"At Last" by Rima Makhiawala

Brenda sat at her desk in her new cottage and listened to the radio. She was taking care of L&B business and writing a letter to Lois.

"Dear Lois," she smiled happily "I never thought I'd be happy again...I've got Lois, Robin, Brooke Lynn, Ned, Lila...and Jax! My modeling career is skyrocketing and L&B's got Dara and making tons!....then why do I feel so empty?" she thought.

Her thoughts are vanished by the DJ's voice "and here is our next song, a favorite of mine..."

I can hear his heartbeat for a thousand miles,
and the heavens open everytime he smiles...

Brenda's eyes open wide with shock as she realizes it is no other than Crazy Love playing on the radio.

"No..no...NO! I'm over him...I am! I don't care! I don't care! I don't care!!!" she screamed trying to convince herself

He gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love.
He gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love.

As much as she tries not to, she starts remembering their last night together (flashbacks!)...dinner, dancing...being completely happy, a way she hadn't felt since, though all of Port Charles thought she was. Quickly, she jerks away from her memories "I CAN'T HEAR IT!"

"and that song was a request and dedication, so Miss Brenda Barrett, if you were listening, that song was dedicated to you" said the DJ.

"WHAT? What kind of sick joke is this?" stormed Brenda as she opened her phone book to call the station. "Yes, this is Brenda Barrett...I know, I was listening...I was just wondering...you never said who dedicated that song to me...oh, you don't know?...is there any way?...ok, thank you," said Brenda turning off the phone. "What is going on? Why is this happening to me? I'm over HIM! I am! I am!" Brenda cried in disbelief. What she didn't know was that outside, looking in through the window was the very person who had dedicated Crazy Love to her, watching her every move and reaction.



Jason sat at his desk in the penthouse, working on some papers, when he heard a loud racket in the hall. "What the..." and gets up to open the door.

Renaldo is there holding some guy in dark glasses and a hat. "This guy wants to see you, boss, but he won't say why or even who he is,"

"I'll take care of this, Renaldo. Thanks." Renaldo lets go of the man and Jason leads him into the penthouse. The man mumbles something under his breath. "What did you say?"

"Oh, nothing"

"Ok, so what do you want to see me for..and who are you?"

"I just...I just wanted to congratulate you for bringing down Moreno, Jason" replied the man slowly taking off his glasses and hat. "I knew you could do it"

Jason's eyes grew large in surprise.

"Sonny!!! Oh my G-d!!! I didn't know it was you! Wha-how? How'd you get here? How long have you been in Port Charles? How have the last few months been?"

"Clever disguise, huh? I've seen most of the world, Jason...traveled everywhere...you name it, I've probably been there, but the only thing I want is here"

"You want the organization back?"

"Oh no. I'm done with that. For a long time, I thought that was all I needed, all I wanted. But I sure found out I was wrong. I mean, I'm glad for all it's given me, but I'm through. It's all yours, as long as you want it."

"Ok, well then, what? I thought you were never coming back."

"I had to, Jason. Running away didn't change a thing."

"Change what?"

"Jason, I'm back for Brenda. I need her and I'm here to win her back."


"Oh, Sonny...that's going to be really hard. Have ya heard about what's happened?"

"What do you mean?"

"Brenda totallly broke down after you left. She went nuts! She thought you were out to kill her...I mean she was paranoid, confused, lost...she had to be hospitalized. Jax took care of her and I tried to help, but she took all her anger at you out on me, so I couldn't help much. She was angry a long time and though she's better now, I don't think she'll forgive you easily at all"

"That's ok. I know what I did and I'll do anything it takes..." The door of the penthouse opens and Robin comes in.

"Jason!..." her mouth drops open "Sonny! Is that really you? You're here, back....what?"

"Hi, Robin," Sonny smiled weakily. He knew Robin was going to be mad at him, and with good reason.

"You have a lot of expalining to do" Robin answered firmly. "I thought I was never going to see you again...and leaving Brenda like that...." her eyes welling up in tears "I missed you SO much" and she ran to hug him.

"I missed you, too, Robin" Sonny answered through his tears, hugging her. Then he looked at Jason, who hadn't taken his eyes of Robin since she entered the penthouse. Sonny watched him, watch Robin and saw the familiar sparkle in his eyes. "It's the same for me with Brenda" he thought to himself "and I will win her back"

"So, what's the story, Sonny? Why'd you leave...the way you did? Jason wouldn't tell me anything," asked Robin.

