As Dreams Go By by Lindsay

Part 1

In slow motion; another bomb goes off, this time farther away, but none
the less, a bomb. Jax shields Brenda with his body as mostly everyone
hits the ground. Ned shields Lois, Mike to Laura, and Jason to Robin.
The Jaxes are far enough away that they don’t feel the real blow of the
bomb. The swat team, most of them have all been brought to the ground by
the extensive bomb. The camera goes inside to show Luke, Sonny, and
Dorman laying on the floor, almost lifeless. Back outside; after the
initial shock is over; Brenda looks up to see the burning building as
everyone else does. She is crying uncontrollably.
Brenda: (screaming at the top of her lungs) SONNY!!!!!!!!!
She starts to run to the building, Jax runs after her and catches her.
Brenda: Let me go!!! Let me go!!!! SONNY!!!!!!
Brenda just collapses into Jax’s arms. Lois and Robin come over, with
tears streaming down both of their eyes, and put their arms around
Brenda and hold her.
Lois: Ssshhh....its going to be okay, honey.
Brenda shakes her head.

Back inside; Sonny and Luke both start to stir and mumble.
Sonny: Brenda....

Back outside; Brenda is crying hysterically. Both Robin and Lois are
crying, hard, but nothing in comparison to Brenda.
Brenda: Sonny, you can’t leave me. Not now. We didn’t even have the
second chance!!
She is sitting on the ground crying. Ned comes over to her and pulls her
up gently. She lets him hold her tightly.
Brenda: Ned, please tell me this is all a bad dream!!
Ned: Oh, baby, I wish I could, I wish I could.
Jax turns back to his parents, knowing what they are thinking. How could
he have been so stupid to let his heart be taken by someone so in love
with someone else? He knew the answer, he’d had hers for awhile, too. He
knows that she had, indeed, loved him. But, her love for Sonny
overpowered everything else. He had a feeling, deep in his gut, that
everything was going to be right.
Lois comes and stands next to Ned and Brenda. Mike is just standing
staring at the building, his expression is blank. He’s asking god why he
took his son from him. But, at the same time, asking god to turn back
time when Sonny was five years old, turn back time far enough so Mike
could make the decision not to leave his wife and son. Brenda lets go of
Ned and looks at Mike. She walks over to him and puts her arms around
Mike: Oh, honey, I’m so sorry....
Brenda shakes her head.
Brenda: Its not over.
Mac starts to walk over. He looks back to the building, and in disbelief
sees two men. He rubs his eyes again.
Mac: My god.

Part 2

Mike lets go of Brenda. She walks over to Jax who opens his arms and she
falls into them as she cries. She cannot follow the gaze of her
companions, but Jax does. Ned, Lois, Robin, Jason, Laura, and Jax all
turn their gaze to follow Mac’s. Laura begins to cry tears of joy at the
sight of her love. Robin and Lois begin to smile. Jax walks slowly over
to Brenda, knowing that what she’ll see when she turns around will sever
their relationship for good.
Jax: Brenda, turn around.
Brenda looks up at Jax and then turns to look in the direction he is
looking. She gasps slightly. She notices Laura already walking in the
direction of Luke. Brenda’s hand comes up to her mouth as more tears
begin to fall. She begins to walk, slowly, to her home. Her home in
Sonny’s arms.

"The Promise" by Tracy Chapman

If you wait for me, then I'll come for you
Although I have travelled far, I always hold a place for you in my
If you think of me, If you miss me, once in a while
Then I'll return to you, I'll return and fill that space in your heart.

Remembering your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace
I'll find my way, back to you, If you'll be waiting

If you dream of me, like I dream of you
in a place that's warm and dark, a place where I can feel the beating
of your heart

Remembering your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace
I'll find my way back to you, if you'll be waiting

Oh I've longed for you, and I have desired to see your face, your smile,
to be with
you, wherever you are
Remembering your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace
I'll find my way back to you, please say you'll be waiting

Together again, it would feel so good to be in your arms, where all my
journeys end.
If you can make a promise, if it's one that you can keep
I vow to come for you, if you'll wait for me.
Say you'll hold a place for me in your heart.

