Alternative Storyline by Cathy

This is my take on what should have happened after Brenda
began receiving those gifts, before it turned out that
Harry was behind it. Note that you'll find it even more
amusing if you are an AMC fan...I did a little crossover
scene as part of it!

SCENE 1: Jax and Brenda's Penthouse. Jax and Brenda are sitting at the table
eating breakfast. Jax has his nose in the Wall Street Journal and Brenda's
nibbling on a bagel. Suddenly, the phone rings and Brenda goes to answer it.

"Hello? Yes, this is she. (pause) Really? Why, yes, I'd still be interested. When?
Today? Sure, I can...I can clear that up. (another pause). Yeah, that'd be fine?
At your downtown office? Great, I'll see you then."

Jax looks up from the stock quotes. "Brender? Who was that?"

Brenda walks back to the table with kind of a bemused smile on her face. "That
was opportunity knocking...My agent sent my portfolio to Enchantment months ago,
I never heard a thing and thought they weren't interested...but that was one of
their representatives and they have me in mind for their latest cosmetics line!"

Jax looks mildly annoyed. "Brender, I thought Jax Cosmetics had an exclusive on
that beautiful face of yours. It's not like you need the money."

"Jax, that's not the point," Brenda says, amazed at his density. "I was a successful
model before I married you. I don't want to give it all up and be one of those
women whose greatest claim to fame is being Mrs. Billionaire."

"I thought you were enjoying having our marriage as your first priority. Or are

"Jax, of course I am. I love being married to you," Brenda says, softening. "But
it's important to me to be respected in my own right. I don't want people thinking
the only assignment I can get is working for my husband's company."

Jax shrugs, "Well, I suppose...If that's what you really want to do, go right ahead.
But I'm sending a bodyguard with you."


Brenda's red sportscar pulls up to the curb. She looks in the mirror, touching up
her lipstick.

(To herself). "All set..." She looks around the car, somewhat suspiciously. "Looks
all clear. Sorry, Jax, but I don't want them thinking I need a babysitter." Brenda
exits the car and approaches the building. A man in a security guard's uniform

"Ms Jacks?"

Brenda, looking somewhat wary. "Yes?"

The guard smiles. "Mr. Chandler was concerned. He heard you've been having some
security problems and sent me down to escort you to the office."

Brenda lets out a sigh, half grateful and half annoyed. "Oh...Okay, thank you, I
appreciate that." The guard escorts her inside.

"Down this way, ma'am." They pass through a doorway and a masked man emerges
from behind the door and grabs Brenda, pressing a cloth down over her mouth.
Brenda collapses. "Good work, the boss will be pleased," her attacker says in a
muffled voice. They pick up Brenda and pass through a door to a back alley, where
a van is waiting.


SCENE 3: Luke's Bar. Sonny is in the office, rifling through some paperwork as if
he's looking for something. He picks up a piece of paper, violently crumples it up
and throws it at the door. It barely misses the entering Jason.

"Whoa. Tough day at the office?"

Sonny shakes his head, "Sorry, Jase. Something's just not right, today. Where's
Brenda? You got Mickey on that now?"

"Yeah, he's watching her now, and he won't get caught."

"Good." Sonny sighs. "So she's where right now?"

Jason sits down, "At her place, with her husband, at last report."

Sonny looks up, " Thanks for the update!" he tells Jason, sarcastically.

"Hey, I just report em, I don't write em."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just on edge today. Just one of those feelings I get...I'm
not gonna get any work done here." Just then, Jason's beeper goes off. He pulls
out his cellphone and returns the call. "Yeah? She what? Well, how long ago?
Okay, I'll check up on it." Jason slides the antenna down and returns the phone to
his pocket. "Brenda's in Pine Valley."

"She's where? What's she doing there?"

"Mickey says she's at a cosmetics firm, probably a modeling gig."

Sonny gets up and starts pacing back and forth in the office. "No, no, that's not
right. She hasn't even being looking for work, Jaxxy boy keeps her too busy
campaigning for the family business."

Jason shrugs, "She's a famous lady. Maybe she got a call."

"Maybe she got a call all right, but from who? Where did Mickey say she was?"

