"A Change in Plans 2" by K.C.

This storyline is continued from the original, A change in plans. Brenda and Sonny are in Puerto Rico. It is about noon and Brenda is on the beach tanning. Sonny is nearby at a hut type thing that is actually a bar. He watches Brenda from afar and smiles at the thought of her coming all the way from Port Charles to look for him. That and the fact that she stayed.

{Fla0shback- It's immediately after Sonny has said You know I love you baby' and Brenda has responded Yeah, I know. I love you too'.}

S (Sonny): So does Jax know you're here saying you love me?

B (Brenda): Kind of. When I hadn't seen you for three days, I told him I loved you so I would have to go find you. SO I left. He doesn't exactly know that I'm here with you in Puerto Rico.

S: He does know you're gone though?

B: Yes.

S: Okay, then. Look, the suns setting.

B: It's so beautiful. Remember when we first saw the sun set here?

S: Yeah, that seems so long ago, doesn't it?

B: Not really.

Brenda leans down and kisses Sonny softly on the lips.

{Back to reality}

Sonny gets the two drinks from the bar and walks over to Brenda.

S: Here's your drink Bren.

B: Thanks, sweetie.

S: So where do you want to go for dinner tonight?

B: I'm not sure. We could order room service again.

S: Bren, every night that we've been here we've ordered up room service. Don't you want to go to any of the Puerican restaurants?

B: I'll go anywhere as long as I'm with you. (with a smile) I just thought about all the fun we had up in the room.

S: Well, maybe we should get room service again.

B: You were right Sonny. We should go to one of the restaurants. The restaurant by the beach club looked good.

S: (Sonny takes Brenda's hand and kisses it) Okay then, my princess, that is where we are to dine tonight.

Over by the bar where Sonny was just minutes ago, Jax sits unnoticed by either Brenda or Sonny. His face is full of anger and he seems to get even more anger when Sonny kisses Brenda's hand and when she smiles with delight.

J (Jax): He will pay. I wouldn't let Sonny steal my wife from me.

Sonny helps Brenda up and they walk back up to the hotel. Jax watches them with an evil look.

S: Why don't you go up to the room and I'll meet you there in a couple minutes. I'm going to check if we got any messages.

B: Okay, I'll be getting ready for dinner.

Brenda, who is being followed by Joseph, walks over to the elevator. Sonny walks over to the front desk and leans over it.

S: Any messages for Corinthos? Room 1430.

Woman at counter: Yes, three. And there was a delivery of flowers for Miss Barrett.

S: Were the flowers sent up to the room?

Woman: Yes Mr. Corinthos.

S: Thank you.

Sonny takes the three messages and reads them as he heads towards the elevator. They're all from Jason saying that it's urgent. Sonny chuckles at the thought. It's some business stuff that Jason probably wants to O.K. with Sonny. It would just be a waste of time for Sonny and that would take away time that he and Brenda could spend together. Anyway, he wanted to spend all the time he can with Brenda and keep his business in the back h his head. He walks up to the room and walks in. Brenda runs up to him and hugs him.

B: Thanks for the flowers sweetie.

S: Their beauty doesn't compare with yours.

B: Were there any messages?

S: Yeah, three from Jason.

B: What does he want?

S: Probably some business stuff. Nothing big.

B: Aren't you going to call him?

S: No, I'd rather spend all my time with you.

B: Okay, then.

S: Are you ready?

B: Yeah, just let me get my coat.

S: Sweetie, we're in Puerto Rico. It's 90 degrees out right now.

B: I know. It gets colder at night.

S: Okay if you say so.

Sonny takes Brenda's hand and they walk out of the hotel room down to the lobby with Joseph following close by. They get down to the lobby and Sonny leaves Brenda's side for a moment.

S: I'm just going to leave a message at the front desk if Jason calls again.

Sonny walks up to the desk and hands the woman a piece of paper.

S: If a Jason Morgan calls for room 1430, please give him this message.

Woman: yes, sir.

S: Thank you. (Sonny walks back over to Brenda) Okay Bren, ready to leave?

B: Yeah, I'm starving!

Later that night at the restaurant. Jax is again unnoticed at another table. Brenda and Sonny are so into each other, they are unaware of their surroundings. Sonny reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small velvet box and holds it out to Brenda. She opens it and then gaps at the sight of the beautiful diamond ring shining at her.

S: I know this is sudden, but I don't want to lose you again. I don't think I could live trough it. Brenda, will you marry me?

B: Yes! Of course I'll marry you Sonny!

Sonny places the ring on her finger and she leans over the table and kisses him. Jax gets disgusted at the action. He notices the ring on her finger and gets even more anger at the sight of the ring. He jumps out of his seat and runs over to the table and attacks Sonny.

J (Jax): She's my wife! Stay away from her!

S: Hey man! Get off. She's not yours. Leave her alone.

J: I'll get you Sonny! She's mine and you know it.