As this song begins to play, the camera switches back and forth to both
Sonny and Brenda’s faces as they walk towards each other. When they
finally are inches apart, close enough to feel each other’s breath.
Brenda’s hands go to Sonny’s cheeks, feeling to make sure its really
Brenda: Its really you?
She is still crying. Sonny nods as his own eyes fill with tears.
Brenda: Oh, god.
He takes her in his arms and holds her, holds her tight.
Brenda: I love you.
Sonny smiles as her head rests on his shoulder.
Sonny: I know.
Brenda smiles. She leans up to look at him.
Sonny: I love you, too.
Brenda’s tears start falling faster. Sonny tries to clear them with his
Brenda: I thought I lost you.
Sonny: Never.
As they continue to look into each other’s eyes, the love they share for
each other never being more apparent as it is right now, they begin to
forget about all the mishaps they made in the past, all the arguments,
fights, everything. They look at each other with a clean slate. But,
still the same passion and undeniable love.
Brenda: I love you so much.
Sonny: I love you, more.
Brenda smiles and giggles slightly.
Brenda: I love you more than more.
Sonny: I love you more than more than more.
Brenda looks at him.
Brenda: Just shut up and kiss me.
Sonny: Just waiting for permission.
He takes her head in his hands, looks into her eyes, and brings his lips
to meet hers. They kiss with the passion they have always had, and the
love that will never die.

Part 3

Sonny and Brenda kiss for what seems like forever, they eventually break
apart and look into each other’s eyes.
Brenda: Please don’t ever leave me again.
Sonny: I never will. I promise.
And with that, they begin to walk through the rain. Back to their
friends, never letting go of each other. They do let go of each other
when Robin comes over to them with tears coming down her face. She and
Sonny embrace tightly.
Robin: Are you okay?
Sonny nods.
Sonny: I’m alive.
Robin: Good. I don’t know what I’d do without you.
Sonny keeps holding on to her.
Sonny: How are you feeling?
Robin: Pretty good. No relapses. I have a clean bill of health, except
that I almost lost my very best friend.
Sonny: You’ll never lose me, sweetie.
Robin keeps holding on to him.
Robin: I’m going to hold you to that.
Sonny: You better.
They break apart and Lois comes over and hugs Sonny tightly. They break
apart and Lois hits Sonny.
Lois: You scared the hell out of me, Corinthos!!
Sonny: Ow!! Lo, be careful.
Lois’s face turns to worry.
Lois: Oh, what’s wrong? Are you okay?
Sonny: Gotcha!
Lois looks at him.
Lois: You’re mean, Corinthos.
Jason comes over. He and Sonny shake hands and then pull each other in
for a hug.
Jason: You okay?
Sonny nods.
Sonny: Yeah, you?
Jason: I’m fine.
Sonny: Not that you’d tell me if you weren’t.
Jason laughs as he goes to stand near Robin. Sonny, without noticing
Mike, goes back to Brenda who holds out her arms. They hold each other
when Brenda sees Mike, she loosens her grip slightly and Sonny turns
Sonny: Hey, I was beginning to wonder where you went.
Mike has tears in his eyes.
Mike: I’m glad you’re okay, Michael.
Sonny nods as his father reaches out his hand.
Sonny: What the hell?
He hugs his father, which makes both of there eyes fill with tears.
Sonny: You didn’t think I was going to check out on you, did you, dad?
Brenda hears how Sonny addresses his father as ‘dad’ and begins to
Mike: Never, you’re too smart for that, son.
Sonny: Got that right.
Sonny and Mike let go of each other. Brenda comes over to them both and
puts her arm around Sonny. Brenda and Sonny hold each other, reminding
each other that they are both still there.

At the hospital a couple of hours later; Mac wanted them all to go and
get checked out after the big explosion. Lois, Ned, Robin, Jason, and
Mike have all gone home. Luke, Laura, Brenda, Sonny, and Jax are still
at the hospital. Sonny is in an exam room buttoning up his shirt with
Brenda near his side. She comes closer to him and kisses him lightly.
Brenda: There were times over these past couple of weeks when I didn’t
think I was ever going to be able to do that again.
Sonny: You better always do it. Forever.
Brenda: I promise I will. I’ll never stop.
Sonny puts his arms around her.
Sonny: That might not be so bad.
He lowers his head and they kiss passionately. Brenda rests her head on
Sonny’s shoulder as he looks out the exam room window and sees Jax
staring in.
Sonny: Baby, there’s someone I need to talk to.
Brenda nods and lets go of Sonny. Sonny walks out of the room and over
to Jax.
Sonny: Jax, could I talk to you for a minute?
Jax looks at Sonny and nods.
Jax: What is it, Sonny?
Sonny: I wanted to thank you.
Jax: For what?
Sonny: Taking good care of Brenda when I was away.
Jax: You would have done the same thing.
Sonny nods.
Sonny: Yeah, I guess I would have. But, you were there for her when she
needed you. I’m glad she had you.
Jax: Look, Sonny, I wanted to be there for Brenda. Probably because in
the back of my mind I had some crazy idea that if I was there for her,
she’d fall in love with me, out of love with you. She didn’t. She’s very
special, Sonny, and she loves you with everything in her. Be good to
Sonny nods. Jax’s eyes look back to Brenda, who has come out of the exam
room and can hear their conversation.
Sonny: I will.
Jax: That’s all I ask of you, Sonny, be good to her.
Sonny: Always.
Jax again looks at Brenda, then turns around and leaves. Brenda walks
over to Sonny and puts one arm around his waist.
Brenda: Thank you.
Sonny: Nothing to thank me for.
Brenda: I love you.
Sonny: I love you, too.
They come together and kiss lightly.
Sonny: Let’s go home.
Brenda nods. They walk out of the hospital as Jax looks on from behind
the nurse’s station.
Jax: Be happy, Brenda, just be happy.
Jax walks away.

