To Sonny and Brenda - Forever by Shari


Brenda paced nervously, checking the clock, she put her hand up
to her head and ran her fingers through her hair.
"NO!" Lois cried, running to Brenda.
"Oops!" Brenda said, giggling as she and Lois rushed to the powder room.
"I can not belive I did that," Brenda said as she sat at the vanity and
assesed herself. She looked up at Lois, who was standing behind her with the
curling iron in her hand, and smiled. "God, Lo, I am soo happy. Did you ever
think it would happen to me?"
"Sure, I did." Lois smiled at her friend as she recurled her bangs. "I am so
glad that you are marrying-"
The bedroom door opened and Robin and Ned walked in.
"The groom awaits, " Ned announced.
"Yeah, he's real nervous." Robin chimmed in, beaming at her friends.

Brenda stood up and Lois and Robin helped her with her veil. Brenda looked
absolutly stunning in her gold Oscar de La Renta gown. She had a shawl
snaking over her shoulders that matched the gown to a tee.
"Wedding check." Lois said.
Brenda stood, smiling, in the middle of the room as Robin, Lois and Ned stood
around her.
"Borrowed?" Ned called out.
"Lois' gold braclet," Brenda answered, holding up her arm.
"Blue?" Robin asked.
"Underwear." Brenda said, giggling.
"Old?" Lois questioned.
"The diamond pendant."
"Dress, shoes," Brenda grabbed her flowers from the table and
stood still as all three checked her out.
Ned linked arms with her, "Your chariot awaits, madam." He said in a fake
chaffuer voice. They headed out of the hotel room.
They stepped off of the elevator and walked out of the hotel and across the
driveway to the big pasture that faced the ocean. The waves crashed right
against the shore, the wind had a small whistling sound.
"It looks like a postcard." Robin said breathlessly. The sun was setting
against the horizon, the deep blue sea stretched for miles into it. The
setting sun cast a pattern of sunlight on the water. The pasture had the
greenest grass on the entire earth, it had the most beautiful flowers. Brenda
took a deep breath as the music began.
'This is it, guys." Brenda said. "My wedding day."
Robin and Lois walked down the aisle made by the seats provided by the hotel.
Brenda clutched at Ned's arm. "Ready?" He asked.
"Yes, definitly."
As Brenda walked down the aisle with Ned at her side, all the most imortant
people in her life staring at her, not beliving how beautiful she is, she
thought back to all the events that had brought her here. To this little
Mexican island in the Pacific. Now, where she was to get married to the man
she loved with all of her heart. She and Ned stopped at the alter and he took
her hand and connected it with Sonny's.
"Knock 'em dead, you two." He whispered out of the corner of his mouth.
Brenda giggled.
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today....."
Brenda stared into Sonny's brown eyes and she felt happy, truly happy,
happier than she has ever felt in her entire life.
"Brenda, repeat after me, I, Brenda Barret....."
"I, Brenda Barret." Brenda said repeated.
"Take the Micheal Corinthos....."
"Take the Micheal Corinthos."
"To be my lawfully wedded husband...."
"To be my lawfully wedded husband."
"I promise to love him...."
Brenda wiped tears from her eyes, "I promise to love him"
"Honor him..."
"Honor him"
"Keep myself only unto him for as long as we both shall live."
"And keep myself only unto him for as long as we both shall live."
The minister turned to Sonny and he repeated the same thing.
The minister turned to Jason. "The rings...." Jason fumbled in his pocket
until he found the brass, heart shaped box. He handed the bands to Sonny.
"Micheal, repeat after me. With this ring, as a token of my love and
affection, I thee wed."
"With this ring, as a token of my love and affection, I thee wed." Sonny slid
the gold band on Brenda's finger, where the silver engagment one already lay,
and then raised it to his mouth, kissing it.
"Brenda, repeat after me. With this ring, as a token of my love and
affection, I thee wed."
Brenbda had to wipe away tears as she whispered, "With this ring, as a token
of my love and affection, I thee wed." She slid the ring on Sonny's finger
and they clasped hands.
" What God hath put together, let no man put asunder. By the power vested in
me by the almighty father above, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You
may kiss your bride."
Sonny took Brenda in his arms and planted the biggest, longest, wettest kiss
on her ever. They couldn't seem to get enough of each other. Sonny took her
face in his hands and kissed her lovingly, passionatly.
"Hey, that is what the honeymoon is for!" The minister joked.
Flushed and slightly embarrased, they pulled apart.
They turned hand and hand and Brenda came face to face with Lois and Robin,
both wiping happy tears from their eyes.
Brenda squealed with delight. "I did it! " She screamed and hugged her two
best friends as hard as she could.
Luke, Laura, Mike, and Ned came up to the blissful couple and hugged them
hard. Ruby hugged Brenda so hard, they both were in tears by the time they
pulled away. She just stared hard at Sonny before hugging him too.