"Enchantment Cosmetics...Adam Chandler's firm."

"Chandler?" Sonny lets out a laugh. "I know that old....I might just check up on
that." He picks up a phone and dials. "Hey, lemme speak to Adam Chandler. Just
tell him it's an old friend...tell him Sonny, he'll know." (pause) "Hey.......heard ya
married, what is she, trophy wife number six or seven? Thought I'd call to
congratulate you,"

FLASH to Adam on the other end of the line, "Yeah, congratulate me. Maybe I'll
have you send one of your friends up here to congratulate her in person!"

"What, trouble in paradise already? Adam, Adam, ya know how to pick em...Well,
that's not why I called."

"Why DID you call? Run out of trouble to stir up in Port Charles and thinking
about adding to the chaos here?" Adam asks, sarcastically.

"No, Adam buddy, that's your job and you handle it well. I just have a little
question for you. Is Brenda Jacks down there today on a modeling assignment?"

"Brenda? You mean "The Face of Jax Cosmetics" Brenda?"

"That's the one. Trust me, Adam, she wouldn't escape your notice."

"She's not here. We don't have any in-studio shoots planned this week. My whole
staff is on a location shoot in Cancun. Probably spending more time at the bars
than behind a camera." Adam grumbles.

"What?" Sonny's face drains of color and he looks at Jason. "Okay, thanks Adam,
see ya." Sonny hangs up abruptly. "Jason, she's not there!" Sonny leaps up,
grabbing his coat with one hand and sweeps out the door, Jason right behind him.

SCENE FOUR: Sonny's car squeals to a halt right behind Brenda's. He jumps out
and grabs the man standing by the car by the lapels.

"Where the Hell is she, Mickey? You're being paid to watch Brenda, not her car!"

The man looks terrified. "She's inside. I saw her go inside, with a security guard."

Sonny has a look on his face like he is going to kill someone. "Listen to me. I spoke
to Adam Chandler. Brenda's not in there, and we need to find her. Now."

SCENE FIVE: Brenda is slowly regaining consciousness. She's lying on a bed with
both her hands and feet tied together. "Lieutenant" Taggart sits on a chair in the
corner, munching on some corn chips.

"Wha - Where the Hell am I?" Brenda mumbles.

Taggart snorts derisively. "Who the Hell are you to ask? You don't look like
someone who oughta be demanding anything."

Brenda struggles to sit up, uncomfortably. She swallows, trying to compose
herself. "Okay...I'm sorry." (Obviously forcing herself to say the smart thing, as
much as it bothers her). "Please...just tell me what you want. My husband is a very
wealthy man, he'll give you anything you want."

"What makes you so sure it ain't you?" the sleazeball says, laughing. Brenda looks
totally horrified. "Relax, honey, you ain't worth my trouble. I just picked you up
for someone else to play with."

"Who? They can't have as much money as Jax. We could make you very wealthy. I
won't tell Mac, no one will know!" Brenda's voice is shaking as she realizes she's in
very serious trouble.

He laughs, shaking his head. "Think you can buy your way outta everything, don't
you? You think you're so hot...You think your money can buy your way out of this
one. Some of us have a little more loyalty. As you are going to learn. Yeah, you're
going to learn a thing or two in the very near future." As Taggart stands up,
Brenda sees a flash of the cellular phone in his inside jacket pocket. He removes
the jacket and hangs it on his chair. "Makes me tired just talking to you. I'm
getting a refill on this. Don't try anything, honey. Your scumbag boyfriend ain't
here to bail you out and my boss don't care if you're breathin' or not, long as you're
here." The guard picks up his coffee cup and leaves the room. Brenda stares at
the jacket hanging on the chair, and strains against her bonds.