Part 4

Back at Sonny’s penthouse; he and Brenda walk through the door. Sonny
looks almost surprised as he looks around the place.
Brenda: What?
She is smiling.
Sonny: I figured, since you were staying here, the place would be a
Brenda: Hey!!
She hits him playfully.
Sonny: Ow!
Brenda: Oh, baby, I’m sorry.
Sonny: That’s okay. You can make it up to me later.
Brenda smiles seductively and holds out her arms to him. He willingly
goes into them and they look at each other and smile.
Brenda: I can, can I?
Sonny nods.
Brenda: And, umm, how would you like me to do that, Mr. Corinthos?
Sonny: I’m sure you could think of a couple of ways.
They both smile and lean in to kiss each other passionately. They pull
away breathlessly.
Brenda: Didn’t the doctor say something about taking it easy tonight?
Sonny smiles seductively.
Sonny: Come on, baby, since when have the two of us ever paid attention
to rules?
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: True. But, this is your health.
Sonny: As long as I am with you, I’ll be healthy as a horse.
Brenda giggles.
Brenda: I love you.
Sonny: I love you, too.
He kisses her gently. They walk over to the couch and sit down together.
She sits in between his legs.
Brenda: So, will you tell me how this all happened?
Sonny: I was wondering when you were going to ask.
Brenda looks up at him.
Brenda: If you don’t want to talk about it with me....
Sonny shakes his head.
Sonny: No. I want this relationship to be based on complete love and
trust and honesty.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: Me, too.
Sonny: Cause we got this second chance, baby, I’m not going to blow this
Brenda: You better not.
Sonny smiles.
Sonny: Anyway, after that fight we had, I came back here, though I
didn’t get very far in. One of Dorman’s men knocked me out with
something. And the next thing I remember is being in that warehouse cell
with Dorman coming in everyday to check up.
Brenda: How did he get up there so quickly everyday?
Sonny: Beats me. Mac or Taggert will probably get it out of him. If he
didn’t die in that explosion.
Brenda: Honey, Taggert doesn’t work for the police department anymore.
Sonny: What? They finally fired the bastard?
Brenda nods.
Brenda: Yeah. It was wonderful, I even got to be there.
Sonny: What for?
Brenda: Harrassment. That whole time you were gone is kind of a blur to
me. I was going nuts thinking you might never come back to me.
Her eyes fill with tears.
Sonny: Oh, baby....
Brenda: No, that night that they got you, I was so mad at you. If I
hadn’t found out, we would have come back here together. They would have
had to take us both.
Sonny: Brenda, it wasn’t your fault.
Brenda: I know. But, I felt so guilty. I would never have forgiven
myself if you had never come back and the last conversation we had was
me screaming at you.
Sonny: Hey, we are going to be together forever. There is no doubt about
Brenda nods as a tear falls down her face. She turns her body up to face
Brenda: I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you.
Sonny kisses her forehead.
Sonny: You’ll never have to know.
Brenda: I’ve waited so long to be in your arms again. We were apart for
so long, but my my heart, I never really left you.
Sonny nods.
Sonny: I know. Even apart we’re still connected.
Brenda smiles at him.
Brenda: Promise me something?
Sonny nods.
Sonny: Anything.
Brenda looks into his eyes.
Sonny: Bren, what is it?
They just look into each other’s eyes for a moment.

Part 5

Brenda: Promise me that this feeling I’m having right now, feeling
completely happy, safe, and loved, will never stop. Promise me that no
one can ever break us apart.
Sonny looks deep into her eyes.
Sonny: I promise.
Brenda smiles and kisses him. He yawns.
Brenda: Oh, great, only a couple of hours after we get back together and
you’re already getting bored.
Sonny laughs. He pulls her closer.
Sonny: I will never be bored of you. Never.
Brenda: I hope not.
He kisses her.
Sonny: Never.
They kiss more passionately this time.
Brenda: You must be kind of tired.
Sonny nods.
Sonny: Yeah, I am. Do you mind?
Brenda shakes her head.
Brenda: I don’t care what we do, as long as we are together.
Sonny smiles and he looks into her eyes.
Sonny: Let’s go to bed.
Brenda smiles as she follows him upstairs.