Brenda sat in the same hotel room, at the vanity with the bathroom door
closed. She was dressed in a Victoria's Secret sky blue lace chemise and a
matching see through robe. Her hair was pulled up in a loose bun with curly
tendrils shaping her face.
"Baby!" Sonny yells from the bedroom. "Hurry up, I'm getting lonely out
"Soon, sweetie, soon." Brenda ran into the bathroom and brushed her teeth for
the third time. She checked her underarms for BO, there was none. Spraying
her neck, wrist, stomach and thigh with some of Sonny's favorite perfume and
slipping on her diamond pendant, Brenda assesed herself in the mirror. She
sighed with happiness. When had anything in her entire life EVER felt so
right? Never.

Brenda opened the door and turned off the light.
Sonny was out on the terrace drinking some wine, his back to her. She walked
over to him and wrapped her arms around him from the back.
Nuzzling his neck, she whispered, "Honeyyyyyy......" She breathed in his deep
rich scent and smiled with happiness.
Sonny grabbed her arms and pulled her to sit in his lap. "You
an angel, sweetheart." He whispered as he bent his head and kissed her neck.
Wrapping her arms around his neck, she giggled. "You make me one." Brenda
whispered. They began to kiss passionately, Sonny took her face in his hands
and took little love bites out of her chin. Brenda buried her face in his
neck as he lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom. He lay her down on
the bed and lay beside her, pulling her into the warm comfort of his arms.
Just before their lips met yet again, Brenda whispered, "I love you."
* * * * *

When Brenda awoke the next morning, the cool summer breeze blowing in from
the terrace was ruffling the white satin curtains. The sun was bright and it
cast bright sunlight on the bed. Brenda slept spoon fashioned with Sonny, her
back to his chest with his arms around her. She turned softly and looked down
at her sleeping husband. He looked like a baby, the smallest hint of a smile
playing on his handsome features. A whisp of hair lay across his forhead,
Brenda brushed it aside. She looked down at her small, circle cut diamond. It
lay on a white gold band, glimmering in the sunlight. She stared back at
Sonny lovingly.
"My husband." She whispered, smiling, taking his left hand in hers, staring
at his gold band and bringing it to her lips. She kissed it softly. The phone
rang, and hoping not to wake Sonny, Brenda answered it before it could ring
"Hello?" She whispered.
"Bren?" Brenda smiled at Lois' voice.
"Hiiiiiiii." Brenda said in that little girl voice.
"So..." Lois prompted.
"So.....?" Brenda asked innocently, looking down at Sonny, who still lay
asleep, his chest rising and falling slowly.
" was the honeymoon?" Lois asked.
" was, as honeymoons go, perfect. But Lo, I can't talk long, Sonny
is a sleep and i don't want to wake him."
"I know that. I remember when Ned and I first got married and I just LOVED
watching him sleep. I still do."
"Yeah......Sonny looks so beautiful when he sleeps. He looks much
like a little boy. I love that about him. He is just so cute you could
smother him."
Brenda felt strong arms slide around her waist and Brenda sighed when Sonny
planted a good morning kiss on her neck. He grabs the phone from Brenda and
says, "Hi, Lois. I am sorry but I must grab my wife now, we have alot to do."
He hung up the phone softly and Brenda turned to him.
"Morning baby." She kissed his mouth slowly.
"Morning." Sonny swept his wife up in his arms and carried her into the
"I don't know about you, but I feel a bath coming on, " He whispered in her
ear as he shut the door.
* * * * *
Brenda joined Sonny on the terrace. She pulled out the chair across from him,
but he pulled her yet again into his lap. They were both dressed in robes
provided by the hotel and wonderful post-honeymoon smiles. Sonny popped a
strawberry into her mouth.
"What were we doing today?" Brenda asked her husband as she swallowed.
"You told Lois we had alot to do, so what are we doing?"

