Attraction by Marissa

(Today's date is June 12, 2003. Everything that has happened since Brenda's return and departure has happened, except that Sonny has not been kidnapped by Lorenzo Alcazar. Also, Ric and Elizabeth aren't married; they aren't together because she couldn't forgive him. Carly isn't pregnant.)

Chapter 1: Fear

(Sonny walks downstairs. He pours himself a drink and sips it. The phone rings.)

SONNY: Hello?

JASON: It's me. The situation with the drugs is getting more complex.

SONNY: Complex how?

JASON: There's more of it…lots more.

SONNY: (sighs) And you have no idea who it could be?

JASON: No, not yet. But one thing is certain: whoever this guy is, he isn't backing down.

SONNY: Yeah (pauses) he's not.

JASON: Sonny…Do you think it could be Ric?

SONNY: Ric? No. I don't think so. Why, do you?

JASON: Well he does hate you…and he does have the money.

SONNY: Yeah, but I don't think it's him. (Carly walks downstairs.) But check it out, though. Okay?

JASON: Okay, I'm on it. (They hang up.)

CARLY: (grins) Hi there.

SONNY: (smiles) Hi…what's that grin about?

CARLY: Can't I just be happy without a specific reason? I just have a great life.

SONNY: Of course you can. Come here. (They smile and kiss. After they kiss, Michael walks downstairs.)

MICHAEL: Mommy, Daddy, can I go to the park with Leticia and Kyle?

CARLY: Sure, just be back in time for dinner, okay, sweetie?

MICHAEL: Okay. I love you, Mommy. (He hugs her.) I love you, Daddy. (He hugs him.)

CARLY: We love you, too. (Michael leaves.)

SONNY: He's a great kid.

CARLY: Yeah, he takes after his Daddy.

SONNY: (he smiles) Thanks.

CARLY: Sonny?

SONNY: Yeah?

CARLY: I want us to…

SONNY: You want us to what?

CARLY: To have a baby…you know, another one (laughs).

SONNY: (smiles) So do I. But…(Carly cuts him off.)

CARLY: BUT? You don't want to have a baby together?! I can't believe this! I can't believe you! After all…(Sonny cuts her off.)

SONNY: Can I talk?! (Carly sighs.) I didn't say I didn't want one! If you would've let me finish, I was going to say that now isn't the best time for you to be pregnant.

CARLY: Why not…Oh, wait a minute, is this…is this about business?

SONNY: Yeah.

CARLY: Why didn't you tell me there was trouble?

SONNY: I'm telling you now.

CARLY: How bad is it?

SONNY: It's getting worse every minute. Someone's transporting drugs through my territory.

CARLY: Oh my God, Sonny…(she hugs him and starts to cry)

SONNY: Don't worry, everything will be fine.

CARLY: They better not hurt you.

SONNY: Don't worry. Just calm down and be careful, okay?

CARLY: Okay (nods).

SONNY: I gotta go now.

CARLY: Please be careful, Sonny.

SONNY: I will.

CARLY: I love you.

SONNY: I love you, too. Bye.

CARLY: Bye. (Sonny leaves. Carly thinks out loud.) Wait a minute…maybe it's Faith. She hates Sonny. Well there's only one way to find out. (She gets her coat and purse, and she goes to Faith's apartment. Faith answers the door.)

FAITH: (sighs) Sorry, but I'm not in the mood for ripping your eyes out right now. I'm busy. (She starts to shut the door, but Carly gets inside.)

FAITH: I'm sorry, do you not understand English?

CARLY: Shut up, Faith! (Faith rolls her eyes.)

FAITH: What do you want?

CARLY: You're the one who's been transporting drugs through my husband's territory, aren't you? (Carly glares at her.)

FAITH: What are you talking about?

CARLY: Don't play dumb with me, Faith!

FAITH: No, I'm not the one transporting drugs through Sonny's territory! I'm smarter than that.

CARLY: I don't believe you.

FAITH: Well, I don't care. You can leave now.

CARLY: You're a dead woman, Faith! You know that Sonny's going to find out, and you are gonna pay for making our lives hell, you bitch! (Carly slaps her.)

FAITH: Don't you dare slap me again, Missy, or I will slap you back! Now get the hell out and don't come back! (Carly storms out. She goes to Kelly's to try to get her mind off things and relax. Ric walks up to her.)

RIC: Hello, Carly. May I? (Points to the seat)

CARLY: No. (Ric sits anyway.) Wait a must be you!

RIC: What must be me?

CARLY: You're the one who's transporting the drugs!

RIC: What are you talking about?