The next morning; Sonny comes downstairs in a silk robe and silk pyjama
bottoms, no shirt, but his boxer band is showing over his pyjama
Sonny: Baby? Brenda?
He looks around. He looks out onto the terrace and then goes into the
kitchen. As he does, Brenda comes through the front door with bags of
groceries and Joseph following behind her with more bags. She’s wearing
old jeans with a hole in one of the knees, a very tight white tank top
and her black leather jacket.
Joseph: Where do you want these, Miss Barrett?
Brenda: Just set them on the table. And Joseph, please call me Brenda.
Joseph nods.
Joseph: All right, Brenda.
Brenda smiles. Sonny comes out of the kitchen.
Sonny: There you are, baby.
Brenda: You’re up? I wanted to be back before you were?
Sonny: Good morning to you, too.
He comes over to her and puts an arm around her waist.
Brenda: I’m sorry, honey. Good morning, baby.
She kisses him passionately.
Sonny: That’s more like it.
Brenda smiles. Sonny looks at Joseph.
Sonny: Hey, Joseph.
Joseph: Hey, Boss. How are you feeling?
Sonny shrugs.
Sonny: Not bad. How have you been? Bren told me that you got a little
hurt when they took me.
Joseph: Nothing big, just a couple of bruises.
Sonny: I’m sorry about that.
Joseph: Just part of the business.
Sonny nods. Joseph walks to the door and leaves.
Brenda: He is so quiet.
Sonny: Yeah, but he’s a nice guy.
Brenda nods.
Brenda: So, how did you sleep?
Sonny: Better than I have in months. Probably because I had you beside
Brenda: You’re so sweet.
Sonny nods.
Sonny: I know.
Brenda laughs. Sonny looks at all the grocery bags.
Sonny: You went grocery shopping?
Brenda nods.
Brenda: Yeah. It was actually kind of fun.
Sonny: Somehow, I can’t picture you in a grocery store.
Brenda: You never know. I wanted to have a big breakfast already for you
when you woke up.
Sonny: I’m sorry, honey. Do you want me to go back to bed?
Brenda shakes her head.
Brenda: Nope. You just sit out here and relax, I’ll be just a minute.
Sonny nods.
Sonny: Are you sure you don’t want me to cook?
Brenda hits him playfully.
Brenda: Thanks for your confidence!
Sonny: I’m kidding. (He thinks about that and smiles seductively) Well,
maybe I’m not.
Brenda laughs.
Brenda: It will be good. My girlfriends and I used to come back to my
house and make these huge breakfasts all the time.
Sonny: Well, I’m sure it will be wonderful.
Brenda takes off her leather jacket. Sonny looks her over once.
Sonny: Are you sure you are allowed to look that good?
Brenda smiles. Sonny comes and puts an arm around her waist and kisses
her neck. Brenda giggles.
Brenda: You know, you’re never going to get your breakfast if you keep
that up.
Sonny: I think I can live without food.
Brenda smiles and kisses him.
Brenda: I’ll be back.
She breaks away from him and takes some of the bags into the kitchen. He

A little while later; Sonny is sitting on the couch reading the paper
when there is a knock at the door. He begins to get up to get it but
Brenda comes to get it.
Brenda: No!!!!! I just want you to sit for awhile!!
She opens the door to find Lucy standing there.
Brenda: Hey, Lucy.
Lucy: Hi, Bren. Is it true?
Brenda: See for yourself.
She opens the door to let Lucy in. Lucy sees Sonny as he begins to stand
Lucy: Thank god!!
Sonny walks over and she practically runs him down as she runs into his
Lucy: I missed you!!
Sonny: I missed you, too, Luce!! How have you been?
Lucy: Not too bad. How are you? Are you okay? That stupid doctor didn’t
hurt any of you, did he?
Sonny smiles.
Sonny: No, Lucy, he didn’t.
Lucy: Well, obviously.
Lucy looks at him.
Lucy: You’re still one of Port Charles most eligible bachelor’s.
Brenda comes over.
Brenda: Nope, not anymore. He’s taken now.
Lucy smiles.
Lucy: You’re back together? I figured you would be, but I wasn’t sure,
so I thought maybe I shouldn’t say anything, so I didn’t, but I’m so
glad you are!! Finally!!
Sonny and Brenda laugh at her.
Lucy: Congratulations.
She hugs them both.
Lucy: I have some wonderful news, too.
Brenda: What?
Lucy: Me and my Doc, we’re expecting.
Brenda’s mouth drops open.
Brenda: Really?! Lucy, that’s so wonderful!! When did you find out?
Lucy: A couple of weeks ago.
Brenda: Why didn’t you tell me?
Lucy: Well, you were so worried about Sonny, I didn’t want you to worry
about me.
Brenda: You still should have told me. I’m so happy for you!!
Lucy smiles as Brenda hugs her.
Lucy: Are you ready to be another aunt?
Brenda: Always.
Brenda smiles.
Sonny: Congratulations, babe.
Lucy smiles.
Lucy: Thanks, babe.
He hugs her tightly.
Lucy: Uncle Sonny, has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
Sonny smiles.
Lucy: I did come by for another reason. I was wondering if you were
still going to perform in the Nurse’s Ball.
She looks at Sonny. Brenda looks at Sonny.
Brenda: Of course he is.
Sonny: Wait, I don’t know....
Lucy: Sonny!!
Brenda: Sonny!!
Sonny looks at the two women.
Brenda: You have to do it!!
Lucy: I need you to do it!! You’ll look so cute in your little
Sonny: That’s what I’m afraid of. Those little costumes.
Brenda: They’ll be as tasteful as possible.
Sonny nods sarcastically.
Sonny: Yeah, okay, I did promise. But, just remember, if either of you
laugh, I will kill you.
Lucy: Is that a threat? I am with-child.
Brenda laughs.
Sonny: You two are unbelieveable.
Lucy and Brenda look at each other.
Lucy: We know.
The three of them laugh.


