Broken Promises by Susan


This story takes place about four years after Sonny Corinthos left the love of his life that fateful September day. He recently returned to Port Charles to find things not that much different except that Brenda didn't live there anymore. Lois moved back to Port Charles to run L&B better. It was hard for her since Ned was dating Alexis Davis but they broke up. Lois and Ned remained cordial for Brooke's sake. One stormy night they were stuck at the Gatehouse because of a storm and they rekindled their romance. Sonny explained why he left Brenda, Lois didn't agree with what he did but accepted it. Sonny also made his peace with Mike who owned his own bar. Jason still lived in Port Charles with Carly and baby Michael who was no longer a baby. Sonny was touched that Jason named the baby after him but was angry that he had moved on with his life without Robin and had hurt her like that. Since Brenda left town shortly after the non-wedding, Robin never came back and remained in Paris to finish her studies. She met someone else, a pre-med student and they fell in love. Sean Donnelly had moved back to town and was appointed police commissioner again. He had had a son with his wife Tiffany. Jason ran the business well and acquired more power after defeating Moreno at his own game. He offered Sonny a partnership when he returned and he accepted, thinking that he had already lost Brenda and didn't have anything to live for. Besides, it gave Jason time to spend with his family and someone he could trust. Lois told Sonny that Brenda had moved on with her life and married someone else. Sonny felt his heart break all over again when he heard the news but found comfort in the fact that Brenda was happy and had the family she always wanted. Complete with a daughter.

~~~~~Chapter 1~~~~~~~

November 21, 2001

Sonny Corinthos left the farm he had bought for Brenda that morning. He had kept the land and built the house like he promised. Brenda's dream house. It made him feel closer to her to live there. The penthouse was Jason's. He drove into town, not knowing his life was about to change forever. He arrived at the penthouse at Harbor View Towers to see Jason about some business and see his namesake. He nodded at the guard at the door and greeted Carly who was trying to get Michael to sit still long enough to eat his breakfast.
"Hi Carly. Hey Michael."
The little boy smiled, freckles covered his face and curly red head stuck out from underneath his cap.
"Hi Uncle Sonny. Did you bring me a present ?"
Carly looked at him shocked.
"Michael, what did I tell you about that ?"
"Carly, it's okay. It's my fault, I told Michael here that I would have something for him next time I saw him. Here you go."
Sonny reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a chocolate candy bar.
"Now you might want to save that for later or else you'll get a tummy ache."
The little boy smiled, revealing a missing tooth.
"Now what do you say to Sonny." Carly prodded.
"Thank you."
"You're welcome. Is Jason around ?" Sonny asked Carly.
"He's in his office. He said to go right in when you got here. I think it's important. Can I get you some coffee or something ?"
"No, I'm fine. I'll see you later Michael."
Sonny walked to the back of the penthouse, leaving mother and son alone. He knew that A.J was biologically the father of Michael but after he found out how the Quartermaines tried to take him, he agreed not to say anything. Jason was a wonderful father to that boy and he wasn't going to let his best friend lose his son. Jason was happy and so was Michael, that was what was important.
"Hey Jason, what's up ?" Sonny said as he walked into the office.
Jason was sitting behind the desk, staring off into space.
"Jason ?"
Jason's head turned at the sound of his voice. He blinked for a minute, as if not recognizing him.
"Something wrong ?"
Jason got up and walked over to Sonny. He shut the door before speaking.
"We have some problems in Albany. I'm going to have to go there and take a meeting."
Sonny nodded.
"Benny still in Hong Kong ?"
"You want me to go ? You should stay here and be with Carly."
"No, I should probably go. They know me and I can tell if they're lying."
"Okay, when are you leaving ?"
"I'll handle things here. Did you book the flight ?"
"I was going to borrow the ELQ jet. Ned's not using it."
"Things okay over there ?"
"Pretty much. The old man isn't so bad now that he gets to see Michael every once in awhile. Being a board member doesn't help much. You know the drill."
"Yeah, I guess I do. Listen, if there isn't anything else, I'm going to head over and see Lois."
"I'll walk you out."
Jason followed Sonny out of the office. Carly was sitting on the couch with Michael.
"Hey Daddy. Want to come with us to the park Mommy said we could play on the swings."
Jason smiled.
"I'd love to but I can't. Next time, I promise."
"You sure ? " Carly asked.
"I've got some things to take care of. You just going to the park ?" Jason asked Carly.
"No, remember, I was going to have lunch at the brownstone with Bobbie. She wanted to spend time with us."
"Okay, Renaldo will drive you."
"Okay. Bye."
Carly kissed Jason goodbye and helped Michael on with his coat. They left and Sonny turned to Jason.
"You know you're a lucky man. You have a great kid and a woman that loves you. You both get along good. She accepts you for who you are and everything." Jason looked at his best friend. It was times like this where Sonny would think about the past and Brenda.
"You thinking about her again ?"
"When am I not ? " Sonny retorted. He sighed. "I'm sorry buddy. I can't help it. Sometimes I find myself wondering what could have been if...."
"Sonny, I know that you still love her, in a way I still love Robin but life goes on. It's not to late for you."
"Yes it is. Brenda was my life. We went through a lot together. That's enough for me.
I had one of the greatest woman on this Earth. No one can hold a candle to her and I don't even want to try. Listen, I've got to head over to the Gatehouse. I'll talk to you later."

^~~`^~~`Chapter 2~^`~^``~~~~~^`

Sonny walked around the Quartermaine property for a short time before heading to the Gatehouse. His mind drifted back to the times when he and Brenda started dating. She lived at the Quartermaines mansion. Nobody approved of their relationship but that didn't stop Brenda. It made her even more determined. He smiled at the thought. She was determined not to mention stubborn, wild and reckless. That was why he fell for her. He felt blessed for having the chance to watch her grow from that young girl to the strong headed woman he had almost married. He ended up at the boathouse where he and Brenda had made love.

How do I say goodbye to what we had?
The good times that made us laugh
Outweigh the bad.
I thought we'd get to see forever
But forever's gone away
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.
I don't know were this road
Is going to lead.
All I know is where we've been
And what we've been through.
If we get to see tomorrow
I hope it's worth all the wait
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

And I'll take with me the memories
To be my sunshine after the rain
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

He wiped the tears from his eyes and walked back to the Gatehouse.
He knocked on the door. He heard voices inside and the door was ajar. He went in.
Ned was standing in the middle of the room holding Lois who was sobbing.
"Ned, Lois, what happened ?"
Ned looked up at Sonny, there were tears in his eyes too.
Sonny felt his heart leap out of his chest.
"Brenda..." Sonny's mouth formed her name.
Ned helped Lois over to the couch and sat her down."
"You heard ?"
"Heard what ?" Sonny was going crazy not knowing what was wrong.
Ned saw that Lois was in no position to talk so he managed to get a few sentences out.
"She and her husband were in an accident. Their plane crashed."
"Is she..." Sonny couldn't even get the word out. He couldn't believe that Brenda was gone. She was so young and full of life. He couldn't believe that he would never get a chance to see her again, to tell her he loved her, to say...anything. Just to see her.
"They both died." Ned said hoarsely while still holding Lois who was only crying harder.
"No, not Brenda. Not her..."
Tears fell from his eyes. His heart felt like it was ripped out of his chest and torn apart.
Ned noticed and his heart went out to him but concerned with his wife and his own sorrow.

A few hours later,

Sonny was still at the Gatehouse, feeling completely numb. Ned had managed to calm Lois down and she was now resting in bed. Emily had picked Brooke up at pre-school and they were at the main house. Everyone was devastated at the news. Lila was extremely upset.
Ned walked downstairs, equally upset at the loss of his good friend and 'little sister'.
"Sonny." He had no desire to be rude to Sonny at a time like this. He barely noticed he was there.
"Ned, what happened ?" Sonny asked, his throat dry and his face pale.
"Brenda was flying to London with Matthew, her husband to pick up their daughter. It was a private plane. The airport lost track other plane and started a search. The wreckage-" Ned ran a hand through his hair and forced himself to go on.
"It was apparent to the search team that there were no survivors-"
"Are they sure ?" Sonny asked hopefully. "They could be wrong."
"I wish they were but no. Even the pilot didn't survive."
"Her daughter wasn't with her ?"
Ned sighed.
"That is one thing we have to be thankful for. Allysa wasn't on the flight but she is still an orphan."
"What next ?"
"Julia went funeral will be held in Port Charles. Julia will be here tomorrow with Allysa. Brenda would have wanted to be laid to rest here. It was her home."
Sonny's face crumpled up in pain.
"Why her ? She was so young. She had a kid to take care of. It's not right."
Sonny wanted to throw something. To release his pain and anger. To do something.
Ned hung his head in anguish.
"I know. Listen, I'm going to stay with Lois. I'll let you know when Julia gets here."
"Thanks Ned."
For what was the first time the two men comforted each other in a hug to let the other know they shared their grief.
Sonny silently closed the door behind him. The tears streaming down his face.