CARLY: Oh, please, Ric! Save me the crap! I know it's you! And I am so sick of you trying to ruin our lives!

RIC: I'm serious, okay? I really don't know what you're yelling about. I have nothing to do with any drugs.

CARLY: Yeah, right. Oh…oh my God! You and Faith are partners in this, aren't you? Of course you are, how could it have slipped my mind?

RIC: Okay, you know what, Carly? I think you need to get some rest. Maybe that'll knock some sense into you. Have a nice day. (He leaves. Carly goes back to the penthouse.)

SONNY: Hey. What's wrong? You look upset.

CARLY: Sonny, I think I know who's setting you up with the drugs!

SONNY: Wh--what?! Please…PLEASE tell me that you didn't go investigating today to find out!

CARLY: Please don't be mad at me! I was only trying to help you…to help our family!

SONNY: How many times have I told you to stop this! I'm so sick of it, Carly!

CARLY: Yeah? Well, I'm sick of Faith and Ric trying to ruin our lives! Don't let your anger at me let them succeed!

SONNY: You don't have any proof, do you?

CARLY: Well…not exactly…but I'm sure it's them! They both hate you; of course it's them!

SONNY: It's not them!

CARLY: What? Do you have proof?

SONNY: Yeah, I do, actually! (pauses) When is this gonna end?! When are these lies ever going to end! You promised me you would stay out of the business!

CARLY: Oh (pauses), oh I see. (starts to cry) I'm just supposed to sit here and watch my family be destroyed in front of me? I can't do that! Okay, Sonny? I can't! (Jason knocks on the door. Sonny lets him in.)

JASON: (notices Carly's crying) What happened?

SONNY: Carly decided she wanted to play detective today.

JASON: Detective? I don't understand.

SONNY: She tried to find out who's responsible for the drugs.


CARLY: Not you, too, Jason! I was trying to keep my family from being destroyed! Why is that so terrible? You know what? Forget it! You two are hopeless! (She storms out. She goes to the docks. She sees a woman with long, dark hair standing on the docks. The woman's petite, and her backside is facing Carly. Carly notices that the woman seems familiar, even from just the back. She walks up to her.)

CARLY: Excuse me, do I know you? (The woman recognizes Carly's voice, but hasn't turned around yet. The two women know each other very well.)

BRENDA: Yes, you do. (Brenda turns around. She & Carly are facing each other. Brenda smiles.) Hi, Carly. Long time, no see. (She laughs)

CARLY: Brenda?? What are you doing here?!

BRENDA: Oh, what's the matter, Carly? You're not happy to see me?

CARLY: I'm in shock. You just left for Europe four months ago. Why are you here?

BRENDA: Because Europe isn't where I belong.

CARLY: Oh, and Port Charles is?

BRENDA: Exactly.

CARLY: Ok, so what's the real reason? Are you here to get Sonny or Jax? Or both?

BRENDA: (sighs) I already told you the real reason. Why do you always have to make everything into such a big deal?

CARLY: I don't.

BRENDA: Really? Could've fooled me.

CARLY: Okay, I have better things to do than to fight with you.

BRENDA: Well, don't let me keep you.

CARLY: I won't. (Carly starts to leave, but she turns around.) Brenda?


CARLY: Just in case you didn't know, you're not welcome in my home. Okay?

BRENDA: (sarcastic) Whatever you say, sweetie. See you around. (Brenda leaves.)

Chapter 2: Surprises

(It's the next morning. Brenda had gone back to her cottage. She just woke up. She gets dressed and makes breakfast. She starts to think about everything that happened to her in PC: Jagger, the Face of Deception, L&B Records, Sonny, Jax, marrying Jason, the murder trial of Alcazar, and leaving to live in Europe. She picks up the newspaper. The front cover says: "Brenda Barrett, ex-wife of Mobster Jason Morgan, and ex-fiancée of Mob Boss Sonny Corinthos and Business Tycoon Jasper Jacks, has reportedly been seen in Port Charles. We wonder, is she here to stay?" It shows a picture of her with Sonny, with Jax, and with Jason. Brenda shakes her head and laughs. She gets dressed and leaves. There's a knock at Jason's penthouse. He opens the door.)

BRENDA: Hi, Jason! (He looks shocked.) What's the matter, aren't you gonna let me in?

JASON: Uh, yeah.

BRENDA: Thanks. (She walks in.) Where's Courtney?

JASON: She's out. (pauses) Uh, Brenda?


JASON: What are you doing here?

BRENDA: That must be the phrase of the week. Well, what does it look like I'm doing? I'm living in PC again.

JASON: You''re what??