Sonny smiled mischivously. "That, my beautiful wife, is for me to know and
you to find out."
"Sonny!" Brenda exclaimed, " That's not fair! I'll need to know what to wear,
how to dress, what kind of purse to bring...."
Sonny put his finger to her mouth. "Shhhh. Just bring a bathing suit and a
nice evening gown for later. The rest is left up to me."
Brenda opened her mouth to speak, but Sonny pressed his lips against hers
firmly. "Trust me, " Sonny smiled, " besides, you love surprises."
Brenda nodded. "Yeah, i do."

An hour later they were ready, Brenda wearing a green halter dress with white
high heeled sandals and Sonny wearing a white linen shirt and blue denim

They left the hotel, hand in hand, smiling bright.
The valet attendent handed Sonny the keys to the jeep he had rented and they
drove off, along the coast where the waves crashed against the deep brown
cliffs. Brenda's hair flew in the wind as she stared out at the people on the
beach, swimming, tanning, or just sleeping. She looked straight ahead up the
peak of a giant volcano on the north end of the island. Grayish white clouds
hovered near the crater. The sky was a deep ocean blue and the sea was so
beautiful and magestic it seemed to of never of ended. She looked at her
husband who seemed to be concentrating hard on the road ahead of them.
Feeling her eyes on him, he turned and smiled at her, taking her hand.

Brenda rested her head on Sonny's shoulder and sighed. They felt like the
only two people in the world.
Five minutes later, Sonny pulled up to a small gray building on the beach.
It had a stone sign out front that read, WEST SINALOA ISLAND'S WATER SAFARI.
"Water safari?" Brenda asked as she grabbed her bag out of the back seat and
slid on her shades. The suns direct rays seemed to be cast right upon the

"Yup, " Sonny said, sliding his arm around his wife's waist. He led her to
the door and they walked inside. It was a small office building with access
to the beach. Behind the low reception desk were about five smaller desks and
beyond that were three sliding glass doors that took you right out to the
There was a young Mexican woman seated at the reception desk and Sonny led
her over there.
"Hola......." Sonny began speaking to the woman in Spanish as Brenda looked
around. On the wall behind them, there were a bunch of chairs and above that
were some posters that had to do with water sports. Curiously, Brenda walked
over there and read them carefully.
The posters read:
WSIWS' Annual Para Sailing Contest
January 3 - 19
WS Beach

Brenda's eyes grew wide as she moved on to the next poster. It showed a woman
water skiing in the middle of the ocean on one ski! There were no words on
this poster. She turned around and went up to Sonny, asking softly, "Sweetie,
just what exactly ARE we doing?"

Sonny was signing a piece of paper as he answered simply, "Para Sailing."

Brenda's eyes nearly fell out of her head, her mouth fell open about three
inches and she was left stunned, speechless.
"Pa- Pa para sailing?"
Sonny handed the paper to the woman, turned to his wife and smiled. "Yup."
"Thats when you go up in a little sail like thing with nothing between you
and 500 feet of blue ocean?"
"Yup. Great huh?"
Brenda stared at her husband. "Yeah, have fun sweetie, see you in the car."
She turned to head out of the building but Sonny caught her arm.
"Come on........." He told her, pulling her into his arms. "It will be fun."

"Senor Corinthos?" A short woman in a blue bathing suit and a red jacket came
over to them.
"Your boat is ready when you are."
* * * * *

"Where is Corinthos now?"

"On some little island in the Pacific with his new bride."
The man looked down at the picture his men had taken of the Corinthos wedding
"West Sinaloa island off the coast of Mexico. It is a getaway resort, very
romantic.... Listen, when can you have some men down there to, uh, take care
of things?"

"Three days, tops."
* * * * *

Brenda screamed in delight. The water was nice and cool under her feet as she
stepped off of the boat and walked up the beach to the building. Sonny came
up and wrapped his arms around her. Pulling his arms to her and brushing her
cheek against his nose, she sighed.
"That was......" Brenda


was shaking her head in awe as she stared out at sea.

