"All I've Ever Wanted" by Faye Kingsley

Sonny sat on the docks looking at an old picture of him and Brenda. He couldn’t believe she was actually back. He’s imagined this so many times in his head. This time it was real. He still didn’t understand why she would fake her own death and stay with Alcazar. She had everything she ever want here. She had him here. He thought he would have been enough to make her stay. Sonny looked down at the photo again. They were both smiling in it. They used to be so happy together. How did they get this way? Sonny put the photo back in his pocket. He was married now. He couldn’t go chasing after Brenda even though that’s what he wanted more than anything. He had a commitment to Carly.

Brenda walked into Kelly’s and ordered some coffee. She wasn’t used to being back here. This place used to be her home. Most of her friends had moved. People that used to like her won’t give her the time of day now. She had Jason telling her how happy Sonny and Carly were and that she better not ruin their relationship. How could things have changed this drastically? She couldn’t believe that Sonny had married Carly. He left her at the alter but he could marry Carly. She didn’t understand it. She always thought her and Sonny were meant to be together. Obviously Sony didn’t feel the same. Brenda took a sip of her coffee and saw Carly walking over to her.

“I just thought I’d come over here and tell you myself. You better stay away from Sonny. He’s happy now. We all know how good you are at draining people’s happiness. You’re like a plague Brenda. Guys fall for you like there’s no tomorrow and then you fake you’re death leaving them devastated for years. It took Sonny years to get over your death and he wasn’t fully recovered. Then you come back and expect everyone to act like nothing happened. Sonny’s happy with what he has.. Why don’t you try letting him be happy for once,” Carly said angrily keeping her voice as low as possible.

“Obviously Sonny isn’t as happy as you think. If he was you wouldn’t be over here trying to keep me away from him. What’s the matter Carly? Are you scared Sonny will realize that you were just the rebound? If you knew about all his past relationships you would know that he always comes back to me. I hope you don’t love him too much,” Brenda retorted. She smiled when she saw the look on Carly’s face. Carly could try and hurt her all she wanted, it wasn’t going to work. She’s been through enough in her life than to let some tramp put her down. Carly had no idea who she was messing with.

“Listen to me. I will not let you break up my family. I’m sure Jax would leave Skye for you. Why don’t you go chase after him? Leave Sonny alone. He’s mine now and you’ll just have to learn to live with it. Trust me, Sonny would never leave me for someone like you. At least I’ve never lied to him,” Carly shot back. Brenda would lose this one. Brenda had to learn that you can’t always get what you want. She knew Brenda wanted Sonny back, but she wasn’t going to let that happen. Carly grabbed her bag and left Kelly’s. She waked down onto the docks and saw Sonny standing there looking at the water. He was here a lot lately. She knew it had to do with Brenda. She was getting sick of Brenda already and she barely even knew the girl.

“Hey, are you okay?” Carly asked. She looked at Sonny. He sighed and then sat down on the bench. She couldn’t believe that Brenda still had this effect on him. She lied to him. She faked her own death and caused him so much pain for years. Yet he still wasn’t over her. No one would ever be able to compare to Brenda.

“I just don’t know what I want anymore Carly. Ever since Brenda came back I’ve been so confused. I loved her more than anything. Why would she fake her own death and then come back years later. She had to have known people would be hurt. Especially me,” Sonny said softly. He wanted Brenda back, but he didn’t want to hurt Carly. Carly helped him through a lot of the pain Brenda had caused him. She showed him how to open up his heart again and love. She stuck with him through the hard times. They had a life together.. He didn’t know if he could throw it away for Brenda. He didn’t even know if Brenda was here to stay. She might just up and leave again.

“I know you’re confused about everything Sonny. I can’t blame you. I know you and Brenda have a long history together. I’m not willing to lose you though. I love you Sonny. I will fight for you if I have to,” Carly said. She wasn’t going to let Brenda take what was hers. Brenda ruined her chances with Sonny the moment she decided to fake her death. Brenda had the chance to come back, but she chose to keep everyone in the dark. Carly looked up and saw Brenda walking on the docks.

“You need to leave,” Carly yelled. She couldn’t believe that Brenda was here now. She needed to leave her and Sonny alone. Brenda was not wanted here by anyone. All she did was hurt people. Port Charles was better off without hurricane Brenda.

