Difficult Choices by rogerzoo@erols.com

{This story will be very different from any others you have read, but I 
wrote it this way to make it unique}

 Brenda is busy decorating her new home and listening to an L&B CD when 
her doorbell rings.


B: Who's there?

J: It's Jason.

B: Go away Jason! I don't need anything from you!

J: It's important.

B: (exasperated) It damn well better be Jas...

 She stopped when she saw how bad he looked.

 B: You look like h*ll.  Now what is so "important" (rolling her eyes)

 J: It's Robin. She was flying home and her plane (choking up) her plane 
went down.

B: Oh My G*d! Is she ok? 

J: There were no survivors.

B: NOOO!! Not Robin!!!! (sobbing hysterically)

J: Brenda...

B: First Sonny leaves me at the altar and, and 
 now Robin's gone.

J: Brenda, I think you should know the truth.
B: The truth about what?
J: Why Sonny left you at the altar.
B: Why, why did he break my heart???
J: To protect you. The night I interrupted you he met this man who 
claimed he knew your plans to leave Port Charles and said you two were 
going to be killed.

B: but Sonny knew I would give my life for him!

J: He didn't want to take that chance Brenda.  I have to go now. Robin's 
memorial service is on Friday at 5:30.

B: I'll be there... and Jason..

J: Yes

B: Thank you for telling me the truth.

J: Sonny told me to take care of you.

B: Tell him to take care.

J: I will... Bye

B: Bye

Chapter 2— It is now Friday and all of Port Charles has gathered to pay 
their last respects to Robin. Brenda is giving a eulogy (spelling?)

B: Robin Scorpio was my best friend and she was like a sister to me. She 
also gave courage to all those around her. In the last two years she 
lost one true love to AIDS and then found out that she too was HIV 
positive; but she managed to carry on her life. She fell in love again, 
went to college and was a great help to all those around her who needed 
her help.  (She looks up) Robin Port Charles will never forget you.
Two weeks later a package arrives addressed to Jason, Brenda, and Robin. 
When Jason sees who it is from he freezes for a minute then he calls 
Brenda on his cell phone.

B: Hello, Brenda here.

J: Brenda, This is Jason. Look I need you to meet me at the docks in 15 

B: Why?

J: Just be there. 

Brenda gets a gut feeling something is very wrong. She grabs her coat, 
her purse and her keys and heads out the door.

<15 minutes later>

J: Brenda

B: Why do have a feeling something bad has happened?

J: It has; Sonny is dead.

B: NO, Not Sonny, he can't be

J: He is. I got this package today, It has 3 letters inside they are 
addressed to me, you, and Robin.

B: No, I don't believe you. He isn't dead!!!!

J: Brenda believe me it is true!

B: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crying uncontrollably)

Chapter 3 (I'm speeding things up: 1 year later) Jason and Brenda have 
spent a lot of time together over the past year, sharing memories of two 
friends lost.  Over the months they grew to be friends and all of Port 
Charles watched the once reluctant acquaintances fall in love.  But what 
no-one knew was that the "late" Sonny Corinthos was alive but being held 
captive by an unknown person who wants control of Port Charles.
It is the one year anniversary of Sonny's "death" and Brenda & Jason are 
recalling better times.  They are laughing when all of a sudden their 
eyes meet and they realize that they are in love.  

B: Jason I...

All of a sudden Jason leans down and kisses her (surprising them 
both)Brenda looks startled and Jason starts to apologize but Brenda 
stops him.

J: I'm sorry...

B: Shh. Jason, I need you, I want you.

She kissed him and as their kisses grew more heated Jason scooped up 
Brenda and carried her up to his bedroom and they made love throughout 
the night. This continues for about two weeks and then Jason asks Brenda 
if she wants to move in with him and so she does. One morning Jason 
wakes up to an empty bed.

J: Brenda?

B: In the bathroom.

He comes in just in time to hold her as she gets sick.

J: Maybe you should see Alan.

B: I'll make an appointment with him today.

J: All right, Call him now.

B: Okay (she dials Alan)

B: Alan? Hi this is Brenda.

A: Brenda, how are you?

B: Fine. I was wondering if you would have time to squeeze me in today?

A: Hold on, hmm, let's see, Ah Ha. How's 1:15?

B: Fine, see you then. Bye

A: Bye

J: So...

B: So I have an appointment at 1:15.

J: O.K.

(Later after Alan ran some tests...)

A: Well Brenda we know what's making you sick in the mornings.

B: Well...

A: Congratulations, You're going to be a mother.

B: And you and Monica are going to be grandparents. Well I have a lot to 
do so I will be going Bye Alan.

