"Can We Start Again" by Stacy

== 1 year later S/B/J all went their separate ways. Brenda was the only one that stayed in P.C. 1 year after that Sonny comes back to P.C. because he needs to cover for Luke at the club because Luke and his family are going on a 6 month vacation. Brenda is happily married (that is until Sonny comes back), eventhough she knows heís not the true love of her life. Lois and Ned are together and so are Robin and Jason. Sonny has just ended a relationship two months before he comes back to P.C.==


Chapter 1:

~The day before Sonny is coming back he calls Lois~


S=Lois, itís me, Sonny.

L=Sonny. Itís so good to hear from you.

S=Yeah. Say, what are you doing tomorrow for lunch?

L=Why? Are you coming for a visit?

S=Uh...a long visit. Luke is going on a 6 month vacation with his family so I need to step in at the club.

L=Thatís great. Yeah, weíll do lunch tomorrow. Do you want me to meet you somewhere or do you want to come here?

S=Meet me at the Outback at noon.

L=Ok. See you then.

S=All right.

L=Um....Sonny, I think there is something you should know.


L=Brenda never left P.C.

S=But I thought her and Jax....

L=No. She tried to be with him but she just couldnít.


L=Look, weíll talk more about it tomorrow, but I thought that you should know that....well, sheís married.

-Sonny doesnít say anything-


S=Yeah. Iím fine. Iíll see you tomorrow, k?


-They hang up-


~Lois calls Brenda~

-Brenda is at home with her husband Matt-


L=Matt, itís Lois. Is Bren there?

M=Yeah, sure. Hold on.

-Puts the phone down-

M=Brenda, Lois is on the phone.


-Matt hangs up and Brenda picks up the phone-

B=Lois, whatís up?

L=Can you come over for a few minutes. We need to talk.

B=Can it wait? Me and Matt are...

L=Sorry, but not really. 20 minutes, ok?


-They hang up-

-Brenda walks over to Matt-

B=Honey, I need to go see Lois. Iíll be back soon.

M=Ok. I am going to run to the office for a few hours, ok?

B=Ok. See you later.

-She gives him a kiss and leaves-

-A few minutes later Matt leaves for the office-


~At the gatehouse~

-Brenda walks in the door-

B=Whatís up, Lois?

Chapter 2:

L=Hi. Come and sit down on the couch with me, ok?

B=Ok. Is something wrong? Are you ok?

L=Iím fine. Come on.

-They sit. Lois looks at Brenda-

B=What? Lois, will you please just tell me.

L=Sonny is coming back to Port Charles.

B=What? When did you hear that?

L=He called earlier. Luke is taking his family on a six month vacation. So Sonny needs to come back to run the club.

B=(she gets up) Wow. Heís coming back. Is he bringing his girlfriend that heís been seeing for over a year?

L=I donít know. I donít even know if theyíre still together.



B=(smiles)Lois, Iím just fine. I have Matt and I love him. Everything will be ok.

L=Are you over Sonny?

B=(silent for a moment) I have to go. I have to do some things before Matt gets home.


B=(smiles) Lois, Iím just fine. I have Matt and I love him. Everything will be ok.

L=Are you over Sonny?

B=(silent for a moment) I have to go. I have to do some things before Matt gets home.


B=(walks out the door) Iím fine.

L=(outloud) Youíre not over him. I knew it. Here we go again.


~At the docks~

-Brenda needs to think so she needs to the docks. She sits on the bench-

B=(outloud) I canít believe heís coming back. I wonder..... No, Brenda you canít. Youíre happily married. He probably doesnít even still love you. (she pauses) Stop!! I better get home to Matt.


~Later that night at Lukeís~

-Sonny walks in-


L=Sonny! ( Luke goes over to Sonny) Thank you for doing this.

S=Donít worry. Now go! Iíll talk to you when you get back.


-Luke leaves and Sonny walks over to the bar. Mike is there but has his back facing Sonny-

S=Hey, old man.

M=(turns around) Michael. Luke told me you would be back. Itís good to see you. How have you been?

S=Iím fine.

M=Are you here for good?

S=I donít think so.

M=I see. You heard, didnít you?


M=Donít do that. About Brenda.

S=Yeah, but letís not talk about it tonight.

M=Ok. Iíll let it go for tonight.

S=(laughs) Glad to be back.

-Sonny goes to the back office-


~Brendaís house~

-the phone rings-


M=Sweetheart, itís me. I need to go away on a business trip.

Chapter 3:

B=Matt, no.

M=Iím sorry. You know I hate this.

B=Yeah, Iím sorry. How long will you be gone?

M=Two days, I think.

B=Ok. I love you. Call me when you get there, ok?

M=I will. I love you, too.

-they hang up-


~the next morning~

-Brenda picks up the phone and calls Robin-


B=Robin, hi.

R=Hi. Whatís up?

B=Not mch. Matt had to go on a business trip for two days.


B=So would you like to have lunch with me?

R=Sure. I h ave to go see my uncle Macm so why donít you meet me there.


-they hang up-


~Later that afternoon~

-Sonny walks into the outback and sees Robin-

-Robin walks over to him and gives him a hug-

R=What are you doing here? (he tells her) Oh, I see. Itís so great to see you. Iíve missed you. How are you?

S=Iím fine. Me and Katie broke up a few months ago.

R=Iím sorry.

S=Donít be. It was for the best.

-In walks Lois. Sonny and her hug-

L=Do you want to join us, Robin?

R=No, I canít. I am meeting someone.

S=Ok. Stop by the club soon. We can catch up.

R=I would love that.

S=See you then.

-Lois and Sonny go sit down. Robin walks back over to Mac-

M=Heís back, huh?

R=Yeah, I guess. Iíve missed him a lot.

M=Does Brenda know?

R=I donít know. But if she doesnít, all I have to say is watch out. What am I saying? Even if she does know we will have trouble. Watch for people to get hurt.

M=Are you sure about that? Maybe they donít love each other anymore.

R=I doubt that.

-They both look over at Sonny and Loisí table-


~Lois and Sonny at a table~

S=Iím glad you could come.

L=I wouldnít miss it.

S=Are you still with Ned?

L=Yeah. Are you still with....

S=No, we ended it a few months ago.

L=Iím sorry. I know how much you wanted to try to move on.

S=Yeah, well.....

L=She knows that youíre back. I told her yesterday.

S=What did she say?

Chapter 4:

L=Not much.


L=I know that she still loves you.

S=She doesnít. Not if she got married again and didnít respond when you told her I was back.

L=Sheís surprised and in shock right now. You know I want you two to be happy. And I think the only for that to happen is ďtogetherĒ

S=No. I mean, Lois, sheís married.

L=Yeah and she does love him. But itís not the same. It never is and you know that.

S=I donít know.

L=I do. Are you going to tell me that you donít lover her anymore?

S=Iím not sure. Itís been so long. But sheís always been in my thoughts and heart I guess.

L=I knew it. You still love her.

S=(smiles) Ok, Ms. Matchmaker.

L=Thatís me.

-Brenda walksin and freezes at the sight of Sonny. She feels like she canít breath and just stares intensely at Sonny-

-Robin notices and walks over to her-

R=Brenda, Iím sorry. I didnít know he was coming back.

B=I know.

R=Should we leave?

B=Do you mind? Iím just not ready to see him yet. Can we go to the park?

R=Yeah, I understand. Letís go.

-Robin start to head to the door but Brenda looks at sonny, who is also looking at her. Robin walks over to Brenda-

R=Come on.

-Robin and Brenda leave-


~Lois and Sonny~

L=What did I tell you?

S=Well....maybe she just doesnít want me anymore.

L=(laughs) Oh, come on. Was that what you got from that look?

S=(smiles) Well.....

L=Look, donít get me wrong. Mattís a nice guy but I know sheís been happier. I mean, with you, she has.


L=Yeah. And if you say one word to her about me pushing you to go after her again.....Iíll have to hurt you.

S=I wouldnít want that. No, I wonít say anything.

-Lois and Sonny eat lunch. They catch up-


~At the park~

-Robin and Brenda are walking in the park-



B=I thought I would be ok with seeing him, but I guess not. Robin....it was like I just....like I just froze and couldnít breath.

R=(smiles) You still love him.

B=I DONíT KNOW! Everything is just spinning out of control.

R=Letís sit on that bench over there.


-They go and sit down-

B=Robin....what am I going to do?

Chapter 5:

R=Brenda...I probably shouldnít say this but Iím going to anyway.

B=Go ahead.

R=I know that you love Matt. But itís just not the same.

B=What do you mean?

R=Ok. Um...The way you loved Sonny....it was the best thing in your life. When you were with him there was nobody else for you. Can you honestly tell me that thatís how it is with Matt?

B=I guess not. But Robin we donít even know Sonny still loves me.

R=Oh, he does. I can tell by the way he looked at you.

B=You think?

R=Yeah, I do.

B=What am I saying? I donít deserve to be with Sonny.

R=What do you mean by that?

B=I hurt Jax because of Sonny. And now I might hurt Matt because of Sonny. What kind of person am I?

R=Hey, donít do that to yourself. Sonny left and you tried to do the right thing. You didnít know he would come back. All you did was try to move on.

B=But can I? How an I going to be in the same town with Sonny and not ďbe with himĒ?

R=It doesnít have to be that way.

B=I donít know if I can leave Matt. I love him.

R=I know, but I think Sonny is the only one that can make you *truly* happy.


R=Why donít you go home and think about things.


-they both go their separate ways-


~Brenda heads to the docks~

-She sits on the bench-

B=(outloud) What am I going to do? Does he really still love me? Why does this keep happening to me? Why canít I get him out of my heart.

-she sits there in silence for a few minutes-

-Sonny walks by the docks and sees Brenda. He walks down the steps and over to her-


B=(gets up) Oh, hi. How long have you been standing there?

S=I just got here. Itís nice to see you.

B=Yeah, you too.

S=(he touches her hand) Iíve missed you.

B=(removes his hand) Donít.

S=Iím sorry.

B=I canít.....this canít happen again.

S=I know I left when I shouldnít have and Iím sorry.

B=Left? You left before I could even make my choice.

S=Donít you see, you werenít making it. I wanted to be with you and I guess you didnít want to be with me as bad as I did with you.

B=How can you say that? I loved you and wanted you, but I felt like I owed it to Jax to....

S=Brenda, you donít owe anybody anything.