BRENDA: Oh, come on, I'm not that bad.

JASON: Well…(laughs)

BRENDA: Haha, very funny.

JASON: I really hope you're not here to break up Sonny and Carly's marriage.

BRENDA: (sighs) Oh, come on, Jason. Enough with that. Although I think Sonny can do better than Carly, Sonny & I are over. Okay??

JASON: Whatever you say.

BRENDA: So, are the rumors true?

JASON: What rumors?

BRENDA: Are you engaged or not?

JASON: Yeah, I am.

BRENDA: Congratulations.

JASON: Thanks. (Courtney walks in.)

COURTNEY: Brenda…what are you doing here?

BRENDA: Okay, now I know it's the phrase of the week. I'm living in PC again.

COURTNEY: Oh, really? That's great.

BRENDA: (smiles) Thanks. Well, I'll be going now. See you around, you two. And congrats on your engagement again.

COURTNEY: Thanks, Brenda. (Brenda leaves. She goes to the docks again because even though she wants no one to know, she still has very deep feelings for Sonny, and the docks was where they first met, so she feels closer to him there. While she was in Europe, she realized that she loved Jax, but only as a friend. She remembered all the good times she had with Sonny. She knew that not all of it was good, like the shootings, and him leaving her at the altar, but she decided that being alone was better than being with someone whom she wasn't in love with. She decided to move back to PC not just because she missed it and because she felt it's her home, but also because she respects Sonny's marriage, so she knew she had to get over him. Brenda wasn't sure if she ever could, but she thought the only way to find out was to face the fact that he was married to another woman, married to the woman from hell, no less. Brenda always felt that she & Sonny are soulmates, but she's learned that they've been kept apart from many things. Because of their strong connection, she wants Sonny to be happy. In order to let him go, once and for all, she needs to finally accept that his life is with Carly. But can she do just that? Just as she was remembering she & Sonny meeting for the first time, she hears footsteps. It's Sonny. He sees the back of her. And even though it's just her back, he knows it's Brenda. That connection is still there.)

SONNY: Brenda? (their eyes meet, and all her feelings for him come flooding back in full force)

BRENDA: (she turns around) Sonny, how'd you know it was me?

SONNY: I just knew. (he opens his mouth to talk, but she interrupts him)

BRENDA: I've moved back to PC. This is my home, not London.

SONNY: (he smiles) I'm glad you're back.

BRENDA: Really? (she smiles)

SONNY: Yeah. (they hug)

BRENDA: Thanks. At least someone is…So, how are you?

SONNY: I'm good, and you?

BRENDA: Same here. Are you happy?

SONNY: Yeah, I am.

BRENDA: Good. Nobody deserves it more than you, Sonny.

SONNY: You, too.

BRENDA: Well, I've gotta finish unpacking, but I'll see you around.

SONNY: Okay. (she starts to leave) Brenda?


SONNY: Welcome home.

BRENDA: (smiles) Thanks. (She leaves. Sonny remembers everything that happened between them, and even though he loves Carly, he knows that Brenda will always be in his heart. He never felt for anyone the way he felt for Brenda, not even his wife. Sonny goes home.)

CARLY: Sonny, where have you been?


CARLY: (sighs) Are you still mad at me?

SONNY: Can you blame me?

CARLY: I won't do it again. I promise.

SONNY: You better keep that promise.

CARLY: I will.

SONNY: Guess who I just saw?

CARLY: Oh, let me guess: Brenda?

SONNY: How did you know?

CARLY: I saw her yesterday.


CARLY: She's a beautiful woman.

SONNY: (laughs) Please tell me you're not starting this again. If I haven't told you once, I've told you 1,000 times: my life is with you, Carly.

CARLY: I know what you said.

SONNY: Good. Then will you forget about it?

CARLY: That's easier said than done. No, you know what? I'm not gonna think about her. I'm just gonna think about this. (she kisses him)

SONNY: Much better. (He laughs. Jason walks in.)

JASON: Sonny, I know who's responsible for the drugs.


JASON: I only have the last name, but it's…Alcazar.

SONNY: What? Alcazar's dead! I want the real name, Jason!

JASON: That is the real name.

SONNY: You're sure?

JASON: Positive.

SONNY: Well find out the first name!

JASON: I'm working on it.

CARLY: Hey, maybe Brenda knows something!

SONNY: Don't you dare start asking her about this, Carly!

CARLY: I won't, I won't, but don't you think she might now something?

SONNY: Brenda's hardly involved in the mob.

CARLY: (sighs) That's not what I mean. Maybe this guy is a relative of Alcazar, and maybe she knows his relatives.