A: Bye Brenda

Brenda goes back to the PH and orders a nice dinner and sets the mood. 
When Jason walks in he is very surprised.

J: What's all this?

B: I have some good news.
J: Which is??

B: First eat this delicious dinner I ordered, then I'll tell you.

(After they eat)

J: All right what is the good news?

B: Well I know why I've been so sick lately, I'm pregnant!!!

J: Pregnant?!?!

B: Yes, are you glad?

J: You bet I'm glad, this is some of the best news we've had in a long 
time.  When are you due?

B: About September 15th.

Jason and Brenda kiss and make love.

Chapter 4 Two months later Brenda goes in for an ultrasound, half way 
through the technician gets a puzzled look on her face.

B: What's the matter, is something wrong with my baby?

T: No, but did you know you are having twins?

B: TWINS!!!!!!!

T: Yes twins, a boy and a girl.

B: Oh my G*d

J: Jason here.

B: Hi, it's Brenda.

J: How did your ultrasound go?

B: Well I found out something.

J: What, is something wrong?

B: No, we're having twins!

J: TWINS!!!!!!!!
B: Amazing, isn't it.

J: Well you are an amazing person.  Did you find out the sex?

B: One boy and one girl.

J: Wow.
It is now the end of August and Brenda and Jason are Busy setting up the 
nursery and trying to pick out names.  They can't seem to agree on two 

B: I never thought trying to find the perfect names for our babies would 
be so difficult.

J: Well there are two names we didn't think about yet.

B: What?

J: How about we name them after Robin and Sonny?

B: That is perfect.

J: Then we have our names.

B: Now all we need are the babies.

Chapter 5
It is September 12 and Brenda is getting really anxious, Jason is 
worried to but not just about Brenda, he has heard rumors that someone 
is taking over many territories and that Port Charles is next, and he is 
worried about Brenda's safety.  He is in his study when he hears Brenda.

B: Jason 

J: What's the matter?

B: My water just broke!

J: O.K. stay calm I'll get your bag, and you call Frank to help you to 
the limo.

B: Hurry!!

J: Nurse get Miss. Barrett a room immediately!   

N: Yes Mr. Morgan.

The nurse gets Brenda to her Labor/Delivery/Recovery Room and 2 and a 
half hours later Michael Stone and Robin Marie were born.  Jason went 
down town to the jewelry store and bought a Mother's Ring set with two 
Sapphires and an engagement ring. When he walks into Brenda's room she 
is sitting there holding Michael and Robin who are both asleep.

B: Hi, Aren't they adorable?

J: Yes, they are.  Here I got you something.

Brenda opens the Mother's Ring and gasps.

B: Jason, I love it!

J: I have something I think you will like even more.  Brenda Barrett 
will you be my wife?

B: Oh Jason, of course I will!!  When?

J: is now a bad time?

B: Now?

J: Why not? I can get the hospital's minister to perform the ceremony 
and you can call a few people.

B: O.K. why not. In about an hour?

J: sounds good.

2 hours later Brenda and Jason are officially Mr. and Mrs. Jason Morgan

Chapter 6 In Costa Rica, where Sonny is being held, his captor is 
plotting to get Jason's territories.  Sonny is in his room when he hears 
MM=mystery man C=Sonny's Captor

MM: We now have another way to get at Morgan.

C: What?

MM: Seem's our friend just got married to the mother of his twins.

C: Good. I want you to fly to Port Charles and grab the wife and kids, 
but I want them unharmed, we can stick ‘em in there with Corinthos.

MM: I'm on it Boss.

S: I can't believe these b*st*rds are going to grab Jason's wife and 
kids. G*d I feel so helpless

The next day Brenda is taking the twins in for their 6 week pictures. 
Afterwards she is getting in her car when someone slips a chloroform 
soaked rag over her face.  The last thing she heard was a man's voice 
saying "Grab the brats and let's go." About 5 hours later Brenda wakes 
up, she is sitting in a strange room.

B: Where are my babies?

MM: Good your awake now grab your brats and follow me.

Afraid if she disobeyed they would hurt her babies Brenda did as she was 
told.  She followed him down a maze of corridors.

MM: Ah ha here we are home sweet home.

When Sonny heard the voice he stepped back into the shadows.  At first 
Brenda was too busy taking care of Michael and Robin to notice him but 
after a few minutes she could sense someone watching her.  Slowly she 
turned around as Sonny stepped out of the shadows.  As she met his eyes 
she felt all the strength drain from her body.

S: Brenda????


Sonny caught her in his arms just as she fainted.

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