"Anything's Possible: Keep the Faith (Adventure in South America) Written by Jenny

This is taking place exactly where we are on the show. I include my version of the
missing scene where Brenda thanks Sonny for saving Jax's life.

Chapter 1
Scene 1:
On the docks. Jason is talking to Sonny on his cell phone.

J: Hey Sonny, it's me.
S: Hey, man. How're you doin'?
J: Fine. You?
S: I'm surviving. Listen, Jason, How are things going, you know, with Jerry?
J: Justice has dug up so much on the Jacks family. They are up to their collective
eyeballs in Organization ties.
S: You know what to do.
J: Yeah, Sonny, you can trust me. I will make sure Jax stays clean. I'll keep this from
S: I am really starting to miss her. It's getting harder and harder to convince myself that
this is all for her own good, me being gone.
J: She's fine, Sonny.
S: Yeah, well I better get off this line. I'll be in touch. Kiss Robin for me.
J: Will do.

Scene 2: Brenda is convinced she's pregnant, and is ready to tell Jax.
Brenda's cottage.

B: Jax, honey, I really need to talk to you about something.
J: I'm here, what is it?
B: Well I'm a little nervous about this. I guess I'll just say it. (Brenda whispers) I think I
may be pregnant.
J: Are you kidding? This is terrific news!
B: Are you sure, cause I thought you might be upset?
J: Brender, I love you. This is phenominal. A baby, wow. Are you certain?
B: I guess not. I'm just really, really late, and I get these dizzy spells.
J: Sounds like a test is in order.
B: Yeah, I'd call Alan, but he's not doing too good right now. I'll call Monica.
J: Can I go with you?
B: Well, if you don't mind too much, I was kinda hoping Robin would go with me just for the
test. If it's positive, then I definitely want you there for every visit after this. Is that okay with you?
J: If it makes you happy, I'm fine with it. Just nervous.
B: I'll go ahead and set up the appointment and call Robin. Hopefully, we'll find out
today if we're going to be parents.
J: Can't wait!

Scene 3- Brenda goes to the penthouse looking for Robin. She gets off the elevator,
and hears loud voices coming from Justice's suite. The door is barely open. She listens.

J: (Very Loud) I'm getting real tired of this Justice.
Ju: I'm not trying to second guess you, Jason, I just don't get any of this. Why can't we
move with this new information on Jerry. Why are we still protecting Sonny's ex. We're
losing millions of dollars.
J: It doesn't concern you. I'll tell you this much. Sonny is my family. I will honor his
wishes. He wants Jax kept out of this. He also wants Brenda safe, and she damn well will
be. Sonny knows that's all she wants in the world, security. He's just making sure she gets it. Bottom
line, we use this information about Organization ties to get Jerry out of our face, Jax stays
oblivious, and Brenda stays happy.
Ju: Okay, okay. Don't get any more upset.
J: Why can't you just do what I say? I'm going home, Michael and Robin are waiting to
go to the park.
Ju: I'm just used to voicing my opinions. I am, after all, a lawyer.
J: You're a good attorney, Justice, don't blow it.
Ju: I'll bring those papers by later.

Scene 4-Brenda is shaken up. She takes off to the elevator breathless. So Sonny is still
protecting me after all this time. Why? Jax's family is involved with the Mob. I can't
believe it. She started involuntarily thinking about the last time she saw Sonny. It was the
day after he saved Jax's life. Sonny was so hurt. She could feel him needing her. She had put her
arms around him and rocked him. It had seemed so natural. He was in a lot of pain, not physical but
Brenda could always feel Sonny's pain and his happiness. He had looked up at her and
kissed her mouth gently, longingly. She returned his kiss and could feel all the months of
frustration and pain exploding inside her. She had lost herself in that moment. It was then that she
realized they were still connected. She had told Sonny that it shouldn't of
happened, and she ran out of there. She never could be around Sonny for long without
becoming part of him.
She wanders around thinking and remembering. "inches apart... so close I can feel your
breath" "I can't keep pretending I don't want you anymore" "Are you gonna be satisfied
with a spark or do you want to set the whole world on fire?"

Chapter 2

Brenda wanders around thinking. Her mind is in total chaos. She keeps thinking about
Sonny and all the beautiful things they said to each other. "It's never too late for
anything, not as long as your heart is still beating" " I love you and it's the only thing in
my life I've ever really known" " not even Jax knows, only me" " It may be messy, it may
be inconvenient, but it's the strongest thing you'll know." She shudders and stops
herself. Sonny hurt me worse than I ever thought he could. He could do it again. Jax
would never hurt me. I need to forget Sonny. He's gone. I have to keep moving on.
Whatever he's involved in doesn't concern me. She walked home to find Jason waiting.
B: Hi. What are you doing here?
J: I'm looking for Jerry. You seen him?
B: Not today. Why?
J: Nothing for you to worry about. How are you, Brenda?
B: (aggravated) Does Sonny tell you to ask? Why do you do everything he tells you to like
some kind of robot? I mean, Jason, the only reason you didn't leave me in the mountains when
the plane crashed is because you promised Sonny you'd take care of me. What is that? Some kind of
warped, self-destructive loyalty? (her voice is getting more rigid) I just don't get you at all.
J: I won't lie to you Brenda. I do keep my word to Sonny. I owe him everything. I will look out
for you whether you like it or not for as long as Sonny wants me to.
B: Leave me alone, Jason.
Jason leaves.

Meanwhile, Jerry is pacing nervously on the docks. An unidentified man approaches.

J: Hello, I was wondering where you were.
UM: I'm going to make this quick and clear. If you don't pay my boss what you owe, he's
going to make you pay with the lives of everyone around you until finally finishing up with you.
You have 48 hours.

Jerry watches as the man leaves. He personally never placed much value on his own life
anyway. He's always lived on the edge, in danger. But what about his parents, and Jax.
Jax doesn't have a clue that we've been into this, and for so long. Since way back when
he was married to Miranda. Sure the family made it look like Mac's fault, but truth be told
Miranda was almost killed by The Organization. A warning. That was for when Jerry and his father
tried to break ties. There is no way to get this cash, even with liquidating assets, they lack more
than a billion dollars. Jerry couldn't believe how this whole thing had snowballed so quickly.

Brenda goes to sleep with Sonny on her mind. She kept trying to block him out, but
nothing worked. Sonny always goes to sleep with Brenda on his mind...when he does
sleep. He felt uneasy that night. Something was off. He called Brenda's number.

B: Hello.
S: (silence)
B: Oh right, the mysterious silent caller again. Well, Sonny, I'm trying to sleep, so leave me alone!
Sonny hangs up smiling. He loves her temper. She's so cute when she's angry or
frustrated, like the last time he saw her after he kissed her. She was so beautiful. He felt better but uneasy still.

Chapter 3:

Brenda is supposed to meet Robin at GH for her pregnancy test. She gets to the hospital and can't find Robin anywhere. She runs into Monica who ushers her into her office. After a short wait Brenda finds out that she's not pregnant, but suffering from a virus. She is relieved, her first thought was that she was always supposed to have Sonny's children. She quickly shoved that thought to the back of her mind. It wasn't right to have them with Jax when she wasn't ready for it. She was also terrified of motherhood. She's concerned about Robin but goes to find Jax first. Jax is inwardly disappointed, but doesn't show it to Brenda. He's been feeling like she's slipping away from him, and he is desperately trying to do and say everything right.

It's now midafternoon and after trying unsuccessfully to call Robin, Brenda goes looking for her.
First stop: Jason and Robin's penthouse.

B: (knocks on the door)
J: (answers) Hey. Where's Robin?
B: That's just who I was looking for. She was supposed to meet me today at GH but never showed up. I've been trying to call, but no luck.
J: No, this isn't right. Renaldo dropped off Robin at the hospital this morning. She was on her way to see you. She told him to come on back because you would bring her home.
B: What are you thinking, Jason? What do you think happened?
J: I don't know yet but I'm damn sure going to find out. I'll call you later when I find something.
B: Jason, I'm staying! She's family to me. Maybe I can help.
J: No. To be blunt you'd just be in my way right now. I'll call you, okay?
B: All right, all right. I'll be waiting.

Brenda gets home and calls Jax. She tells him Robin may be missing. Jax says he's on his way over.

Meanwhile: Jason calls Sonny after putting his men out to find Robin.

J: (very upset) Sonny, we got trouble. Man, I'm scared.
S: Woa, Jason, what's going on? Just calm down and tell me.
J: It's Robin, she's gone.
S: What do you mean gone?
J: Renaldo dropped her off at GH this morning to meet Brenda for an appointment, and she ne...
J: Nothing. It was a pregnancy test.
S: Oh.
J: Anyway, she never showed up. She's gone. I've got everybody looking for her. Sonny, if anything's happened to her...god.
S: I know, I know. Listen, Jason, I'm coming back tonight.
J: No. It's too dangerous up here. My source saw Jerry meeting on the docks with a man he didn't recognize. The man said that Jerry has to come up with the money in 48 hours or people die. Sonny, my gut tells me these people are after you, too.
J: Lots of people are after me. Rivera's men, other Organization guys, you name it. But, I love Robin like my own family. Hell, she, you, Michael, Mike, Luke, and Brenda are all the family I've got.
I'm coming back tonight. There's a lot I can do.
J: Okay, thanks. You know this is all still yours, right?
S: No! I gave it to you. I trust you. See you soon.
Jason hangs up thinking about Robin. He knows Sonny would die for Robin. He hasn't been scared much since he met Sonny, but he's scared now, of losing Robin.