"Well, I guess I can tell you now," started Sonny..telling Robin about Brenda and his reunion and their plans to get married and leave and then his nightmares and fears and his last few months "and so now, I am presumed dead by the mob, Moreno is down, and I am a free man...to get back the women I love"

"I don't know, Sonny. It's not going to be that easy. You REALLY hurt Brenda, and if I were her I wouldn't forgive you either"

"I know what I did was wrong, but I did it for the right intentions, Robin. Do you at least understand why I did it? See, now I realize that what I was trying to do was foolish-we need each other, to be together-but I'm content that I did it. I would have done it differently, of course, but the results are what counts and that;s what turned out perfectly.."

"Except for Brenda going crazy of course, but I know you wouldn't have intentionally tried to hurt her like that, but you did, Sonny. I guess I understand, but I don't like it...Have you gone to see Brenda yet?"

"Not yet...and I wondering if you two could help me get her back."

"I'm listening," replied Jason.

"I don't know about this" answered Robin.

"Here's my plan..."


The next day,

Brenda sat on her couch, reading a magazine, when the doorbell rang. Puzzled, she goes to the door and meets a delivery man.

"Are you Miss Brenda Barrett?" he asks.

"Um, yeah"

"Well, then. This is for you..." and he goes back to his delivery truck and brings back a huge bouquet of magnolias.

"What is this? I didn't order this."

"Exactly. Someone had it sent to you."

"But...who? Jax?"

"Umm..." he mumbled checking his list "No, it's anonymous, sorry"

"Oh, ok. Thank you. Bye." Brenda closes the door behind the delivery man and stares at the humongous arrangement of flowers, magnolias. "Who would know...who would send me these?" she thought "Why is this happening to me? I'm MOVING ON!" getting frustrated "I'm over him...DONE!...finished! I AM!"

Again, outside, looking in, was the person who sent those flowers to her. "Thanks for keeoing it a secret" he said handing the delivery guy a $50.

"No problem"


Sonny goes back to the penthouse and explains Brenda's reaction to Robin and Jason. "I can handle this. I can!"

"I don't know, Sonny,...have you ever thought that maybe she doesn't want you in her life? or that she's moved on?"

"Robin, put yourself in my shoes. Think about it. I know Brenda better than anyone and I think this-all-is going to work. She hasn't forgotten me-just like I could never forget her"


Back at the cottege, Brenda is trying to finish some errands, but she isn't succeeding. The smell of magnolias keeps making her think back to Puerto Rico....(flashbacks!)

Just then, Jax comes in. "Hey, Brender!"

"Oh! Hi, Jax. What's up?"

"Nothing much, just thought I'd check up on you."

"Why? Everything's fine. I'm fine."

"Whoa, ok, Brender, I just wanted to visit, ok?"

"Sorry, I've just been a bit edgy lately"

"Any reason why?"

"Umm...no, I don't think so" replies Brenda calmly. I can't tell him about this. He'd never understand any of it.

"Who got the flowers?"

"What? The flowers? I...I bought them."

"It's so big."

"Don't you like it? I love magnolias."

"Well,...it's nice"

"Just nice? I think it's gorgeous"

"Well, it is gorgeous" replies Jax, agreeing with Brenda. "So, doing anything tonight?"

"No, not really. I'm not in the mood to go out...what did you have in mind?"

"Well, since you don't want to go out...maybe we could order in and watch a movie? How does that sound?"

"That sounds fine" replies Brenda.


Back at the penthouse,

"Ok, Sonny, fine. Just be careful. Though she may not look it, Brenda is really torn apart right now."

"I don't ever want to hurt her, Robin, and I know she's hurting right now, just like I am for her. You know what? I'm thinking I may go visit her tonight. Tell her everything...be totally honest. No secrets, not now, not ever. I think this is the night!"

"Whoa, Sonny, don't you think you're rushing it a bit?"aska Jason.

"Not really. I once told Brenda that 'Wasting time is like laughing in God's face' and I totally believe it. You only live once."

"Sounds like there is no way we can change your mind, Sonny."

