"Don't Dream It's Over" By: Kate

This story takes place in present-day Port Charles. Sonny is still all about Carly and their family, Brenda has been in Europe for a little over two months, and the only thing on the minds of those in the mob world is Ric and his agenda in PC. The only thing I am changing ever-so-slightly is that Jax and Skye are a little closer than they are on the show right now. They are almost to the dating point again. They both see the love, but neither wants to admit it. And so the story goes…

-Scene 1-

**Ric's Apartment**

This is taking place at about the same time as the 4/24/03 show did with Jason searching for reasons why Ric has this deadly vendetta against Sonny. Jason enters the apartment with his gun in hand just in case Ric happens to be there and walks around a bit; he searches the back rooms and the kitchen area but finds nothing. While walking around, the camera pans and zooms in on a picture sitting on the mantle above the fireplace. It appears to be a picture of an unfamiliar house or cabin somewhere in the country.

Jason walks over to Ric's desk begins going through all the drawers. Nothing unusual is found in the top drawer, but the second one is a different story. Laying on top of a stack of memos, papers, and receipts is a manila folder with a picture in it. Jason tosses down the folder and stares at a picture of a woman in her thirties, beautiful, brunette, smiling.

Suddenly, there's noises outside the window towards a back room in the apartment. Jason quickly pockets the picture and quietly walks out the front door without ever being noticed.

Ric enters the main room and heads straight for the desk. He immediately notices the manila folder out and is noticeably upset. Although he's sure the picture is not there, he picks up the folder and looks in it, kind of like he is hoping that by some miracle it was left behind or dropped somewhere. It wasn't. He slams down the folder and violently swipes all of the contents on top of his desk onto the floor, making a loud crash as glasses shattered.

R: Ok, Jason. You and Sonny are so desperate to find out why I came to Port Charles? Well, I'm ready to tell you.

*Fade out*

-Scene 2- The Same Night

**Sonny and Carly's Penthouse**

Sonny comes downstairs in his robe and walks over to the window like he has done for countless nights before. Carly is asleep upstairs, and he needs time to think by himself about everything that he found out earlier that day.

S: (whispers) Why am I so important to you? Do I have something that you want? Or do you have something I want…Whatever it is, Ric, I'm close. I can feel it. **Somewhere in Europe**

The room is dark, it appears to be a bedroom. The camera pans from the closed door across the room to a huge bed with white sheets and so many pillows that the person laying in it can barely be seen. We see the small person start tossing and turning as one would if they were having the worst nightmare of their life. The camera zooms in on the person as she turns to face the camera, still sleeping but a look of horror mixed with pain on her face. It's Brenda.

*Brenda's Dream*

A yacht…A flashback of a time with Alcazar…She is listening in on a meeting he is having with a mystery man (MM)
A: It's done?
MM: Yes, Sr. Alcazar, he is no longer a threat to you.
A: You understand that he must stay locked up until I am ready for him?
MM: Oh, yes.
A: Good. Mr. Corinthos is going to get everything he deserves. When the time is right, we will put the plan into action. Until then, however, Ric will remain under our care. No matter what, Corinthos cannot, under any circumstance, find out that Ric--

Brenda wakes up at this sudden recollection with sweat cascading down her face.

B: (Quietly) Oh my God!

She breathes heavily as she puts one hand on her chest and uses the other to sweep the wet hair off of her forehead.

*Fade out*

-Scene 3- The Next Morning

**Sonny and Carly's Penthouse**

Jason enters with the picture in his pocket. Carly is drinking her daily glass of orange juice as Sonny is talking to someone on his cell phone. Jason and Carly make small talk until Sonny is off.

J: Hey.
S: Hey, man. Did you, uh, take care of that thing last night?

Sonny guides Jason away from Carly who is sitting on the couch. Carly, getting the hint, makes her way slowly upstairs. You can see the curiosity in her eyes-she wants nothing more than to know what's going on with Ric.

Carly exits.

J: Yeah. I didn't find much of a paper trail or anything that would clue me in on where he is, but I didn't really get to search around as much as I wanted to.

S: Why not?

J: He came home.

S: What?

J: He…(rubs his hand on his forehead) I heard some rustling coming from another room, like someone crawling through a window or something, so I got out the front door.

S: Alright, did you leave anything out of place that would tip him off that someone was there?

J: (hesitating) Yeah. I didn't have a chance to put a folder I was looking at back into his desk drawer.

S: Folder? What was in it?

J: A picture…of a woman. I took it, it's across the hall right now.

S: Oh yeah?

J: Yeah, and, Sonny, I think we can use her. If I can just find out who she is, we can bring her here and use her as bait since Faith hasn't been working out as well as we thought she would.

S: (looks away from Jason) So Ricky-Boy does have a heart. Look, Jase…(looks back at Jason) See what you can find on this woman of his. I want a name, a residence, a birthdate, the names of her pets, everything. It seems as though Mr. Lansing has a secret someone that means a great deal to him, enough to keep a picture of her in a folder in his desk. And hopefully, we can use her to bring him down.

Sonny gives that famous scowling stare off into space, as Jason nods in understanding.

*Fade out*

-Scene 4- Later That Morning

**Sonny and Carly's Penthouse**

Sonny walks into the bedroom where a napping Carly lays peacefully in bed. He walks over to her, and kneels on the floor kneels down beside her, slowly stroking her hair. Her eyes leisurely open.

S: Hi.
C: Hey. How'd your meeting with Jason go?
S: Good, good. Thank you for going upstairs, I don't want you involved in this any more than you already are.
C: (giving that same little smirky smile she always does) No problem. C'mere.

She pulls Sonny into a soft kiss. He pulls back and rests his chin on her shoulder.

S: What do you have planned for today?
C: Um, nothing really, I was going to run out shopping or to the club for a little to see how things are going. Ya know, I'm getting a little tired of being in bed and resting, I need exercise as much as I need rest.
S: Ok, well listen, you can go out today, but just make sure you don't let the bodyguards out of your sight, not even for a minute. And take your cell phone with you everywhere.

Carly chuckles.

S: Carly, I'm not joking! This is getting serious! (hesitates a second) You know what? You're not going anywhere today, I changed my mind.
C: No, Sonny…Stop. This is ridiculous. You said it yourself, it's ok for me to go out today. Ric won't try anything, he's running scared now.
S: (sighs) Ok. You can go, but please call me if ANYTHING seems funny. If you think someone is tailing you, call, if someone looks at you wrong, call, if—
C: Sonny, I get it. If someone says hello to me, I'll call.
S: This is no joke, Carly. I thought you would have understood that by now.

Sonny gets a disappointed look on his face.

C: I…I do…but…I just want you to trust me.
S: And I do, but I don't trust Ric.
C: I know, but you have nothing to worry about. Me and the baby…we're ok…Ok?
S: Yeah, I know, sweetie.

Carly pulls Sonny into a hug. Sonny pulls away first and stands up.

S: I have to run somewhere with Jason. I should be gone a few hours.
C: Ok, be careful.
S: I will, you too.
C: Always.
S: Bye.
C: Bye.

Sonny walks out of the bedroom leaving Carly pondering where she is going to go first.

**An Airport in Europe**

Brenda is arguing with an employee (E) about getting a plane ticket for a flight that the employee claims is sold out.

B: What do you mean it's sold out?
E: Exactly what I just said, ma'am. It's sold out. There are no more seats available.
B: There has to be. There's not another flight going there for hours!
E: Well, ma'am, I'm sorry, but there's really nothing I can do.
B: Listen to me…This is an EMERGENCY!!! Do you know what that means?

Employee doesn't say anything.

B: DO YOU?!?!?!
E: (stumbling on his words) Well…y-yes, I do ma'am…b-but…
B: LISTEN…What is your name?
E: A-Abner.
B: Well, listen up, Abner. I have an emergency that I must tend to. I NEED a plane ticket right now, for Flight 409, and I KNOW that there must be some ticket floating around…FIND IT!!!
E: (viciously typing away at the computer) Oh, ok, Miss Barrett, I'm finding it now. (still scared) Y-You were right after all, a one-way ticket…here you go.

All the information is entered and the ticket is printed out. Brenda grabs the ticket out of Abner's hand and darts toward her gate.

E: (as Brenda is running away) Th-thank you, ma'am. (mumbles under his breath) Bitch.

**Jason's Penthouse**

Sonny enters without knocking and Jason walks downstairs to greet him. They both walk over to Jason's desk area.

S: Ok, let's get this moving. Carly went out for a few hours so I want this to be as quick as possible. I want to be back before she is so she doesn't worry.
J: No problem. I think we should go to Ric's first. I'm thinking that maybe there's something there that didn't mean anything to me but will mean something to you. It could be the connection we're looking for.
S: Good thinking. Ok, let's get going.

