Beyond Our Love by Katie

Remember when Sonny was driving away, after he skipped out on going to 
marry Brenda? He was driving away
     for forever, and he decided to go back to St. Timothy's. Brenda 
opened the door after recieving news of Sonny's
     decision, and was standing outside the door to the church. Sonny 
was right outside there, if she had only walked
     outside and seen him, things might be so different for her and
     Well, what if she had gone out, and had seen him? 

     Beyond Our Love~Part 1
     She breathed for him, she lived for him, she'd die for him. 
their years together, they fought, kissed,
     overcame obstacles. Joined together with their love and 
     There were other men and other women. Jealousy was always there. 
Today, she could call him her own. He
     could call her his. Joined together in holy matrimony as husband 
and wife. 

     Part 2 
     Walking down the aise. Looking to the left, and then to the
Sonny wasn't there yet, but that was okay.
     There wasn't a doubt in Brenda's mind, he would be there.Sonny 
promised. She trusted him with his word. There
     was no reason not to. 
     She waited and waited. The doors to the church opened. It was 
supposed to be Sonny. Bearing happiness and
     joy. Jason came in his place, bringing news. 
     Her whole world came crashing down. 

     Part 3 
    Lightning crashed, she didn't flinch. Standing in an empty
with Jason. It should have been Sonny. 
     ''He's really not coming back?'' She asked in a small voice. 
     ''No.'' Jason said, his eyes producing the sorrow he couldn't 
     The room spun, she had to get out. Stumbling throught the church 
she reached the front doors. A cold icy blast
     chillled her to the bone. 
     Warmth draped over her shoulders, without looking, she knew it
Jason. He was taking care of her, starting
     with getting her coat, and who knows where it would lead to. 
Sonny's orders. 
     ''I'll get the car.'' He said pulling her back inside. 
     No. If Sonny was moving on, she would to. Past the bullets and
     Pushing past Jason, Brenda ran into the night. 
     She looked at the stars, the same stars watching over Sonny. What 
was he feeling? Why did he really do this? 
     Her eyes drifted down, they became fixed on a shadow in the 
     When the figure stepped into the light, his eyes locked into
     He'd come back. 

 Part 4
     ''Sonny, oh god Sonny.'' Brenda cried. She started at a slow jog, 
and soon was running at full speed, her
     footsteps thundering on the pavement. 
     Sonny saw her running. ''Damn it,'' He cursed out loud. ''This 
shouldn't be happening.'' 
     Retreating back to the car, Sonny threw the door open. Turning 
around for one last look, he saw her. Standing
     with the rain dripping down her face. 
     Words entered his head. Exactly what she was thinking. 
     ''You always leave me standing in the rain.'' 

     Part 5 
     A car door softly shut. Footsteps were heard. She was in his arms. 
She felt safe, he comforted her. 
     ''Why didn't you come Sonny?'' Brenda asked through her tears. 
     With a single finger he wiped away her tears, tracing a line
her face. 
     ''Because I love you.'' He anwsered. 
     ''Sonny?......I?'' Brenda asked confused, but was interrupted. 
     ''Shh. Lets go home, and get changed. We have a lot to talk 
     She pulled away from his arms. Slowly he was confusing her. 
Destroying her hopes and plans for their future. 
     He held out his hand to her. Hanging on to the little hope she had 
left, she placed her hand in his. 