Later; Lucy has left after relieving her nerves with Sonny agreeing to
do the spot in the Nurse’s Ball. A big bang comes out of the kitchen as
Sonny comes down the stairs in jeans and a t-shirt.
Sonny: Brenda?!!
Sonny goes over to the kitchen door and just as he’s about to go in,
Brenda sticks her head out.
Sonny: Are you okay?
Brenda: Oh, yeah, just peachy. Nothing’s wrong. Nothing at all.
Sonny looks at her curiously trying to peek in.
Brenda: No, no peeking!!
Sonny: I’m just scared that you’ll kill my kitchen!!
Brenda: Don’t worry honey, I won’t hurt any of your precious copper pots
and pans.
Sonny looks at her.
Brenda: Sit down, at the table. Its almost ready.
Sonny: Yes, ma’am.
Sonny follows Brenda’s instructions and goes to sit at the table. After
a couple of moments, she comes back out with a tray of food for them.
There’s sausages, bacon, eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, strawberries, two
cups of coffee and two glasses of orange juice.
Brenda: Breakfast is served.
Sonny smiles at her cautiously.
Brenda: Stop it, its going to be fine.
Sonny: Have you tasted it yet?
Brenda shakes her head.
Brenda: No, but I promise that it will be good.
Sonny nods. Brenda hands him a plate and he stares at it for a moment.
Brenda: Honey, come on, please?
Sonny: Okay, I can choke down a bad breakfast any day.
Brenda hits him playfully. Sonny takes a bite of his eggs. He chews on
it for awhile and then swallows. He looks at her, she looks at him with
a hopeful glance and his face eventually breaks into a smile.
Sonny: Its good. Its very good.
Brenda looks at him and raises her eyebrows.
Brenda: Really? You aren’t just saying that because you love me?
Sonny nods.
Sonny: No, its actually excellent.
Brenda: Well, I’m sure it doesn’t hold a candle to your breakfasts,
Sonny takes her hands in his.
Sonny: Its perfect. You’re perfect.
Brenda smiles at him and kisses him. She turns to her breakfast and
takes a bite.
Brenda; Hey, this is pretty good!!
Sonny nods and smiles at her as she starts to eat.

Awhile later; they are sitting on the couch with a bowl of strawberries
in between them.
Brenda: You know, I could stay here forever, just in your arms.
Sonny: I wouldn’t mind.
Brenda smiles at him and kisses him.
Brenda: Oh, you wouldn’t would you?
Sonny shakes his head and he pulls her up to him, until she is
straddling him and kissing him. They break apart and look at each other.
Sonny: You know, all that time that we were apart, I never felt
complete. I always felt like something was missing, now I know what it
was. I guess I always knew, it was you. You complete me.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: I had that same feeling.
Sonny: Then why didn’t you listen to me?
Brenda: What do you mean?
Sonny: I told you so many times that I knew you still loved me.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: I know. I didn’t want to give into you, I guess. I was nervous.
About getting hurt again.
Sonny: I promise that I will never hurt you again.
Brenda: I know. You know how I went out to find myself?
Sonny: Yeah.
Brenda: When you left me standing in the rain, I couldn’t get through
that on my own. That’s where Jax came in. He literally picked me up out
of the rain and turned my life around, but the feeling of never getting
over you, never feeling good enough for you, never left me. When I was
out on my own, I realized that I could live without you, on my own. I
just didn’t want to. So, right now, if you left me, I could get through
She looks deeply into his eyes.
Brenda: But, I would miss you forever.
Sonny smiles at her.
Sonny: Baby, you are too good for me.
Brenda giggles.
Brenda: I love you.
Sonny: I love you, too. (They pause and just stare into each other’s
eyes) C’mere.
He pulls her close to him and they begin to kiss passionately, their
kisses begin to be more passionate and they fall back on the couch.
Breathless, they look at each other.
Sonny: Are you sure you’re ready for this?
Brenda nods and kisses him again, more passionately, if that’s possible.
Sonny picks her up and carries her upstairs to his room, never to stop
kissing her. This song begins to play.

