Even Then by Pippey2@aol.com

London, 1678. Lady Brenda Barrett stood ignoring her fathers childish temper tantrum.
She'd caught a few words of his lectrue to her on what it ment to be an
Heires. Like she cared. Dances and Balls were all beautiful, but boring!! She
was forced to dance with me whom she had not intrest in, and they're only
intrest in her was the size of her inheritance.
Lord Barrett stood and walked over to his youngest daughter.
"Have you heard a word I have said to you?!"
"Yes father." Brenda replied.
"Get out of my sight! And Child no more ridding horseback straddling the
"Yes father." Brenda turned and left the great hall. She wandered to the court
yard and sw her sister standing in the rose garden. She walked right past her,
even though Julia was calling for her. She wished she was a little girl again.
Brenda sat in the grass in a clearing and was soon joined by her older
"Why do insist on irritating him so?!"
"Leave me be, Julia."
Julia stood looking down at her little sister. SHe didn't hate her, but she
didn't understand her. Brenda had grown into such a beautiful young lady why
could she act like one. But instead she ran around doing as she pleased
knowing how it infurrated they're father. She was never on time for anything,
and she refused all men who asked for her hand in marriage. She was too free
spirited. Julia tried to cheer her sister up.
Ju:"Do you remember when you little and father would throw parties, and you
would sneek out w/ that kitchen boy. Oh what was his name?!"
B:"Michael. His name was Michael, and yes I remember. I also remember father
had him thrown out at your wish!"
Ju:"He was a thief Brenda!"
B:"Didn't you end up finding your porcoline brush?"
Ju:"That's not the point!!"
B:"It is the point! Why are you bothering me?"
Ju:"Your going to have to give in to him some time. Why do you make it harder
on yourself?!"
B:"It's my life is it not?"
Ju:"No it's not!"
Brenda glared at her sister, then stormed away.

Sonny stood looking around his ship. He loved the ocean. Almost as much
as he'd love to get revenge on Lord Barrett Which he would soon enough.
Brenda walked into the dinning hall. Her father and sister were already
sitting. She was as always, late for dinner. She started to take her seat on
the other side of her father.
LB:"Brenda, say hello to our guest." Lord Barrett motioned to a blonde
gentalman sitting beside her.
B:"My Lord."
LB:"This is Lord Jasper Jax."
J:"I've heard so much about you. Your father didn't do you justice."
B:"Thank you my lord."
Brenda wished already that the night was over. She didn't know who this man
was, or what he had to do with her, but she had a feeling she wouldn't like

Sonny and his men moved closer to the castle. The boats were waiting by the
shore to flee once they had the girl.
Man:"Boss which one is she?"
S:"The better looking one. You'll know her when you see her."
They krept along the castle walls and waited.

Brenda was standing in her fathers library. He had called for her and said it
was urgent. She was affraid of what he had to say and she was certain it had
to do with Lord Jacks. Harlen Barrett walked in and looked at his youngest
daughter. She had turned out to be a beautiful young girl, but she was a thorn
in his side.
LB:"You will marry Lord Jacks three days from tomorrow."
Brenda was speechless. She stared at him in horror.
LB:"There will be no discussion on the matter. Do you understand me?!"
B:"I won't marry him! I won't!"
LB:"Yes you will!"
B:"I barely know him!"
LB:"That's not what's important. He's from a good family. He can provide you
with the nesecities. And you will provide him with an Heir."
Brenda stood from her chair.
B:"I hate you! And I will not marry him!!" Before her father could even turn
around to slap her she ran from the room. Tears streaked her face. She ran out
into the court yard and kept going until somone grabed her and pulled her