     Part 6 
     The silence was interupted by the loud crackle of the fire as
lit the logs. Standing up, he pulled his bathrobe
     around him for warmth. Watching the yellow and orange crackle, he 
stood there. 
     ''Sonny.'' Brenda came out in dry clothes her hair neatly combed 
but not dried. 
     They joined in each others company sitting on the couch. Neither
them knew where to start. There was a long
     akward silence, no one wanted to break. Feeling responsible, Sonny 
     ''Brenda, the first time I laid eyes on you, I fell in love. I
you were the women I wanted to spend the rest of
     my life with. 
     But then Lily happened. You know I didn't love her. But you also 
know my childhood, my promise to myself. I
     promised myself no child of mine would ever live with the same
and heartbreak I lived through.'' 
     Brenda was seething. She felt her anger boil up insid her.
are you going somewhere, or do you just want
     me to feel sorry for you?'' 
     ''Brenda, please.'' He reached out to brush away a stray tear on 
her face. 
     ''Don't.'' She said. ''Just don't.'' Pushing his hand away, she 
walked into the kitchen. 
     He followed her, but gave her room. Standing on the opposite side 
of the counter, he watched her search throught
     the cabinets for nothing in particular. 
     ''When I left you standing there in the rain, after telling you I 
couldn't run away, my heart broke. 
     My wife and my baby died because of me. Lily was supposed to be 
     If this happened to the women I had mixed feelings for, what would 
happen to the women I'd die for?'' 
     She looked up at him. He walked into the kitchen, and began to
hot chocolate. Silently moving aside, she
     ''After you left for the church, I had to make the hardest
ever.'' He brushed the tears off his cheeks. ''I
     didn't want you to die Brenda, not you. If I left you, you would
     ''No!'' Brenda screamed at him. ''Don't you realize I'd die for
too? I'd kill myself right here for you.'' She
     ranted letting her thoughts come out to fast. Grabbing a knife off 
the counter, she held it up to her heart. 
     The silver gleamed in Brenda's eye as she moved the knife closer 
and closer to her heart. 
     ''Brenda,'' Sonny slowly said, ''Put down the knife.'' But he
faster than he spoke. 
     Grabbing both her arms, he lossened the grip she had on the knife. 
Setting it ont he counter he led her over to the
     She didn't speak, but she cried. To Sonny, seeing Brenda just cry, 
was the worst thing. He wished she would yell.
     Scream. Her tear-stained face showed him enough though. Anger, 
confusion, betrayel. 
     ''You left to protect me?'' She asked. 
     ''Yes.'' He said 
     ''So what happens now?'' 

     Part 7 
     ''You tell me.'' Sonny said. 
     Her eyes drilled holes into him, ''I want you.'' 
     ''You have got to understand this, just being with me could get
     He stood up, and started to pace. ''I will do anything I can to 
protect you.....'' 
     ''Sonny. do I have to kill myself right here to show you? Love 
conquers all, even danger.'' She was standing now. 
     He took her head into his hands. ''Don't you ever say that 
     ''But you know I would.'' Putting that behind her, she asked, 
''When do we leave?'' 

     Part 8 
     ''Thats what we have to talk about.'' Sonny said. 
     They sat on the couch. 
     ''We don't have to leave. Asking you to leave would be selfish of 
me. If I left Port Charles, the crime of the mob
     wouldn't all disapear with me.'' 
     ''Are you saying we could stay here?'' Brenda asked in 
     he nodded. 
     ''Yes, Sonny yes!'' She she whispered excitedly. 
     ''I don't want us to go into this, only to regret it later. There 
would be bodyguards, and some business you just
     can't ask about.'' 
     ''Sonny I know, I understand. All I want is you.'' 
     He leaned in to kiss her, but she stopped him. Her red puffy eyes, 
now twinkeled with happiness. 
     ''You've got to abide by my rules to.'' 
     His arms circled around her waist. ''And what would those be?'' 
     She put her arms around his neck, stroking his hair. Looking deep 
in his eyes, she spoke. ''We've got to have a
     house. And lots of beutiful kids.'' She tilted her head. His chin 
taken in by her hand. ''And most importantly, we've
     got to always be happy, together.'' 
     ''I can do that.'' He kissed her, and she let him. He carried her 

     My Heart Will Go On 
     Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you 
     That is how I know you go on. 
     Far across the distance and spaces between us 
     You have come to show you go on. 

     ''We'll never be seperated again.'' He said lying her down on the 
     Leaning in to kiss him, she responded. ''I know we won't.'' 

     Near, far, wherever you are. 
     I believe that the heart does go on. 
     Once more, you open the door 
     And you're here in my heart, 
     And my heart will go on and on. 