````````````````````````````Chapter 3```````````````````````````

A few days later,

The funeral was a large gathering of everyone who had known Brenda and loved her.
The Quartermaines, the Spencers, Jason and his family, Ruby, Mike and practically everyone in town. Sonny nodded to Lucy who was being comforted by Kevin.
Robin had flown in with her new husband, Jake. Julia had arrived earlier with Brenda's daughter. Sonny saw her at the church. She looked just like Brenda.
She was so beautiful and very sad. She sat next to Julia in the pew with Brooke.
Sonny saw the casket. It looked too big for her. He saw Mike and sat next to him.
"Pop. I can't believe-" His voice started to crack and Mike pulled him to him.
"I know son. I know."
It was a beautiful ceremony. The priest spoke and gave a touching sermon.

The cemetery

Awhile later,

Sonny waited until everyone left so he could get some time alone with Brenda. He needed to make his peace with her if that was possible. He let the tears fall down his face. He put the roses he had brought on her grave.

"Hey Brenda. I brought you your favorite flowers."
He brushed the tears from his eyes but they only fell faster.
"I'm so sorry baby. I always thought that you would live forever. Maybe I was just being selfish. It's hard when it comes to you. You were so full of life. Nothing could destroy you. Until me. I'm not asking for forgiveness or anything like that. I just wanted the chance to say that I loved you. I always did. I never stopped. I'll never get the chance to show you-"
He couldn't get the words out but kept going, knowing what he had to say. It was getting real dark and cold but he didn't care.
"I probably never would have gotten the chance anyway. I heard you got married. I never met him but I hope he made you happy and gave you the life you deserved, the one I wanted to give you. So much...You know I saw your little girl today. She looks just like you. She just lost her parents so I know she must be going through a rough time but I hear that she is going to be living with Ned and Lois since she needs a family and they are her Godparents. I know they'll take good care of her. I'll make sure of it. I never got a chance to take care of you or give you half the things I wanted but I'll make sure your daughter will always have someone. I'll make sure she's okay. That's one thing I can do for you.
I love you Brenda. With my heart and soul and every fiber of my being." Sonny wiped his tears away again and slowly walked away, he couldn't bear to see her grave anymore. He still could not comprehend that she was gone. That he would never see her beautiful face smiling back at him. He got into the back of the limo that Jason sent for him and memories flooded back.

"...How old are you Brenda?...Old enough to make up my own mind...No doubt...I’m 18, you have a problem with that?...the way two people look into each others' eyes, or feel when they're touching each other... There's a sense, an awareness...It's called chemistry....And tomorrow, when the sun comes up, we'll still be who we are - except without the loneliness...You know, of everything that's ever happened in my life, your love was the best. I couldn't let go of it even when I wanted to. It's the strongest thing in my life...about five seconds. That's all it took me to know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you... I wanted to be the one person that never did anything to hurt you and I did... Remember when I told you that I didn't love you? I lied....I know…I love you and it's the only thing in my life I've ever really known…I don't even know whether it's right or it's wrong but it's real…I do love you. "

Sonny covered his face with his hands and cried out in anguish and pain. "G*d Brenda, it was so right. We were so right and now I'll never get the chance to prove it to you."
He said to himself.

Chapter 4

Sonny stayed in the guest room at Jason's penthouse. He couldn't bear going back to the farm and the long drive would give him time to think which was the last thing he needed.
Jason canceled his trip to stay in Port Charles to make sure Sonny was okay. He was grateful for his support but he couldn't be around Jason and his family. It made him think of the family he could have had with Brenda. He left early that morning to avoid an awkward breakfast. He went back to visit Brenda. It was early so he thought he would be alone. He'd go to the Gatehouse later and see how everything was going. Brenda had it stated in her will that Allysa would live with Ned and Lois if something happened to her. He wanted to meet her, he only got a glimpse at the funeral. He heard a soft voice at the cemetery and looked ahead. Brenda's daughter was at her grave. He glanced around and saw that she was alone. He stood there watching.
"...I really miss you mommy but Aunt Julia said that you were in heaven watching over me. I hope so but I don't really believe it. Aunt Lois said that you were an angel and that you could hear me anytime. I wanted to make sure so I came here. It's not so bad at the Quartermaines. I have Brooke to play with but it's not the same. You wanted me to live there so I guess I'll stay..." Sonny smiled for the first time in what seemed like ages. She was so smart and cute.
She starting crying and the smile on his face disappeared fell.
He walked over to her.
"Hey, it's okay." He kneeled to her height and held her. He let her cry on his shoulder for a long time before she pulled away.
Sonny pulled out a handkerchief and the little girl took it and blew her nose. She studied him for a few minutes.
"I know you."
Sonny was caught off guard then remembered they saw each other at the funeral.
"I was at the church yesterday. I knew your mom. She was a very special person. I know you must miss her." Sonny said softly.
The little girl nodded.
"I do...Am I gonna get in trouble ?"
Sonny glanced around quickly.
"Did you come here alone ?"
"Only if you promise not to sneak out like this again."
The little girl agreed.
"I'm Allison Michelle Barrett-Weiss. Everyone calls me Allysa" The little girl held out her hand.
Sonny grinned.
"That's a long name."
"I know. Mommy had a line in her name so I wanted one too."
"You going to be just like your mom ?"
Allysa's face lighted up.
"Well, sneaking out like this will get you on the way. She told me that she used to sneak out when she went to boarding school in Switzerland and she did it a couple of times when she lived at the Quartermaines."
"Really ?"
"Yes but don't go getting any ideas."
"I won't. I meant that I wanted to be a famous model and run a music company."
Sonny looked at her carefully.
"You know you look just like Brenda. She was really beautiful. So are you."
Allysa blushed.
"Thanks, do we have to go back to the Gatehouse now ?"
"They are probably up by now and worried but if you want to stay and talk to your mom, I can call them and let them know that you're okay."
Allysa looked at him thoughtfully.
"Can she really hear me anywhere ?"
He nodded.
"I'm sure she can. She's probably watching you right now."
"Then let's"
Sonny stood up.
"I'm sorry. Where are my manners." He held out his hand.
"I'm Michael Corinthos jr. Everyone calls me Sonny."
Allysa put her cold little hand in his.
"Nice to meet you. Did you know my mom very well ?"
"I'd like to think so. Why ?"
"Maybe you could tell me about her."
Sonny smiled.
"I'd like that but for now, let's get you home."
Allysa kneeled back down and said goodbye to Brenda.
"Bye mommy. I'll be back soon. I love you."
Together Sonny and Allysa left. He took her back to the Gatehouse where Ned was on the phone with the police.
Lois was running around frantic. She opened the door and saw Sonny standing there with Allysa.
"Ned, hang up the phone. She's back."
Ned looked over at the front door and saw them then hung up.
"Allysa honey, are you okay ? Where did you go ? Why did you sneak out ?
"Lois, you're confusing her." Sonny led Allysa into the house. "Why don't you upstairs to your room and wash your hands and face ?"
Allysa started to leave but then stopped.
"Will you come back tomorrow Sonny ?"
"If you want me to."
"I'd like that." She grinned and ran upstairs.
Lois watched her leave and turned to Sonny.
"Where did you find her ? Was-"
"Whoa Cerullo, don't start 20 questions with me. I went to visit Brenda at her grave and I saw her there. We talked and I brought her back here. She promised she wouldn't sneak out again so don't be mad at her."
"Why didn't you call ? We were worried sick." Ned asked.
"I tried calling. The line was busy."
"I saw her grin. That was the closest thing to a smile I have seen since she got here. What did you two talk about ?" Lois asked.
"Things Lois. Mostly Brenda. She really misses her you know."
"We all do. We all do Sonny."