"Nobody" by Keith Sweat featuring
Athena Cage

I wanna tease you
I wanna please you
I wanna show you baby
that I need you
I want your body
till the very last drop
I want you to holler
when you want me to stop


And who can love you like me...nobody
who can sex you like me...nobody
who can treat you like me, my baby...nobody
nobody baby
And who can do it like me...nobody
who can give you what you need...nobody
who can do you all night long...nobody
nobody baby


I want the night
for me and you
so come here baby
and let me do it you
don't be afraid
cause I won't bite
I promise to give it to you
just the way you like


And who can love you like me...nobody
who can sex you like me...nobody
who can lay your body down...nobody
nobody baby
and who can treat you like me...nobody
who can give you what you need...nobody
and who can do you all night long...nobody
nobody baby

He puts her down on the bed and she kneels as he stands at the foot of
the bed. She begins to remove his shirt, as he does the same to her. She
flings her head back and he kisses her neck. They finish undressing each
other and fall back on the bed and make mad, passionate love for hours.


After hours of lovemaking, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Its
only around seven or eight at night. Sonny wakes up with his arms
tightly wrapped around Brenda. Her eyes open slightly.
Brenda: Hi.
Sonny: Hey, baby.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: That was wonderful.
Sonny nods. Brenda turns around to face him. They look into each other’s
Brenda: You are the most constant thing in my life.
Sonny: I love you.
Brenda smiles and he leans down and kisses her. They begin to make love
once again.

The next morning; they are supposed to meet Lois and Ned at the PC Grill
for breakfast. They are a little late, L&N are already waiting for them
at the grill when they walk in holding hands. L&N stand.
Lois: Nice of you to finally show, Corinthos.
Sonny smiles as he hugs her. He shakes Ned’s hand after Ned hugged
Brenda. Brenda and Lois hug tightly. They all sit down.
Lois: So, what kept you? (She looks at the glowing couple) Or do I have
to ask?
Sonny: Use your imagination, Cerullo.
Lois laughs and smiles at Brenda.
Ned: How’s it going, Sonny?
Sonny looks up at Ned.
Sonny: Pretty good. You?
Ned nods.
Ned: Its going.
Brenda: You guys are meeting Luke, Jagger Mike, Jason, and Kevin later
right? To go over your dance moves?
Ned and Sonny look at each other.
Ned: You know, Bren, we were both thinking, well, all of us were, that
there’s a fight on that night, we won’t be able to make it.
Brenda and Lois look at each other.
Brenda: You two are so bad!! Do you know how mad Robin would be? Do you
know how mad we’d both be? And neither of you even know a thing about
fighting. You both promised.
Brenda looks at both of them.
Sonny: Come on, Ned, what could it hurt? It will help people to open
their checkbooks.
Lois: There we go. That’s the spirit.
Ned looks at Sonny.
Ned: Great, Sonny, leave me to be the hated one.
Sonny laughs, so does Ned.
Ned: I’ll do it, you know I will.
Brenda: Good. I can’t wait for the Nurse’s Ball.
Sonny starts thinking about Stone. He remembers all the good times they
had. Brenda, Lois, and Ned all notice this. Brenda puts her hand on his
and squeezes.
Brenda: I know how hard it is, honey.
Sonny looks at her.
Sonny: Yeah, I know you do. Its just, all this Nurse’s Ball stuff, it
brings back so many memories of Stone.
Lois: I know, I’ve been thinking about him alot these days.
Sonny looks at Brenda and smiles. Emily comes in with a walking Brooke
by her side. Brooke sees Sonny and wobbles quickly over to him.
Sonny: Hey, its my favorite goddaughter!!
He picks her up and puts her on his knee.
Brooke: Hi, Uncle Sonny.
Sonny looks at Lois and Ned.
Sonny: She can talk?
They both nod. Brooke can talk, not very clearly, but you can make out
the words.
Brooke: Me miss you.
Sonny: I missed you, too.
Brooke smiles and throws her arms around his neck. Brenda, Emily, Lois,
and Ned all smile at the sight of Brooke and Sonny.

Meanwhile at the station; Garcia and Richards, the new detective on the
force, come out of the interrogation room with a very tired and sedated
Garcia: As hard as we’re going trying, we can’t get him to admit to the
Richards: It looks as though Miss Barrett is still our number one
suspect on that front.
Garcia thinks about it for a minute.
Garcia: I want to hold off on bringing her back in. I want to talk to
Dorman more. I really don’t think Brenda did it.
Richards nods.


