"A Love That Can't Be Denied" by Linda

Chapter 1

When I heard that Jax was going to be the one to save S & B, I was very annoyed. I never really liked Jax, and I hate the idea of GH making him out to be a hero. So I decided to write him as I see him.

Sonny, Brenda, Jax, and Veronica (she needs a name) have escaped Rivera and have the evidece to clear Brenda. S & B go to their motel room to get cleaned up. Jax and Veronica do the same. They plan to meet at the airport later.

~Jax and Veronica's room~

V: You know Mr.Jax, despite all the rumors, Mr. Corinthos seemed very nice.
J: Is that so?
V: Yes. You can tell that he loves Miss Barret very much.
J: Not for long, officer.
V: What are you talking about?

Just as she says this, Jax knocks her out, and she falls to the floor.

~Sonny and Brenda's room~

Brenda has just taken a shower. She comes out of the bathroom to find Sonny dressed and ready to go.

S: You feel better?
B: Much. i can't wait to get back to Port Charles and marry you.
S: You stilll want to?
B: What !?! Of course i do! Why would you even ask that?
S: Well, after what's happened...?
B: (interrupts) Hey. Don't do that to yourself.

She leads him to the bed to sit down. She sits on his lap.

B: We belong together, and no matter what happens you'll always be in my heart and I'll always be in yours. Besides, we've waited too long for this to give up now. I love you!
S: I love you too!
B: (gets up) What do you say we go home so we can get married?
S: Best idea I've heard all day.

S & B leave for the airport. They arrive and see Jax waiting on the runway by a private plane. They walk up with their arms around each other.

B: Hey Jax. Where's your friend?
J: Veronica? She's in the plane.
S: Okay. I think Bren has something to tell you, so I'll get on the plane too.

Sonny kisses Brenda's forehead and boards the plane. He walks in and finds Veronica tied up. He goes to warn Brenda and Jax, but the plane door locks itself and he can't get out. Brenda is about to tell Jax about her engagement when Jax grabs her, and they board another plane. The plane with Sonny and Veronica on it, takes off. Jax ties Brenda up. He takes the controls and takes off in the opposite direction.

B: Why are you doing this?
J: (angry) Why am i doing this? Brender, you're in love with a mobster who's gonna get you killed. i can't let that happen.
B: Sonny will protect me.
J: Like he did this time. Right Brenda. Now I have to concentrate on flying this plane, so be quiet.

With that said, Jax gags Brenda so she can't speak.

Chapter 2

Six months have gone by. Sonny and Veronica were taken to a house that Jax owns in London. They were locked up and guarded. Jax took Brenda to Australia. He tried to get her to love him, but she only despised him more and more each day. Her love for Sonny never died, and Jax knew it every time he looked at her. It was six oíclock, and Brenda was starving. There was an intercom in Brendaís room so she could talk to Jax, which she rarely used. She hated seeing him, but in her condition she had to eat. She called him on the intercom, and ten minutes later he was in her room with food.

J: Here you are, luv.

He hands her the tray of food.

B: (sarcastically) Thanks.

J: You know Iíll do anything for you, Brender.

B: Then, let me and Sonny go.

J: Iím sorry. I canít do that why donít you understand that heíll only hurt both of you.

B: Sonny would never let anything happen to me or OUR CHILD.

J: Well, heíll never get that chance.

Jax leaves the room.

B: Oh Sonny, you have to help me and our baby. I wish I could tell you that Iím seven months pregnant. I know youíd be here every step of the way. Youíd take me to the doctor, and get me whatever I was craving. We could think of names together. I hate Jax for robbing us of that. I hate him!

During the last six months in London, Sonny and Veronica became friends. Every time Sonny mentioned Brenda, Veronica saw the love in his eyes. She knew she had to help him get back to her. So, they searched the house from top to bottom, but found no way out. They needed the guards to be out of the way, and that would take a miracle. The entire time they were there, they didnít even talk to the guards. How could they get them to move?

Back in Australia, Brenda laid in her bed in pain. She cried out for help and Jax ran to her side. It hurt so much. All she wanted was for Sonny to come and take away all the pain. Twenty minutes later, a doctor arrived and said Brenda was in premature labor.

S: Are you ready?

V: Yeah. You?

S: Yeah. Go.

Veronica gets up and walks over to the guard.

V: Excuse me, sir, but I thought you might like a drink?

Guard: Sorry maíam. Canít drink on the job.

V: Itís just soda.

Guard: In that case, thank you.

He takes the glass and drinks it.

Guard: Iíve been working here for six months, and I donít even know your name.

V: How rude of me. Iím Veronica.

Guard: Nice to meet...

The guard faints mid-sentence, and Sonny comes and drags him away. Sonny takes his gun, and Veronica finds another one on him and takes it. They shoot the other two guards in the back of the house and run for their lives.

Chapter 3

Brenda was in labor for about ten hours, but she finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She decided to name her Sarah Marie Corinthos. It is now a couple of months after she was born. Brenda sits on her bed holding her. She looks at her beautiful daughter, who looks so much like Sonny. A tear rolls down her face.

B: Youíre so beautiful, Sarah. You look just like your daddy. I wish he was here with us sweetheart. He would love you from the second he saw you. (looks out the window) Youíve gotta find us Sonny. We need you.

Sonny and Veronica escaped and got out of London. They got a motel room and searched to find Brenda. After continuous thinking of where Jax had taken her, Veronica remembered something.

V: Iíve got it.

S: Got what?

V: I remembered something. After Jax knocked me out, he made some phone calls andÖ

S: How would you know? You were out cold.

V: Thatís just it. I came to while he was using the phone. He said something about Sydney, but I thought that was the name of the person on the phone. Heís from Australia, right? Maybe he meant Sydney, Australia.

S: Why didnít I think of this before? Heís got to be in Australia.

Sonny picks up the phone and gets the hotel operator.

S: Can you connect me with the airport? Thank you. Yes, hi. I need two tickets on your next flight to Sydney, Australia.

Itís the next day. Brenda is walking around the room with Sarah in her arms. Sarah falls asleep, so Brenda puts her in her crib. She hears a noise outside and goes to the window. Sheís amazed to find Sonny and Veronica below her two-story high window. She opens it. (Jax didnít board it up because he knew she wouldnít try to jump without the baby.)

B: Sonny? Oh my g*d!