`` `` `` `` `` `` `` `Chapter ` 5` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

The next few weeks went by rather slow but the days got easier for Sonny the more time he spent with Allysa. She was a great kid and she reminded Sonny of Brenda. It made things easier for him but it was still hard. Lois and Ned were taking good care of Allysa. The Quartermaines were being really nice to her. Ned didn't approve of Sonny always being over at the Gatehouse and spending so much time with Allysa and Brooke but he kept silent since it was a difficult time for Allysa. Lois was still in mourning and Ned did his best to comfort her. So did Sonny. Jason and Carly tried to help but they didn't know Brenda that well and couldn't. Robin left the week after the memorial and returned to Paris. It was hard for her to lose another person that she loved. Seeing Jason with Carly and their son didn't help but she had Jake for comfort.

One Saturday morning,

Sonny had taken Allysa out for the morning to meet some people that her mother knew. He promised that he would tell her about Brenda. Sonny took her to the club before it opened, Mike and Luke were there.
"Corinthos, long time no see." Luke was standing behind the bar puffing one of his trademark cigars. Luke hadn't seen Sonny since Brenda's funeral. He was worried about him. He had taken the news pretty hard.
"I've been busy Luke, Mike."
"So I see Sonny. Who's the beautiful young lady ?" Luke asked putting out his cigar.
"This is Allysa."
"Hi." The little girl said shyly.
"This is one of my good friends Luke Spencer and this is my father, Mike."
Allysa looked at Mike. He looked exactly like her mom had described.
"Hi sweetheart. Would you like something to eat ?" Mike asked.
"No, we're meeting Lois for lunch. As a matter of fact we'd better leave now or we'll be late." Sonny says.
"Um Sonny, can you hold up for a minute ? I want to talk to you." Mike said.
"Fine. What is it ?"
Mike glanced at Allysa. Sonny sighed.
"I'll be right back. I have to talk to my father for a minute. Can you stay with Luke ?"
Sonny walked to the other side of the club.
"What is it Mike ?"
"I've tried calling you over and over but you aren't returning my messages."
"I told you i've been busy. "
"So I see." Mike says looking at Allysa.
"Where is this going ?"
"You sure are spending a lot of time with Brenda's daughter."
"What's your point Mike ?" Sonny asks annoyed.
"I just don't think that-"
"That what ? Brenda is gone. I don't have a chance to make things right with her. She left behind a beautiful little girl who I'm going to take care of-"
"Sonny, there's nothing wrong with that but she's not yours. You don't have to make anything up. Brenda is gone. Her daughter has a home. With Ned and Lois."
"You know, you are a hypocrite. You abandon me and mom, you walked out on us. I am just trying to make sure that that little girl has someone. At least I had a mother and that little girl doesn't. Yeah, I had the Cerullos and she has Lois but its not enough. I can at least make it up to Brenda through her daughter."
Sonny walked back over to Allysa.
"Come on, we're leaving. Lois is waiting. I'll talk to you later Luke."
Luke nodded his farewell then glanced over at Mike.
"What did you say to him ?"
"Nothing that didn't need to be said."
"Mike, I know you're trying to help but Sonny needs to grieve in his own way.
Let him be."
Mike thought for a minute, trying to remember Allysa and what she looked like.
"It's not that Luke, it's Brenda's daughter. She looks familiar."
Luke looked at him strangely.
"Of course, she looks like Brenda."
"No, its more than that. It's like I know her but we've never met. There's something about her."

Outside the club,

Sonny settled Allysa in the passenger seat and buckled her up. He glanced in the rearview mirror but didn't see the dark sedan parked nearby, watching him. The man in the front seat took out his cell phone and dialed.
"Boss, he just left....yeah, I'm still following the kid...No, she's not with them but guess what, the brat is with Sonny Corinthos...I'm not sure, he's still pretty tight with Jason Morgan but I don't think he'll be any trouble. He probably doesn't know anything."
"That's not good enough." A deep voice on the other end says. "I'll contact you again. I don't think Ms. Barrett will be showing up to get her daughter soon but keep watching the house, stay there tonight. Make sure no one sees you."

Chapter 6

The next day,

There was an ELQ Board meeting that Jason had to attend. Sonny went there that
night with him but saw Allysa sitting outside on the steps. Jason went on in.
Sonnu sat down beside her.
"Would you like some company ?"
Allysa looked up at him and smiled slightly.
"Hi Sonny."
"What are you thinking about ?"
"My mom. Do you think she's up there in the sky ? I heard that when you die
you become a star in the sky." Sonny looked up at the sky.
"You know that's probably true. Your mom was one of the brightest people I
knew. She was full of life."
Allysa watched him thoughtfully.
"Did you love her ?"
Sonny looked thrown by the question.
"You know you are just like your mom." He chuckled. "Yes, I did love her very
much but things didn't work out for us like we planned."
"How come ?"
Sonny looked at the little girl.
"You know I really don't know. Things happened that pulled us apart. At least
she found your father and she got the happiness she deserved in the end."
"Yeah." She said quietly, looking away.
"Do you want to talk about it ?"
"Talk about what ? Everyone keeps asking me that like there is something. It
doesn't make me feel any better."
"I know what you mean."
Allysa turned her eyes back on him.
"He was gone a lot. On business trips. He was pretty cool though. He'd always
bring me something back."
Sonny narrowed is eyes in concentration.
"Is that why your Dad and Mom were on that plane ? They were coming home from
a business trip ?"
"I didn't know they were together. Mom took me to London and said that I had
to stay with Aunt Julia for a few days. She left and said that she had to do
something important and she couldn't take me with her. I didn't know they were
together again."
"What do you mean ? "
Allysa shook her head.
"I'm not supposed to say anything. I have to go."
Allysa picked up her doll and went back into the house.
Sonny stared off in space after he watched her leave. He had tons of questions
after trying to make sense of what Allysa had just said. It was all strange.
He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his cell phone.
"Benny, it's Sonny. I need you to do something for me. Can you start looking
into Matthew Weiss and the plane crash ?... Yeah, that's Brenda's
husband....Just do it. Find out anything you can. Thanks."
He hung up. He sat there for awhile, trying to organize his thoughts.
"Sonny ?"
He looked up and saw Jason standing there.
"The meeting over ?"
"Yeah, what are you doing sitting out here ?"
He shrugged.
"Talking to Allysa."
"Brenda's kid ?"
"Yeah, I just called Benny. Somethings off."
"About what ?"
"Not business. Brenda and the plane crash. Allysa just said some stuff that
doesn't sound right."
"Like what ?" Jason asked.
"I can't get into it right now. We'll know more in the morning. Listen, I'm
going to head on home now. Can you handle things here ?"
"You sure you don't want to stay with us tonight ?"
"No, I'm going to stay at the apartment. I need to be alone."
Jason nodded.
"Go ahead." Jason paused. "Sonny, wait."
Sonny stopped and turned around.
"I know that you miss Brenda and everything but aren't you taking this a
little too far. I mean maybe things are just as they seem. I mean she's just a
kid, she might be confused or making things up. She just lost her parents and
she has to live with Ned."
Sonny sighed and rubbed his forehead.
"Maybe you're right Jason but I just want to make sure. Even if Brenda is
deadthen I just want to be able to give her daughter some answers about why it
"And if it wasn't an accident ?"
"Then I find who did it and make them pay. Good night Jason. I'll see you
Jason silently watched Sonny leave.

Sonny's apartment.

He found a place in the city after moving back. When it was late and he was still in the cit, he crashed there. It was someplace free of memories. Of Lily and Brenda. He sighed as he picked up a picture of him, Stone, Robin and Brenda. It was taken when he and Brenda still lived above Luke's. Life seemed so simple then. Stone was with them and in love with Robin. He and Brenda were in love and happy. He felt his heart ache as he ran his fingers over the picture frame. He wished he could turn the clock back and change things. He and Brenda would be together. They'd be happy, most likely married and maybe they would have a bunch of children. Allysa was a great kid. Deep down he had always wanted a family with Brenda. By how Allysa turned out and how much she loved Brenda, she was probably a wonderful mother. He had never got a chance to see them together but he probably would have been jealous because he and Brenda hadn't had that child together but he didn't feel that way now. Allysa was a beautiful innocent child. She brought out the protective side in him. He figured it was because she was a part of Brenda. He put the pictutre back on the table.
He sighed and got up to pour himself a scotch. He spent the night sitting on the couch alone with his thoughts.

