Coming Home by Katie

Coming Home Ch.1

****Flight 120 from Los Angeles,California****

Robin-Brenda,over here!!!!

Brenda-Robin,Robin.Ahhhhh,my little sister!!!!

Robin and Brenda run over to eachother and hug.

Robin-It's sooo good to see you.

Brenda-(in tears)You too.

Robin-Come on let's get you're luggage and get out of here.I know Lois
will be dying to see you.Jason's out there waiting to take you to your new

Brenda-Is all my furniture in okay??

Robin-Yeah,and it looks great!!

Brenda-Good,one less worry off my shoulders.(She looks a little sad)

Robin-Bren,he's okay with this.

Brenda-How did you know I was thinking of Sonny???

Robin-Because I know you.But seriously,he's actually excited to see you,but
of course he's not letting on.The only reason I knew was because he was asking alot of
questions and then pretending not to be thrilled when I told him you and Jax
were divorced.

They both start laughing.

Brenda-He was such an asshole.

Robin-Well we all make mistakes!!!Let's go.

Brenda-(Whispers)Port Charles here I come.

In the car...

Jason-Hey Brenda!!!

Brenda-Hello,how are you???

Jason-Pretty good,what about you???

Brenda-I'm doing okay.

Jason-Good,well let's go.

On the way to Brenda's new apartment they all talked about the marriage of Stefan and

Brenda-That's so sick,who would want to marry her??

Jason-I don't know,but she must really be putting a dent in his wallet???

They laughed all the way to Brenda's new apartment.

On the way up to the last floor of Oakridge towers,a new expensive high rise apartment complex,
all Brenda talked about was how excited she was to see her new place.

Brenda-You know I've nver really lived by my self before.

Robin-Well be prepared because we're here.

Jason opened the door and Brenda gasped loudly.

Brenda-Oh my god,it's beautiful!!!!!!

Her new place had a large living room with a grand piano,and a family room with compfortable
couches and a big screen T.V.There also was a big gourmet kitchen,a dining room,and a library
and private office.Besides that there were 4 bedrooms,each with a private bathroom and balcony.
Brenda's room was the master bedroom and it had a glassed in shower and a whirlpool with a sauna.

Brenda-I love it!!!!

Robin-We knew you would.

Jason's beeper went off at that moment.

Jason-Robin it's Mac.

Robin-Bren,we have a lunch date with my Uncle Mac that we can't cancel,that
was probably him calling to see where we were.You're welcome to come if you want.

Brenda-No,I'll pass.I want to unpack and rest.But tell Mac I said Hello.


Jason-See ya.


After they left Brenda flopped down on her bed.


Brenda-God,I just moved in.

She got up to go answer the door.

Sonny-Hey,you weren't coming back to town without saying hello to me??


More soon if anyone wants me to continue!!!





Sonny-Is that all you can say???So are you going to invite me in???

Brenda-Sure,but after what I did to you I'm surprised you even want to.

Sonny-Hey,maybe I'm not doin this for you.

She laughs and moves aside so he can enter.

Sonny-Nice place you got here.

Brenda-Thanks(nervously)I just moved in today.

Sonny-Yeah,I know.


Sonny-Yuo know you haven't changed a bit.

Brenda-Well what did you expect???

Sonny-You were never a weak person.

Brenda-What did you come here for anyway.

Sonny-Don't sound so surprised,I don't want us to be enemies,maybe
we could even be friends.

Brenda-I'd like that.

She smiles and so does he.

Brenda-Do you want something to drink???I think Robin went shopping
for me.


Brenda walks into her kitchen and opens the fridge,but was surprised to see
it was empty.

Brenda-I guess she forgot,I'm sorry.

Sonny-No problem I'll just run home and bring something back.

Brenda-But Sonny that's nuts...

Sonny-No it's not,neighbor.


Brenda follows him to the door and watches as he goes across to the
apartment by hers,and opens the door.A few minutes later he comes back out with
2 cups of coffee.

Sonny-You still like it dark,right???

Brenda-(dumbfoundly)Yeah,you remembered.

Sonny-I remember alot of stuff.

He looks up and down her body.


She hits him lightly on the shoulder,and he spills his coffee aal over him and the


Brenda-Oh my god,I'm so sorry.Are you okay???

Sonny-Yeah,but it really burns.

Brenda-Come with me to the kithchen and I'll wash it off.Take your shirt off.

Sonny-Excuse me???

Brenda-Oh grow up!!!

They both laugh and he takes his shirt off.

Brenda-Whoooo!!!Take it off,Take it off!!!

In a few minutes they're laughing so hard that they fell to the floor.

In the hall...

Robin-What is that noise???

Lois-I don't know,but I hope Bren doesn't mind us surprising her.

Robin-Shhhh,it sounds like it's coming from her apartment.

Lois-Hey the door's open.

They wander into Brenda's apartment in the direction of the kitchen.


They're still on the floor and when they see Lois they both die of embarresment
when they realize what Lois and Robin thought they were seeing.

Robin-We didn't mean to interupt...

Brenda-No,no,I accidently spilled coffee on Sonnny and we came in here to clean it off.

Sonny-Yeah,and I took my shirt off because it burned!!!

Lois-Oh right.

Brenda-Whatever,so what are you doing here???

Robin-We came to ask you what you were doing for dinner.

Brenda-I was just going to order in,why,what do you have in mind???

Lois-We just wondered if you wanted to go to the Outback.

Sonny-May I speak???

Brenda-Sure why not???

Sonny-Well no lady-friends of mine eat at the competition,excluding Robin because of
Mac and all,so why don't you come and have dinner at Lukes.

Lois-Fine with me,Bren.

Brenda-Sure,it's about time I made my grand entrance back into the Port Charles Society!!!

They all laugh.

Lois-What about you Robin??

Robin-Hey I'm free as long as I can bring my man.

Brenda-Hey why not?What about you Sonny???

Sonny-Me,I don't want to intrude.

Brenda-Well your not,so can you come???

Sonny-Sure,what time???

Robin-Let's meet at 7:00.

Lois-Okey dokey,are you ready Robin??

Robin-Yeah I got to get back to Jason and tell him our plans.

Brenda-Okay,well see ya at seven then.


After they left Sonny began to speak.

Sonny-I need to leave to,and get ready for dinner.

Brenda-Me too,see ya.

More soon


Coming Home Ch.3

As Brenda was getting ready for dinner,she thought of Sonny and how relieved she was that
he didn't seem mad at all.He actually wanted to be friends with her!!!!She could hardly wait to
see him tonight.

Brenda-I'll just have to look extra good and sexy!!!

She walked over to her walk in closet to pick out something to wear.She took out countless
numbers of dresses,skirts and tops,but could not find the right outfit.

Brenda-I know!!!

Brenda pulled out a black bra and a silver shimmery see-through shirt that left her midriff
exposed.Then she found the matching skirt,but it was not see-through.She put it on and examined
herself in the mirror.

Brenda-Perfect,he's going to flip!!!

Next she walked over to her vanity and did her hair.She put it up in a french twist.Then she took
out a bottle of expensive perfume and lightly sprayed herself.Finally she did her make-up.

Brenda-Okay ready or not here I come.

She walked over to the door and swung it open,only to find a very unpleasent surprise.

Jax-Hello honey,I'm home!!!!

Brenda-What the hell are you doing here???

Jax-What no kiss???

Brenda-Get out,or else I'll...I'll

Jax-You'll what call the police and have me arressted???I don't think so Brender.

He finally takes notice of her outfit.

Jax-Where are you going???The whore house???

He laughs and Brenda looks pissed.

A door is slammed and both Brenda and Jax turn around.

Sonny-Candyboy!!!Nice to see ya mate!How are things going down under????

Jax-Corinthos,how convenient!!!I see you moved right next door to my wife as soon as she returned.

Brenda-(loudly)I am not your wife anymore,and Sonny didn't move next to me,he was here first.

Jax-Well whatever.So if you'll just show me to one of your guest rooms I'll be out of your hair.

Brenda-I don't think so Jax.Now would you please leave???

Jax-I guess a little hospitallity is too much to ask for around here!!!Fine,you win I'll get a room at the
Port Charles Hotel.At least I can get a good meal there.

He walks away after his last statement leaving Brenda spitting nails and Sonny amused,but confused.