S: Oh, baby. I missed you so much. I love you!

B: I love you too, honey!

S: Okay, baby. Iím gonna get you out of here, but youíve gotta jump. I promise Iíll catch you.

B: Sonny, I canít.

S: Do you trust me?

B: (smiles) Of course I do, but I canít jump. You have to come up and get me.

S: Alright. Iím coming, baby.

Veronica found a rope, and Sonny threw it up to Brenda. She tied it to the bedpost, and Sonny climbed up. Once he got through the window, he held on to Brenda for dear life. They cried as they looked into each others eyes.

S: (hoarse) I love you!

B: (smiles) I love you too!

Sonny gives her a soft kiss on the lips.

S: Iíd love to hold you like this forever, but weíd better get out of here before Jerx comes back.

Sonny starts to walk towards the window, but Brenda grabs his arm.
B: Sonny, wait. Thereís something I need to show you.

Brenda walks over to Sarahís crib and picks her up.

B: Sonny. Iíd like you to meet your daughter.

Chapter 4

*NOTE*: We pick up right where we left off.

S: (shocked) Daughter?

Sonny turns around and sees Brenda holding a beauitiful baby girl.

S: When? How?

Brenda walks over to Sonny. She takes his hand and gently rests it on Sarahís back.

B: According to the doctors, she was conceived while we were on the run. (smiles at him) As for the how, I think you can guess.

Sonny smiles.

S: Can I...can I hold her?

B: Of course you can.

Brenda hands him the baby and shows him how to hold her. Brenda looks at him in awe.

S: What did you name her?

B: Sarah Marie Corinthos. Do you like it?

S: Itís beautiful. Sheís beautiful, just like her mommy!

Brenda smiles at him.

B: We should get out of here before Jax gets back. Can you carry her down?

S: Yeah. Itís a little cool out. Do you have a blanket?

B: Yeah. Hold on.

Brenda wraps Sarah in a blanket and hands her back to Sonny. Sonny climbs down the rope and hands Sarah to Veronica.

S: Your turn baby.

Brenda climbs down, and Sonny catches her. They hear a noise in the backround. Brenda grabs the baby and they all hide. A guard walks by without noticing them.

B: Take me home.

S: Letís get out of here.

Sonny, Brenda, Veronica, and the baby all head to the airport.

~~In the house~~

Jax spent the day shopping for toys for Sarah. He decides to bring them to Brenda. He opens the door and is shocked to find Brenda and Sarah gone. He notices the rope dangling out the window.

J: Damn her. How did she...? Of course. Corinthos.

Jax pulls out his cell phone to call the guards in London.

J: Go check on Corinthos and Veronica, NOW. [pause] I knew it. Theyíre gone.

Jax hangs up the phone.

J: Youíre gonna pay for this Corinthos. Youíre gonna wish youíd never crossed me when I kill Brenda and your precious little baby.

~~At the airport~~
S: I booked us on the next flight to Port Charles. It doesnít board for another couple of hours, so why donít we go get something to eat, and you can tell me all about this beautiful baby.

Brenda smiles at him.

V: Hey, Sonny. Iím not going to Port Charles. Iím gonna go on an extended vacation. Actually, I have a brother I havenít seen in years, so Iím gonna go see him.

S: Okay. I know what you mean. If thereís one thing this whole ordeal has taught me, itís that family is the most important thing in the world. (smiles at Brenda)

B: Well, when you get settled, give us a call. You can come visit.

V: Thatíd be great. Good luck guys.

S: We donít need luck.

Veronica leaves, and S & B go to the airport restaurant to talk. Sonny is holding Sarah while Brenda gets her a bottle.

S: Now what do you say we fill each other in on some blank spots?

Chapter 5

Sonny and Brenda have finished eating. T oughout lunch theyíve filled each other in on some blank spots. They heard their boarding call and are walking to the gate to their plane.

B: Where did you put the tickets?

S: Tickets? What tickets?

B: (a little annoyed) Sonny!

S: Oh those tickets. Theyíre in my jacket pocket. The inside one.

Since Sonny is holding Sarah, Brenda reaches into his pocket, and their faces are only inches apart. They stare into each others eyes. Brenda takes the tickets and hands them to the airline clerk.

AC: Okay. Here are your boarding passes. Enjoy your flight.

B: Thank you.

They get on the plane and settle in their seats. They put Sarah in her baby seat by the window. Sonny and Brenda are so tired that they sleep almost the entire flight.

Pilot: Can I have your attention, please? If you would all put on your seatbelts, we will be landing in Port Charles in a matter of minutes.

Brenda lifts her head up to notice that she had slept with her head resting on Sonnyís chest the whole flight.

B: Iím sorry. I had my head on you all this time.

S: Believe me I didnít mind.

They smile at each other. They are about to kiss when the stewardess interrupts.

Stewardess: Iím sorry, but youíll have to put your seatbelts on now.

They pull back and buckle up. They land safely and get off the plane. Brenda holds Sarah, and Sonny carries the baby bag. They get into a limo that takes them back to the penthouse. Itís about ten p.m.

S: (looks at Sarah) She looks tired. We can lay her down in Stoneís bed for now. Weíll barricade her with pillows.

B: I guess sheíll be okay.

S: Tomorrow we can go shopping. (Brendaís eyes light up) Sarah needs a crib.

B: Yeah and I canít wait to buy her the cutest little outfits.

S: And toys. Lots and lots of toys. Sheís gonna be the happiest baby in the world.

B: Really!

S: Iím gonna spoil her so much. Sheís gonna have anything she wants.

B: Sheís only a couple months old, and sheís got you in her back pocket already.

Sonny smiles at Brenda knowing sheís right. They take Sarah upstairs and put her in Stoneís bed. They stand there in each others arms and stare at their beautiful daughter.

S: (whispers) You know what? She looks like you.

B: (whispers) Really? I think she looks like her daddy!

S: Okay. Weíll compromise. She looks like the both of us.

Brenda giggles, and they leave the room so they donít wake Sarah. They walk into the bedroom, and their glances turn from each other to the bed. Sonny slowly moves in for a kiss, and Brenda lets him. The kiss starts out soft, but becomes more intense. They pull back and stare into each others eyes. Brenda unbuttons Sonnyís shirt and kisses his chest. Sonny unzips her dress, and it falls to the floor. He picks her up and carries her to the bed. They make love for hours and fall asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 6

Brenda awakens from her first good nights sleep in months, to find that Sonny isnít there. She looks around the room, but canít find him. She gets out of bed and puts on Sonnyís shirt. She walks down the hall, but halts at the sound of Sonnyís voice. She stands in the doorway to Stoneís room and smiles. Sonny is sitting on the edge of the bed holding Sarah. He doesnít notice Brenda.