The next morning,

Sonny showered, dressed and then headed to Jason's. Benny opened the door for him when he arrived. Sonny looked at him. He could tell that there was something serious on his mind by the look on his face. He felt the pulse quicken after he looked at Jason.
"What did you find ?" Sonny asked.
"You were right." Jason said evenly. "There is no record of Michael Weiss
until 1996.
We traced him back to California. He was a small businessman who imported and
exported. He made good money but not enough to rent a private plane to fly
halfway across the world. Get this, the guy who performed the autopsy and
signed the death certificates disappeared. I got ahold of Weiss's passport. He
made numerous trips to Puerto Rico."
Sonny walked into the middle of the room and started pacing.
"That's too much of a coincidence. What did he import and export?"
"Word has it he smuggled contraband."
"Oh man, someone went after him ?"
Benny finally stepped forward and spoke.
"It's a big possibility he pissed off the wrong people. I haven't found that
much out yet. Everything was covered up nicely."
"What about Brenda ? She know what was going on ?" Sonny asked.
"I'm not sure. I assume he was lying to her."
"She wasn't supposed to with him. She went off someplace and left her daughter
with Julia. Alone. He took off a few weeks before that." Sonny said.
"Maybe they weren't interested in her. They were married for a little over a
"What ? Allysa is-"
"Maybe Brenda married him after she was born. It happens."
Sonny picked up some papers that were on the desk and scanned through them.
His eyes fell on some photos. A flicker of recognition flashed in his eyes.
"So, she didn't know anything. Whoever was after her husband didn't think so."
"Maybe she accidently was caught in the crossfire." Jason said.
"Why did the plane crash ? Mechanical failure ?" Sonny asked Benny, ognoring
"According to the Airline it was but the plane was so banged up it most likely
could have been a bomb."
Sonny paled.
"There were three bodies on that plane. One was the pilot. The other two could
have been anyone. Brenda could still be alive."
"No Jason, listen. You don't know what's going on. Brenda could still be out
there somewhere."
Jason turned to Benny.
"You can go now. Keep looking for information. Anything else as in who this
guy worked for, things like that."
"Sure thing." Benny grabbed his coat and left.
Sonny had picked the photos up and was staring at them.

Chapter 7

"Jason, how old do you think Allysa is ?"
Jason looked at him strangely.
"I don't know. She's younger than Michael, probably four. Almost.""
"Brenda left town immediately after I did ?"
"Yes, a few weks after. She just took off. Told everyone she needed a fresh
start somewhere."
"These papers say that Brenda didn't marry this guy until two years ago.
About..Matthew was not in California nine months before Allysa was born if she
is four. In fact nine months
before Brenda was still in Port Charles. With me..." His voice trailed off.
"Sonny, how do you know when the kid was born ? She might have been born early
or something. You don't-"
Sonny walked over to Jason and held up a photo.
"This is Allysa when she was a baby. Look at the date on the back. Brenda is
holding her
Look at this picture of her at a birthday party. Look, the cake has four
candles on it. Tell me that Allysa does not look like me."
"You and Brenda look alike."
"Jason, you aren't listening."
Jason sighed.
"Fine, lets say Allysa is your daughter. That doesn't prove that Brenda is
"I'm working on that." Sonny put the photos of Allysa in his pocket.
"I have to go."
"What are you going to do ?"
"I'm going to go talk to Allysa. Get her to tell me something. Tell me if
Benn0y digs anything else up. I'll talk to Lois and see if I can get her to let
Allysa stay with me at the farmhouse for the night."
Sonny opened the front door and left. Jason had to admit that he hadn't seen
Sonny like that in a long time. He was actually hopeful. He actually hoped
that Sonny was right. Brenda was alive and Allysa was his daughter.

The Gatehouse

Lois let him in after he knocked.
"Sonny, what are you doin' here ?"
"Is Allysa here ?" Sonny asked anxiously.
Lois looked at him and sat down on te couch.
"She and Brooke are upstairs. Sonny, you look funny. What's up ?"
Sonny thought for a minute. If anyone knew anything then it wuld have to be
Lois, Brenda told her everything.
"What do you know about Brenda's husband ?"
Lois looked at Sonny strangely.
"Not much except that he was a businessman. Brenda married him awhile after
they met."
"What about Allysa ?"
"I got a few letters from Brenda. She was born before they got married. What's
with all the questions ?"
Sonny knew he could trust her.
"I've been doing some digging because some things don't add up."
"What things ?"
"The plane crash, her husband and Allysa. More importantly I think that Brenda
may still be alive and Allysa is my daughter."
Lois's jaw nearly hit the floor. Sonny saw that she looked shocked.
"Sonny, where do you get that from ?"
"How old is she Lois ?"
"Three. She's big for her age."
He took the photos out of his pocket and handed them to Lois.
"Look at the backs. The dates. Brenda didn't say anything to you about
anything ?"
Lois glanced up from the photos to Sonny.
"No, she didn't. You know she really didn't keep in touch well. And you know
Bren, she's my best girlfriend. She said that her hubby was a nice guy and she
was happy with him. She sounded happy and all so I let it go. I guess she was
holding out on me."
"She didn't want me to know. That's why." Sonny said quietly.
Lois put her hand on his.
"Sonny, maybe Allysa is yours. As much as I want to believe that Brenda didn't
die in that plane wreck, doesn't prove that Brenda is still alive. Besdies,
why would she hide ?"
"I can't get into it now. It's better you not knowing yet. I was going to ask
you to let me take her for the night but I'd rather not risk it. When will she
be back ?"
"Soon....And here they are."
Brooke and Allysa walked dowstairs.
Lois took Brooke by the hand.
"Ally, Sonny wants to talk to you about something."
Allysa looked over at Sonny. She walked over to the couch and sat down.
"What is it Sonny ?"
Sonny started carefully. He wasn't sure how to broach the subject.
"Allysa honey, how much do you remember about the time you were born and how
do you know about your father ?"
"I know what my mom told me." Allysa said quietly, not looking at Sonny. "I
was just a baby."
"What about your father ?"
"Do we have to talk about this ? I'm not supposed to."
Sonny watched her.
"Did your mom tell you not talk about any of this ?"
"Why are you asking me these questions ? I don't want to talk about this."
Sonny backed off. He didn't want to push.
"That's fine. If you don't want to talk about it then we won't. Why don't you
go find Lois then and play with Brooke." Sonny said. "If you want to talk,
I'll be at my jouse in the country."
Allysa picked up her doll and then left.

That night,

Allysa quietly snuck out again and went back to her mother's grave. She sat
down and waited after making sure no one saw her. A short while later a figure
appeared behind her.
The little girl smiled and stood up.
"Hey baby."
"Momma, I knew you'd come for me."
Brenda kneeled down and hugged her daughter tight.
"I'll always come for you. You know that. Are you okay ? You look pale."
"I'm good mommy."
"I know." Brenda pulled away and picked up her daughter. "Come on sweetie. We
have to leave."
"Can't we stay ? Please mom ?"
Brenda looked at her daughter sadly. Port Charles had been her home and it had
been hard to leave it but they had to.
"No, you know we would if that was possible but its not. We have to go. It's
dangerous." Brenda started walking to her car that was parked nearby. She put
Allysa in the seat next to her and drove off.
"Sonny can help us."
Bredna nearly ran the car into a ditch.
"What did you say sweetie ?" Brenda silently prayed that she had heard her
"I met him momma."
She sighed.
"He can't help us baby. I wish he could but he can't."
"He loves you mommy. I've listened to him these last few days. He's been real
nice to me and he told me these stories about you. I could tell, he loves
"Ally, Sonny thinks that I'm not alive anymore so he was just being nice."
"No, he said that he loved you. He wished that you were still together and
that he could have made you happy."
Brenda felt tears sting her eyes and quickly wiped them away.
"Ally, we can't stay. Please just listen to me. We have to go away."
"But he knows..."
"Knows what sweetie ?"
"That you're alive and I'm his daughter."
Brenda glanced at her daughter. She was telling the truth. Sonny was always
stubborn. If he had gotten a whiff that something was wrong...he had gone
digging up things, she thought. She knew what she had to do. Sonny would stop
at nothing to find her if she left. It would put them all in danger. She
wouldn't do that to her daughter. She'd have to go talk to Sonny and convince
him that he was wrong and get him to back off. Easier said than done.
"Do you know where he is Ally ?"
Allysa smiled to herself.
"He said that he would be in the country."