SCENE SIX: Brenda has wiggled her way along the bed and falls over to the floor,
grimacing as she lands but remaining silent. She rolls upright and pushes her head
toward the jacket, pulling the phone out by taking the end of the antenna in her
teeth. FLASHBACK to a scene of Brenda, years ago, talking to Sonny:
"You know my pager number." Sonny looks intense.
"Yeah, 555-3628, I got it."
"Well, don't forget it. Anything ever happens to you, you ever get separated
from me, you call that number. Even if you don't know where you are."
Brenda looks confused, tilts her head to one side, "How would that help me?
How am I gonna call for help if I don't know where I am?"
"Brenda, listen to me. That's my emergency number, I have an automatic
trace on it. You call me from that, I'll find you." He puts his hand to her
face and she unconsciously rubs against it. "I will never let anything bad
happen to you, Brenda."
BACK TO REALITY. Brenda's face lights up. She leans over and picks up a pencil
lying on the table with her teeth, then crouches over and uses it to dial. Just as
she hits the last digit, Taggart returns. In one movement, he picks her up and
throws her violently back onto the bed. Brenda screams.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing? I guess you really do want to be tied to
that bed." He grabs the phone, "Hello? Hello?" then smiles. "Dial tone. Guess I
caught you just in time, you sneaky little bitch. You think someone's gonna save
you? Who? Your candy ass husband or that small time hood Corinthos?" Brenda
curls up into a ball on the bed, sobbing. "Shut up!" her captor yells. "I already told
you, I don't care if you're dead or alive. Don't tempt me!" Brenda silences herself
with difficulty and we hear her thoughts out loud: "Oh, Sonny, you've got to come,
You've got to know I need you!"

(continued next post!)

(Continued from part 1)

SCENE SEVEN: Sonny and Jason in the car.
Jason shoots a glance at Sonny as he's driving. "Sonny, where are we going? You don't have any idea where Brenda is."
"Jason, you gonna argue with me or you gonna drive? If Lila was at the wheel, we'd be making better time!"
Jason looks frustrated. "I know you're worried, but this is -" He is interrupted by the beep of Sonny's pager. Sonny reaches for it and looks closely at it. "What's a blank page?" Suddenly, he flashes back to telling Brenda to use it if she needed it. Sonny urgently dials another number. "Corinthos here. Pager 555-3628. I need a trace on that - immediately. This is life or death."

SCENE EIGHT: Jax and Brenda's penthouse. Jax comes through the door.
"Brender? Brender, are you home?" He throws his coat on a chair and walks through the living room, looking both ways. "Guess not." Jax spies the phone sitting in its cradle and has a sudden inspiration. "Mirander? Hey, it's me. Yeah, looks like I'm going it alone tonight...Brender's off on a modeling shoot. Yeah, well you know I've always been the victim of independent women," pause, chuckle. "So are you in the mood for some dinner tonight? No, I wasn't thinking that. I can stop and pick something up...maybe give you a hand with your unpacking? Sounds good, I'll be by in about twenty minutes." Jax smiles and hangs up the phone.
He is obviously oblivious to the fact that Brenda is in trouble.

SCENE NINE: Sonny and Jason sneak along a hallway. "I know she's here," Sonny whispers to Jason. "We've gotta find her. I've never seen this place before."
They turn a corner and come face to face with three armed men. One has a gun shoved into Sonny's chin before he has a chance to draw his. "Jason, get outta here!" Sonny yells. As one of the men goes for the gun in Sonny's belt, the third one draws his gun to shoot the retreating Jason, but Jason turns around with a gun in his own hand and the thug's shot misses as he ducks in fear and Jason escapes. A new voice rings out from behind Sonny. "Go stop him. I'll take over our guest." A look of shock comes over Sonny's face as he recognizes the voice and he turns to see that the hand holding the gun to his throat now belongs to...STEFAN CASSIDINE! "Mr. Corinthos, we meet again. You're harder to kill than I thought you'd be."
"Where's Brenda? Let her go or, I swear Stefan, you are a dead man."
"That's an interesting threat to make when I'm the one who has a gun pointed at your head." Two more of Stefan's henchmen appear. "Take care of Mr. Corinthos until I decide what's to be done with him." They drag Sonny off.

SCENE TEN: Brenda looks up as the door opens. Taggart leaps up, gun drawn, but it's just Stefan's thugs with Sonny. Brenda's face lights up when she sees him, but then she realizes he's been captured as well. Taggart laughs evilly when he sees who it is. "Corinthos, scumbag, nice of you to join us!" He turns to Brenda. "Your boyfriend's slipping, baby, looks like he lost his edge."

