She opens her eyes and sees Sonny.

A (Brittlyn): Daddy? Mommy?

Brenda walks over to the bed. B: Hey baby.

A: Mommy who is that?

B: Brit, this is your daddy. Sonny, this is your daughter.

Brit jumps up and hugs Sonny around his neck.

A: Daddy!

Sonny hugs his little girl and can't stop smiling.

That same night after Brit has fallen asleep again. Brenda and Sonny are walking outside in the Quartermaine garden.

B: I'm glad you got to see her and know about her.

S: When are you leaving?

B: I'm not sure. We have a lot of catching up to do.

S: Yeah, we do.

They sit down on a bench.

B: So tell me what happened after I left. I've always been curious of what went on here then.

S: Well, that night that you left, everyone thought you'd be back soon. Lois insisted that you'd be back in a month, until she got your first letter and knew that if you actually went to the effort of writing that you'd be gone for a long time. So, after six months, everyone thought we'd never see you again. Everyone but me. I thought you'd come back. At least to see everyone. I kept believing that for the next two years. Finally, I just gave up. I didn't stop loving you, but I stopped hoping that you'd come back. So, then I asked Melissa to marry me. It was the only way she'd believe me that I was over you.

{flashback- Sonny's in the office on the phone with Lois who's in Brooklyn}

S: So how's Brooke?

L: She's doing good. How about you Sonny?

S: I'm good. So have you heard from Brenda lately?

L: Sonny, no. You have to get on with you r life. What about Melissa?

S: What about her?

L: Does she make you happy?

S: Make me happy?

L: Don't compare her to Brenda.

S: Then I guess so. That is if I don't compare her with Brenda.

L: Then be happy. Brenda's not coming back Sonny. She's not coming back.

{Back to reality}

S: So then I married Melissa and everything was okay for the first couple of weeks. I even forgot about you for a minute or two. Then everything went downhill. I couldn't stop loving you.

B: Sonny, can we just start over?

S: Does that mean I can be a father to my daughter?

B: Yes.

S: Bren, Look me straight in the eyes and tell me that you don't love me.

B: (Brenda looks straight into Sonny's eyes) Sonny, I love you.

S: I was born when you kissed me. I died when you left.'

B: Baby, I'm yours, now and forever.


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