Brenda is at her house waiting for Jax and for Jason to call. She's sitting outside on her porch.
(talking to herself) What is going on. 24 hours ago everything was fine. Now, god, I'm confused. Where's Robin. Why can't I stop thinking about Sonny. I should have been ecstatic to be having Jax's baby. Why am I so relieved? Why does Jax's family have to be in the Mob?
What's going to happen to me? What I wouldn't give to have Sonny here with me. Nothing in this world can touch me when I'm wrapped in his arms. STOP!! Brenda, where did that come from? She sees Jax approaching. She shakes it off and goes to him.

B: Hi.
J: Hey, did you find out anything? Did Morgan call?
B: Not yet. Jax, who would want to hurt Robin?
J: I know my experience with Morgan's kind of people is limited to our stint in Southern Florida, but I would say whoever did this is not after Robin at all. They are after somebody bigger.
B: Jason? Sonny?
J: I don't know, Brender. But remember how smart she is. She's a survivor, the best I've ever seen.
B: Yeah. (they hug)

Chapter 4: 1:15 a.m. Sonny arrives at the penthouse. Jason, Michael, and Justice are there.

S: (knocks)
J: (opens) Hey, Sonny. I'm glad to see you. Flight okay?
S: Yeah. Any word yet?
J: Nothing. Our guys can't turn up anything. It's like she disappeared off the planet.
S: Whoever did this was a pro. No trace at all.
J: This just doesn't make any sense. If they want something, why haven't we heard?
S: Does Mac know about this?
J: No. He's in Paris with Felicia.
S: Jason, I know how you two feel about each other, but this is his niece we're talking about. He should know.
J: I'll call him.
S: No. Let me do it. I've been dealing with Mac a helluva long time and we have an understanding.
J: Thanks.

Sonny calls Mac.
S: Mac, it's me Sonny.
M: I can't imagine what you want, Sonny. This better be good.
S: Robin's missing.
M: What the hell are you talking about? What did Jason do?
S: Jason didn't do anything. Looks like they got her on her way into GH.
S: I don't know.
M: How long? How long has she been missing?
S: Since this morning. Jason's got everybody looking. It looks like she vanished. No trace.
M: Where are you? I thought you were in hiding.
S: I had to come back, Mac. . . I love Robin.
M: Yeah, well, your kind of love just might get my little girl killed. God I hate this.
S: You comin' back?
M: First chance I get.
S: I'll keep in touch.
M: Good. Oh, and Sonny?
S: Yeah?
M: Thanks.

6:30a.m. A knock on the penthouse door.

J: (opens - sees Brenda and Jax) ( to Brenda) I thought I told you I'd call you.
B: I'm not good at just waiting around.
Ja: We're not leaving, Morgan. Not until we hear something.
J: (Raising voice) Great. Now what. Are we all going to sit around the living room and make small talk. We have so much in common. This is so damn stupid. I don't have time for this right now.
S: (coming down the stairs) Jason, what's going on? (sees Brenda and Jax). Oh. Hi Brenda. . . Jax. Thought you'd drop by, huh. Just in time for breakfast, too. (he starts to walk to the kitchen).
B: (walks over to him- follows him into the kitchen) Hey. When did you get here?
S: A few hours ago. You okay?
B: Not really. (sits down and puts her head in her hands and is close to tears) Sonny, why would someone want to hurt Robin. Not Robin.
S: (kneels in front of her) Hey, hey, hey. You know I won't let anything happen to her. That's why I'm here. Don't cry, Brenda. ( he lifts her chin and looks deeply into her eyes ) I will not let anyone hurt the people I love ever again. Okay?
B: ( crying now - hugs him close ) You know I need to believe that so much. I'm scared, you know. It's harder when someone you love is in danger. I was never this scared when they were trying to get me. But not Robin. Jax says they are after someone bigger.
That they're just using her.
S: (abruptly lets her go and stands up) (sarcastically) Well, Goldenboy might actually have a point. I hope he doesn't strain himself too hard thinking about this.
B: Sonny, don't. It won't do any good.
S: Sorry. Old habits are hard to break and all that. Breakfast?
B: Not hungry.
S: Feeling sick?
B: Kind of. Probably just nerves. You know, I'm really glad you're here. (She turns and heads back to the living room).

After realizing no one wants to eat, Sonny heads back into the living room, too.

S: (to Brenda) I called Mac. He's coming home.
B: That's good. He has a lot of resources, I mean different resources from you, he could help.
Ja: (angrily) Let's cut to the point, shall we? (to Jason) You knew she was in danger just by being with you. Why couldn't you do the right thing and let her go while you had the chance.
J: Don't go there, Jax. You don't have any idea what the hell you're talking about.
Ja: We ( waving his finger between him and Brenda) warned you over and over. . .
S: (very sarcastically, almost angry) Listen, Jax, you come in here, into his house where he has just found out about this, and all you can do, with your big education and high standards, is act like a jackass. EVERYONE HERE WOULD SOONER DIE THAN SEE ROBIN HURT!
Ja: Well, Corinthos, it looks like it's too late for that.
S: I don't know why this surprises me, Candyboy. You never can get what's going on right in front of your eyes. Jason, me, Brenda, we are all hurting. We don't need this. If this is the kind of "help" you're thinking of offering, then save us all some grief, and just go.
B: Jax, please, I know you're upset, but please calm down. I need to stay here. I can't go home until I know something.
Ja: Fine. I'm going for a walk. Join me?
B: No, I don't think so. I'm not feeling very well. I just need to sit down. Go ahead.
Ja: Okay. (hugs her, leaves)

Chapter 5: Somewhere in an unknown location, Robin begins to stir.

Jason leaves to take Michael to Bobbi, who's agreed to keep him until this thing blows over. Jax had to wrap up some business at his office before he can devote all his time to finding Robin. Leaving Sonny and Brenda alone at the penthouse.

B: (On the couch, resting but not asleep)
S: (sits on the floor in front of her) Hi. Can I get you anything?
B: No, Monica says I just need to take it easy.
S: Yeah, Brenda, I just want you to know I'm glad you're getting everything you wanted.
B: Because of you.
S: Excuse me?
B: Don't play dumb, Sonny, I know you've been watching and protecting me all this time. I know about Mr. Jacks and Jerry.
S: What are you talking about?
B: I was here the day before yesterday. Jason and Justice were talking, well, pretty loud. They didn't see me. I heard them say that the Jacks family is involved in The Organization. Jason said that you know Jax doesn't know anything, and he is going to keep it that way, for my sake.
S: Where the hell was Renaldo? You or nobody else should've heard that!
B: I guess he was inside. I don't know. It doesn't matter, anyway. The point is that you've given up everything for me, and you keep on doing it. Why?
S: I don't want to get into this with you Brenda. We just go round and round all the time and I'm gettin' dizzy.
B: I want you to know that I forgive you for leaving me. I had to so I could go on. (she reaches out and touches his cheek) I think I finally understand your reasons, even though I hate them. My deepest hope is for your safety and happiness. That's what you can do for me, Sonny. Be safe.
S: (grins) Hey, nothin's gonna happen to me. God doesn't want me and neither does the devil. Jax make you happy?
B: Yeah. But lately. . .
(the phone rings, interrupting Brenda)

(Mac calls)
S: Corinthos.
M: Hey, I just got in. I'm at the PCPD. It looks like my men have been looking, too. Jason actually came to the police for help on this one. How fast can you get here?
S: Let's meet somewhere else, ok. I don't feel like dealing with Taggert today.
M: No. The maps and computers are here. Besides, Taggert's off today.
S: I'll pick up Jason and be there in an hour.
M: Good. Bye.

Sonny gets his stuff together, checks on Brenda who looks asleep, kisses her forehead, and leaves. Brenda smiles. Sonny cares so much still. It doesn't matter what he says, she can feel it. Her thoughts wander to their picnic at the farm Sonny bought. That was absolutely the most peaceful she had ever felt. He was so happy. They had talked about building their house. No bricks, lots of windows, lots of fireplaces. He had told her the timing felt right, he wanted to see her in it and offer it to her. They were going to build a great life. She knew he had believed it as much as she had. She suddenly realized he never would have left her that way unless he really felt he had no choice. She wondered why she didn't think of that at the time. Why had she believed the worst? She convinced herself that Jax was better for her. Who was that fair to? Not Jax. Not her. Not Sonny. She had made terrible choices this past year, and wasted everyone's time. She vowed to fix this, but first she had to focus on Robin. Brenda goes upstairs to get dressed, she's headed to the police station.

Meanwhile, Sonny picks up Jason and they go find Mac. When they get there, they see Jax.
J: What are you doing here?
Ja: I told you, I'm going to do anything I can to save Robin.
J: You can't do anything. Go.
Ja: Forget it.
S: Okay, okay. It's obvious we're going to have to figure out how to work together on this. Let's all try to cut the attitudes and concentrate on finding Robin.
J and Ja: (unison) Fine.

Mac walks up.
M: Sonny, Jason, Jax.
J: Did you find anything?
M: Nothing, you?
J: No.
S: There's a lead somewhere. We just have to find it. Nobody can disappear completely without leaving a trail, no matter how invisible.
Ja: You should know.
S: (ignoring Jax) (to Mac) I'm going to GH. Maybe the guys missed something. Jason, you meet up with your contacts, and meet us on the docks in two hours.
J: Right.
Brenda walks up.
S: Jax, take care of Brenda.
Ja: I don't need you to tell me that.
B: I WANT TO HELP! Please someone listen to me.
S: You don't need to get involved, Brenda. It's too dangerous. These people know what they're doing, and nobody here wants to see you get mixed up in this.
Ja: For once I agree with Corinthos. You've got to take care of yourself. I'll take you home.
B: No. Back to the penthouse. I will not be left out of this loop.