"Taggart, you pathetic moron, I knew you didn't have the brains to be a cop. You have to be able to read and write for that!" Sonny responds.

"SHUT UP!" Taggart yells and punches Sonny, who is still being held by the two thugs, in the stomach hard enough to knock the wind out of him. "Hell of a smart mouth for a guy with a couple of hours to live." He turns to Brenda. "We were gonna call your hubby and let him know you were waiting...the boss has an old score to settle with ‘Mister' Jacks. But as long as your boyfriend beat him here, why shouldn't you two have your little reunion?" Taggart laughs nastily and turns to the men. "Tie him up and then get lost. I'm gonna personally spend the night outside that door." After they throw Sonny on the bed with Brenda and tie him up, they leave and Taggart leaves, gloating and we hear several locks connecting on the outside of the door.

SCENE 11: Back at Stefan's complex. Brenda and Sonny are side by side on the bed with their hands and feet tied together. Sonny is trying to reassure the terrified Brenda.

"Brenda, honey, Jason got away. As far as I know he got away - and he knows where we are."
"You didn't see him get away! Stefan's men probably got him, too! What was Taggart talking about? What does Stefan have to do with Jax?"
Sonny shakes his head. "I don't know. First I've heard of it. I thought they were trying to get to me. I was so sure. Cassidine said...he said something about me being hard to kill, but he was surprised to see me here today. And Taggart said they were after Jax...I don't know. What's the connection here?"

Brenda thinks for a moment and then speaks. "Jax has an Greece...could he know the Cassadines? But he's never told me anything..."

"Well evidently, Jaxxy boy left out a few more details you needed to know! I thought I had a handle on what was going on here and now there's this whole scenario that your hubby knows about that he hasn't seen fit to share with you or me! Stefan's after him, we don't know why, I don't know if you were bait for me or for Jax and ... I don't see any way out of this room." Sonny's anger is obvious, but his voice softens at the last line. He and Brenda look at each other, realizing they may not escape.

Brenda shakes her head. "No, no, there's got to be a way out, there's got to be.! Where are we in this building? I wasn't conscious when they brought me here."

"Hey, are you allright? Taggart...did he lay a hand on you?"

"I'm okay. They chloroformed me or something...knocked me out."

"How'd you make that call? I almost died when I realized it was you."

Brenda smiles, "Our friend out there isn't too bright. He left his cellphone in his jacket pocket when he went for coffee. I dialed the number with a pencil in my teeth...praying I remembered it right."

Sonny smiles too, looking at Brenda admiringly. "Did I ever tell you, if you were a man, I'd hire you in an instant?"

"Sonny, you - you - well, you're working with a woman now, whether you like it or not! I'm all the help you have to get out of here, and I think I've -- Oh, God."
Brenda's outrage fails and she looks at him in horror.


"Why would you need to get out of here, except for me? I'm the reason you're here, I'm the reason you could die. I selfish." Brenda bows her head and tears roll down her face.
"Hey, it's not like this kinda stuff didn't happen to me before you were around. I've been worse places," Sonny smiles at her.

"I know, " Brenda sobs, "But I've been...I've done nothing but push you away and tell you to get out of my life and yet the moment I called, you came to save me. You didn't question me...I've given you every reason in the world not to care what happens to me...and now you're here because of me. Oh, Sonny, I don't deserve you. I never did!"

Sonny gets his hands free from the ropes and puts his arms around Brenda. He unties her hands as well and they lay there, wrapped in each others' arms.
"I don't want you to ever say anything like that again, Brenda. You went through Hell for me more times than I can count. I wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for you..."

"But you might end up dead today because of me!" Brenda lifts her head and looks Sonny straight in the eyes. "I don't know...I don't know if I can ever make up for it all. Sonny, I am so sorry. I - "

Sonny shushes her. "Brenda, it doesn't matter. You know how I feel about you. You could chase me away from your doorstep every day for the next fifty years and I'd still come running the day you called. You didn't get me into this. I got myself into this...and I am not sorry that I'm here with you."