B=I guess not, but I needed to wait. But you couldnít so handle that so you just left. I loved you! (a tear falls)

S=Loved? Is it in the past?

B=I canít do this with you. This is how it has to be now.

-She looks at him one last time and leaves-


-sits on the bench-

S=Damn it! Did I have to push it?

Chapter 6:

-Sonny heads back to his hotel room-

-he walks over and looks at the window-

S=(outloud) I *do* still love you, Brenda. I just canít seem to get you out of my heart or soul. The only way for me to be happy is to get you back. I just have to. I canít move on without you.

-later he goes to bed-


~Brendaís house~

-She walks in with tears running down her cheeks. She goes upstairs and lays on her bed-

-half hour later she sits up-

B=(outloud) Oh, Sonny. Iíve missed you, too. What the *hell* am I going to do? There is just no way Iím going to get over Sonny. But....no, I canít leave Matt.

-she takes a shower and goes to bed later-


~knock at Robinís door~

-Itís Jason. they go sit on her couch-

R=Guess whoís back?

J=Sonny. I know, I talked to him last week. I have to go see him in the morning.

R=Why didnít you tell me?

J=He wanted me to wait.

R=Well, I wish you would have said something. Me and Brenda met at the outback for lunch and Lois and Sonny were there.

J=Iím sorry. How did Brenda take it?

R=Not good. Jason, they still love each other.

J=Well, I know he still loves her, but what about her?

R=She does, but isnít ready to admit it yet.

J=What about Matt?

R=Iím not sure yet. She loves him. Iím sure of that, but Iím also sure that she loves Sonny. I donít think she will love anyone the way she loves him.

J=And the same goes for him, huh?

R=Yeah. Enough about them. I missed you all day.

J=I missed you, too. I was so busy today.

-they kiss-

~2 weeks later~

-Matt and Brenda walk into Lukeís. Sonny is there -

-Mike seats them. She walks by Sonny and they just look at each other-

M=(they sit) Who was that? No, wait.....that was him wasnít it?


M=Come on. That was Sonny.

B=Oh. (she looks down) Yeah, it is.

M=I didnít know he was back.

B=He came back a few weeks ago.

M=Why didnít you tell me?

B=No point. Come on letís order.

-they order. The food comes and they eat-


~Sonny at the bar with Mike~

M=Sheís not over you.

S=(looks at her) Yeah, she is.

M=Are you going dillusional on me?

S=What does that mean?

M=Do you see those looks that sheís giving you?

S=Youíre seeing things.

M=No, Iím not and you know it. Go after her before itís too late.

S=In case you havenít noticed....sheís married.

M=Like thatís stopped you before.

S=Very funny. She deserves to be happy.

M=Yeah, with you.

S=No, without my interference.

M=She wonít be. She may *look* happy but sheís not as happy as she could be.

S=I donít know.

M=Yes, you do.

-Mike walks away. Sonny just looks over at Brenda with Matt-

S=(to himself) Should I get her back? Would she be happier with me? Look at her, she looks as beautiful as ever. I have to do it. I have to get her back, no matter what it takes.

-Mike walks back up to the counter by Sonny-

M=Have you decided what to do?

S=(thinking yes but answers) No.

M=Donít waste time.......not again.

S=I canít force her.

M=Like you would have to.

S=Iíll be in the office.

-Sonny looks at Brenda with Matt, she looks at him and he leaves-


~Matt and Brendaís table~

M=Are you ready to go home?


-they leave and head home-


~Back at Sonnyís office~

-Sonny tries to do some work but he just canít concentrate-


-Sonny flashes back to the day he left Port Charles:
==He met Brenda at the docks. ďBrenda, Iím leaving Port Charles.Ē ďWhy?Ē ďI canít stay here and watch you with Jax. I want you with me forever but if you donít, then I canít be here.Ē ďSonny, please donít go.Ē ďI have toĒ (he kisses her) ďBye, Brenda.Ē ď(crying) Sonny, donít leave!Ē==


S=(thinks to himself) Why did I leave? Why didnít I give her time like she asked me to? Maybe if I wouldíve done that we would be together right now instead of being apart. Will we ever be able to start again?

-He leans back in his chair-

Chapter 7:

~Matt and Brendaís house~

-they walk inside-

M=Come and join me on the couch, ok?


M=Brenda, you know I love you and want you to be happy, right?

B=(smiles and touches his hand) Yeah.

M=Ok. You have been different these past few weeks and now I know why. Itís because Sonnyís been back. Is there something you want to tell me?

B=No. Everything is fine. I love you, Matt.

M=I know you do but I also know how much you loved him....or still love him.

B=Matt, it doesnít matter. Iím with you now. Iím married to *you*. You have made me so happy.

M=I feel the same. Brenda, it does matter if you still love him. Do you think we should go our separate ways?

-Brenda doesnít want to hurt Matt and she doesnít want to admit her feelings for Sonny that sheís buried for over a year-

B=(starts to cry) No! Matt, please donít leave me. Please.

M=(holds her) Shh-hh. Ok, letís go to bed.

-they go upstairs to bed-


~Sonnyís PH~

-Sonny walks in the PH and walks over to the window. He just looks out the window for a few minutes-

-he sits at the table and slaps his fist on the table-

S=(outloud) I canít do it, Brenda. I canít stay and let you be with Matt. I can tell that you still love me. (he takes a breath and just sits there)


~1 month later~

-Itís getting harder and harder for Brenda to keep saying that she is over Sonny and she only wants to be with Matt. Everytime she sees Sonny she wants to run back to him deep down inside herself, but she canít get herself to go to him-

-Brenda walks down to the docks and paces around-

B=Can I do it? Can I stay with Matt when I know I wish I was with Sonny. I know thi isnít fair to anyone. I thought I could do it but I donít know if I can anymore.

B=(looks up) Stone, I wish you were here to help me. I know I have to do this on my own, but I miss him. (starts to cry) I miss Sonny *so* much.

-Brenda buries her face in her hands-

-Sonny is walking by the docks. He notices that she is crying. He walks down to her-

B=(she looks at him and wipes her tears) Sonny.

S=Brenda, whatís wrong?

B=Nothing. I have to go.

-she walks away-

-Brenda heads up the steps-


-she stops and a few tears fall-

S=I still love you. Please donít leave!

B=(she turns around and goes to Sonny) What did you say?

S=Donít leave. Donít tell me youíre surprised by that?

B=Thatís not even the point. We stood here over a year ago and I asked you not to leave. That didnít matter to you. ďUsĒ didnít matter. If it did you would have never left. How dare you ask me not to leave.

S=No, it *did* matter. God, do you know how many times I wanted to come back? Do you know how many times I thought about you, about being with you?

B=Come on. Do you really expect me to believe that?

S=Well, itís the truth. I was with someone but so were you. You still are. But it doesnít matter. I know you still love me.

B=Donít do this.

-Sonny kisses her passionately. After a few minutes Brenda tears herself away-

B=Who do you think you are?

S=Iím sorry. (she shakes her head at him)

-She turns to leave but Sonny gabs her arm lightly-

S=I love you!


S=You. Brenda, I......I want you back! Canít you see that?

B=Well, thatís too damn bad. Iím with Matt now. You are the one who *chose* to end it. There canít be anything between us ever again. This is the way it has to be.

S=No. It doesnít have to be this way. We can still have that chance to be together again.

B=Sonny, I canít leave Matt. I love him and I donít want to hurt him.

S=(cringes) As much as I hate to hear that you love another man.....I know that you lo...that you love him. I know you tried to move on. I know that because I tried too....with Katie. Brenda, I tried so damn hard. (whispers) I just couldnít get you out of my heart or soul.

-Brenda, who is still crying, covers her mouth after Sonnyís last statement-

B=Sonny, I......

S=Do you still love me?

B=Please, donít.

S=Donít what? Well, do you? Please just answer me.

B=Yes, I do!

-After noticing what she just said she covers her mouth. Sonny takes a step towards her and she runs away-

-Sonny is left there by himself-

S=(outloud) She still loves me! (laughs) She loves me! I will get you back, Brenda. I will wait for you this time. I promise.

-Sonny goes back to his PH-

Chapter 8:

~Jasonís apartment~

R=Jason, are we still going to spend the day together?

J=Of course. You know that I love spending time with you.

R=Yeah? Letís go play mini golf.

J=(laughs) Your kidding?

R=(taps him) No. So, what movie did you bring?


-Knock at the door. Robin goes to answer it and Brenda is standing at the door in tears-

R=(hugs Brenda) Hey, what is it? It will ok. Come in.

-Jason stands up when he sees Brenda-

J=Are you ok?

B=(wipes her eyes) Yeah. Iím sorry. I didnít mean to interrupt you guys.

J=Hey, itís all right. You guys talk. Iíll be back later, ok?

R=Yeah. (Robin and Jason hug)

B=Jason....thanks. I owe you one.

J=No, itís ok. Take care.

-Jason leaves-

R=Ok. Whatís going on?

B=(starts to cry) I still love him. I really do.

R=Come here. (she hugs brenda)

R=Letís go sit down. (they sit on the couch) What happened?

B=I saw Sonny on the docks. He told me that he still loves me and that he wants me back. Oh, Robin, he told me what it was like for him being away from me. How hard he tried to move on but couldnít.

R=Iím sorry. I know how hard you tried to move on, too. I know how you donít want to hurt Matt the way....the way you had to hurt Jax.

B=Yeah, I donít.

R=But, Brenda, you wonít ever be over Sonny. The longer you keep Matt thinking that Sonny has no chance with you the more heíll be hurt.

B=I tried. I really did try to let go of Sonny. I just canít. I think about him more and more everyday. It may not be right, but...it just is.

R=Sounds like you made a decision.

B=I wish that were true, but I just canít get myself to tell Matt about this.

R=Itís hard for me to say anything because I love Sonny, too. I want to see him happy.

B=I know. Listen, I know youíre right. I need time to think though. Matt is probably at home wondering where I am. I better go.

R=Ok. Remember what I said.

B=(smiles) I will.

-Brenda leaves-

~At the gatehouse~

-Ned and Lois are sitting on the couch-

N=So, have you heard from Brenda lately?

L=No. Iím worried though.

N=I see that. Itís about Sonny, isnít it?

L=Yeah. She still loves him and he loves her.

N=Oh. Welll, I guess he may not be my favorite person, but sheís been her happies with him. They need to get it right. Like we did.

L=(smiles) Yeah, but it took a lot of work for us. I still believe theyíll get it right. They need each other. She doesnít want to hurt Matt though.