"Like it?" Sonny was beaming at her.
"It was wonderful, Sonny." Brenda whispered.

The boatsmen smiled at the two as he came up to them, and asked them
something in spanish.
"What did he say?" Brenda asked.
"He asked us if we were newlyweds."
"Si. Si," Brenda answered him, taking Sonny's hands and leading him inside.

"Since when have you known how to speak spanish?" Sonny asked, surprised.
"Since I snuck a peek at a Spanish - English dictonary at the gift shop of
the hotel."

Sonny laughed.

"Where are we going now?" Brenda asked her husband as they walked out of the
Water Safari building hand in hand.

'To dinner."
Brenda smiled beautifully at Sonny.

They had changed into their evening clothes and were driving along the coast
when Sonny asked Brenda to look at his watch for the time.
"5:30," She told him.

"Perfect." Sonny said, speeding up.
Brenda looked questionaly at Sonny, but sat back and enjoyed the ride.

She didn't know how long it was before Sonny pulled the jeep up to a Marina
and turned off the engine.
"Dinner awaits, my dear."

Brenda looked up to see a big island cruise ship docked in front of her. She
could see tables set up on the top level and could hear music being played
"Dinner on a cruise ship???" Brenda asked increduosly.
Brenda leaned over and kissed her husband softly, then she hopped out of the
jeep and began walking briskly and excitedly toward the ship. When Sonny
caught up with her, she was next in line for tickets.

The sun was setting as they dinned on chicken, swet potatoes, rice, and wine.
"A toast." Sonny said, holding up his glass. "To Sonny and Brenda-Forever."
"Forever." Brenda smiled at her husband and clinked glasses. Brenda sipped
her drink, suddenly becoming very serious.

"Baby, we need to talk," Brenda looked troubled and worried.
'Bout what?" Sonny asked his wife.
"The business, I dunno, what ever you call it. We need to talk about your
"Brennnnnndddddddaaa." Sonny moaned, "I thought we-"
"We did." Brenda looked down, almost ashamed. "We did. But now we are going
to talk about it again. And again and again until you will LISTEN to me and
what I have to say and not-not push me away or tell me everything is
"Ok, I am listening."
Brenda looked out to sea, and then back to her husband. She smild in that
sincere, I don't want to hurt you way. "I love you." She smiled, taking
Sonny's hand. "You are probably the ONE person on this whole entire planet
that knows me best-that understands me and loves me in the best way
possible." She sighed. "But, I don't know Sonny." She was shaking her head
and she pulled her hand away. "It's, it's not that I regret marrying you-I
don't. And I never will, but it's just that I remember. You know. I remember
the time in the shower and the time with Harry in the cave and I can't
remember ever being so scared or afraid of ANYTHING in my entire life but
dying. You were there for me once-but not the other time. What if this time
its forever? What if this time, no one is there to save me? You or-or Lois or
Mike, Ruby, Robin Jason one of my bodyguards, no one? I can't do that again
Sonny. I can't."

Sonny looked at Brenda with complete understanding. "You won't." Sony took
her hand and pulled her up from the table, taking her to the railing of the
boat. "Listen to me. NOTHING will happen to you Brenda. Nothing. I'm gonna
protect you better than I protect myself. I promise. OK?"

Brenda looked up at Sonny lovingly and smiled. "OK." She snuggled against
him. "I love you, Sonny Corinthos."
"I love you, Brenda."

Brenda sat on the couch and turned the page of the paper, she scooped up a
huge glob of ice cream from the carton and gobbled it up. She sighed. Sonny
should of been home three hours ago. Brenda hoped up from the couch and
walked over to the window where it was raining hard out. The sky was pitch
black and lightning lit the sky every few minutes and thunder could be heard
in the distance. The wind was howling loudly and from the penthouse window
Brenda could see that the streets of Port Charles were deserted. So where was
There was a knock at the door and Brenda hurtled the furniture and nearly
broke her neck just to get there. When she opened the door......Robin.

