Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginnings End by ANGELSTAGE@aol.com

"Well I'm off to start my new life" sighs the newest resident of a small town in New York by the name of Port Charles. She was tan, average hieght, long brown hair, big brown eyes. As she walked by, all the people turned and looked her way. Although only one of them had the guts enough to come up and ask her name. For he was a well looking gentleman, like the young lady, he too had eyes of brown, dark skin, and dark brown hair.It almost seemed as if they were destined to meet. "Ugh hum" sighed the gentleman to get the young ladies attention.As her head turned and their eyes met, it was almost to good to be true! "Hello my name is Sonny Corinthos" said the man. The girl looked almost alarmed as Sonny gestured for her to hand him her bags."Do I know you?" said the girl, in a most uninviting manner."I don't think so hunny" Sonny politely remarked."What did you just call me?" she said, "hunny?". "Now come on I didn't mean anything by it, I was just trying to be friendly!I saw you from across the road and you caught my eye, which, may I add, is a very hard thing to do." Well the girl was very offended by that and decided to walk away. Little did she know that this man would never give up on her and would drastically change her life forever! Later on, at Ruby's, (the restaurant/upper apartment that the girl was staying at) the girl decided to go down and have a cup of tea before she started to unpack. As she was about to sit down, someone pulled the chair out for her. She turned around and saw him again, Sonny, smiling cheek to cheek and gesturing for her to sit down with him. She once again turned away, and headed for her room. "Come on, at least give me a chance" Sonny siad with a hurt look in his eye. "Why should I" said the girl, stepping a little closer to play hard to get. Sonny was speechless, for the girl mesmorised him, he had never felt like this before. It was like he could understand what love truly was, for the very first time. Well she knew that if she were to turn him down one more time, she could never get rid of him. So she tells him alright, but only for a minute. She then gestures for him to take a seat up at the bar stool. He says," I saw you before today". The girl abruptly answers, "I know at the car dealers, right?" "Yeah", Sonny said. "Why didn't you come over and say hi then?" said the girl."I don't know, the timing wasn't right I guess". "And you think now is!" "I don't know, I just wanted to get to know you." Well I'll give you a chance. You know Sonny Corinthos, I might just get to like you." As she said that he didn't show it, but Sonny knew at that moment that they were meant for each other and he didn't even know her name."By the way, may I ask you something?" said Sonny."Umm sure, I guess, the girl shyly replied, as by the minutes rolled by she was slowly feeling what some people would call love. "It's Brenda" she said, "Brenda Barrett". " I like it" Sonny said. " Well since we've got that over with, how about dinner tonight, let's say around 7:00. I'll pick you up here, where something nice, I'm taking you out on the town! Oh, and Brenda may I ask you on more thing?" "Why yes anything"Brenda said with a slight laugh. " How old are you?"said Sonny."I'm 18, you got a problem with that?" " Not at all said Sonny, not at all." Sonny then took one last look at Brenda, and headed towards the door. Before he got there Brenda yelled, "see you at seven then ok?" He gave a nod then headed home where he awaited an evening that would be the beginning of a lifetime.

Chapter 2......THE MEETING

It all happened so perfectly, like that night was meant to be theirs and theirs alone. Sonny had just gotten finished putting on his dark blue jacket that he remembered all the girls liked so much when suddenly he heard a knock at the door! "Brenda" he said out loud not realizing it. He picked up his wallet set it in his back pocket and hurridly ran down the steps of his well dimmed penthouse. "Hey Baby" as he said while opening the door to a gorgeous looking Brenda. She looked beautiful. She had on a short red dress, black high heels that wrapped around her ankles and her hair was up in a french twist, showing curls just at the top of her head. "What's up", she said as she walked in the door, looking around to get a feel for the place. Sonny's PH gave her this strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. It wasn't bad or good. Well at least at this point she couldn't tell, but she knew that she had never felt this way before. "We should go", she said not wanting the feeling to overcome her body too much. "Sounds good to me baby" Sonny said putting an arm around Brenda's lower back."Hey, let's not go to fast" she said scooting away from his grasp. "That can work", he said knowing that he wanted to just swallow her up and that they were going to be together forever.