They start walking towards the door.

S: Oh, hey. Where's that picture of the woman that you took from him?
J: Oh yeah. (reaches in his pocket) Here it is.

Jason looks at it for one more second before handing it to Sonny. Sonny takes one look at it and almost passes out. The look on his face is pure terror.

J: Sonny, what is it? Who is she?

S: (still staring down at the picture) It's…(looks up at Jason) It's…my mother.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 5- Still the Afternoon

**The Docks**

Carly is strolling along without her bodyguard. She convinced him that she needed time to think by herself and he should wait in the limo. He reluctantly agreed and left her alone.

She is standing looking out onto the water when Ric comes up behind her.

R: Fancy meeting you here…alone.
C: (shuts her eyes at the sound of his voice) Ric…
R: Shh…
C: Don't you dare tell me to be quiet, you bastard. Do you realize that if Sonny even knew you were THINKING about me, let alone talking to me, he would kill you right now?
R: Carly, Carly, Carly…
C: What do you want?
R: You really should watch what you say to me. You wouldn't want Sonny knowing our little secret now, would you?
C: Oh, can it, Ric. He knows everything. He believes that you raped me, and he wants to kill you.
R: That's not the secret I had in mind. If I remember correctly, I WANTED him to think that I raped you so that he would be all the more mad at me.
C: So what then?
R: Oh, now I know you're smarter than this. Don't tell me that you're actually beginning to believe the lies?!
C: (quietly, yet sternly) You wouldn't.
R: Oh wouldn't I? I think I definitely would. I wouldn't hesitate to go to Sonny, to tell him that the whole drugged night at Jake's was a set-up created by you and me after you saw him kissing his true love.

Carly shudders at the phrase he used: "true love."

R: What do you think he would say if I told him that you have known ever since that night who I really am and what I am doing in Port Charles? That the whole rape scene was more your idea than mine? That you have not and never will forgive him for still loving Brenda?
C: Ric, don't do it. I love Sonny. You know I do. You just can't tell him that I knew about you. He will NEVER forgive me.
R: Well then…there is something else I need from you.
C: No, you know I don't want anything more to do with you. I told you I would do the set-up that night and that was all.
R: Tell me something…does your husband have problems sleeping?
C: Why?
R: I assume that he spends many nights out of your bed, downstairs, alone, looking out the window into the dark night…
C: Get to the point, Ric.
R: Don't you ever wonder what he's thinking about? (chuckles) Or should I say WHO he's thinking about?
C: Don't even mention her name. She's gone now.
R: Jealous a bit? Well, you should be. Because even though she is gone, she is still alive. And when you have a love like they did, you have a connection that remains stronger than anything no matter how much distance is between you.
C: But she isn't coming back to Port Charles!
R: Maybe so, but she still gets between you and Sonny. The only way for her to be gone for good is if she's dead.

Carly doesn't say anything.

R: Tell me something. Did you sleep with your husband last night? I'm going to take a wild guess here and say you didn't. I'm willing to bet that he stayed up all night thinking to himself. And what do you think he was thinking about, Carly? So, I'll make a deal with you…You do what I want just one more time, and I will find Brenda wherever she is, and I will kill her.

Carly stares at him silently for a moment, contemplating what she should say.

C: What do you want me to do?
R: That's my good girl…

**Jason's Penthouse**

Sonny still has the picture of his mother in his hands. They begin to tremble as he sets it down on the desk. Jason is still in shock.

J: That's Adela?

Sonny can't speak, he only nods.

J: Why would Ric have a picture of his mother in his desk? Why would he have a picture of her at all, Sonny?
S: I'm not sure. I know he didn't have anything to do with her death. I doubt he had anything to do with Deke because Taggert hates Ric almost as much as I do.

Sonny is baffled.

J: Ok, well we have to get over that apartment. You still wanna come with me?
S: Yeah, now more than ever.
J: Let's go then.

**Courtney's Loft**

Courtney is lying on the sofa wrapped in the blanket she always uses when she's cuddling with Jason watching TV. She hasn't seen Jason since the day before, but that was the least of her worries. She has had this stomach virus for the past week or so, and she just can't seem to beat it. Although they were technically "broken up," Jason still made sure that she had a bodyguard that went with her anywhere she wanted to go and also stood watch outside her door. His name was Jimmy.

Suddenly she hears a faint noise outside her door. It sounded like some kind of scuffling. Something being dragged away. Then it stopped. Courtney goes back to watching TV without thinking any more of the noise.

There's a knock on the door.

C: Jimmy, please tell whoever it is that I'm not feeling well, and I'll call them later on.

No answer.

C: (getting up from the sofa) Jimmy?

Carly (Ca) speaks up from outside the door.

Ca: Courtney, it's me, Carly.

Courtney smiles at the sound of her sister-in-law's voice and happily walks toward the door. She opens it to find that Carly isn't alone. Ric is with her.

Ric pushes the door open, knocking Courtney onto the floor. She hits her head on the end table and blood begins to trickle down the side of her face. She presses her hand hard against the gash as she tries to comprehend what is happening.

Carly and Ric waltz into the loft. Ric pulls Courtney onto her feet and Carly moves to stand in front of her. Ric is standing behind Courtney holding both of her arms in place so that she can't run away.

C: Carly, are you ok? Where's your bodyguard?
Ca: It's ok, Courtney.
C: What? What the Hell is going on?
Ca: Don't worry about it. It'll all be over soon.
C: Ok…Ok…Ric, what do you want with us?
R: Well, hello, Courtney, it's nice to see you, too.
C: You bastard…You…Ahh

Courtney tries to reach for her head in pain but Ric's hold on her prevents her hands from making it high enough.

C: Ric, please…my head hurts so bad.

Ric lets go of Courtney's right arm and she quickly turns around and punches him swiftly in his face. Ric stumbles backward enough to let go of Courtney's left arm and she runs to Carly who hasn't moved a step.

C: Come on, Carly, let's go!!!
Ca: No.

Ric moves forward and grabs Courtney again in the same way as before.

C: Carly, RUN!!! Get out of here! Go find Jason and Sonny and get HELP!

Carly just stands there, silent.

C: What is wrong with you, Carly? What the Hell is going on here?
Ca: Relax, Courtney. I'm not going anywhere.

Courtney stares at her in amazement/confusion. She begins to figure out who Carly is really there for.

C: (starts to cry) Carly…Are you here helping Ric?

Courtney didn't need Carly to answer. She finally understood. Ric needed Carly to get into the loft, but she wasn't being forced by him.

Before either women could say another word, Ric put a cloth soaked in chloroform over Courtney's mouth and she quickly passed out. Together, Carly and Ric left the loft with Courtney being carried in Ric's arms.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 6- That Afternoon

**Ric's Apartment**

Sonny and Jason enter through the front door. They begin looking around for more clues around the desk area first. They search all the drawers and cabinets but find nothing else linking Ric to Adela or any reasons as to why he would have a picture of her in his desk.

Just when they are about to give up search, Sonny looks up at the mantle. He sees the picture and freezes. Jason notices his friend's sudden trouble.

J: Sonny?
S: Jason, did you see that picture earlier?
J: Uh, I didn't really notice it before, but I'm pretty sure it was here. Why? What is it from?
S: (whispers) I had totally forgotten about it. I haven't been there since I was a little boy. He'd take us up there for vacations because it was quiet and secluded and people couldn't here us screaming.
J: You know this cabin?
S: (only nods at first) Yeah…It's Deke's cabin.

**An airplane somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean**

A stewardess' (S) voice comes over the intercom.

S: Hello ladies and gentlemen. We will be reaching our destination momentarily, but we just wanted to take the time to thank you for choosing American Airlines. Please take a moment to buckle your safety belts now.

Brenda is sitting in her seat in the very back corner of the coach section. She has her eyes closed and head back, ignoring the screaming children all around her. Instead, she is listening to her own thoughts. Her memories.

The plane begins its descent.

She remembers back to February…Waiting in the airport with Jason for the plane that was supposed to take her out of Port Charles for good. She told Jason that she changed her mind. Jason tells her that she has to go, it's better. Brenda shook her head; that wasn't what she meant. She told him that he should be with Courtney. Don't turn your back on love and happiness in order to be safe. Life is too short to give up happiness in order to be safe. She thought of only Sonny when she said this. Although she understood why he left her on their wedding day and she forgave him, she still wished he would have chosen something else.

The plane touches the ground and comes to a halt.

S: It is now safe to unbuckle your safety belts, gather your personal belongings, and exit the plane. Once again, thank you for flying with us today.

