A Change in Plans by K.C.

Chapter 1

It's a cold day in Port Charles. Brenda has just again told Sonny her and Jax belong together and refuses to accept that Sonny still loves her and she loves him back. Sonny's standing in front of Ruby's looking through the window at someone. Brenda's in the hotel room, in her silk PJ's staring out the window with her arms crossed at her chest. Sonny opens the door to Ruby's and taps Miranda on the shoulder.

M (Miranda): Sonny, what do you want?

S (Sonny): I want to say I'm sorry for all the problems I've caused. I shouldn't have done it without telling you or Brenda what I was doing first.

M: You're damn right! If I would have known that Jax was happily married, I wouldn't have come here.

S: Sorry. Really, I didn't think it would cause this much pain.

Sonny turns around and walks out of Ruby's and gets into a limo waiting nearby. Miranda sits there thinking of what his motive could be, but can't come up with anything excepts that he loves Brenda. She keeps thinking about the conversation over and over and finally comes up with the conclusion that he really is sorry. Then she regrets that she wasn't kinder to him, but still suspects that he might have had an alternative motive. Sonny walks into his dark and empty PH. He flips the lights on and takes a look around. He can't stand being there doing nothing. He goes upstairs the a room and turns a TV on, watching a show to take his mind off whether his plan was going to work or not.

Brenda is pacing around the hotel room waiting impatiently for Jax to come home. She's been up for the past two hours waiting for him and can't sleep in the bed alone. At least that's what she's telling herself. She's really up because she can't get the conversation between her and Sonny out of her head.

{flashback- - Brenda and Sonny are in Luke's. She was there waiting for Jax to come. Sonny walks up to her.}

S: So what are you doing here?

B (Brenda): Waiting for my husband, not that it's any of your business.

S: Okay, okay. I'm sorry. We just haven't seen you around Luke's lately.

B: Well, Jax wanted to meet here so thatWhy am I telling you this? It's not really anything about you Sonny.

S: I never said it was.

Sonny starts to walk away.

B: Well, you see Miranda wanted to talk to me here and so I came and then she called Jax to come, so that's why.

S: I didn't ask.

B: I know, but you would find out somehow, so I'd rather that it was from me.

S: Okay then. So may I ask what you're here to talk about?

B: Why?

S: Just concerned about you. Whoever is after me, is trying to get to me through you. I want to make sure you're safe, because I love you and couldn't stand to lose another person I love.

B: Sonny.

S: If you ever need me call. You know the number.

B: Sonny, we will never get back together! I will be with Jax forever and there is no way that we can be together again.

S: I know. I just want to keep you safe. I've got to go. Remember, anytime.

{back to reality.}

Brenda can't get the words out of her head, "Sonny, we will never get back together! I will be with Jax forever and there is no way that we can be together again." She can't get why she had said that. He was just trying to keep her safe. He loved her and she knew that and she keeps telling herself that she loves Jax and not Sonny. She was told that Sonny was going to be a bad influence on her. After all he was in the mob and always had to have things his way. Of course she felt something for him. How couldn't she after all they've been through? But still, she doesn't know what it is that she feels. It's midnight and Jax still isn't home yet.

B: Where are you Jax?

There's a noise in the background that Brenda's not familiar with. It startles her and she looks around to see what may have caused it, but sees nothing. She begins to get worried thinking about what Sonny said, "Whoever is after me, is trying to get to me through you." She hears the noise again and immediately picks up the phone and dials Sonny.

Sonny is awaken by the ringing phone. He rubs his eyes and moans. Then he reaches out blindly grabbing for the phone. He finally picks it up.

S: Yeah? (In a tired voice)

B: Sonny. (Sonny slightly grins when he hears Brenda's voice) I'm scared. Jax isn't home yet and I keep hearing all these weird noises. Can you come over?

S: Yeah, just give me 10 minutes.

B: Okay, hurry tough.

S: Bye.

Sonny could tell by the fear in her voice that Brenda was really scared. She tried to hide it as usual, but Sonny knew Brenda and could tell when she was scared. Ten minutes later, Sonny pulls up to the PC hotel. He gives his keys to the vallet parker and then walks into the lobby. He goes in the elevator and pushes Brenda's floor. Once he gets to the door, he hesitates before knocking. He smiles, knowing his plan was going to work. Brenda opens the door promptly after his knocks and lets him in.