Chapter 3...... THE DATE.......!!!!

"So, where are you taking me?", Brenda asked while slipping the lower half of her body into the long black stretch limo that Sonny had provided. "You'll see" he said smiling, showing of his gorgeous dimples that he knew would get her! "I'm serious, I don't know you too well and I want to make sure I can tell someone where I am going if they want to get in touch, you know me being a model and all. "Well then you'll just have to call "them" when you get there", Sonny said. "Well alright I guess I could wait", she said a little worried and skeptical of what the evening might bring. She already felt something, something really strong for this man, and she couldn'r understand why. I mean she just met him. As Brenda turns back from her gaze she turns to see Sonny on his cell phone asking someone something. "Are you sure it's ready?" he said in a low whisper not wanting Brenda in on the night he had planned for them. "Who was that" she said with a look of worry in her eyes. "Don't worry it's a suprise, but if you really must know I'll give you a hint". "Oh!, Please do, I love suprises, but I hate waiting, I'm very impatient". "I can see that", Sonny say's laughing. "Well I'm taking you to the airport". "What!", now looking more worried and wondering if she had made the right decision into trusting this man, this man she just had met, but felt that she already had known the world about him."Yes, the airport, and I think your very much going to like where I'm taking you, trust me, nothing is going to go wrong, I promise". .............Little did they know something was going to happen, not exactly bad either. All that I can tell you is,that after that night, things would never be the same between them......ever again!


"Now boarding flight 101 to Washinghton" said I woman over the PA of PC Airport. "Oh I've a;ways wanted to go there someday" Brenda siad while giving a sigh, thinking as to where her mystery destination would take her. "Well here's your chance!" Sonny siad getting up from his chair and gesturing for Brenda to come along. Brenda just stood their astonished as to thinking and trying to understand how this man could already know her so well. "Well if you're just going to sit their then maybe I'll just have to go with out you, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun!" Brenda then gave a slight giggle, and took Sonny's hand to walk over to the boarding area. "How do you know me so well?" Brenda asked Sonny in a low whisper. " I guess I'm just a good guesser", Sonny said smiling and showing off those wonderful dimples. ........... Was it really just luck or a coincidence?, or was it something else, something else deep within the two of them that was unexplainable. Well at this point I think that they knew it was something else. Everytime they looked at one another, both their hearts seemed to stop beating as two, and start beating as one. .......... Will these two finally realize their undying love for one another?, or will they be too stubborn and let it slip away, as one too many people do. Read on to find out........


"Oh!, It's gorgous" Brenda said as she gasped for breath as she enters the beautiful sweet that Sonny had gotton them! "So are you ready to start our weekend?" Sonny said coming over and slipping an arm around Brenda's neck. "I've never been more ready" Brenda replied, not pulling away from his embrace because it felt so right. "Go look in the bathroom you can change in their and I'll change in here" Sonny said. "Alright let me just go get my things from the front desk", Brenda said walking briskly toward the door. "There will be no need for that now", Sonny said putting his hand on her back and nudging her back toward the bathroom."What?", Brenda gasped. "I just mean that I have picked out your wardrobe for this evening". " Why I can't wait to see this, you, picking clothes out for me!, I've gotta see this", Brenda said with a flirtish smirk on her face. "Well we just stare at each other like this all day we're never going to get anywhere",. Sonny said bringing her in for a short kiss. Brenda excepted it then went to the bathroom to get dressed. Sonny couldn't wait to see her. As Brenda walked in the bathroom door she saw a long white box siiting on a table provided. She thought to herself what could that be, and then soon remembered that Sonny had boughten her a dress. "Oooh I can't wait to see it!", Brenda said laughing girlyish to herself not wanting Sonny to hear how excited she was. She opened the box and pulled the white tissue off of the dress that she would soon discover. As she pulled the paper oof she could see a baby blue dress. Now, it wasn't your average baby blue dress either it was long and flowing, with speggeti straps, and a slit on the left side of the stomach, revealing some skin."I love it" she screamed. Not realizing that she said it so loud that Sonny could here it from across the room. "I'm glad", he shouted back knowing that she didn't want him to here that. Giving a little laugh, Brenda politely yelled back "your welcome". She slipped on the dress put her hair up into a quick french twist, and did a quick touch up on her makeup before revealing herself to the man she lov.......umm cared about very much! She opened the door and saw Sonny's eyes glance quickly in her direction. "WOW!", Sonny said shocked at the fact that she looked even better than he thought possible of a person. "So I take it you like", she said looking up at him with a shy look about her. "I love" he said, " but the qusetion is do you like it. "I think you know that answer", she said slowly putting her hand on his face and moving in for a kiss. Of couse Sonny had no complaints so he went along, but soon they knew that they had to go or they would never get anywhere. So with that they put their arms around each other and headed out for an evening of unexpectent pleasures!