JASON: She could have a point there. You want me to check it out?

SONNY: Yeah, but did you find out about that other thing?

JASON: Oh, yeah, he's not involved.

SONNY: (nods) Okay.

JASON: I'm gonna go talk to Brenda. I'll call you after. (He leaves. The phone rings.)

SONNY: Hello? MAN ON THE PHONE: Did you enjoy your latest importing venture I gave to you?

SONNY: Who is this?

MAN ON THE PHONE: Goodbye, Mr. Corinthos. (The man hangs up.)

SONNY: Damnit! (Slams the phone down)

CARLY: Who was that?

SONNY: Whoever that bastard is!

CARLY: Oh my God…You're so upset, Sonny. Why don't you sit down?

SONNY: (He does. He falls asleep on the couch. He dreams of he & Brenda making love on the beach in Puerto Rico, and of him proposing to Brenda. Deep down, even now, he always wished he could have that again. Even though he wants Brenda safe, he wishes he could turn the clock around and marry her. He secretly imagined what their children were like. And there was one secret that would be between he & Brenda: when they were on the island when they were trying to escape from Alcazar, they kissed, but they almost did more. The only thing that stopped them was Alcazar. They were afraid that he would catch them off-guard because they would be concentrating on only each other. Both Sonny & Brenda knew that night that their feelings for each other still existed. But they were too scared to act on those feelings. Also, Brenda thought she was in love with Jax, and Sonny thought he was in love with Carly. Sonny wakes up when he dreams about Alcazar capturing Brenda, but the Alcazar in his dream has a beard. Luis Alcazar didn't have one. When he wakes up, no one's there.)

SONNY: Carly? Where are you? (He finds a note. It says: "I went to find Jason. I needed to know if Brenda knew anything about this guy. I didn't want to wake you up because you were sleeping so peacefully. I love you, Sonny. Love always, Carly" Sonny leaves to try to find her. He goes to the docks. He sees a woman with blond hair that looks like Carly from the back.)

SONNY: Carly? (He gets knocked out from behind. When he wakes up, he's in a room. He sees a tall man with brown hair. He looks next to him, and there's Brenda.)

SONNY: Brenda?

BRENDA: Sonny, you're awake. Are you okay?

SONNY: I don't know. What happened? Where are we?

BRENDA: We were kidnapped.

SONNY: By who? (Lorenzo Alcazar, Luis Alcazar's brother, turns around, and walks up to Sonny.)

LORENZO: By me. (smiles) How are you feeling, Mr. Corinthos?

SONNY: Who the hell are you?

LORENZO: I'm Lorenzo Alcazar, Luis's brother.

SONNY: What the…?

LORENZO: I have you two here because I want to teach you two a lesson. First of all, Ms. Barrett, my brother gave you everything. He saved your life. And you rejected him.

BRENDA: My relationship with Luis is none of your business.

LORENZO: Oh, don't we have a little temper (laughs).

SONNY: What the hell do you want?

LORENZO: I know you have my drugs, Corinthos, and I want them back. Now. SONNY: Sorry, I don't carry coke in my pockets.

LORENZO: (laughs) Oh I see we have a jokester on our hands. Now isn't the time for jokes. Understand?

SONNY: Whatever you say.

BRENDA: Let us go! We can't do anything for you!

LORENZO: I'll be the judge of that. Keep your girlfriend's mouth shut, Corinthos. (He walks away.)

BRENDA: I'm sorry.

SONNY: For what?

BRENDA: You're in this mess because of me. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't know who Alcazar is.

SONNY: No, it's not your fault. (He notices Brenda's wearing the anklet her gave her. Alcazar unties them, but puts them in another room that's impossible to escape from.)

LORENZO: Now, play nice, you two. I'll be back in a few hours. (He leaves. Brenda notices that Sonny's shirt is ripped. She can see his muscular arm. Sonny notices that Brenda's shirt is ripped. He can see her bra strap, and they undress each other with their eyes. It's been 6 years since they've been together, but the passion is still there as if they never broke up. Sonny can't take it anymore.)

SONNY: Brenda?


SONNY: Come here. (She does)

BRENDA: What is it? (He kisses her passionately. Neither one of them hesitate. They make passionate love right there, on the floor & the table. It was as if nothing had changed. They felt so complete. It felt so right. They both realize that they are still very much in love with each other. After they make love, they get dressed. They are still out of breath.)

BRENDA: Wow…that was amazing.

SONNY: That's one word for it.

BRENDA: Sonny…what about Carly?