"Hi." Brenda put on a phony smile as she stepped aside to let her friend in.
"I thought, you know, that Sonny......did he call you? How did you get here?"
"Jason and I......." Robin turned and pointed as Jason came down the hall,
just as soaked as Robin was. "We were on our way back from Luke's and
couldn't make it to Jake's so we came here. Jason, where is Sonny?"

Jason looked confused. "Sonny? I don't - didn't he call you or something? He
said he had a meeting with some one in Rochester. That was noon."

Brenda's face fell. She slammed the door shut. "Yeah, I mean, he would of
called me if he was going to be late. I - I paged him, called his cellular, I
called Luke and and Mike and they haven't heard from him. A man DOES usually
call his wife when he is going to be late, right?"

Robin lead Brenda to the couch and sat her down. "He is going to be fine,
Brenda. Maybe he just, maybe the meeting that he went to went a little longer
than planned. He will call, I'm sure."

"Yeah, well he better before the power goes out." Brenda mumbled as she
stared out the rain streaked window.
* * * * *

"You got the stuff?" Sonny asked.
"Yeah, yeah. Mr Corinthos, I got your stuff right here." He handed Sonny a
small brown paper bag. "Sorry about the appearance and all, but my boss would
kill me if he knew what I was doing."

Sonny dumped the contents of the bag out into his hand and smiled. "Perfect.
This stuff is perfect. Thanks man."

"Anything for a friend."
Sonny smiled at the man one last time and walked out onto the street, not
looking back.
His "friend" back in the shop smiled slyly as he picked up the phone and made
a call. "Yeah, Luis? The package has just been delivered."
* * * * *

The phone rang and Brenda jetted to the table to get it.
"Sonny? Baby?" She ran her hands through her hair nervously.
"Yeah, sweetheart, its me. I had a few errands to run, but I'll be home soon.
Are you holding up ok? This storm is kinda outta this world."

"Yes, I'm better now that I heard from you. Are you - where are you?"

"In Rochester. Look sweetie, I have to go now. See you when I get home OK?"

Brenda was reluctant to let him go. She had a very bad feeling about all of
"OK, I-I love you."
"I love you too, Brenda, bye."

For some reason as soon as Brenda hung up the phone she broke into sobs.
Something was wrong. DEAD wrong.
* * * * *

Sonny placed his cell phone back in his coat pocket and got back into his
car. He put the key into the ignition and started the car. As Sonny drove
down the interstate toward Port Charles, he saw something coming at him from
out the corner of his eye. It was big and it was traveling fast. Sonny
stepped on the gas and sped down the deserted highway faster. Whatever was
following him was faster than his car and was not about to give up.

Sonny barely had time to utter a single breathe before his car was hit from
the side at what must have been 90 miles per hour. His car flipped over, at
least 50 times, and rolled down the wet embankment until it was swallowed up
whole by the overflooding Port Charles River.
* * * * *

Brenda stared at the clock, feet curled up on the couch, and she was biting
her nails. Mike had made his way over and now him, Robin and Jason were
trying to calm her down. It was very quite in the penthouse when the phone
rang. It was even more quite when Brenda calmly reached over and picked it

"Hello?" Brenda said in a strangly and eerily calm way.
"Is Mrs. Corinthos available?" The man on the other end sounded very somber.
"Y-yes." Brenda said. she immediently knew what was coming and had to swallow
back tears. "This is she."
"Mrs. Corinthos, your husbands car was found completly submerged by the Port
Charles River and uh......"
"Is-is he dead?" Brenda asked as tears flowed down her cheeks. Robin looked
up at her and shook her head. Mike and Jason stared at her trying to read her
expression in her eyes.
"We, uh, we.........."
"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY HUSBAND???" Brenda screamed into the phone,
becoming hysterrical. "TELL ME!!!"

"Mrs. Corinthos, I'm not going to lie to you. I don't see any way possible
for a man to survive being ingulfed by 10 feet of water, and by the looks of
the way his car entered the water, he wasn't wearing a life vest. But we
haven't found a body -yet. We are very skeptical."