Chapter 8

Brenda looked questioningly at her daughter.
"What ?"
The little girl shrugged.
"He lives out there. He said that he had a farm and everything. He tolld me he
might bring me out there sometime. It's pretty cool. He's got cows and
Brenda felt the breathe stuck in her throat. No, he couldn't have...he built a
house on their land, she thought to herself, this is a bad idea. She couldn't
go out there. See the spot where they offically got back together. The spot
where they lay in each other's arm after they made love in the grass. Stand in
the spot where they had a picnic. Just the two of them.
"Ally, honey. We have to get out of Port Charles. We can't stay here. You know
that, right ?"
Brenda said while driving faster.
Allysa looked stubbornly at her mother.
"No, I don't understand. We have to stay. We have to. I don't know why we have
to leave...where's Matt ?"
Brenda sighed. She couldn't lie to her daughter. She hated lies.
"I don't know sweetie. I think he was on the plane but I'm not sure. I tried
to get in touch with him but I couldn't. I can't try again. We'll have to go
to Europe and stay there for awhile."
"We could stay here. With Sonny."
Brenda felt the wet tears on her cheeks.
"Ally, we can't. I already told you that. It's too late for us.. I'm sorry but
it has to be that way. We are just going there so I can talk to him. We'll
stay for a few minutes and you can say goodbye. Okay ?"
"But I don't want to say goodbye. I like him a lot momma. Sonny's real nice.
He loves you. He loves me too. I know he does. He's sorry. You have to forgive
Allysa was just like her parents. Stubborn. Her daughter's upper lip curled in
refusal to listen to her mother's protests.
"It's not that simple Ally. You can't just say sorry and everything is okay
again. It doesn't work that way this time."
"Whenever you have an argument you have to stay and talk things out. You
taught me that. It makes everything better. No one is angry anymore. We always
make up when we fight."
"That's us. It's not me and Sonny. We aren't going to discuss this anymore.
I'm sorry but it has to be this way. We have a long drive ahead of us so why
don't you get some rest ?"
"I'm not tired." Allysa moved out of her seat and turned the radio on. She
loved music, just like her mother.
"Are you thirsty ? There's some juice in the back somewhere."
Allysa smiled to herself. Her mom was always messy.
"No mom. I'm fine."
Brenda ignored her last statement. Allysa remained quiet for the rest of the
drive. Prefering to listen to the music than arguing with Brenda.
Brenda glanced out the window every few minutes. Looking at the beautiful
peaceful scenery. She was left to her own thoughts.

Just like Sonny was as he sat alone in the house he had built for her. The rooms that they had planned to fill were empty. Their bedroom was huge and lonely without her next to him. He grinned to himself, he had a walk-in closet made for her and all her clothes. He remembered when she had moved in with him above Luke's in his apartment. He had complained about all the shoes she had and all the things she had to fix her hair.
He couldn't remember his life without her. Like he was now and these past few years.
It had been hell. He stared at the flames in the fireplace from the couch in the living room. He sighed and turned on the sound system. The soft melodies of music floated into the room. A sad smile formed on both of their faces as the song began to play and they recognized it. "Figures." He muttered to himself.

"Back In Your Eyes" by Eddie Maine

Raindrops on the windows
Must be the angels crying
And everytime the wind blows
I feel the whole world sighing
I think I'm going to wake up
From this bad dream
When the morning comes
There's just one thing I need

I wanna see the love back in your eyes
I wanna feel your touch again back in my life
Baby, I've been so lost and I won't see the light
Till I see the love in your eyes

Lonely conversations with just the moon to hear me
Everythere I see reflections of life without you near me
Girl, I'm gonna do it
Whatever it takes
Only one thing I need to give me the faith

I wanna see the love back in your eyes
I wanna feel your touch again back in my life
Baby, I've been so lost and I won't see the light
Till I see the love in your eyes

Till the love is back in your eyes

Brenda pulled the car over when she saw the fence. She parked at the side off the side of the road so no one would see her car.
"Are we there ?"
"I think so sweetie but we'll have to walk the rest of the way. Just in case."
Allysa opened the passenger door and slowly got out, pulling her jacket closer, the cold night air hitting her.
"Now or never," Brenda whispered to herself.
She took her daughter's cold hand in her gloved one and together they walked to the house. She gasped as she saw it. It looked exactly as she had described it to Sonny that night in her hotel room. Not a brick in sight. She looked up and saw the windows of the master bedroom.
Sonny felt the sudden urge to get up and go outside. He put down his brandy glass and went to the front door. A quick glance out the window revealed someone coming to the house. His heart began to beat quicker as he realized who it was. He thrust open the door and saw her. She stopped walking, her heart stopped when she saw him. Looking at her with love, relief, pain. The tears fell from both their faces as he ran to her and held her tight in his arms. Refusing to let go. Finally he pulled away to get a good look at her. To make sure it was really her.
"Brenda ?" He whispered hoarsely.
She couldn't find her voice but managed to nod.
"Yeah, it's me."
She looked deep into his eyes and saw love, something she hadn't seen in a long time except in her daughter's eyes. She was shocked until she began to understand why he had left her the way he did. She closed her eyes and he put his hand on her face, she let it stay there. Reveling in his touch. She had completely forgotten about their daughter who was standing behind her smiling with an 'I told you so' look on her small face. Sonny saw her out of the corner of his eye and smiled with her. He clared his thoat and Brenda glanced behind her, startled.
She took Sonny's hand off her face and held it. Sonny held out his other hand to his daughter.
"Come inside, it's freezing out here."
She took it eagerly and they followed him into the house.
Brenda settled Allysa in front of the fireplace and helped her with her coat while Sonny went to get them something warm to drink. He came back with some cocoa but found Allysa sound asleep.
"She's probably tired from the drive. She isn't good at staying awake if she doesn't get her eight hours...I found her in the cemetary." Brenda explained.
He nodded.
"She told me that she wouldn't sneak out anymore."
"She isn't good at listening to other people. Besides, she can take care of herself."
Brenda said, brushing the long brown hair from the daughter's face.
"She's beautiful, just like you."
Brenda looked up into his wondering eyes. She prepared herself for his barrage of questions.
"You want to tell me what's going on ?"
"Do you want to tell me what's going on ?"
"I asked you first." Brenda stated evenly. "You left me remember ? I deserve some answers."
Sonny rubbed his face.
"I know you do. but first things first. My trouble is over, yours isn't. So, you want to tell me what's going on ?"
Brenda made sure Allysa was sleeping befoe she answered him.
"I didn't come here to discuss my 'troubles' with you."
"Then why did you come here ?"
"To tell you to back off and because Allsya wanted to say goodbye."
"Good-bye ? I don't think so."
Sonny said standing up. Brenda sighed. This wasn't going well.
"Can we please take Ally upstairs or something, I don't want to wake her up."
Sonny agreed and carried her upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms. He tucked her in and watched her. She looked like an angel. He was overcome with a wave of love for her. He promised himself that he'd protect her always. Brenda too. He got up and left the room, leaving the door open a crack.
Brenda noticed a picture of her, Sonny, Stone and Robin on the mantle. It was
taken a long time ago. Sonny stood on the stairs watching her.
"Find something interesting ?" He said, startling Brenda.
"I didn't know you still had that picture."
He shrugged.
"It was an important time in my life."
"Because of Stone ?"
"And you."