Brenda-Ooooohhhh!!!!He makes me sooooo mad!!!

Sonny-Do you want to talk???

Brenda-No that's okay,it's really not that interesting.

Sonny-So were you leaving for Lukes???

Brenda-Yeah,I was walking out my door when he showed up.

Sonny-Do you need a ride???

Brenda-I was just going to get a cab.

Sonny-(in a snobby british voice)No I will not allow it,you shall ride with me Lord Sonny.

Brenda bows.

Brenda-Thank you Milord,I shall gracioucly accept!!!

They both laugh and walk down to Sonny's car.

Later at Lukes...

After Brenda has made her hellos to friends she left such as Mike,Luke,Laura,Justus,Dara,Felicia and
Mac,she starts to feel tired.Sonny notices this,partly because he can't seem to take his eyes off her.

Sonny-Do you want to go???

Brenda-Actually yes,if you don't mind.

Sonny-Not at all,I'm kind of tired myself.

Brenda-Well than shall we Milord???


Lois,Ned,Jason,Robin,Luke,Mike,Laura,Justus,Dara,Felicia,and Mac all look at Sonny and Brenda like they went

Sonny-Don't ask!!!

Lois-Hey,I for one don't want to know!!!

Ned-I second that!!

They all laugh and Sonny and Brenda leave.

On the way home they talked about the latest Port Charles gossip and the latest summer romances.

Brenda-Sonny your just as bad as a woman!!!

Sonny-When you work in a club you tend to overhear some things you otherwise would not.

Brenda laughs.

A few minutes later tehy were in an elevator going to the top floor when all of a sudden the elevator just stops.

Sonny-What the hell???

Brenda-What happened???

Sonny-I think we're having a storm and the power went out,that would explain why there's no lights.

Brenda-Well push the emergency button.

Sonny-It won't work without power,we're stuck!!!!

Brenda-And with no air conditioning!!!In a few minutes this thing is going to be an oven.

Sonny-We'll just have to wait it out.

They both sit down on the floor of the elevator.

1 hour later.

Brenda-God it's hot!!!

Beads of sweat are coming down her face and Sonny's too.

Sonny-Why don't you take off your shirt???


Sonny-I'm serious,we're both mature adults.

Brenda-You take off yours.


He rips off his shirt.


Brenda-Fine,turn around.

He does and she takes off her shirt,and is left only in her black bra.


He turns around and his eyes practically bulge out of his head.

Sonny-I always thought black was a good color on you!!!

Brenda-(she hits him)Well at least I'm comfortable.Who knows how long will be in here.

Sonny-Yeah,maybe all night.

He flashes her a sexy and sly grin.

Brenda-You're terrible!!!

Sonny-I'm just being honest!!


She lays her head back on the floor and stretches.

Sonny lays down next to her and they fall asleep together.

More soon!!!!!!!!!


Coming Home Ch.4

When Sonny and Brenda woke up next they were still in the elevator.

Brenda-Sonny...Sonny wake up!!

She pokes him on the shoulder,and when he doesn't wake up she punches
him softly on the shoulder.

Sonny-I'm up,I'm up.

Brenda-It's so hot!!What time do you think it is???

Sonny pulls out the pocket watch Brenda gave him so many years ago.

Sonny-It's 3:00 A.M.

Brenda just stares at him.


Brenda-I can't believe you still have that!!!

Sonny-Hey,why get rid of a good thing???

Brenda-(softly)Yeah.I can't believe it's only 3-o-clock in the morning.It seems like it
should be morning.

Sonny-I wish it would be,it's too hot!!!

Brenda-Yeah,and I don't have anymore clothes to take off!!!

He laughs.

Sonny-Not true,you still have a bra and a skirt on!!!

Brenda-Oh yeah like I'd really strip in front of you!!!Dream on!!!!!

Sonny-Yeah it would be a nice dream.

They both laugh.

Brenda-Pretty soon I might have to if it gets any hotter.

Sonny-I love you.

They were both silent for a while.Brenda looks down at her body.



Brenda-I love you too.

She crawls over to him and lays her head on his shoulder.

Sonny-The only question is what do we do about that???

Brenda-We should take it slowly,a date here,a date there.Is that okay with you???

Sonny-It's perfect,except only one thing.


Sonny-Are we allowed to kiss?

She laughs.

Brenda-Of course!

Sonny takes her chin in his hands and kisses her soft and long.They both pull away breathlessly.
Afterwards there lips burned from eachothers touch.

Brenda-That was good.


Brenda-One more condition,let's not tell anyone,at least for a little while.

Sonny-Sounds good to me.

At that moment the lights went back on and the elevator started on its climb
upward to the top floor.Both Sonny and Brenda quickly got dressed and when the elevator
stopped got off and went to their own seperate apartments.

At Brenda's...


At Sonny's...


Sonny thinks to himself-You know why don't we start dating tonight???
I know for me it's the sooner the better.

Back at Brenda's...



Sonny-It's me.

Brenda smiles.

Brenda-I miss you.

He laughs.

Sonny-I miss you too.What are you doing tomorrow???

Brenda-(seductivley)I don't know,what did you have in mind??

Sonny-Maybe a quiet dinner at my place.

Brenda-Sounds wonderful.What time???

Sonny-How about six?

Brenda-Six is good.

Sonny-Okay I'll see you then.

Brenda-I'll see you later.

Sonny-I love you.

Brenda-I love you too.



Sonny and Brenda both went to sleep in their own beds.The next day Brenda went to Lois's for breakfast and went
to visit Robin afterwards.After that she made a stop at Wyndams and bought a long sexy black dress for that night.
Meanwhile Sonny spent the day at Lukes going over paper,but he went home early to prepare for that evening.

More soon!!!!!!!!!


Coming Home Ch.5

At Sonny's apartment,he is excitedly preparing a giant bowl of pasta and setting the table for dinner.He also
took a shower and lightly sprayed himself with some cologne.Then he took out a blue suit and put it on.


At Brenda's...

She took a long hot shower and slipped into the black dress she bought.


Back at Sonny's...


Sonny rushes over to answer the door.


Sonny-Whoa,you look great!!!Come in.

Brenda-Thank you.

Brenda walks in and immediatly smells the pleasent aroma.

Brenda-Mmmmmm,something smells good!!!

Sonny-Pasta,here have a seat.

Sonny pulls the chair out for her to sit down on.

Brenda-Thank you.

Sonny-One moment and I will go get dinner,but first I need to take in your beauty.

Brenda-Stop you're making me blush.

Sonny-Just tellin the truth.

He walks into the kitchen and comes out with a big bowl of steaming pasta.

Brenda-Ooooh I'm starving!!!

Sonny-Dinner is served.

The whole time they ate they stared longingly at eachother.

Brenda-Oh god,I'm stuffed!!!

Sonny-My poor bambina.

They both laugh.

Brenda-That was delicious,what's for dessert???


Brenda-You didn't make dessert???

Sonny-I'm sorry I must have forgotten.

Brenda-(Seductivley)Oh that's okay,we don't need dessert.

Sonny-Ooooh,I agree.

She laughs and pulls him over to the couch.He pulls her in for a long and passionate kiss.Soon,they become to passionate and Brenda
pulls away.

Brenda-Wait,I thought we agreed to take it slowly.

Sonny-Right,I'm sorry.

Brenda-No,that's okay.

Sonny-So what do you want to do???

Brenda-How about you hold me,and we can watch a movie???

Sonny-I can do the holding part,but I don't have any videos.

Brenda-Oh,well than we'll go to my place and watch a movie.I've got a million,plus a king-size bed!!!

Sonny-Sounds good to me.

Brenda takes him by the hand and leads him over to her apartment.She takes him to her room and tells him to wait
while she goes and gets a movie and some drinks.

Brenda-Do you want some popcorn???


Brenda-Sit down and make yourself compfertable and I'll be right back.

Brenda comes back with the movie and the food,but rushes into her closet to change into her most comportable pajamas.Then she goes back out to Sonny.

Brenda-There perfect.

Sonny-Nice pajamas.

Brenda-Ha,ha.At least I'm compfortable.You're making me uncompfortable just looking at you.Take off your shoes and your jacket.

Sonny-Yes ma'am!!!