Brenda dropped the phone and a hand moved up to her mouth. "Oh my god.
Nooooooo." Brenda moaned. She looked up at Robin and Mike. "NO. Please, God,
don't take him away from me. Please."
Jason launched himself over to the phone and picked it up. "What the hell is
going on here......Officer?"
Brenda started to sob into Robin's shoulder as Robin pleaded with Jason to
tell her what was going on. "NOOOOOOOO!!" Brenda started screaming,
"NOOOOOOOOO! I want my HUSBAND!" Brenda got up from the couch and began
breaking things. She threw a glass vase at the window and threw her glass of
water at the door. "SONNNNNYYYY!!! SONNY! BABY, where are you?"

Jason hung up the phone and tried to wipe tears from his eyes. It was no use.
"Someone said they saw a car in the Port Charles River just north of town and
went to check it out. They found Sonny's car. No body, but they found his
shoes and his coat. His cell phone and some paper bag in his glove
compartment with some jewlery in it. They, uh, they don't think he made it."

Robin shook her head. 'No, not not Sonny. It can't be him, maybe-maybe he
Mike just stared at everyone in disbelief. "He's alive." Mike got up from the
armchair where he had been sitting and went to the closet and got his coat.
"My son is alive and I am going to find him."

"NOW??" Jason asked astonished. "You'll never make it a block in this
"I have to try, Jason." And with that, Mike left, slammed the door behind

"I'm going too," Brenda said, grabbing her jacket. "He's all the family I
got. I need him." She headed to the door, then turned back. "You coming?"

"Yeah." Robin and Jason followed Brenda out.
* * * * *

The scene at the river was a mess. Police cars were everywhere, lights were
flashing. There were boats speeding along the river and men scattered along
the riverbank. Brenda pulled her coat close to her body and shuddered. "Where
do we start?" She aksed Mike as thet stood around, helpless.

"I don't know, look for clues I guess." Mike stared out at the water. which
had recedded once the rain had stopped, but now it was starting up again.

Jason came up to them, "They found something!" He told them and they all ran
over to where Mac and the other officers stood along the water, where they
were pulling up a heap of something from the river. "What is it, Uncle Mac?"
Robin asked.

"You sure?" Mac asked the homicide agent.
"Positive, Mac. I'm sorry." The agent shook his head sadly and moved away.

"What is he talking about, Mac?" Brenda asked frantically. "Mac?"
Mac was shaking his head sadly. "I-I am sorry Brenda, Mike. We tried to find
him but......the chances were pretty slim anyway."

"No....." Jason was shaking his head. "Mac, no. Look again. You, you have to
look again."
"Sonny's body was found 3 miles upstream by two fisherman......he-he had been
decapitated. I'm sorry."

Brenda closed her eyes and refused to believe the truth. How could this
happen? This couldn't happen. Not to her. Not to Sonny and Brenda. They were
meant to be. Sonny wasn't dead! He-he couldn't be. Her hand flew up to her
mouth to cover her cry of pure disbelief and outrage.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Brenda bellowed, her heart
cracking so loud the whole world could hear. "GOD NO. Please not Sonny. Not
my Sonny." She collapsed to the ground and sobbed. Robin's tears fell
silently as she watched her friends heart break. Jason opened his arms and
Robin fell into them.
Mike stared out at the river before tears of his own were noticed. The scene
at the river was heart wrenching. No one knew what to do next.
* * * * *

The funeral was held a week later. Brenda and Robin had decided to creamate
Sonny and spread his ashes with Stone. Off of the Port Charles Bridge. It
seemed that Sonny was more popular than he thought. Almost all of Port
Charles showed up at the funeral. Luke, Laura, Lucky, Ned, Lois, Lila,
Edward, AJ, Monica, Alan, Mac, Katherine, Felisha, Lucy, Kevin, Carly, Mike,
Jason, Robin, and Gina.
There was hardly a dry eye as people paid their last respects to Sonny. Some
despised of him, yes. But the same would miss his humor and smile just the
As Brenda scattered his ashes out over the water, Mike stood on the edge of
the crowd, looking up at the sky.

"You were too good for hell." Mike sobbed. "You were even too good for
heaven. You were too good for this god forsaken earth. I know I was never
there for you like I should have been, but I tried to make it up to you. I
tried.......and I failed. I just want to say, I'm sorry. That may not mean
much to you now, but I'm sorry. I love you and I'll miss you everyday for the
rest of my life, no matter what you think." Mike took a deep breathe and
wiped his eyes. "So long, Micheal."