     He took her hand and placed it over his heart. ''You're in here, 

     Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime, 
     And never let go till we're gone. 
     Love was when I loved you, one true time I hold to. 
     In my life we'll always go on. 

     ''I'll always be right here with you.'' She softly breathed. 

     Near, far, wherever you are, 
     I believe that the heart does go on. 
     Once more, you open the door 
     And you're here in my heart, 
     And my heart will go on and on. 

     ''Your in my heart too. No matter what.'' 
     ''I love you'' They both finished together. 

     You're here, theres nothing I fear, 
     And I know that my heart will go on. 
     We'll stay forever this way, 
     You are safe in my heart, 
     And my heart will go on and on. 

Part 9 
     ''Hold Still, we're almost done.'' Lois said as she finished 
Brenda's hair. 
     Standing up and looking in the mirror, Brenda adjusted her white 
dress. ''I'm glad you could come Lo.'' Brenda
     said looking through the mirror. 
     ''Hey,'' Lois said in the great voice we all love, ''Someone had
help get Sonny to that alter.'' 
     Brenda turned to face Lois. ''Uh-oh Bren.'' Lois said recognizing 
that look. ''Your not having second thoughts now
     are you?'' 
     ''I don't know if I can do it. What if I get down there, and Sonny 
isn't there?'' What if he's gotten killed,...or left for
     good this time?'' 
     ''Do you trust him?'' 
     ''Do I trust, what?'' 
     ''Do you?'' 
     ''Then don't worry.'' 
     ''But I trusted him last time too, and....'' 
     ''I'll be there with you Bren. Even Robin's here. It'll be okay.'' 
     ''Thanks Lo. I love you.'' 
     ''Love ya to little sis. Ahhh.. come here.'' Lois said pulling 
Brenda into a hug. 
     Robin burst into the room. ''Everythings ready. Bren, are you?'' 
     ''Almost.'' Brenda anwsered her stomach fluttering. 
     Robin cast a quick glance at Lois. Gripping Brenda's arm, she
''He's out there. I saw him myslef.'' 
     Brenda nodded. ''Lets go.'' 
     She grabbed her flowers on her way out. 

     Part 10 
     The wedding was beutiful. Not one problem. Afterwards, the 2 
newlyweds got into their limo admist the rice and
     goodbyes of their friends. 

     Part 11 
     She stepped out on the balcony and watched the sun set over the 
Puerto Rican horizon. An arm slid around her
     ''Hmmmm....'' She whispered. ''Mr. Corinthos.'' 
     He smiled, ''Mrs. Corinthos.'' 
     ''Doesn't this place bring back so many memories?'' She asked, 
turning to face him. 
     ''I remember holding you.'' He anwsered. 
     ''Is that it?'' She asked coyly. 
     ''I can think of a few others.'' he whispered seductivly. 
     ''Show me.'' She pleaded. 

     For The First Time 
     Are those your eyes, is that your smile 
     I've been lookin at you forever 
     But I never saw you before 
     Are these your hands holdin' mine 
     Now I wonder how I could have been so blind 

     ''Do you know how much I love you?'' He asked kissing around her 
face. She met his lips. 

     For the first time I am looking in your eyes 
     For the first time I'm seein' who you are 
     I can't believe how much I see 
     When you're lookin back at me 
     Now I understand why love is.... 
     Love is....for the first time... 

     ''I think I can guess.'' 

     Can this be real, can this be true 
     Am I the person I was this morning 
     And are you the same you 
     It's all so strange how can it be 
     All along this love was right in front of me 

     ''I love you too.'' 

     For the first time, I am looking in your eyes 
     For the first time I''m seein' who you are 
     I can't believe how much I see 
     When you're lookin back at me 
     Now I understand why love is.... 
     Love is......for the first time..... 

     As the sun set over the city of Puerto Rico, so did the evil heart 
of an old pal of Sonny's. 