Brenda awoke in the middle of the woods. She was staring at the ground
from atop a horse.Immediatly she started struggling.
B:"Let go of me!"
Before she knew it the horse stopped and she fell to the ground.Her head and
her hip hurt. She could feel the warm blood soaking her dress from her knees.
She had landed on a rock or something equally as hard. She looked up at a man
standing infront of her.
B:"I demand to know who you are and what is going on!"
Sonny knelt down and offered his hand to her.
S:"Your in no position to be demanding anything."
Brenda pushed him as hard as she could, causing him to fall back. She got to
her feet and started running. She only got about 20 feet before she was
tackeled to the ground.
B:"Get off me!! Let me go!!"
S:"Calm down!"
Sonny pulled the girl to her feet.
S:"Your not Julia Barrett!"
B:"That's something I could have told you!"
S:"YOu fools grabed the wrong girl!!"
Man:"You said the better looking one! That's her!"
Sonny looked at her.
S:"Well you'll do! Come on."
B:"If you think I'm going with you your insane!"
S:"Listen to me little girl! I don't care if you are a Lady I'll slit your
throat so fast you won't know what hit you! Understood?!"
Brenda stood up and brushed the dirt from her eligant dress. She didn't bother
to move when he turned to her on his horse.
S:"Fine if your going to make this difficult!" Sonny came over on his horse
and picked her up and sat her infront of him.
B:"Let me go!! You animal!"
S:"Soon enough! As soon as I get a ramsom out of you dear daddy!"
B:"Ha! If you think he'd pay any large lump sum to have me returned then you
have taken one too many falls on your head!"
S:"Shut up!"
Sonny stopped his horse, took a rag freom his saddle and used it for a gag.
S:"Five minutes and your already giving me a headach!"
Brenda struggled to get the gag out and get off the horse. Sonny laughed at
her efforts. Before daylight rose they were bording a ship. Sonny gentally sat
her on a barrel.
S:"Now if I take this out will you promise to be quiet?"
Brenda just looked at him. He took it out and she almost bit him.
Sonny took her face in his hands.
S:"I wouldn't do that. Now hold still let me see how bad your knees are hurt."
Brenda jerked away.
S:"Stop it! I assure you my intentions are perfectly honest!"
He lifted her skirts and saw the dried blood on her knees. He took a white
cloth and dipped it in cool water and applied it to her knee. Brenda flinched
in pain.
S:"I'm sorry. Did that hurt?"
Brenda shook her head no. Sonny smiled at her stubbernous and looked back down
at her knees. Brenda watched as her cleaned her knees with a gental look in
his eyes. She was so busy watching him she didn't notice the pain anymore.
S:"There all better."
Brenda placed her skirts back down to cover her legs.
She looked back up at him. He looked so familiar.
B:"Do I know you?"
S:"I don't know, do you?"
B:"Yes I do. You were the kitchen boy at my fathers home. I used to climb the
trees with you and the other boys."
S:"You've grown up quite a bit Lady Brenda."
Brenda smiled at him. At least she knew him! It mad things a bit less
frightening, she knew he wouldn't hurt her.
It had been two days since Sonny had taken Brenda and no matter how safe she
felt with him she still tried several times to escape. Brenda stood on the
edge threating to jump if they didn't take her back. Sonny came out from the
lower deck buttoning his shirt. Brenda stared at him.
S:"Your not really going to jump."
B:"How do you know?!"
S:"B/c Brenda I know you. It may have been 10 years since I've seen you, but
even as a child you hated hights!"
B:"That doesn't mean I won't jump!"
S:"I also know you can't swim." Sonny smiled "Now are you going to get down
here or do I have to pull you down?"
Brenda straigtened her back in defiance and took a step off the boat. Sonny
ran and jumped of the side. Brenda was struggling to stay above the water.
Sonny grabeed her around the waist and started back for the boat. The men
helped Brenda back on the boat. And then they helped Sonny up. Sonny didn't
say a word he took Brenda by the forearm and led her down to the lower deck.