S: (to Sarah) Youíre so beautiful, you know that. As beautiful as your Mommy. (Brenda blushes) I still canít believe that Iím a part of something so innocent and fragile. This is all Iíve ever wanted in my whole life, a family. ĎCause thatís what we are. You, me, and Mommy are a family. (Brenda starts to cry) She doesnít know it yet, but eventually Iím gonna marry your Mommy. Would you like that?

Brenda walks into the room and speaks.

B: I donít know what Sarah thinks about it, but Iíd love to be your wife.

Sonny is surprised by her voice. He quickly turns his head to the door. Heís a little embarrassed.

S: I didnít know you were standing there.

B:I can see that. (smiles at him) I woke up, and you werenít there with me.

S: Iím sorry. Sarah was crying, and I didnít want to wake you.

During their conversation, Sarah fell asleep again. Sonny lays her back on the bed.

B: I didnít mean to eavesdrop. If you want, Iíll forget you even said anything.

Brenda walks away, and Sonny follows her.

S: Brenda, wait.

He grabs her arm and turns her to face him.

S: Baby, I love you.

B: I know you do, honey, but just because we have Sarah doesnít mean we have to get married. If youíre not ready, then thatís okay.

S: Brenda, what makes you think Iím not ready?

B: Well you said ďeventuallyĒ, so I thoughtÖ

S: I didnít mean it like that. I thought you didnít want to get married right away. All I meant was that I was gonna wait for you to be sure.

B: What gave you the idea that Iíd want to wait?

S: Well, with my businessÖ[pause] I just thought that youíd want to protect Sarah from my world by keeping her away from me. I would hate it, but I wouldnít blame you if you did.

B: Sonny, I know how much a family means to you. I would never keep Sarah away from her daddy. What am I saying? I could never keep myself away from you.

They both laugh.

S: So does that mean that youíll marry me?

B: I guess so.

S: What do you mean ďI guess soĒ?

B: (flirting) You havenít convinced me yet.

S: (flirting) Oh. Itís like that, huh?

B: Oh, yeah!

Brenda starts giggling as Sonny kisses her neck. He starts to unbutton her shirt, and they fall onto the bed. They are kissing intensely when the phone rings.

S: Damn! Let it ring.

B: It might be important.

Sonny gently kisses her lips. She answers the phone.

B: Hello.

Caller: Good morning, Brender. You miss me?

Brenda drops the phone when she hears the voice. Itís unmistakable.

S: Who is it, baby?

B: Itís Jax.

Chapter 7

**NOTE: I had to add this part. It was too funny to pass up. It may get a little confusing though.

Sonny reaches over Brenda and grabs the phone. Brenda gets up and leaves the room.

S: (anger building) What do you want?

J: (cheery) I called to see how my wife was doing.

S: (confused) What? Brenda and Sarah are perfectly healthy. Now, leave us alone!

J: (confused) Whoís Sarah?

Just then a man grabs the phone from Jax.

M: Hello.

S: (totally confused) Who is this?

M: Iím a guard from the Sydney Institution for the Criminally Insane. I have no idea who let Mr. Jax use the phone, but heís going back into lock up now.

S: (excited) Lock up?

M: Yes. He was caught at the airport with a bomb threatening to kill anyone who hurt a woman named Brenda. He insists that the year is 1996 and that he is married to this woman. Iím sorry sir. I have to go now.

The guard hangs up and so does Sonny. He sits there in disbelief. Brenda walks in cradling Sarah in her arms. She climbs in bed next to Sonny and wraps his arms around her and Sarah.

B: (to Sarah) Itís okay sweetheart. Mommy and Daddy are here.

Sonny kisses Brendaís forehead.

S: Bren, youíre never gonna believe this!

B: (trembling) Believe what?

S: Jax called from a sanitarium. Heís been locked up.

B: What?

S: Iím gonna get someone to check on this right away. I want the whole story.

B: Does this mean that we can move on with our lives and forget about Jax?

S: I hope so, baby.

Sonny makes a few calls and the story checks out. Jax was institutionalized and will be locked up for the next twenty years. They are so happy, they decide to go out and celebrate. Nobody in town knows that they are back. They walk into Lukeís unnoticed. Itís around one oíclock in the afternoon, and itís pretty busy because itís lunch hour. Robin and Jason are at the bar talking to Luke and Mike. Sonny and Brenda walk over to the bar. Sonny is holding Sarah.

B: Hey Sonny, you think Sarah would like to meet her family?

Everyone turns and sees Sonny, Brenda, and the baby. Theyíre all shocked. Robin jumps up and hugs Brenda.

R: Bren! Sonny!

L: Hey man! (looks at Sarah) Do you have something to tell us?

S: You could say that. Guys, Iíd like you all to meet Sarah.

B: Our daughter.

M: Daughter? That makes me-.

S: (interrupts) Old, Pops.

They all laugh.

B: (to Mike) You can hold her if her daddy will let go.

Mike comes around the counter and takes Sarah from a reluctant Sonny.

B: (to Sarah) Sweetie, this is your Grandpa.

Mike holds Sarah so that she is facing Robin, Jason, and Luke. Sonny has his arms around Brendaís waist.

B: (to Sarah) And these people are your Aunt Robin and Uncle Jason.

S: (to Sarah) And this (points to Luke) is your Uncle Luke.

M: I really missed you son, but would you guys like to tell us what happened to you?

Chapter 8

Sonny and Brenda have just finished explaining the whole story. Everyone has held Sarah. Robin has her now. Sonny, Brenda, Robin, and Jason are sitting at the table next to the bar. Luke and Mike are on barstools. Brenda is leaning back on Sonny, and he has his arms around her.

R: She is so beautiful, guys.

Sonny and Brenda smile.

S: You ready, Bren?

B: Yes.

J: Where are you going?

S: Shopping. Sarah really needs a crib.

B: And clothes! And toys too!

Robin laughs. While Brenda gets Sarah ready to go, Sonny privately talks to Luke.

S: Can you do me a favor, man?