Brenda quickly gathers her things and starts to walk down the aisle towards the door.

S: Welcome to Port Charles, New York.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 7- The Late Afternoon/Early Evening

**Brenda's Car**

Brenda is frantically trying to call Jason on her cell phone while trying to speed out of the airport parking lot in her rental car. There's no answer at his penthouse so she tries his cell phone. She decided it would be better and probably less of a shock if she called him rather than Sonny. Sonny had enough to worry about right now.

Jason picked up his cell phone on the third ring. They are still in Ric's apartment looking around for any other piece of information that they can find.

J: Hello?

Brenda doesn't say anything for a moment.

J: (getting irritated) HELLO?
B: (softly) Jason, it's me…Brenda.
J: Brenda?

Sonny hears him say her name and his full attention is instantly on Jason and his conversation. He wasn't sure if it was her on the phone or someone talking about her, but he didn't care. He wanted to hear more.

B: Yeah. Listen. I'm in Port Charles, there's an emergency.
J: Are you ok?
B: Yes, I am, but I don't think Sonny is.
J: Brenda, what are you talking about? What is it that you know?
B: Look, I can't tell you right now, I need to see you both.
J: (looks at Sonny) Alright. At least tell me what this is all about.
B: Ric Lansing.
J: Meet us on the docks in fifteen minutes.
B: Got it.

They hang up.

S: Brenda's back?
J: Yeah, and we have to go.
S: What does she have to tell us?
J: She says she knows something about Ric.
S: I'm right behind you, man.

Brenda speeds up her rental car and Sonny and Jason leave Ric's place.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 8- Early Evening

**The Docks**

Brenda is sitting on a bench with her hands resting on her legs, nervously awaiting the arrival of her ex-fiance and her ex-husband. Funny, she thought. Never in a million years would she have ever thought…

Sonny and Jason walk down the steps to the dock. Sonny stops dead in his tracks when he sees her sitting there. So beautiful, he thought. He regains his composure and keeps moving.

Brenda hears them coming and looks up.

B: Hi.

She looks at Jason and then at Sonny. He's so perfect, she thought. Nothing has changed.

S: Hey.
J: Ok, Brenda, what do you know?
B: I remembered something last night. I had a dream, but it was like a flashback…a repressed memory or something.
J: OK?????
B: It was a time when I was still with Luis (Sonny cringed at her mentioning 'still with Luis'). After I started wanting to see the people I loved again and things with Luis and I got bad, I began eavesdropping on him. I knew that he would try to do something to Sonny or Jax in order to keep me away from them, so I listened in on his meetings every chance I got. I couldn't let anything happen to you (looking at Sonny).

Sonny smiles back at her. He is amazed by her.

B: I remembered this one meeting he had with this man, I don't know his name, but they were talking about someone that Luis was keeping in prison. He didn't want Sonny knowing about this man until the time was right. Knowing that this guy had a grudge against Sonny, Luis was going to wait until the timing was right for his own plan, and then release the guy with the grudge so that Sonny would be hit with a double whammy. This guy would come and take Sonny's attention while Alcazar snuck in and killed him.
J: Ok, but Brenda what is the emergency? We already knew that Alcazar kept Ric in prison. What we don't know is why.
B: He didn't want Ric to get to Sonny too soon.
S: Brenda, how was Alcazar so certain that I would be so focused on Ric Lansing in the first place?
B: Because, Sonny, Ric Lansing is your brother!

**The Cabin Somewhere in the Country**

Carly opens the door and enters, followed by Ric holding a still-unconscious Courtney. He sets her in a chair and smacks her face to wake her. Her face is covered with dried blood from the gash on her forehead, and fresh blood is still dribbling out of it. Carly gets the duct tape and starts taping Courtney to the chair. First, her hands are taped behind her back, then her feet to the legs of the chair, and then Carly just wraps the tape around Courtney's chest and the back of the chair so that she can't really move at all.

C: Carly, why are you doing this? Why are you helping him after everything he has done to you and Sonny?
Ca: Courtney, please just shut up. I still care for you, but please understand that I have my reasons for doing this.
C: (tears fall on her cheeks) Ok.
R: Girls, it's time to sit and get comfortable. Oh, but first, Carly, don't forget a nice piece of tape over her mouth. We can't have little Courtney here squealing our partnership before the time is right.

Carly obeys Ric and puts the tape on Courtney's mouth. Courtney just cries silently to herself. How was anyone going to know where she was and that she needed help?

R: And the waiting begins…Come on, Sonny. You've been so good at swallowing up all the bait I've cast to you so far, don't let me down now.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 9- That Evening

The sun has begun to set as Sonny, Brenda, and Jason are still on the docks. Sonny and Jason are still taking in the news that Ric is Sonny's brother.

S: How can it be possible?
B: I don't know, Sonny. He's Deke's son, I know that much. But, I have no idea how Alcazar found out about him or anything, I swear.
S: I know, I know. I believe you. I just don't understand what Ric has against me.
B: Well, where is this guy now?
J: We think we may have an idea.
S: Yeah, let's get going.
B: Ok, let me go grab some things from my car, and I'll meet you at the limo.
J: No Brenda, we didn't bring the limo.
B: Yes, you did, I parked right next to it.

Sonny and Jason stop and look at each other. Sonny suddenly remembers Carly and that she was going out today. A panicked expression crosses his face.

S: You saw my limo here?
B: Yeah, I thought you brought it and were already waiting for me.
S: No, Carly had the limo today. She took it out this morning. Jason brought his SUV down here.
B: But, Sonny, I know that's your limo up there.
S: (worried) Come on, something's not right here.

The three of them hurry up to where the two cars are parked. Sure enough, it is Sonny's limo parked with no sign of anyone around. Jason goes to the front and opens the driver-side door. Carly's bodyguard falls out onto the ground with a thud.

Brenda spots that he was shot in head and gasps a little.

Sonny begins to fear that they will find the same thing in the back of the limo, only instead of an employee of his it will be his wife and unborn child.

Jason moved to the back door and pulls it open. There was no point in delaying the outcome because if she wasn't in there, she was in trouble and needed help as soon as possible.

There was nothing in the back seat. Carly was nowhere to be found.

Sonny frantically tried calling her cell phone, but she turned it off. Something was wrong for sure. As the two men were getting excited, Brenda had a troublesome thought.

B: Sonny, if Ric wanted to get revenge on you, he'd want to hurt you right?
S: Yeah, that's the obvious.
B: Well, maybe he doesn't just hate you. Maybe he's JEALOUS, too!
S: Jealous? Jealous of what, Brenda? My lifestyle, my job, my wife?
B: No…

Jason suddenly knows exactly what Brenda is getting at.

J: Oh my God…Courtney.
S: He wouldn't dare…
B: Sonny, think about it. It makes perfect sense. He's bound to be jealous of the relationship that you and Courtney are beginning to form-it's something I'm sure he's always dreamed of.
J: If he harms a hair on her head, I swear I will kill him with my bare hands.
S: No, Jason, don't worry about that now. We have to get to that cabin.

Brenda, Sonny, and Jason jump into Jason's SUV and they speed off into the night. As Sonny gave Jason directions, he began to realize that in order to prevent one of his fears from occurring, he was going to have to face another: in order to save another wife and unborn child, he would have to go back to a place that gives him nothing but nightmares.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 10-

**The Cabin** Night

It is now pitch black out in the country. Courtney's head hurts her so bad that she's beginning to go in and out of consiousness. Carly and Ric are setting up the rest of the scene so that it will be ready when their guests arrive. They are expecting Jason and Sonny any time now.

Ric puts Carly in the same kind of chair as Courtney is in and tapes her up. The plan is that Courtney and Jason will be killed in a struggle and Carly and the baby will survive, as will Sonny. Courtney must die so that Sonny would never find out about Carly's ultimate betrayal and Jason because he is more of a brother to Sonny than Ric will ever be. Ric plans on getting away during all the commotion over Jason and Courtney's deaths. He wants to see Sonny mourn and suffer over the loss of his sister, just like Ric suffered over the loss of Deke. In his deal with Carly, Ric promised that Sonny's life would be spared.

Jason, Sonny, and Brenda pull into a back entrance to the cabin. They parked a couple hundred feet away, and started trying to plan a strategy.

S: Jason, I need you to go around the back of the cabin. There should be either a window or door unlocked. If not, wait until you hear that I am inside, then break in. If you can get in, go in and wait for me.
J: Got it.
B: Ok, Sonny, what about me?
S: No, Brenda you stay here.
B: But, Sonny, I-
S: No Brenda, no arguments over this. You're staying here.