Chapter 9

Brenda walked back over to the couch and sat down. She remained silent which
worried Sonny.
"Brenda ?" He walked over to her and kneeled in front of her.
She put her hand on his cheek as if to caress it then slapped him hard across
the face. He winced in pain. She stood again and started pacing.
"You know you have some nerve trying to sweet talk me after everything."
"That's not what I was trying to do." Sonny said quietly. "I know that I hurt
you very badly but that's the past now."
Brenda stopped pacing and looked at angry about how he was trying to brush
everything off.
"I don't care if it was 50 years ago or yesterday. It still hurts. You left. I
still have yet to hear the truth about what happened."
Sonny looked at her in surprise.
"Jason told you ?"
"Jason is loyal to a fault. He didn't tell me a damn thing. It didn't matter
anyway. I don't care what your reasons were and I still don't. What matters is
that you left."
Sonny sighed when he saw the anger and pain in her eyes. She used to look at
him with love. He silently wondered if she would ever look at him that way
again. The thought was killing him.
"I had to leave. We were in danger."
Brenda looked at him skeptically.
"I know we were. That's why we were going to leave. Together but you couldn't
do it. Or didn't want to. You left without me. You didn't even bother to say
goodbye. I didn't even warrant one. That's what it felt like. Do you have any
idea how that felt ?"
Sonnly looked away in guilt and pain for hurting her. She didn't deserve it.
"I'm sorry."
"Well sorry doesn't cut it anymore. It never really did so you can just shove
your apologies. That's not why I came here. I didn't come here to listen to
your excuses."
Sonny walked over to her and looked into her eyes. He took her hands in his.
"Then why did you come ?"
Being so close to him and actually having him there, not in her dreams, Brenda
felt dizzy at his touch. His warm breathe on her face caused her to pull away.
"Ally needed to say goodbye."
"Goodbye ?"
Brenda nodded.
"I can't stay. I just came to get my daughter."
"Why ? Why wasn't she with you ? Why weren't you on the plane and what kind of
mess did you get yourself into ? Do you have any idea what everyone went
through ? We all thought you were dead."
Brenda felt the anger rising up in her again.
"It's not like I planned all this ! I didn't know about the plane crash. I had
to take care of some stuff and I needed to make sure Allysa was safe. She was
with Julia."
Sonny ran a hand through his hair.
"That's not very specific Bren. Where's your husband ?" The word hurt him to
say but he had to. He had always expected that word to apply to him only when
it came to Brenda.
She raised an eyebrow at his questions.
"What do you care anyway ?"
"I do care Brenda. Whether you believe it or not I do. And I want to help.
Tell me what's going on."
Brenda could tell he was being sincere but she didn't want to get him involved
in her life. She wouldn't let him back in. He might leave again and she
couldn't risk it. Allysa was already attached to him.
"I don't need your help. I'm taking my daughter and leaving. "
Brenda said cooly. She started walking upstairs to get Allysa. Sonny grabbed
her arm.
They both felt the electricity at the other touch.
"I don't think so. You aren't leaving until you answer my questions."
"That could take awhile since I'm not going to."
"Then I'll find anther way but I will get answers."
Brenda looked him straight in the eyes.
"You haven't changed a bit."
"Neither have you. Now, are you going to let me help you or what ?"
"I vote for or what. I'm taking my little girl and leaving. I only came here
to get you to back off."
"Ain't gonna happen."
"Why ? Because you said so ? I'm not your problem anymore. You don;t have to
take care of me. I can take care of myself."
"You haven't been doing a very good job from what I can tell."
Sonny spoke calmly, even though he saw the anger flash in her eyes.
"What the hell do you know ? Huh ? You weren't there. I'm fine. So is my
"Where are you going to go ?"
"Like I would tell you." She muttered.
"Fine, let's say I let you go-"
"You don't let me do anything ! I am leaving now as soon as I get Allysa. You
have no say in it."
"I do if she's my daughter too. Is she ?"
Brenda had gotten halfway up the stairs when she heard him. Her heart started
thupming real fast and loud. Somehow she managed to stay calm. She looked at
him from where she stood.
"Who told you that ?"
"Is it true ?" Sonny asked, ignoring her question.
She let out the breathe she had been holding in.
"Does it make that much of difference ?"
"You know it does."
"Why ? So you have a child. With me. Is that why you don't want me to lieave ?
Because I'm taking her with me ?"
Sonny looked at the ground then back at her. His eyes solemn.
"No, it's a part of it but I just want to keep you safe. Both of you. I
haven't been able to do that for you much but I can now. I want to...She's a
great kid. She deserves a good life. She could have that here."
Brenda continued to walk upstairs to check on their daughter. She looked over
her shoulder to look at him, pausing momentarily.
"I'm going to check on her. I'll be right back."
Her mind raced with thoughts as she sat down on the bed, next to her daughter.
She pulled the covers over her. She usually kicked them off in the middle of
the night.
She storked her hair with her hand.
Allysa smiled and opened her eyes at her mother's touch. Brenda smiled.
"Hey, I thought you were going to sleep."
"I'm not that tired. I just wanted to let you and Sonny talk."
"Not even five and already plotting know what I said before."
Brenda reminded her.
"We don't have to go. We can stay here. Sonny loves us. We're a family. Ask
him. I know it."
She sighed, wondering why the stubborn genes didn't skip a generation. It
didn't matter anyway. She and Sonny had enough for ten people. The question
was..who was going to give first.
"Get some rest angel. I'll figure something out. I'll see you in the morning."
Brenda kissed her daughter on the cheek and left.
"Good night mom."
Allysa fell asleep with a knowing smile on her face.

Chapter 10

Brenda slowly walked back downstairs to face Sonny. He was still there,
staring at the fireplace. She glanced around the room. It was exactly how she
had described it to him.
"You like it ?"
Sonny asked, turning around to face her.
"It's exactly how I pictured it only I thought we would be living here
together. As a family."
"That's how I pictured us too but things don't always work out how we plan."
"I know. We're living proof."
"It doesn't have to be that way. Things change."
"Have they ? Have they really ? Because it doesn't feel that way."
"Maybe you should just forget about everything else and just concentrate on us
and your feelings."
"It's a little too late for an 'us', don't you think ?"
"It's never too late. The question is, what are we going to do about it."
Brenda sighed and sat on the couch. She ran a hand through her long brunette
"When did you get so philosophical about stuff like that."
"Since I met you."
She raised an eyebrow in disbelief.
"Okay, after I left you. I had a lot of time on my hands. Too much time and I
spent most of the time thinking."
"About what ?"
"Just life ?"
"No but it's late and we should probably talk about this in the morning. After
you get some sleep. You could use it."
"What ? Do I look awful or something ?"
Brenda leaned back and rested her head on top of the couch, closing her eyes.
Sonny thought to himself while watching her. She would never look awful. She
couldn't if she tried. She was the most beautidul thing he'd ever seen. His
He didn't answer her right away. He was lost in his thoughts. He hadn't seen
her in so long. He could barley comprehend that she wasn't dead. She was here.
With him.
"There's a bedroom upstairs. At the end of the hall. It's more comfortable
than the couch and there's a bathroom if you want to take a shower."
"I'm fine. I'm taking Ally and leaving first thing in the morning. She's
sleeping and I didn't want to disturb her."
He didn't feel like arguing with her so he silently followed her upstairs.
She stopped abruptly when she walked into the room. It was their bedroom. The
one they had planned for them. The view, the jacuzzi, the giant bed... She
glanced over her shoulder and saw Sonny standing there.
"What's going on ?"
He shrugged.
"Nothing. Get some sleep."
"Wait. I'm not staying in here tonight."
"Why not ?"
"Well, first off this is your room. You sleep in it."
"No, my room is the one next door. I had the house built a long time ago. The
room is too big so I don't sleep in it. Get some rest. I'll see you in the
Brenda watched him leave. She turned around and examined the room. It was
exactly how she had planned it. The window. The jacuzzi. She sat on the bed,
shaking the thoughts out of her head.
"Forget it Brenda..." She whispered to herself. She was too tired to deal with
anything so she peeled off her clothes and tossed them in a heap on the floor
before entering the adjacent master bath. After taking a hot shower, she
emerged from the bathroom in a towel. She rumagged through the drawers for
something to wear when she saw a shirt on the bed. Sonny must have left it for
her. He had remembered that she used to sleep in them sometimes. It still
smelled like him. She tossed it back on the bed and cralwed into the warm bed.
Her eyelids fell shut and she drifted off to sleep.
Sonny turned off all the lights and went back upstairs, stopping by Allysa's
room and peeking in. She was sound asleep..or so he thought. She looked so
...He had a daughter and he had no idea what to do or how to act. It was
different before.
He just treated her like he did Brooke and Michael. Now he felt a need to do
something more for her. To protect her and made sure she was always safe. He
queitly left the room and went back into the master bedroom. He watched her
chest rise and fall with each breathe. Then he felt a pang of guilt. He felt
as if he was intruding but he had missed her so much. He had a lot of things
to sort out and he couldn't sleep even if he had wanted to. He sat in one of
the chairs in the room and ontinued to watch her. A small smile crept onto his
face when he saw the pile of clothes on the floor. She was still messy. Some
things would never change and he suddenly realized he didn't want them to.
Well, the last few years he would. He'd make it so he and Brenda were never
apart. He shifted and reached over to pick up the phone next to him.
He dialed and waited until someone picked up.
"Jason, it's me. I need to you to over to the Gatehouse..Yes, it' important or
I wouldn't ask you to step foot on Quartermaine property...I know what time it
is." He lowered his voice when he heard Brenda murmur. She could sleep through
an earthquake but he didn't want to take a chance. "Just tell Ned that Allysa
is okay. Send someone or call. I can't right now...No, that's it. I'll explain
later. Wait, one more thing. Are you still working on that thing we discussed
? ...Good. I'll talk to you tomorrow."
Sonny hung up refocused his attention on Brenda.
A short while later, he too fell into a deep slumber.