He salutes her,but does as he was told.

Brenda-Okay,now hold me.

Sonny-My pleasure!!!

They watched Gone With The Wind for the entire 3 and a half hours.The whole time Sonny never let go of Brenda.

Brenda-(Crying)That's so sad.

Sonny just looks at her and laughs.



Brenda-It's a sad movie,I'm entitled to cry.What time is it???

Sonny looks over at the clock.


Brenda-Wow time really flies.

Sonny-I should probably go.

Brenda-No,stay.We can sleep in the same bed know.

Sonny-Only if you want me too.

Brenda-I really do.

Sonny-Okay then.

Thay slept peacefully that night in eachothers arms.


Brenda-Sonny wake up.

She gently strokes his hair and brushes a piece back from his forehead.


Brenda-Hey.I was wondering when you were going to wake up.

Sonny-Why didn't you wake me up???

Brenda-Cause I like to watch you sleep,and you looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake you up.

Sonny-So what are you up to today???

Brenda-I don't know,I was thinking we could spend some time together.

She twirls a piece of his hair.

Sonny-That sounds great,but I have to go to the club for most of the morning,but I'm free tonight.

Brenda-Okay,well than why don't you go to the club,and come over for dinner later on???

Sonny-(nervously)You''re gonna cook???

Brenda-Oh,ha,ha very funny???If it makes you that nervous,I'll order in.

Sonny-Good,now I need to leave,but I'll see you tonight.

He gets up to go.


She holds her arms out for him,and he jumps back on the bed and kisses her passionatley.

Brenda-Are you sure you have to go???

Sonny-Unfortanatley yes.

Brenda-Okay then,but let me give you the key to my apartment before you leave.

She gets up and goes over to her desk,and gives him the key.

Brenda-Feel free to surprise me!!!

Sonny laughs and leaves.

Brenda sighs happily and picks up the phone



Brenda-Lo,it's me Bren.

Lois-Hey what's up?

Brenda-I don't know,are you and Robin busy this morning??I was thinking we could
have a girls day out.

Lois-I'm not busy,but I don't know about Robin.Why what did you have in mind???

Brenda-Maybe we could go to Wyndams and look for dresses for the Nurses Ball.

Lois-That sounds great,do you want me to call Robin???


1 hour later all three friends were on their way to the popular department store.

Robin-I'm so glad you called me.I forgot all about the Nurses Ball.

In a few minutes they were in the dress section.

Lois-Oooooh,look at this,it's perfect.

She had picked up a blue dress that match her eyes.

Brenda-Lo,that's the perfect color for you!!!

Lois-I'm getting it.Did you guys find anything???

Robin-Yeah isn't this pretty???

She held up a light purple spagetti strap dress.

Brenda-Robin that will look great on you.

Lois-It's beautiful.What about you Bren???

Brenda-I'm still looking.

Lois-We'll help.


After about ten minutes Robin held up a pale blue dress.It had a strapless bikini top,and a tight fitted skirt that flowed down
to her ankles.

Brenda-Ahhhhh!!!!!!It's so cool!!!

Lois-It's so you Bren!!!You have to buy that.

After the three had bought their dresses they went to the Outback for lunch.Finally Lois dropped Brenda off and she walked back up to her

Brenda-Ahhh,home sweet home.

She put her dress in her closet and decided to take a bubble bath.She filled her whirlpool with bubble bath,lit some candles,stepped out of her clothes and slid
into the hot water.


She closed her eyes,and when she reopened them she was a little shocked.


Brenda-Sonny,what are you doing here???

Sonny-You said feel free to surprise you and that's what I'm doing.I hope you don't mind.

Brenda-No of course not,I was kind of hoping you would stop by.

She slid deeper down into the water to hide herself.

Sonny-Don't worry,I didn't see anything.

Brenda-Why would I be worried???

Without warning she reached up and grabs ahold of his jacket and pulls him in the water.He falls in and she starts cracking up.He wraps his arms around her wet body
and pulls her in for a kiss.The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity.Brenda began to take Sonny's shirt off,but he stopped her.

Sonny-Are you sure.

Brenda-Just shut up and kiss me!!!

Sonny-With pleasure!!!

He kisses her and she wrapped her arms around him and begins once again to take his shirt off.Sonny lifts her out of the water and views her body in the light.He is so excited that she can see
it in his eyes and it makes her laugh.He carries her over to the floor and drops down on top of her.She finishes undressing him and they make love for hours into the evening.When they wake up next they
wake up in eachothers strong arms.


Brenda giggles.


Brenda-We're on the floor.

Sonny-Hey it was better than in the water.

They both laugh.

Brenda-I'm starving!!!

Sonny-I think I can Take care of that!

Brenda-We have all evening and night for that,I'm hungry for food!!!

Sonny-I'll go and order some Chinese.

Brenda-Yum.Let me get dressed,I'm cold,and then we'll move to the bed!!!

Sonny-(Excitedly)Yeah,yeah the bed!!!

She laughs and goes to her room while he orders the food.

Coming Home Ch.7

Brenda-That was delicious.

Sonny and Brenda had just finished their take-out.

Sonny-And now on to dessert!!!

He jumps on top of Brenda and kisses her.She undos the robe he was wearing and he does the same toher robe.For the second time
that day they made love for hours.Afterwards Sonny wrapped his strong arms around Brenda and they slept peacefully for the rest of the

The next day...

Sonny is already up,but he doesn't wake Brenda up.Instead he watches her sleep.He thought about how much he loved her and how much he wanted
to tell the world that.Then he thought about how he wanted Brenda and him to be together forever.

Brenda opens her eyes and the sight makes her smile.



Brenda-Do even know how nervous I was when we made love again???I felt like it was the first time again.I love you so much,and I want you to know that
I will never leave you again.I'm so sorry I ever left the first time.

Sonny-All that matters is that I have you back and I love you too.

Brenda-I was thinking,why don't we go out in public tonight and let the whole world know we're back together.I don't want to wait anymore.Also I...I want you to
move in with me.

Sonny-Are you serious???Aren't I supposed to ask you that???

Brenda-Sexist,no,I want you to live with me so that we can go to bed together at nights and wake up together in the mornings,so will you???

Sonny-Hey I don't have to be asked twice!!!

Brenda-Ahhhhh,this is soooo cool!!!

Sonny laughs at her excitement.She rolls over on top of him and they make love again.

By the time they wake up next it's twelve-o-clock.

Brenda-So where do you want to go tonight???

Sonny-Let's go to Lukes,maybe Mike will even be there.

Brenda-But first,go pack a suitcase,you're staying here tonight.

Sonny-Yes ma'am.

He goes and gets his stuff and brings it back.

Sonny-Okay let's go.

They walk out hand in hand and drive over to Lukes.They walk in and Brenda sees the back of a famimliar mans head.He turns around
and Brenda is face to face with a piece of her past that she thought was over.She let out a small scream.

Brenda-(in a whisper)Daddy???


Brenda-Oh my god!!!!!!

Victor Barrett was standing around a group of distinguished men.

Victor-Well hello daughter dearest. you're dead!!

Lois and Ned walk over.

Ned-Brenda is something wrong???

Lois-Bren who is this man???

Brenda-My father.

Ned-What,I thought he was dead!!

Brenda-So did I.What the hell do you want from me????

Sonny-Bren,we can leave if you want.

Brenda-No,I want an explaination,NOW!!!

Victor-How dare you use that tone with me,I'm your father.

Brenda-No you were dead.My dad is dead.

Victor-Well don't you even want to hear my explaination,I think it's rather good.

The whole group of men standing around Victor laughed at his last comment.

One of the men-Actually it's rather amusing if I do say so myself.

Brenda-Say what you have to say,and then I'm out of here.

Victor-Well,remember your mother...

Brenda looks kind of pail when he says this.

Brenda-Of course.

Victor-Well before she left me she had an affair with another man.When she found out she was pregnant she left me and ran away with
that man.You,of course,were only a child of 3.Anyways I have searched for that child,your half brother or sister,for many years.When I finally
found her I decided to fake my death and go under cover.You see her connections were not safe and I feared for my life.But now you will finally meet
her.She knows who you are,and she told me you know who she is.

Brenda was a little excited and a little nervous.She would never have guessed she had another sister.She wanted to do everything different with her new
sister.She didn't want this relationship to be like her's and Julias.