Brenda and Sonny are walking through the park, hand in hand, laughing
and talking.
Brenda: You were so cute with Brooke today.
Sonny: She is the sweetest thing in the world.
Brenda smiles and nods.
Brenda: Seeing you with her today, it made me get so excited of the day
we have children together.
Sonny stops walking and looks at her.
Sonny: You want that?
Brenda nods.
Brenda: Of course. Don’t you?
Sonny smiles at her.
Sonny: I want nothing more than to, one day, have children together.
Brenda smiles as he leans down and kisses her passionately. As her hands
move to the back of his head, Jax comes walking along the path with
Miranda. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees them. Brenda and Sonny
hear them come up and pull away from each other.
Brenda: Jax! Miranda?
Miranda: Hello, Brenda.
Jax: Hi, Brenda. Sonny.
Sonny: Hello, Jax. How are you doing?
Jax: Not bad. Yourself?
Sonny: Not bad.
Miranda: How are you feeling?
Sonny: I’m alright.
Jax: That’s good. (He looks at Brenda uncomfortably) For both of you.
Brenda and Jax stare at each other.
Jax: Well, I should go. Have a nice day.
Brenda: You, too.
Miranda and Jax walk off. Brenda turns to Sonny.
Brenda: That was weird.
Sonny nods. Brenda looks up at him.
Brenda: Thank you.
Sonny: For what?
Brenda: Being so civil to him.
Sonny: No problem. I know that he is important to you, I can’t change
that. As much as I want to.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: You have changed so much.
Sonny: I know I have. I never want to take things for granted ever
again. When we were together, I took you for granted. That’s probably
why we fought so much.
Brenda shakes her head.
Brenda: No, we fought because we were idiots.
They both laugh.
Sonny: That, too. I decided that to be with you again, I needed to trust
you. Trust in you that you would and could live in my world, you could
accept it, and trust in the knowledge that you love me.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: I love you.
Sonny: I love you, too.
They kiss.
Brenda: I have an idea.
Sonny: What?
Brenda shakes her head.
Brenda: Nope. You need to stay out for the rest of the afternoon. You
need to keep yourself occupied. Come back home at about seven o’clock.
Sonny: Why?
Brenda: Because my idea will take some planning. Its special. I want it
to be special.
Sonny smiles.
Sonny: Okay. I’ll go to Luke’s and have Mike talk my ear off about how
he was always saying that you and I would end up together.
Brenda giggles.
Brenda: Good. And no cheating, you can’t come home until seven.
Sonny: You said home.
Brenda looks at him.
Brenda: Is that okay?
Sonny: Oh, yeah. I want you with me always.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: Good. Because, if you don’t want me there, because of Lily and
stuff, I’d understand.
Sonny: Nope, I want you there.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: Okay. Seven o’clock. Don’t forget.
Sonny: Never.
She starts to walk away. He pulls her back.
Sonny: Aren’t you forgetting something?
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: Am I? What?
Sonny: Very funny.
They both laugh and they lean down to kiss each other passionately.
Sonny: I’ll see you at home.
Brenda nods.
Brenda: Okay. Bye.
Sonny: See ya, baby.
Both go off in opposite directions, not knowing what the evening will
have in store for them.


At S&B’s penthouse; Brenda comes downstairs wearing a silky red dress.
Its very plain, yet very beautiful. She has red strappy shoes on and her
hair is flowing around her shoulders. She comes to the bottom of the
stairs and looks around and smiles. She thinks of how scared she was
that she’d never see Sonny again, and how happy she was when she knew
she’d see him for the rest of her life.
Brenda: Nothing can hurt us now, baby.
She walks over to the table and lights some candles. She carries a
couple over to the coffee table where even more candles are already lit.
She looks at the dining room table where there is a bottle of expensive
champagne chilling, two places set and a bowl of steaming hot pasta in
the middle of everything. She looks at the clock. Ten after seven.
Brenda: Come on, Sonny.
As soon as she says that she hears a key in the door and runs over. She
opens the door to find her love standing in front of her.
Sonny: Hey....
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: What do you think?
Sonny: You’re beautiful.
Brenda smiles. and kisses him lightly before letting him inside. When he
does come inside he looks around and sees all that she’s done. He looks
at her.
Sonny: You did all this?
Brenda nods.
Brenda: You like?
Sonny looks around.
Sonny: I love.
He puts his arms around her waist and pulls her close.
Sonny: But, not as much as I love you.
Brenda: You sure do know how to sweet talk a girl, Corinthos.
Sonny shrugs his shoulders.
Sonny: Its easy when its the truth.
They look into each other’s eyes and then kiss each other passionately.
After a couple of moments, they pull away from each other.
Sonny: What is that wonderful smell?
Brenda: Dinner.
Sonny’s eyebrows raise.
Sonny: You cooked?
Brenda nods.
Brenda: Well, kind of.
Sonny: What do you mean, kind of?
Brenda: It doesn’t matter, come and taste.
She leads him over to the table and sits him down. She serves him some
pasta and then pours him some champagne. She does the same for herself
and then sits down next to him. He just stares at her lovingly as she
does so.
Brenda: What? Is something wrong?
Sonny shakes his head.
Sonny: Nothing. I just can’t get over how beautiful you are.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda: Are you going to try it?
Sonny nods and takes a bite. His eyebrows raise again.
Sonny: This is wonderful!!
Brenda looks at him.
Brenda: Really?
Sonny: Oh, yeah. You’re getting really good at this domestic stuff.
First breakfast, now dinner.
Brenda looks at him sheepishly.
Sonny: What?
Brenda: Well, I kind of didn’t make this from scratch.
Sonny: What do you mean?
Brenda: I picked up the sauce at some gourmet store and just added some
vegetables to it.
Sonny smiles.
Sonny: Its still wonderful. I love it that you did all this.
Brenda: I love you.
They just stare at each other smiling and holding the other’s hand.


