"All Roads Lead Home" By: Christina Chapman

Chapter 1 "Finding our way home"

As Brenda sits on the train her mind fills w/questions but she has no answers. 4 years, it had been 4 long years since she had stepped foot in Port Charles, since that night her life had changed forever, when she finally gave into her passion for Sonny and for hours they made passionate love, 4 years since she had seen the man that she loved, 4 years since she had been attacked by Jax after he found her and Sonny together. Suddenly she was snapped out of her daydreaming by 2 little children, one who sat on her lap and the other sat next to her. These two small children ferternal twins who called her mommy, they were her reason for living her only reason for facing everday head on. Two small kids who she called Cari Veronica Corinthos and Michael Stone Corinthos Jr. Her one night w/Sonny so long ago had created these miracles. As Cari sat in her mothers lap, she looked up at mother and we saw every ounce of Brenda in her from her Beautiful dark eyes to her long black hair. Michael sat next to her holdong her hand a little boy who was almost identical to his father. Brenda looked at him and smiled as he played w/his Power Ranger and he smiled back at her. She put her hand on Cari's head, Cari looked at her. Cari: Mommy is auntie Lois going to be ok?

Lois and Ned where the only two people in Port Charles who knew that these two tiny children existed. Lois had been in a car crash and even though Brenda knew she would be ok she had decided it was the perfect excuse to finally go back to Port Charles. Brenda: Yes sweetie Auntie Lois is going to be just fine. Her attention then turned to her son who was pulling on her arm. Michael: Mommy how come Uncle Jagger could not come w/us? Right after Brenda had been attacked by Jax she took of from Port Charles not knowing where she was going soon after she decided to go to San Francisco and Karen and Jagger let her stay there w/them. After the twins were born Brenda moved down the street, Brenda and Karen had become best friends and spent almost every second together, about 3 weeks after the twins were born Karen also had a baby a little girl she named Taylor. Brenda: Because sweetie uncle Jagger had to stay home with Auntie Karen and Taylor.

Cari: Will we ever see them again?

Brenda: Of cource we will.

Before Brenda even knew it the train pilled into Port Charles. cari was fast asleep in Brenda's lap, and Michael was still playing w/his toys and was wide awake. They arrived at the train station, brenda picked up a sleeping Cari, and held onto Michael's hand as they got off of the train and for the first time in 4 years Brenda felt like she was really home....

Chapter 2 "Home sweet Home"

There was a car there waiting for them that Brenda had ordered in advance, she had someone bring her luggage to her car and loaded it into the trunk. Brenda played Cari into her car seat and Cari didnt even flinch she slept soundly like an angel, Michael crawled into his car seat like the big boy that he is. Brenda got into the drivers seat and took off. Port Charles had been her home for so long and now it seemed that PC was just as much as a stranger as it had been a friend at one time. She had not clue who still lived there, She never asked Lois or Ned about Sonny, she didnt know if he still lived there, if he was married, or even alive. About 30 minutes later she pulled into the parking lot of GH.

Brenda: 4 years has it really been 4 years?
Michael: What mommy?
Brenda: Nothing sweet heart mommy is just thinking out loud.
Micheal began to crawl out of his car seat, and Cari still slept in hers.
Brenda: Michael dont slam your door, because it will wake your sister.
Michael got up and sliently closed his door.
Brenda: Good boy.
Brenda got out of the car and carefully picked up Cari who in turn rested her head on her mothers shoulder and continued her slumber. Cari was a sound sleeper just like her daddy. Michael took Brendas hand and was very eager to see what lied ahead of him. Even though these two kids looked almost identical from there dark hair to olive skin, they were very tiny for the age of 3, their personalities were very different. Cari was very quiet and just loved to be held and loved, and Michael was very energenic and hyper he loved adventures and mystery. Brenda reached the entrance of the hospital and went inside, they reached the elevator and went into it. Michael pressed the #7 button and was very proud of himself afterwards. They reached the 7th floor and preceeded off of the elevator. Michael instantly saw Ned and let go of his mothers hand and ran to him and jumped into his arms.
Ned: Well hey there how is my big boy?
Michael: I'm good.
Brenda reached Ned and gave him a hug.
Ned: Hows Cari?
Brenda: Shes good she is very tired though she didn't get very much sleep
last night. Hows Lois?
Ned: She is fine she will be released tomarrow.
Brenda: Well that is good news. Do you think she is up for a visit?
Ned: Sure i'm sure she would love to see you. Do you want me to take Cari?
Brenda: No, I dont want to wake her, but could you watch Michael for me, he can be very roudy.
Ned: Yeah sure I got it covered.
Brenda walks into Lois's room and sees her sleeping in her hospital bed, Brenda walks over to her and takes her hand. Lois slowly opens her eyes and a big smile crosses her face.
Brenda: Hey there girlfriend.
Lois: Bren?
Brenda: Yeah the one and only.
Lois: What are you doing here? Isint it to dangerous?
Brenda: What do you mean?
Lois: What if sonny sees you and the kids?
Brenda: Lois dont worry about that OK, I have it undercontrol.
Lois: Famous last words girlfriend.
Out side of the hospital room Ned sits w/Michael.
The elevator opens and Sonny runs out of it looking for Lois and Ned. He sees ned sitting on the couch w/a little boy running circles around him, He walks over to Ned and Michael w/o a clue that is his life is about to change forever.