Brenda wants to put up a fight but knows that under these circumstances she has to just settle for what Sonny wants. She watches as Jason and Sonny walk into the darkness, fearing what is going to happen next.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 11-

**The Cabin** Still Night

Inside, Ric is sitting by the fire. The glare from all the lights on inside prevent him from seeing any clear objects outside.

Jason moves up to the back of the cabin as Sonny swiftly moves around to the front. The doors and windows in the back all locked. They both see Courtney and Carly taped up to the chairs and their hearts drop.

Sonny goes to the front door, takes a deep breath, and goes inside.

S: All this for me, Brother? I'm touched.
R: Aw, Sonny, I'm glad. That is the exact reaction I wanted from you.
S: Ok, Ric, what now? What do you want from me?
R: Well, Brother, I want you to watch your loved ones die like I watched mine.

At that moment, Jason bursts through a window. However, before he can get up and pull himself together, Ric already has a gun on an unconscious Courtney. Sonny and Jason keep their guns away and try to get Ric to release his as well.

S: Come on, now, Ric. Courtney isn't the one you want, I am. She's your sister, too.
R: No, that's where you're WRONG, Sonny-Boy. See, you two share the same worthless father, not mothers like we do.
S: And that's where YOU'RE wrong, Ricky. See, Adela was my true mother, and I knew about Deke. You didn't even know your father until he was almost dead. (shrugs) Sucks for you I guess.

Ric's anger is visible and cannot be contained any longer. He raises his gun and pulls it on Courtney. He begins to pull the trigger as Jason runs in front of Courtney.


Brenda hears the shot go off as the sound pierces through the frigid spring night. Immediate panic sets in, but she wants to obey Sonny's wishes. She knows that if Ric is now injured or dead, they would soon come out and get her. She would just have to wait for them.

Jason lay on the floor. The bullet hits his left shoulder, pretty high up but still a bad area. The pain is unimaginable, but that's not what Jason's worries are about. He realizes that even the loud gunshot didn't wake Courtney up. What is wrong with her?

After Ric fires the gun, Sonny charges him. Knowing this could be his only chance, he grabbs onto the barrel of the pistol and yanks it as hard as he could away from Ric. Ric doesn't let go.

Meanwhile, as Sonny and Ric wrestle for the gun, Jason undoes Courtney's tape with his one good arm. When she is free, Jason moves to Carly and frees her.

Sonny and Ric are fighting ferociously. Neither man takes his hands off of the weapon, and fists begin to swing. Sonny uses his street fighting skills and gives Ric a powerful knee to his stomach. Ric bends over and bellows in agony, but doesn't let go. Ric decides he has to just take a shot; Sonny is never going to let go of the gun.

Sonny does all he could to keep the barrel aimed away from his own body, but Ric has the upper hand. Ric holds the base and has control of the trigger. At this point, Jason is pulling Courtney to safety and Carly is standing off to the side. Suddenly, two more shots ring out.

Brenda, hearing the next two shots, decides that she is finished waiting. She opens the glove compartment and finds an extra gun that Jason had put there for emergencies. She hops out of the car and starts making her way to the cabin.

Inside, Ric has fallen onto the floor, as has Sonny. Jason scrambles to see if his best friend was ok. Ric is shaken up a bit but still has the gun in his hand. He looks at everyone in the room and tries to take in what has just happened. It isn't until Sonny has sat up and started moving towards Ric again that he feels the pain. Looking down, he sees the blood on the sleeve of his shirt. He has been shot through his right forearm, but it isn't very bad.

Ric was the first to notice Carly, lying in her own pool of blood over by the fireplace. She has a bullet wound to her stomach. He panics and runs out of the cabin with the gun in his hand. After he leaves, Sonny turns his head and sees his wife lying on the floor.

He screams.

Jason runs over to help Sonny put pressure on Carly's wound but it is bleeding profusely. She is conscious but appears to be going into shock.

C: The baby, save the baby, Sonny, please save the baby…

She passes out.

S: Jason, help her. Please. We cannot lose this baby, not this time.
J: I'm doing my best, Sonny, call for help!

Outside, Ric is running out the back way of the cabin towards Jason's SUV. He spots Brenda walking the same way.

B: Sonny, is that you?

No answer.

B: Jason? Is everything ok in there?

As the dark figure gets closer, Brenda sees who it is. It is too late. Ric already knows it is her and has raised his gun, ready to fire.

Sonny and Jason both hear the shot come from the woods surrounding the cabin, followed by Brenda's blood-curdling scream that echoed several times. Sonny immediately gets up and runs for the door.

S: BRENDA!!!!!!

Brenda, lying on the ground approximately 100 feet from the cabin, clutches the gun she is still holding by her side. The bullet has entered the right side of her chest making it hard for her to breathe. Ric is now standing over her with his gun aimed at her head. Brenda's tears roll down her face.

R: A deal is a deal. Carly helped me out, so now I help her out. Sorry it has to be this way sweetheart.

As he is ready too fire, Brenda raises her gun and fires. It takes all her strength to hold it, but she manages to shoot Ric three times in the chest. He dies as Sonny gets to Brenda's side.

S: Brenda, hunny?
B: (moaning) Sonny…he…shot…me…
S: Shh…I know, sweetheart, I know. You'll be ok, I'm going to stay with you.

Brenda tries to speak once more but fails. She instead coughs up blood that makes Sonny's heart break. Jason pulls Carly out to where Sonny and Brenda are and goes back in for his own love.

Just then, 2 ambulances and Mac Scorpio and a group of police cruisers pull up to Jason's SUV. Jason had called them from inside the cabin while Sonny and Ric fought.

Sonny and Carly are loaded into one ambulance, while Brenda, Courtney, and Jason and put into another. The five injured make their way to General Hospital as fast as possible.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 12-

**General Hospital Emergency Room**

The first ambulance to arrive is Sonny and Carly's. Sonny hops out on his own while Carly's stretcher is wheeled into the hospital.

S: Please, save her. You can't let the baby die.

Monica Quartermaine (M) is Carly's doctor. She asks Sonny what happened and he tells her.

M: Somebody page Dr. Meadows (ME). We've got a woman almost 3 months pregnant shot in the stomach here!

Tony Jones (T) and Alan Quartermaine (A) are both ready for the next ambulance with their patients Courtney and Brenda, respectively.

The second ambulance arrives and is unloaded. The bullet that struck Jason exited out the back so surgery is not necessary. He goes to get stitches and a sling while Courtney is examined by Dr. Jones. Brenda and Carly are both rushed to surgery to repair the damage that the bullet caused. Sonny's injury also only requires stitches. After Carly is wheeled into surgery, he has it taken care of.

Courtney is taken to get x-rays and a CAT Scan. Dr. Jones comes out to speak with Jason.

T: Jason, Courtney has a pretty big laceration on her forehead that will need stitches, but that's not what concerns us.

J: Tony, she didn't wake up.

T: I know, Jason, and that is what worries us. Right now she's getting tests done to show what could be wrong.

J: What could it be?

T: It could be anything from a massive concussion to something much worse.

J: Ok, tell me right now. What's the worst that could happen to Courtney?

T: The worst? Courtney may have fractured her skull during her fall and potentially suffered some brain damage.

J: (tears falling) Could she die?

T: If she doesn't wake up in the next 48 hours, yes, her chances of survival are slim to none.

**Brenda's Operating Room**

Alan is diligently working trying to repair Brenda's collapsed lung. He has removed the bullet that was lodged in her chest. After a long surgery, Alan is ready to close Brenda up.

**Carly's Operating Room**

Monica and Dr. Meadows are quickly trying to find the bullet in Carly, stop the bleeding, and save the baby.

ME: Did you find the source of the bleeding yet?
M: Yes, here it is.

She fixes it as fast as she can. Dr. Meadows goes to work to see if she can spare the baby's life.

ME: Oh my goodness. The bullet ruptured the placenta.
M: Can you fix it?
ME: Monica, nobody could fix a thing like this.
M: Ok, you take care of Carly. I have to go talk to Sonny.

Monica leaves the O.R. and faces an emotionally drained Sonny.

S: Monica, is she…are they ok?
M: Sonny, listen. Carly is fine. We got the bullet out and stopped the bleeding.
S: And what about the baby?
M: (sighs) Sonny, Dr. Meadows has done everything she can do. The bullet hit the placenta and completely destroyed it.
S: So what does that mean? How is my child?
M: I'm sorry Sonny, the baby didn't make it.