SONNY: I don't know. I can't lie to myself anymore. I never stopped loving you, Brenda. Not for one second. (She smiles)

BRENDA: And I never stopped loving you. (Pauses) Do you love Carly? (Sonny nods.)

SONNY: I don't know what to do. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't want to hurt you or Carly & Michael. But what just happened, I'll never regret.

BRENDA: Me neither. (Pauses) Sonny, you're just gonna have to stay with Carly. You'll break her heart. And I don't know if I can be responsible for that. It's no secret we can't stand each other, but she loves you. And you love her.

SONNY: (nods) Yeah. You're right. I can't hurt her again.

BRENDA: We'll just have to forget this ever happened.

SONNY: Well, I don't know about that. I'll never forget it. But we'll just have to pretend it happened in the past…you know, when we were together.

BRENDA: Yeah. (Alcazar walks in.)

LORENZO: Okay, Sonny, I contacted your lovely wife, and I told her you're fine…for now. I'm gonna let you both go, but if I don't have my shipment back soon, you won't be so…what's the word I'm looking for? Ah, yes. You won't be so alive. Get out of here. (Sonny & Brenda leave. They go home.)

CARLY: Sonny! Oh my God, are you okay?

SONNY: Yeah, I'm okay. (They hug.)

CARLY: Are you sure? (She's crying.)

SONNY: Yeah.

CARLY: I love you so much. Thank God you're okay.

SONNY: I love you, too.

CARLY: Who took you?

SONNY: Lorenzo Alcazar, Luis Alcazar's brother.

CARLY: What did he do to you?

SONNY: Nothing, really. All he did was yell at us.


SONNY: Yeah. He took Brenda, too.

CARLY: Br--Brenda? What did he want with her?

SONNY: He blames her for his brother's death.

CARLY: How does he think she killed him? I don't understand.

SONNY: No, he knows she didn't kill him, but he thinks that it's her fault that all this happened. He blames her and I because he believes we both contributed to his death.

CARLY: I don't care what he thinks; that doesn't give him the right to kidnap you!

SONNY: I know, Carly, I know, but you need to let me handle it. Just let it go. (Michael runs downstairs.)

MICHAEL: Daddy, you're home! (He hugs Sonny.)

SONNY: Hey, buddy!

MICHAEL: Where were you?

SONNY: I had some things to do, but I'm back now.

MICHAEL: Okay, but promise me you'll tell me when you have some things to do?

SONNY: Yeah. (Michael nods and goes upstairs.)

CARLY: Sonny, is Alcazar…? (Sonny cuts her off.)

SONNY: Don't worry about him. Jason & I will handle it.

CARLY: Okay. (She nods.) You better handle it because I can't lose my husband.

SONNY: I know. (They hug.)

(It's a new day. When Carly wakes up, there's a note from Sonny that says he left to take care of some things. She gets dressed and walks downstairs. The doorbell rings. Carly answers it.)

MAILMAN: Hi, here's your mail, Mrs. Corinthos.

CARLY: (takes it) Thank you. (He leaves. She looks at the mail. There's a big, manila envelope that's addressed to her. She opens it. It's a videotape. She's confused because she has no idea what it could be. She turns the TV on and pops the tape in the VCR. She presses play. She notices it's from a videocam. She notices the date in the corner of the screen is yesterday's date. When the picture comes on, she sees Sonny & Brenda in a room together. She notices their clothes are ripped. Carly realizes it's from when they were kidnapped by Lorenzo Alcazar. She watches as one thing leads to another, and Sonny & Brenda end up making love. Carly is stunned, devastated, enraged, and hurt all in one. She can not believe that Sonny aparently lied to her: he really does still have feelings for Brenda. What hurts her the most is that he lied to her about it: he couldn't have just come clean about it and told her that he still wanted Brenda. After Carly realized that they had made love, one word came to mind: revenge. She wanted to hurt Sonny the way he hurt her. Deep down, she had always been attracted to Ric. There was just this sexy way about him…he was so mysterious and passionate. Everyone says that sleeping with the enemy, instead of the best friend hurts more, but this would be even better because not only is Ric Sonny's enemy, but he's also his brother. Sleeping with Ric would be a perfect way to get back at Sonny for sleeping with Brenda. So, Carly leaves the penthouse, and she goes to Ric's apartment. She rings the doorbell, and he opens the door.)

RIC: Carly…what are you doing here?

CARLY: I wanted to apologize to you for how I spoke to you this morning. I was upset, but I shouldn't have taken it out on you.

RIC: Oh…well, thanks, Carly. (Pauses) Is that it?