N=I know she doesnít. Lois, Iím so glad I have you in my life. I love you.

L=I love you, too. (they kiss)


~Sonnyís PH~

-Jason knocks on the door-

S=Hi. Come in. (Sonny shuts the door) What are you doing here? I thought you were going to spend some time with Robin?

J=Yeah, we were but....


J=Brenda stopped by. She was so upset. Sonny.....did you see her tonight?

S=You think I made her that way?

J=Look, for as long as Iíve known her, as Jason Morgan, youíre the only one whoís affected her that much.

S=Ok. You know, the last think I want to do is hurt her. I told her I still love her and want her back. I also told her what it was like for me...you know, being apart from her.

J=Yeah, I understand. I couldnít imagine being apart from Robin that long.

S=(whispers) Yeah.

J=Well, maybe I should get back to Robin. Brenda, should be gone soon.

S=Yeah, you better.

-Jason leaves and Sonny heads to bed-


~Brendaís house~

-Matt is sitting in the dark waiting for Brend to come home-

-Brenda opens the door and turns on the light. She sees Matt sitting there-

B=Hi, sweetie. What are you doing sitting in the dark?

M=We need to talk. We canít avoid this any longer. We just canít. I want you to be happy. But....itís just not me anymore.

Chapter 9:

B=What? Matt, I donít understand.

M=Come and sit next to me. (she does)

B=Matt, did I do something?

M=(holds her hand) Of course not. But...things just wonít work out between us.

B=Did you find someone else?

M=No, but you did. Well, you just never let go.

B=Iím not going to leave you for Sonny.

M=Maybe not now, but you will.

B=(starts to cry) No, I wonít.

M=Brenda, donít do this. I need to do this. We have to let go.

B=What are you trying to say?

M=We...we need to go our separate ways. We canít hold on anymore. Hey, (he wipes away her tears) itís nobodyís fault. When you love someone as much as you love Sonny itís hard to let go. All I want is for you to be happy. Whether itís with him.....well, time will tell. You might not go back to him for awhile but eventually you will. I do believe that we canít go on anymore pretending that everything is fine and that you donít love Sonny. Someone has to do it....someone has to say goodbye first. I have to be the one. You will be in my heart forever.

B=I do love you.

M=I know. Look, I got a job offer in California so Iím leaving tonight. Brenda, this is for the best. Promise me youíll be happy.

B=I promise. You too. (he nods) Matt, I will never, ever forget what we had. I will cherish it forever.

-They share a goodbye kiss and Matt leaves-

-Brenda sits there for a few moments. She then gets up and heads to the docks-

~Robinís house~

-Jason knocks and she lets him in-

R=Where did you go?

J=To see Sonny. What was with Brenda? I know she saw Sonny but...

R=She still loves him.


R=Well, she is confused about what to do now that Sonnyís back. She loves them both.


R=Just not in the same way. I believe someday they will find their way back to each other. See, she hurt Jax because of her love for Sonny and now with Matt....she doesnít want to hurt him.

J=I understand. Sonny talked to me a little. He misses her so much.

R=I think Iíll go talk to him in the morning before we go out, k?

J=Sure. Thatís ok.

R=Ok. Letís go watch the movie.


-They go to watch the movie-



-Ned and Lois are sitting on the couch talking-

N=What would you thing of us getting away for about one week?


N=Sure. I think we could use it.

L=(squeals) I would love that. When?

N=In a few weeks.

L=I canít wait!

-she kisses him-


~The docks~

-Brenda walks down the steps and her tears are overflowing. She walks over to the bench and sits. She crosses her legs and holds her body tight. Her tears keep on flowing over-


-that night with Sonny on the dock.-
ďI still love you...Ē ďI want you backĒ ďDo you still love me?Ē


-With Matt a few hours ago-
ďWe have to let goĒ ďWhen you love someone as much as you love Sonny itís hard to let goĒ You might not go back to him now, but you willĒ


B=(outloud) Mattt, Iím sorry. I never thought it would happen like this. I never thought he would come back and want me back. I donít know if I can go back to him since I hurt you so much. I mean, I miss him and I love him but I donít know if I can.

-Brenda takes a breath and wipes her tears. She lays down on the bench and falls asleep-


~The next morning at Sonnyís PH~

-Robin is at the door-

S=Hi, sweetie. (he hugs her) Come in. (he shuts the door after she comes inside)

R=(they sit on the couch) I am so glad your back. I hop you stay. Sonny, there is something I need to say about you and Brenda.

S=I figured you would. Robin, before you say anything, I need to ask you something.


S=Am I making a mistake? I want her back. I canít help it....I just canít get her out of my heart, you know?

R=(smiles) I know. No, I donít think youíre making a mistake. Iíve always believed and I still believe that you guys belong together. I want both of you to be happy. Sonny, I do want you two to be together, but you have to know that I have to support Brenda in whatever she decides to do. I canít pressure her.

S=I know. I wouldnít even want you to. Be there for her always.

R=I will. But I do want to say...um, donít give up on her. I think she will come around eventually. It just may take some time.

S=I wonít give up. I canít.....not this time. I tried to move on, but I never can.

R=I do understand. I donít know what I would do without Jason.


R=Me and Jason have plans but I wanted to come and tell you a few things first.

S=Iím glad you did. Iíll see you soon.


-Sonny walks her to the door and she leaves-

-After Robin leaves Sonny walks over to the window-

S=(outloud) Iím not giving up this time. But how long will it be before I can hold you again? Kiss you again? How much longer before....(covers his face and whispers) before I can be with you forever?

-He looks out the window again-

Chapter 10:

~At the docks~

-Brenda is sleeping on the docks. Jason walks by and sees her and then walks down to her-

-He kneels next to the bench by Brenda-

J=(whispers) Brenda?

-Brenda opens her eyes and sees Jason. Brendaís eyes are all puffy-


J=Yeah. What are you doing down here alone?

B=I guess I fell asleep.

J=Brenda, whatís wrong?

B=(she sits up) Iím fine. I just fell asleep, thatís all.


-She hugs him and starts to cry. She finally pulls away-

B=He left.

J=Who left?

B=Matt. He knows that I wonít be over Sonny.

J=Iím sorry.

B=Yeah, me too. Why Jason? Why did he have to come back and want me back?

J=Because he loves you.

B=Why? All I do is hurt the people that I love when he wants me and then Jason he leaves me again....so then I try and move on and he does it to me all over again. How many times do I have to go through this?

J=I donít know. Youíll have to ask Sonny that. Why donít you come back to my apartment, you can take a shower and get some rest.


-They leave for Jasonís apartment-


~Jasonís apartment~

-Robin comes over-


J=(whispers) Hi. Brendaís upstairs sleeping in my bed.

R=Why? What happened?

J=I think you need to spend some time with her today. We will do something some other day.

R=Youíre scaring me. Please tell me whatís wrong.

J=Matt left her last night.

R=What? Why?

J=I guess he knows that she will always love Sonny. So, I guess he let her go and left town. I found her on the bench on the docks. She spent the night there.

R=Oh, my god. I think I better call Lois, too. Thank you.

J=Iím going to go see Sonny then. I will give you guys the day and Iíll be back later tonight. I have a meeting tomorrow, so I need to talk to him anyway.

R=Ok. Thanks.

J=Yeah. Iíll see you later.

-He leaves and Robin picks up the phone to call Lois-


~Loisí phone rings~


R=Lois, itís me.

L=Hi. Whatís up?

R=Iím at Jasonís apartment. Can you come over here right away?

L=Robin.....whatís wrong?

R=Matt left Brenda last night.

L=Why? Never mind. Itís because of Sonny, isnít it?

R=Yeah. He knows she still loves Sonny and always will. She spent the night on the docks.

L=But if she loves Sonny, why wonít she go to him?

R=I think she is feeling guilty right now. It will take her some time.

L=Of course. Iíll be right over.

-They hang up. Lois tells Ned whatís goin on. She leaves-


~Sonnyís PH~

-Jason is at the door-

S=Hey, what are you doing here?

J=Sonny, I found Brenda sleeping on the bench on the docks this morning. She slept there.

S=(worried) What? What happened? Where is she?

J=Sheís at my apartment. Lois and Robin are with her right now.

S=Jason, what happened?

J=I donít know if itís really my place to say.

S=Just tell me! Please! Jason I love her.

J=I know you do. Sonny, Matt left her last night.


J=He said they had to let go and he had to be the one to do it. He said he knew she still loved you.

S=I see. How is she?

J=Not good. When I found her....her eyes were all puffy. Like she had been crying all night.

S=Oh, man. What did I do to her? Sheís in pain. Thatís the *last* think I wanted to do to her. I swear!

J=I know. Robin thinks that Brenda feels guilty for hurting someone else she loves. Sonny.....if youíre going to fight for her, you canít let her go anymore.

S=I wouldnít. Why would you say that?

J=Well, she kind of sees it as you wanting her and then not wanting her. And when she moves on, it starts all over again. She just canít take anymore of that kind of pain. She canít.

S=I know. Thatís not how it is or even was. Iíve always wanted her. I always will.
I swear to you. You believe me right?

J=Itís ok. I believe you. I know you want to protect her and keep her safe.

S=Do you realize that something could have happened to her when she was on the docks alone?

J=Yeah. Thatís why I brought her back to my apartment.

S=Thank you.

J=Yeah. Iíve gotten to know her over the last year. Sheís important to me, too.

S=I know.

J=Well, the reason I came by is because the meeting is tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

S=Can you handle it by yourself?


S=Come to the club and tell me how it went.

J=I will. I wanted to come by and let you know about Brenda and the meeting.

S=Thank you.

J=Anytime. Iíll see you tomorrow then?


-Jason leaves-


~Jasonís apartment~

-Lois knocks on the door. Robin lets her in-

L=How is she?

R=Better, I guess.

-They go in the bedroom. Brenda looks at Lois-

B=Lois, what are you doing here?

L=I came here for you, sweetie.

B=Thank you.

-Lois and Robin sit next to Brenda on the bed. All three hug each other-

L=Bren, I know you feel like you hurt him, but sweetie, I think him leeting you go was the best thing for both of you.

B=I know you want me with sonny.

R=We want you to be happy. We just think Sonny can be the one to do that.

B=Do I deserve to be happy?

L=Of course you do.

R=Go to him, Brenda.

B=(cries) I donít know. I canít handle getting hurt again.

R=You wonít.