Everyone goes their separate ways. Mac and Sonny in the car.
S: You know, Mac, I don't recognize this MO at all. Anyone I can think of would have contacted us by now. You know about Jerry and his father?
M: Yeah. They've been mixed up with The Organization for as long as I can remember. Jax doesn't know.
S: You think that's involved somehow?
M: Could be. Have you noticed that grey sedan behind us?
S: It's been following us since the hospital. This is it.
M: Turn into this garage and go to the top fast!
(Sonny does so and at the top hides his car behind a truck. The sedan drives slowly past them, inching along. The windows are tinted revealing nothing. A security cop drives up behind them and the sedan drives off. Sonny drives a safe distance behind them but follows them to the outskirts of town, to a seedy motel. He and Mac watch which room they go into.

Chapter 6: Sonny calls Jason with the location of the motel. Jason is on his way. Sonny and Mac wait for an hour outside the motel watching the room. They don't want to rush in, they have no idea what they're dealing with. Jason arrives.

J: (starts to head to the motel) Let's go. I can make these guys talk.
S: (grabs his arm) No, wait. We've gotta be smart, as smart as whoever's runnin' this shindig. I don't want to tip our hand yet.
M: Sonny's right. We ran the plate through the system, it doesn't exist. Let's just. . .
(the two men come out of the room and get in their car)

S: Jason, follow them. Don't get caught.
J: Right. I'll be in touch. You guys gonna check out the room?
S: Yeah.
M: Let's go.

Meanwhile, Robin wakes up to an empty, hot room. She looks around hesitantly. There are no windows and one door. The walls are stone. Everything's dusty, old. She wonders if she might be in some kind of ruin. Somewhere very hot. The air is thick and humid. Sweat is pouring off her body. The only furniture in the room is the mattress and a table and two chairs. She feels a sharp pain in her head and reaches up to touch her forehead. She feels dried blood and a large cut. She starts to remember what happened. . .
She was going to meet Brenda at the hospital. Renaldo dropped her off at the east entrance nearest Monica's office. She got inside the building and saw an "out of order" sign on the elevator. She started up the stairs, and then, a pain in her head, then nothing. Fear gripped Robin as she realized what was happening. She had been involved in a dangerous lifestyle her whole life and lost so many people she loved. But whoever did this was able to penetrate Jason's bodyguards and get to her in broad daylight in a public place. Why? "It is so hot, and my head is killing me." There was a pitcher on the table, looked like water. Robin wanted to protest this situation, but she knew she had to stay healthy. If she dehydrated she would get sick, and that could mean big trouble for her. And she had to be able to run when she got the chance. "Jason, where am I and how will you find me?" She drank some water.

Meanwhile, Brenda sent Jax to her cottage for some things. She really just wanted to get him out of there for a little while. Just long enough for her to get going. She's not going to sit around and do nothing, no matter what Jax and Sonny say. She decides to go and see Luke.

Luke: Ah, the beautiful Ms. Barrett. What brings you to my boring little club?
Brenda: There's a situation happening. I don't know if you know about it, but Sonny trusts you and I'm being completely left in the dark. I don't know why I'm here, I just thought maybe you could help. This was probably a really bad idea, I mean, if Sonny didn't tell you yet, then he must have his. . .
Luke: (comes out from behind the bar and sits next to her) Hold on there little lady. You're not making any sense. You know you can trust me. We've been through more together than most of these zombies around here ever dream of. Tell me what happened.
B: Robin's missing.
L: How long?
B: Since yesterday morning. She never made it to meet me like she was supposed to.
L: Sonny's back? Does Mac know?
B: Yes and yes. Sonny and Mac are off investigating. Jason's checking in with his "men" and nobody will tell me a damn thing.
L: (softly) Brenda, they probably don't know anything yet. Is there anything else you can tell me?
B: Jerry Jacks and his father are involved in The Organization.
L: Will wonders never cease. You never know what to expect from this twilight zone town.
B: Luke, what can I do. There must be something productive.
L: I'm gonna do some checking around, and I promise you I 'll let you know what I find out.
B: Thanks, Luke. I hope Sonny doesn't kill me for talking to you.
L: Don't sweat it, Babe, Sonny and me are brothers. I 'll do what I can.

Brenda leaves and starts driving around. Where is everybody? This waiting is driving me crazy.
The best thing I can do is get back to the penthouse and see if they're back.

Back to the motel.

Sonny and Mac are in the motel room searching for clues. The room is empty. It's pretty obvious these guys are not coming back. The only thing they found was a gold coin in the bottom of the closet. It looked like some kind of medallion. Sonny calls Jason and finds out that the men got away through the Charles Avenue tunnel. Sonny tells Jason to meet him at the penthouse.
Sonny and Mac are pretty sure these men meant to be found and meant for them to find that coin. They know they're being set up, but they have no choice but to follow the clues. Robin will be off her drug protocol for as long as this takes. They've got to get to her.

They drive home in silence, each man dealing privately with this tragedy. Sonny wants to help Robin and Jason. They are so important to him. He knows he doesn't deserve to have such great people in his life, but it's too late now. His mind wanders to Brenda. She's pregnant with Jax's baby. What a trip. Whatever hope I was hanging onto is gone now. She's gone now. I just want to take her in my arms and never let go. I want to hold onto her for dear life. She is my life. . . my dreams. . . my hopes. . . my past, and my future, whether I like it or not. Even knowing she's having another man's baby can't change how I feel. I will let her go, but I will love her forever.
(Sonny's cell phone rings)
S: Corinthos.
L: Hey, my man, I heard you were back.
S: What's goin' on Luke?
L: Well, your lady friend came to see me today.
S: Damn it, Brenda. I told her to stay put.
L: She's stubborn, just like someone else we both know. She's scared, Sonny.
S: I know. I was gonna call you, but I got tied up.
L: Anything I can do.
S: Yeah, see if you can find out who the head of the South American Organization is. I need to know the man's name.
L: Done. It's gonna take a little time, not the kind of info my fingers can walk to in the yellow pages, you know.
S: Stay in touch?
L: You got it.

M: You think we're dealing with someone in South America?
S: Well, it's a Spanish Medallion, I gotta hunch.
M: Don't you know these people?
S: No. no. no. They are mostly into drugs. I don't run drugs. We've kept our respective distances from each other over the years.
M: We've got to find out what kind of coin this is. We've got to hurry.
S: I know.

In Robin's room.

Robin is burning up, so much so that she's having trouble breathing. She hears a noise at the door, a key, then the door opens.

R: (sitting up) You!
Captor: Well, hello, Ms. Scorpio. It seems you are awfully important to all the wrong people.

Chapter 7:

R: Where am I? Why are you doing this? You're supposed to be a cop, for god's sake.
T: Well, let me see if I can explain. You don't get to know where you are. As for why I'm doing this, let's just say I've become enlightened. Being a cop ain't what it used to be. You're either dealing with the high and mighty Quartermaines who are above all the laws of the land, or you're dealing with somebody like your angerboy or Sonny Corinthos, career criminals who've spent only hours in the pen for all their dirty deeds. A "cop" could spend an entire career running on a hamster wheel. . . or he could get wise, like me, and find the source of the power.
R: What source?
T: You don't get to know that either.
R: You're not alone, are you, Taggert?
T: Smart girl. Now, Ms. Scorpio, (handing her a plate of food) you should keep up your strength.
We're expecting company in a day or two.
R: Who are you after?
T: All in good time. You are the stone that's going to kill three big, bad birds. Gotta go now. My
boss is expecting an update. (leaves, locks door)

At the penthouse. Jason has already arrived and is updating Brenda and Jax when Sonny and Mac get there.

B: Thank god. Did you find anything?
M: A car started tailing us after we left GH. We lost 'em and followed them to a motel outside of
town. After they left, we checked the room. We only found this. (holds up the medallion)
S: (frustrated) The guys got away. We got no idea who they are. This is a trap. A setup. They
wanted us to follow them and find that coin. They're leading us around by our noses.
Ja: Can I have a look at that? (Mac hands him the medallion)
M: Sonny thinks it's Spanish. Possibly associated with the South American Organization.
Ja: He's right. I've seen this before. Wait, I got it. Peru. The design is similar, not exact, but close.
S: What are you talking about?
Ja: In my younger days, when I was touring the world looking for the grand adventure, I took a
hike up the Incer Trail. It wound around and went through some mountains, near Cuzco. We saw temples, artifacts, lots of stuff. The medallion is fraudulent, but the design is almost identical to one I saw there.
S: Peru. Who is this guy and what the hell does he want with us?
J: I say we get ourselves there ASAP.
S: No, not yet, Luke's checking something out for me. It's a piece of information we're definitely
gonna need.
M: Look, we can't do anything else tonight. We all know they're not going to do anything to
Robin. They're waiting for us to get there. Let's get some rest if we can.
S: Good idea. Especially you. (points to Brenda)
Ja: (to Brenda) Come on, I'll take you home.
B: I'm comin' back first thing in the morning.

Jax, Brenda, and Mac leave. Jason goes into his room to call Bobbi and check on Michael.
Sonny sits down and starts thinking. Who the hell could this be? Do they want me? Jason? What's going on? I've gotta find out who I'm dealing with before I can fight them. Man, I'm tired. So tired of seeing people I love hurt. People who's only crime is loving me. I've always known I don't deserve to be happy. That's one lesson I learned from Deke that was true. If I was supposed to be happy, then the people in my life would stop being hurt. I've got to protect Brenda from this. She's in no condition to run around and get shot at, again. I'm not taking her this time. She'll just have to get mad. (he smiles) When she gets mad she does it with her whole heart. It's damn cute to see. I need her right now.

S: (yells) Jason?
J: (from back room) Yeah?
S: I'm going for a walk. I've got my cell phone.
J: Okay.

Sonny wanders around and winds up at the docks. He always winds up there. He loves to look out over the water and think. Maybe it's because this is where Brenda told him she wanted him, or maybe it's because it's where he first met her. He's walking down the boardwalk when he sees her. She was sitting on the pier with her legs hanging over the edge looking at the sky, her long dark hair moving only slightly in the breeze. She was so beautiful.