Sonny,Ned and Lois all steal nervous looks at eachother.

Suddenly a door opens and a woman walks in.She has a dark scarf covering her face and nobody can tell who she is.When she lifts up the scarf her face is revealed,
and Brenda,and Lois let out soft gasps.

Lois-Oh my Lord!!!

Victor-May I present your sister,Lily.

Sonny just looks pail and he's in disbelief.

Lily-(Smirking)Hello sister.

Brenda just screams in horror and faints to the floor.

How was that????

Coming Home Ch.9

Sonny-She's fainted,someone go get some water.

Lois-(frantically)I'll go.

Sonny and Ned kneal down next to Brenda and fan her face.

Lily-Well don't I get a hello???

Sonny-I don't know what kind of sick joke this is,but it isn't funny!

Lois-Here's the water.

They gently splashed water on her face and wrists.

Brenda slowly comes to and gasps when she sees Lily.

Brenda-It's really you.


Lois-But...but you're dead.

Lily-No,I had some help from Brenda's father faking my death.

Brenda-(Whispers)How could you???

Victor-How could I what???

Brenda-Bring this...this thing to me???

Lily-Why Brenda,that's no way to talk to me your loving sister. ruined my life.

Sonny is just sitting back in disbelief.

Sonny-It's really you.You're alive.

Lily touches Sonny's cheek,but he pulls away.

Lily-What's wrong???

Sonny-What's wrong???I spent years greiving over your "death" while you plan revenge on Brenda.

Lily-I never meant to hurt you...

Sonny-But you did Lily,not only me,but most of the town.Even Brenda hasn't been the same.How could you???

Lily-Don't you understand???I had to meet my sister and this was the only way.

Sonny-What about our child??

Lily-I lost it.

Brenda-Oh god.

She gets up and runs out of the room.

Sonny-Now look what you've done!!!Brenda wait!!!!!!

He runs out after her and finds her crying up against a wall.


Luke comes out of the back room and sees Lily.

Luke-Sweet Mother Mary.

Lily-Hello Luke.

Luke-Lily,you're dead.

Lois-That's where you're wrong,not only is she alive,but the bitch is also claiming to be Brenda's long
lost sister.


Lily-I'm not claiming,I am her sister.You see Luke we share the same mother.

Luke-Poor Brenda.

Lily-(screams)Why is everyone siding with that bitch,obviously her mother left her for good reason.

At that moment Brenda and Sonny appeared in thwe doorway,he had convinced her to go back in,but she went postal after hearing
Lily's last comment.

Brenda-How dare you!!!

With that she lunges foward and smacks Lily across the face.


Lily-You bitch!!!!

A red welt already started to appear on Lily's cheek.

Brenda-Oh I'm the bitch????You just waltz back in here after faking your death!!!

Sonny-Look Brenda we can leave if you want.

Brenda-Actually,if you don't mind,I would like to.

Sonny-Of course I don't mind.

Brenda grabs her jacket and Sonny leads her to the door.

Brenda-Bye Lois,Ned.

Lois-See ya sweetie.

Brenda just glares at Lily and her father as she walks out the door.

During the ride home the car was silent.As was the trip up the stairs and to Brenda's apartment.

Brenda was first to break the silence.

Brenda-You don't have to stay if you don't want to.You can go and see Lily.

Sonny-Why the hell would I want to do that???As far as I'm concerned she can leave this town and I'll never miss her.

Brenda-Do you really mean that???You're not just saying that to make me feel better???

Sonny-No I'm just as mad as you are.

Brenda-Good.Are you hungry???Let's get some food.

Sonny laughs.

Sonny-You could always eat under stressful situations!!!!

Brenda-I'll go and order some.

Sonny-Let's go.

Brenda-I don't want to go out if that's what you mean.

Sonny-No,let's go.Let's pack a few bags and just go away for a few days.

Brenda-Are you serious???

Sonny-Yeah,why you don't think it's a good idea???

Brenda-No I love it,but where are we going to go???

Sonny-I don't know,it doesn't matter,just as long as we're together.

Brenda-Okay then,let me go get my stuff.

In a half an hour both Sonny and Brenda were packed and ready to go.

Brenda-I think we should at least know where we're going.

Sonny-All right,where do you want to go???

Brenda-Not Puerto Rico,it reminds me too much of Lily.

Sonny-How about Los Angeles.

Brenda-No that reminds me of Jax,and that's the second from last thing I want to see right now.

Sonny-I got it,let's go to Washington D.C.There's only good memories for both there.

Brenda-Perfect,but how are we going to get there???

Sonny-I don't know,you pick.Car,bus,plane or train???

Brenda-I've never rid in a bus before,so that's a no!!Car takes to long and it's too uncompfortable.Plane tickets would be too hard
to get right now.But I've never road in a train either before.A train will be fun.We can pretend we're from the 1800's or something .Plus we
can get our own compartment...

She whispers the rest in his ear.

Sonny-Train,definitley train.Besides no would ever believe Brenda Barrett would ride in a train,so no one would think to check.

She laughs

Sonny-I'll call the train station and see if a train is leaving any time soon.

In an hour they were boarding a train headed for Washington D.C.

Brenda-This is so cool!!!

They had their own compartment with bunk beds,a couch,and a desk with a chair.

Sonny-Yeah,but we'll have to do something about the bunk beds.

Brenda laughs.

Brenda-You know what,I want to stay in this train forever.Wouldn't it be fun to just travel around in one of these things
for a month???Or go on a cruise ship and just disapear for a couple of months???

Sonny-I wish things were that easy.

Brenda-Me too,but I'm just happy to have a few days alone before we have to go back.


It's two days later and Sonny and Brenda are in Washington DC,the same city where they proved their love to eachother so many years ago.

Brenda-I love this place,there's so many good memories for us here.No hurting,or pain,just love.

Sonny-Yeah,and great sex!!!!

Brenda-Sonny!!!Is that all this place means to you???

Sonny-Of course not.It means just as much to me as to you.

Brenda-Good you scared me for a minute there.

(Oh yeah by the way,they're in their hotel room)

Sonny-So what do you want to do???

Brenda-I'll be right back and then I'll show you.

Sonny-(Slyly grinning)Sounds good.

In a few minutes Brenda came back out wearing a white long nightgown.

Sonny whistles and Brenda rushes over and kisses him.They fall onto the bed and make love for hours.

Back in Port Charles...

(At Lois and Ned's house)Robin and Lois are talking and having coffee.

Lois-By the way have you seen Bren???I've called her and she hasn't been picking up.

Robin-No,I haven't even seen her since Lily and all.

Lois-You know Sonny hasn't been around lately either.I wonder if they're together somewhere.

Robin-Bren has seemed happier latley,I wonder if they got back together???

Lois-Oh that would be sooo cool!!!!I was hoping they would get back together.Sonny has been so sweet to her and she's mentioned it to me a few times.

Robin-Me too,but I never picked up on it.

Lois-I just wish I knew where they were.

Elsewhere in Port Charles....

Victor-Don't worry I have my men on it,they'll find my daughter and your husband.

Lily-They better,I'm getting tired of waiting.

Victor-You'll have your husband back in due time.

Lily-(Suspiciously)What's in this for you???

Victor-The satisfaction of seeing my daughter unhappy.

Lily-You're sick.

Victor-I thought you hated Brenda??

Lily-I did,and I still do more than ever,but she's your daughter.

Victor-Me and my daughter have never been uh...chummy.We were hardly on speaking terms even before my death.

Lily-Whatever.Anyways I have to go.



Back in DC....

Brenda-So when do we have to go back???

Sonny-Not for awhile.We got all the time in the world.


She snuggles closer to him.

Brenda-I love you.

Sonny-I love you too.

Coming Home Ch.13

Brenda-So what do you want to do?????????

Sonny-You know what I want to do.

He flashes her that famous dimpled grin.

Brenda-Sonny!!Come on,we've only got a day or more here,I think we should do something memorable!!

Sonny-Hey making love to you has always been memorable!!!!!

Brenda-Sonny...I mean sightseeing!!!

Sonny-Sure why not.

Brenda-Okay then let's go!!!

Sonny-I'm going I'm going.