The next morning,

Brenda blinked, trying to block out the sunlight. She didn't know why she had those windows put there. Sure it was nice to watch the sun go down but it was awful to wake up to. She rubbed her eyes and saw Sonny fast asleep in a chair in the room.
"Sonny ? SONNY ?!"
She frowned and threw a pillow at him. He awoke with a start.
"Why the hell did you do that for ?"
"You weren't listening to me."
"I was asleep."
"I can see that. Why ?"
"Why do you think."
He was being a jerk and he knew it was making her mad. She looked even more beautiful when she was angry.
"There are plenty of other rooms you know. Why didn't you sleep in any of them instead of that uncomfortable chair."
You aren't in any of the other rooms, he thought to himself.
"I didn't know you cared."
"I don't."
"I was making sure you didn't skip out on me in the middle of the night."
She shot him a drop dead look but he ignored it.
"I'm out of here. I don't have to take any of your superior attitude."
"Don't you think you should eat before you go running halfway acroos the world or wherever you were planning on going ?"
She started to get out of the bed but she remembered she wasn't wearing anything.
"Turn around."
"Why ?"
"Because I have to get dressed."
He shrugged, stood up and turned around.
"It's not like I haven't seen it before."
It was all he could do not to grab her and kiss her right there. She was in his bedroom, completely nude and he wasn't doing anything about it. He was losing his touch.
She came out of the bathroom in a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail. She barely glanced at him.
"Are you still here ?"
"This is my house."
"So I noticed. Do whatever you want. I'm going to check on my daughter."
"Our daughter."
She ignored him and continued down the hall. She looked inside the room where she left Allysa last night. She wasn't there. She ran downstairs followed bu Sonny.
"Ally ? Honey, where are you ?"
"In here mommy." Said a little voice from the kitchen.
She stood in the doorway and looked at her daughter.
"What are you doing ?"
Allysa looked past her mother to Sonny.
"You don't have any cereal."
Sonny brushed past Brenda into the kitchen.
"I don't eat cereal but if you're hungry I might be able to scramble something up. What would you like ? I' can make pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon and eggs anyway you want them."
Allysa's face lit up.
"Cool, you can make way more stuff than mommy !"
Brenda looked indignant.
"Ally !"
"But it's true mom." Ally turned back to look at Sonny." I'd like some waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and some bacon."
Sonny smiled at her, flashing his dimples.
"Finally, a girl after my own heart. Coming right up."
"Can I help ?" Allysa asked.
"Of course."
Sonny started getting everything out and telling her what to do.
Brenda was almost amused as she watched them together. He never so much as let her help let alone go in his precious kitchen.

Chapter 11

She walked back into the living room. She sat down on the couch and started reading the newspaper. She figured she would catch up on Port Charles. She wanted so badly to pick up the phone and call Lois to have a gabfest about everything but she knew it was a bad idea in light of everything. She leaned back on the couch and twirled her wedding ring around her finger absent- mindedly.
She didn't notice that Sonny had walked in. He watched her and saw the ring. He hadn't noticed before. Or didn't want to. It only made him think that he should have pput that ring on her finger. He should be her husband. He wanted her as his wife so badly. When he thought that she had died that he wouldn't get as chance to make her his wife and build a life together. Maybe now he did.
She saw him out of the corner of her eye and rolled her eyes.
"Are you just going to stand there ?"
"Don't you want anything to eat ?"
"I'm fine. How's Ally ?"
"She's in the kitchen."
"You left her alone in your precious kitchen ?"
"She's a great kid."
She glanced up at him, eyeing him cautiously.
"She is though. Thanks for teaching her how to cook and being nice to her."
He shrugged and sat down in a nearby chair.
"She makes it easy. Besides, I can't have her starving when you can't even boil water."
She looked at him indignantly.
"I'll have you know I can cook now. That was a long time ago. I can make lots of things without ruining them."
She stood up in a huff and stomped back to the kitchen. She sat down in the stool next to her daughter.
"Hey sweetie." Brenda said softly as she brushed her daughter's hair back.
"Hi mom. These are really good. You want some ?" Ally held up a fork with a piece of bacon on it and offered it to her mother. She smiled.
"No thanks sweetie. You eat it."

Sonny watched the mother-daughter interaction with facination before going into his private office on that same floor and made a phone call. He picked up the phone and dialed.

A few hours later,

It was getting dark. Brenda was planning to leave that night but at the moment she was sitting in the kitchen with her daughter, coloring.
There was a knock on the door.
Brenda looked up at the sound.
"Are you expecting someone ?"
"Maybe. Stay put."
Sonny went to answer it. He was in the middle of making dinner for them.
He opened the door when he saw it was Jason. He nodded to the bodyguards with him.
He shut the door after Jason walked in.
"Did you talk to Ned ?"
"Yeah. He insisted on getting her back but I convinced him to leave her with you."
"You ?"
"Well, Lois helped. So, what's going on ? How come Brenda's kid is with you ?
Did you find something out ?"
"No, I was hoping you could help me with that."
Jason held out a file.
"This was all Benny could dig up. I went through it. Some pretty interesting stuff."
Sonny nodded and took the file. He motioned for Jason to follow him. They heard laughter coming from the kitchen.
Jason stopped abruptly when he saw Brenda look up at the kitchen entrance where he stood.
"Jason. Long time no see."
Jason looked momentarily stunned but kept his composure.
"Brenda. Hey Allysa."
The little girl smiled.
"Hi Jason."
"I brought some of your things from Lois and Ned's. It's in the car. You can ask the man outside to get them for you."
Allysa got out of the chair and started walking to the living room.
She looked back and smiled and Jason. A smile that looked just like Brenda's. "Thanks Jason."
He smiled back.
"You're welcome."
"I'll go with her." Sonny said, following her out.
Jason stared at Brenda and she kept her gaxe on the wall. Finally she looked back at him and broke the silence.
"Aren't you going to say something ?"
"Like what ? If you aren't going to tell Sonny anything, why would you tell me ?"
"You probably have a point but you could at least say something."
"Why did you disappear like that ?"
Brenda stood up abruptly and walked over to the fridge for something to drink.
"I have my reasons."
"Allysa ?"
She shut the fridge door and turned back to face him.
"What difference does it make Jason ? I left. Big deal. What do you care ?"
"I do. Sonny asked me to look after you." Jason stated evenly.
"What the hell do I look like ? I am a adult. I can take care of myself."
"Doesn't look it to me. Everyone thinks you're dead and the guy you married isn't exactly-"
Brenda interrupted angrily.
"What do you know about my husband ?! You don't so-"
Jason picks up the file that Sonny had tossed on the table and handed it to her.
She reluctantly took it and opened it. After flipping through it, she gasped at the contents.

Chapter 12

Sonny walked back into the kitchen with a laughing Allysa. Brenda barely noticed how comfortable they were together. She had dropped the file back on the table when she heard them coming. She forced herself to smile at her daughter when she saw her.
"Mommy ?"
"Yes baby."
"I have all my things with me. Wanna play with me ?"
"You know I'd love to but it's late and you should be in bed."
Allysa's response was a stubborn pout. One that matched Brenda's. It was a
cute pout that made you want to melt and give her anything she wanted but
Brenda wasn't having any of it.
"I promise we can have a tea party with your dolls tomorrow, first thing.
Right now we have to get you bathed and in your pjs. Come on."
Brenda took Allysa's hand in hers and grabbed her bag in the other.
Allysa let her and the pout quickly left her face. A dimpled grin replaced it.
"Can Cuddles join us ?"
"Yes, did you invite him ?"
"No but I can do it now. He's in one of the other bags. I missed him."
The voices faded as they disappeared upstairs.