L=Sonny loves you and he doesnít ever want to let go again. Both of you have tried to move on but....it just never stays. Brenda, the love you two share is just too strong.

B=I know it is. Maybe you guys are right. Maybe he is the only one that can make me truly happy. Maybe I am just fighting something that is meant to be. I guess Iím just afraid. I have missed him, though. I donít know if I can really be without him.

R=Then donít. Go see him.

B=So soon? Donít you think I should give it time since Matt just left? I mean, he just left last night.

L=No. Matt knew and I think you know what to do, too. Follow your heart, Bren.

B=You think?

R=I do.

L=He misses you as much as youíve missed him.

**NEXT TIME: Will Brenda go to Sonny?**

Chapter 11:
B=Ok. Iíll do it. I canít believe Iím going to do it. Iíll *at least* go talk to him. I will
take a shower and go.

R=(smiles) Good.

-Brenda comes out of the bedroom and goes into the living room. Lois and Robin
are in there-

L=Are you ready to go see him?

B=I think so. Iím nervous though.

R=Donít be. Everything will work out. Just donít rush it.

B=All right. I hope he still wants me. I canít believe after everything I want to work
things out with him.

L=I know. But you know he still wants you.

B=Iím leaving now.

R=Good luck.

B=(takes a deep breath) Thanks.

-Brenda leaves for Sonnyís PH-


~Robin and Lois still there~

R=Iím glad you came over.

L=Me too. She must have done some REAL thinking before I got here though. She
actually listened to us.

R=Yeah. Iím glad we get through to her a little.

L=Me, too.

-Jason walks in-



J=Is she sleeping?

L=No, she went to see Sonny.

J=(surprised) Really? I didnít think she would so soon.

R=Me either. But Iím glad she went.

-Lois and Jason nod-

L=Well, Iím going to get home. Call me when you hear something. Iíll call if I hear
something, too.

R=I will.

-They hug. Lois leaves-

~Sonnyís PH~

-Brenda gets off the elevator and walks up to Sonnyís door. She takes a deep
breath and then knocks on the door-

-Sonny comes to the door and opens it. He is surprised and happy that Brenda is
standing there right in front of him. He thinks to himself ďIs she here for the reasons
that I think?Ē-

-They just stand there starting into each otherís eyes-


~still at Sonnyís PH~


B=(nervous) Hi.

S=Come in. (he shuts the door) Iím sorry about Matt. Jason told me.....well, I kind
of forced him to tell me a little bit of whatís happening.

B=Thatís ok. You would have found out sonner or later.

S=Iím sorry. I never wanted to make you cry or to have you go through anymore

B=I know. Can we sit?


-they sit next to each other on the couch-

B=Sonny, can I ask you a question and can you answer me honestly?

S=Yeah. I will try to answer it as best as I can.

B=Do you still love me?

S=How can you ask that? Of course I still love you. Always have, always will.

B=Ok. I guess I just needed to hear you say it. Sonny, Matt.....this is so hard.

S=Itís ok. (holds her hands) You can tell me anything. I hope you know that.

B=I do. All right...Matt left because he knew that I still love you. He felt like if he
didnít let go, then we would go on pretending. See, he knew all about you and
about us. He knows I hurt Jax because of you. I guess he knows that our love will
never die.

S=I guess heís smart, huh?

B=Yeah, he is.

S=And he really cares about you.

B=(smiles a bit) Yeah, thatís why he left. I denied my feelings for you for *so* long
after you came back. It got harder and harder every day, but I still couldnít get
myself to leave him. I guess he saw that. After *a lot* of thinking and talking with
Robin, and Lois....I came to the conclusion that I donít think I want or would be
happy being apart from you!

-Sonny canít believe what he is hearing coming from Brenda. After all this time heís
waited for her to say that-


S=Iím sorry. Do you know how long Iíve waited to hear you say that? Katie was
to me what Matt was to you except I couldnít say I loved her because I only had
room for one woman in my heart...(whispers) and that was and *is* you. You fill up
my heart Brenda.

B=(a few tears fall) Oh, Sonny, I .....I love you.

S=Does this mean....

B=(smiles) Well, that depends. I mean, if itís still what you want.

S=Oh, baby, you know it is. Come here.

-Brenda smiles and Sonny moves closer to her and gives her a long hug-

-They pull away and she touches his face-

S=Being with you is what Iíve always wanted. I want us to be together forever. (he
still touches her face) I love you so much. Youíre the only one for me.

B=I love you, too. I never thought I would be able to say that to you again. I want
you to know that even though I loved Matt I NEVER stopped loving you. I mean, I
tried but I *never* could.

S=Me, too. When I left I thought I could move on because I wasnít living in the
same town as you, but it just didnít work out that way. You were still in my heart.

B=I know. I guess Matt could see what we were about more thatn I could...or
wanted to see.

S=Iím glad.

-Brenda moves in closer and they share one *LONG* soft kiss. When they finally
pull away their foreheads touch-

B=I canít believe this is happening. (she touches his face) I canít be without you
anymore, Sonny. I just canít.

-They pull away. Sonny takes her hands and kisses them. He rests his head on
them. A few tears fall from his eyes. Brenda feels them fall on her hand. she kisses
the top of his head-

B=Sonny, itís getting late. Can you take me home?


B=Yeah. I know...but we can see each other tomorrow (kisses him) and the day
after that (kisses him again) and everyday after that.
S=(smiles) Ok. But I *can* see you tomorrow, right?


-Sonny takes Brenda home( the hotel room)-


~At the gatehouse~

-Ned walks in the door and Lois is sitting on the couch (her and Ned donít have a
baby, but are married)-

L=Hi. Where have you been?

N=Oh, up at the main house talking to grandfather.


N=Honey? Are you ok?

L=Iím fine.

N=Howís Brenda?

L=Better I think. I think she went to Sonnyís to get back together with him.

N=Really? Did you guys work a miracle on her or something?

L=No, but I think she did some MAJOR thinking about what Matt said to her
about her and Sonny.....and the love that Brenda and Sonny will always share.

N=You think she made her decision before you talked to her?

L=I think we just gave her a little nudge. I seriously believe she wanted to be with
Sonny the moment she layed eyes on him again.

N=But she just didnít want to hurt Matt. So, she was just feeling guilty about Matt

L=Yeah, I think so. I do hope that her and Sonny worked things out.

N=Me, too. I want her to be happy. You know, like us.

L=(smiles) I know you do. And I am so glad that we are together and happy. That
is something that I never want to lose.

N=We never will lose that.

-They hug and kiss-

~Brendaís hotel room~

-They stand at the door just staring deep into each otherís eyes-

S=Here we are. I am going to have a hard time when you walk in that door. I feel
like I will wake up and it will all be a dream.

B=(moves closer to him and their only inches apart) Itís no dream. (whispers) Itís
real, baby.

-They kiss for what seems like hours-

S=Will you call me tomorrow?


-Sonny turns to leave-


S=(turns back towards her) Yeah?

B=Will you stay here with me tonight? I mean, wiill you lay here with me and just
hold me?

S=(smiles big) You know I will. Holding you is something Iíve missed.

B=Me, too. I feel like if I let you leave here tonight....Iíll lose you.

S=(touches her face) No. Donít you know by now that you will NEVER lose me?

B=I hope not.

-She kisses him. She takes his hand and leads him into her hotel room-

B=Thank you.

S=No, thank you. Thank you for forgiving me and taking me back. I promise I will
make you happy. Do you know how happy this makes me?

B=We forgave each other. I want to forget about our past mistakes and just
concentrate on our future.

S=I want that too.

-Sonny and Brenda both get into bed. Sonny wraps his arms around her-

S=I love the way this feels.

B=(kisses his hand) I know.

-They fall asleep in each otherís arms-

~Jasonís apartment~

-Robin and Jaosn walk in-

R=I had a good time tonight. When is your meeting tomorrow?

J=Itís at 2:00 p.m. and I promise to come and see you after. I know that you


J=I wonder what happened with Sonny and Brenda?

R=I hope they worked it out and are back together.

J=Me, too. I want to see them finally happy.

R=Me, too. I better get going. (he nods)

-Robin kisses Jason and then she leaves-

~The next morning at Brendaís hotel room~

-Sonny lays there just holding Brenda. Brenda opens her eyes slowly and feels
Sonny next to her-

-Brenda turns around and theyíre only inches apart. She touches his face and closes
her eyes-

B=I wasnít dreaming. It is real.

S=(whispers) Yeah, it is. Brenda, please tell me that it will always be like this. That
Iíll always be able to hold you and kiss you. Tell me weíll never be apart again. I
couldnít bare to lose you one more time. Please tell me that!

