The Right Thing by Jessica

This is my take on what should happen right about now. Somebody mentioned a
false negative on the test and it got me thinking. This is after Brenda has
gotten out of the hospital and told Jax they can't get married right now.
Brenda's still on hydrocodone or whatever but she's trying not to take it.
She really wants a pill and Jax isn't home so she calls Sonny.
S: "Corinthos."
B: "Sonny? Can you come over here?"
S: "Are you at home?"
B: "Yeah."
S: "I'll be over in a few minutes." Brenda hangs up the phone and starts
pacing again. She runs her hands through her hair as she tries not to think
about the pills sitting on the desk. She is still like that ten minutes
later when Sonny knock on the door. "Brenda!" Brenda goes over and opens
the door. She relaxes a little when she sees Sonny and lets him in. "What's
the matter?"
B: "Jax isn't home and I really want a pill." Sonny looks around the room
and sees the bottle sitting on the desk. He goes over and puts it in the
pocket of his coat before taking it off and setting it on a chair. He goes
back to Brenda and leads her by the arm until they're sitting on the couch.
S: "Why are you still on the pills?"
B: "Alan said I wan't addicted but it shouldn't be like this." She looks
down at her hands. "I know the pregnancy test came back negative. I know
that. But I keep thinking that it was only a week ago so it could be wrong."
S: "Hey, I can understand you're worried." He looks at her seriously. "I'm
B: "You have nothing to be sorry about. We finally did something right."
Brenda smiles at him and is about to kiss him when Jax walks in. His face
looks angry when he sees Brenda sitting so close to Sonny.
J: "What are you doing here?"
B: "Don't get mad at him. I called him and asked him to come over here."
S: "Now that you're back, I think I should leave." He goes over to Brenda
and whispers quietly to her. "If you ever need me for anything, just call."
B: "Okay." Sonny leaves and Jax turns to Brenda.

J: "Why did you call him?"
B: "I really wanted a pill."
J: "Why didn't you call me?"
B: "I don't know." Jax looks at her like she's a not too bright little kid.
"I don't! He was just the first one that I though of." Jax paces and
Brenda sits down on the couch. Jax comes over and sits across from her.
J: "I ned to know the truth. Did you sleep with Sonny when you were in the
cave?" Brenda stares at her hands then looks him straight in the eyes.
B: "Yes." Brenda looks back down at her hands. "We thought we were going to
die. I was going through withdrawal and trying to help him at the same
J: "Help him with what?"
B: "Nothing. It's personal."
J: "Too personal for you to tell me?"
B: "His father doesn't even know. I don't think he wants anyone else to
know. But my point was that we were in a horrible place and it just made us
forget for a while." Jax gets up and starts pacing again. Brenda sighs and
puts her head in her hands.
J: "Do you wish you hadn't?"
B: "I wish I hadn't betrayed you." Jax looks angry.
J: "That's not what I asked. Do you wish you hadn't slept with him?"
B: "No." Jax stops pacing and stares at her. He walks to the door and
without saying a word walks out. Brenda starts crying and goes to get her
coat. Without running into Jax she goes down to the garage. She drives over
to Sonny's and stands in front of the door. She stands there for about five
minutes before she decides to knock. Sonny comes and opens the door to see
Brenda standing there. He can tell that she's been crying and fights the
urge to hold her. "Can I come in?"
S: "Um, sure." Brenda walks in and sees Miranda standing by the table.
M: "I think I'll be going now. Will you visit her again?"
S: "Sure." Miranda leaves and Brenda just stares at Sonny.
B: "Now she's got you too?"
S: "I went over to see how Katherine was doing and she was visiting." He
looks at her. "What's the matter?"
B: "I told Jax about the cave." She starts to cry a little and Sonny goes
over and hugs her. She looks at him and flashes back to the cave. She looks
at Sonny and smiles. Sonny starts smiling back at her and leans in to kiss

Sonny kisses her passionately and Brenda kisses him back but then pulls away.
B: "Not yet. I need time to think. Alone." Sonny backs away from her.
S: "You can have as much time as you need. Just as long as you come back."
Brenda heads to the door but turns around before she leaves.
B: "I meant what I said in the cave. About the way I feel about you and
about us. But I also meant what I said about Jax." She leaves Sonny
standing there alone. Jason walks in after Brenda leaves.
S: "What are you doing here?"
J: "You're alone. Where is everyone?"
S: "I needed some time. I had things to take care of." He smiles thinking
of the kiss.
J: "She's just going to bring you trouble. Look at what just happened."
Sonny shakes his head.
S: "That was because I backed out of a deal. It wasn't Bren's fault."
J: "Well, whoever Harry's partner is knows how close you two are and could go
after her again."
S: "As long as she has someone with her she should be all right."
J: "Even if it's Jax?"
S: "I'd prefer it be me, but for now, even Jax."