Sonny breaks down in tears and cries in the waiting room.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 13- Morning

**General Hospital**

Carly has been out of surgery and in a private room for a few hours. Brenda is hooked up to all kinds of breathing machines in the ICU while Courtney is also in the ICU, though no hooked up to any ventilators. Jason's arm is sore and in a sling, but fine. Sonny's arm got the stitches it needed and is wrapped up in bandages.

**Courtney's Room**

Jason has been keeping vigil by Courtney's bedside. He hasn't left her once. Her x-rays came back with a hairline fracture in her skull, but even with that, she should have woken up by now. Dr. Jones tells Jason that he should start to worry if she doesn't wake in 24 hours.

**Carly's Room**

Carly wakes up not long after arriving in her room. Sonny is with her.

C: Sonny. I'm sorry.
S: You have nothing to be sorry for, baby.

Carly realizes he doesn't know the secret.

C: How is the baby?
S: Carly, listen.

Dr. Meadows walks in.

ME: Hi, Carly, how are you feeling?
C: Tired and I have cramps. How's the baby?
ME: Well, that's what I came here to talk to you about. The bullet that hit you struck the placenta before moving into your abdomen. As you know, this is the main source of nutrition for your baby.
C: What are you saying, Dr. Meadows?
ME: Carly, I did everything I could, but there was no way I could repair your placenta. I'm sorry, but you're baby has passed away.
C: (shakes her head no) No, no it can't be.
S: Sweetie, I'm sorry.

Sonny grabs for Carly's hand.

C: This is all my fault, Sonny.
S: No, baby, it's not. Nothing you did caused this. Ric did this, ok?
C: But Sonny, our baby…(sobs)
S: Baby, I know you don't want to hear this right now, but I have to say it. You're ok. We're both ok, and we can have other babies. Nothing will ever replace this one, but there will be more.
C: I want that more than anything, Sonny.

Carly flashes back to the docks with Ric. And the loft. Courtney knows the truth. She knows that Carly was working with Ric. If Courtney tells Sonny the truth, there is no way in Hell that Carly will get to have Sonny's children.

Carly knows what she must do. She can't let Courtney destroy her family.

**Brenda's Room**

Sonny has left Carly sleep a little and goes to see Brenda. She hasn't woken up from the surgery yet, but Alan says that's to be expected with an injury like hers. Although Brenda's collapsed lung was relatively easy to fix and the bullet was easily found, it is still a serious injury, and the recuperation time is still long, slow, and painful.

Sonny sits next to his greatest love and reaches for her hand.

S: I can't believe this. After all these years, and everything I've done to you, you still care about me more than anyone else in this world. I don't know what I ever did to deserve you, but it must've been great, because God blessed me with an angel when he gave me you. You know, I never even got the chance to thank you for coming back. I, uh, said it in my mind when I first saw you on the docks, sitting there on that bench, with your little hands on your lap…And I just thought 'Damn. If only I was smarter all those years ago.' Do you remember that 21st birthday party that I threw for you? You told me that you thought I was going to propose to you that night, but instead of a diamond, I got you a red ruby ring. Of course I screwed up then, just like I always do. You know what I wish I would've done, Brenda? I wish I would've proposed to you like you had hoped. We would be married now. There would have been no Lily, no Jax, no deaths, no leaving…no Carly. Brenda, I do love Carly, I really do. But, she's not you. And you are my heart. And I love you…

Brenda's monitors connected to her start beeping vivaciously. Sonny jumps a little as a nurse (N) rushes in to see what is the matter. Sonny becomes scared as Brenda begins to flatline.

N: Somebody page Alan Quartermaine NOW!!! Sir, could you please get out of here!

Sonny does as she asks and leaves. In the hall, orderlies and nurses are running around. "Get the doctor, room 613 is flatlining!" No, not Brenda. He can't lose her now. As the noise around him grows louder Sonny finds himself becoming short of breath. Not his Brenda, this couldn't be happening to him.

**Courtney's Room**

Jason has been sitting with Courtney nonstop for hours. His legs cramped and his back aches but he isn't moving until she wakes up.

J: You know, I wanted you from the moment I laid eyes on you. You were and still are the most perfect thing I know. And I love you with everything that I am and all that I ever will be. I want to take care of you, love you, and be with you forever, Courtney. That's why when you wake up and we get out of here, I'm going to ask you to marry me. (tears fall as he says the last part)

*Fade Out*

-Scene 14- Afternoon

**Brenda's Room**

Brenda's heart is stabilized. Sonny stays with her until she's ok again. Then he goes back down to check on Carly.

**Carly's Room**

Sonny opens the door and sees Carly sound asleep. He decides that now would be a good time to see how Jason and Courtney are doing and take a breather. As Sonny leaves, we see Carly open her eyes. As soon as Sonny shuts her door, Carly makes her way out of the bed, IVs in tow.

**Courtney's Room**

Sonny walks in and sees Jason sleeping on the chair next to Courtney's. His hands are wrapped around hers. He doesn't need anything more than the sight of them together to realize how stupid he was being these past couple of months. Jason's eyes flutter open, feeling the presence of another person in the room.

J: Hey.
S: Hey, how's she doing?
J: She still hasn't woken up.
S: She will.

Jason nods.

S: And when she does, you two have my full blessing.
J: What??
S: I realize how stupid I have been about you two since the beginning, and I want you to know how sorry I am. Courtney is always going to be a target, not because you love her but because she is my sister, and I have to face it. She's lucky to have you there to protect her.
J: Thanks a lot. This means so much to me. To both of us (looks at Courtney). You're going to have to tell her yourself when she wakes up because I don't think she will believe it coming from me.
S: Ok, I can do that. What do you say we go grab some lunch? The cafeteria has a hideous menu but I think some of it is edible.

They laugh and Jason agrees. As soon as they exit, a scheming Carly enters the room. She moves over to Courtney's bedside.

Ca: I bet you thought I would never actually go through with it, did you? But I did. And now I have to finish it off. See, Courtney, if this baby would have survived, I wouldn't have to do this, but it didn't. I want a piece of Sonny with me always, so badly I can taste it. But if you live, you will tell him about me and Ric, and I can't have that, now can I? So, I'm sorry, but I hope one day you forgive me.

Carly then pulls Courtney's pillow out from underneath her head.

**Brenda's Room**

At the exact moment that Carly is in Courtney's room and Sonny and Jason are getting food, Brenda begins to stir. Slowly, her eyes open.

B: Sonny…Sonny, I need you.

A nurse nearby hears Brenda and immediately has the hospital page Sonny Corinthos over the intercom. Fearing it is another health scare, Sonny is there in what seems like seconds. The nurse outside tells him that Brenda is awake and asking for him.

Sonny goes in the room and sits next to Brenda. She can speak in nothing more than a whisper.

B: Sonny…
S: Hey, baby. You're ok now. You're in the hospital.
B: I know. I need to tell you something.
S: Right now?
B: (nods) It's important.
S: Ok. Go ahead.
B: Before Ric shot me, he said something. He told me that he had to do it for Carly. Please don't get mad at me, but I think Carly was working with Ric.
S: Brenda, I know you and Carly don't get along, but she loves me. She is my wife. She wouldn't do that to me.
B: (shuts her eyes) I know how stupid it sounds, but please, don't forget it. I know what Ric told me, and I'm sure there was a reason he said it. Maybe Courtney knows something. Maybe she was there when Carly and Ric were talking or something. Has anyone asked her about it yet?
S: She hasn't woken up yet, hunny.
B: Is she ok?
S: I don't know.
B: Tell her I know she's a fighter and to be strong…

Brenda drifts off to sleep again.

Sonny walks back toward Courtney's room. He had told Jason that he would be right back to the cafeteria, but he has a feeling in his gut that Brenda's idea is right. Either way, he has to make sure.

**Courtney's Room**

Carly has the pillow over Courtney's face. She lowers it down. As she begins to smother her sister-in-law, Sonny comes in the room. He runs over to Carly right away and pulls her off of Courtney. Jason has the same gut feeling that Sonny did telling him something is wrong and comes back. He runs in and goes to check on Courtney-she is fine. Carly is sobbing hysterically in Sonny's arms. Sonny's confusion is taking the best of him. Here he is with his wife who was just shot that he finds trying to kill his sister. Was Brenda right? She must have been. But nobody would know for sure until Courtney wakes up…IF Courtney wakes up.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 15- Afternoon

**Elizabeth Webber's Studio Apartment**

While Sonny, Carly, Brenda, Jason, and Courtney are at the hospital getting treatment, Elizabeth is still waiting for Ric to get back. He promised her he would be back for her, and the fact that he hasn't returned over 24 hours later worries her. Her stomach has been churning all day thinking of what might have happened to her boyfriend. She is going to get sick.