L: Sure. Lay it on me.

Sonny hands Luke a piece of paper.

S: Can you call this number and tell them to have my order ready at 4:30 PM?

L: Okay. Is it anything special?

S: Definitely.

Sonny and Brenda have left Lukeís and spent the last few hours at the mall, shopping for Sarah. Itís almost 4:30 PM.

S: Why donít we get something to eat Bren?

B: Okay.

S: Can you wait on line? Iíll be back in ten minutes.

B: Where are you going?

S: Iíll tell you later. Order me a turkey sandwich.

Sonny walks away before Brenda can say anything else. We see him walk into a jewelry store. He goes up to the sales clerk.

S: Hello. Iím here to pick up an order.

Clerk: Whatís the name?

S: Corinthos. Someone should have called before.

The clerk goes and checks on the order. He comes back with a small jewelry box.

Clerk: Here we are Mr. Corinthos. It must be for a special woman.

S: (smiles) It is!

Sonny pays for the ring, puts it in his pocket, and goes back to Brenda.

B: Whereíd you go?

S: I told you. Iíll tell you later.

B: You promise?

S: I promise.

They eat, do a little more shopping, and go home. They lay Sarah on a blanket on the floor while they try to put the crib together. The doorbell rings, and Sonny answers it. Itís Lois and Brooke-Lynn.

S: Cerullo!

L: Corinthos! Jason told Ned, who told me that you were back. I was so worried when I-. (sees Sarah) Whoa! Whoís that?

Brenda picks Sarah up off the floor.

B: Lois this is Sarah Marie Sarah Corinthos, our daughter.

L: I think we all have some catching up to do.

A Love That Can't Be Denied: Part 2

Chapter 9

Sonny, Brenda, and Lois put the crib together while they talked. Brooke and Sarah played with the new toys they bought.

L: I can't believe Jax would do something like that.

B: Neither could I. I thought I knew him. I guess not.

S: But the story has a happy ending. We're back together, and we have a beautiful daughter.

Sonny goes and picks up Brooke and Sarah.

S: And a beautiful goddaughter too!

B: Yeah. I can't believe how big she got.

Brenda goes over and takes Brooke from Sonny.

B: Now it's your turn to explain.

L: Explain what?

S: How about why you're in Port Charles?

B: And how Ned came to mention that we were back.

L: Oh that. When Ned came home from work he told me.

S: Home?

L: Did I forget to mention that we're back together?

B: Back together! That's great.

L: Yes it is, and speaking of Ned, I told him I wouldn't be too long, so I've got to go.

B: Oh, okay. Call me tomorrow. You, me and Robin can take the girls somewhere.

L: Sounds good.

They all hug. Lois and Brooke leave.

S: Let's take this crib upstairs, so Sarah can get to bed.

They take it upstairs and put Sarah to sleep. They come back down and Sonny gets a bottle of wine.

B: We can bring the rest of her things up tomorrow. I don't want to wake her.

S: Sounds good to me. I'm tired anyway.

He hands her a glass of wine. She goes to drink it, but Sonny stops her.

S: I want to make a toast first.

B: Okay.

S: To the most beautiful woman in the world. (Brenda smiles) While we were apart, I got through everyday by thinking of you. I'm never gonna let us be separated again. I love you, Brenda!

Brenda has tears in her eyes.

B: That was so sweet, honey. I love you, too!

They kiss.

S: Do you remember when I went off somewhere in the mall today?

B: Yes.

S: Well I went to the jewelry store.

B: Jewelry store?

S: Yeah. I know I've already asked you and you've already accepted, but I wanted to do this right. (pulls out the ring) I love you more than anything and I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?

Brenda has tears running down her face. Sonny wipes them away.

B: Yes! Yes, I'll marry you, Sonny!

Sonny slips the ring on her finger and kisses her. He carries her upstairs, and they make love all night long.

Chapter 10

It's the next morning. Sonny and Brenda are asleep in each others arms. They awaken at the sound of a crying Sarah.

B: (groggy) I got her.

Brenda gets out of bed, puts on Sonny's robe, and goes to get Sarah. She comes in a couple minutes later with Sarah in her arms. Sonny sits up on the bed, and Brenda sits next to him.

B: She's just hungry. Right sweetie?

Brenda begins to breastfeed Sarah. Sonny looks in amazed. Brenda looks at him.

B: What is it, honey?

S: Nothing. I've just never seen you do that before.

Brenda smiles at him.

B: I've been bottle feeding her ever since we got home.

S: You look s beautiful.

She leans against him and continues to feed Sarah. After a while, she stops. She is now changing Sarah.

S:I don't want to wait.

B: What did you say, honey?

S: I don't want to wait. I want to get married today, right now!

B: What? We can't pull that off. There's not enough time.

S: All we need is you, me, a priest, and some friends. What do you say?

B: How fast can Lois and Robin be here?

Sonny hugs her, and they kiss passionately. He goes and makes some phone calls.

It's a couple hours later, and the guests are arriving. Lois and Robin are upstairs helping Brenda with her dress. (Sonny pulled some strings and got her one on short notice.) Ned and Jason are downstairs letting the guests inside. Lucy, Kevin, the Spencers, Mac , Felicia, and her girls are there already. Maxie is supervising Lulu, Brooke, and Georgie. Laura is helping Sonny get Sarah dressed. Lila, Edward, and Emily arrive followed by Mike and Mary. Mike heads upstairs to check on the nervous couple.

~~ In Brenda's room ~~

Mike knocks.

M: Can I come in?

B: Mike! How's Sonny?

M: I just checked on him. He's getting Sarah dressed.

B: (nervous) Does he need help? Maybe I should check on him?

L+R: NO!

L: You can't see him before the wedding. It's bad luck.

M: Don't worry sweetie. Laura is helping him.

B: Okay.

M: I'll be back in a little while. You need to get dressed.

B: Thanks, Mike.

M: No problem.

Mike goes downstairs and finds Mary talking to Joe, Grace, Frank, and Julie.

M: Hi guys.

All: Hi.

F: How's your son doing?

M: Nervous. Thanks for coming guys. I really want you to meet Sonny.

Mike notices Joe glance at the door. He's staring at Karen, Gina, and Jagger, who just walked in.

J: (Jason) Hi Gina.

G: Hi Jason. I don't know if you remember Karen and Jagger?