Brenda composes herself for a minute and swallows. "I know...but there's more. I never - I don't know what I've been thinking, lately, you know? Nothing's been simple...the only thing I've done for months is run away from everything that was true and real in my life because I was afraid of it. You - you weren't wrong when - when we were outside of Luke's, when you told me...when you told me that you loved me."

"Never thought I was."

Brenda's eyes open a little wider. "You - you've always had such faith in me. Even when I was doing all the wrong things. And I've never been more wrong than I was when I walked away from you and told you to stay out of my life."

Sonny tilts his head, "You had your reasons."
Brenda gives a short, sarcastic laugh. "Oh, I had reasons, sure, yeah, I had tons of reasons, I could write a book of the reasons...I stayed up nights, thinking of them!
Then I'd see you and forget what I meant to say, I'd see you...and all I could remember is that I almost let you kiss me again the day I told you goodbye."

"Wishing you had?" Sonny asks, smiling.

"I...Why is this all so difficult? Jax has been so good to me, he was a friend to me when I had no one, he -" Brenda stops as Sonny takes her by the shoulders and gives her a little shake. She stares at him, eyes wide.

"Brenda, sometimes you talk too much." Sonny pulls her to him and they melt into the kind of kiss that dreams are made of.

(Continued part 3)

(part 3, continued)

SCENE 12: Brenda and Sonny again. They are lying on the bed kissing, their feet
still tied. Finally, Brenda pulls away.

(Catching her breath, with difficulty.) "We can't get distracted like this...We still
have to find a way out of here. Sonny, would you quit smiling at me like that, we're
probably going to die!"

"I'll die a happy man." Sonny says, grinning. "OK, you're right. Well, we're in the
middle of a concrete building. There's one door with our friend Taggart outside of
it, and one heating vent covered with a steel welded grate. I think we may just
have to wait for them to make the first move."

As if on cue, the door slides open. Stefan steps inside, escorted by Taggart.
"Ms Jacks and Mr Corinthos. Enjoying your stay?"

"Cut the crap, Cassidine. If you wanna take a shot at me again, whatever floats
your boat...but let Brenda go. She's worth nothing to you."

"Sonny, I'm not lea-"

Stefan raises his eyebrows. "How touchingly loyal. Your friend Mr. Corinthos is
not totally wrong. You aren't worth to me what I thought you'd be as a hostage."

"What do you mean? What do you want with me?" Brenda demands.

Stefan smiles. "Let me tell you a story. You two ought to understand it, it's a
story about true love. I've had two loves in my life. One was Laura Spencer, and
your (Stefan glares at Sonny) friend Luke took her away from me forever."

Sonny sneers at Stefan, "You were the one who did the taking. First two years of
her life, then her son, then the rest of her life. I bet it's fun sleeping with that
little fact at night, isn't it Steffi?"

"SHUT UP! You have no could never even appreciate..." Stefan takes a
breath and continues, resuming his icily reserved tone, "There was someone else.
Someone perhaps even more special to me than Lasha. And she is even a greater
dagger through my heart, because she's alive..."

Suddenly, realization dawns on both Sonny and Brenda's faces. "Miranda." Brenda
says slowly.

Stefan nods. "She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. We hired her as a
nanny for Nicholas...she was just eighteen. I was instantly captivated with her.
Tell me, Mrs Jacks, did your husband ever share with you where he really first met
his...former wife?"

"I don't care, Stefan. What Jax did with Miranda is ancient history."

Stefan smiles, a look of scorn on his face. "No, I didn't think so. Miranda was so unique. And she was in awe of me. I always expected...But then he came
along. I didn't even know who he was, I thought he was just some kid, out to see
the world...I even gave him a job. I saw in him a loyalty that did not exist, and I
will pay for that til my dying day. But he is going to pay, too. Jasper Jacks is
going to pay for what he stole from me."

"What are you going to do with me?" Brenda asks, deliberately forcing herself to
sound calm and toneless.