CARLY: There's one more thing. (Carly passionately kisses Ric. He is stunned. Although she hated him for trying to ruin Sonny, she still did think he was sexy. Although Ric's surprised, he doesn't pull away. They make passionate love…even though they don't love each other, they were really getting into it, so it was still passionate. When Carly wakes up, she silently gets dressed and leaves. Ric is still asleep when she leaves. Carly goes to Kelly's.)

Chapter 3: Emotions & More Surprises

(Brenda just woke up. She decided to shut off the alarm last night, and to sleep late this morning because she wanted to forget her problems as long as possible. She gets dressed, and goes in the kitchen. She changes her mind: she's going to have breakfast at Kelly's instead of making it herself. She goes to Kelly's. When she walks in, she sees Carly.)

BRENDA: Good morning, Carly. (Brenda gives her a fake smile.)

CARLY: (She glares at Brenda.) What do you want? (She wants to rip Brenda's hair out for sleeping with Sonny, but she can't let anyone know she knows in order to get back at Sonny.)

BRENDA: Mind if I join you?

CARLY: I'd rather keep my food down, thanks.

BRENDA: Wow, somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed today. (Ned motions towards Brenda to come sit with him.) Actually, I'm gonna sit somewhere else. I really hope you're not a bitch to everyone else today. She goes to sit with Ned.)

CARLY THINKS OUT LOUD: How dare he betray me…with her, no less…he's gonna get what's coming to him. (Carly pays & leaves. She goes home. She goes upstairs. Sonny comes home. He picks up the phone and dials. Carly picks up the phone and listens.)

SONNY: Brenda, it's me.

BRENDA: Sonny…hi. SONNY: Look, I just wanted to make sure that we're forgetting about what happened between us last night.

BRENDA: Consider it forgotten.

SONNY: Good…because I'd hate to lose Carly over it. I love her, you know?


SONNY: Okay. Bye.

BRENDA: Bye. (They hang up. Carly's in shock. If Sonny considers sleeping with Brenda a mistake, then that means that she slept with Ric for nothing. She decides to try and forget that either infidelity occurred. A week passes. It's a new day. Carly gets up. She feels a little queasy and dizzy. She's been feeling like this for the past 3 days, so she calls the doctor and makes an appointment, but she doesn't tell Sonny because she doesn't want to worry him. Sonny already left for work. Carly leaves for her appointment. She gets there.)

DOCTOR: Hello, Mrs. Corinthos. What seems to be the problem today?

CARLY: I've been feeling queasy and dizzy for the past 3 days.

DOCTOR: Do you have a fever?


DOCTOR: Okay, we'll run a few tests. Follow me to the lab. (They go to the lab; the doctor runs the tests.) They should be done in 20 minutes.

CARLY: Okay, thank you, Doctor.

DOCTOR: You're welcome. (20 minutes pass. The doctor comes in.) Mrs. Corinthos?


DOCTOR: The results are in. (Pauses) Congratulations. You're pregnant. (The doctor smiles.)

CARLY: (smiles) That's wonderful! Thank you! (Carly leaves, and goes in the car. Then, the happiness quickly fades away.)

CARLY THINKS OUT LOUD: Oh my God! This baby's father could be Ric! (She panics. She starts to cry.) What am I gonna do? I have to find out. (She goes home. She calls the hospital right away to schedule a paternity test. Luckily, they can fit her in right away. She finds a few strands of Sonny's hair and puts them in an envelope. She goes to the hospital. She gives them the envelope. She has to wait 15 minutes for the results. The doctor walks out.)

DOCTOR: We have the results to your test.

CARLY: What are they?

DOCTOR: It's negative.

CARLY: (She's in shock) Th--thank you. (The doctor nods & walks away. Carly starts to cry. She's in shock. But she decides to tell Sonny that they're having a baby. He doesn't need to know that it's Ric's. She goes home. Sonny's there.)

SONNY: Hi, honey. (They hug.)

CARLY: I have to tell you something.

SONNY: Good or bad?

CARLY: Go--good. SONNY: Okay, go ahead.

CARLY: I'm pregnant. (She smiles. So does Sonny. He kisses her.)

SONNY: That's great! I'm so happy.

CARLY: Me, too. (She starts to cry, but Sonny thinks they're tears of joy.)

SONNY: You're gonna be a great mother to our baby.

CARLY: Thank you. And you're gonna be a great father.

SONNY: I'm gonna go get us dinner. You just rest, okay?

CARLY: Okay. (He leaves. Ric is there.)

RIC: Hello, Sonny.

SONNY: What do you want?

RIC: I'm sorry to hear about your marriage ending.

SONNY: What are you talking about?

RIC: You and Carly are getting divorced, right?