S: Jax calm down.

J: I put a ring on her finger first and you know that.

S: Are we getting back to that thing of who did what first? It doesn't matter man. It's her life, that means she chooses who she wants to be with. So ask her and I know that I'll accept what ever she decides.

J: Okay then. Brender, who do you choose? Me or that scum who clams to be a human?

B: I'll choose Sonny. Jax how could you do this? Attack Sonny and then call him scum? You expected me to choose you?

J: How could I do this to you? Your the one who left for the search of your ex-lover and now you're marrying him? What about me Brender? What about us?

B: There is no us Jax. It all ended when you decided not to tell me about Miranda. If you really love me let me go. Let me be happy with Sonny.

J: No! If I can't have you then nobody can!

Jax starts running towards Brenda with a sharp knife pointed at her. Sonny runs over and pushes Jax away. Sonny remains on top of Jax trying to get the knife out of his hands. They continue to struggle for the next few minutes. Before Sonny can get the knife out of Jax's hands, Jax stabs Sonny in the stomach area. Blood immediately starts to gash from the area. Brenda runs over to Sonny, crying and screaming. The employees have already called the police and ambulance.

Waiter: The paramedics will be here very soon and so will the police.

A few other waiters are holding Jax down so he won't hurt anyone else. Sonny is moaning because he's in so much pain. The paramedics arrive first and remove the knife. They put Sonny into the ambulance and Brenda follows. They go off to the hospital, leaving Jax for the police.

Three days later at the hospital. Sonny's lying in the hospital bed with Brenda at his side. Miranda walks in.

M (Miranda): Hello?

B: Oh hi.

M: Jax called me and told me what happened. I had to come down here and see him. Can I talk to him alone?

B: Whatever. I need to eat. Joseph what do you say if we go down to the cafeteria and get something to keep us up?

Brenda and Joseph leave the room.

S: SO what are you doing down here?

M: Jax told me that you might need me? Why'd he do this to you?

S: Jax didn't tell you?

M: No.

S: He was upset. He wanted Brenda and got all ad when he saw that I asked her to marry me.

M: You asked Brenda to marry you?

S: Yeah

M: What about us?

S: What about us? You know that we were just together so that I could get Brenda and you could get Jax. I may not have said it, but you knew.

M: Yeah, but I felt something there Sonny. Don't tell me that you didn't.

S: I did, but all I thought about we getting Brenda back.

M: I really thought that you changed.

Brenda walks back in with some food and Joseph.

S: (to Miranda) You'd better get going now.

Miranda gathers her things and leaves without saying a word. She's very upset by the way Sonny had just brushed her aside once he had gotten what he wanted. She knew from the beginning that he would once he could have Brenda, it would be over, but she thought he had changed. He had kissed her with passion, called her princess as if he meant it and looked at her with loving eyes. He had admitted he felt something, but was it what she felt? She was full of questions which she had no answers to. She wanted so bad for Sonny to answer them, but she knew she had to go to Jax.

A few days later: Sonny has since gotten out of the hospital and now he and Brenda are in their hotel room packing their belongings. Brenda stops packing.

B: Why is it every time we come here, something bad happens?

S: Hey, something good happens too. (Sonny smiles at the thought)

Brenda playful hits Sonny. B: Is that all you think about?

S: Ha Ha.

B: I was just joking. Anyways I'm so happy to get back home. I mean I do love Puerto Rico, but being back in Port Charles will be fun. The only problem I'm going to have is Lucy. She's going to kill me for being away for so long.

S: I'll make sure you're okay. Have I let anything happen to you yet?

Brenda walks over to Sonny and puts her arms around his neck. She's leaning very close to him. B: I know that you would never(Brenda's sentence is interrupted by a knock at the door.) Who could that be?

Brenda takes her arms away from Sonny and walks over to the door. She first checks who it is in the peep hole and then opens the door.

Bellboy: Here's the bill Miss Barrett.

B: Thank you.

Brenda takes the bill from the bellboy and then closes the door.

S: We'd better be going. If we're at home, there won't be any bellboys disturbing us.

About three months later at Sonny's PH. It's the afternoon and Brenda's in the front room sitting on the couch looking for a paper in a mass of papers scattered over the coffee table. Sonny's upstairs doing something. There's a knock at the door and Brenda releaves herself from the search and gets up to answer the door.

J: So you never thought you'd be answering the door to me did you?

B: What are you doing here Jax?

J: I came to get you. You don't have to pack, I'll buy you whatever you need. Just get some shoes and a coat on and we can leave.

B: Leave Jax.

J: Now don't you want to come with me?

B: No. Now leave Jax. Leave me alone.

J: I would think that one of your mobster boyfriend's men would be here telling me that for you.

B: Jax, can't you just let go?

J: No.

B: Leave.

J: No.

B: Jax, leave!

J: I don't have to.

B: Sonny!