They leave to go take in the sights and sounds of our nations capitol.

Back in Port Charles...

(At Lily's hotel suite)

Lily-I will have you back Sonny,not even that snobby,lowlife,bitch sister of mine will keep us apart.

Lily walks out and goes down the street to Victor's hotel room.



Lily-Hello.Is this a bad time?

Victor-No of course not.Come in.

Lily-Thank you.

Victor-So how can I help you???

Lily-Well,do you have any news on Sonny and my sister????

Victor-Actually,I just got a call from one of my sources.

Lily-(excited)Any thing turn up???

Victor-Calm down my dear.


Victor-My source tells me they're in the city of our nation's capital.

Lily-Which is????Enough with the trivia!!!

Victor-Weren't you once a teacher???

Lily-Are you going to tell me or what???

Victor-Washington DC.

Lily-Okay,so what's our move???

Victor-Sit back and wait for them to come home,there's not much else we can do.

Lily-I'm not used to waiting.

Victor-Well you have to,so get used to it.That's life!!!

Lily-Well I'll have to call this meeting to a close,I've got an important errand to run.

Victor-Very well,I'll see you in another 15 minutes.

Lily-Ha,ha I'll see you later.

Lily leaves the hotel and goes over to The Port Charles Hotel.She rides the elevator to the last floor and gets off.She stops in
front of a familiar penthouse.

Lily-I hope he still lives here.

She knocks three times and waits.Jax opens the door and stares in disbelief for a few minutes.He raises his eyebrows for a few minutes and has a look
of anger on his face.

Jax-What the hell kind of joke is this???

Lily-What do you mean joke???It's me The Lily Rivera Corinthos.

Jax-It's really you!!!Come in.

Lily-Thank you.Nice place you got here.

Jax-So what did you fake your death or something???

Lily-You know you're the first person who hasn't dissed me since I came back.

Jax-Dissed you,it's such...such bad grammer.

Lily-Why does everyone think I'm such a genious???

Jax-Because you were,what's going on here.Why are you trying to change your personality???

Lily-Okay,okay,I'm trying to sound more like my sister.

Jax-What sister??

He takes a big drink of coffee.


Jax spits his coffee all over himself and Lily.


Lily-Yes,we shared the same mother.

Jax-Well that's a shocker.So anymore big surprises???

Lily-No that's all.

Jax-Really???Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are???

He gets a sick grin on his face.

Lily's matches his grin with one of her own.

Lily-Wait I can't,I'm still in love with Sonny.

Jax-Well,that's okay with me.I'm used to being second pick.


Jax-Yeah,I even got an inflatable raft in my room.

Lily-Okay let's go.

They go up tp Jaxes room,and well you can guess!!!I'll spare you the sick details!!!!!!



Lily-No thanks I'm fine.

Jax-Suit your self.

He lit up a ciggarette as he lay next to Lily.

Jax-I always smoke afterwards,it's a sign of my manhood.

Lily-Yeah well,it's been great,but I gotta run.

Jax-So soon???

Lily-Uh yeah,I got buisness to do.

Jax-Alright,show yourself to the door.

Lily gathers her clothes,puts them on and leaves Jaxes penthouse.

As she walks away...

Lily-Well that was very eventful.I didn't even learn anything I already didn't know,Jax sucks in bed.

She walks out.

Back in Washington...

Brenda-Are you sure we have to leave???These last few days have been the best.

Sonny-We do,but I promise you we'll come back,or go anywhere else you want.

Brenda-Okay then let's go.

They leave the hotel room and head back to Port Charles by plane.

10 hours later...

Sonny-Are you done packing yet???

Brenda-Yes,I didn't bring that much,why???

Sonny-I was just wondering if you wanted to go out tonight and tell the world we're together.

Brenda-That would be nice.Where do you want to go???

Sonny-How about Lukes???I own part of the club,which means if any unwanted visitors show up I can kick them out.

Brenda laughs and Sonny grabs her and kisses her hard.

Brenda-You know what???I think the world can wait another day!!!

Sonny-I was hoping you'd say that!!!

Brenda takes Sonny by the hand and very seductivley leads him to her bedroom where they make love.

At Lukes...

Lois-Bren called me today to tell me that she was back.

Robin-Where'd she go??

Lois-Get this,her and Sonny took a trip to Washington DC!!!

Robin-Get out!!!Did she say they were back together???

Lois-No,but she sounded extremely happy consisering Lily and all.

Lily walks in and hears Lois and Robin's conversation.

Lily-What about Lily girls.

Lois-What are you doing here???

Lily-It's a free country.I go where I please.

Robin-That's fine with me,but stay away from Brenda.

Lily-Oh you mean my sister,the slut.

Lois-Watch your mouth!!!

Robin-(loudly)If anyones a slut around here it's you!!!

Alot of the people at Lukes turn around to see who Robin was talking to.Lily turns really red and walks away.

Both Lois and Robin laugh.

Lois-I have an idea,let's go and visit Brenda's apartment and see for ourselves.

Robin-You don't think it's too late???

Lois-It's 7:00,we got plenny of time.

Robin-Okay let me call Jason first.

Lois-Ahhh,young love.

Back at Brenda's...

Brenda-That was great!!!


They both laugh and Brenda rolls on top of him and kisses him.

Ding dong..

Brenda-Ohhh,who's that???

Sonny-I have no idea,let's just ignore them.

Brenda-We can't what if it's important???


They both get up and Brenda puts on Sonny's shirt and he puts on a pair of silk boxers.

Brenda-I'm coming hold on.

She opens the door to face Lois and Robin.

Brenda-Uh hey guys what's up???

They look at her shirt.

Lois-Is this a bad time???

Sonny walks out.

Sonny-Kind of.

Robin-We did not have to know this!!

They all laugh.

Lois-Sorry for interupting we'll come back another time when you're not so uh...busy.

Brenda-Would you please,we need to catch up and I want to explain why I left.

Lois-You don't need to,I think everyone understands.

Robin-That's right now I'll see you later.

Lois-Yeah see ya.


Sonny-See you later.

Brenda shuts the door and looks at Sonny.They both laugh.

Brenda-So much for our secret!!

Sonny-Yeah but theirs much more important things in life than secrecy.

Brenda-Oh yeah,like what???

She smiles.

He whispers something into her ear and it makes her laugh.

Brenda-That is more important.

Sonny kisses her hard and undoes the buttons on her shirt.Brenda slides his boxers off and they make love right
next to the door,which Brenda closes.

Down the hall...

Lily walks towards Brenda's apartment right while they're inside making love.She walks up to the door and knocks.

Brenda-(whispers)Now who,I swear if it's Lois I'll kill her!!!

Sonny-You're not the only one.

Brenda-I'm not answering it you do it.

Sonny-Okay ma'am step away from the door and put a shirt on or something.


He opens the door to find Lily.

Sonny-What the hell do you want???

Lily-(worriedly)What are you doing here???

Coming Home Ch.15

Sonny-Oh I'm sorry should I ahve checked in to see if this was okay with you???Go away Lily.

Brenda hears Sonny yelling at someone and decides to see who it was.She gets up and walks to the door.(Remember she's only wearing
Sonny's shirt)

Brenda-Sonny what's going on???'s you.

She looks angrily at Lily.

Lily-Hello Brenda.

She tries to act cool and confident but both Sonny and Brenda could see through her.

Brenda-Lily,if you don't mind we were kind of busy...

Brenda takes hold of the door and slams it shut with a loud bang.

Brenda-That felt so good,did you see the look on her face???

Sonny laughs at her excitement.

Sonny-Now where were we,when we were so rudley interupted???

Brenda-I think we were about to head to the bedroom.

She takes his hand and leads him to her room.They undress eachother on the way and make love for hours into the
night proving their love to eachother.

Outside the door...

Lily-God dammit.Oh well I'm not going anywhere,they'll have to live with it.

She smiles and walks away.

The next day...

Brenda-Sonny are you awake???


Brenda-So do you want to move your stuff in today???

Sonny-Sure,after last night I wasn't sure you still wanted me too.

Brenda turns on her side.

Brenda-What gave you that idea??Of course I want you to move in!!!!

Sonny-Well then there's nothing more I want to do today,then to move in with you.


Sonny flashes her a grin.

Sonny-Well maybe not nothing.