S: (softly) Brenda?
B: (turns, smiles) Hey.
S: What are you doing here? You shouldn't be alone. Where's Jax?
B: I never feel alone here. This place brings me peace. (looking straight into his eyes) A lot of great things in my life happened here. Jax is doing some research on that coin.
S: (sitting down beside her) I know what you mean. I always seem to wind up here.
B: Sonny, I need to ask you something and I need you to tell me the truth. Do you think we're
going to find her? Do your instincts say things will work out okay?
S: (putting his arm around her ) I just don't know, baby. I don't know enough yet to call it.
B: Are you angry with me for going to Luke?
S: Not anymore. I know it's not like you to sit on your hands. But you've really got to be careful,
(softly) I mean, Bren, it's not just you anymore.
B: Huh? What do you mean? Who else is it?
S: I'm talking about your condition. . . the baby.
B: You think I'm pregnant?
S: Jason said you went to the doctor for a test and you felt sick. (relief in his voice ) Are you
saying you're not?
B: I'm not having a baby, Sonny. At least not yet.
S: Well then, what's the matter?
B: A virus. Monica told me it's going around and I should give it a week or so. Hey, you better be careful, you could catch it.
S: I don't care. I need to hold you. Okay?
B: (lets him pull her head down on his shoulder) I need it, too. Sonny?
S: Yeah?
B: I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, about us. The thing is. . .

(Sonny's phone rings)
B: I'm getting a little tired of that phone.
S: It could be about Robin.
B: Get it.

S: Corinthos.
L: Hey, Buddy, how you holding up?
S: We're okay.
L: We? You're not talking about the lovely Ms. Barrett are you?
S: Did you find out anything?
L: It seems the head of the South American Organization is a man by the name of Gutierrez. He
supposedly holes up somewhere near Peru.
S: Anything else?
L: He's said to enjoy torturing his enemies and he has no aversion to the slaughter of women and
S: Great. A man with that kind of power, without honor. Thanks Luke.
L: No problem. Anything else?
S: Not at present, but I'll let you know. My best to your family.
L: Take care.

S: Brenda, listen. This guy we're after, he's worse than Rivera. He has no honor. You can't come
okay. Promise me?
B: How can you ask me that? (Sonny looks at her sternly) Okay, okay. But promise you'll keep in touch.
S: Of course. Let's go, sweetheart. I've got to get Mac and Jason. We've got plans to make.

Chapter 8: Things "heat" up.

Sonny has taken Brenda home and spoken to Jax about the medallion. It's definitely an Inca design found in the ancient ruins of Cuzco. This particular type is found only in The Great Temple as it was used to identify a particular tribe there.

Sonny is now back at the penthouse.

S: Okay, here's the deal. That medallion is leading us one place. Cuzco, Peru. The Great Temple. It's an ancient ruin now, but it's remote and the entire area is controlled by a man called Gutierrez who is the head honcho of that whole ring.
M: What do you know about this Gutierrez?
S: Very little. Likes torture, no honor. The name doesn't say much. "Gutierrez is as common down there as "Jones" is in the States. I have no history with this man that I know of.
J: (anxiously) We know where they are and we know who's behind it, let's go. I've got to get to Robin. If he's laid one finger on her, I'll. . .
S: Hey, hey, hey. We all want this guy. Why does he want us? That's the million dollar question. And I'll be damned if I have an idea.
M: I'll run a check on this down at the station first thing in the morning. It's late, I'll be in touch early. (leaves)
J: (adamantly) We're going tomorrow, whether or not we get any answers.
S: Definitely. Jason, it wouldn't make sense to hurt Robin before we get there. If this guy likes torture, then he'd want us to watch.
J: That's supposed to be comforting?
S: You know what I mean. She's safe for now. And that's something.
J: Yeah, I'm calling to get us a flight plan.
S: I'm going upstairs. Jason, try to at least rest even if you can't sleep, okay? Robin needs you at your best. (he heads upstairs)

Meanwhile, Brenda and Jax are resting on the couch, she's cuddled in his arms.
B: (sits up and pulls away ) Jax, are you disappointed about the baby?
J: Well, honestly, I was ready to see you as our child's mother.
B: Can I tell you something without you. . . getting upset.
J: I'm not Sonny, Brender, I can listen to whatever you have to say. You are entitled to your own thoughts and idears. You've learned that much this past year, right?
B: Yeah. I have learned a lot. About feelings, honesty, trust. .
J: Tell me what's wrong. I love you and whatever it is, it's okay.
B: (gets up and starts pacing) I think I've made some wrong choices. I mean things that affect other people.
J: We've all made wrong choices, Brender, that's what tomorrow is for, to show we're not going to repeat them.
B: It's about Sonny.
J: (quietly) This is. . . the one subject I'm not prepared for.
B: See, I have realized that before he left me, we were truly happy. I mean, it was this amazing combination of love and future promises. We talked about our future, Jax. We were building our house to live in in the future. Why would Sonny do that if he knew he was going to go?
J: Brender, I don't think. . .
B: (interrupts, talking mostly to herself) The answer is that he wouldn't. He didn't think he was going to go. He believed we were getting married and going to live happily ever after, (grins, sees Jax's face and stops smiling) well, our special version of happily ever after. He decided that maybe he couldn't protect me.
J: Listen, it's late and we've been through this so much already. Can't we just. . .
B: (interrupts) That just wasn't acceptable to him. He had to protect me. He had no choice. So he left. He left because he loves me.
J: (whispers) What are you saying?
B: (looks at him gently- speaks softly) I'm saying that what I've done is unforgivable. I've given hope for a future to one man while my heart stayed in the past with another. Jax, you have become so important to me. I do love you. I convinced myself that this kind of love was healthy and the kind I have with Sonny is no good. But the truth is it's a different love altogether. I think deep down you know that, right?
J: (defeated) I don't know. Maybe. I guess. I just know that your life would be so much better with me. Brender, you could get killed.
B: Without Sonny, there's no fire in my soul. Without Sonny, I'm already dead inside. Jax, I'm so sorry. I really, really am.
J: I've got to get out of here. Got to think. You'll be okay?
B: You are amazing. I can't believe you're worried about me right now. Stop worrying about me, Jax.

Jax leaves and Brenda feels better having talked to him. She loves Sonny so much. It's like the first time she had realized it. She had been so happy. She had wanted to tell all of Port Charles, all the world. "Hey World, the most amazing thing has happened. . .I am in love with Sonny Corinthos with my whole heart and soul!!!" But what if he doesn't want me back? He loved me before and he still left me. I've got to find a way to convince him we're worth the risk.