J: Oh, so you can't take care of your own business? Now he does everything for you?

Sonny comes walking down the stairs with some papers in his hands.

S: Yeah Bren? (Sonny looks up from the papers towards the doorway and notices Jax) Jax leave this building.

J: Not without Brender.

S: Well, I see a problem there because my fiancee doesn't seem to want to go with you.

J: Well, it's because you've spent the last three months brainwashing her to stay with her.

S: Jax leave before I call the police.

J: And you think they'll side with you? The mobster whom no one takes serious.

S: Jax, leave.

J: I'll leave for now, but I will come back and for my wife.

It's later that night. Brenda and Sonny are in bed with the lights out. Brenda is lying with her head on Sonny's chest and Sonny has his arm around her. She's peacefully asleep, looking like an angel. Sonny on the other hand is lying there awake. He keeps thinking about what Jax said. "The mobster whom no one takes serious." How could he say such a thing. People take him seriously. But there was something else. Sonny keeps thinking about this mafia. He has gotten in so much trouble, nothing serious, but trouble while being in the mafia. His wife died because of it and Brenda and he have almost died repeatedly because of it. He had to get out of it. Get away from the problems and the worries. If he was going to marry Brenda, he had to make sure the he could assure her that he'll keep her safe. He was going to have to get out somehow.

It's about two that next morning. Sonny's on the phone. He has been for the last two hours. Brenda's still sound asleep in the bedroom.

S: Well I want out! I'll sell my position. (Pauses) How much? The highest bidder. Put the word out. Bids start at $20 Million. Bye.

Sonny hangs up the phone, not knowing what to do now. He had just put the word out that he's out of the business. He could support Brenda without the mafia. They could be happy. Even happier then. No secrets. Sonny's pacing back and forth and can't seem to stop. He knows that he could get more for his position. It was all of the East coast and Puerto Rico, but to let them know he really wanted out, he started the bid low. Sonny is walking back to bed when the phone rings. He walks back and picks it up quickly before can Brenda wake up and answer.

S: Corinthos here.

Voice on the phone: We've got a bids up to 30 Million.

S: Already?

Voice: I call they bid. Want me to keep going?

S: Yeah. Keep going until they stop.

Sonny hangs up the phone and goes back to bed. Brenda is half awake half asleep when he walks back into the room.

B: Who was that one the phone?

S: A bid, I'm selling my position.

Brenda sits start up and is wide awake. B: You're what?

S: Selling my position.

B: Why? I'm okay with it.

S: Jax got me thinking.

B: Sonny, forget what Jax said. He's just out to hurt us.

S: I have to. To keep us safe. Now go to sleep sweetheart.

The next morning- Brenda's in the kitchen trying to make breakfast. I mean REALLY trying. She's so involved in her cooking, that she doesn't notice Sonny walk in.

S: Hey, what are you doing?

B: Oh, I'm breakfast.

Sonny smiles and chuckles. S: No, really what are you doing?

B: I mean it, I'm making breakfast. Now sit down at the table and it'll be down in a minute.

Sonny walks over to the table and sits down waiting while reading the paper. About a minute later, Brenda walks over with a plate of edible looking food.

S: Okay. What did you make me?

B: Eggs, hash browns and pancakes. Now try it. I really, really tried hard to get it right.

Sonny hesitates, but then puts some eggs on his fork and then again hesitates before putting the fork and eggs in his mouth.

S: Hey, these aren't that bad. Honey, you did a great job.

B: Really?

S: Yeah, taste for yourself.

Brenda hesitates not trusting her cooking and finally has some eggs.

B: Wow! They are good. GO me!

Sonny laughs at her reaction.

To be continued

Later that day. Sonny and Brenda are getting ready for the day ahead of them. Brenda is getting ready for her shot and Sonny for many phone calls that he's going to make today. Brenda is finally finished and goes out for a job. Sonny walks over the to the phone and dials a number.

S: Yeah, it's me. Any more bets?

Voice: It's up to 150 million.

S: Tell me when they stop.

Sonny hangs up the phone and walks over to the window. He stares out of the window at the beautiful view. He stays there in deep ponder. There's a soft knock at the door. Sonny walks over to the door, still in deep ponder. He opens the door and sees Robin standing there with Jason. He reaches out and hugs her.

S: Hey, what are you doing home?

R: Just to surprise you and Uncle Mac.

S:: Today is just full of surprises. First Brenda cooks a edible breakfast and then you come here.

R: Wait, Brenda cooked something that's edible. What was it? Cereal?

S: No. Real food. Eggs and pancakes. They were really good too.

R: Wow! So how are you guys doing?

S: Good. And you?

R: Good, the medicine's working if that's what you mean.

S: I meant how you're feeling. And school.

R: Good. So, when's the wedding date set for?

S: June 22 so you'll be able to come.

R: I can't wait!

S: So how long are you going to be here?