He surprises her by rolling over on top of her and kissing her.

She giggles with pleasure and kisses him back as they make love again.

3 hours later...

Sonny-Are you dressed yet???

Brenda-Yes I don't take that long.

Sonny-Okay then let's go.

He grabs her by the waist and they go across to his apartment to pack his things.

After about an hour they finish packing.There's clothes all over the bed and on the floor.

Brenda-And I thought I had alot of clothes.

Sonny-I like to dress nice for my lady.

Brenda-And your lady loves the way you look without clothes better than with clothes!!!!!!!!

Sonny-I'm the one who's supposed to say that!!!

Brenda-Yeah well maybe I like to be in charge.

She takes a step foward and pushes him back on the bed.They start to make out,and when things begin to get a little too hot Sonny speaks up.

Sonny-As much as I'd love to make love to you again right now I think we should take this stuff over to your apartment.

Brenda-Alright,but let's hurry,I can feel my self control slipping out the window.

Sonny-That's twice,that's what I'm supposed to say.

Brenda laughs and they lock up Sonny's apartment and leave.

Brenda-What are you going to do with your apartment??

Sonny-I called the real estate lady and she's taking care of it.

Brenda-Good,now you have no more ecscapes,you're mine forever!!!!

They both laugh,drops Sonny's stuff and they decide to go out to lunch at the Outback.

Later at the Outback...

Brenda and Sonny walk in hand and hand laughing about some joke.They walk over to a table and sit down.

Brenda spots Lois and Ned and calls them over.

Lois-Hi you two.

Ned raises his eyebrows and Lois gives him a warning glance.

Brenda-Hey Lo.Ned don't look so surprised it was bound to happen some time,we all knew it.

Ned-Yeah I guess I shouldn't be surprised.I'll close my mouth now.

Everyone laughs and Brenda invites Lois and Ned to have lunch with them.

Back at Lily's apartment...

Lily is laying on the couch and moaning.

Lily-Oooh I don't feel good.

All of a sudden she gets an urge to throw up and she rushes to her bathroom.As she's throwing up her mind flashes to the night she
spent with Jax.

Lily-Oh God,I'm pregnant.


Lily-Oh Lord.

She leans up against the wall and cries for hours until she has no tears left.

At the Outback...

Brenda-So Lois are you doing anything today???

Lois-No I'm free why what did you have in mind???

Brenda-I was wondering if you wanted to get together and go shopping or something.

Lois-Sure,in fact why don't we go right now???

Brenda-Sure,we'll see you boys later.

She looks at Sonny and then at Ned.


Sonny-Se ya later.

The girls leave.



There was a long pause before anyone spoke.

Ned-Look,I'm just going to be up front.

Sonny-Say what you have to say,I'm listening.

Ned-Okay,it's simple.You hurt Brenda and I'll kill you.

They both smile and Sonny holds out his hand in a peace offering.


They shook hands and Ned's cell phone rang.

A few minutes later he finished his phone call.

Ned-Hey,I gotta run.I'll see you later.

Sonny-See ya.

In Brenda's car...

Lois-Okay Bren I want details.

Brenda laughs.

Brenda-Bout what???

Lois-Don't play stupid with me!!!You and Sonny,what's going on there???

Brenda-I don't know???It just kind of happened.You know he's really changed.I thought he would be really mad
at me,but he was so supportive.

Lois-He has changed.I think he matured while you were gone.He did a lot of things that surprised me.

Brenda-Oh yeah,like what??

Lois-Well for instance,you know he left the mob.

Brenda just stops her car in the middle of the road.

Brenda-He did what???

Lois-I thought you knew!!!!

Brenda-No,I didn't.

Lois-He left for you,you know.

Brenda-That's so,so...


Brenda-That doesn't even begin to cover it.

Lois-Yeah,so where do you want to go???

Brenda-Let's go to Robin's and pick her up,and have a girls day out.

Lois-Sounds like fun,let's do it.

Back at the Outback...

Sonny is still at the table and he's thinking about Brenda,something he can't seem to take his mind off of.He thinks of their past,and of
the future.He thinks of what their kids would look like and a thought crosses his mind.He gets up,walks towards the door and leaves.He drives to
Wyndams Department Store.He walks up to the jewelry department and to the diamond engagement section.A sales lady walkes over to him.

SL-Can I help you???

Sonny-Yes,actually you can.I'm looking for your largest and most expensive diamond ring.

SL-She sounds pretty special.


SL-I have a very beautiful ring in the back,would you like to see it???


SL-Okay feel free to look around until I get back.


Sonny feels very excited and can't wait to ask Brenda.He feels so sure she'll say yes that he has the whole evening planned out.First he'll ask
Brenda,Robin,Lois,Ned,Jason,Luke,Laura,and even Mike to dinner at Lukes.Then in front of everyone he'll ask her to marry him.(Thak you Lisa and Andrea
I think for the great idea!!!!!!!!)His thoughts are interupted by the Sales Lady.

SL-Here it is Sir.

She holds out a huge diamond ring surrounded with emralds.

Sonny-That's perfect.I'll take it.

SL-Don't you want to think about it first???It's a very expensive ring.

Sonny-Hey,I said money was not an option!!!

SL-Right Sir,it's just not everyday someone comes in and buys a 30,000 ring!!!!!!

Sonny-Yeah well,no amount of money can compare to this lady.

SL-Oooh,that's sooo sweet.Whoever she is tell her I said she's a very lucky lady!!!!!

Sonny-If you could wrap it up for me,that would be great.

SL-Sure,and how are you going to pay for this???

Sonny-How about credit cards???

SL-Okay then here you are.



Sonny leaves the store and drives to his and Brenda's apartment.When he's inside he picks up the phone and
dials Brenda's cell phone.


Sonny-Bren it's me.

Brenda-Hi Honey.

Lois-Is it Sonny???


Robin-How sweet.

Sonny-Are you still there??

Brenda-Yeah what's up???

Sonny-Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight???


Sonny-I was hoping you'd say that.So then I'll meet you at Luke's at Seven.Oh and invite Robin and Lois.


Sonny-See ya later,I love you.

Brenda-I love you too.

They hang up.

Lois-That was so sweet!!!!!!!

Brenda blushes


Robin imitates Sonny's voice.

Robin-I love you!!!!!

Brenda-Anyways Sonny wanted me to invite you to Lukes at seven tonight for dinner.

Lois-We'll be there!!!!

Brenda-Good,cause I think it's important.

Robin-Ooooh,sounds like a commitment!!!

Lois-That's what it sounded like to me!!!

Brenda-No,Sonny's not ready for that yet.(Quietly)At least I don't think.

Brenda,Lois,and Robin went shopping for a few hours and Brenda drove them home.

At Brenda and Sonny's...

Brenda-Sonny I'm home.

Sonny walks out and Brenda rushes over to give him a kiss.

Sonny-How was your day??

Brenda-Fun,but I missed you!!!!!

Sonny-I missed you too.

They kiss softly.

Brenda-So what's with you and tonight???Inviting everyone out to dinner???

Sonny-I thought it would be nice to spend some time with our friends.

Brenda-Cool.I need to get ready then.

Sonny-It's only 4:30.

Brenda-I need to take a shower.


Brenda-Yeah,ya wanna join me???

Sonny-Gee let me think,I could go over club reci[ts,or join my beautiful girlfriend in the shower.

Brenda-Oooh tough decision!!!

She leads him to their bathroom in their bedroom.

They spend the rest of the time getting ready for their dinner reservations.

Later on at Lukes...

Lois-Where are they??

Ned-You're Bren's best friend,you know how long it takes her to get ready.

Jason-Robin doesn't even take that long.

Robin-That's Bren for ya.

They all laugh at Robin's true statement.

The doors to Luke's fly open and Lily walks in

Lois-Oh great look who's here.

She walks over to the bar,sits down,and orders a Coke.

Robin-Why is she ordering a Coke???

Ned-Who knows,who cares???

The doors fly open again,and in walks Sonny and Brenda.

Brenda spots Lily and frowns,but Lois calls them over and she soon forgets about her.

Jason-Where were you???

Sonny points at Brenda.

Sonny-Take a guess???

Brenda-Hey,it takes time to pick out an outfit.

They sit down and Mike walks in.