Elizabeth rushes to the bathroom and starts throwing up.

Elizabeth decides that something is definitely wrong. Ric might be hurt, or need her help. Maybe he is in General Hospital already. She has to go find out. And while she's there, she definitely has to remember to pick up some medicine for her stomach ache.

**Courtney's Room**

Sonny is still holding a crying Carly while Jason is checking on Courtney. Sonny asks Jason to get some help, and he knows what Sonny is talking about. Two security guards (SG) hurry in and take Carly out of Sonny's arms.

C: No, HEY, Get OFF of me!

Sonny just stands there and watches, which perplexes Carly.

C: Sonny, help me! Don't just stand there, get them off!
S: Carly, you need to talk to someone. They can help you. Just go with them.
C: You bastard. You think I don't know what I'm doing? That I'm crazy? Well you can go to Hell, because you have no idea what you're talking about.
SG: Sir, your wife will be in the psych ward getting a consult whenever you're ready.
S: Thanks.

The security guards and Carly leave Courtney's room, only to be replaced by Taggert coming to ask questions.

T: Well, well, Sonny-Boy…What do we have here?
S: Look, Taggert, I don't want to do this in here. Let's move into the lobby.
T: Whatever you want.

**The Lobby**

Elizabeth gets off the elevator and walks over to the desk. She asks for Bobbie to be paged. Sonny and Taggert are about 15 feet behind her.

S: I'm surprised that it took you this long to get down here. I was sure you'd be waiting for us when we the ambulances pulled up.

Elizabeth picks up this last statement and feels her brain focus in more on the conversation.

T: No, lucky for you I was dealing with a murder…Oh wait, that's right. You were there! So, I don't need to tell you that Ric Lansing is dead.

Elizabeth spins around and almost runs over to the two men.

E: What do you mean Ric Lansing is dead?
T: Look, Elizabeth, there's an investigation going on and-
E: Just tell me what happened to Ric! Is he dead?
T: Yes. I'm sorry that nobody called you, but he is.

Elizabeth breaks down. Sonny tries to console her like he did after they thought Lucky had died in that fire, but she pushes him away. Sonny isn't surprised.

E: This wasn't supposed to happen. I knew Ric wasn't doing the best things, but he didn't deserve to die.

A nurse (N) gets off the phone and walks over to Sonny.

N: Mr. Corinthos, Miss Barrett is being moved out of ICU. She is asking for you to come see her.
S: Thanks.
E: (confused) Brenda Barrett?
S: Yeah.
E: I thought she left again.
S: She's back…again.
E: Why is she here?
T: Elizabeth, maybe this isn't the best time to be talking about this. You look really pale and tired, why don't we call someone to come get you and stay with you through this.
E: No, thank you, Taggert, I'm fine. I want to know why Brenda is in the hospital.
S: She was shot.
E: By who? (She already knows the answer but she needs to hear it for it to be really true.)
S: Ric.

Elizabeth keels over in pain, grabbing her stomach. Sonny's reflexes are put to good use and he catches her before she hits the ground. She is out cold.

T: Somebody get a gurney!

*Fade Out*

-Scene 16- Later in the Afternoon

**Brenda's New Room**

Sonny walks in to find Brenda napping peacefully. He tries not to disturb her, but as always, Brenda can feel his presence and opens her eyes.

B: Hey.
S: Hi. How are you feeling?
B: Much better, thanks.

She is off the ventilator and only has one of those tube things that wrap around her head and go into her nose on.

S: Good. There's something I need to tell you.
B: What is it?

Sonny waits to respond.

B: You found something. Does it have anything to do with Carly?
S: It has everything to do with Carly.

**Courtney's Room**

Jason is holding her right hand with both of his. He has leaned forward onto the bed to rest his head next to hers on the pillow. Exhausted, he falls asleep next to Courtney in only a matter of minutes.

The camera pans into their joined hands. Hers is so small it is easily identified between Jason's.

Her pointer finger twitches…So slowly…then again with her middle finger. Jason feels this movement and glances at her hand. It is still moving.

Little by little, Courtney begins to stir. Jason has a huge grin on his face as she opens her eyes. He doesn't let go of her hand.

C: Jase?

She uses her left hand to touch her head.

J: Yeah, Courtney, I'm here.
C: Oh, what happened? My head…it hurts so bad.
J: You don't remember?

Courtney stares at him for a moment. Her brain flashes back to the loft. She was lying on the sofa when someone knocked…Carly…and RIC…He knocked her over. She remembers everything.

C: I do. I remember everything. Was anyone else hurt? (sees Jason's sling) Are you ok?
J: Yeah I'm fine, I just got a little bullet hole in me. (smiles) Sonny got hit in the arm, Carly in the stomach, and Brenda in the chest.
C: Brenda is here?
J: Yeah, I'll tell you more about it later. Right now I'm going to tell Sonny that you're ok.
C: Jason, where is Carly?
J: They took her up to the psych ward. She…She tried to kill you.
C: (closes her eyes) She was working with him…With Ric.
J: What?!?!

**Brenda's Room**

S: I walked into Courtney's room after I left you, and I got there just in time. Carly was standing over Courtney pushing a pillow on her face. She was trying to kill her.
B: Oh my God.
S: I just don't understand it, Bren. They were such good friends.

**Courtney's Room**

C: Ric and Carly were working together to both gain something they wanted. Ric wanted access to me, which he knew Carly could give him. So they came to the loft, killed Jimmy, and Carly knocked on the door. I never had time to realize he was with her because he shoved the door open and knocked me backward. That's when I hit my head on the table.
J: Did Ric and Carly do anything else together?
C: Uh, yeah. That night at Jake's. The one where Carly was supposedly raped-it was a set-up. They planned it. Actually, I think it was more of Carly's idea.
J: It's beginning to make sense to me. Carly was mad after seeing Brenda and Sonny kissing. She needed revenge, so she goes to find Ric. They plan the whole night from there.
C: Exactly.
J: Ok, I know that Carly and Ric made another deal even after that. Carly would go along with this kidnapping and get to you, but what was Ric going to do for her?
C: He told Carly that the only way Brenda would ever really be away from Sonny is if she was dead. He told Carly he would find Brenda wherever she was, and he would kill her.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 17- That Evening

**Courtney's Room**

Sonny and Brenda are both notified that Courtney is awake. They want to see her so Brenda gets permission for Sonny to wheel her down to Courtney's room so the four of them could talk. Sonny hasn't been up to see Carly since she attacked Courtney earlier that day.

Sonny enters pushing Brenda in the wheelchair.

J: Hey guys.
B: Hiiii. Hey Court, how are you feeling?
C: Other than the worst headache of my life, I'm fine. How about you?
B: I'm ok, getting better every minute.
S: Hey you (gives her a hug). You scared us a little bit there.
C: I know, I'm sorry. I should have known it was a set-up.
J: Why should you have known? You thought you could trust Carly…We all did.
C: I know, but I didn't think.
S: No, Courtney, don't blame yourself for this. I'm not going to let you, and neither will your boyfriend.

Courtney stops smiling at his words.

C: My what?
S: Boyfriend. What do you want to call him? A Boy-Toy? Lover? It's up to you.
C: Why don't you seem upset?
S: Because I'm not, sweetheart.
C: (looks at Jason) Is he serious?
J: Yes.
C: (looks back at Sonny and laughs) Boyfriend is fine with me! Thank you so much Sonny.

**Elizabeth's Room**

Monica comes into the room with a chart in her hand.

E: Hi Dr. Quartermaine. Did you find out what kind of virus I have?
M: Elizabeth, you don't have any virus. In fact, what you have isn't harmful at all under normal circumstances.
E: What is it then?
M: You're pregnant.

Elizabeth look horrified at the news. She finds out she's pregnant the same day she learns that the baby's father is dead.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 18- A Week Later

I'm speeding things up a bit here, since this is already so long to begin with. Carly was ruled sane and arrested for conspiracy, kidnapping, and attempted murder. Brenda and Courtney are released from the hospital on the same day. Elizabeth was released the same day that she found out she was pregnant. She didn't have hard feelings towards Sonny, Brenda, Jason, or Courtney-in fact, she felt guilty that she didn't listen to them in the first place.

Courtney moves right back into Jason's Penthouse after getting out in the hospital. She and Jason's relationship picked up right where it let off, and not even Sonny seemed to mind.

Brenda has been staying in her cottage in the woods. Sonny didn't want her to, but she insisted that it would be better than anything else. She says she couldn't stay in his penthouse because he has a son that was going to wonder where his mommy was. Sonny needs to explain that to him before Brenda can be around.