R: Only this week. I wish that I could stay longer, but I have so much to do at school.

S: Bren's going to be back in about an hour, so if you want to stay and wait for her, you can.

R: Well, actually, I was going to visit her at the shoot.

S: Okay, then you make sure Jason stays with you.

R: Okay Sonny.

S: You two will need to come over for dinner this week. Brenda can make some of her eggs she perfected so well.

R: Okay (Laughing) We'll make plans later.

S: Bye sweetie.

Sonny shows them out and close the door after seeing that they made it to the elevator all right. There's a soft knock on the door. Sonny opens it thinking it's Robin and Jason.

At the shoot; Brenda's getting her pictures done. Lucy's watching from the side with a slight smile on her face. Brenda's cell phone rings. Lucy answers it so that Brenda's not distracted.

Lucy: Hello?

Voice: Miss Barrett?

Lucy: No, this is Lucy Coe. Brenda's doing a shoot right now, may I take a message?

Voice. This is General Hospital. Sonny Corinthos has been omitted for a gun shot wound. He's been asking for Miss Barrett for an hour now.

Lucy: She'll be there right away.

Lucy hangs up the phone and then walks over the where Brenda was getting her pictures done. She tells the photographer that they're going to stop for the day. Brenda walks over to Lucy with a huge smile on her face.

B: Is that all we need for today?

Lucy: Brenda, Sonny's in the hospital for a gun shot wound.

B: Oh my!

Lucy : A limo out front will take you there right away.

B: Thanks Lucy.

Brenda rushes out the doors to the awaiting car outside. The car speeds away. Lucy stands at the doorway watching. She then looks to the sky.

Lucy (whispering): God, please take care of Sonny. Please.

She tells the crew that they're going to take a break and then makes sure that everything is packed up. She walks over to the door and grabs her coat and purse and drives away. A few minutes later, she arrives at General Hospital. She rushes into the building to the front desk.

Lucy: Corinthos?

Nurse: Sorry, he's in surgery right now. You can wait until he comes out if you like.

Lucy: Did a Miss Barrett arrive here?

Nurse: Yes. She's waiting over there.

The nurse points over to a waiting area where Brenda is sitting rocking herself while crying.

Lucy: Thank you

Lucy walks over to the area and sits next to Brenda and hugs her.

To Be Continued...

Later that day. Sonny has just gotten out of surgery and is still asleep. Brenda is sitting next to him in a hospital room. Jason walks into the room and places his hand on her shoulder.

B: Jason, hi.

Jason: How's he doing?

B: They think he'll be okay. He just got out of surgery.

Jason: Robin wanted to be here, but she already promised Mac to have lunch. She said she'd be here soon.

B: She's in town?

Jason: Yeah, she wanted to surprise everyone. Who did this to him?

B: They don't know. He lost a lot of blood. Mike found him an hour after he was shoot. He needs a blood transfusion.

Jason: Well, you have his blood type don't you?

B: Yeah, but I've been feeling fatigue lately, so they wanted to do some tests to see if there was anything wrong.

Just then on cue, a doctor walks in with a clipboard.

Doctor: Miss Barrett, I've got the results of the tests.

B: SO am I okay? Can I give him the blood transfusion?

Doctor: No. Miss Barrett, you're pregnant.

B: What? I'm pregnant. Oh my

Doctor: Because of the baby, you can't give him the blood. We're working on finding other matches.

The doctor leaves a stunned Brenda and Jason.

B: But the blood type is so rare. It's going to be so hard to find someone with it fast enough. He can't die! He can't die. He can't leave us here alone!

Jason comes over to Brenda and hugs her.

Jason: Don't worry, they'll find someone.

Brenda is pacing back and forth in the hospital lobby. She's so worried about Sonny's condition, that she doesn't notice Mike who is calling for her. Mike walks over to Brenda, finally realizing he won't get her attention by yelling, and taps her on her shoulder.

Mike: BrendaBrenda

B: What? (somewhat distracted)

Mike: Brenda, they've found a match! Sonny's going to be all right.

B: He's going to be all right?!?

Brenda jumps up and hugs Mike and begins to cry. Mike also begins to cry and they stay in that position for a few minutes.

B: (mumbling) He's going to be all righthe's going to make ithe'll be able to a father to our baby.

Brenda's in the PH pacing back and forth in the front foyer. She's biting her nails, even tough she knows it a bad habit. She hears a noise outside the door and stops pacing and biting her nails. She quickly runs to the door and opens it to Jason, Mike, and Sonny. Brenda runs up to Sonny and hugs him and then lays one on him.

B: Baby, I'm so glad you're home!

S: Me too.

B: Are you feeling all right?

S: Just a little soar, but the Alan said that's normal.

B: I've got news Sonny.

S: What?

B(with a radiant smile on her face): I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby!

S: I'm going to be a daddy? And you're going to be a mommy.

B: Yeah!