As they were getting out of his limo, Sonny told Brenda too close her eyes. Of course she didn't want to so he had to go to drastic measures! "Alright I told you to close them so now your just going to have to be blindfolded!"What, I don't think so Sonny", Brenda said backing away, but not going too far back for she didn't want to loose that wonderful feeling Sonny made her feel. "Come on it's a suprise, I thought you liked suprises", Sonny said with a puppydog look about him. "Alright but your going to have to make it up to me later", Brenda said flirting with him. "Definitaly", he stated showing off his dimples. Sonny then pulled out hankerchief from his pocket, and then slipped it around Brenda's eyes tying it snug, but not too tight. Sonny then took Brenda's hand and said,"c'mon you can trust me take my lead", Sonny said scooting a hand and lightly giuding Brenda towards the door of the building they would soon enter. "When he finally got her in, he backed away and quickly lit several candles that were scattered about the room. "Ok, you can look now", Sonny said eagerly awaiting the reaction of Brenda. "Oh! it's beautiful", Brenda gasped as she saw all of the candles and the roses all around what looked like an old abandoned restaurant, although Sonny had made it look brand new! "So I take it you like it", Sonny said moving closer to Brenda and putting an arm around her. "I don't like it" Brenda says waiting to see his reaction. When she finally sees a look of hurt in his eyes she finally finishes her statement, "I love it"! "You scared me there for a minute", Sonny said giving Brenda a little kiss. " Sorry, I just think you're so cute when you try to impress me I just wanted it to go on a little longer", Brenda said moving in for another kiss. "Then maybe I should have to do it more often" Sonny said before exceoting the kiss. "Well we can save this for later" Brenda said, slightly pulling away from their embrace, "where's the food?". "Right this way baby" Sonny replied laughing. He took her hand and led her into the middle of the room which Brenda hadn't really noticed. As they moved in Brenda again gasped in aw because what she saw was even more beautiful then the candles and the flowers she had seen before. Well even though there were still many flowers and candles, this room had something different about it. It had a reddish glow and it smelled with the wonderful smells of all different kinds of food. " I take it I've pleased oyu yet again", Sonny said smiling. "You guessed right, you're wonderful, do you know that?" she asked, putting her arms around his waist. "No, but I think I can figure it out", he said excepting yet another kiss, although this one was a little longer and a little more passionate. Brenda felt like melting when Sonny kissed her, she felt as though she now knew what heaven was. After they were done eating, Sonny got up from his chair and went over to Brenda and asked her to dance! "Well of course I would but umm", she hesitated, "theres' no music. "That's where you're wrong!" Sonny siad walking over to a cd player putting in a cd and pressing play! he then went over to her and took her hand, spun her around once and then held her close, not wanting to let go. The song "For the First Time" comes on. "So is this our song?" Brenda asked gently stroking Sonny's back. "Yes, yes it is, along with all the rest of the songs ever written. They're all our songs, every single one of them! And with that, they danced for what seemed like an eternity, not watnting to let go, not wanting to let go of the love they werre starting to feel for each other, or they already had for each other. As soon as they were done dancing, they cleaned up and decided to go back to there sweet, awaiting the night ahead! ..........Stay tuned to see what happens!