SONNY: Of course not. Where would you get that idea?

RIC: Oh…I--I don't know.

SONNY: I'm not asking you again, Ric.

RIC: Ask Carly. (Ric leaves. Sonny looks bewildered. Sonny goes home.)

SONNY: Carly, I got dinner.

CARLY: Thank you, honey. (As they eat, Sonny has a flashback of making love to Brenda last week, and about how good it felt, emotionally and physically. He knows that he'll never get her out of his head. He's accepted that. He can't hurt Carly: they've hurt each other a lot, and now that his wife's finally happy, he can't destroy that, no matter how much he needs Brenda. When they finish eating, and put the dishes away, Sonny remembers what Ric said to him.)

SONNY: Carly?

CARLY: Yeah?

SONNY: I ran into Ric in the restaurant tonight.


SONNY: He told me something that I don't know what to make of. He told me that he was sorry about our marriage ending, and when I asked him what I meant, he got really nervous and told me to ask you about it.

CARLY: I don't know what he's talking about. We're happier than ever.

SONNY: So, you have no idea what he means?

CARLY: No, I don't, Sonny.

SONNY: Okay.

(Brenda's home. She remembers making love to Sonny last week. After all these years, she still feels somewhat responsible about Lily dying, and as much as she dislikes Carly, she doesn't want to hurt her. Still, she can't ignore these feelings she has for Sonny. To be honest, they're stronger than ever. When she closes her eyes, she can smell his scent, hear his voice, feel his touch, and taste his kiss, just as if he were actually right there, right next to her. Brenda feels that she & Sonny are one. Even though they aren't together, and she thinks they never will be, she believes they are soulmates because no one she's ever known had such an amazing connection with her. Brenda knows Sonny's mind, heart, body, & soul even better than she knows the back of her hand. When he used to hold her, she couldn't tell where he ended, and she began. Brenda knew a long time ago that Sonny was the only one for her. She also knew that because she loved him more than anything, she had to let him ago, because she needed him to be happy. She would give anything if what he needed was her, if what made him happy was her, and not Carly. But before that night, Brenda thought she knew Sonny's feelings for Carly and for herself, but now, she wasn't so sure. If Sonny loved Carly as much as he said he did, then why would he sleep with her? It didn't make any sense. Brenda thought that maybe Sonny and Carly just had a fight, and he wanted to get back at her. But if that was it, then why did he tell Brenda he still loved her? Finally, she decides she'll never figure out Sonny. Brenda starts to clean up her house. She finds an opened box. It's from when she first moved into the cottage. She finds a lot of pictures of she & Sonny together. Even though he left her at the altar, Brenda still loved Sonny…even then. She puts the pictures back in the box, tapes the box up, and puts it in the attic. She goes in the living room after a few hours of cleaning and fixing up the house. She falls asleep on the couch. She dreams of she & Sonny laughing together. He kisses her neck, and she giggles. As she is dreaming this, Carly walks in.)

BRENDA: (still asleep, smiling, whispers the following, but Carly hears) Sonny…I love you, too. (Carly goes outside, silently shuts the door and rings the doorbell. Brenda answers it.) Carly…what are you doing here?

CARLY: To talk to you. (She walks in.)

BRENDA: About what?

CARLY: About Sonny. See, he's married to me, not you.

BRENDA: I know that.

CARLY: If you try to steal Sonny from me, you're a dead woman.

BRENDA: (sighs) I have better things to do listen to your pathetic threats.

CARLY: (lightly laughs) Funny, Brenda…I mean it: Sonny is my husband. Just accept it.

BRENDA: (laughs) You know, you really deserve the award for the most insecure woman in the world.

CARLY: Ha-ha. (Carly leaves.)

(Carly goes to Ric's apartment. She rings the bell. He answers it. As soon as she sees his face, she gets a rush. It feels amazing. But she quickly shakes it off.)

RIC: Carly…

CARLY: We need to talk. (She walks in.)

RIC: About what?

CARLY: Sonny can't know that we slept together.

RIC: Why did we sleep together?

CARLY: It was a mistake.

RIC: Yeah, I gathered that's what you think. But that's not what I asked.

CARLY: It happened because I was mad at Sonny.

RIC: I see…And you're not still mad at Sonny?

CARLY: No, I'm not.

RIC: Well, mad or not, I could tell that you certainly had a good time that night. (Carly knows he's right.)

CARLY: I just wanted to get back at Sonny.

RIC: Are you sure that's all? (To Carly, the scary part is, she's asking herself the same question.)

CARLY: Ye--yes, I'm sure. So, you're not gonna tell Sonny?