Sonny picks her up in a hug and swings her around. When he stops, he kisses her passionately. Jason and Mike smile at the sight. Mike walks over to Sonny and Brenda and hugs Sonny. Then he kisses Brenda on the cheek.

Mike: Congrats son!

S: You too. You're going to be a grandpa old man.

Mike: I'll be thanking God about this tonight. I'd better get to Luke's.

S: Well, Bren and I are going to be out celebrating tonight! Maybe we'll stop by Luke's.

Mike leaves the PH and Jason walks over to the happy couple.

Jason: I'd better get going too. I hope you guys have a good time celebrating. Congratulations too.

Jason leaves the two alone in the PH. Sonny picks up Brenda in his arms and carries her over to the couch where they sit down.

S: So where do you want to go to celebrate?

B: Anywhere, as long as I'm with you.

{flashbackBrenda and Sonny are standing outside of Luke's}

S: I feel so dead inside.

Brenda hugs him.

B: Honey, you're alive. As long as I'm with you and you're with me, we'll both be alive.

S: You wanna go somewhere?

B: I'll go anywhere as long as I'm with you.

{Back to reality}

B: How about Luke's?

S: Your wish is my command.

1 Months later-

Brenda and Sonny are at GH in a room. Brenda's not quite showing yet, which she considers as a good thing. She believes that if she's not showing much at 2 months, she won't be too big at 8 or 9. Since she's so tiny, it makes her look huge. Alan walks into the room with a clipboard.

Alan: Have I got some news for you two.

B: If you know the sex of the baby, we've decided we don't want to know yet.

Alan: Not quite. We do know the sex, but that's not the news. The news is, you're going to have twins.

S: Twins?

B: Are you sure?

Alan: As sure as we can be at this time. We hear two heart beats and began to see two developed bodies. It looks like you're going to be the parents of two babies at once. You should come in another month.

B: Okay.

Alan leaves Brenda and Sonny alone in the room.

S: My baby's giving me two babies.

B: Yeah, we're going to have two little bundles of joy.

The car ride home.

S: You know, since we're having two, it'll better if we move.

B: Move? Not out of Port Charles.

S: No, I mean we should build a house. We're going to need a place bigger than a PH. You know when they get older, they're going to want their own rooms and we'll need a playroom for them and bathroom for each.

B: You've got this all planned out, don't you?

S: Yeah. I want all my precious' to be happy. And I know you want to have this huge house with maids and butlers. When the babies come, we'll need to get a nanny, because if we're both working someone's going to have to look after them.

Brenda laughs.

B: Have you got our whole future planned out?

S: Everything up until we're 65. When I found out that we were having twins, I had to change things around a bit and haven't finished yet.

B: When are we going to find a house? We're already so busy with the wedding plans.

S: You must have a dream house in mind.

B: Yeah, but it would cost millions.

S: Sweetie, we can afford it. Anything you want, I'll give you. I'll get a huge lot, hire a architect and interior decorator. All you have to do is tell them what you want and it'll be done.

B: Sonny, you spoil me too much!

S: I only have one life to. I've gotten a lot of bids for the position.

B: Are you sure you want to sell?

S: Even more now. I have to be sure that all three of you will be all right.

B: How high?

S: Really high. Enough to keep us alive for centuries. My position and land I control is big. I have all of Puerto Rico, some of Canada and some of the US. It's worth a lot. The guy says they keep fighting over it and they're up to 5 billion.

B: 5 billion dollars?

S: I was ready to settle at 200 Million. They just keep going.

B: 5 billion is enough.

S: I'll sell tonight.

B: The wedding planners are coming over at 7:30. We've got to go over the final arrangements. Only one more month and we'll be married.

S: I don't think I can wait that long.

B: You've waited five years, I think you can wait another month.

S: I'll call the architect and interior decorator and make an appointment for next week Tuesday. Is that all right with you?

B: Can't go to work, so any day is fine with me.

The next week. The architect and interior decorator are sitting on the couch.

S: Now you listen, this is Brenda's house, so whatever she says goes.

B: Sonny, it's both of our house. You have some say in it too.

S: Whatever you say.

Architect: So Mrs. Corinthos, how would you like your house to look like?

B: First, it should be four floors including the attic, which will be finished and a finished basement. Second, let's see. Sonny, how many bedrooms?

S: I'm not sure yet.

Architect: We can go over that our next appointment. Have you found a lot yet?

S: Yes, right here in Port Charles. It's just over by the lake.

Interior Decorator: The next appointment we'll also have color samples and fabric, carpet, furniture catalogs. Mr. Corinthos, didn't you say you were getting all new furniture?

S: Yes, that way Bren will get to plan the furniture and rooms anyway she pleases.

The architect and interior decorator have left. Bren and Sonny are sitting on the couch looking through books at houses.

B: Did you sell yet?

S: Yeah. I got the final bid last night. 6.2 billion dollars.