“Don’t worry Carly. I’m not here to steal Sonny from you. I always take this way home. I didn’t even know Sonny was here,” Brenda shot back with even more attitude. Carly needed to get over herself. She just got rid of Carly. She didn’t fell like dealing with her crap again.

“Well you sure are taking you’re time to leave. It shouldn’t take this long to get off the docks. Me and Sonny need a moment alone,” Carly retorted. She wasn’t going to let Brenda come in between her and Sonny. Brenda was the one who left. She was the one who ruined Sonny’s life. Sonny would never take that back over her.

“Listen to me Carly. I already told you that I wasn’t here to steal Sonny back from you. You can attack me at Kelley’s again and on the docks, but I’m not going to ruin his happiness like that. How long will it take for you to get that in your thick head? Just leave me alone. I’m trying to put m y life back together. Stay out of my life and I will gladly stay out of yours,” Brenda yelled. She saw the shocked look on Sonny’s face. Brenda sped up her pace but was stopped by someone grabbing her arm. She turned around with tears streaming down her face and saw that it was Sonny.

“Brenda, you and me need to talk. Carly can you leave?” Sonny asked. He looked up at Carly and saw the shocked look on her face.

“Oh what, she puts on a few tears and now you want to make her feel better for lying to everyone for years and causing everyone so much pain. You have fun with that. Remember who was there for you through that pain Sonny. It sure as hell wasn’t her,” Carly fumed and stormed off. She couldn’t believe Sonny was talking to Brenda. All she would do is hurt him again. Brenda didn’t deserve Sonny.

“I missed you so much Brenda. Why did you do it? You could have come back. I would have taken you back with no questions asked. Didn’t you know that it was you I wanted more than anything? I’ve never loved anyone the way that I loved you,” Sonny said softly. He pulled Brenda into his arms and sat her on his lap. It felt so good to hold Brenda in his arms again. He’s been dreaming about this for years. And now it was happening.

“I missed you too Sonny. I wasn’t trying to hurt you or anyone else. I loved you more than anything. That’s why I stayed away. Louise had me believing I was dying. I didn’t want to come back only to leave you again so shortly. I was trying to protect you. I know that you’ve move don with Carly and that she was here for you when I wasn’t. I know that you’re happy now and I’m not going to ruin that for you. You deserve to be happy Sonny. You deserve to have a family. I won’t get in the way of that I promise,” Brenda replied gently. She could feel more tears falling down her face. She knew letting Sonny go was the right thing to do. He deserved to be happy.

“I don’t want to lose you again Brenda. I don’t love Carly the way I love you. No one will ever be able to compare to you.. I don’t want to be with Carly anymore. I know I look happy to everyone, but I’m not. I tried to move on and be happy without you. I don’t know how to be happy without you. I want you back Brenda. I’ve always wanted you back. Please say you’ll come back to me and that you’re not going to leave me again,” Sonny pleaded. He wiped away Brenda’s tears and kissed her passionately on the lips. He’s wanted this for so long and now it was finally happening. He couldn’t ask for anything more. Brenda was all he needed.

“Are you sure about this Sonny? I don’t want to ruin your life again,” Brenda asked unsure. She wanted Sonny back so much. Sonny was all she could think about when she was with Louise. That’s probably why Louise was going to try and kill Sonny. Louise could tell that she would never love him the way she loved Sonny. She would never leave Sonny again though. She would never be able to hurt him again. She loved him too much. She just wanted him back. She wanted their life back.

“I’m more sure of this than anything else in my life Brenda. You’re all I could ever want. There is no one else for me,” Sonny answered gently. He kissed Brenda again. He couldn’t believe he had her here in his arms and he was kissing her again. He was the happiest man alive right now.

“Of course I’ll take you back Sonny. I love you. I promise I’m here to stay. I’ll never leave you again Sonny. I can’t live another day without you,” Brenda replied happily. She leaned in and kissed sonny. She couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

“I’m going to divorce Carly. Once it’s finalized me and you are getting married like we should have been years ago. I promise I won’t leave you at the alter this time. I will never hurt you like that again,” Sonny whispered into her ear. Brenda leaned her head on Sonny’s shoulder. This was the happiest day of her life. She finally had Sonny back and for good this time.


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