     Part 12 
     ~~~~~~She squinted up and could see the light as she was pulled up 
to the top of the cave. 
     Looking down she saw Sonny. Then he was gone, burried under tons
     She screamed his name over and over. Jax held her trying to
her, while she sobbed. 
     Sonny's limp hand poked out of the rubble, like a zombie coming
of the grave.~~~~~~ 

     ''NO!!!!'' Brenda screamed sitting up in bed. 
     Her scream woke Sonny, startling him. ''Brenda?'' 
     Stumbling out of bed she made her way to the bathroom, locking the 
door behind her. Wiping her sweaty palms
     on her silk pajamas, a terrible thought crossed her mind. 
     ''Have I made a mistake?'' She wondered out loud. 
     ''Brenda.'' Sonny yelled from the other side. He pounded on the 
door, ''Are you okay? Brenda talk to me.'' He got
     no response, only loud sobs. 
     ''Open this door right now, or I'm going to break it down.'' 
     Giving in, the door slowly swung open. One look at Sonny, and she 
flew into his arms. 
     'This is right.' She thought. 

     Part 12 
     Her finger squeezed down on the bottle, and a wonderful smell 
filled the room. 
     Sonny stepped in the room, ''You smell nice.'' He said. 
     She smiled at him, but he could sense something was bothering her. 
     ''Hey, don't worry about your dream before.'' He said trying to 
comfort her. 
     ''I won't.'' She said kissing him on the cheek. 
     ''I've got to go downstairs and make some final preperations for 
our dinner. So I'll see you downstairs in 15
     ''Its a date.'' She said turning back to the mirror. 
     ''Do I get a kiss?'' He asked turning on sad puppy dog eyes. 
     ''Awww honey.'' She laughed. 
     He pointed to his cheek. ''Right here.'' Her lips me this cheek, 
and he pointed to his own lips. Turning his head,
     their lips met. 

     Part 14 
     ''Everything must be perfect tonight.'' Sonny demanded. 
     ''Of course Mr. Corinthos.'' The Matr'd (sp?) responded happy to 
please a paying guest. 
     The lights flickered off, then back on. The guests in the dining 
room looked up, then turned back towards their
     The lights dimmed again, but immeadiatly returned to normal. 
     ''Whats going on?'' Sonny asked. 
     ''If you'll excuse me, I've got to go check with maitenance.'' The 
Matr'd said excusing himself. 
     The lights flickered once more, then all was dark. 

     Brenda circled on her lips with lipstick when the lights began to 
play tricks. 
     It didn't bother her, but one the lights were really out, fear 
started to rise within her. 
     She hated being alone, especially in the dark. She always would 
wonder what everyone else was doing, where
     they were, who was out to get her. 
     'No, stop it!' She told herself. 
     Grabbing her coat, she was about to let herself out of the suite, 
when the door opened. 

     Sonny felt his way through the hotel lobby looking for an
He didn't want Brenda to be alone like this.
     Finding an elevator he pressed the button, but the light didn't 
flick on. 
     ''Damn.'' He said aloud. 
     ''Excuse me sir.'' said a hotel employee walking by. ''But the 
elevators are closed for the time being. Please remain
     calm, and.....'' 
     But Sonny didn't get to hear him finish. 
     He found a stairwell. With a sigh, he started up to his room, on 
the twelth floor. 

     ''Sonny!'' Brenda cried as the door swung open. She immeadiatly 
hugged him, wanting to feel safe. 
     But it wasn't until she felt the cold hard steel pressed against 
her neck, that she knew it wasn't Sonny. 

Part 15 
     Sonny let his eyes adjust to the dark staircase before starting
'Thump-Thump-Thump' ''2nd floor.'' Sonny
     whispered to himself. 'Thump-Thump-Thump' ''Third floor'' 

     ''Make one noise and this knife will go right through your neck.'' 
Brenda's eyes were wide w/fear, as she stopped
     struggling against this man. 
     His arm wrapped around her waist, he dragged her towards the 

     'Thump-Thump-Thump' ''8th floor.'' Sonny grunted, stopping to wipe 
a bead of sweat off his forehead. 
     Starting up again, he headed for the 9th floor. 