"I don't think there is"

"Well, then we wish you the best of luck, as always, Sonny"

"Thanks guys" and with that Sonny left the penthouse, confident that Brenda would soon be his.


Meanwhile, at the cottege,

Brenda and Jax ordered pizza and lots of cheezy comedy movies. They are having fun and Brenda is actually not thinking of the past days strange occurances. They are laughing hysterically at some scene

"Oh my G-D! I can't believe he did that!" shouts Brenda.

"They are pretty silly, aren't they?" answers Jax

"Whoa! How'd they do that?" asks Brenda after another stunt.

"Maybe, it was like this..." Jax leans over and tickles Brenda and she lands face to face with Jax. They look at each other, Brenda squinting and can't believe her eyes! She sees Sonny! Jax goes to kiss Brenda and Brenda responds, thinking Sonny is back with her. They kiss and kiss.

At the same time, Sonny comes to the door of the cottege. He's about to ring the doorbell when he thinks he sees Brenda in the living room. He looks closer and sees her KISSING Jax!!!! Stunned and speechless, Sonny can't believe his eyes and runs back to the waiting limo.

"What happened, sir?" the driver asks.

"I made a mistake" answers Sonny obviously hurt.


At the penthouse, a bit later,

Sonny enters the penthouse to see Robin and Jason were amxiously waiting for him.

"Sonny! Well.....what happened?" asks Robin.

"Nothing, I made a big mistake, Robin. I shouldn't have come back. You were right, Brenda has moved on" whispers Sonny close to tears.

"What do you mean, Sonny? Did Brenda tell you that herself?

"She didn't need to. I saw it with my own eyes."

"What did you see, Sonny?"

"I saw her...kissing Jax...the way she used to kiss ME!"

"Oh, Sonny....but that doesn't make sense..."

"What doesn't? That she has another man?"

"No, her and Jax....the whole time you've been gone they have never coupled up...Brenda's stayed single. She wouldn't have all of a sudden found someone"

"Well, her and Jax sure looked cozy to me....I'm going to leave tomarrow."

"Sonny! Why?" asked Jason.

"I told you I came back to PC for Brenda and I can't have her, so I don't wish to stay and watch her with another man"

"But, Sonny, she doesn't even know you're back"

"and maybe it's better she doesn't"

"No, Sonny. We miss you and love you too. Can't you stay even a week, just to be with me and Jason?"

"Yeah, Sonny. I've really missed you."

"Well...guess I could stay, but only a week. I guess I'll go to bed, though, I'm pooped"

"Ok, see ya in morning..oh, bye the way, Sonny, you can sleep in Stone's room"

A sparkle came in Sonny's eyes. "Thank you, Robin"

After Sonny went upstairs, Robin confided in Jason. "Jason, I know Brenda still loves Sonny. It just makes no sense for her to be with Jax. I hope they both realize what is going on. G-d help them."


Back at the cottege,

Brenda focuses her eyes and sees that in fact she isn't kissing Sonny, but Jax! She adruptly breaks away and gets up. "Get away from me!"

"Brenda, what is going on? "

"Why did you come on to me, Jax? I don't love you like that, I thought you knew..."

"Knew what? SONNY is gone, Brender. Why can't you accept that?" Jax replied annoyed.

"Because...I know that, I do....I'm so confused" thought Brenda. "I think you better go, Jax. I just need some time to think alone"

"Fine, Brender, just realize I may have started the kiss, but one person can't kiss themselves. You were on to me" Jax remarked before leaving.

"I'm sorry, Jax. I thought you were Sonny" Brenda whispered to the empty cottege. She looked around, and felt dizzy. "G-d, what is going on with me?" She turned off the lights, creeped into bed and lay down, staring at the ceiling. "Why can't I forget? or go on?"


(I can see an awesome shot here, going from Brenda's face, thinking, to her ceiling, to Sonny's ceiling, down to his face! Can't you see it?)

Back at the penthouse,

Sonny lay in bed, thinking the same thing, except he knew the answers. "I can't forget or go on because I love her more than anything...and love never dies..." he whispered. "Stone, help me. You said we belong together, but I messed it up. Stone, you know I love her, how can I show her I hurt her to keep her safe. I need her, Stone, I can't live without her" Just then, an idea popped into his head. "Thanks, buddy! I owe ya one" He jumped out of bed, put on some clothes and tip-toed down the stairs and out of the penthouse. He knew exactly how to get there and went.