Sonny waited until he was sure they were out of earshot.
He focused his attention on Jason.
"What's going on Jason ?"
Jason remained calm.
"I'm not sure. I dug up a lot of stuff but there's still missing puzzles. For
now, everyone thinks Brenda and Weiss are dead."
"But they're not. At least Brenda isn't....Does she know ?"
Jason stood still in his spot by the kitchen table. He shifted a bit.
"She saw the file. It looked like some of the stuff was a surprise to her but
she didn't see all of it."
Sonny rubbed his hands in front of him.
"All right, I want you to keep digging but hold off on any major plans. I'm
going to try and talk to Brenda. She might tell me something later on. For
now, I have to keep her safe.
I want more men up here. Keep Ned away from here too. The last thing I need is
Ashton in my face. Make sure Lois is okay. Tell her that Allysa is fine up
here and make sure she knows everything is fine."
Jason nodded. He made a mental checknote of everything Sonny had told him to
"What are you going to do ?"
Sonny walked across the room into the living room. Jason followed him.
"I'm going to make sure Brenda and our daughter are safe.
This peaked Jason's interest and her looked up.
"She told you that she was yours ?"
"In no uncertain terms. It doesn't really matter anyway. I have this
connection to her. She's a great kid."
"I know. I feel the same way with Michael."
It was a simple statement but it was the truth. Jason knew how Sonny felt.
"If Brenda feels safe then she won't run."
"You expect her to ?"
"I don't know what to expect from her. I never do. All I know is that she
doesn't want to be around me. She's still angry about the past. She drives me
crazy sometimes."
It was an understatement on his part. Brenda always drove him crazy with all
her stunts. But that was in the past. Now he was just frustrated at not being
able to get a straight answer from her about what had happened, about Allysa
and why she took off.
He wondered about a lot of things. He suddenly realized Brenda had learned how
to avoid the truth from him. Among other things. He grew extrememly upset at
the thought but quickly shook it off.
"Carly does that to me sometimes. It's just how she is and I love her. She
means well. She's a...she's just the right person for me. She doesn't make me
feel stupid like other people do. She's a great mother. She couldn't love
Michael anymore than she does and she makes me happy. I can't ask for much
Sonny nodded.
"Yeah. You definitely are lucky. I wasn't so sure before but no I am. I"m glad
you;re happy Jas. You deserve it. Speaking of Carly. She's probably at the
penthouse waiting up. You better get home. It's a long drive."
Jason promised to call in the morning and then left Sonny to his thoughts. Of
The fire in the fireplace had long since burned out. Sonny hit off the rest of
the lights and went upstairs. Her found Allysa fast asleep and curled up with
a ratty old teddy bear.
He continued down the hall to check on Brenda. Whatever happened that night
must have been a shock and he wanted to make sure she was okay.
He lightly knocked on the door. No answer.
He assumed she was ignoring him or was asleep. He just had to make sure.
He slowly walked into the large room. The bed was made and empty. He walked
out onto the terrace where Brenda was sitting. She had blanket wraped around
her. She was just sitting there watching the horizon. It was a beautiful view.
You could see the small river below and the vast land.
He moved closer to her and was able to see her face. Her eyes were full of
unshed tears and pain. His heart went out to her. Yes, his heart. He told
himself over and over that he didn't love her anymore but it didn't work. He
was still in love with her. Her 'death' had brought all the long buried
feelings to the surface.

Chapter 13

Later that night,

The Penthouse

Jason arrives back at the penthouse. He checks on Michael who is asleep in
his room. He quietly walks down the hall to his bedroom. He was mildly
surprised to see Carly awake in their bed.
"Hi Jase."
"You didn't have to wait up."
"I know. I wanted to. Besides, you know I can't sleep without you next to
me."Jason took his jacket off and tossed it in a nearby chair.
He sat on the bed and Carly started massaging his shoulders.
"I was with Sonny. I would have called butI thought you would be-"
"Jason. It's okay. You don't have to explain. I understand. Sonny is your best
friend. He needs you right now. Especially with Brenda-"
Jason interrupted her.
"She's not dead."
Carly let her hands fall from his shoulders in shock.
"What do you mean ? She-"
"She's at the Sonny's house right now. She came back for Allysa. You know the
guy she married ?"
Carly nodded.
"Something was up with him. He was in a lot of trouble and someone tried to
off him. At least that's what it looks like. I'm still digging. So is Sonny."
Carly finally spoke.
"Wow. Brenda really knows how to pick them huh ?"
Jason remained quiet.
"How's Sonny taking this ?"
Carly and Sonny had managed to put aside their diferences about Robin and were
friends. It was hard at first but Sonny saw Jason with Michael and he knew
Jason was happy. Just like Robin was in Paris with her new husband.
"You know he's not mourning anymore. I think he stopped a long time ago. At
first I thought he was crazy for thinking, for believing that Brenda was still
alive or something like this happened but he wanted to look for information.
So I did, for his sake."
"What are you thinking now ?"
"That Sonny was right. More than I realized."
"How so ? Is there something else going on ?"
"Remember how I told you that Sonny thought that the girl was his ?"
"Allysa ? Yeah. You thought it would explain why Brenda skipped town." Carly
looked at Jason quizically. "Wait, are you saying it's true ?"
"More or less. Sonny think so. I tried to talk to Brenda but it didn't go too
well soI didn't exactly get any answers."
Carly rolled her eyes.
"I can imagine."

Back at Sonny's
Sonny got no response when he knocked on the dor so he just walked in.
"Brenda ?"
He called out. Still no answer. He continued to the balcony and walked onto
the terrace.
He saw her sitting there with a blanket around her and kneeled beside her.
She opened her eyes at the sound of his voice but kept looking forward.
"Bren, are you okay ?"
Sonny took her face in his hands and forced her to look at hijm. He could
easily see her tearstained face in the moonlight. She wrapped her arms around
his neck and held on tight. His only response was to pull her into an embrace.
She finally pulled away. She wiped away all of her tears before speaking.
"I keep trying to remember how I got here to this point in my life. I just
keep thinking that maybe I did something or I have really bad luck."
"Brenda, what are you talking about ? You're not making any sense."
"Well, life doesn't make any sense. You of all people should know that."
"Are you looking for sympathy now ?"
"From you ? No."
"Then what exactly do you want from me ?"
Brenda finally turned to look him in the face.
"Nothing. I don't expect anything from you nor do I want anything. I have my
little girl and I'll take care of her just like I've ben doing this whole
time. Without you."
Sonny let out a deep breathe.
"What the hell are you trying to prove Brenda ?"
"Not a damn thing. I stopped trying to prove myself to you a long time ago."
"Then what is it ? "
"Are you just not listening to me ? Just forget it, all right ? If you're
going to stay and babysit me then just do something useful."
Sonny stood and was about to leave when she stopped him.
"Sonny ?" She said in a small voice.
"Yeah ?"
"I'm sorry. Could you just stay with me. I really can't sleep and I"d like to
hear about everything that's happened since I left."
Sonny relaxed and sat back down next to her.
"What do you want to hear ?"
"How's Lois and Ned ? Are they okay ? I haven't talked to them in awhile ? How
are the Quatermaines ?"
"I'm not really the right person to ask but they're okay. Still trying to deal
with your 'death.' Lois and Lila are taking it hard. So is Emily. You know
she's dating Lucky Spencer now. They're kind of cute together."
"Cute ? I have never heard you refer to anyone as cute. Well, maybe Stone and
Robin together...How is she ?"
"She's good. She's studying medicine and she's married."
"She told me. Jake, the doctor. He seemed pretty nice. Jason still with Carly ?"
"Yeah, they're married."
"Who would have thought. I didn't think they'd last but it's probably for the
best. They have Michael."
"They love each other too."
"Sometimes love isn't enough."
"You used to believe it was."
"I used to believe in a lot of things including people and look where it got me."

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