Brenda watched the water move under the bridge, down stream. Her life had no
meaning now. Her tears fell briskly, fast. Her heart beat rapidly in her
chest, though she was sure she had no use for it now. She didn't care if she
lived or died. Her reason for living was gone. And he was never coming back.
* * * * *

"Wake up, Pretty Boy."
The sun was shining bright upon the warehouse on the west of town. The dark
haired man asleep in the corner was roused awake.
"I said wake up Pretty Boy. We have a full day ahead of us."
The man moved closer to the waking figure.
"Sleep well?"
The only identification the man had was the gold wedding band on his left
* * * * *

"Please, Brenda. Its been two weeks. Please come with Robin and me shopping."
Lois pleaded with Brenda to get out of the house.

"I can't, Lo', " Brenda whispered. "I justwant to stay inside and wallow in
my misery."
"Well, misery loves company......whatever that saying means. But anyway, come
on. Theres a new store at the PC Mall and it is supposed to be GREAT."

"Lois, HOW can you be so cheerful. Sonny died less than three weeks ago. I
thought you loved him."

"Come on, Bren, that's not fair.I do love him. I always will, but I
personnally find it quite boring to sit here on my butt all day and you used
to too. I don't know what happened."
"My husband died, that's what happened." Brenda said. "Goodbye, Lois."

As she placed the phone back in its cradle, Brenda began to sob. Her life was
falling apart, and she was too weak and alone to fix it. Nothing could mend
her broken heart. She just needed to sit and cry.
She didn't know howb long it had been before the door bell rang.
"GO AWAY!" Brenda screamed, half moaning, half sobbing.
The bell rang again.
"GO AWAY!" Brenda got up in a rage and ran toward the door. Just as she
opened it, something came crashing to her feet.
She let out an earpiercing, heart wrenching screaming as she realized what it

"Brenda, I rushed over here as soon as I heard, whats going on?" Mike, Lois,
Ned, Jason and Robin were all gathered in GH's waiting room with Brenda
waiting for her to fill them in. Brenda was sobbing, not out of sadness, but
of relief and joy.

"He's alive!" Brenda screamed. "Sonny's alive!" Everyone just stared at
Brenda in disbelief for a moment, not understanding what they were hearing,
what they were seeing. Sonny couldn't be alive, he was dead. People had found
HIS BODY and he was dead.
"What-what do you mean, he's alive?" Lois asked increadulously. "He-he can't
"He is.The doorbell rang and when I went to answer it, there he was. In
pretty bad shape, but they think he will pull through."
"Wait-wait a minute here. Hold up, hold everything. If Sonny is alive, then
just WHO was it the those two fishermen pulled up out of the river and just
WHO was it that we scattered off of the PC Bridge?" Ned wanted to know.

"I-I don't know." Brenda muttered, running her hands through her hair. "But I
DO know that my husband is alive and well and that he's-well he's not dead."

Alan walked in, his expression grim. "What's wrong, Alan?" Brenda frowned.
"Sonny has been through alot these past weeks. We just removed heavy amounts
of heroin from his system. He is very week. Now we have no reason to believe
that he won't pull through, but it is going to be touch and go for a while."

"Can we see him?" Robin asked.
"One at a time and no for long. He needs rest."
Everyone let Brenda go and see him.
THe room was dark and a litle yellow night light was lit in the corner. Sonny
was asleep, plugged up to about 75 different machines it seemed. Brenda sat
down in the chair next to him.

"I love you." She whispered softly. Sonny was very pale and of course, un
responsive. His chest rose and fell soflty and Brenda lay her head down on
it, hearing his heart beat. The sound of his organ beating in his chest
brought tears to her eyes.
"Wake up, Sonny, please wake up. I need you to come back to me." Brenda took
his left and and brought it to her cheek laying her head against it.
Suddenly, she heard him sigh and felt him move.
"Sonny?" Brenda brought her head up from his chest and looked down at him.
"Heyyy." he moaned and yawned, "What happened?"
"You-you mean you don't remember?"