Then she started thinking about Robin. Where are you little sister? What are they doing to you? Sonny and Jason and Mac are going to find you, you know. They won't rest until they do. So you hang on, okay. We are really lucky, you and I to have men like these who love us so completely that they'd risk everything to save us. (smiles)Yeah, we are the luckiest.
Brenda closes her eyes and remembers the look on Sonny's face when she told him she wasn't pregnant. Pure relief. (laughs out loud) Funny, that's the exact same reaction she had. She closes her eyes and dreams of his kiss. The warmth of his mouth, the softness of his lips. He takes her inside him every time he kisses her. She can see all of him, the proud, powerful man and the scared, beaten little boy. They become one. She's still Brenda and he's still Sonny but they belong to each other. Without each other, there is no whole. She used to think that was unhealthy. . . that she was so completely his. But now she knows it's just a fact of her life, and that she wants it with everything that she is. She can't tell where she ends and he begins. God, she loves him and needs him so much. Jerry is walking on the docks when his phone rings. J: Hello. Mystery man: You've done remarkably well. I didn't know if you had it in you. J: My family's debt is paid in full then? MM: Consider yourself a free agent. I consider what you've delivered worth 3 times what you owed. J: So we're completely out, right, no more ties? No more surprises? MM: I'm beginning to think you weren't enjoying our little arrangement. Yes, you and your family are of no concern to me now. Goodbye. Chapter 9 Cuzco, Peru. Robin has knotted up her shirt in a halter. She's literally soaked with sweat. She's convinced that this is some kind of ruin. It smells so musty, old. There's no circulation at all. Taggert has been to see her a couple of times with food and water. He doesn't seem to want to hurt her, he's preoccupied; seems to be waiting and anxious. She wonders how he got her here without anyone seeing them. He must have had help. Was it Taggert's boss or someone else. The heat is making her sleepy. She wonders who they're after. She knows Taggert hates Sonny, but now he hates Jason, too. Does he want them both? What is this about? Her mind is going in circles. At Brenda's Cottage. Brenda wakes up with a renewed sense of hope. She loves Sonny and she's not scared anymore to admit it. He's going to know the truth today. No more time apart. For the first time in ages she's excited to get out of bed. All of the sudden she thinks of Robin and guilt sets in. It's not right for her to be happy right now, not with Robin in so much danger. No, right now she's going to do what she can to bring Robin home, then Sonny's all hers and he's never getting out of her sight again. She heads to the bathroom for a shower. At the penthouse. Sonny walks downstairs looking great and dressed to kill in black jeans and a black, silk shirt. He immediately sees Jason sitting on the couch drinking coffee. He has a duffle bag next to him and he's looking at some papers. S: Did you sleep? J: No, man, not possible. Not until Robin is safe back home. Then there's time for sleep. S: I understand. You ready to go? Got the flight plans? J: Yeah, right here. I've outlined the most direct route to the closest airport near Cuzco. Low traffic and not much law enforcement to speak of. It's probably used for running drugs. S: Okay, you call Mac and tell him to meet us at the airport. I've got to take care of something. I'll meet you there. J: Mac already called. He couldn't find out a damn thing about Gutierrez. I've checked with our guys and can't find anything either. What's up with that? Mac is already at the airport waiting. He's just as scared as we are, Sonny. S: Makes sense. For all practical purposes he's her father. I'd kill the SOB who laid a hand on my little girl. As for our man in charge, I have a hunch the name is bogus. I don't know who he is but we got no choice. We've got to fly this one blind and deal with whatever happens. J: See you at the airport. S: Give me thirty minutes. (walks out the door) Brenda's cottage: Sonny pulls up in her driveway. He gets out and starts walking up the sidewalk just as Brenda opens the front door. B: Hey, stranger. S: Hey yourself. B: (walks back in) You want some coffee? I got Brazilian. S: (follows her) (quietly) You remembered. I tell you what, when I get back we'll have a nice, long, lingering cup of coffee. . . if you can stand the company. B: Are you kidding? I love the company. S: (looks up startled) You're something else, you know that? B: So they say. Are you guys leaving now? S: Yeah, I'm on my way to the airport. I needed to see you first. B: Sonny, promise me you'll be careful, as careful as you can be. We have a lot to talk about when you get back. S: You know I want to find Robin and bring her home safe. I'll be as careful and as risky as it takes to get the job done. I want to be honest with you, Brenda. No more lies. B: I want to tell you the truth, too. I broke things off with Jax last night. S: What? Why? B: (softly, gazing into his dark brown eyes) You know why, Sonny. You always know everything I'm thinking before I do. When you saved Jax's life, I thought you did it for me. But when I heard Justice and Jason arguing, I finally found out everything that you have done for me. Then I started remembering how we kissed and how it had felt so right. Like it was the most natural, right thing in the world. You once told me I was a part of you. Well, Sonny, you are the biggest part of me. When my mind thinks, it thinks of you. When my heart beats, it beats for you. Sometimes when I'm lying in bed I let myself go all quiet. I listen for my breath, my heart. But, Sonny, all I can ever hear is yours. I want to find our way back. I don't want to live in the past, but it's time to create our own future. Sonny, I love you with all that I am. I give you that forever. Do you think we can find our way back? S: (looks away, speechless) (whispers) Brenda, do you know how many nights I've thought of you and hoped against hope you'd say you forgive me? Do you know that I still burn for you like the night we first kissed. (stands up and walks toward her) (She's standing with her back against the front door) Do you know that all I can think about is making love to you? (grabs her shoulders and pushes her against the door) I'm going to kiss you like you've never been. . . . . (Brenda grabs his collar and pulls his lips to hers) (Sonny's lips come crashing down on hers so hard it should be painful, but she kisses him back with every ounce of love and passion in her heart for this man. The kiss seems endless, and when Sonny lifts his eyes to hers they are both breathless and burning with desire.) S: (hoarsely whispers) Do you know that I never stopped loving you? B: I do know. I know now. Sonny, take me with you. I'm scared of losing you again. S: Baby, I can't. Not this time. Remember what I said, this man is more dangerous than 10 Riveras. I've got to keep you safe. You are the keeper of my soul. Without you, I'm a walking dead man. I promise you I will keep in touch with you as much as possible. We've got a future to create. B: You mean it? S: Yeah. You can have faith in that. Thank you, Brenda. B: For? S: Giving me my life back, for forgiving me, for coming back to me, for loving me. . . B: (laughing) Glad to oblige. S: I gotta go. But there's just one more thing. B: What? S: (kisses her again with a passion so great she gets dizzy) Bye. B: Bye, (Brenda yells behind him) HEY WORLD, I LOVE SONNY CORINTHOS WITH MY WHOLE HEART AND SOUL. S: (turns, laughing) I love you too, baby. (leaves) Jason, Sonny, and Mac have just arrived in Peru. The mood is highly intense. All three men are intent on finding Robin as soon as possible. Just as they expected, they have no trouble at the airport at all. It's like whoever set this up is making it as easy as possible for them to get there. Sonny tells them he has a really bad feeling. Something's way off about this whole thing. His instincts are demanding concentration and prudence. They cannot make a wrong move. This is no ordinary wiseguy. He's got a plan. No one says much during the drive to Cuzco. Brenda has showered and dressed and put her hair up in a ponytail, then she took it back out and brushed her long brown hair. She remembered that's the way Sonny loves it. She smiles remembering when he was there earlier. He had looked so good. She almost couldn't control herself. She loves him in black. Her mind wanders to him kissing her. There is a lifetime of love those kisses. (tears in her eyes) She can't imagine feeling more for him than she does at this moment. (thinking) I can't believe I let him go last year. What the hell was I thinking? He's the love of my life, and I just let him walk right out of it without even an argument. How could I do that? I should have demanded an explanation from him. I should have searched for him until I found him. I never should've given up like that. I almost lost him forever because I was so stupid. Never again, Brenda. NEVER AGAIN. I'm holding onto him for dear life. He's never getting away from me again. I won't let it happen. Now he's putting himself on the line again for someone he loves, Robin. He's the most loyal and unselfish and smart and loving and fearless and incredibly sexy and. . . . (laughs softly) well this could go on forever. I'll tell him all that when I find him. I've got to go find him. He's headed into trouble, I can feel it. He says he doesn't want me there, but I know he needs me. (says out loud) I can just feel it. Brenda goes to find Luke. She figures that if she does go against Sonny's wishes but at least brings Luke for protection, Sonny will forgive her. He trusts Luke. She heads for Luke's club. Brenda walks in but doesn't see anybody, not unusual since it's so early. She heads to the back office and knocks on the door. L: Yeah, it's open. B: (opens door and enters) Hi Luke. Can I talk to you? L: (looks up, smiles) Greetings, Ms. Barrett. What can I do for you? B: (sitting across from him) You can take me to Cuzco, Peru. And the sooner the better. L: (pauses, lights a cigar) (flippantly) What's down there? Lots of heat. You partial to spending your free time in ovens? B: Don't play it that way with me, Luke. I'm not stupid! Well, I'm not most of the time. Letting Sonny go the first time was pretty damn stupid, but believe me I've learned my lesson. I'm not losing him again, I can't. Will you help me. Sonny's down there with Mac and Jason, and I know it's a trap, I just know. L: (coming from around the desk and sitting next to her) (softly) Brenda, I know how badly you want to get Robin out of this, and I know you've always loved Sonny, but I should tell you some things you probably haven't thought of yet. B: What kind of things? Cause I can't imagine you saying anything that's gonna change. . . L: (interrupts, speaking softly) Look, I just don't think you've thought of everything yet, that's all. Sonny, Mac, and Jason know what they're getting into, ok? They've dealt with these kinds of people for too many years. I'm sure Sonny told you how dangerous this is. This man, whoever he is, has planned this out to the last detail. B: (raising her voice slightly) He didn't plan on me! L: No, he probably did plan on you, too. See, when you're out to get your enemies, you gotta first root out their weaknesses. You are Sonny's weakness, Brenda. He loves you so much that he might make a mistake. He'll be worried about you instead of focusing on what he has to do. It's the same thing with Laura and me. Count Vlad always banks on my love for Laura to screw myself up. And, unfortunately, he's usually right. (scratches his head and takes a drag off his cigar) And when we were on the run, sure the adventure was great, and the spontaneous lifestyle was exciting for both of us, but I would've traded it all for one day of peace. Brenda, you and Sonny deserve some peace. You've been through so much together. If you go down there you'll break his concentration, and that could be fatal. We all want the people we love to come out of this alive. B: Luke, how can I do nothing? How can I just wait it out like you and Sonny want me to? He needs me. L: He needs you to be here, with me, safe. That's what he needs right now, Brenda. Do you understand what I'm saying? If we want everyone back in P.C. where they belong, we've got to let this lie. That's what Sonny needs. (looks her straight in the eyes, takes her hand and says calmly) I trust Sonny with my life and he knows what he's doing. B: I'm scared, Luke. I wasn't even this scared in Puerto Rico. Because Sonny was with me then, but now he's far away from me, and even if I wanted to I couldn't do anything to help. L: You understand why you have to stay? You okay with it? B: Yeah, I guess you can make a little sense now and then. (smiles) (She gets up to leave and Luke hugs her and tells her she made the right choice) Cuzco, Peru. Robin suddenly feels anxious, like something is about to happen. Her heart is beating faster and she seems cooler in spite of the heat. Taggert hasn't been in in several hours. She can tell something's up, she can feel Jason urging her to hold on. He must be close to her, she can feel him somewhere near. (grins) (thinking) How could I be lucky enough to find once in a lifetime love twice. I have so much to be thankful for. I've got to get out of this. (She started thinking about Mac and Sonny) Mac is such a wonderful uncle. He's so much more like my father than my uncle. He must be going crazy over this. And Sonny, he's such a great guy. I know he's made some mistakes, but no more than any of the rest of us. He loves us all in the only way he can. He's been hurting for so long, being without Brenda, watching her from a distance. He was convinced he was right to leave her. He just hasn't been the same. She wishes she could do something to help Sonny and Brenda, but right now she's got to figure out a way out of this.

Back in P.C.

Brenda lets Luke think she's staying, but instead goes to find Mike. Mike will help her. He loves Sonny and she knows he cares about her. She can no more sit around and do nothing than she can will herself to stop breathing. Sonny needs her. She can feel it as strong as the day of Laura's funeral. She had known then that he was in trouble. She couldn't explain it, she just knew. Like now. If it came down to it, she would go by herself. But she was definitely going.
She gets to Mike's.

M: (opens door) Brenda! What a wonderful surprise.
B: (entering) Hey Mike. I wish this was a social call but I've got a really big problem and I need your help.
(Brenda explains everything to Mike and of course he agrees to go with her, mostly because he knows that she'll go anyway and he wants to protect her)

Back in Peru.

Sonny, Jason, and Mac have found the location and are scoping it out from a distance.