B: 6.2 billion dollars? Last you told me, it was up to 5 billion.

S: People wanted that position bad. So my princess, how about we have this color brick? (pointing to a house in one of the books.)

B: I think it would look beautiful. Let's see. We need a room for us, one for each of the kids, a playroom, exercise room, office, pool room, what else?

S: A spa.

B: Ha Ha.

S: I'm serious. We should have a spa put in and let's see we'll need a bathroom for each of them in their rooms, plus another bedroom or two with a bathroom as guest rooms or a spare room. We'll need a bathroom in the hall and our room. Two downstairs. Also a room for the pool things.

B: There's so much to think of when designing your own house.

One month later on Sonny and Brenda's wedding day. Brenda's upstairs in a room with a pastel blue dress with daisies all over it. Robin and Lois are also in the room with her.

Lois: Bren, you'd better start getting dressed! There's only four hours until the wedding starts. You need to do your hair, make-up, get dressed and get out the jitters.

Brenda walks over, around the bed, to a bureau where the dress is hanging inside. Brenda is now three months pregnant, but doesn't show a bit. She looks as thin as she does when she's modeling.

B: I can tell you that I am not going to get the jitters. I've waited for this day for five years. There is no way that I'm going to doubt it.

R: You're going to look so beautiful today Brenda!

B: We all are. Lois is right I should get dressed. Can you guys help me? This dress looks so big and hard to get on.

Brenda is referring to the dress inside the cabinet. It takes up the whole cabinet. The dress is made of silk and satin and lace. The top is short sleeved with a swooping neck. The outline neck is silk and so is the part under the chest. From where the silk starts under the chest, the dress buffs out. The skirt of the dress is made out of silk and satin. The veil is gauzy material with the top made of white roses. Robin and Lois help Brenda get on the dress. First she has to put on the slip and then the dress over her head. The dress fits perfectly and Brenda does look beautiful in it. Brenda walks over to a make-up and sits down. There's a knock at the door. Lois runs over to it.

Lois: Who is it?

Maid: It's Briana. I'm here with the stylists to do Miss Barrett's hair and make-up.

Lois opens the door to a group of four people with tons of equipment. They all walk in and behind them is Ned with Brooke.

Lois: There's my precious!

Lois holds out her arms to little Brooke who's two years old. Brooke's all dressed in a little flower girl outfit, complete with a wreath made of different colored daisies.

B: Well Brooke you look beautiful.

Brooke: Thank you Brenda. You look beautiful too.

The people start working on Brenda. There are two people working on her hair and the other two people are working on her make-up. About an hour later, they're all finished. Brenda looks like an angel. Robin and Lois help her put of the veil while the people leave. Lois and Robin leave to go get dressed with the other bridesmaids. Brenda picks up Brooke.

B: So Brooke, do you think I'll be a good mommy?

Brooke: Yeah!

Lois is knocking on the door to Brenda's room.

B: Come in!

Lois opens the door and walks into the room with Ned.

Lois: You can't just say come in. What if I was Sonny? You know that he can't see you before the wedding. Remember what bad luck it brought you last time you had a wedding?

B: It wasn't bad luck. I mean I'm getting married to Sonny now and if I had married Jax, this wouldn't be happening.

Ned: Any ways, Lois, Brooke, and I wanted to give you this before the wedding.

Ned hands her a small wrapped box. Brenda takes the box and unwraps it gently as if it were a baby. Out of the wrapping paper appears a small jewelry box. Inside is a necklace with a blue heart on it.

Lois: You needed something blue.

B: Thank you!

Brenda hugs them with a big smile on her face.

Ned: It's about time we get this wedding started. Ready to walk down that isle?

B: I have been since the day I met him. Let's get started.

In Sonny's room. He's all dressed up in his tux and looks absolutely charming. Jason is also dressed up is a tux and looks dreamy.

Jason: So Sonny, are you ready for this wedding to start?

S: You bet. Let's get to the garden.

Sonny opens the door to the room and Jason follows him out to the garden. Outside of the Quartermaine mansion, in the garden, there are about a 100 people sitting. There's a live orchestra playing music for the waiting guests. Sonny walks down to the place where the minister is standing. The music begins and the procession of people begin to walk down. First Lois and Luke, then Jason and Laura, Emilie and Lucky, Keesha and Jagger, and last Robin and Mike. Shortly after, Brooke walks down the isle and begins to toss flower petals. The music changes and the guests stand up turning towards the radiant Brenda. She's carrying the bouquet of daisies and roses and smiling. She slowly walks down the isle with Ned. When they get to the end of the isle, and Ned kisses her on the cheek and the steps aside.

Priest: Who gives this woman away?

Ned: I do.

Priest: Do you Michael Corinthos take Brenda as your wife?

S: I do.

Priest: DO you Brenda Barrett, take Michael to be your husband?

B: I do.

Priest: Michael and Brenda have prepared their own vows.