RIC: No, I won't tell him.

CARLY: Thanks. (She leaves. Ric has a sexy grin on his face. Carly goes on the docks. She sits on the bench, and looks at the water. She starts to wonder what were all of the reasons for sleeping with Ric that night. She definitely knows that she loves Sonny, and that she wanted to get back at him. But is that the only reason why she had sex with Ric? What scares her the most is that she remembers everything about it exactly. Just as Brenda remembers Sonny exactly, Carly remembers Ric exactly. She remembers every inch of Ric's body, exactly how his kiss felt, how he touched her face and body….wait, what is she thinking?! She's married to Sonny, not Ric! But that may not be for long if he finds out that she had sex with his brother and that she's not carrying his child, but Ric's. All Carly has to do is not tell ANYONE. That way, Sonny can't possibly find out. She stands up and goes home.)

(Brenda just put a beautiful dress on because she's going out to a fancy place for dinner with the Quartermaines. She looks gorgeous. The doorbell rings, and she answers it.)

BRENDA: Sonny…why are you here?

SONNY: Wow…you look like a million bucks. (Smiles)

BRENDA: (laughs) Thanks.

SONNY: Uh, can we talk?

BRENDA: Only for a few minutes. Then I have to go.

SONNY: Okay. (He walks in)

BRENDA: So, what did you want to talk about?

SONNY: About us.

BRENDA: What about us?

SONNY: I don't know how to say this, so I'm just gonna say it straight out.


SONNY: When I see you…like right now…I wanna…I wanna take you to bed. (He gives her a sexy look.) I wanna make love to you until the sun comes up (pauses) and then do it all over again. But then I see Carly, and I can't break her heart.

BRENDA: What are you trying to say to me, Sonny?

SONNY: That I'm more in love with you than before.

BRENDA: You can't do this to me. You can't just come in here and tell that you want me & love me, and then go home to Carly.

SONNY: (nods) I know. What do I do, Brenda? (He touches her face.)

BRENDA: You chose. Is it Carly? Or is it me? (Looks at the clock) I have to go now. (She starts to leave, but turns around.) You can only have one, Sonny. Not both. (She leaves. So does he. At dinner, all Brenda can think about is Sonny.)

(Sonny goes back home. He hears Carly thinking to herself.)

CARLY: Sonny can not know who the father is…he just can't know the truth.

SONNY: Carly?

CARLY: Sonny, hi.

SONNY: Did I hear you correctly?

CARLY: Hear what?

SONNY: I'm not this baby's father?

CARLY: (her eyes well up) Oh my God…you heard me…


CARLY: BECAUSE YOU SLEPT WITH BRENDA! (Sonny's speechless) That's right, Sonny! I know!


CARLY: Someone sent me a tape. But what does it matter? You lied to me: you still want her!

SONNY: Who's the father, Carly?!


SONNY: Wha--what did you just say?

CARLY: Isn't it great? Your brother AND your enemy.

(Brenda gets home from dinner. She closes her eyes and shakes her head.)

BRENDA: I have to stop this. I'm not Sonny's anymore. (The doorbell rings. She gets it.)



SONNY: Can I come in?

BRENDA: Yeah. (He does.)

SONNY: I made my decision.

BRENDA: You--you did?

SONNY: Yeah. (Nods)

BRENDA: Well…who'd you chose? (Sonny grabs her face and passionately kisses her. He picks her up and takes her to bed. They make love all night. Meanwhile, Carly goes to Ric's. She knocks on his door. He opens it.)

RIC: Carly…

CARLY: Can I come in?

RIC: Sure. (she does)


RIC: Yeah?

CARLY: I want you. (They make love all night, too.)

Chapter 4: Happiness At Last

(It's the next morning. Brenda & Sonny wake up at the same time.)

SONNY: Hey, beautiful.

BRENDA: (smiles) Hey. So you never told me…who did you chose? (They laugh)

SONNY: I chose my soulmate: you.

BRENDA: Good…because I love you so much.

SONNY: Same here. I'm dead inside without you.

(Ric & Carly wake up.)

CARLY: Good morning.

RIC: Good morning.

CARLY: I have to tell you something.

RIC: What?

CARLY: I'm pregnant, and you're the father.

RIC: Oh my God…that's…that's incredible. (They kiss)

CARLY: I just realized something.

RIC: What?

CARLY: I'm in love with you.

RIC: Well I felt the same way about you since I first saw you. (They smile)

SONNY & BRENDA AND RIC & CARLY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! (By the way, Alcazar backed off when he realized that trying to mess with S&B was pointless! :)


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