Chapter 3 "Eye Contact"

Sonny reaches Michael and Ned and he looks at Michael wondering who this child could be and why he was w/Ned Michael continues running circles not even noticing Sonny looking at him. Ned looks up at sees him and panic begins to run through his body but he tried not to let it show.
Ned: Hey Sonny, what are u doing here?
Sonny: What do u think I am doing here? How is Lois?
Ned: Oh of cource, Lois is good she is still weak but she is hanging in there like always.
Sonny giggles at Michael who suddenly from running the circles and gets very dizzy and fall. Ned jumps up to catch him but Sonny reaches him first.
Sonny: hey there big boy u better be careful or u are going to make your self sick.
Michael: Thank-you mister but I am ok.
Sonny: So what is your name?
Michael: I'm Michael.
Sonny: Well hi there Michael I am Sonny.

Ned can see that this is just not good at all, he knows that if Brenda walks out and sees Sonny w/Michael she would not be a happy camper.
Ned: Michael why dont u go and get a sucker over there on the counter OK.
Michael looks at sonny.
Michael: It was nice to meet u mister Sonny.
Sonny laughs.
Sonny: It was nice to meet u to Michael.
Michael runs off to get the sucker.
Sonny: Ok Ned so who's kid is that?
Ned: Why would u care?
Sonny: Ohh touchy touchy, Come on Ned who's Kid is it.
Ned really does not what to say he just sits there.
Brenda walks out of Lois' room w/Cari still fast asleep in her arms, She does not see Sonny.
Michael runs over to her and starts to tug on her arm, Sonny looks up and sees Brenda and his heart jumps up into his mouth.
Sonny: (under his breathe) Oh my god!

Brenda looks down at Michael who obviously has a story to tell her.
Brenda: Hey, whats wrong?
Michael: Mommy guess what I did.. I ran around is a whole numch of cirlces and then I fell and a nice man caught me.
Brenda: Oh really. Well who is this nice man?
Michael: He is over there w/uncle Ned. See him (he points to Sonny)
Brenda looks over at Ned and then she pans to the right and she comes face to face w/the man who she has longed to see, the man who she walked out on 4 years ago, The man she called "The love of her life"
Brenda: Sonny............

Chapter 4 "Hello My Love"

