CLUES S+B by Juliet


Brenda and Jax were about to leave for New Orleans when the phone rang.

"Hello." Brenda said into the phone.
"Bren—Hey it's Sonny." He replied.
"What do you want? Jax and I are about to leave." Brenda told him.
"Hey, I know I told you that I couldn't work with you anymore, but I just found a note outside the penthouse that could help us on the case. Can you come over here and or meet me at the docks? I need your help!!" Sonny explained.
"I can't go. I'm on the way to New Orleans with Jax and we have to finish packing." Brenda said.
"It's a good clue and I NEED your HELP!!." Sonny exclaimed.
"Okay—Okay—I'll come. Your place in ten minutes." Brenda sighed.

They hung up and Brenda went to talk to Jax.

"Jax" Brenda said.
"Yes, Brender." Jax said a little too sarcastically.
"I have to go out for half an hour." Brenda told him.
"I know." Jax said.
"WHAT??" Brenda exclaimed.
"I know that you are going to meet Sonny." Jax said.

Chapter 2

"How do you know I'm going to see Sonny? What are you doing now?
Listening in on my phone conversations??" Brenda asked.
"When the phone rang I picked it up and when I heard Sonny's voice I stayed on. Didn't you do that when I was talking to Miranda?" Jerx replied.

All of a sudden they heard a knock on the door. Jerx left Brenda to go answer it. It was Miranda. When Brenda saw her she grabbed her coat and ran to the door.

"Brender, where are you going?" Jerx hollered after her.
"I'm going to meet Sonny since your other wife is here!" Brenda yelled back.

She got to Sonny's within ten minutes with tears streaming down her face.
She knocked on the door as loud as she could and waited for him to answer.
When he did the first thing he saw were the tears. He started to reach out for her but she stepped back.

"Brenda, what's wrong??" Sonny asked.
"Jax was on the line when you called and we had a fight. Miranda is over there with him now so I left." Brenda answered.

"Are you okay?" Sonny asked.
"Yes. Where is the note?" She asked while walking to the couch.
"I'll go get it." Sonny said running up the stairs.

Brenda looked around and noticed that he had taken down the portrait of Lily. She wondered when he had taken it down. Sonny returned with the note and sat next to her.

"I found it outside the door this afternoon." Sonny said. Handing it to her.

She looked at it and gasped. She couldn't believe what it said. She noticed that the stationary looked familiar but she couldn't place where she had seen it.


The note:
"Sonny, You will die if you keep looking for me. If you don't stop then, BEWARE. When you die, I will finally be happy and get what I want. HA HA." Brenda read.

"Around what time did you find this note?" Brenda asked.
"Around 4:00." Sonny replied.
"That was six hours ago!! Why didn't you call me before??" Brenda asked.
"I figured you wouldn't want to know, but I couldn't figure out what to do, so I finally called you." Sonny explained.
"Well aren't you going to take it to Mac?" Brenda asked.
"He won't do anything about it." Sonny said.

As Brenda looked at the note she saw a very faint JJ in the middle of the paper. She showed Sonny.


"Well gee, I wonder who that is?" Sonny sarcastically, "Maybe Jasper Jacks? Or maybe even John or Jerry Jacks."
"You can't say it was any of them. For all we know its probably someone who we don't even know. You can't say it was Jax, John, or Jerry." Brenda told him.
"Well, let's see, when I was being shot up with heroin, Candy Boy was in Australia chasing after his other wife……" Sonny said before being interrupted.
"I told him to go after her because I know they had unfinished business!!" Brenda exclaimed.
"As I was saying, Jax was going after Miranda, so he wouldn't be here when I was shot up. He wasn't here so he wouldn't be blamed." Sonny said.
"Look, I love Jax, I know he wouldn't hurt you. Like I said before, I won't work with you anymore so don't call me." Brenda said angrily.
"Fine, then just leave, but I'll tell you again, I LOVE YOU!!!" Sonny said with tears in his eyes.
"Sonny, I got to get back to my husband." Brenda said with no feeling in her words and she started to cry.

She ran out the door, leaving Sonny at the couch. When she got back to her penthouse, the door was open halfway. She heard Jax talking to someone, but was afraid to go inside.


"So, when are we going to get it right?" Jax was saying into the phone.
"How about we let him have this week to have all the fun he wants, but if he goes near Brenda, I'll kill him personally." Jax said.

After Brenda heard that, she went slowly down the hall and went back to Sonny's.

"Sonny, Sonny!!!" Brenda said banging on the door.
"What, What's wrong??" Sonny asked opening the door, seeing Brenda tearstained face.
"When I got home, the door was open and Jax was talking to someone on the phone, and—and he said that if you don't stay away from me then he is going to kill you, if you do stay away then he'll kill you in a week." Brenda said crying.

Sonny led her over to the couch and sat her down. He went to the kitchen and fixed them some hot chocolate. When he got back she had almost stopped crying and he desperately wanted to put his arms around her and kiss her, but he fought himself not to. Instead he handed her the mug and a tissue.