M: I don't feel good about this guys.
J: What's to feel good about? We go in. We find Robin. We kill this guy, and we go home.
M: It's not even remotely that simple, Jason, and you know it.
S: This place has several entrances, (points) there, there, and over there.
J: We each take one? That's the best way.
S: It's a chance. We split up and who knows? It's riskier.
J: But if one of us gets caught, then there's still the others to rescue Robin and get outa here.
S: Mac?
M: He's right. Everybody got their piece?
(Sonny and Jason nod)
S: Let's go.

Chapter 11

Brenda and Mike are on their way to the temple. Neither one is saying much, they both seem lost in thought. It's a long hike from the airport to where they're headed. It's so hot and sweat is pouring off their bodies while their clothes stick to their skin. Mike is walking behind Brenda and is amazed at her focus. She is thinking about only one thing, getting to Sonny. (he smiles) He always knew they were meant to be together. He lost the right many, many years ago to have a say in his son's life, but he always knew. The first time he saw them together, he knew. You can't hide that kind of love. It radiates from a person like a bright, neon sign. Two stubborn people who wasted so much time and worked so hard at convincing themselves they were better off apart. Better you should convince yourself the sky is falling.

Meanwhile, Sonny, Jason, and Mac enter the temple.

Jason winds his way down the stone corridors looking in all the rooms on the way. The temple is very large and several stories high, so he's prepared for a long search. He has to find Robin and bring her home safe. She, Sonny, and Michael are family. The only Q he recognizes as family is Emily. That's it. He can count them on one hand, and he's not about to lose any of them. Without Robin, he's like a planet with no life. . . desolate and dead. She came back to him, and she trusted him to protect her. He failed then, but he's going to more than make up for it now. Whoever did this will pay dearly, he promises himself. His thoughts are interrupted by a loud crash somewhere up this level of stairs. He turns to head up the stairs and is met with a hard punch in the face. He falls but quickly regains composure and jumps up and runs at the man ramming him into the wall. The man hits his head hard, he's stunned.
J: (pinning him against the wall) Where is Robin Scorpio? Tell me or die here and now.
M: (silence)
J: (punches the man hard in the stomach) (squeezing his throat)You think I got restraint, pity? That's a mistake. I will shoot you where you stand. Tell me where she is NOW.
M: She's on the top floor. There's only one room there. Be warned, danger awaits. Then he starts speaking very fast in Spanish. Jason can't understand most of the words, he shoves the man in one of the rooms and bolts the door. Then starts up the long row of stairs.

Mac is covering distance fast. He's winding through the stone hallways and checking rooms extremely quickly. He feels that time's running out. The mice have entered the trap, and he's gotta make sure the bait doesn't get killed. He's relentlessly kicking open doors and running up stairs. He loves Robin so much. He remembers when she was just a little girl. She was always smarter than most adults. She had great parents, taught her to believe in herself. His brother and Anna would be so proud if they could see her now. His mind drifts back to when he found out she has HIV. It was like somebody took away his oxygen. He couldn't breathe. He would've gladly taken her sickness for himself if he could. She's such a special person, and he's so blessed to have been picked to raise her. The fact that she loves him is something he holds sacred in his heart. Robin, Felicia, and the kids are what keep him going. He knows he's breaking all the laws he's supposed to be upholding, but you have to deal with this kind of situation differently. Normal avenues of law enforcement don't work here. He learned that much from being Police Commissioner for so long. No, this was a whole other ball game. This was Sonny's world, and he knew he had to handle this Sonny's way.
His thoughts are interrupted when he hears what sounds like a man yelling for help.
(Mac leans in and listens at the door of the room)
(unbolts the door)
M: Who the hell are you?
Man: A man attacked me, shoved me in there.
M: That's very interesting, now, who the hell are you?
Man: You are looking for a young lady? Dark hair? Very pretty?
M: (grabs the man by the shoulders) Where is she? Where is she?
Man: Top floor, large room. Let me go?
M: (can tell this man is no threat, lets him go) Get the hell outa here, before I change my mind.
(man runs off as Mac starts up the stairs)

Sonny's stomach is in knots. He's never walked into a trap this obvious before. He feels fear. Not for himself, but for Robin, Jason, and Mac. This lunatic wants to kill him and he doesn't even know who it is. He knew this lifestyle would hurt someone someday, but he sure didn't expect it to be Robin. Of all the people he could think of, she deserves this the least. She has always stood by him, (grins) even during his more unpopular moments. Robin is a true friend. He loves her. And there's just not too many people he says that to. Jason is like his brother, and Sonny had promised Robin he'd protect him. He had promised her he wouldn't let him get in so deep that he couldn't get out. He broke that promise when Lily died. Now, Jason is his responsibility forever. Sonny would protect him now if he got killed doing it. He'd do that for Robin. At least he doesn't have to worry about Brenda right now. She's safe and sound back home in P.C. He starts thinking about that morning at her house. She had actually told him she wanted him back. She had meant it. He still couldn't believe it. He could still feel her soft lips on his, the burn of her touch. He decided to stop running from his future, he was going to stay and fight for it, with Brenda by his side.
Sonny heads up the stairs cautiously.

Jason gets to the top first. He starts beating on the door of the room and yelling for Robin.
J: (yells) Robin! Robin, answer me! Are you in there?
R: Jason? Oh, god, yes. yes. Thank you God. (loudly) I'm in here, Jason. Hurry.
J: (yells) Hold on, baby. I'm coming. We're gonna get you outa there. Stand back.
R: (Stands back - she's feeling sheer happiness. She knew he'd come for her, but she wasn't sure if he'd get himself killed doing it. She hears him kicking at the door.)

Jason was so focused on getting through that door that he didn't notice the large man with the gun behind him. The man hit Jason at the base of the neck and knocked him out.

R: (notices there's no more noise) (yells) Jason? Jason? What's going on? Can you hear me? Are you hurt? Jason, talk to me, PLEASE.

All she hears is silence.

A couple of minutes later Mac shows up. He sees Jason on the floor covered in blood, but is unable to wake him. He carefully moves him to the back wall and goes to the door.
M: (yells) Robin? Robin, are you in there?
R: (yells) Yes. Yes. Yes. Uncle Mac, be careful, I think somebody hurt Jason a minute ago.
M: Stand back. (Backs up and forcefully runs into the door with his shoulder)
M: (Backs up again and this time the door gives when he hits it - Robin comes running into his arms. I have never been so happy to see anybody before in my life. You okay? Did they hurt you?
R: I'm fine. One of 'em is Taggert, but he's not alone. I haven't seen his boss.
M: Taggert? What? His methods are a little questionable but he's basically a good cop.
R: A disillusioned cop, Uncle Mac. But we better get outa here before (looks over his shoulder and sees Jason). . .Oh, my God.
M: Looks like a head wound. He's hurt pretty bad. Robin, I've gotta get you to safety first, then me and Sonny can come back for Jason.
R: (Yells) LOOK OUT!!! ( as she says this a large, dark skinned man raises a piece of concrete and slams it into the back of Mac's head. He goes down. )

Mac is not unconscious, but he's delirious and unfocused.

Robin runs off as the man laughs quietly to himself. "Yes, you can run now, little girl. I won't be needing you anymore."

Sonny is walking slowly checking all the rooms and listening for clues to where any people are. He hasn't run into anyone yet, and he's getting frustrated. He wants to find this madman and finish this now. He checks one room, sees a woman's purse and carefully walks inside. Just as he starts looking around, a wall falls straight down over the door, and he begins to hear a grinding sound, like the grinding of gears or something. He looks to his left. . . "What the hell. "

Chapter 12: The "Conclusion"

Hi, don't forget to let me know. Buckle up and let's get started.

In Sonny's room, the left and right walls are slowly inching toward the center of the room.

Jason wakes up in what he can only assume is one of the rooms in the temple, it's hot and it's small. What happened? Damn. I was so close. Just as he starts to rise, the door opens and he sees Taggert holding a gun.
T: (in that low condescending voice of his) How polite of you to join us, Mr. Quart, uh, Morgan. I still can't get that straight. You decided not to be a Quartermaine anymore, and that was that? Maybe you shoulda stayed in the lap of luxury, then you wouldn't be here now, with me, in what's sure to turn out to be, well, an unpleasant situation.
J: (reaches for his gun, realizes it's gone) What do you want, Taggert?
T: What do I want? Um, let me see. Peace and harmony for all God's creatures? No, that was yesterday. You shoulda gotten here yesterday, Mr. Morgan, then I'd have to let you go.
Today. . . I want you and Mac Scorpio. See, without you in Port Charles, I easily take control. And, I forgot the most important part. But. . . I think I'll let you figure it out for yourself, that is if your damaged brain can handle it. (turns around and abruptly leaves)
Jason is left in the room alone and extremely angry. He's searching the room earnestly looking for any sign of a way out. Then suddenly, he hears a sound, sort of a soft hissing, like a light rain.
At first he doesn't see where it's coming from, then he notices what looks like sand coming through cracks in the ceiling. Thin lines of sand hitting the floor. Jason realizes he's in big trouble.