     'Thump-Thump-Thump' The man pulled Brenda onto the 11th floor. 
     'Thump-Thump-Thump' Brenda tripped and stumbled onto the 10th 
     Pulling her up, the man began down to the 9th floor. 

     Part 16 
     Sonny heard footsteps thundering down the stairs towards him. A 
bright light shone into his eyes, blinding him.

     ''Sonny!'' Brenda yelled straining against her captor. 
     She felt the sharpness of the knife press into her neck, stopping 
all her movement. 
     ''Brenda, what are you doing down here?'' Sonny asked walking 
closer towards the light. 
     ''Don't come one step closer Corinthos. Her life is in your hands 

     Part 17 
     Sonny reached into his coat pocket and slowly pulled out his gun. 
     ''Put the gun down Corinthos.'' 
     ''Who are you? Let her go.'' 
     ''Put down the gun.'' The mans voice growled, ''Unless you want to 
give me an excuse to kill her, just like Lily.'' 
     Brenda gasped at the last comment, letting out a small shriek. 
     The mention of Lily's name, stung Sonny. ''Okay, Okay.'' Sonny put 
his gun down on the floor, sliding it over w/his
     The man let out a laugh. ''Its good to know I'm in charge for once 
Sony. Remember me yet?'' 
     ''Who are you?'' A face flashed through Sonny's mind, but he
it aside. 

     Meanwhile, Brenda listened in confusion as the two men talked.
does it have to be like this Sonny?' Brenda
     thought. 'You said we would be safe.' An uncertain doubt rose up
her mind. As much as she loved Sonny, could
     she ever live this life? 

     The man put down his lantern in the corner of the staircase. 
     ''Dave? Davey is that really you?'' Sonny asked in astonishment. 
''Davey give me Brenda, what are you doing?'' 
     ''I don't think so Sonny. Not this time.'' Davey replied. 
     Memeories of a life in Brooklyn flooded back to Sonny. 

Part 18 
     Sonny leaned back in the seat of his small private jet. 
     On their wedding day, Sonny had promised to love and cherish her, 
to protect her. There was not struggle
     on the 9th floor staircase, he let Brenda go. But what could he
Davey was holding her life, in his hands.

     ~~~~~''Corinthos, what is it?? You coming with us? Or with him?'' 
     Sonny glanced over at his best friend, Davey Warner. ''Come on 
Sonny,'' Davey pleaded, ''We'll have fun
     without them.'' 
     Glancing between the 2 sides, the older boys,...and Davey. Sonny 
had always looked up to these older
     guys, hopeing to get into their gang someday. Growing up on the 
streets of Brooklyn, it wasn't easy to get
     around. But these guys did get around, he could be one of them. 
     ''Sorry Davey.....''~~~~~ 

     'Sorry Davey, Sorry Davey.' The words rang over and over through 
Sonny's head. ''Now look who's
     sorry.'' Sonny thought out loud. 
     ''I never saw Davey again,'' he whispered, ''Did he really hold a 
grudge this long?'' 
     ''Boss,'' Rinaldo said walking in the room, ''Jason called. He has 
your men all over. They've traced Davey
     down to Port Charles.'' 
     Sonny nodded as the pilot called out asking the men to fasten
     As the plane descended, Sonny wondered exactly why Davey was 
messing w/him. 

     Brenda tried to feign no intrest as Davey went on and on with a 
story about Sonny as a child. 
     Tied to a chair, Brenda couldn't contain herself any longer. 
''Sonny's a good man. He was just a kid then.'' 
     Davey laughed and shook his head. ''Its payback time.'' replied 
Davey, walking towards Brenda. 