J: I met Karen at the last Nurses' Ball, but I don't remember Jagger.

G: Well, this is my brother.

J: Your brother? You must be Stone's brother too. I've heard a lot about you from Robin.

Just then, Robin comes down the stairs and tells Mike that Brenda is ready. She notices Jagger.

R: Jagger!

JC: (Jagger) Hey Robin!

They hug.

R: When did you get here?

JC: A couple weeks ago. Karen and I had some things to work through so I came back.

R: Are you staying?

JC: Yes. I transferred to the PCPD. Bren doesn't know I'm back yet, so this will be a surprise.

Laura comes down the stairs with Sarah, and everyone goes to see the baby. Not many people knew about the baby so, it was little shocking. Lois comes down the stairs and says that everything's ready to go. They all take their seats. Lois and Robin head back upstairs. Sonny comes down and stands by the priest. The music starts.

Chapter 11

Robin comes slowly down the stairs carrying flowers. Lois is next. Finally, Mike escorts Brenda down the aisle. Sonny can't keep his eyes off her. Mike hands her over to Sonny, and the ceremony starts. Sonny and Brenda are so focused on each other that they can't hear the priest anymore.

P (priest) : Do you, Michael, take Brenda to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold from this day forward? For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health till death do you part?

S: I do.

P: Do you, Brenda, take Michael to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold from this day forward? For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health till death do you part?

B: (smiles) I do.

P: By the power vested in me, by the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Michael, you may kiss your bride.

Sonny didn't need to hear anything else. He took his wife in his arms and kissed her passionately. Everyone begins to clap. Brenda takes Sarah from Laura and kisses her little girl. Sonny kisses her too. Luke was happy to close the cub down for the reception, even if it was on short notice. The guests begin to head over, except for Karen and Jagger. Brenda notices Jagger.

B: Jagger!

She runs over and hugs him, but not too hard because she's holding Sarah.

J: (looks at Sarah) Robin told me all about this little angel. I can't believe it, Bren.

B: Neither could I. (everyone laughs) But now I can't imagine my life without her, or you (looks at Sonny).

Karen and Jagger leave so that Sonny and Brenda can get changed for the reception. They arrive at Luke's a half hour later. They have fun with their friends for a little, never leaving each other's (or Sarah's) side. Mike and Mary come over to them.

M (Mike) : Congratulations, Michael. (looks at Brenda) You did good.

Mike and Brenda hug.

M: Sonny, Brenda I'd like you both to meet Mary Scanlon.

S: Nice to meet you.

Ma (Mary) : I've heard a lot about the both of you.

M: Don't worry, all good.

S: Thanks, Pop.

Mike nods.

M: If her Mommy will part with her I'd like to introduce Mary to my granddaughter.

B: (teasing) I guess so.

Mike takes Sarah from Brenda's arms.

M: Mary, I'd like you to meet Sarah, your future granddaughter.

B: What? Oh my g*d. Congratulations, Mike.

M: Thanks sweetie. You know you can call me Dad now, or in my son's words, Pop.

B: I think I'll go with Dad.

Mike smiles.

M: Michael? What do you think?

S: About Bren calling you Dad? I don't mind. I like it actually. About your engagement? Congratulations!

M: Thanks.

Mike and Sonny shake hands. Mary motions Frank, Julie, Joe, and Grace over to them.

Ma: Sonny, I'd like you to meet my sons, Frank and Joe Scanlon.

M: Your future step-brothers!

They all shake hands.

F: Congratulations to the bride and groom.

S&B: Thanks.

F: This is my girlfriend, Julie.

Joe: And this is Grace.

B: It's nice to meet you all.

Julie: You too.

G: (looks at Sarah) You have a beautiful daughter.

B: Thank you.

S: Thanks.

Joe: Must make you feel old, Mike.

S: That's what I told him.

M: Listen you guys, it makes me feel good. And maybe a little old.

They all laugh.

S: Well, it has been great meeting you all, but my beautiful wife and daughter have a plane to catch, with me on it.

B: You still haven't told me where we're going?

S: (smiles) Where do you think?

B: Puerto Rico?

S: You guessed it.

B: Really?!?

Sonny just smiles at her, dimples and all.

Chapter 12

~~ In Puerto Rico ~~

Sonny and Brenda's flight arrived in the evening. They go to the hotel, (the same one as the first time) and get settled. They had dinner sent to the room, and put Sarah to bed. They decided to rest in the hot tub on the terrace. Sonny is in the hot tub already when Brenda walks out. She walks over to the hot tub.

B: Want some company?

S: I'm a married man.

He shows her his wedding ring.

B: What a coincidence. I'm married too.

They smile at each other, and Sonny pulls her into the hot tub. She doesn't resist. She pretends to go in for a kiss, but dunks him. They start splashing each other. Sonny grabs her, and they start kissing. The camera pans to the floor next to the tub, and you see their bathing suits being thrown from the tub.

It's about an hour later. S&B are out of the tub sitting on the terrace. They hear Sarah crying.

B: Stay here. I'll get her.

Brenda gets up and gets Sarah.

B: I think someone wants to see her Daddy.

Brenda sits on Sonny's lap with Sarah in her arms.

S: (to Sarah) Hey sweetie.

Sarah smiles.

B: Ahh. She's definitely Daddy's little girl.

Sonny kisses Brenda's forehead. She leans back on Sonny, and Sarah falls asleep.

B: You think Stone knows?

S: What?

B: Do you think Stone knows that we're married with a daughter.

Sonny looks up at the stars.

S: Yeah, he knows.

B: I think so too.

Brenda cuddles tighter with Sonny and Sarah.

A while later, they get up and lay Sarah in her crib. Brenda starts to change out of her bathing suit.

S: You need help with that?

B: Maybe! But, who would I ask?

S: Who do you think?

Sonny kindly helps her out of her bathing suit. She pushes him onto the bed and falls on top of him. They make love all night long.

The next day, they actually go out of the room. They go to the beach, and rent a boat to go sailing. They take Sarah swimming too. (I'm aging Sarah - 2 yrs. Old) They do things together for the rest of the week, then return home to Port Charles.

Chapter 13

Sonny and Brenda are on a plane back to Port Charles. Sarah is asleep in Sonny's arms. Brenda is asleep with her head on Sonny's shoulder. She's dreaming of the fun they had in Puerto Rico. Sonny puts his hand next to Brenda's and looks at their wedding rings, side by side. He smiles. The plane hits a little turbulence. Brenda starts to wake up. Sarah remains sleeping.