Mac vaguely recalls being dragged to a courtyard. He's high up on the tower, and the doors to the inside are locked. He thought he remembered hearing Taggert's voice. He hoped Robin got out of there. She had to get out. He wonders if they're going to get out alive. Where's Sonny and Jason? Are they locked up somewhere like him? He hears Taggert's voice but can't tell where it's coming from.
T: So you've decided to join the party, Commissioner. . . soon to be ex-commissioner, Scorpio?
M: Taggert, where are you? Come out so we can talk this out. I know you're a good cop.
T: You wound me, Commissioner, I am a great cop. About to be promoted to great Commissioner. See, the recently deceased Commissioner will be survived by a wife, 2 daughters, and possibly a niece, and will be sorely missed by all of Port Charles, not to mention, the Police Department and the man to regretfully take his place.
M: You did this to get my job? You would commit murder for that?
T: I did try to work with you. I gave you every opportunity to give me my due, to let me handle these punks using my own methods. You, Commissioner, blocked my every move. With you and Jason out of the way, I get to run things. Yeah, there's gonna be some big changes at the PCPD.
M: (looking up and around) Okay, this explains me and Jason being lured here. What about Sonny? What do you want with him? He's dead anyway. After that stunt he pulled leaving town, he's already dead.
T: Sonny's for somebody else. The cash behind the deal so to speak. Also the man I'll be spending a lot of time with after I move into your office. Goodbye, Commissioner. I'll give my best to your new wife, uh, widow. Bye the way, I imported something especially for you.
M: Taggert! Wait!!
Mac looks around and walks to the edge of the courtyard. He looks over the edge and immediately wishes he hadn't. God, he was so high up. No way to scale this building. What was he gonna do? He turns around and notices the bottom third of a door was open, like it was a trap door. Then he sees a brown shadow slithering through the opening, then another, then another. Damn. This is not good. Mac had seen these snakes before, in Australia. They were Brown Snakes and one of the most venomous in the world. There must've been 20 to 30 of them. Some of them huddled together near the door, others roamed about the courtyard. He wonders how the hell he's gonna get out of this one.

Mac stays as still as possible as he plans his next move. That opening in the door is the only way out of this mess. And it's being guarded by a pile of snakes that would kill him with one bite. He's got to get out of here and find Jason and Sonny if they're even still alive. He notices a rat crawling on the ledge and gets an idea. If somehow I can get those snakes interested in that rat instead of me. (looks at the rat) Sorry, buddy, nothing personal. It's either you or me.
Mac grabs the rat and places it in a corner of the courtyard farthest from the door. At first nothing happens. It seems to be forever. . . then something changes. Mac watches as one by one the snakes notice the rat. He knows these snakes will fight each other over food. They start to inch away from the door. He knows he has very little time. One of the snakes will get that rat quickly, then he's back to square one. He slowly, quietly makes his way to the door. It's dark inside so he can't tell if there are more snakes, but he has no choice. It's now or never. He gets on his knees and crawls through the opening. It was a tight fit but he made it. Now he's off to find Sonny, Jason, and Robin.
Taggert finds him on one of the staircase landings. Taggert pulls his gun, but Mac is too fast for him. He knocks the gun out of his hands with his forearm, and he sidekicks him. Taggert falls down three flights of stairs before he finally stops. Mac catches up to him and shakes his body. No movement. He hears a strange noise in the background. A grinding sound. He starts looking for the source.

Meanwhile, the walls are nearly crushing Sonny. He's pretty sure he felt bones breaking. No pain, though. Probably adrenalin. I probably deserve to die this way. I've done terrible things. He starts to pray.
God, I know I don't talk to you much, but I know you're out there and I hope you're listening. You and I both know I don't deserve mercy, but I've got to ask anyway. I'm trying to change my life. I've got a chance, for the first time in my life, for a future, with my love, my own angel, Brenda. You put her here for me. I know that. I screwed it up the way I screw up most things, but it taught me to love. That's the lesson you were after, right? You gave me Brenda to love. (starts coughing) Well, it worked. I love her more than I thought I could. I didn't think I was capable of it. I just want to hold her and protect her for all time. I know I don't rate much notice from you, not with the things I've done, but I'm asking for another chance to prove I can do right by her. To prove I've grown as a man.

Mac comes to a door where the noise is loudest. He starts yelling.

M: (yelling) Is anyone in there?
S: (equally loud) Mac? Yeah, yeah. I'm in here. I'm in trouble, man. The walls are closin' in and I'm gettin' damn close to dying here.
M: Hold on, there must be a control switch somewhere. Let me look. (searching the area)
S: I don't think I have time, man. I'm pretty sure some ribs are broken. Tell Brenda I love her.
M: (finds the lever and pulls it down - the walls stop and then start going back to their original positions. The wall over the door goes back up and Mac opens the door) Tell her yourself, Sonny. I guess God didn't want either one of us yet.
S: (quietly, relieved) (looks up - mouths the words "thank you") Mac, I forgot your ability for rigging things.
M: (helps Sonny up on his feet) Yeah, well, hidden talents. I did bring some explosives though. Just in case.
S: Good to know. And Mac?
M: Yeah?
S: I owe you, man. I owe you big.
M: Forget it. Let's go. We've got to find Jason and Robin.

Several hours have passed since they arrived at the temple. It's getting dark. They don't feel fatigued at all. All their energy is concentrated on finding Jason and Robin, but this time they're sticking together. They haven't forgotten the other man either. Who is he? Where is he?
In Jason's chamber.

The sand is getting so high. Jason is standing upright and is nearly completely immersed in sand. He has his head turned up toward the ceiling and is minutes from becoming entirely covered. He can't move his arms or legs. He's being buried alive. (thinking to himself) So this is it. I came here to rescue Robin and look at me now. If she doesn't get out of this. . . What the hell went wrong? I underestimated Taggert. I never would of thought he'd of done something like this. I honestly didn't think he had it in him. My mistake. And it's costing me my life. I love you, Robin, I've always loved you. Please be okay.

Suddenly, the door opens, and the sand carries Jason into the hall like a wave. Mac and Sonny help him up. Sonny's hurt, he's coughing and holding his right hand over his chest. But he's anxious to get this whole thing over with. The three start descending the remaining stairs. They all agree Robin would've gotten out. She's too smart not to. She grew up in this lifestyle, and she knows what to do.
That means they just have to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. They hate to leave without knowing who this guy is, but they've got to get off his home turf. They can't fight him in this booby-trapped fortress. By all rights each one of them should be dead. They all feel that Taggert's not the one to come up with these torture techniques. He wanted them dead, but he'd just a soon put a bullet in them. No, it was this other man, this "cash behind the deal" man.
Taggert was supposed to bring them to this dance, but someone else was planning on taking them home.

The three men are running, Jason and Mac are ahead of Sonny who's having a hard time breathing. Mac and Jason get through the front door and just before Sonny gets to it the door slams shut with a loud thud. Sonny tries to open it. Locked.
S: Great. What next? A stampeding herd of elephants? Acid rain? What?
(voice from the back of the large room says confidently, deliberately) Not leaving so soon, are you. . . son?
(Sonny turns in disbelief as he sees Deke emerge from the shadows holding a gun. Sonny falls backward in shock and pain. He puts his hand on the door to steady himself)
D: You look a little shaken up, boy. Having a bad day?
S: (whispers) You're de. . .dead.
D: No, in the line of work I was being prepped for it's best to "die" so you can be reborn, if you know what I mean. And from what I've seen, you do know, don't you?
S: (still whispering) You're Gutierrez.
D: No, I'm Deke. Gutierrez is my stage name. You haven't changed a bit, have you, still dumb as a post. (condescending voice) I've found, unlike the great Sonny Corinthos, that it's best in this line of work to remain anonymous. That way you get to live a long, fruitful life with all of life's little benefits.
S: What benefits?
D: Oh. . . stopping to smell the roses, not being identified in public, sunshiney days. . . and hunting down your enemies one by one and killing them in a way not to be forgotten.
S: (talking low) I hate you. Down to my very bones, I hate you.
D: Now, that's not very nice, son. So I taught you some respect. That's a good lesson, and I've no doubt it served you well.
S: (getting louder) Why are you doing this? What do I have that you want?
D: What makes you think it's not just you that I want. Killing you would give me pleasure to last for months.
S: You don't care enough about me to go to all this trouble.
D: True enough. I had a deal with Marcus. I would help him rid Port Charles of two mice and a great big rat, (points) that's you, and he would get to take over as Police Commissioner. . . which would make my drug operation even more lucrative than it already is.
Of course anytime you leave a man's work to a boy you end up on the short end. Marcus was motivated, but not smart enough to pull it off. When he first came to me I almost didn't give him time for a hello, but then he said your name, and I was intrigued.
S: (coughing, clutching his chest) (sarcastically) What are you planning? Another crazy room with walls that move? If you're going to kill me, then be a man and just the hell do it.
D: Oh, it's not going to be that simple. See, your friends are outside with no way in and you are inside with no way out. (smiles) The possibilities are endless. (walks closer to Sonny) Son, how's your love life?
S: (looks up, eyes darken) What are you talking about? I'm not with anyone.
D: Now, son, you remember what happens to you when you lie. I happen to know of a exquisite dark-haired beauty that stole your, uh, heart. Why, she told me. . .
S: (voice rigid) Where the hell is Brenda, Deke. I'm not a kid anymore, I'm grown and I'll kill you.
(Sonny freezes as Brenda is brought forward, her arms held by a man)
S: Hey, are you okay?
B: Yeah. So far, they're all talk.
S: (to Deke) Let her go. She's got nothing to do with any of this.
D: She's got everything to do with it. She's a hell of a bargaining chip, wouldn't you say. Even trade? Your life for hers?
S: Done. Let her go.
D: You've always been such a pushover, Michael. No guts, no stamina. You remember how you used to cry like a baby when you were alone? No tolerance for pain either. Your mother had more courage than you.
B: (yelling) Stop it, you monster. He didn't cry because he was alone, he cried when you beat him within an inch of his life and then threw him in a dark closet. That's when he cried, you son of a bi. ..
S: (interrupts, realizes Deke's got the upper hand and they have to keep cool) Brenda, hush.
B: He's crazy.
S: I know, baby, hush.
( A man comes from behind Sonny and grabs him - Sonny cries out in pain from his injuries)
D: (to Brenda) See. No tolerance. (stroking Brenda's cheek) She's something, huh, boy? Pretty, like your mother. Does she stay in line for you, or do you have to teach her lessons, too.
S: (voice low like the low growl of a mad dog before it attacks) Deke, I'm warning you.
D: ( to Sonny) You're pathetic. I'm losing interest. (without warning he reaches back and backhands Brenda across the face. She falls to the ground. He was wearing a diamond ring so he drew blood. Sonny finds his strength and slings his captor into the wall where he drops his gun. Sonny is reaching for it when it hits him. . . Cold steel. . .He feels so cold all the sudden. .
. .he feels like he's drifting away. . . he looks down. . . so much blood. Far off in the distance, he thinks he hears Brenda screaming. His mind starts to refocus. Looks like a stomach wound. He scoots backwards on the floor so his back is against the wall. He's holding his hand over the wound.