B: Thanks.

S: Yeah, well, I can't let this guy hurt you. It would be my fault if they did hurt you.

Sonny walks over to the couch and sits down, looking relaxed.

S: I'll just stay here until Jax gets home.

Brenda comes over and sits near him.

B: Can I get you anything?

S: No. Why don't you go get some sleep. I'll make sure you're okay.

B: Well, I don't think I'll be able to sleep.

S: Try. Lucy would kill me if she found out I let you stay up all night.

B: How did you know I have a shoot tomorrow?

S: Saw Luc at Luke's today. Now go to sleep or I leave.

B: Fine. Goodnight.

S: Yeah, night.

Brenda stands up and walks to her and Jax's bedroom. She's puzzled by why Sonny is acting so weird. While she continues to think of this, she falls asleep from exhaustion. Meanwhile, Sonny is still sitting on the couch looking as if he's in great thought. Then Jax walks in, surprised to see Sonny sitting on his couch. Sonny notices him.

S: Hey Brenda called me cause she was scared. I knew she had a shoot tomorrow, so I came over so she could get some sleep. Now, I'd better be going, cause I need my sleep too.

J (Jax): You expect me to just say it's okay you were here?

S: Actually no, but you see if a friend of me calls for help, I help. Now, your wife is in bed, probably still awake, waiting for you.

Sonny walks out of the room, closing the door behind himself. Jax is puzzled about Sonny. Usually Sonny would have fought about something, but then so would Jax. He was too tired and Sonny was the least of his worries. He had to take a trip to Jersey this morning for business and felt guilty for leaving Brenda alone. He actually was kind of glad Sonny was there making her fell safe.

It's a month later. Sonny's at the Outback eating dinner with Miranda.

M: Sonny, you've changed since I've first came to Port Charles.

S: I stopped living in the past and started all over.

M: So do you want to go see a movie tonight?

S: Sure, what's playing?

M: Evita.

S: Well, we can go see that after dinner.

As Miranda and Sonny continue talk, Brenda and Jax walk in. Brenda notices first and gets a disturbing look on her face. Then Jax follows her gaze and notices.

B: Jax, let them be.

Both Miranda and Sonny are so involved in their conversation, they don't realize who has just walked in. On the other hand, Brenda keeps looking over at their table, not at all paying attention to her and Jax's conversation. As Miranda and Sonny are nearing their dinner, Sonny notices Brenda. She looks so beautiful, it's hard for Sonny to keep his eyes off her and pay attention to Miranda. Then Felicia comes to their table with the check. Sonny pays and then Miranda and he walk out of the Outback, hand in hand.

Sonny and Miranda have just gotten back from Evita. Right now they're in front of Miranda's door.

M: Thanks Sonny, I had a really good time.

S: Me too. (Sonny leans over and kisses her)

M: Night.

S: Sweet dreams, princess.

Miranda walks in her apartment and Sonny walks away smiling.

A few days later. Sonny and Miranda are walking on the docks hand in hand. Brenda is watching from a distance. They stop walking and Sonny kisses her sweet and long. Brenda cringes at the sight. That's when he notices. He sees how much pain he's putting he in and doesn't know if he can continue this.

Later that day:
Brenda's in the hotel room. Jax again is not home and she again is worried. She at first hesitated to call Sonny, but when she started getting pranks, she called him. Unfortunately for her, he wasn't home. She keeps pacing back and forth, scared of what may happen.

She tries Sonny's again. There's no answer yet again.

B: Damn Sonny where are you?!? You said anytime.

Brenda slams the phone down and begins to pace again. Sonny gets to the PH and flips the lights on. He looks over to the answering machine and sees the light blinking. He walks over to the machine and plays the messages.

Unknown person: If you want your little girlfriend to stay alive, you'd better be on the look out, cause tonight may be the last night of her life.

S: Damn you Harry!

Sonny grabs his coat and runs out of the PH.

(The answering machine) B: Sonny, there's something wrong. Someone keeps pranking me and Jax isn't home. Please come here as soon as you get this.

Sonny's in the car speeding over to the Outback, hoping that Miranda's okay. He gets to the Outback and races up the stairs and starts banging on Miranda's door. She opens it with a questioning look on her face.