B: (groggy) Sonny?

S: Hey, Bren. We still have an hour till we get to Port Charles, sweetie. Go back to sleep.

B: No. Now that I'm awake, I can't fall asleep again.

S: Oh. You looked so happy before. What were you thinking about?

B: Our wonderful honeymoon!

S: I'm glad you had a good time.

B: I did. I think Sarah did too!

S: Yeah. We'll have to take her back here when she's older, so she'll remember.

B: Definitely.

Sarah wakes up.

Sa (Sarah): Mommy?

B: Hey sweetheart. You want Mommy?

Sarah reaches for Brenda.

B: Come here Sarah.

Brenda takes Sarah from Sonny and puts her on her lap. Sonny adoringly watches her.

B: What's wrong, baby?

Sa: I had a bad dream.

B: It's okay now. Mommy's here.

After a little while, Sarah falls asleep in Brenda's arms.

S: You're great with her. You know that?

Brenda smiles at him.

B: So are you.

S: You know what? For the first time in my life, I feel like I have everything I need. A beautiful wife. A terrific daughter. What else could I ask for?

B: I don't know. A son, maybe?

S: A son? You're not?

B: No, no. I'm not pregnant, at least I don't think so.

S: Oh.

B: I was just thinking about all that time Jax took away from us. I know you would have loved to be there during my pregnancy.

S: Yes, I would have.

B: So, what do you think of the idea? Do you want another child?

S: Of course I do. You really don't want to wait a while?

B: No, I don't want to wait. I want to bring up my kids together, but if you want to wait, we can.

S: I think it's a good idea. In fact, as soon as we are alone together, we should work on making us a baby.

B: Oh yeah. You think it's work, huh?

S: The best job I've ever had.

Chapter 14

The plane has landed, and S&B have gone home to the PH. Since Sarah slept through most of the flight, she is now very hyper. She's running around the PH playing with her toys. Sonny and Brenda come in from the kitchen. Sonny catches Sarah and picks her up.

S: What are you doing?

Sa: Nothing Daddy.

S: What do you mean nothing?

Sonny starts tickling her. Brenda giggles at the sight of her husband and daughter. The doorbell rings.

B: I'll get it.

Brenda goes to the door. Sonny comes over with Sarah in his arms. It's Lois, Ned, and Brooke.

B: Lo!

L: Hey girlfriend! How was the honeymoon? I want details.

S: Not all the details Bren.

L: Corinthos!

S & B exchange a very sexy look. They come inside, and Sarah and Brooke go off and play in Sarah's room. Sonny, Brenda, Lois, and Ned sit in the living room.

L: So? Did you have fun in Puerto Rico or what?

B: Of course we did. I missed you guys though.

N: We missed you too.

L: Did Sarah like Puerto Rico?

S: She loved it. I can't wait to take her back there someday.

N: I'd love to take Brooke there one day.

L: So would I.

They hear the girls giggling upstairs.

B: I think I'm gonna go check on them.

Brenda goes upstairs.

S: So, Ned, what's going on at ELQ?

N: The usual. Grandfather is up to his old tricks again, but don't worry. Justus and I stopped him.

Brenda comes back down the stairs with Sarah and Brooke. Brooke runs over to Ned. Sarah sits on Sonny's lap.

Br (Brooke): Daddy!

N: Hey Brooke baby.

L: You know, we got so distracted that I forgot to tell you the reason we came here.

S: It's not my wonderful company.

Brenda and Ned laugh.

L: No. Nedly and I are getting married again.

B: Wow. That's great guys.

Lois and Brenda hug.

N: And we were wondering if you'd be our "best person" again?

B: I'd love to. When's the wedding?

L: We haven't really set a date yet. Why? You plannin' on going away again?

B: No.

Sonny and Brenda look at each other.

N: What's wrong guys?

S: Oh nothing's wrong. UmÖ it's just thatÖ umÖ

L: Spit it out Corinthos.

B: Well I just want to make sure that I can make it down the aisle.

N: Bren, are you okay?

L: You're not sick, are you?

B: No, no.

S: We've decided to have another baby.

L: Really?

B: We want our kids to be close in age.

S: We're not pregnant yet, but we're working on it!

Brenda blushes and playfully hits Sonny.

L: Oh. We were thinking about maybe five months from now.

B: That sounds great. Even if I am pregnant by then, I'll be able to walk down the aisle.

L: Yeah. Well, we should be going.

B: Okay. Lo, can I talk to you for a second first?

L: Sure.

They go into the kitchen.

B: Can you do me a huge favor?

L: Anything Bren.

B: Would you mind taking Sarah for the night? Sonny and I need some time alone tonight.

L: Mind? Of course not. Nedly and I will rent a movie to watch with the girls.

B: Thank you, Lois. And whenever you need us to watch Brooke, Sonny and I would be happy to do it.

They go back into the living room. Lois picks up Sarah and walks to the door.

S: What was that all about? (to Lois) And where are you taking my daughter?

L: She's spending the night with her godparents tonight.

S: What?

B: We need some Mommy and Daddy time, just the two of us.

S: Oh really?

Brenda just smiles at him. They kiss their daughter goodbye. Lois and Ned leave with the girls. Brenda leads Sonny over to the couch.

S: So, what did you have in mind, baby?

B: I don't know. Maybe a little of this. (she kisses his forehead) Or maybe this. (she kisses his nose) Or maybeÖ

She passionately kisses him on the lips. Celine Dion's "Seduces Me" plays in the background.

*** "Seduces Me" by Celine Dion ***

Everything you are
Everything you'll be
Touches the current of love
So deep in me
Every sigh in the night
Every tear that you cry
Seduces Me

And all that I am
And all that I'll be
Means nothing at all
If you can't be with me
Your most innocent kiss
Or your sweetest caress
Seduces me

I don't care about tomorrow
I've given up on yesterday
Here and now is all that matters
Right here with you is were I'll stay

Everything in this world
Every voice in the night
Every little thing of beauty
Comes shining through in your eyes
And all that is you becomes part of me too
'Cause all you do seduces me

And if I should die tomorrow
I'll go down with a smile on my face
I thank God I've ever known you
I fall down on my knees for all the love we've made

Every sigh in the night
Every tear that you cry
Seduces me Seduces me
And all that you doÖ..Seduces me


They go on kissing, more intensely. They pull away breathless.