S: Brenda, I've always known that our love would last to this day. Even with all the obstacles that we've had to go through to get here, I know that it was all worth it. I'll be honored to be able to finally call you my wife.

B (in tears): I knew ever since the day that I first saw you in that car dealership that I would follow you anywhere, and I have. And I know I will until the day we both die.

Priest: Can I have the rings please?

Jason reaches into his pocket and retrieves a large diamond ring with a gold band and hands it to Sonny. Robin takes a ring off the bouquet she was carried down the isle and hands the gold band with the five diamonds in it to Brenda.

Priest: Michael and Brenda, you may now place the rings on each others fingers.

Brenda hands over her bouquet and the ring to Lois. Then Sonny takes her hand and puts the ring on her hand.

S(whispering): With this ring I finally thee wed.

Brenda laughs through the tears of joy.

Lois gives the ring back to Brenda and she places it on Sonny's finger.

Priest: By the power invested in me by the state of New York, I proudly pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

Sonny and Brenda kiss passionately while the others watch for what seems hours, but is only about a minute. The music begins again and they proceed down the isle. The reception is at the Port Charles Hotel in a ballroom thanks to Ned. There are tables for 250 and still room for dancing and the caters. Brenda and Sonny hop into their limo waiting outside of the Quartermaine's and the rest of the wedding get into their cars or limos.

S: Finally you are my wife.

B: Thank God.

S: This is the first of the happiest days of my life. Now all we have to do is make it through the reception and then I'll have you all to myself.

B: What a glorious thought. We'll have each other with out any worries of each other's wife or husband catching us.

At the reception - Brenda, Sonny, Lois, Ned, Luke, Laura and the rest of the people in the wedding are lined up shaking people's hands, hugging people, and kissing people. At the end of the line there is a table with a large pile of presents. Once the long line of people ended, they all walk up to the long table in the front which is for them and sit down to dinner. During the dinner there are many toasts to the new happy couple. Then after dinner, the dancing begins. It begins with the bride and groom's first dance as husband and wife.

B: We thought long and hard to what song should be the first we were to dance to as husband and wife. It took a long time to think of a song that would be ours for eternity. Finally, we came up with Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby'. It describes us all the way.

The song begins and they dance. The song ends and they still dance and dance and dance the night away. Now it's 4:30 A.M. and they're on a plane to Puerto Rico, back to the place the always end up.

After the Honeymoon. Brenda and Sonny are in the PH with the architect (Andrew) and interior decorator (Susan).

Andrew: Have you decided the layout of the basement?

B: We want a bar on the spare space on the wall across from the sliding door. And then the Spa will be on the other side of the basement.

Susan: And what are you going to do with he rest of the open space?

B: Leather couches and chairs and big screen TV.

S: We've also found the carpet colors we want for each room. We found this one carpet while we were in Puerto Rico. Do you think you can get it for us?

Susan: Of course Mr. Corinthos.

B: We'll get the rest of the ready for our next appointment, but we've got to get to our appointment at the hospital now.

All four stood up and walk to the door. Sonny gets Brenda her coat. She's beginning to show a bit now, but still looks great for being four months pregnant. All four walk out to the elevator just past Katherine Bell's PH. Ten minutes later, Brenda and Sonny arrive at General Hospital. The inside of the hospital is busy. Brenda and Sonny patiently wait in a room for Alan to come.

B: Sonny, I was just thinking. The house isn't going to be finished by the time the babies are born. It'll be at least another 3 months after they're born until the house will be completed. That means we're going to have to get a room done for them in the PH and then move all that to the new house.

S: Bren don't worry so much.

B: Well, is there going to be enough room in the PH for two babies? We don't have a room to put two cribs in and all that other baby stuff.

S: Sweetie, we have Stone's old room. There's enough room there for them to live for three months.

B: But that's Stone's room. We can't put them there. That would be like taking away his last worldly possession.

S: Bren, as long as Robin's alive, a part of Stone is still on earth. Robin has a part of Stone in her and it'll never leave her. She's shown that when she let herself love again. You know that Stone lives in her.

Alan walks in, not really interrupting their conversation, because it's basically already done. There was no way that Sonny was going to let Brenda win this one. He still loves Stone and gets her point, but he knows way too well that Stone is alive in Robin. Not only by the HIV, but there is part of Stone in anyone who knew him. Sonny still remembers what a great person he was and all his friends will always remember him. He knows there is no way that anyone could forget Stone.

Alan: Well you two, everything seems to look good so far. The babies are doing good and you are too Brenda. Just keep doing what you've been doing and these babies will be perfectly healthy humans.

B: Only four more months.

Alan: You're looking forward to getting back to work?

B: You bet. Lucy misses me so much! Just a few months of exercising and spending time with the three most important people in my life and then I'll be off to work again.

Alan: You take it easy Brenda until these babies are born. I know how you can over exert yourself. Too much work and not a lot of R&R can be harmful to the babies.