Chapter 7.........A NIGHT TO REMEM........FORGET!!!!!

After leaving, Sonny told Brenda to go wait by the car and that he had one more phone call to make and that he would be with her soon enough. Brenda of course wanted to know who the phone call he was making too and all he said was "It's business sweety". "Why does he always have to do business", Brenda mumbles to herself not wanting Sonny to hear. She then goes to the limo and gets in and slams the door. Sonny sees this and smiles because he knows what she doesn't about that call, and that all I can say is that she really will like it! "So ya ready to go home?", Sonny asks Brenda while slipping himself gently into the limo. "Yeah, I'm as ready as I'll ever be", Brenda angrily replies. "Hey baby don't get so worked up, I know your upset about that call I had to make but I swear, once you know what it was for you'll have a whole new opinion on it!", Sonny says taking Brenda's hand in his. "What do you mean" Brenda says shyly, "I thought you said it was a business call". "Yeah, I did, but I didn't say what kind of business it was, did I?" "Oh Sonny, you're not telling me that you have another suprise for me, are you?", Brenda says inching in closer until she can feel his breath on her cheek. "Maybe, maybe not, but hey, I always say trust your first instinct, you get my drift?" "I think I do, but I feel like such a leach excepting all of these wonderful things from you and not repaying you", Brenda siad now backing away a little to take a look into his gorgouse brown eyes. "Don't say that sweety, I enjoy making you happy and when I do....., that is my reward from you.See you do give me something and you didn't even know it!, Sonny says cupping his hands around her face. "Thank you", Brenda says now looking beyond his eyes and down into his soul. "For what?", Sonny says, returning the same passionate looks in which she is giving him. "For being the best and knowing exactly how to get to me, you know I have never felt this strongly for a man in my whole life. You bring out the best in me Sonny Corinthos, and i think I do the same for you. When we're together there's this unexplainalble accurance that happens. A feeling that I know we both get. We go alot deeper than the average couple you're my lifeline Sonny and I want to be yours. "What are you saying Brenda?", Sonny asks moving his hands from Brenda's face to her arms. "I'm saying.... I'm saying Sonny Corinthos that......that..... I ...Love...You! I love you!, there I said it! Wow!, I didn't think I could do it but it's just something that happens when I 'm with you (as Brenda goes on blabbing) before she can say another word, Sonny takes her head in his hands and gives her the most passionate kiss that either one of them had ever had. After a few minutes Brenda backs away a little, "does that mean you except?", she says lokkin hungrily into Sonny's soul. "I do", he says going in for another exposion of a kiss. "Wait a minute do you feel that?", she says touching her lips. "No, am I supposed to feel something?", Sonny asks eagerly wanting to kiss some more. "I mean do you feel the burn that our kisses leave, that must mean something, I've never felt it before." I feel it too" Sonny said moving in closer, and I like it, so why don't we stop the burn." What do you mean", Brenda says with a worried look in her eyes."You didn't let me finish, I was saying, let's turn that burn into a scortch!" And with that he took Brenda in his arms and they kissed passion on the lips for what seemed like a year! When all of a sudden there moment together ended when the car stopped unexpectently. "Well I guess we're here", Sonny said giving BRenda one more kiss. "Well do you wanna get out?" BRenda asked returning Sonny's kiss. "Of course not, but I think we should". "Yeah I gues you're right" BRenda answered moaning and pulling the knob on the door. To her suprise it was locked. "hey Sonny my doors locked try yours.", she said giving her door one more shove. "I can't seem to get mine either Bren, hang on.....hey Harry (the limo driver) can you unlock the doors please?" Sonny asked looking through the window. Slowly the window rolled down to reveal an unknown man. "Sorry Sonnyboy, but I don't think that's going to be possible" said the man now revealing that he had a gun.