     Part 19 
     Lines of worry crossed Sonny's forehead. His hand rubbed against 
his face, as he sighed in frustration. 
     ''Jason, are you positivly sure that it was all a set up? You've 
looked everywhere? Davey and Brenda arn't
     in Port Charles?'' 
     ''Sonny, we've searched everywhere. They've got to have gone 
somewhere else.'' 
     ''Damnit!'' Sonny cursed, walking over to the wall, slamming his 
fist into it. 
     ''Sonny,'' Jason hesitated, ''Would they be in Brooklyn?'' 
     Sonny looked up at Jason. He was going home. 

     Opening her eyes, she found herself in a well furnished room,
in a comftorable bed. The perfect life it
     seemed. Excpet she didn't know where she was. She didn't know who 
she was. She screamed. 

     Part 20 
     Screaming. Screaming for help, screaming to feel safe. In an 
instant there was a man by her side. 
     ''Brenda, shh....shhhh....'' He soothed, taking her hand. 
     ''Oh honey, you've been through so much. Your name is Brenda. my 
name is Davey. Now try to get some
     ''No! Not until you tell me what happened.'' She wealky demanded. 
     He soothed her hair. ''You've been through a terrible ordeal, but 
I'm here to help.'' 

     Joh Dewitt smiled to himself in pleasure. He adjusted the TV
as he watched his perfect plans go into
     His eyes drifiting away from the screen, he let his mind
     Sonny had been chosen for the ''in'' crowd growing up. John, along 
w/Davey, was one of the ''outies''. 
     Davey was such a fool. He agreed to John's plans, thinking he
have great connections in the mob
     John chuckled. ''Davey's just another innocent pawn in my game.
so is the girl.'' 

     ''Brenda,'' Davey started, ''You were in an accident. You have
your memory, but we hope its only
     Right now, you are in grave danger. That is why you must stay 
     ''Why? Why am I in danger?'' 
     ''Its all because of a man named Sonny Corinthos.'' 
     She nodded, closing her eyes for a minute, to tired to ask more. 
     ''Now, you try and get some sleep.'' Davey left the room. 

     Shutting the door, Davey smiled to himself as he nodded to the 
guard outside. 
     Davey couldn't believe this luck with the whole plan. It seemed to 
be working just fine on the girl. In only a
     matter of days, Sonny would be down on his hands and knees. 
     Of course, John would wnat to take over the organization. But, 
well, he'd see about that. 

     Brenda lay back down on the bed, and rolled onto her side. 
     In her mind, she tried to picture some evil man named Sonny 
Corinthos. But she couldn't. 

Part 21 
     The room was dimly lit. Sonny was there, waiting. Tom walked in.
Tommy Delunca. 
     Standing up, Sonny embraced the man. ''Tom, its so good to see
you. Whats been going on? What have I
     ''You've missed a lot Sonny. But lets get to the point. You
sounded urgent over the phone. What can I help you

     Davey sat w/Brenda as she slowly ate. After only a couple bites,
she pushed her plate away. 
     ''Whats wrong Brenda, arn't you hungry?'' 
     ''No, not really.'' 
     ''You need your strength honey. I'll be back later, okay?'' 
     She nodded as he left. She couldn't help but breathe relief.
Sure, Davey was a really sweet guy. But almost to
     sweet to be true. 

     ''You called Boss?'' Davey asked sauntering into the large office. 
     ''Yes Davey. Its time to give her the second injection.'' 

     Brenda looked up in alarm as Davey entered her room w/a man in a
white coat. ''Brenda, this is Dr. Wilson.''
     Davey informed her. 
     Brenda looked at the docter, her eyes jumping from man to man. 
     ''Hello Brenda.'' The docter started reaching for the surgical
tray a nurse had just wheeled in. ''I just need to give
     you a quick shot to make you feel better.'' 
     ''No,'' Brenda said shaking her head fiercely. ''Please no
     ''Its okay Brenda.'' Davey said rolling up the sleeve of her long
pajama top. 
     Brenda wanted to trust Davey, but she just couldn't. But there
was no one else. 
     ''Okay.'' she whispered. As the docter injected the needle, a
tear fell down her cheek. 

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