B: R&R? You're beginning to sound really hip Alan.

Alan: Hey, having Emilie around the house does that kind of thing.

B: How is Emilie? I haven't seen her in the longest time.

Alan: She's doing good. She's spent a lot of her time with this friend of hers Matt.

B: You'll have to tell her to call me so we can do something. I would love to go to lunch with her sometime soon. I've just been so busy with the preparing for the babies and planning for the new house.

Alan: How's the house coming along?

B: Pretty good. It should be done three months after the babies are born.

S: This one has been spending so much time going through all these books trying to find her dream house.

2 months later. Brenda's stomach is much bigger. She looks very much like she's pregnant and that she's very ready to have these babies. But still as always, she looks beautiful. She's all dressed up in a cute sundress great for the nice late summer weather. Her hair is pulled up it a relaxed french twist with a clear clip in it. The doorbell to the PH rings and Brenda opens the door to Emilie. They hug.

Emilie: Wow! You've gotten much bigger since the wedding.

B: Just another two months! Are you ready to go to lunch?

Emilie: Yeah. It's nice to see you again. I've been spending so much time with Matt, that I haven't seen a lot of my friends lately.

B: That's what Alan said when we saw him at the doctor's office a few months ago. I don't blame you tough for wanting to be out of that house. I remember how it was when I lived there. Not the happiest house in Port Charles. The Quartermaine's always seem to have something to fight about.

Emilie: So have you and Sonny decided on names for the babies yet?

B: No. You see that means we have to think up three sets of names. Since we don't want to know the sex of the babies, there's the possibility of a boy and girl, two boys or two girls. We don't know what we want to name the babies yet.

Emilie: You know, Emilie is a great name for a girl.

2 months later. Brenda and Sonny are at the hospital. Brenda has just given birth to two babies, a boy and a girl.

S: Hello, Andrea Marie Corinthos and Thomas Stone Corinthos. And hello to their beautiful mother.

Brenda's smiling holding her two babies. They are the two most precious and beautiful things I've ever seen.

S: Just like their mother.

B: I just can't wait until we can all go home.

S: I just talked to Andrew, the architect. He said the house will be finished in a month. Then Susan said that they'll have the house all carpeted, furnished, and have everything done that you want done in another month after that. Only another two months until we get to move into our house.

B: When are the landscapers going to do the yard?

S: Once everything on the outside is finished.

B: This is all so exciting. I've got my babies, and my love, and now this huge house. I was thinking. We should have a fort built in the backyard for Tommy and a playhouse for Andi. When they get older, they're going to want something like that to play in. We should get them a swing set too. They have those little baby swings.

S: Sounds perfect. Everything is set up at home for the babies. Mike and I did a little bonding when we were assembling the cribs and putting the last touches in the babies' room. He's going to stop over here later to see his grandkids.

B: That'll be nice.

There's a knock at the door. Sonny goes over and opens it to see Lucky and Luke Spencer.

S: Hey you guys.

Luke: We're not interrupting anything, are we? If we are, we can always come back later.

B: No, you're not interrupting anything. And I'm sure your godchildren would love for you to hold them.

Luke: I would love to hold them.

Lucky: We got these presents for them.

Lucky hands over two large boxes to Brenda. She opens the first box wrapped in blue paper. Inside the box is a little T-shirt with matching overalls, hat, socks, and shoes. In the next box is an adorable dress with matching shoes, socks, and hair bow.

B: They're so cute! Thank you!

Lucky: They're both so tiny, it might take months for the outfits to fit.

Luke: Why don't you hold one of them Lucky.

Luke hands over the tiny baby boy.

Lucky: Was I ever this small dad?

Luke: You were. It's hard to believe.

Lucky: Well, I remember when Lulu was this small. Oh yeah Brenda, mom said that she's going to have you, Sonny and the babies over once she gets home.

B: When is she getting home?

Luke: Leslie, Lulu and Laura are going to be getting home in a week. I finally got Stefan straighten out.

B: That's good.

There's a light knock on the door and it is then opened by Brooke, Ned, and Lois.

Lois: Hey, there they are. Look how tiny! I can't believe it Bren. Two at once. And I thought that one was hard. How are my godchildren?

B: They're doing very good.

Lois: Oh, they look like little angels, just like my Brooke did. And those tiny outfits! Oh they are so adorable!

In their new house. Brenda is holding Andi and Sonny is holding Tommy. They are standing in a large room which is beautifully decorated.

B: Andi, Tommy, this is our new home. So how do you like it?

S: I think it's perfect.

They walk up the long staircase to the hallway and into a room, which looks to be the babies'. They each put the same babies into their own cribs and then leave the dark room.

B: Sonny, you know how I've always wanted more than I already have?

S: Yes, but that's how all princesses are.

B: Well, I finally feel like everything I have is all I need. All that I want, finally, everything is perfect.


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