***NEXT TIME: Will Brenda be able to promise him that it will be like this

Chapter 12:
~Brendaís room~
B=I promise. We will NEVER be apart again. I feel so complete now and I never
want to lose that feeling.
S=We wonít.
-Brenda leans in for a long soft kiss-
-Brenda gives Sonny a long hug-
B=I love you.
S=(kisses her and then pulls away) I love you, too.
B=Maybe we should get up. Make yourself comfortabel while I go take a shower.
S=Ok. Do you want to go out to lunch with me?
B=(gets up) I would *love* to.
S=Great. But get ready first, ok?
B=You better take a shower first.
S=Right. You take awhile to get ready.
B=(smiles) Right.
-Sonny goes to take a shower. He comes out and Brenda goes there-
~1 hour later in Brendaís room~
-Brenda comes out and sees Sonny looking out the window-
B=(wraps her arms around him) Mm-hmm. What are you doing?
S=Just thinking.
-Brenda lays her head on Sonnyís back-
B=What about?
S=(smiles) About us. About you. I was thinking how glad I am that you came back
to me and that weíre finally together.
B=Iím happy about us being together too.
-Brenda turns Sonny around and gives him a long hug. Brenda pulls away slowly
and touches his face-
B=(whispers) Donít ever let go of me, ok?
S=I wonít. I couldnít.
B=I need you more than I ever have.
S=(touches her face) Why, whatís wrong?
B=Nothing. Iíve just been apart from you for so long....I feel like I need you so
-Kisses her-
S=Iím here for you. Whatever you need or want, Iím here. Iíll always be here.
B=Should we go to Lukeís?
S=Are you ready for that?
B=Never been more ready.
S=(smiles) Ok. Letís go.
-They leave-
-Jason is there talking to Mike when S&B walk into Lukeís arm in arm-
B=Sonny, Iíll be right back. I want to go talk to Mike.
-Brenda goes over to Mike and Jason-
B=Hi. Mike can I talk to you for a second?
-Mike and Brenda go sit next to each other on the couch-
B=I want to thank you. Youíve always had faith in me and Sonny being together
again someday. How did you do it? How did you always know that me and sonny
were meant to be together?
M=I just knew. Iíve never seen either of you more happy than when you were
together. You donít get that *connection* with just anybody. That only comes once
in a lifetime.
B=Yeah. Matt knew how connected me and Sonny are. And after a lot of thinking I
went to Sonny.
M=So you guys worked things out and youíre back together?
B=(smiles) Yeah and Iím so happy.
M=Iím glad. Iím *so* happy for the both of you.
B=Thank you.
-Mike gives Brenda a hug-
~Jason and Sonny at the bar~
J=I guess you guys worked things out, huh?
S=Yeah, we did. And Iíve never been more happier.
J=I can tell.
S=Whatever you guys said to her, thank you.
J=I didnít. That would be Robin and Lois.
S=Iíll have to thank them then.
J=Weíre all just happy youíre finally with her again.
S=Me, too.
-Brenda and Mike walk over to Sonny and Jason-
M=Congratulations, Michael.
-Mike and Sonny hug. Brenda looks at them and smiles-
B=Ok. Iím hungry.
S=Letís eat then. We have the place mostly......well, except for Mike and Jason, to
our selves.
-They go sit down-
~S&Bís table~
B=I am glad you and Mike are close again.
-Sonny takes Brendaís hand and kisses it-
B=I canít believe it.
B=I canít believe I got up the courage to come and see you.......to try and make
things work between us.
S=I am so glad you came to see me too. I was wondering if you would ever come.
B=I know. Letís go for a walk after we eat. That is....if you donít have to be home
S=No, I am going to spend all the time I can with you today..
-Sonny and Brenda eat. They finish eating and Sonny pays the bill-
-Mike and Jason are at the bar-
M=Are you two heading out?
S=Yeah, we are.
J=Iím glad things worked out for you, Brenda.
B=Thank you. (she hugs Sonny) I am happy to be with Sonny again.
-Brenda hugs mike. Sonny and Jason look at each other and they smile-
S=Let me know about the meeting later, ok?
J=Yeah, I will.
S=Brenda, letís go.
-S&B leave for the docks-
~At the docks~
-They walk down the steps-
-Brenda walks over to the lightpole and leans up against it-
-Sonny looks at her and walks over to her and touches her shoulder-
S=Brenda? What is it?
B=Nothing. Iím ok.
S=No. Come and sit down with me.
-they sit on the bench. Sonnyís cell phone rings-
B=No, itís ok.
-Sonny answers his phone-
J=Sonny. The meeting is postponed for another month. This guy has some family
thing to deal with.
S=All right. Well, keep in touch. Go spend time with Robin.
J=I will.
-They hang up-
S=Iím sorry.
B=No, itís fine.
-Brenda lays her head on his shoulder and Sonny and her just sit there and hold
-He takes her home later. Sonny sleeps at his PH this time-
~1 month later at Sonnyís PH~
-Sonny is waiting for Jason to come and tell him about the meeting-
-There is a knock at the door and Brenda is there-
B=I missed you.
S=Oh, baby, I missed you.
-Brenda gives him a tight hug. Brenda kisses him. Their kisses turn more
passionately and Sonny closes the door while they donít stop kissing and move
over to the couch-
-Just as the kisses become more intense there is a knock at the door-
S=(moans) Oh, man.
B=Ignore it.
S=Iím sorry, but I canít.
B=But Sonny...
-Sonny just looks at her-
B=No.....go answer it. You need to.

***NEXT TIME: What happens when Sonny's buisness gets in the way of their
moment? Will Sonny ask her to leave when Jason comes or will he let her stay?***

Chapter 13:

S=Brenda, stay here.
B=All right.

-Sonny gets up and goes to the door-

S=Jason, hi.
J=Hi. Look, I had the meeting today with Jones.....(jason stops talking when he
sees Brenda sitting on the couch) Oh, hi, Brenda.
S=Brenda, could you....
B=Oh, I see. You want me to leave, right? So you can *talk* business.
S=Brenda, I......
B=No. Iíll see you later.

-Brenda just leaves-

J=Is she ok?
S=No. This just doesnít sit with her. This is killing her. She wonít say it, but I know
itís bothering her.
J=Youíre not going to tell her whatís going on are you?
S=I donít know.
J=Sonny, come on.
S=I wonít loose her, Jason. If it means being honest.....damn. I donít want to hurt
her. I have to work something out with her.
J=Be careful.
S=Yeah. Anyways, fill me in about the meeting.
J=All right. This guy wants part of your Puerto Rico dealings.
S=Too bad.
J=I donít know. He is so serious about it and is ready to go full force.
S=Ok. Check and see how much he wants and what parts he wants.
J=Yeah, I will. And I will get back to you.
S=Sounds good. I have to go and find Brenda now.
J=Sure. I will see you later.

-Jason leaves. Sonny goes to look for Brenda-

~At the docks~

-Brenda walks down the steps-

B=(outloud) Why canít you trust me? Why canít you let me in with all aspects of
your life? God all I want is to know a little. Why do you have to shut me out of that
life completely? I thought I could handle it, but I donít know. I love you so much
and I canít imagine my life without you........ (starts to cry and sits on one of the
wooden posts) Damn you, Sonny!

-Sonny spots her on the docks and just watches her for a few minutes. He can see
all the pain she is in-

-Sonny walks down to where she is-

S=(whispers) Brenda.
B=(wipes her tears) I didnít think I would see you so soon.
S=I needed to find you.
B=There is no need.
S=Youíre upset about when Jason came.
B=Upset? No, why would you think that? (gets a little angry) You think just
because I left I am angry?
S=Come on. I know you better than this.
B=You still donít trust me, do you?
S=Brenda, I love you so much.
B=(angry now) That is not what Iím asking you! Do you trust me?
S=Yes, I do.
B=Then let me in! Ok. You know I love you more than I ever thought it was
possible to love someone, but if you canít let me in at least a little with that part of
your life then I guess I was wrong.
S=But I donít want to cause you any pain.
B=Donít you see.....you are causing me pain by not letting me in.
S=I never want to hurt you.
B=I guess you have some thinking to do. When you make your decision you know
where to find me. Bye, Sonny.

-Brenda heads up the stairs-

S=No, wait.

-He walks over to her-

S=The last thing I want is to hurt you. I need you, Brenda. I canít let you walk out
of my life again. Never again. So, if it takes honesty on all areas than...ok. Iíll do it.
B=(cries and laughs) What?
S=I will let you in.

-Brenda walks down a few steps and gives him the biggest hug and smothers his
face with kisses-

S=Ok. Letís sit down. (they sit on the bench)
S=Ok. Now, what I want you to understand is that there may be some things I
canít tell you. But I will be honest with you about what is going on. I will never lie to
you, I swear.
B=(touches his face) Thank you. Thatís all I need. All I need is your love and your
S=(kisses her forehead) I do love you and I TRUST you! (holds her hands) Iím
sorry I hurt you. I never meant to.
B=I know. I just wanted to be in your life.
S=Brenda, I love you and I couldnít handle losing you. Baby, I want us to be
honest with each other and I want us to love each other forever.
B=(kisses him passionately and slowly pulls away) Thank you. I need you, too.
S=I want to do anything to make you happy!
B=I want to make you as happy as you make me.
S=You make me more happy then I ever have been.
B=I feel the same way.
S=All right. I need to tell you whatís going on.
S=There is a guy who wants part of my Port Charles dealings.
B=Are you in danger?
S=I am not sure. I am having Jason check into it for me. He is going to find out
what he wants and for how much.
B=Promise me something.
S=If I can.
B=(touches his face and whispers) Promise me that you will be careful. I wonít lose
you now.
S=You wonít. You never will.
B=I hope you are right.
S=I will keep you up to date, ok?
B=Iím glad. Is there anything I can do for you?
S=You being there with me helps.

-Brenda hugs him tightly.-

B=I love you so much!
S=(whispers) I love you, too, baby.
B=I canít believe this is for real.
S=We will be better this time around. I mean, weíve always had the love for each
other and now....well, now you know what I do and we have trust.
B=Yeah, we do. I want you to be able to come to me and talk to me about
ANYTHING. Your business, or anything else going on in your life. I will listen to
you and do the best I can to understand you and help.
S=I want that, too.

-Brenda starts kissing him and tries to pull away but Sonny pulls her back in for
more kisses-

B=(pulls away breathless) Sonny, come back to my hotel. I need you tonight. I
want to be with you tonight.
S=(hands on her face) Are you sure?
B=Sonny, letís just go. I want to be with you tonight.

-Sonny kisses her deeply and passionately-

S=(whispers) Letís go.

-Brenda and Sonny leave for Brendaís hotel room. Sonny has his arms around her
and holds her close to him-

***NEXT TIME: will s&B finally make love?***

Chapter 14:

-Sonny and Brenda make their way to Brendaís front door. Sonny places his hands
on both sides of her face and just stares deeply into her eyes-

-Brenda breakes the glance and leads Sonny into the room. He closes the door-

-Brenda starts to kiss him slowly at first but then the kisses become more intense.
Brenda leads him over to the bed (they never stop kissing)-

-Sonny lays her on the bed softly and then lays next to her and starts kissing her

-S&B make love for hours that night-

~Jasonís apartment~

-Robin knocks on the door-

R=Hi, you have your meeting today, right?
J=Yeah. Donít worry. Everything will be ok.
R=I always worry, you know that.
J=I know.

-Robin kisses Jason intensely-

J=(after they pull away) What was that for?
R=I just feel like something awful might happen.
J=I will be fine.

-Jason and Robin go out for breakfast before his meeting at 2:00 p.m.-

~Brendaís room~

-S&B lay there. Sonny has his arms wrapped around her-

-Brenda turns around-

B=Sonny, last night was so perfect.
S=(sits up) Iím sorry.

-Brenda sits up too-

B=What do you mean? About what?
S=That isnít how I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be special.
B=Well, wasnít it?
S=Of course it was, but I wanted it to be romantic.
B=(smiles) Oh, Sonny...donít you know that no matter how it happens or where we
are it will always be special and baby, you will always be romantic.
S=(kisses her) I love you.
B=I love you, too. I need to go see Lucy today, so we better get up.
S=Yeah. I am meeting Robin at Loisí today. Actually in two hours.
S=Why donít you stop by after your meeting with Lucy.
B=All right.