Sonny-Mike over here.

Mike walks over and sits down.

Mike-Hey son.


Brenda-Hi Mike.

Mike-Hi sweety!!!

Lois-So Corinthos,what did you drag all of us over here for???

Sonny-You'll see,as soon as Luke arrives,but first let's order dinner.

They order dinner,eat it,and finally Luke appears on the stage.

Luke-Ladies and Gentleman,my buddy Corinthos over here,has an announcment to make,and it sounded pretty important over the
phone so I'm lending him my stage.Sonny???

Sonny walks over to the stage and pass Lily,who looks like she will pass out at the sight of him.He walks up on the stage and takes the mike from
Luke who exits.

Sonny-Thanks Luke.Okay,as most of you probably know,from Lois,the lovely Brenda Barrett and I are back together...

Lois grins at Sonny and Brenda smiles happily.

Sonny-So I have an important question to ask of my beautiful lady friend.Brenda Barrett...

He gets a small tear in his eye.

Sonny-Will you marry me??????

The crowd gasps and falls into a hush waiting for Brenda's reply.Brenda has tears falling down her cheeks.She gracefully rises from her chair towards
the stage.She passes Lily who looks dumbfounded and walks up on the stage.Sonny takes her and and helps her up.The room is totally silent and Brenda begins
to speak.

Brenda-Yes.Of course I will.

He takes her in his arms and they kiss softly.The crowd claps.


Lily whispers silently to herself.

Lily-I don't believe this!!!!!

Lois-Oh my Lord.

Ned-Dear God.

Robin-He finally said it!!!!

Jason-And in public too.

Mike-This is great!!!

Brenda and Sonny are staring into each others eyes and acting as if they're the only two people on earth.

Brenda's in tears.

Brenda-I can't believe you did that!!!!

Sonny-Neither can I.

He laughs softly and remembers the ring in his coat jacket.He pulls out the small box.

Sonny-Wanna see the ring???

Brenda-The ring???

He opens the box and she gasps at the size of the diamonds.

Brenda-It's beautiful!!!

Sonny gently places the ring on her finger.She stares at it and it sparkles in the light.

Sonny leads Brenda back to the table and Lois and Robin who are crying.

Lois-I never knew you were a romantic Corinthos!!!

Robin-That was so sweet!!!

Lois-Ooooh let me see the ring.

Brenda holds out her hand for the whole table to see.

Lois-It's gorgeous!!!

Robin-Wow.You have great taste.

Sonny-Well thank you,but I think you would understand when I say my fiance and I would like to leave and
spend some time together.

Brenda-Yeah,it's been fun but we gotta go.

Lois-Of course,and congratulations.

Ned-See ya Bren,Sonny.

Robin-Bye guys.I'm so happy for you two.

Jason-Call me tomorrow Sonny.See ya later Brenda.


Lily walks over to the table.

Lily-Well congrats sis.

Lois-Uhhh,what do you want.

Lily-I just came over to pay my respects to Sonny.

Sonny-What the hell do you mean by that???

Lily-We all know she'll drive you crazy in a month or so.

Sonny-Oh grow up Lily.

He takes a hold of Brenda's waist and leads her out the door.

Lily-I'll see you around.

Lois-Yeah,I hope not.

Lily walks over to the bar and begins to order martini when she remembers she was pregnant.

Lily-Dammit,this ruins everything.I guess I'll have a Coke.

The man at the bar looks at Lily funny.

Bar Guy-Coming right up.

Back at the apartment...

Brenda-Sonny put me down!!!!

Sonny had picked Brenda up and carried her to their apartment door.

Brenda-You're supposed to do this after the wedding,not before!!

Sonny-Since when have we followed the rules???

Brenda-Good point.But put me down!!

He sets her down and closes the door.Then he picks her up again and kisses her passionatley.He carries her off to her bedroom.
He puts her down on the bed gently,and she unbuttons his shirt.He sliss off her shirt and kisses each part of her body.She does
the same,and they finish undressing each other.They make love for the whole night and fall asleep in each others arms just as the sun
comes up.


Brenda-I can't believe we're engaged.

Sonny and Brenda are laying in their bed.Sonny wraps his arms around Brenda and she
kisses him softly.

Sonny-I can't believe I got up the nerve to do it in front of all those people.

Brenda-I thought it was very romantic.I loved the way Lois and Robin's faces lit up when you asked.I also noticed
Lily's horrific face and enjoyed it a little too much.

He laughs and she joins in.

Sonny-What did I ever do to deserve you??

Brenda-You love me,and the sex is great.

They both laugh again.

Sonny-I do love you.

Brenda-I love you too.

Brenda rolls over on top of him and he takes her face in his hands and kisses her so hard it almost
hurt her.

Brenda-Whoa,what's that for???

Sonny-For being you,and for coming back.

Brenda-Well in that case...

She kisses him softly and they make love again.

Three hours later...

Brenda-Okay,this time we actually need to get up.

Sonny-Why???We could have more fun just staying in bed.

Brenda-Sonny!!!!We have a wedding to plan.

Sonny-Alright,alright I'm up.

Brenda-I'm going to call Lois and tell her we're not going to be home today.

Ring Ring


Brenda-Hi Lo it's me.

Lois-Hey,what's up soon to be Mrs.C???

Brenda laughs.

Brenda-That's cute.I just called to tell you that Sonny and I are not going to be home today.
I think I'm going to make him go to NYC with me to do stuff for the wedding.

Lois-Cool.That will be fun.

Brenda-See ya later.



Sonny-Are you ready yet???

Brenda-Almost.Let me just grab my purse.

Sonny grabs her by the waist and glides her out the door.

At Lily's...

Lily-Hello,may I please speak to Victor Barrett???What do you mean he's gone???Well do you have an
adress where I can reach him???No,are you sure??Fine then I'll be calling later.Goodbye.

Lily walks around the apartment and then grabs her jacket and walks out the door.


Brenda-Oooooh a limo!!!

Sonny-Only the best for my lady.Besides it's a long ride to NYC.I figured we could pass the time
some how.

Sonny flashes her a sexy smile.

Brenda-Is that all you think about???

Sonny closes the car door,and takes a remote control off the small bar.He presses a button and Brenda watches him
curiously.The window by the driver closes and Brenda laughs.Sonny takes her in his arms and kisses her passionatley.
In a few hours they were there.

Brenda-That was quick.

Sonny-Time flys when you're having fun.

Brenda smiles sexily.

Brenda-Lots of fun!!!

She giggles and he smiles.

Sonny-So where are we headed???

Brenda-To Nina's Bridal Planning.I got the adress from Lois,she said they're really good.

They walk to the adress and arrive in front of a beautiful building.

Brenda-This is it.

Sonny-Let's go.

They open the door and enter a sitting room.A tall lady walks into the room and greets them.She introduces herself as Anna.

Anna-We've been expecting you.Nina will be in to see you in a moment.Can I get you something to drink???

Brenda-I'll have some tea if you have any.

Anna-And you sir??

Sonny-Water please.

Anna-Coming right up.

Another tall lady enters the room.

Nina-Hello I'm Nina.You must be Ms.Barrett,and you must be Mr.Corinthos.

Brenda-Please just call me Brenda.

Sonny-And me Sonny.

Nina-Okay you two follow me to our Bridal room where you can pick out china,the cake,flowers and
other wedding things.

She leads them to a large room.Inside there are several tables decorated in different styles.Also there are lots of books with
flowers and cakes for sale.

Nina-Where would you like to start???

Brenda glances at Sonny.

Sonny-How about the cake??

Nina-Good choice,right this way.

She leads them to a couch.They sit down and she gives them each a book containig pictures and prices of cakes.

Brenda-Oooh look at this one.

She points to a cake that has white frosting and lots of yellow and light purple flowers on its four tiers.

Nina-We don't sell to many of those,it's a beautiful cake,one of our lovliest,but it's the most expensive.

Sonny-Money is not an option.Anything she wants she can have.

Brenda smiles happily at Sonny.

Sonny-I think we'll take this cake.

Nina-Anna,come here.Will you make out an order for cake 1780 please.


She gives her a look of surprise.

Nina-That's right.Okay what next???

Brenda-How about place settings???I already saw the one I want.

She points to a table in the corner.

Brenda-That one.