M: Sonny, what's wrong?

S: Are you okay?

M: Yeah, why?

S: Nothing strange has happened to you since you've got home?

M: No, nothing.

Brenda's in the hotel. There's a knock at the door. She opens it thinking it's Sonny.

S: Are you sure Miranda? Nothing at all?

M: Yes! Sonny what's going on?

S: Those guys that are after me, they left a message on my answering machine saying that tonight was going to be my girlfriend's last night to live. (Sonny realizes that they meant Brenda) Shit! Why didn't I think of her first? Bye Miranda.

Sonny gets into his car and speeds to Brenda's. He gets there and sees that he's too late. The door's open and things are thrown all over the place. He runs in the room and searches the room for clues.

S: Brenda!! Brenda!!

Brenda's not where to be seen and he can't find any clues. Meanwhile, Brenda's in dark unknown room tied up with rope and her mouth is covered with duck tape. Sonny runs out of the hotel while calling Jason.

S: Jason, Brenda's gone. Get all the men you can and put out a search for her. They need to find her. It's life or death.

They spent all night looking all over Port Charles and anywhere Harry might have taken her. Then, as Sonny is thinking there is nowhere else to look, he knows where she is.

H (Harry): Well Ms. Jacks, it seems that Sonny isn't here to save you. You should have died, not Lily. Now, you are going to die too. He loved you more than her. He didn't keep her safe because of you.

B: Harry, please don't. Please.

S: Harry, don't even think about it.

H: Well, you choose to show up Sonny.

Sonny takes out a gun and points it at Harry.

S: Let her go. Kill me, not her. She did nothing wrong. It was me.

H: Fine, you can die in her place.

S: And you promise to leave her alone? Forever?

H: Yes.

B: Sonny, no. Please no.

S: Brenda I've got to. Now let her go.

Harry unties Brenda and lets her go. Sonny lowers his gun once Brenda is safely out of the room. Then Harry points his gun at Sonny. He's about to shot when Jason walks in the room.

J (Jason): Don't even think about it Harry. Mac Scorpio's here. You shot him, you're in a lot more trouble than you all ready are for harassing Brenda. Now lower your gun and come out here peacefully.

Harry lowers his gun and walks out. Mac cuffs him and reads him his rights. Sonny walks over to Brenda.

S: You okay?

B: Thanks to you. How'd you find me?

S: You see, your blood is flowing through me.

B: Thanks sweetie.

S: Anytime.

B: You'd better get to Miranda.

S: She'll be all right for now.

Brenda softly touches his cheek. Sliding her fingers down until they aren't touching his face.

B: Do you love me?

S: Yes, with all my heart.

B: Then go to her.

S: I can't. Even if I did love her, I couldn't go to her. After seeing all the pain I'd be causing you by being with her, how could I?

(Brenda starts to cry) B: I love you, but

S: But what Brenda? You can't keep doing this! How can you say you love me and still stay with him?

B: I don't know. I have to. I have to make this thing with Jax work. It's a marriage Sonny. I committed to him.

S: Damn it Brenda! It's a marriage full of lies and secrets! You trust him after he never told you about Miranda? He probably had no intention of telling either. You just want to live in this perfect fairy tale of this perfect life you think that you two will have, but it's not true. You may have grown up believe that your life would be like Cinderella's, but if you're married to Jax it won't happen. You may be Cinderella, but Jax is not your Prince Charming. I may not be perfect, Bren, but I do love you with all my heart for who you are, not what you look like. Think about that.

Sonny turns around and walks away. Brenda calls after him, but he doesn't respond.

Three days later.

B: Sonny's missing Jax! I haven't seen him either has Luke or Jason. He wouldn't leave without telling them.

J: Brender, you have no need to worry about Sonny or his whereabouts.

B: But that's where you're wrong, I do! I love him Jax and that means I've got to go and look for him.

Puerto Rico on the same beach that Sonny and Brenda made love after getting away from Rivera's men. Sonny's sitting on the beach wearing his suit and tie. Brenda walks up behind him and taps him on the shoulder.

S: How'd you find me?

B: You see, my blood's flowing through your body.

Brenda's kneeling next to Sonny. He leans over and puts his head in her lap.

S: You know I love you baby.

B: Yeah, I know. I love too.


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