Carly found out Brenda was back while she was in prison. It wasn't until they read all the charges against her that she knew. Although she was mad, she didn't try to do anything about it because she knows it will only make her situation worse. All Carly could do was hope Sonny didn't get pulled back to Brenda even though she knows her chances were over, but we all know that never works.

**Sonny's Penthouse**

Michael is aware that his mommy is in some trouble and that she has to go away for a while in order to fix it, but he doesn't know that she is in prison. The only thing Sonny has said to Carly since the last time he saw her in the psych ward was that he would take care of Michael. Sonny has decided he must tell Michael the truth about his mother.

Michael is in his room playing with his toys when Sonny walks in.

S: Hey, Michael.
M: Hi, Daddy. Did you come to play with me?
S: I wish I could, pal, but I have something I need to talk to you about.
M: It's about Mommy, isn't it?
S: (smiles at his intelligence) We can never get anything by you, can we?
M: No, but that's because I learned from you and Mommy.
S: Well, you know how I told you that Mommy got into some trouble and has to go away for a while?
M: Yeah. Are we going with her?
S: No, buddy, we can't.
M: Why not?
S: Because Mommy isn't going on vacation anywhere, she is going to prison.

**The Prison**

Carly is waiting for her trial in the PC Jail. Courtney decides its time for her to visit her one-time friend.

Carly looks away when she sees Courtney walk in.

C: Hi, Carly. How are you?
Ca: Courtney, why did you come here?
C: I just wanted to see my sister-in-law. And to let you know that I am going to testify against you.
Ca: I guess I'm not surprised by that. Does Sonny know?
C: Yes, he is supporting me completely, and so is Jason and Brenda. They are the true people who love me.
Ca: Courtney, you did mean a lot to me, you still do. It's just that I had to protect myself and my family!
C: You tried to KILL me! There's no explanation necessary for that! Look I didn't come here to fight with you, I just wanted you to know that I am not going to let you get away with anything that you've done. Nobody in your family is.

Courtney exits leaving Carly in tears. This isn't what Carly wanted to happen, but she made her bed…now she has to sleep in it.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 19- Same Time

**Sonny's Penthouse**

M: What did Mommy do wrong?

Just then, somebody comes in the front door downstairs. It's Brenda.

B: Sonny? Are you here?
S: Yeah, Brenda, I'm upstairs, in Stone's old room.

Brenda comes in and sees Sonny lying on the floor with Michael. She knows what they're talking about.

B: Oh, I can just come back later (starting to leave).
S: No, it's ok, you can stay for this. Michael, you remember Brenda don't you?
M: Yes. (gets up) Hi Brenda.

They shake hands.

B: My, look how polite you are. It's nice to see you again, Michael.
S: Michael, Brenda was with us when Mommy messed up.
M: So what did she do that was so bad?
S: Well, you remember Ric, right?
M: Yes.
S: Ric was a bad man, Michael, and Mommy helped him do bad things.
M: To who?
S: To Aunt Courtney, Uncle Jason, Brenda, and Daddy.
M: What did she do?
S: I don't think you need to know that right now, but I wanted you to know where Mommy was really going in case you heard it somewhere.
M: Ok…Daddy?
S: What?
M: How long is Mommy going to be gone?
S: I don't know yet, buddy, but I will let you know as soon as I find out.

Brenda and Sonny leave Michael alone in his room to play again. They go downstairs.

B: So what is going to happen now?
S: Well, Carly's trial is going to start in a few days, and it's only basically to decide how long her sentence will be.
B: That's not what I meant.
S: What did you mean?
B: What is going to happen to the two of you?
S: I don't know. I can't stay with her after what she did.
B: (nods) Right. I know how you are when someone betrays you. You know, now I understand how you must have felt when you found the wire on me.
S: No, that was different. That was a bee sting compared to what Carly did to me. She almost got me killed, along with my sister and two best friends.

Brenda smiles at her title.

S: The other difference between Carly and you is that I still loved you after you wore the wire.
B: You're saying you don't love Carly anymore?
S: I will always love Carly, but it has changed. I love her as Michael's mother, but not as my wife. I can't stay married to her now.

Brenda sits in shock as the love of her life tells her that his marriage to another woman is ending.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 20- A Few Weeks Later

Carly's trial last only a few days. She was sentenced to 5 years in the state penitentiary. She left the show.

Elizabeth is now three months pregnant. She's not showing yet, but has an appetite like nothing you've ever seen. Lucky has been there for her for all the doctor visits and whatever else she needs.

Jason and Courtney continue their romance just as before. They've been spending time getting to know Brenda again, and Courtney sees why Sonny is so in love with her.

It seems as though Sonny was the only one in town to recognize that Sonny and Brenda were supposed to be together. He knew they loved each other, but he was also so terrified that they wouldn't work out. His marriage to Carly was over, they got a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic. Michael quickly liked Brenda, and vice versa. Sonny and Brenda were careful, however, not to let Michael think of Brenda as anything more than a good friend. She wasn't his mother.

Brenda knows that she wants Sonny back. She's wanted him back ever since she left PC for the first time back in 1998. Sonny has always been the love she needed no matter what else was going on in her life, and nothing has changed. But, she was beginning to think that he would never take her back.

And so, she plans to go back home to Europe.

Brenda has fully recovered from her injuries and is finished her physical therapy. She hates the thought of being in the same town as Sonny but not with him knowing how she feels. She loves being his friend, but she doesn't want to put herself through that pain of being apart.

She buys her plane ticket and packs up her things. She heads over to the Harborview Towers to say her goodbyes.

**Jason and Courtney's Penthouse**

Brenda knocks and Courtney lets her in. The three sit down to talk.

B: I'm leaving Port Charles.
C: Why?
B: You know why, Courtney. I love Sonny so much, but he doesn't want to be with me anymore, and I promised myself that I wouldn't put myself through that pain again.
J: Isn't it better to be around him and in his life than to be gone forever?
B: Yes, but at least when I'm gone, I tell myself we're not together because of distance. When I'm here, I know we're not together because he doesn't want me.
C: Brenda, you know that's not true. Sonny loves you, he does want you.
B: (smiles and laughs) He could've fooled me.

The three just pause and look at each other.

B: Look, my mind has been made up. I have all my stuff packed and ready. I even bought my ticket.
J: Where will you go?
B: Paris. I want to visit Robin.
C: When does your plane leave?
B: 6:00 P.M. I have to go see Sonny and Michael now. I love you both.

Jason and Courtney each hug Brenda and she leaves.

**Sonny's Penthouse**

Brenda walks in and sees Sonny on his cell phone. He motions for her to come over and sit next to him on the couch. He ends his phone call as fast as he can.

S: Hey you. To what do I owe this visit?
B: I came to say goodbye to you and Michael.
S: What are you talking about?
B: I'm leaving Port Charles…for good this time.
S: What? Why?
B: It's just not my home anymore. I tried to make it work, but it doesn't.

Both Brenda and Sonny knows that's a lie.

S: What's the real reason, Brenda?
B: Just tell me where Michael is so I can say goodbye.
S: You're leaving today?
B: My plane leaves in a few hours.
S: (take a deep breath) Michael!! Come down here a second. Someone is here to see you.

Michael runs downstairs and grins when he sees Brenda.

M: Brenda, Brenda, are you coming to the park with us today?
B: No, honey, I can't today.
M: Why not?
B: I'm going away for a while.
M: Can Daddy and I come with you?

Brenda looks hurt, she would love nothing more than to have them come along. She has grown to love Carly's little boy.

B: Michael, I wish you could, but you can't.
S: Michael, remember your world geography?
M: Yeah.
S: Do you know where Europe is on the map?
M: Yeah, it's across the Atlantic Ocean.
B: That's right. I'm going to be visiting Paris for a little, and then a few other places.
M: Will you write to me?
B: Of course! And not only that, but I'll call you, too!
M: Ok, well, as long as you promise…
B: And I do!
M: Ok.

Michael runs over to Brenda and gives her a giant hug.

M: I'll miss you.
B: I'll miss you, too, munchkin.

Michael goes back upstairs leaving Sonny and Brenda alone.

B: Well, I guess this is it.
S: Yeah.
B: I probably won't call for a few days, until I get settled.
S: I understand. He would really like to hear from you.
B: Yeah…Well…Bye.

She gives Sonny a hug. Sonny holds on to her tight, smelling her hair, feeling her skin on his. Brenda feels hot tears burn in her eyes. She pulls away from him before any have a chance to escape.

B: I really gotta go. Bye.
S: Bye.

Brenda walks out of the hallway just as the tears start to fall.