Coming Home Ch.20

A few hours later Brenda had everything picked out for what she called her dream wedding.

Nina-Call us in a week,we'll have all of the non-perishable items in by then.

Brenda-Okay bye.




When they were outside Brenda began to talk.

Brenda-Wow.This is going to be such a beautiful wedding.

Sonny-Yeah,and I actually had fun today.I lov the way your eyes lit up when she brought out each thing.It made you
look even more beautiful if that's possible.

Brenda-Stop you're making me want to cry.

Sonny-Hey I have an idea,as long as you're not busy tomorow.

Brenda-No why what's up???

Sonny-I don't know,I was thinking we could stay over night in a hotel here.

Brenda-That would be cool.We could get a suite with a whirlpool.

Sonny-Yeah,and nobody would be able to reach us,or call us,or show up unexpectedly.

Brenda-Let's do it.

They drive to the Plaza Hotel and ask for a suite.


BB-Right this way sir.

He takes them to the top floor and opens a room for them.

BB-Here you are.

Sonny gives him a tip and he leaves.

Brenda-Wow,it's beautiful.Look there's the tub.

She walks over to it.It's by a window looking out over NYC.

She slips out of her dress and steps in.

Brenda-Ahhh,are you coming or are you just going to stare at me???

Sonny undresses and steps in too.The minute he's in Brenda splashes him with water.

Brenda-I wish there were bubbles.

Sonny-Hey no problem!!!

He presses a button on the side pannel and the jets go on which makes the water bubbly.

Brenda-Much better.

She leans over and kisses him softly on the lips.She makes a trail of kisses down his neck.He massages her shoulders and kisses
her passionatley on the lips.He wraps his arms around her and they make love for hours in the tub.


Brenda-Wow,that was great.

Sonny-Better than great.

She steps out of the water and walks over to the bed.He gets out and follows her over.She holds her arms out and he falls into them.
They kiss for a few minutes,but Sonny pulls away.

Sonny-Before it gets too hot,I just want you to know that I really enjoyed being with you today.

Brenda gets a small tear in her eye.

Brenda-That's so sweet.I love you so much.

Sonny's eyes are wet too.

Sonny-I love you too.

Brenda-I know.

She kisses him softly,and they make love again.


Back in Port Charles...

Lily-Well I guess he really left.I think I'll go say hi to Jax and tell him the good news.
What fun!!

She leaves.


later on at Jaxes...


Jax-Oh hey Lily you coming back for a little fun???

Lily-Well sort of.I have some big news for you.

Jax-Really??I hate surprises so just tell me.

Lily-Well,I'm pregnant and it's your baby.


Lily-You're going to be a father.

Jax-Are you serious??

Lily-Yes.So what do you want me to do???

Jax-You aren't thinking of getting an abortion,are you???

Lily-No of course not,unless you want me to.

Jax-Never,we'll deal with this like adults.

Lily-Okay so what's the adult thing to do???

Jax-Move in with me.

Lily-Are you sure???


Lily-Okay then I'll send over my stuff.


Lily-See ya later.



Back in NYC...

Sonny-So what day do you want to have this wedding???

Brenda-The sooner the better.

Sonny-Okay then how about in three weeks.

Brenda-That soon???That would be perfect if that's good for you.

Sonnt-Anytime is good for me.

Brenda-Okay then three weeks it is.

Sonny-Do you want a big wedding or a little wedding??

Brenda-What do you want???

Sonny-Just family and friends.

Brenda-I was hoping you would say that.

All of a sudden she sits up and grabs her stomach.

Brenda-I'm hungry.

Sonny-All that love making has made me hungry too.

Brenda-I don't even want to leave this room.

Sonny-Can you say room service???

She laughs and he orders some food.



Knock knock...

Sonny-You stay here and look beautiful,I'll get it.

Brenda-Okay.But don't take too long.

Sonny-I won't.

He walks around the corner to the door,gets the food,tips the man,and walks back in
towards Brenda.

Sonny-Now time for a late dinner.Followed by an even later night.

Brenda-And what makes you think you'll get lucky???

Sonny-Because I know you,you wouldn't be able to control yourself.

Brenda-Oh I wouldn't???

Sonny-That's right,now eat you'll need the energy.

Brenda took the plate of food from him,knowing he was right.For as long as she lived she knew that she
could never not want to be with him.She laughed out loud and Sonny laughed too.

Brenda-I'm stuffed.

Sonny-It got cold in here.I'll go turn up the heat.

Brenda-No don't,we don't need electric heat,we can make it ourselves.

She grabs him by his robe and pulls him down on the bed.She slips it off and kisses him.

Brenda-Are you cold now???

Sonny-Whooo,it's hot in here,did I say I was cold???

She laughs and they make love for hours into the night.

The next day...

Sonny and Brenda are laying in bed and talking.


Sonny-Better than fun it was great.

Brenda-But unfortunatley there's more to life than good sex.We need to get back to Port Charles so
we can send wedding invitations.I still can't believe we're getting married!!!

Sonny-I can't wait to be able to call you Mrs.Corinthos in front of the whole town.

Brenda-And the sooner we get home the faster that will happen,so let's go.

They get dressed and leave NYC.

Back in Port Charles...

Jax-Jesus Lily how much stuff do you have???

Lily-Enough.So where's my room??

Jax-Upstairs and to the left.I need to leave on buisness for a few days.Will you be here
alright by yourself???

Lily-I'm not a child,I'll be fine.

Jax-Good,I'll see you in a few days then.



He closes the door and she looks around at her new place.

Lily-I'll have to do some redecorating if I'm going to live here.It's not dark
enough in here.I need that mobster feel in here like Sonny and my old apartment.
It's too happy here,I don't want my child to grow up living in a fake place like this.

At Sonny and Brenda's...

Brenda-Okay I have Robin,Lucy,as my bridesmaids.Lois of course being the maid of honor.
Who do you have for ushers???

Sonny-I have Luke as my best man.And Ned agreed to be an usher,god knows why.Jason is my other one.

Brenda-And of course Mike is giving me away.

Sonny-I'm glad you asked him.

Brenda-Me too.

Sonny-And of course Kevin,Lucy,Mary Scanlon,and her two sons,Scott Baldwin,Laura,
Lucky,Emily,Edward,Lila,Alan,Monica,A.J,Bobbie,Audrey Hardy,Mac,Felecia,Dara,Justus,
oh yeah and Lulu.

Brenda-That's everyone I think.

Sonny-And of course there's our group of uninvited guests.

Brenda-Jax,Lily,and my father.

Sonny-Hey don't worry,nobody's going to ruin this for us,I swear.

Brenda-I know,it just makes me so mad that she's even here.

Sonny-I know.

He hugs her and thinks of something he knows will make her smile.

Sonny-You know we never discussed the Honeymoon.

She looks up and smiles.

Brenda-You're right we didn't.

Sonny-I was thinking we go to Europe.See Paris,London,Berlin,Rome.Or we could take a cruise in the Caribean.

Brenda-Either one sounds good to me.

Sonny-Whatever you want is yours.

Brenda-You're so sweet.

Sonny-That's me,Mr.Thoughtful.

She laughs and there's a knock on the door.

Brenda-I'll get it.

She opens the door.

Lois-I just thought I'd stop over and see you.

Brenda-I'm glad.Come on in.

Lois-Thanks.Hey Corinthos.

Sonny-Hey Cerullo,what's up???

Lois-Nothing that concerns men.It's womanly gossip.

Brenda-Ooooh what do you have for me???

Lois-Well did you hear about Carly Roberts???

Brenda-No why??

Sonny-I think I'll leave now!!!

Brenda-Where are you going??

Sonny-Lukes,I haven't seen him in awhile.

Brenda-When will ou be back???

Sonny-Soon,I was thinking you might want to go out to dinner.


She goes over to him and gives him a long kiss.


Sonny-See ya.

When he closes the door Lois Ahhhhs.

Lois-You two are so sweet.You remind me of Ned and me.

Brenda-Is that a compliment???

Lois throws a pillow at her.

Lois-Thanks alot Bren.

Brenda-Anything for my best friend.

Lois-And Maid of Honor.

Brenda-And Maid of Honor.

They hug.

Brenda-I'm so glad we're friends.

Lois-Me too.


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