-They both get ready. Brenda goes to see Lucy and Sonny goes to see Lois and

~The gatehouse~

-Robin knocks on the door and Lois lets her in-

L=Sonny isnít here yet, but he should be soon. I wonder what he wants to talk to
us about.
R=Well, maybe itís about Brenda. I mean, I know they are back together...oh, you
donít think they broke up do you?
L=I hope not.
R=They look so happy so I bet itís not that.
L=Looks happy? Have you seen her in the past month?
R=What do you mean?
L=I have only talked to her and seen her once. She is spending every waking
moment with that man, which is good.
R=(laughs) I know. We will all have to get together soon. I mean we have all the
time in the world right?

-There is a knock at the door and Lois lets Sonny in-

L=Ok, Corinthos, whatís going on?

-Sonny just looks at the both of them-

~Lucyís office~`

-Brenda knocks and then makes her way inside-

L=Brenda, I am so glad you could make it. We have a lot of catching up to do with
your career.
B=Yeah, I know. Sorry I havenít been available lately.
L=Thatís ok.....wait, has something happened. I mean, your glowing. Youíre not
pregnant are you?
B=NO! I am back with Sonny.
L=You are! What about Matt?
B=He left. He knew I would always love Sonny so he let go.
L=Oh, sweetheart. I am ecstatic about Sonny and you, though.
L=Now letís get down to business.
B=All right. Whatís up?
L=I need you to go to London for a shoot that will last for two weeks.
B=That long?
L=Iím sorry but it is a big one. Maybe Sonny can join you the second week.
B=Ok. When do I leave?
L=In a week.
B=Oh, boy. All right. I have a lot to do until then.....so Iíll see you soon.

-Brenda leaves-

~Back at the gatehouse~

R=Sonny, what is it?
S=I know me and Bren havenít exactly been sociable this past month. Iím sorry. I
wanted to come over here and thank you guys for everything youíve done for us.
S=You talked to her and made her see that we belong together.
R=Sonny, she did most of that on her own. Sure Matt gave her a little push and so
did we, but after Matt left her she did some real thinking.
S=Yeah, I know. I am just so grateful.
L=You both seem so happy.
S=We are. I almost lost her though.
S=(sits down) Well, I kind of didnít want to discuss my business in front of her. She
got upset and left. I went to her and she told me if I couldnít let her in she wouldnít
be able to be with me.
L=Please tell me you let her in.
S=I did. I had to. I couldnít let her walk out of my life. I need her in my life forever.
R=(sits next to him) I know you donít want her into that part of your life. I know
you want to keep her safe from all of it, but she needs to be in a little.
S=But why? You donít want in with Jason.
R=Thatís different. You have to let her know whatís going on and donít lie to her.
That is what you have to do to hold on to her. (Sonny covers his face)
L=(sits on the other side of him and takes his hands) Listen to me.....she KNOWS
that you will protect her and will do everything to make her happy and safe. Trust is
just what she needs right now.
S=Iíll try. I guess I have no choice. If I want her with me then I guess itís what I
have to do. Sheís my life, you know. I donít know what I would do if I lost her.
R=You wonít. You guys will be together forever.

-Brenda walks in-

B=Hi. Whatís going on?

-Sonny walks over to her and gives her a hug. He puts his arms around her-

L=oh, nothing.
S=I came over here to tell them thanks for everything they have done for us.
B=Same goes for me. You guys have made me realize that Sonny is the only that
can make me happy.

-Brenda kisses him on the cheek and Sonny pulls her in near to him-

L=This makes me so happy.

-Brenda goes over and gives each Lois and Robin a hug-

-Sonnyís cell phone rings-

J=Sonny, itís me, Jason.
S=Yeah. Whatís up?
J=You need to me warehouse #3. You need to be here. He is unwilling to say a
word unless you come.
S=Oh, man. Ok, Iíll be there in a few minutes.

-they hang up-

B=What is it, sweetie?
S=I have to go meet Jason. That guy wants to meet with me.
R=Is he ok?
S=Yeah, but I need to go.
B=Be careful.
S=I will. (he kisses her) I will see you soon.

-sonny leaves-

B=No.......I have a weird feeling in my gut. Something is wrong....dead wrong.
L=Heíll be fine.
B=I have to go after him.
R=Brenda, donít. Let him do this.

-Head out the door-

B=I canít.

-Lois and Robin look at each other-

~At Warehouse #3~

-Sonny walks in there and sees the guy holding a gun on Jason-

-Brenda is following close behind him. She is be careful so he does not see her-

S=Who, what is going on?
Man=You finally showed up.
S=Is this necessary?
Man=Who knows? Do I get part of your Puerto Rico dealings?
S=I donít think so.

-The man points the gun at Sonny-

Man=You better rethink that or I will shoot.
S=Why do you want them?
Man=Because I want what Rivera had.
S=Did you work for him?
Man=At one point until he let me go.
S=Sorry, but the answer is still no.

-The man pulls back the trigger. Brenda sees that he is aiming for Sonny and she
runs in front of Sonny while the man shoots-


-Brenda is shot and she falls to the ground-

-Sonny canít believe what just happens. He drops next to Brenda-

S=Baby? Can you hear me? Please answer me. (starts to cry ) Brenda, PLEASE!!

-Sonny searches for a pulse, but has trouble locating one-.

***NEXT TIME: what happens when Brenda is rushed to GH?***

Chapter 15:

-Brenda lays on the ground bleeding with Sonny by her side-

-The man runs off-

S=Brenda! Brenda, open your eyes. I know you can do it, please do it.

J=(is shocked by what happened) Sonny.

S=(looks at Jason) What am I going to do?

J=Do you have your phone?

S=(he throws Jason the phone) Hurry!!

-jason calls the ambulance to come and get Brenda fast-

J=(kneels next to Sonny) Here take my shirt. We need to stop the bleeding. She is bleeding way too much. Sonny, what is she doing here?

S=i donít know. She must have followed me.

J=Sheíll be ok.

S=She has to.

-Sonny looks down at Brenda, who is turning paler and paler by the minute-

S=Damn, when are they going to get here.

J=They should be here any minute-


~10 minutes later at the warehouse~

-Ambulance arrives and puts Brenda on a stretcher.-

S=I want to ride with her.

Person=Ok, but only one of you.

J=Sonny, I will meet you there.



~At GH~

-Jason is waiting for Sonny and Brenda-

-They wheel Brenda in with Sonny at her side-

S=I need to tell her something.

Person=There is no time.

-They wheel Brenda off-

S=(whispers) I love you, baby.

-Sonny follows them to her operating room. sonny looks through the window at Brenda-

-Jason comes up behind him-

J=Letís sit down.

-They sit on the bench next to her room-

J=She will make it.

S=Damn it! I finally had her back in my life......I was finally happy again.

J=Youíll still be together.

S=This is what I was afraid of. That is why I didnít want her knowing anything. I didnít want anything to happen to her.

J=I know, but you know she wonít accept that.

S=I canít live without her. (he buries his head in his hands) Can you call Robin, Lois, and Mike for me. I donít think I could do it.

J=Of course I will.

-Jason leaves-

-Tears stream down Sonny face as he walks over and looks at brenda in the operating room-


~Jason makes some calls~

-Lois and Robin are talking when the phone rings. Lois picks it up-


J=Lois, itís Jason. Look, Sonny could really use you and Robin down here.

L=Whatís going on? Down where?

J=GH. Brendaís been shot and she is being operated on right now.

L=(puts her hand over her face) What? What happened?

-Jason tells Lois what happened to brenda. They hang up. Jason then calls Mike-

R=Lois, what is it?

L=(barely able to speak) Bren....sheís been shot?

R=What do you mean sheís been shot?

L=She followed Sonny.....went the guy pulled the trigger on Sonny Brenda ran out in front of him.

R=Oh, my god. Letís go. Sonny must be going crazy.

-Lois and Brenda leave for GH-


~At GH~

-Sonny is still standing by Brendaís room-

-Lois and Robin come over to him-

L=Sonny, come here. (they hug) Itís going to be ok. You hear me?

S=What if I lose her? How can I go on?

R=Sonny, you wonít lose her. Brendaís strong. Sheíll make it through this.

S=This is all my fault.

L=Donít you even say that. Nothing is your fault.

R=Sheís right. (she hugs Sonny)

-Alan comes out of Brendaís room-

S=How is she?

A=Well, itís very serious, Sonny. Iím sorry. She barely made it out of surgery, so it will be touch and go and we wonít know if she will make it for 48 hours.

-Lois and Robin both hold on to Sonny-

S=Thank you. Can I see her?

A=Yeah, but only one of you.

L=Go in and see her.

-Sonny walks in the room and sees Brenda laying there all still. He goes over to her bed and pulls the chair up to her as close as he can get. He lifts up her hand and brings it up to his lips and kisses it-

S=You just have to make it sweetheart, you have to. I need you. Please donít leave me now.

-Tears fall down his face as he watches Brenda-

S=I wonít let you die on me. Do you hear me? You are not checking out on me like this. I wonít let you and that is all there is too it.

S=(to himself) ďLook what Iíve done to her. How could I do this to her. Iím sorry, Brenda. I wanted to protect you and I couldnít. Why did you follow me? It should be me in this hospital bed fighting for my life not you.Ē

-Sonny lays his head next to Brenda and closes his eyes-

S=(whispers) We have to be together forever, Bren. Remember we belong together. Donít you forget that. Please, wake up.


~Lois, Robin, Jason outside Brendaís room~

L=Look at him, heís a mess.

J=Yeah. What do you expect?

R=Jason, come on. Everyoneís worried.

J=Iím sorry. I know how he is feeling. I mean, if you would have followed me that could have been you.

R=But it wasnít.

-Jason hugs her tightly-

R=She will make it through this.

-Mike comes over to them-

M=Whatís going on?

L=She is out of surgery. But they wonít know for 48 hours. Sonny is in there with her now.

-Mike walks over and looks on at S&B-

M=I canít believe this. This is killing him. He doesnít think he is going to lose her, does he?

R=Heís trying to hold on to her living.

J=He canít handle losing her too like he did Lily.

M=You canít even compare the two. This is so different.

L=Heís right. Lily was someone he cared for......but Brenda is the love of his life. I couldnít handle losing her, I canít even imagine what it would be like for him.