After they had finished dinner; they sat on the couch with chocolate
covered strawberries and champagne. They were feeding each other the
strawberries one by one, laughing, talking, and smiling.
Brenda: These are soooo good.
They both smile. She puts another strawberry in Sonny’s mouth and he
chews it and nods.
Sonny: Yeah. But, they wouldn’t be if I hadn’t taught you everything I
knew in cleaning strawberries.
Brenda starts laughing.
Brenda: I can’t believe you remember that!
Sonny: Of course I do. I remember everything about us.
Brenda smiles and kisses him. He puts the last strawberry in her mouth.
Sonny: Tonight was perfect.
Brenda smiles brightly at him.
Sonny: You did a good job on the strawberries.
Brenda: Oh, yes, dipping strawberries in chocolate is so hard.
Sonny: Oh, it is, though, you have to master not eating them all as you
make them. Its a fine art in France.
They both start laughing.
Brenda: Oh, it is, is it?
Sonny nods and laughs as he kisses her. As their kisses start to get
more passionate, Brenda pulls away.
Brenda: Before things get too hot that we can’t stop, I should clean up.
She starts to get up, but Sonny grabs her hand. She looks down at him.
Sonny: We can do it later.
He stands, looks in her eyes and goes over to the stereo as she watches
his every move. He pops in a CD and as the music fills the room, he
leads her to the open space in the penthouse and they look into each
other’s eyes.
Sonny: May I have this dance?
Brenda: You may.
They wrap their arms around each other and begin to sway to the music.

Seduces Me
Celine Dion

Everything you are
Everything you’ll be
Touches the current of love
So deep in me
Every sigh in the night
Every tear that you cry
Seduces me

And all that I am
And all that I’ll be
Means nothing at all
If you can’t be with me
Your most innocent kiss
Or your sweetest caress
Seduces Me

I don’t care about tomorrow
I’ve given up on yesterday
Here and now are all that matters
Right here with you is where I’ll stay

They sway to the music in the middle of the penthouse and feel like they
are the only two people in the world. They are communicating, although
no words, communicating on another level, their very own special level.
A place where no one can ever break them apart, ever hurt them.

Everything in this world
Every voice in the night
Every little thing of beauty
Comes shining thru in your eyes
And all that is you becomes part of me too
‘Cause all you do seduces me

And if I should die tomorrow
I’d go down with a smile on my face
I thank God I’ve ever known you
I fall down on my knees
For all that love that we’ve made

Every sigh in the night
Every tear that you cry
Seduces me Seduces me
And all that you do....Seduces me

As the song ends, they stare into each other’s eyes and see all of their
dreams. All of the dreams they have for themselves, each other, and the
children they will one day have. Neither has ever experienced this love
before. They have indeed found their soulmate.
Sonny: I love you.
Brenda: Me you.
He takes her head in his hands and kisses her passionately. The camera
begins to pan down, down their bodies, until we see their feet and see
Sonny’s jacket and shirt fall, and Brenda’s dress fall to the ground.

In a bright, huge mansion on the very coast of Puerto Rico. In a very
deserted part, a man is talking to a business associate.
Man: Has the package been sent?
Associate: Yes, sir. Miss Barrett will soon get the package. And our Mr.
Corinthos will get the shock of his life.
Man: If he puts the pieces together, right?
Associate: Yes, sir. Everything went as planned.
The man begins to laugh devilishly.
Man: Well, Sonnyboy, you’re finally going to get what’s coming to you.
What you deserve.
The man looks at his associate and continues to laugh.


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