B: Take me upstairs, Sonny.

Sonny picks up his wife and carries her upstairs. They make love for hours and hours, with as much fire and passion as their first time.

Chapter 15

It's three months later. Sonny and Brenda have been spending every available minute with each other and with Sarah. They are at the park with Sarah and Brooke. They're sitting on the bench. Brenda has her head on Sonny's shoulder, and they are holding hands. Lois and Ned arrive to pick up Brooke. Sonny and Brenda stand to greet them.

L: Hey guys! Thanks for watching Brooke for us.


Before she can speak, she faints in her husbands arms. Sonny drops to the floor, still holding Brenda in his arms.

S: Bren? Baby?

L: Bren!

N: Oh my g*d! Brenda!

L: Sonny what's wrong?

S: I don't know. Bren? Baby wake up.

Brenda starts to move a little bit.

B: SoÖSonny?

S: Are you okay, sweetheart?

Sarah and Brooke run over.

Br: Aunt Brenda!

Sa: Mommy! Mommy!

B: I'm okay, sweetheart.

Sarah sits in Brenda's lap, and Brenda holds her. Lois takes Sarah from Brenda, and Sonny helps her get up.

S: Are you sure you're okay, baby?

B: I'll be fine.

N: Has this happened before?

B: I felt a little dizzy this morning, but I'm sure it's nothing.

S: What? You didn't tell me this.

B: I didn't want to worry you.

S: I'm your husband. I have a right to worry.

Sonny gives her a soft kiss, and hugs her.

L: Brenda, maybe you should be checked out by a doctor.

S: Good idea. Let's go.

B: Sonny, I'm fine.

Brenda gets dizzy and stumbles a little bit.

S: That's it. It's settled. We're going to the hospital.

Sonny picks Brenda up and carries her to the car. Lois carries Sarah, and Ned takes Brooke.

It's two hours later. Brenda has seen a doctor, and is waiting for her test results. Ned had to leave (an "Edward created crisis"), but Sonny, Brenda, Lois, and the girls are still there. The doctor walks over to them.

D (doctor): Mr. & Mrs. Corinthos, I have the test results.

B: Good or bad?

D: Very good, Mrs. Corinthos. Congratulations are in order. You're pregnant.

S: Really?

D: Yes. Your two months along.

Sonny and Brenda hug. He kisses her forehead. Lois gives Sonny and Brenda a hug. The doctor's pager goes off.

D: I'm sorry. I have to go. Mrs. Corinthos, you should make an appointment with your obstetrician. She'll get you started on pre-natal vitamins.

B: Thank you, doctor.

D: Your welcome.

The doctor leaves.

Sa: Mommy. Daddy. What does pregnant mean?

Br: It sounds like some kind of bug.

Sonny, Brenda, and Lois laugh.

L: It's not a bug, sweetheart.

Brenda picks Sarah up.

B: It means that Mommy and Daddy are gonna have a baby.

Sa: (excited) I'm gonna be a sister!

S: Would you like that?

Sa: Yes!

Sonny hugs his daughter.

Br: I want a brother or sister too, Mommy!

L: You tell your Daddy about that, Brooke baby!

Sonny and Brenda laugh.

L: Speaking of Ned, he's probably still worried about you. I think I'll go rescue him from Mr. Q, and tell him the news.

B: Okay. We'll see you later, Lo.

They all hug. Lois and Brooke leave.

S: What do you say we go to the Recovery Room and get some dinner? We can tell Pop and Mary the news. You're eating for two now, you know?

B: Don't remind me. I'm gonna gain all that weight again.

S: Ahh. My poor baby. You'll look beautiful no matter how much weight you gain.

Brenda gives him a little kiss on the lips.

B: Thank you for that.

S: Any time. Now let's hit the road.

Sarah hops on Sonny's back, and he gives her a piggy back ride out of the hospital.

~~ At the Recovery Room ~~

Sonny, Brenda, and Sarah walk in. Sarah runs over to Mike at the bar. Mike catches her and picks her up.

M: Hey cutie. How's my granddaughter doing today?

Sa: Good Grandpa. Guess what?

M: What?

Sa: Mommy's gonna have another baby!

M: Wow! Congratulations guys.

B: Thanks Dad.

Mary walks over.

Sa: Grandma!

Ma (Mary): Hey Sarah.

Sarah reaches for Mary.

M: (teasing) Sure. She loves me until Grandma gets here.

Sonny and Brenda laugh. Sarah gives Mike a kiss in the cheek.

M: Thank you.

Mike hands her to Mary.

Ma: Hey kids. What's up?

S: We've got news

B: Yep. We're gonna have another baby.

Ma: Oh. Congratulations, sweetie. Two pregnancy announcements in one day.

S: (confused) What?

Ma: Your father diddn't tell you.

M: Not yet.

B: Tell us what?

Ma: Julie's pregnant too. She told us this morning.

Just then Frank and Julie walk in.

B: Congratulations. Your Mom just told us.

F & J: Thanks.

M: I came to this town all alone, and now my family is expanding by the minute.

F: By the minute?

J: You too?

B: Two months along.

J: Congrtaulations.

Brenda and Julie hug. Frank and Sonny shake hands.

F: So what's everyone doing in two weeks?

Ma: Why?

F: Anyone up for a wedding?

Ma: Congratulations, son. I couldn't have picked a better bride for you.

J: Thanks for your blessing.

Ma: Of course.

S: I'm no medical expert, but I think that these lovely pregnant ladies should have something to eat.

F: I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one.

M: I'll go get us some food. Have a seat guys.

They all go sit together. After a while, Joe and Grace come in and join them. Sonny and Brenda enjoy giving Sarah the family they never had as kids.

Chapter 16 (Final Chapter)

It is now five months later. Brenda is seven months pregnant. The last couple of days, she's been having stomach pains. They aren't too bad, so she didn't say anything to Sonny. She is lying on the couch when Sonny and Sarah walk in. Sonny has a bag in his hand.

Sa: Mommy!

B: Hey sweetheart. Did you have a good time with Aunt Lois and Brooke?

Sa: Yeah. She let us eat popcorn at the movie theater.

B: Not too much, I hope.

Sa: Of course not Mommy.