R=Losing Brenda would be like Sonny losing a piece of himself. That is how deep they are connected.

J=I think I finally understand now. Thank you.

-Robin nods her head-


~2 hours later in Brendaís room~

S=Donít tell me youíre giving up on us already? I mean, we were suppose to have forever, remember? Youíve always wanted me to be honest about how I feel about you.....my *true* feelings for you, so here it goes. Brenda, you are the most important thing in my life. You always have been. I have always loved you and wanted to protect you. (whispers) I couldnít go on if I lost you. I know what youíre going to say, youíre going to say ďSonny, you will find someone else. You moved on when you lost Lily.Ē But you know what? Youíre wrong. When I lost lily I was feeling mostly guilt and I was mourning for my baby, but you are the love of my life and losing you would be like losing a piece of myself. So, you have no choice but to come back to me. Please come back to me soon. (he starts to cry)

B=(slowly opens her eyes) Sonny.

S=(smiles and laughs) You came back. I knew you would.

B=Listen, ok. I donít know if I have much time, but there are some things I need to tell you.

S=What do you mean ďmuch timeĒ? You are going to make it.

B=I feel like I am slipping. I want you to know that I will keep you with me in my heart forever. I will hold you close and I will cherish all the memories. I am so thankful for all the times we had with each other. Nobody could ever replace you in my heart. You will always be the greatest love of my life. I love you, Sonny.

S=NO!!!!!!!!! Brenda, listen to me......I will do anything you want but pleaes donít leave me. hey, you can throw your closes all over the floor. Anything, baby. Brenda, I canít live without you! Donít leave me, PLEASE!!!

-The monitor beeps and Brenda is fading away-

Chapter 16:

-Sonny rushes to the door-

L=Sonny, what is it?

S=Whereís Alan? She needs him right away.

J=Iíll go find him.

-Jason leaves to go find Alan and Sonny goes back in to Brenda-

S=Listen to me.....you need to hold on. You have to hold on. Do it for us.

-Robin and Lois come up behind him and each put their arms around him-

-Alan comes in-

A=I need you all to clear the room. I have to see what we can do.

-Lois and Robin slowly remove Sonny from the room-

-Sonny watches Alan from outside the room.-


~ Half hour later~

-Alan comes out-

A=Ok. Sheís stable now.

S=Is she going to be ok?

A=Weíll just have to wait and see. I canít promise you anything Sonny. Your presence is helping so please keep doing whatever you are doing.

S=I wonít leave her side.

-Sonny walks back into Brenda and sits on the bed with her. He touches her face-

S=You are my life, Brenda. I am not sure what I can say to make you come back to me for good. All I know is that I canít go on living without you. I am begging you to come back to me.


~2 days later~

-Things have been touch and go with Brenda. She has improved in the last six hours-

S=Ok, baby. I think you are going to far. Donít you think youíre stretching this too far? I mean, we only had a fight. We worked things out I thought. Was I wrong.

-Sonny leans forward and gives her a kiss softly on the lips-

-Brendaís eyes open slowly and Sonny looks at her and smiles-



S=Youíre back right? You are really back?

B=Iím back.

-Sonny lays his head next to her and holds her hands.-

S=I was so afraid that I lost you.

B=Shh....you would never lose me. I will always be with you in your heart. So I guess you have to put up with me.

S=That is the best news I have heard in a long time.


S=I love you so much.

B=I love you, too.

S=I want Alan to check you over so I am going to have Jason go get him.

B=Jasonís here?

S=Yeah. So is Lois, Robin, and Mike.

B=I canít believe it. I canít wait to see them.

S=After Alan checks you out, ok?

B=(a weak smile appears) Ok.

-Sonny walks out of the room-

L=Whatís going on? I just got here and so did Robin and Mike.

S=Sheís awake.

L=Oh, thank god.

-Lois and Robin hug Sonny. Jason leaves-

R=Where is Jason going?

S=I am sure to get Dr. Quartamaine.

M=Michael, I am so happy she is going to be ok.

S=Yeah, me too. I was so afraid.

M=Can we see her?

S=Well, she really wants to see all of you, but I want Alan to look at her first.

L=Thatís fine.

S=Lois, why donít you go call Ned and keep him posted.

L=Yeah, I will. He wanted to fly back from his trip but I told him I would let him know if he needed to. I am going to go call him. I will be right back.

-Lois leaves-

-Alan comes with jason-

A=Sheís awake?

S=Yeah, just a few minutes ago.

A=Let me go check her.

-Sonny watches as Alan goes in-

-Alan comes out 10 minutes later-

A=she is doing remarkable.

S=What a relief. Thank you Alan.

A=Your welcome.

S=When can I take her home?

A=Tomorrow I think.


-Alan leaves-

S=Mike why donít you go in and see her.

-Mike walks in-

B=Mike, I am so glad you are here.

M=(he sits by her) I am so happy that you are all right.

B=Did you take care of Sonny.

M=We all tried to. It was killing him to see you in here fighting for your life.

B=Yeah. I could tell.

M=I knew you wouldnít check out on him....not now when you are back together.

B=I am glad we still can be together.

M=Yeah. I canít stay long because they all want to see you, but I wanted to tell you that I was thinking of you.

B=Thank you. (Mike gives her a hug)

-Mike leaves and Robin enters-

-Robin sits on Brendaís bed-

R=I am so glad that you are back with us.

B=Me, too.

B=Robin, I need a favor.

R=Sure. Anything.

B=Can you and Lois get Sonny out of here. Take him to go get something to eat and take a shower at least. I would like him to go home and get some rest but I know that is pushing it.

R=Weíll try. Going home would be a stretch though. He loves you so much.

B=I know and I love him too.

-Robin hugs Brenda and Lois comes in-

L=Hey, girlfriend!

B=(smiles) Hey.

L=Ned sends his best. I wonít stay in here for very long because I know Sonny wants to see you and spend some time with you.

B=Well, I asked Robin if you and her can take Sonny to take a shower and have him eat. He needs it.

L=Oh, ok. Why donít you get some rest and I will come visit after they take you home.

B=I would love that.

-Lois leaves-


~outside Brendaís door~

R=Why donít we take you to get something to eat and to go home and take a shower?

S=No thanks. I donít want to leave Brenda.

L=Itís what she wants.

S=I donít want to leave her.

-Sonny walks in Brendaís room. Lois and Robin follow-

S=Sweetheart, how are you doing?

B=Sonny, go with them.

S=I canít leave you.

B=Iím fine. I will be ok. You need to get away for awhile. I will be here when you get back. I promise.

S=but what if.....

B=No, it will be ok. I know I canít get you to go get some rest and stay home tonight but please do this for me.

S=All right. But I will be back later.

B=(smiles) Iím counting on it.

L=Come on, Sonny. She will be just fine.

-As Lois and Robin are leaving with Sonny, Brenda whispers ďthank youĒ to them and they nod-


~3 hours later at Sonnyís PH~

-Robin and Lois are waiting for Sonny to come out of the shower-

R=I am so glad she made it. Otherwise, I donít know what would have happened with Sonny.

L=I know. And we need her too.

R=No kidding.

L=Iím glad we got Sonny away for a little bit.

R=Yeah, he needed it.

-Sonny comes down the steps-

S=I heard the phone ring. Was it about Brenda?

-Lois looks at Robin-

Chapter 17:

L=No, it was just a salesperson.

S=Oh, ok. I better get back to Brenda.

R=Yeah. Sonny, are you ok?

S=I just hate being away from her. I guess I am still a little scared.

L=Hey, it will be ok. She can go home tomorrow.

R=Letís go.


-They drop Sonny off at GH-


~At GH in Brendaís room~

-Sonny walks in and Brenda is sleeping-

-Sonny smiles at her and walks over and sits on the chair by her bed. Sonny just watches her sleep-

S=(to himself) Thank you for bringing her back to me. She is my life and I wouldnít know what I would do if I ever lost her.

-Brenda opens her eyes and smiles at Sonny-


S=(sits next to her on the bed and touches her face) Hi. I missed being away from you.

B=I missed you, too. You do look better though.

S=Yeah. I guess you were right.

B=Arenít I always?

S=(smiles) Donít push it.

B=Are you going to go this whole time without kissing me?

S=I didnít know if you wanted me to.

B=You know I do.

-Sonny leans in and gives her a long soft kiss-

S=I wasnít sure if I could do that again.

B=Iím glad you can. Will you stay here tonight?

S=I wouldnít be anywhere else.


~The next morning~

-Alan comes in and tells Brenda she can go home but has to take it easy-

-Alan leaves. Sonny and Brenda thank him-

S=Do you want to stay with me at the PH?

B=I donít think that is a good idea.

S=Why? I donít understand.

B=Sonny......that PH is where you shared your life with Lily. Um.....it is where you made love to her and I canít stay there. Iím sorry but I canít.

S=Iím sorry, Brenda. I never meant to hurt you like that. We can go back to your hotel room.

B=Itís ok.

S=Should we go?


-They leave for Brendaís room-


~Brendaís hotel room~

-they walk in and sit on the couch side by side-

B=(turns to Sonny and gives him a big hug) Thank you for bringing me home and staying with me last night.

S=I would be no other place. Brenda, I need to ask you something.

B=You want to know why I followed you, donít you?

S=Yeah I do. That was why I didnít want to tell you anything because I canít lose you like that.

B=Iím sorry. I got this bad feeling in my stomach that you were in trouble. I had to go to you. I wanted to protect you.

S=oh, baby. That is what I want to do for you, I want to protect YOU!

B=You canít all the time, but I love you for wanting to try. I still want you to tell me things about your business. I mean, not details but donít lie to me about whatís going on. Nothingís changed in that area.

S=You are so stubborn.

B=I know but so are you.

S=Ok. But you have to be more careful and you can never follow me, ok?

B=I promise.

-Sonny holds her for a few minutes-

B=Sonny, youíre shaking. Are you ok?

S=Iím fine. As long as you are with me Iím great. Brenda, I donít want to be apart from you anymore.

B=I feel the same.

S=Brenda, if I found another place to live will you move in with me?

B=I donít want you to move out on my account. Itís your place.

S=No, I would move out for us. We are going to be together forever and we canít live apart forever. so what do you say?

B=This is so quick.

S=I guess. Iím sorry. If your not ready I understand.

B=No, itís not that. I know that kind of thing makes you nervous and I am just a little surprised you would suggest it.