Brenda takes Michael's hand and walks over to Sonny and Ned. Not knowing what to say she just said the first thing that came to her mind.
Brenda: I didnt know u still lived here.
Sonny: Yeah well this **is** my home.
Ned: Umm I am going to go down to the cafeteria I am getting really hungry..
Hey Michael do u want to come w/me and get some ice cream?
Michael: YEAH!!!!
Ned laughs.
Ned: Ok come on big boy, Bren do u want me to take Cari?
Brenda: No thats OK if she wakes up and I am not there she will freak.
Ned: Ok come on Michael.
Brenda: Ned NO CHOCOLATE he is hiper as it is.
Ned: I know Bren I know.
Ned and Michael skip off to the elevator. Brenda turns her attention back to Sonny who is still in shock that she is still there. Sonny: I really have no clue what I am supposed to say
Brenda. I have lived this moment in my head about a thousand times but....
Brenda: Sonny stop ok not here, not in front of everyone, lets just go somewhere private, ok?
Sonny: Ok.
They go into an empty hospital room, Brenda puts Cari down on the bed, and looks at her for a moment. Then looks back up at Sonny.
Sonny: I only have one question that i want answered thats all and u owe me that.
Brenda: I know that I do. Ok ask away.
Sonny: Why did u leave? Thats all I want to know is why?
Brenda: (tears well up in her eyes) I had to U know that I had to. After what Jax did what I went through, there is no way I could stay here. Sonny I was scared, scared of what he could do to me so I ran. After I got to San Fransisco I didnt plan on staying there, then I found out I was pregnent and I knew that there was no way I would ever puts my childs life in danger, So Karen and Jagger told me I could stay w/them until the twins were born. I tried to come back so many times, then Lois told me that Jax was in jail, I was going to come back but I was so used to running that I didnt know how to do anything else, it was normal to run.
Sonny: What made u change your mind and come back?
Brenda: I had been looking for an excuse to come back here and when I found out that Lois was hurt I knew that it was my chance so I grabbed it.
Sonny takes Brenda's hand.
Sonny: I missed u.
Brenda: I missed u to.
Sonny: Are u back for good?
Brenda: I think so, but I am not sure yet. The kids know San Fransisco as there home and Karen and Jagger as there family. But I came back here for another reason to.
Sonny: And that would be?
Brenda: Cari and Michael deserve the chance to meet there father.
Sonny: Oh god, are u saying that....... (pauses) they arnt they?
Brenda lets go of Sonny's hand and walkes over to Cari, she sits down on the bed and puts her hand on her daughters face caressing her cheak.
Brenda: I didnt know at first when i first found out I was pregnent I didnt know who the father was, mabey that was another excuse to stay in SF, I dont know I dodnt even find out until the twins were born that they were in fact yours... (pauses) ours. I want u to get the chance to meet and get to know your children I at least owe u that and I owe them that.
Sonny: U know what else I would like?
He walks over to her and takes her hand and lifts her up off of the bed so she is standing next to him.
Brenda: What else would u like?
Sonny: I want the chance to get to know there mother again.. To have her in my life and in my arms will U let me start again? Will you give us another try? Let me be apart of your life and give me a chance to take away the pain u have felt when I wasnt there to help it go away. PLEASE Brenda arnt we worth it?

Chapter 5 "Hello Daddy"

Brenda was just about to answer Sonny's question when she heard a little girls voice yell out.
Cari: MOMMY!!!!!
Brenda snaps out of her Sonny made daze and runs to her daughters side.
Brenda: Honey its ok mommys right here, shes right here (she picks Cari up and holds her). Whats wrong did u have a bad dream.
Cari: No, I just woke up and I didn't see u and I got scared.
Sonny turns to walk away but Brenda grabs his arm.
Brenda: No dont leave, Please.
Cari: Mommy whos he?
Brenda: Well sweetie he is someone that I want u to meet.
Sonny: U dont have to do this right now Brenda.
Brenda: Yes I do.
Cari: Mommy whats going on?
Brenda: Well sweetie u know how a long time ago U asked me who your daddy was.
A huge smile crosses Cari's face.
Cari: Is he my daddy?
Brenda: Yes sweetheart he is.
Sonny: Hey there Cari, U know u are just as beautiful as your mother is.
Cari smiles shyly. Brenda looks at Sonny.
Brenda: would u like to hold her?
Sonny: I would love to.
Brenda: Cari would u like to go see your daddy?
Cari: Ok
Brenda leans over and hands Cari to Sonny, Sonny opens his arms and excepts his daughter w/open arms. Cari rests her head on Sonnys sholder and Sonny tightly raps his arms around her, a single tear runs down his cheek and he looks at Brenda and she also crying.
Sonny: So what do u think Miss Barrett let me show u and our children what a family can feel like.
Brenda looks at him and a smile crosses her face, she does not say a word she just walks over to him and raps her arms around him and Cari and they all hold eachother for the longest time. About 10 minutes later they finally pull away and Brenda walks around Sonny to see if Cari is ok, and she sees her beautiful daughter has fallen back into dream world.
Sonny: Is she ok?
Brenda: (smiling) She is fast asleep, here let me take her.
Sonny: No, its ok let me.
He walks back over to the bed and places his sleeping daughter down on the bed.
Sonny: She looks so much like u.
Brenda: She sure does, but she has your eyes.
Sonny walks back over to Brenda and takes her hand.
Sonny: So u know u never answered my question, can we all be a family?
Brenda: What do u think?
She places her other hand in Sonnys and he draws her close for seconds they look deep into eachothers eyes like they are looking into each others souls, he takes her face in her hand and pulls her to him and they begin to kiss, it starts out very soft but becomes much deeper. Brenda suddenly pulls away out of breath.
Brenda: WOW! ok I think we better stop before we get so far that we cant.
Sonny: We will finish this later.
Brenda: (laughing) we'll see, wont we.

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