"Remember what? What should I remember?"
* * * * *

Mac beat down the door of the abandoned warehouse and looked around.
"Well, well well, what do we have here?" Mac came across three dead bodies in
the back storage area of the warehouse.
"Who are the stiffs, Commisioner?"
Mac stared at the bodies. "Thats what I aim to find out."
* * * * *

"Comissioner, Hey," Sonny smiled at Mac as he strode into his hospital room.
"How sweet of you to stop by."

"We need to have a little chat, Corinthos." Mac said, sitting on the edge of
Sonny's bed.
"Bout what?"
"Your little pals, the Cassadines. Just what do you know about them?"

Sonny laughed. "Me? Know a thing about the Cassadine's? That is hilarious,
Mac, really hilarious. But seriously, what can I do for you?"

Mac was frowning at Sonny's humor. He stood up and walked up to Sonny, his
expression 100 % serious.
"Ok, then. Tell me how Pierce Dorman, Stefan Cassadine, and Harry Silver were
all found murdered in a warehouse on the west of town. A warehouse that just
happens to be where you run all of your sting operations and deals and a
warehouse where you were held for the last two weeks. Catching on?"

"Not really. Whats your point, Commissioner? 'Cause my wife will be here
soon, to uh, take me home, and you are kinda bugging me."

"Tell me why three men are dead, Sonny." Mac pressed.

"NURSE!" Sonny yelled.

"I'm not leaving until I get an answer from you Sonny. Why are Cassadine,
Dorman, and Silver dead?"

"My, my, my, you sure have become very DIRECT all of a sudden. But I don't
have to tell you anything, Mac. I WON'T tell you anything."

Mac sighed. "You just LOVE making this difficult don't you?"

"That's because I can." Sonny smiled sweetly as Mac got up to leave. "Have a
nice day, Commissioner."
* * * * *

Brenda and Sonny were cuddled up on there sofa the next evening enjoying each
otheres warmth.
"What happened out there, Sonny?" Brenda asked softly.
"Tell me. I can't go through that hell again. I almost didn't survive the
first time."

Sonny got up from the couch, went over to the window and sighed. "There was a
jewlery heist going on in Rochester. I learned about it, thought i could
break it up. I didn't realize I was messing with higher power. Cassadine had
been running some illeagl drug operation with Dorman and Harry overseeing it.
I bought some jewlery from someone who was working undercover for Cassadine
and his men. He gave word to Harry or Dorman that I got in the way, I was
supposed to die. They followed me to the deserted interstate and wrecked my
car. I fell out before it went into the river, they found me and hid me. Once
I was out of the way, Cassadine traded the stolen jewels for drugs and Dorman
took the drugs and he is the one pushing them on the kids on the streets of
Port Charles. I escaped and made it here before fainting. Someone else must
have gotten to Harry, Dorman and Cassadine before I did. But I would have
murdered the son of a......if they weren't already."

Brenda was flabbergasted. "WOW."She got up and wrapped her arms around Sonny.
"You okay?"

"I'm fine. I just wouldn't tell Mac that. I couldn't make him think that I am
responsible for all of this."

The phone rang and Brenda reached over and answered it.
"Brenda, it's Mac. You and Sonny might like to know.......we got the killer
of Cassadine and his men."
* * * * *

Down at Central Lockup, Rebecca Chase was being questioned, fingerprinted and
locked up.
"Whats going on, Mac?" Sonny asked as he and Brenda walked into Mac's office.
"Rebecca Chase did it all. She murdered Cassadine and Dorman in col blood.
Apparently, she and Dorman were..... and she caught Dorman in bed with
someone else and one thing led to another. She shot Dorman and Stefan ended
up whitnessing it so she shot him too."
"What about Harry?" Sonny asked.
"Heart attack. Natural causes. It happens."

"Yeah." Sonny said. "It happens."
* * * * *

"How about you and I go on a second honeymoon?" Sonny asked Brenda later that
night. "Anywhere that you want to go, you name it, we're there."

"You mean it?"
"Yup. I think we should definitly get away from this town for- for ever, I
don't know."

Brenda laughed. "Ok, well, how about Italy?"
Sonny's eyes grew wide. "Italy? Wow thats a new one. Why Italy?"
"Because it has a beautiful wine country and I have always wanted to visit
"OK, let's go Rome."
Sonny picked up his wife and led her into the bedroom. "But first........"
* * * * *

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