"I thought perhaps we'd tell your loving husband where you are and see if he's
sufficiently motivated to save you...then he and I can have a little talk about
loyalty. That's a subject you might agree he needs some practice with, I'm told
he's at Miranda's right now. And Mr. Corinthos, since you're here, you'll serve a
purpose as well. I have...a hunch you know where to find Luke Spencer. And you
will tell me."

"The Hell I will." Sonny answers. Suddenly, Taggart's eyes roll back in his head
and he drops to the floor, dead.

"You won't have to." Luke Spencer says, stepping noiselessly into the room with a
gun shoved into the base of Stefan's skull. "Sonny, old pal, you look a little tied up

Sonny and Brenda both look incredibly relieved. "Nice timin', Spencer," Sonny says.
"I guess I owe you one."

"Don't worry about it. I'm going to get my payback right now. Cassidine, you
listening to me?" Luke asks, pressing the gun tighter against Stefan's neck.

"I'm listening." Stefan says. His face bears the look of a man who has realized,
after years of cheating death, that his luck has run out.

Luke comes around to face him, keeping the gun to his neck. Meanwhile, Sonny
unties his legs and steps up to Stefan, removing the gun from the evil Cassidine's
belt. "I got news for you, Stefan. A special bulletin...just for you. Laura's alive."

"What?" Stefan turns pure white. This shocks him worse than realizing his death
is at hand.

Luke grins with pure pleasure. "Yeah, my wife Laura? She's safe and sound at
home, with our my bed every night. I played you for a fool, Cassidine,
and you fell right into my trap." Stefan lunges for the gun in Luke's hand and
Sonny shoots him. He falls to the floor at Luke's feet.

"Clear-cut case of self-defense, wouldn't you say?" Sonny asks.

"That's what I saw, " Luke replies. "Cops should be here in a moment. I gave a call
right before I went in. You two allright?"

"We are now. Good timing, Luke!" Brenda responds as Sonny comes over and unties
her legs. She jumps up immediately, stretching and shaking.

"Jason called me. He made it out with at least 8 lives left. Took a hit in the
shoulder, but he'll be allright."

"Oh, God," Sonny hangs his head. "Robin is going to kill me!"

"Not when she finds out the last Cassidine's been put out of commission. Robin's a
smart girl...she takes after her parents." Luke reminds him. "Either of you need
to use my phone to make a call? It's three A.M., Brenda, your husband's probably
losing sleep."

Brenda shakes her head. "If he is, it's because he's still with Miranda!" Brenda
reconsiders, out of habit..."Oh, I didn't mean that, I'm just so tired..." Sonny puts
an arm around her shoulders and she leans against him, head down. Luke raises his
eyebrows, looking at Sonny and Sonny flashes him just a second of that famous
grin. Luke's eyebrows go up even farther and he smiles back, then pulls out his
phone and dials Laura to let her know that he's on his way home.


Sonny's penthouse. Brenda and Sonny enter, so tired neither one can walk straight.
Brenda flops down on the couch.

"I still can't believe it...Jax took Miranda away from the Cassidines in Greece! All
those stalker...I thought it was you, and it really was Stefan trying to
trap me so he could hurt Jax like he'd been hurt."

Sonny sits down beside her. "Are you still thinking about that? I'll be honest with
you Brenda, I didn't have a clue myself that Stefan was behind it. Or I'd have been
by your side 24/7, even if I had to lock Jax in your bathroom to do it."

Brenda laughs. "Yeah, he didn't take it well when he found out you were having me
guarded, did he?" Brenda turns to Sonny and her face becomes serious. "I should
probably go home now."

"Home where? Brenda, this is your home. I've let you walk out that door too many
times, you're not going through it tonight." Sonny seems amazed that she'd even
say it.

Brenda takes a last half-hearted shot at restraint. "Sonny, I know I said some

"-That were true. For the first time in months! No, don't open your mouth again.
Don't say a word. I'm tired of talking and I'm tired of thinking, Brenda. If you're
going to walk out that door, just do it. Are you going? The door's right where you
left it? You wanna leave-"

Brenda suddenly dives into Sonny's lap and pulls his head down to her waiting lips.
They dissolve into a passionate kiss for some minutes.


"-Sonny, shut up and kiss me."

The end :-)

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