Finally he reached the cottege, *not even a little* tired. He slowly opened a window and krept in. "Brenda? Where are you?" He saw the stairs and went up quietly up them. Looking in the rooms, finally in the last one, lay his love. Ever so quietly, Sonny went in.

"Brenda, it's me, Sonny. I'm back. Oh....I don't know where to start. I just know I have to do this. I know what I did and I know is was wrong, but at least hear me out. The week before our wedding was supposed to be, I had nightmares....Nightmares that on our wedding day, you would get shot...nightmares that you would die, like Lily. I couldn't let that happen, so I thought that it would be better, if I left you and your life, so you could live as long as you are meant to, without any of my dangers. I knew there was no way you would believe me if I told you to your face, because you'd see I was flat out lying, and maybe it was easier for me that way. Not see you and see how much I was hurting you. So, I remebered the nightmares after you left for the church, that's when I made the plan..that broke your heart." Sonny said in tears "You have to know I thought I was doing the right thing. What I didn't realize was that I would be miserable without you, and so would you, without me. I told Jason the plan, and he didn't like it...at all. He didn't want to hurt you, but I convinced him that this is the only way you would be safe. I am SO sorry I hurt you, Brenda and I'd do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to get you back. I love you, Brenda, more than anything and anyone...well, I guess I just had to say that. I'll miss you forever, too, chica," and he tip-toed out of the room, down the stairs, and out of the cottege. "I hope she's happy forever"


In the Brenda's room,

Brenda had been trying to get to sleep with no luck. Tossing and turning, she thought she heard something "Oh!" and she heard someone come the stairs "I'll stay very, very quiet she thought. Maybe they won't see me" she thought thinking it was robbers. Boy, was she surprised when, she thought she saw SONNY again. "I'm losing my mind! I'm hallucinating like mad" she thought trying to clear her eyes. "That can't be him, I must be dreaming...." and she listened to him, all the while thinking it was a dream.

After Sonny, left Brenda really did fall asleep, so when the sun came up, she thought she it was all a dream. "But, wait, maybe that's what really happened" She got up, got ready and went to see Jason at the penthouse.

At the penthouse, Sonny had decided to leave today. Jason and Robin were trying to convince him otherwise, but it wasn't working. Sonny had his bag packed and just went upstairs to say good-bye He hadn't told them about visiting Brenda. "This time definately forever" he thought.

"He can't leave, Jason. He needs to give Brenda more time" cried Robin. "and I'll miss him SO much"

"I know Robin, I will too." he answered. Just then, they heard the doorbell ring. Robin and Jason looked at each other indisbelief.

"Could it be? No way!" Robin said amazed. Jason went to answer the door and of course it was Brenda at the door.


"Jason, you have to tell me how and why Sonny left"

"I already told you, Brenda , everything"

"Ok, fine! Then let me tell you what I think happened..." and she retold them exactly what she had heard Sonny say last night. Jason was totally surprized.

"That is exactly what happened, B-"

"Oh my......" Brenda screamed at seeing Sonny come down the stairs.

"Brenda.."Sonny whispered.

"So, you're leaving again, huh?" she said calmly.

"That depends"

"Were you at my house last night?"


"Did you dedicate Crazy Love to me?"


"Did you send me the huge bouquet of magnolias?"


"And you were about to leave..again, without letting me know"

"I thought you had moved on.."

"From you? It's too hard. Now realize, Sonny, you did hurt me, A LOT, but I want you stay in PC....stay here" Sonny dropped his bags instantly.

"I want to. Brenda, I'll do anything to get you back, to get your trust back..and your love..."

"You already have my love..."she whispered, giving him a kiss.

"Brenda, I love you."

"I love you, Sonny, but let me make this clear...You are going to have to work really hard to win back my trust.."

"I'll do anything, Brenda, you name it."

"You must stay in PC and try to win me back"

"Consider it done" and the two reunited lovers gaze at each other, holding hands,excited about the future. Crazy love starts playing in the background and the camera switches to Robin, with Jason on her right and Stone, their guardian angel, on her left.

"At last" Robin says smiling "At last"

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