"Thanks." Brenda said as Sonny sat down.
"You're welcome. Did Jax see you or hear you??" Sonny asked.
"No, at least I don't think he did." Brenda answered.
"So what are we going to do now??" Sonny asked.
"I'm not going to let him kill you." Brenda said.
"Why not?? It would end all of our misery." Sonny said.
"NO!! It'll only make it worse." Brenda told him.
"Why?? It'll make it better for me at least." Sonny explained.
"I—I—I love you and I wouldn't be able to live without you." Brenda said, starting to cry again.

Sonny held out his arms for her and she went to him. They held each other for a long time, just thinking about what they've been through together: Puerto Rico, Canada, the shower, Stone, guns, heroin, etc. They thought about what they were going to do about Jax. All of a sudden, they heard aloud bang on the door. Sonny got up to answer it and Jax was standing on the other side of the door.

"Where is my wife?" Jax asked.
"She's over there." Sonny said, pointing to Brenda.
"Can I talk to her?" Jax asked.
"Be my guest." Sonny replied, looking at Brenda's face.
"Hi." Brenda said to Jax.
"Hi, can we talk in private?" Jax asked.
"Yea, I'll just be in the kitchen minding my own business." Sonny said.

They waited for him to leave and then Jax sat down next to Brenda and turned to face her.

"What do you want? I'm talking to Sonny about the case." Brenda said.
"I needed to talk to you. Miranda and I are getting a divorce tomorrow." Jax told her.
"Good, then why else did you come here??" Brenda asked.
"STAY AWAY FROM SONNY!!!" Jax exclaimed.
"Why?? He's my friend. I decided to keep helping him on the case. I'm helping him find the person who tried to kill him." Brenda said.
"I thought we were going to go to New Orleans?" Jax asked.
"I have to help him. We can't go to New Orleans until the person who tried to kill him is dead or put away for life." Brenda said. She looked past Jax and saw Sonny peeping out of the kitchen trying to hear what they were saying.
"Well, that probably won't happen tonight, so why don't you come home??" Jax asked.
"No, Sonny and I are discussing things, like our UNFINISHED BUSINESS.
Almost like you and Miranda." Brenda said.
"Fine, then I'll see you in two days. Miranda and I are going to Buffalo to get our divorce and we are leaving in the morning so I'll see you later." Jax said as he kissed her.
"Goodbye." Brenda said.

Jax left and Sonny came out of the kitchen.

"Are you okay??" Sonny asked.
"Just a little shaken up." Brenda replied.
" Look why don't you stay here tonight, you can stay upstairs and I'll sleep on the couch. You can wear some of my pajamas." Sonny said, "I'll feel better knowing you are here and not with Jax."
"I really shouldn't, but as long as you promise nothing happens, then I'll stay." Brenda said.

Sonny went upstairs to get her some pajamas and a robe. He brought them down and told her to put them on and then he went back upstairs. She put them on and went to the bedroom. When she go to the room, Sonny was lighting candles and turning on the stereo.


"I know nothing's going to happen between us (tonight), but I figured you'd be more comfortable like this." Sonny explained as she entered the room.
"It's beautiful." Brenda said looking around the room as she sat on the bed.
"Well, I'm going downstairs now because you look to beautiful for me to stand. Goodnight." Sonny said.

All of a sudden, he walked over to the bed, looked into her eyes, bent down, held her face, and kissed her. Brenda broke away quickly. The stereo was playing "I'm Still in Love With You" by New Edition and they both noticed it.

"Sonny, this isn't right." Brenda said quickly.
"Baby, I love you." Sonny told her. And with that he kissed her again and she kissed him back this time. He broke away as the kisses became more passionate and they were lying on the bed.

"I'm going downstairs before we do anything else that we may regret." Sonny said, "As if we'd regret it anyway."
"Goodnight Sonny. If Jax knew about this, then he would definitely kill you and probably me too." Brenda said.
"Goodnight, you're right, and I LOVE YOU!!" Sonny replied as he walked away slowly.

He stopped at the door and watched her climb under the covers and close her eyes. Then he went downstairs.

The next morning……

Sonny went upstairs to wake Brenda and bring her breakfast in bed.

"Goodmorning sweetheart." Sonny said as she opened her eyes.
"Goodmorning." Brenda replied looking at the tray he was holding, "What's all this??"
"Breakfast in bed. Pancakes, sausages, hot cocoa, and STRAWberries." Sonny replied.
"Ooh, that sounds so good. All I've been eating is yogurt and bananas." Brenda said as Sonny sat down next to her.
"You, eating bananas and yogurt??? I can't imagine." Sonny said teasingly.
"Hey that's not fair. What kind of stuff did Lily make you eat??" Brenda retorted as she poked him in the chest.

He grabbed her hand and brought it to his face and kissed it. They looked into each other's eyes (Nobody by Keith Sweat playing on the radio). Sonny took a strawberry and fed it to Brenda, then she got one and fed it to him. Sonny took the tray and put it on the floor, reached over for Brenda, and kissed her. As the kisses became more and more urgent and passionate, Brenda gave in to him. As they made love Brenda whispered, I LOVE YOU to Sonny.

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