D: That's what makes you the most ignorant man on the planet. You just never learn, do you? All those times you tried to divert my attention from Adella. All those times you provoked me into hitting you thinking it would stop me from hitting her. (Arrogantly) I always got to her, Sonny. You stopped nothing. You never could. You're just not smart enough. Well, I'm through here. I'm sick of looking at you. After you're dead I have a special party planned with your lovely lady here. (raises the gun - aims it at Sonny. . . )

A shot rings out and he falls to his knees. The man holding Brenda lets her go and runs. Deke is clutching his chest and spitting up blood. Brenda runs to Sonny who's wearily looking in the direction of the shot.

Out of the shadows, Mike runs to Sonny, dropping the gun on the way. He's shaken up.

M: (voice shaking) Son, are you okay?
S: (weakly) You saved my life. You saved my life.
B: (rips part of her shirt and holds it on his wound) (crying) Baby, hold on okay, don't pass out. (to Mike) You got here just in time, Mike. I got scared when we got separated. I couldn't find you and that man grabbed me. . .
M: It's okay, Brenda.. It's over. Do you hear me, Sonny? It's over. (Sonny passes out)

Mike shoots the lock on the door and Jason, Mac, and Robin come rushing in. The men carry Sonny out. Earlier, while he was lost, Mike had found Deke's room, and he went back there and called for help. A helicopter arrived within 20 minutes and took Sonny off for treatment. Brenda went with him.

(in the helicopter) B: (crying) Sonny, don't do this. Not now. We just got it together, baby. I need you. Can you hear me, Sonny, I need you. (holding and kissing his hands) Don't leave me, baby, please.
B: (to paramedics) I have his blood type. I'll donate.
They fly off to the hospital where Sonny receives a transfusion and is treated for the gunshot wound and fractured ribs. His prognosis is poor. He's lost too much blood and he's still unconscious.

After the helicopter leaves, Mac, Robin, Jason, and Mike realize they're going to have to walk to where they had left one of the cars. They start the hike up the mountain, and as they get about ½ mile away, a loud explosion fills the air. They all turn and look except Mac, who drops a small device on the ground and keeps walking. No one says anything, they just turn and continue up the mountain.

At the hospital.

Brenda is watching. She is outside his room with her head pressed up against the glass. They will only let her see Sonny for a few minutes every hour. She was so glad she had come, it was a damn good thing, too, she thought to herself, since they didn't have any of Sonny's type blood on hand. She would give him every drop of hers if he needed it. She loves him so much, this is so painful. She'd been in this situation before with him, but this was different. She felt him slipping away from her in the helicopter. She actually felt it.

She looks up to see Mike running toward her down the hall. Robin, Jason, and Mac were several feet behind.
M: (hugs her) Where is he?
B: (points to Sonny) (quietly) Mike, he's hurt really bad this time. He lost a lot of blood and some ribs are broken. He's not conscious.
M: Deke. I can't believe it was Deke. Brenda, oh god, this is all my fault. The last thing I would ever do is hurt my son, and look at what I did.
B: He knows you love him, the last thing he said to you was that you saved his life. He knows, Mike. You killed that madman. You saved your son's life.
M: We don't know that yet, do we? Brenda, what if he doesn't wake up.
B: (takes his hand) He'll wake up, we have a future to create. That's what he told me just before he left Port Charles to come here. He told me to have faith in that. And that's exactly (chokes up) what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna have faith.
( the doctor comes down the hall and stops to talk to Brenda)
D: Mrs. Corinthos, how are you holding up?
B: (shruggs at her friends) Ok. This is Sonny's father, Mike Corbin.
D: (shakes his hand) Okay, I have some promising news. Your son is probably going to wake up soon. His vitals are stabilizing, and he's breathing on his own. He's not completely out of the woods yet, but the odds are in his favor now.
B: (hugs Mike) Oh, my god, that is the most amazing, fantastic. .(starts crying and smiling at the same time) Can I see him please?
D: Yes. Go ahead, just for a few minutes though, then Mr. Corbin. But that's it for now, ok?
B: (already headed into the room - looking over her shoulder) Right.

Brenda sits beside the bed. She takes his hand and watches him. She's dazed just looking at him, his skin, his breath. He's the most perfect human being alive. And he's going to stay that way. (smiles) She lays her head on his chest lightly. (talking to herself) There it is. That heartbeat that keeps me going. Sonny, I love you so much I can't breathe sometimes. I think of your face, your mouth, your smile and I have to kiss you. You are my world, baby, come back to me, please. (whispers) Hey world! I love Sonny Corinthos with my whole heart and soul.
(she feels his touch on her hair) (looks up into his eyes)
B: (softly) Don't ever do that to me again, you hear?
S: Brenda, I love you.
B: You are gonna be ok. I just spoke to the doctor. Sonny?
S: Yeah?
B: I love you, too.
S: (quietly) What are you doing here? You promised you'd stay home.
B: I know. But I knew you needed me. Hey, you better be glad I did come. You've got more of my blood right now than I do.
S: (sleepily) You saved my life again. You keep on doing it over and over. I love you. (dozes off)
B: (laying her head gently back on his chest) (whispers) And I'll keep right on doing it, my love, until the end of time.

(Mike enters the room)
M: He sleeping?
B: Yeah, he did wake up though, for a minute.
M: I do love him, Brenda.
B: I know. (lets go of Sonny's hand and walks over to Mike) Mike, I owe you. You saved his life and mine, too.
M: No, you don't owe me anything. I love you both so much. (they hug)

It's now a couple of weeks later and Sonny's doing great. No problems. Mac has been in touch with Sonny and offered him a deal.

S: Brenda, I need to talk to you.
B: (sitting next to him) What is it honey?
S: Mac's offered me a deal. He got in touch with the WSB and they are willing to shadow us. I mean, put us into a protection program. Brenda, it's our only chance at a normal life, you know. See, this happening made me realize there's always gonna be someone out to get me. I've made too many enemies over the years. But I am not willing to give you up. I tried that and it was so wrong.
B: A protection program? Both of us?
S: Hell yes, both of us. (grins) You'll be lucky if I ever let you outa my sight again.
B: What about Robin and Jason?
S: Jason won't leave his business, and Robin won't leave Jason. They are where we used to be, and any amount of trying to convince them otherwise is pointless.
B: This is really what you want?
S: Yes.
B: (smiles) You know I'll follow you anywhere, baby. Just lead the way. (leans down and kisses his mouth gently, slowly)
S: Great. There's just one more thing, Bren.
B: Yes?
S: The, uh, cover calls for a married couple.
B: (smiles bigger) Oh, it does, does it? Mac tell you that?
S: Yeah. He was adamant about it, too. These medical types have already been calling you by my name for weeks.
B: It was easier than trying to explain. I don't speak much Spanish. And, besides I'm getting real used to it. Mrs. Corinthos. It's got potential.
Suddenly soft music fills the air almost like magic. (Brenda smiles)

Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time
Maybe I'm amazed at the way I love you
Maybe I'm amazed at the way you help me sing my song
You right me when I'm wrong
Maybe I'm afraid of the way I really need you

Maybe I'm a man
Maybe I'm the only man who's ever been around something
that he doesn't really understand
Maybe I'm a man
and maybe you're the only woman who could ever help me
Baby, won't you help me understand

S: (he pulls out a small velvet box and shows Brenda the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen, his mother's ring) (he slowly gets out of bed and kneels in front of her) Well, baby, what do you say? Brenda Veronica Barrett, I love you more than I ever thought possible. Me and God have an understanding now. He gave me another chance because of some promises I made about you. I intend to keep them. Will you be my wife?
B: (crying - hugs his neck with all her strength) You know I will. I'm yours, Sonny, forever and always. (Sonny takes her in his arms, cradles her face and gives her a kiss for their future. It held promises, hope, desire, and oh so much love)
S: (opens his eyes, dark with passion, his heart quickening) I want to make love to you, Brenda.
B: (looks deep into his eyes, so she swears she can see his soul) Is it safe? I don't want to hurt you, baby.
S: Nothing you could ever do could hurt me. It's safe. I got a private room and I know how to lock it. Brenda touches his cheek. His skin is soft, but he needs a shave. He's so damn sexy. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him with all the bottled emotions from the past year. All the feelings of longing, desire, fear, passion. Sonny lifts her up and walks her to the door where he locks it, then he carries her to bed. Their love is so powerful, that neither can speak. All they can do is love each other.

Sonny and Brenda get married in a local chapel with just Robin, Jason, Mike, and Mac present. There was so much happiness that day that no one noticed the visitor in the shadows.

Sonny and Brenda left that afternoon with an agent that Mac had introduced them to. Brenda and Robin cried but they both knew this was the right thing to do. Robin kissed Sonny's cheek and told him she'll always love him. Sonny shook Jason's hand and wished him the very best. He also asked him to tell Luke to take good care of himself. He didn't know when or if he'd ever get to talk to anyone again. Sonny walked over to Mike and hugged him fiercely.

S: Thank you, pop.
M: You take good care of that lady, Michael, she's one of the good ones.
S: Yeah, I will. I, uh, . . love you, you know.
M: (smiles) (tears in his eyes) I love you, too, Michael. Now get going, ok.

With that they left. Then, Robin, Jason, Mac, and Mike left for New York. They were so relieved to finally go home,
and they were each silently thankful that everyone's going home alive.
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