"Who the heck are you", Sonny said now reaching for his gun. "Not so fast" siad the man now holding the gun up to Brenda's head and taking her hostage. "I'm sure that your little girlfriend here wouldn't like to have her little model head distorted by a minor gunshot wound to the head? Would you miss Barrett?", the man siad, now with his hand on the trigger. "Get away from me you monster", Brenda siad gesturing for Sonny. "Not so fast Sonny boy, your not going to get away that easily", said the man now unlocking the door but with the gun on Brenda. "Here, get out, both of you, but be careful, one sudden move, or even if I think there's somethin suspicious goin on, then your both history." You got that clear?" "Whatever" Sonny says staring into Brenda's troumatized eyes. "I said get out now pushing the gun harder into Brenda's back. She let out a low grunt of pain and then told Sonny that they'd better get out." You should listen to the young lady, she might get you somewhere.....like not dead!", he said quickly taking something out of his pocket. "What is that?", Brenda asked, getting out of the car. "I don't know" Sonny said lieing right through his teeth (only to protect her though). Sonny knew what it was alright, he didn't want to, but he knew. "Ok, now I want you to walk. Are you pushing my buttons, Mr. Corinthos?, because if you are it's not going to be pretty.", he siad once again putting the gun up to Brenda's head trying to make him get the picture. The man took the gun from Brenda's back and pointed it at both of them. "I said walk for G*d sakes!" The man said ready to shoot. "Fine, Fine, c'mon Bren, let the man get his kicks out of bluffin us." Sonny said pretty sure of himself. "Oh, you think I was jokin I wonder what Mr. Harry will think about that?" the man said regretting what had just come out of his mouth. "Harry who"? "Never mind I said anything", the man said abruptly. "No who's the heck is Harry?", Sonny said now moving closer towards the man. "I wouldn't do that if I were you Sonnyboy, I know you don't give a crap about your life but I'm sure your little lady does and heaven forbid that you displease her in any way. So what I want you two to do is just shut up and get into the cave, I'm sure you're gonna like the litte suprise that I have in store for you." You really expect us to go inside there...... because *YOU* tell us too?" Sonny says sarcastically. "Yeah!", said the man now getting even more angrier than he already was. Sonny and Brenda both knew that they better do it or it would be the end of their lives. As they started to walk they were holding on to each other as if it was there last moments with one another. As they enetered the cave it was dark and dreary, it would be completely dark if not for the little ray of light and possibly hope that the only two had. They also discovered that there were two chairs in the middle, with rope placed on the ground beside it. As soon as they saw the chairs they knew what there future awaited. "Alright, now I don't wanna make this harder than it has to be, all you have to do is cooperate and it will all be over sooner than you think. Sit in the chairs, both of you, right now, or the girl goes!" The man said now holding the gun to Brenda's neck. "Ok, ok, no need to get hostile" Sonny said placing his hand in Brenda's to possibly ease the fear. They went over to the chairs and sat down. "Make yourself comfotable my friends, I have a feeling you're going to be in here for quite some time", the man said with a evil and pleased grin on his face, as he proceeded to tie them up. Sonny looked back at Brenda and he could see that she was terrified. "I'm going to leave you two now, but I'll be back after business is done. Although before I go, I have a little present for you. Would you like me to give you your present?", the man said still smirking. "Let's not and say we did", Brenda replied coming back to the real world. Sonny was amazed at how under control and at ease she sounded even though he knew she felt differently. He kind of liked it. Well we'll see about that said the man, now taking the little remote out of his pocket that he had revealed earlier. He left and Brenda thought that they were safe. Sonny knew otherwise though, he knew what that devise was and he knew what was going to happen. As they finished there thought's there was a loud explosion and Brenda and Sonny both tipped over in there chairs, breaking the rope that binded them. As soon as they were free they had just gotten up to reveal that the walls were caving in and this could be there last moments. Sonny put his arms around Brenda's body for protection and they both fell to the floor, trying to sheild themselves from the falling debree. .........What will happen to Brenda and Sonny? Is this the end for these two love birds, or only the beginning?.....read on to find out!!!!

CHAPTER 9........... Decisions!!!!!! (TBC)

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