Sarah goes upstairs to her room. Sonny walks over to the couch and sits next to Brenda.

B: Did you get it?

S: Yes. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, right?

B: Right!

Sonny takes a gallon of ice cream out of the bag. Brenda grabs it from him.

S: Would you like me to get you a spoon?

B: Oh. Could you?

S: Of course. For a price.

Brenda smiles at her husband. She gives him a passionate kiss.

B: Is that what you were looking for?

Sonny just smiles at her. He goes to get her a spoon. When he walks back into the living room, Brenda is holding her stomach trying not to scream from the pain. Sonny drops the spoon and runs over to Brenda.

S: Brenda? What's wrong? Is it the baby?

B: HospitalÖit's time.

S: Okay. Stay calm baby.

Sonny runs to the phone.

S: Lois, it's SonnyÖmeet me at the hospitalÖBren's having the babyÖI know it's too earlyÖI will. Bye.

Sonny hangs up the phone.

S: (yelling upstairs) Sarah, sweetheart. Could you come down here?

Sarah walks down the stairs. Sonny is helping Brenda to the door.

Sa: What is it Daddy?

S: Mommy's gonna have the baby now. We have to go to the hospital.

Joseph (who is still alive) is waiting to help them to the car. He goes to help Brenda.

S: I've got her. Take Sarah and get the door.

Joseph picks up Sarah, locks the door, and goes to the car.

~~ At GH ~~

Sonny and Brenda arrive at the hospital to find Lois and Ned already there.

S: I have to go with Brenda. Please take care of Sarah.

L: Of course. Good luck, Bren.

Brenda is wheeled into the ER. Her doctor arrives.

D: Mrs. Corinthos. How are we today?

B: Not good.

Brenda screams in pain from a contraction. Sonny holds her hand and kisses her forehead. The doctor checks her out.

D: You're definitely in labor. I'm sorry to say this, but you have a little while before you go into the delivery room. You're still in the early stages.

B: I can't do this. Make it be over now.

S: Can't you help her?

The doctor's beeper goes off.

D: I'm sorry Brenda. I'll be back. I have to go check on another patient.

The doctor leaves the room. Brenda has another contraction.

S: It's okay baby. I'm here.

B: I love you, Sonny. Please don't leave.

S: I promise you. I'm not going anywhere. (He kisses her) I love you too.

About four hours later, the hospital waiting room is filled with family and friends. Mike is pacing the floor with Mary at his side. Lois and Ned are there with Sarah and Brooke. Sarah fell asleep in Lois's arms. Newlyweds, Frank and Julie are there. Julie is very tired, because she's still pregnant. Joe and Grace are on duty. They come by every ten minutes with another update on Brenda. Robin and Jason are there pacing next to Mike. Luke and Laura are there too. Luke is happily waiting for a reason to break out the Cuban cigars. Lucy runs into the hospital with Kevin following close behind.

Lucy: I came as soon as I heard. Is there any news yet?

R: Nothing yet Lucy.

They all continue to wait for a couple more hours. Finally, Sonny walks out of the delivery room.

R: Well?

Lois: Is it a boy or a girl, Corinthos?

S: (smiles) I have a son!

Everyone claps and congratulates him. Luke breaks out the cigars.

S: I'd love to stay and party with you, but I've gotta get back to my wife. I promised her that I wouldn't be too long.

Sonny goes back into Brenda's room. She's asleep. He goes over to the bed and lays next to her. Grace comes in with the baby, who starts to cry. Brenda slowly wakes up.

B: (to Grace) Can I hold him?

G: Sure you can.

Grace hands him to Brenda. Sonny puts his arm around Brenda and strokes the baby with the other.

S: Hey there. I'm your Daddy, and this is your Mommy.

B: Hi sweetheart. (to Sonny) We can't keep calling him "the baby" or "sweetheart". He needs a name.

S: Yes he does. What do you suggest?

B: How about Michael, after his Daddy, his Grandpa, and Stone?

S: I don't know. I think he should have his own name.

B: (understands) Okay. You're right.

S: And don't you forget it.

Brenda gives him a look.

S: Just kidding.

B: You better be.

They are still considering names when Lois, Ned, and Sarah walk in.

L: Someone woke up and wanted to meet her brother.

S: Well, come here sweetheart.

Sarah runs over to Sonny, who picks her up. He sits her on the bed next to Brenda and the baby.

N: How are you feeling, Bren?

B: Good. (looks at her family) Very good.

Sa: What's his name, Mommy?

B: Daddy and I haven't decided yet.

S: Do you have any ideas, Lois?

L: You can name him Nedly.

S: I think we'll pass.

L: All right. There are some people waiting to see you out there, so Nedly and I are gonna go.

N: Call us as soon as you get out of here, okay?

B: I promise.

L: Do you want us to take Sarah home with us?

S: No, she'll stay with us.

Lois and Ned leave. Mike and Mary come in. They're followed by Robin and Jason. Next are Frank and Julie. Kevin and Lucy along with Luke and Laura had already left. Everyone has gone home leaving Sonny, Brenda, and their children alone.

Sa: I thought of a name, Mommy?

B: What is it sweetheart?

S: What did you come up with?

Sa: How about Eric?

S: Eric, huh?

B: I like it. Sonny?

S: Eric Corinthos.

B: Eric John Corinthos.

S: Okay. Eric John Corinthos. (to Eric) Do you like it?

He smiles up at his father.

B: I think he likes it.

S: Good job, Sarah.

Sa: Thank you, Daddy.

Sarah smiles triumphantly. It starts to get late. Grace comes in and takes Eric to the nursery. Sarah is asleep next to Brenda in the bed.

B: You should probably go home and get some sleep.

S: What are you talking about? Sarah's already asleep, and I'll be fine in the chair. Even though I'd rather sleep next to you.

B: Sonny, you need your rest. So does Sarah.

S: Brenda. Look at her. She's as peaceful as an angel. And there's no way I'm gonna leave your side.

B: I guess I can't win this one, can I?

S: Nope.

Sonny kisses Sarah on her forehead. He leans over passionately kisses Brenda.

S: Thank you.

B: For what?

S: For giving me two beautiful children.

B: I was glad to do it.

S: Goodnight sweetheart.

B: Goodnight.

A couple days later, Brenda and Eric were released from the hospital. They had a big party with all their friends and family. The PH seemed small, so they bought a new house and lived happily ever after.


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