There was a hall way with many diffrent doors. Sonny stopped, opened the
door and led her in. There was a bed a vanity and that was about it.
S:"Your room! I sugest you stay in it!"
B:"Oh?! Why?!"
S:"B/c if you don't I'll throw you overboard!"
B:"I'd like to see you try it!!"
S:"Don't push me! I'll do it!"
B:"No you won't! B/c without me you won't get your ransom!"
Sonny stood there,she knew she was right and he hated it! He took a moment to
look at her. Her light lavender ball gown was wet and plastered to her,
showing him her perfect form. Brenda turned from him. For the first time since
she was 7 she had tears swelling in her eyes. Sonny looked over to the bed and
grabed one of the blankets. He walked over and wrapped it around her.
S:"I'm sorry I yelled."
B:"You can yell til your face turns blue for all I care!"
Sonny turned her around and smiled down at her. He walked over to the trunk in
the corner and pulled out several gowns. They weren't as eligant as he wished
they were but they would have to work for now.
S:"You might want to change so you don't catch a chill."
Brenda turned and looked at the dresses.
B:"Thank you."
S:"My pleasure."
Sonny stood there and watched as she walked over to the bed. SHe turned to
B:"Do you plan on watching me change?!"
The thought had actually crossed his mind!
S:"No of course not. I'll except you to dinner on the upper deck."
Sonny turned aand started for the door. Brenda watched him walk out. His pants
wet and fitting him tightly. His white shirt showed his tanned chest and hard
muscles. She felt herself start to blush. She took on last look and quickly
turned around.
Brenda walked out on the upper deck whereing a light blue silk dress. It was
plain, but beautiful. There was a small table sitting on the far end of the
deck. Sonny walked up to her.
S:"That dress does not do you justice."
Brenda blushed again.
B:"Thank you."
S:"Are you hungry?"
S:"Shall we?"
Sonny offered her his arm and she took it.
They sat to dinner. The rest of the crew remained at they're posts. There was
a single candel in an old rum bottle.
B:"Do mind if I ask you a few questions?"
S:"That depends on the questions!"
B:"Where did you go after what happened with my sister?"
S:"Why do you care?"
B:"I was trying to be poilte!"
S:"I know! I just don't understand why a spoiled rich girl would care what had
happend to the kitchen boy!"
B:"You were my only friend. And when you left I was alone." She was truly
sincer with what she said. She had ment every word.
S:"I went home."
B:"home? where was that?"
S:"It didn't matter. Everything was gone."
S:"Distroyed. Burned, dead, everything." The look on Sonny's face went from
sadness to anger. Brenda looked at him.
Sonny just looked at.
B:"My Father? That's why you wanted to take Julia. You wanted him to pay! Why
not just kill her?"
S:"I don't have Julia now do I?"
B:"Why not kill me then?! "
Sonny's face lightened up and so did his mood.
S:"Now why would I want to do that?! And waste the most beautiful sigt I've
seen in my life?"
Brenda blushed again and Sonny laughed.
B:"I wish I could make that stop!"
B:"My Blushes."
S:"They're cute."
Brenda looked away. She got up and walked across the deck. Sonny got up and
followed her. She stopped and looked down at the ocean below. She started
feeling dizzy. Sonny grabed her by the shoulders.
S:"Are you ok?"
B:"Yes. I looked down and I shouldn't have."
Sonny smiled down at her.
S:"You know what. I can't help but see the 9 year old little girl that watched
me leave."
B:"What happened?"
S:"I don't know I was told to leave so I did. And when I finally got home,
everything was gone and your father's soldiers were lying dead as well."
B:"I'm sorry. You must know I don't agree with what he does! As a matter of
fact I despise what he does to people!"
S:"What did he do to turn his own daughter against him?"
B:"He's forcing me to marry."
S:"Well that can't be to unbarable!"
B:"You haven't met him! He's unbelievably annyoing, and so..so..proper!"
S:"Brenda you never change do you?"
Brenda looked at him and smiled.


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