S=I guess Iíve changed. Waking up with you and coming home and seeing your face is exactly what I need and want everyday of my life.

-Brenda hugs Sonny and starts kissing him-

-Sonny pulls away breathless-

B=Yes, I will move in with you.

S=I love that. But for now you need your rest.

B=Yeah, I guess I do.

S=Iíll be back soon. (he gets up)

B=Ok. Come here first.

S=(sits back down) What?

-Brenda gives him a long kiss-

S=Maybe I shouldnít leave. No, I have to. I will see you soon.........very soon.

B=Yeah, very soon.

-Sonny leaves-

-Brenda gets in bed and dreams about Sonny-


~Back at Sonnyís PH~

-Sonny picks up the phone to call Lois-


S=Hi. I just wanted to let you know that Brenda is home.

L=Oh, thatís great! Is she staying at your PH?

S=No, she is uncomfortable there because of Lily.

L=Yeah, I understand that.

S=i am going to stay at her hotel until we find a place.

L=Wait a minute. ďWEĒ?

S=Oh, yeah. We are moving in together.

L=That is so great! Are you guys ready for that so soon?

S=Yeah, I think we are.

L=Then I am so happy for the both of you. See, we told you guys that you were meant to be together.

S=Well, I have to call Robin too. Why donít you go see Brenda soon?

L=I will.

-They hang up-

-Sonny calls Robin -


S=Hi, sweetie, how are you?

R=Good. Howís Brenda?

S=So much better. She is back home.

R=That is so great. I bet you feel so good to have her back?

S=Do I ever.

R=You both need each other.

S=I know we do. That is why we are moving in together.

R=You are!

S=Yeah. We decided this morning.

R=Not to the PH right?

S=No. She says she canít.

R=You have to understand that. Sonny, itís where you lived with Lily. Her watching that whole relationship killed her just like you watching her with Jax killed you.

S=I do understand. We are both moving on together.

R=I am so happy for both of you. Tell Brenda I will come and see her soon.

S=I will.

-They hang up-


~Sonnyís phone rings~



S=Hey, Jason. Whatís going on?

J=Well, that guy disappeared. So I guess for now there is no more trouble but I want you to watch your back because I have a feeling itís not over.

S=I will.

J=Howís Brenda?

S=Great. We are going to look for a place to live together soon.

J=Really? Thatís great news.

S=Yeah. I better get back to Brenda so I will talk to you later.


-Sonny leaves for Brendaís hotel room-

Chapter 18:


~On the way to Brendaí hotel room he decides that he is going to ask Brenda to marry him tonight. He decides that living together isnít enough for him anymore. He wants to give her what sheís always wanted and what heís always wanted. ~

~Sonny stops by the jewler and picks out the most exquisite diamond ring that anyoneís ever saw. From the moment the jewler showed him it he knew it was the perfect ring for the perfect woman.~


~Sonny calls Mike~


S=Mike, itís Sonny.

M=Hi. Howís Brenda.

S=Good. Look, can you close the place down for the night?

M=Sure. Why?

S=I am going to ask Brenda to marry me.

M=Oh, Michael. That is the best.

S=Well, save the congratulations. She hasnít said yes yet.

M=She will. Itís what she has always wanted.

S=Itís what I want and need. Anyways just have everything cleared.

~Sonny has Mike put the cook on the phone and he tells him exactly what he would like prepared for him and Brenda that night~

~Sonny heads over to Brendaís hotel room~


~Brenda is laying in bed when Sonny knocks on the door~

~Brenda jumps a little at the sound of the knock on the door. She slowly gets up and answers the door~

~Sonny kisses her and makes his way inside. He has a huge smile on his face.~

B=(smiles) Sonny, whatís going on?

S=Sweetheart, you are coming with me tonight.

B=Where are we going?

S=We are going to Lukeís.

B=Oh, honey, I am really not in the mood for that yet.

S=No, itís a special and relaxing night for just the two of us. I closed down Lukeís for the night.

B=You did?

S=Yeah. I want to take care of you tonight.

B=All right. When should we leave?

S=I will pick you up in 3 hours.

B=Sounds good.

S=Donít worry about dressing up. I want you to be comfortable.

B=Ok. I love the idea.

~Sonny leaves Brendaís hotel room and goes over to Lukeís to check on how things are. Sonny notices that there arenít any candles anywhere, so he puts candles on all the tables and around the bar.~


~Back at Brendaís hotel room~

~Sonny arrives and is taken aback at the sight of Brenda~

S=Oh, baby.......you take my breath away.

B=Stop it. I am hardly dressed for the special occassion.

S=No you look beautiful.

~Sonny and Brenda head to Lukeís.~

~They walk into Lukeís and Brenda gasps at the sight of all the candles.~

B=Oh, Sonny, everything looks so beautiful. All the candles.

S=I want tonight to be a night we will never forget.

B=What do you mean?

S=Come over and sit with me.

-The sit at a table.-

~Sonny takes Brendaís hand and looks deep into her eyes.~

S=Brenda, when I almost lost you to that bullet wound......I started to realize what the most important things to me were in my life. You are the most important thing in my life. I donít know what I would do if I ever lost you.

B=(she places her hand on Sonnyís face) You will never lose me.

S=I love you more than anything. I want to be with you always. I want to wake up next to you every morning and come home to you every night. Brenda.......will you.......will you marry me?

~Brenda is speechless. This is what she has waited for. Her dream has always been to be with Sonny forever and to marry him. She couldnít believe that this was the moment that she was waiting for.~


B=(tear flow down her cheeks at a steady pace) Yes, Iíll marry you!! YES! YES!

~Brenda gets up off her chair and goes over and sits on Sonnyís lap and throws her arms around him and covers his face with kisses~

S=You have made me the happiest man in the world.

B=Sonny, you have made me happier than I ever thought possible. Do you know that marrying you is what I have always dreamed about? I have wanted this more than anything.

~Sonny tells her he loves her and they kiss~

Chapter 19:

~It has been 3 months and Brenda and Sonny have been really busy getting everything ready for their wedding. Brenda has asked Lois to be her Robin to be her maid of honor and Lois and Emily to be bridesmaides, Brenda has also asked Mike to walk her down the aisle. Sonny has asked Luke to be his best man and Lucky and Jason to be a groomsman. Everything was going smoothly for their wedding. All the tuxes and dresses have all been picked out. Their wedding is tomorrow and now all is left are the bachelor and showers for Brenda and Sonny.~

~Lois and Robin are about to come over and take Brenda away from Sonny for the night~

~Sonny and Brenda are sitting on his couch in the PH and are kissing. There is a knock at the door. Sonny moans and then answers it.~

S=Lois. Robin. Whatís going on?

R=Sorry, but you know we are taking Brenda tonight.

~Brenda walks over to Sonny and wraps her arms around him~

B=Are you going to tell me I have to spend tonight apart from him?

L=Yeah! Oh, come on. It will be fun. Tomorrowís the big day!

~Lois and Robin have to tear Brenda away from Sonnyís arms. Brenda kisses Sonny passionately.~

B=Donít be late tomorrow.

S=(smiles) This is one event I plan on being right on time.

~Brenda smiles as she is pulled out the door~

~As Brenda is leaving Luke and Jason arrive~

L=Corinthos, are you ready for tonight?

S=Sure, why not.

L=Your last chance to back out.

S=No way! That woman that just left is who I want to spend the rest of my life with and I would never turn back now.

J=Ok, then. Letís go.


~That night Brenda and Sonny spend the night apart and celebrate with their friends.~


-The next day at the church in Brendaís room-

~Brenda is doing the final touches on her dress, hair and makeup. Robin, Lois, and Emily walk in the room~

R=Oh, Brenda, you look gorgeous.

L=Sheís right, Bren. I donít think I have ever seen you more happy.

B=Thanks. I donít think I have ever been this happy. Thank you guys for helping me and Sonny find our way back to one another.

~in walks Mike~

M=Brenda, you look.......

B=(looks down at her dress in fear) What? What is it?

M=You look absolutely stunning. I am so happy that you are going to be my daughter inlaw. You have always been like a daughter to me.

B=(gets all teary eyed) Donít do this. I promised myself I wouldnít cry....well, at least not until after the wedding.

M=i am going to go check on Sonny. I will be right back to walk you down the aisle.

B=Ok. Mike, tell Sonny I love him.

M=Will do.

~Mike leaves to check on Sonny~

-In Sonnyís room at the church-

~Sonny has his tux on. Luke walks in the room.~

L=Are you ready man?

S=Yeah. Letís do this!

~Mike walks in~

M=Whoa.......i just saw Brenda.

S=What is it?

M=You are one lucky man.

S=(smiles) Yeah I know.

M=She looks radiant.

S=Thatís no surprise. She always does.

M=She is ready. How about you?


~Sonny heads down to the church and Mike goes to get Brenda~


~Sonny is anxiously awaiting Brenda to come walking down the aisle. The music starts to play and in walks Robin and Jason, Lois and Luke, Emily and Lucky. And finally in walks Brenda on Mikeís arm~

~Sonny is amazed at how beautiful she looks. He isnít sure how he could love her anymore than he has but seeing her today makes him feel like he loves her even more. He is looking forward to their future together~

~Mike hands Brenda off to Sonny~

S=(to brenda) ďBrenda, we have been through so much. I always knew from the moment that I saw you that you were the one for me. I knew somehow we would be together forever. I want to spend every breath I take to be with you. I want you by my side forever. I have always loved you and I always will.Ē

B=(to Sonny) ďSonny, you have always been my one true love. I have loved you more than I ever thought it was possible to love somebody. You have made so happy and I know as long as Iím with you I will always be happy. You are my heart and my soul. I love you.Ē

~The priest tells Sonny he can kiss the bride~

~Brenda and Sonny kiss. They seem to kiss forever and Robin taps Brendaís shoulders.~

~Everyone heads for Lukeís for a reception and Sonny and Brenda follow~


-At Lukeís-

~Brenda and Sonny walk in and they spend a hour talking with everyone and thanking them for coming to their wedding.~

~Luke announces the first song (Till the end of time) and Sonny and Brenda make their way to the dance floor. Sonny holds her close. Their faces are inches apart from one another and they are looking deep into each otherís eyes. They tune everyone out and feel like they are the only ones in the room~

~Luke toasts Sonny and Brenda to a lifetime of happiness~


- 3 hours later-

~Brenda and Sonny thank everyone for coming and head to Puerto Rico for their honeymoon~

**THE END***

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