*Fade Out*

-Scene 21- Early Evening

**Courtney and Jason's Penthouse**

C: I can't believe he is going to just let her go.
J: You know, normally I would just say that this is Sonny's decision to make, but this just seems so wrong. Those two have been given another chance and they're both too stubborn to take it.
C: Well, I'm not going to let him do this. He loves her more than anything, and she loves him.

Courtney starts to walk to the door. Jason stops her.

J: What are you doing?
C: I'm not going to let Sonny lose the person he loves most in this world. He deserves to be happy, just like we are.

Courtney leaves and walks across the hall. Jason follows.

**Sonny's Penthouse**

Courtney and Jason walk in. Sonny already made himself a drink and is sitting on the sofa. He looks like he was crying.

C: Sonny, are you ok?
S: Hi. Yeah, I've never been better. Why do you ask?
J: Sonny, don't play dumb here. You know what we're talking about.
S: She left, Jason.
C: Why didn't you stop her?
S: She made her choice! She doesn't want me anymore.
J: You know that's not true. You know she still loves you.
S: Well, she has a funny way of showing it.
C: SHE does? What about you? I didn't see you telling her how you feel.
S: She knows!
C: Does she? Look, Sonny, you're my brother, and I love you. That is why I'm not going to let you sit here and just let her go. You love her too much.
J: Courtney is right. You have got to go after her.

Sonny thinks for a few seconds.

S: How can you be so sure she still wants me after all this time?
C: She told us.
J: Courtney!
C: No, Jason, I don't care if Brenda gets mad at us for telling him, they are meant to be together!
S: She told you that she loves me?
C: Yes.
S: I've got to go.

Sonny gets up and walks out the door, leaving Courtney and Jason alone with grins on their faces. They knew Sonny would be back with Brenda…As long as he beat time…

**Sonny's Car/The Airport Lounge**

Sonny and Brenda are both thinking about each other…All the memories-the fights, the laughter, the danger, the love…And through it all, they just keep coming back together. They each know they are soul mates.

"Don't Dream It's Over" By: Sixpence None the Richer

There is freedom within, there is freedom without
Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost
But you'll never reach the end of the road
When you're traveling with me

Brenda's Flashback: Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, the famous kiss outside Luke's, Sonny's heroin set-up, his proposal, their last dance together in 1997, her reunion with Sonny in 2002…

Hey now, hey now
Don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won't win

Sonny's Flashback: The fist kiss, the wire, the docks, Sonny tells Brenda he's leaving Lily, Brenda goes to Sonny after Lily's death, the Catacombs, the reunion 1997, the kiss on the docks that ruined her relationship with Jax, Brenda laying in the hospital after being shot, Brenda with Michael…

Now I'm towing my car, there's a hole in the roof
My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof
In the paper today, tales of war and of waste
But you turn right over to the TV page

Brenda: Being shot at in the shower, seeing Lily and Sonny get married, Canada…

Sonny: Sonny gives Brenda his mother's engagement ring, Brenda gets hit by the car, Tiger key…

Now I'm walking again, to the beat of a drum
And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart
Only shadows ahead, barely clearing the roof
Get to know the feeling of liberation and release

Both: Brenda returns to Port Charles 2003, the cabin, Brenda kills Ric, the three get close like a family, hanging out with Jason and Courtney, Brenda telling Sonny and Michael that she is leaving again…


Hey now, hey now
Don't dream it's over

*Fade Out*

-Scene 22- Same Evening

**The Airport**

Brenda is sitting in the lounge waiting for the announcement to board the plane. Her eyes are still red from crying, and she looks exhausted.

Sonny parks his car in a no-parking zone right outside the front doors of the airport. The doormen call after him saying that he can't leave his car there, and he responds by tossing the keys their direction.

S: Take the car, I don't care.

He runs to the first desk he sees, cutting in front of a line full of angry travelers. The worker (W) looks surprised at his determination at getting to her.

S: I need to know when the next flight leaves for Paris.
W: What airline, sir?
S: I DON'T KNOW!!! Whatever leaves first.
W: We have a flight leaving at 6:00 this evening, but it's sold out.
S: That's fifteen minutes from now!
W: Yes, sir, it is.
S: What gate does it board at?
W: 47B, but sir, it's sold out!!!

She had to yell that last part to Sonny because as soon as she said the gate number, he was off to the races. The plane would be boarding any minute now, and he had to find her. He couldn't let her leave him again.

He passed all the single-digit gates…7…8…9…

Brenda sat, waiting for the attendant to say she could board. She wanted to go as soon as possible; before she lost her nerve to actually leave again-for what she promised herself would be the last time.

Sonny ran as fast as he could. His lungs and legs were beginning to hurt. "If only Brenda could see me now," he thought. The only exercise she ever saw him do wasn't an individual activity.

He was up to the thirties now.

The attendant (A) grabbed the phone.

A: Attention, passengers. Flight 110 to Paris is now boarding those with seats in rows 20-40. Again, we are now boarding seats in rows 20-40 for flight 110 to Paris.

Brenda checked her ticket—Row 7.

B: Damn.

She lets out a deep, long sigh.

Sonny was in the forties.

A: Attention passengers. All remaining rows may now board for flight 110 to Paris. All remaining rows please.

Brenda got up from the chair and made her way towards the gate.

Sonny ran by 44…45…46…

Brenda handed the attendant her ticket.

A: Hello, ma'am. Have a great flight.
B: Thank you.


Brenda began to walk through the gate when she thought she heard her name being called.

No, it couldn't be.

Could it?

S: Brenda…Brenda, wait!!

Brenda stopped. She felt something in her gut, the feeling she only got with him. Someone was definitely calling her, and she hoped her gut was right.

She turned around.

There he was, running towards her.

B: Sonny!

She dropped all her bags and ran to her love, finding her home once again in his arms.

S: (out of breath) Brenda! I didn't think…I…was gonna…make it.
B: (laughs) I'm so happy you did.
S: Me too. I couldn't let you leave before telling you something.
B: What's that?
S: Don't go. Stay here, with me and Michael.
B: And why should I do that?
S: Because…like I've said before. You're a part of me, Brenda. And I love you.

With that said, Sonny pulled Brenda into his arms and planted the sweetest, most passionate kiss on her lips that either of them ever felt. They both pulled away breathless.

B: (appears angry) Ya know something, Sonny?
S: (looks slightly scared of what she's going to say) What?
B: (warm smile appears) I love you, too, baby. And I'm not goin anywhere ever again.
S: Sounds good to me!

Sonny and Brenda walk out of the airport hand in hand.

*Fade Out*

Sonny asked Brenda to marry him a few days after he stopped her from going to Paris. She said yes, of course, and the duo exchanged vows that summer in a big wedding attended by all their friends and loved ones in Port Charles. Their honeymoon was in Puerto Rico.

But, Sonny and Brenda weren't the only ones to live happily ever after! When Sonny and Brenda got home from the airport, they learned that Jason got some guts and proposed to Courtney. They wanted a small wedding with only a handful in attendance. They became man and wife just two weeks after Jason popped the question.

Elizabeth had her baby boy in the late spring. She named him Lansing Riley Webber (Lansing after Ric, of course), but she called him Lance. Lucky was there for her every step of the way. The two reunited soon after Lance was born, and also lived happily ever after. They later had three of their own children: twin girls and a boy. Keeping the Spencer tradition, they named the girls Lainey and Lacey, and the boy was named Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, III. They called him Lorn for short.

I know Jax and Skye weren't in this at all, but I couldn't leave them out of the conclusion of the story…Well, they got married again. Their daughters, Julie and Jenna, grew up and went to school in PC, much to the dismay of Edward (I don't like how she's supposedly not a real Quartermaine now so I'm keeping her as one).

Carly never came back to Port Charles. After she got out of prison, she never attempted to call Sonny or Michael or Jason. They never heard from her again, but Bobbie claims she gets unmarked postcards every once in a while.

As for Sonny and Brenda…nine months after the honeymoon, Sonny had to rush her to the hospital. Her water broke. They named their little boy Matthew Stone Corinthos, and called him Stone. After they realized that Carly had no intentions of coming back, Brenda adopted Michael. He didn't mind at all. Brenda had been more of a mother to him than Carly ever was. The couple's next son was born two years after Stone, named Benjamin Jason Corinthos. Sonny and Brenda's hands were full with the three boys, but there still seemed to be an opening in the family. They wanted a little girl. They knew there was always the chance of having another boy, but decided that an even number was always better than an odd. Brenda got pregnant again. And as fate would have it, she had a baby girl. Jamie Adela Corinthos was just as beautiful as her mother with the dimples of her father. Sonny, Brenda, Michael, Stone, Ben, and Jamie were inseparable. The Corinthos family was finally complete.


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