Brenda walks in and sees Jas sitting on the couch going over papers. He
looks up when she walks in. Brenda goes and sits on the coffee table facing

J: "Where were you?" The questions had barbs in it.
B: "I was at Sonny's."
J: "What a surprise."
B: "Jax, I was telling him to leave me alone. But, now I need to talk to
J: "Go ahead."
B: "I need to move out for a little whil."
J: "Why? We can talk about things here."
B: "I need to think about me right now. I need to get over the pills and get
things straightened out in my head."
J: "Where are you planning to stay and for how long?"
B: "I was thinking about moving back to Kelly's. I don't know for how long,
however long it takes." Jax reaches out for her and pulls her to him.
J: "I do wish that you would stay here, but I can understand why you need to
B: "I'm going to go pack up some stuff then."

It's three days later. Brenda's living at Ruby's. Jax comes over at least
once a day and they talk about things. Brenda hasn't had a pill but it is
still on her mind all the time.

Sonny stands in front of Brenda's apartment. He knows he shouldn't be here,
but he has to see how Brenda's doing. He knocks on the door. Brenda looks
up when she hears the knocking. She finishes getting dressed and answers it
to see Sonny standing there.
B: "Hi."
S: "Hi. Can I come in?" Brenda stands away from the door and waves him
B: "What are you doing here?"
S: "I needed to see you." Brenda smiles in spite of herself. "Actually, I
have another reason as well. Would you come to dinner with me tonight?"
B: "Don't you remeber me telling you I needed time alone?"
S: "Yeah, to think. I'm not asking you to think, I'm asking you to dinner."
B: "Okay, I'll come. I'll meet you at Luke's at five."
S: "See you then." He smiles then turns around and walks out the door.

Sonny is at Luke's that night, sitting at the bar waiting for Brenda. Mike
is behind the bar getting drinks.
M: "What are you doing tonight?"
S: "Having dinner with Bren."
M: "See, it'll happen. Just don't rush it." Sonny starts to say something
but Brenda walks in.
B: "Hi Mike."
M: "Good evening Brenda. How have you been doing?"
B: "I'm doing good." Sonny touches Brenda's arm.
S: "You wanna go sit down?" Brenda follows him to a corner table away from
everyone else. "So, how've you been?"
B: "I'm all right. I went to a counselor today about the pills."
S: "What did he say?"
B: "Is there anywhere else we can talk?"
S: "Let's go back to my office." They go into his office and Sonny sits down
at his desk and Brenda sits in a chair across from it.
B: "She didn't really say all that much. She asked a few questions that just
kind of make me thing about why I needed the pills."
S: "Did she help at all?"
B: "I don't know, but I'm going to keep seeing her." Sonny looks at her and
can't believe how beautiful she looks. He goes and kneels in fron of her.
He cups her face in his hands and leans in to kiss her. She backs away at
first, but then gives in and meets his lips. Sonny picks Brenda up and
carries her to the desk. He shoves everything to the floor and starts
unbuttoning her shirt. Sonny lays her back on the desk and they make love.

Brenda and Sonny are getting dressed in his office, all the while never
taking their eyes off each other.
B: "I never did get my dinner."
S: "Come home with me and I'll make you some."
B: "Wow. Go home and eat take out alone, or go with you and a gourmet meal
with a gorgeous man." She laughs and they walk into the main part of Luke's.
S: "Mike!" Mike turns around. "We're leaving." Mike looks at him
quizically and Sonny just smiles. (oh, the dimples) Sonny and Brenda get in
Sonny's limo. Brenda decides to just come get hers later. About an hour and
a half later, they are at Sonny's. Sonny has been cooking and dinner's
almost ready. Brenda set the table (will miracles never cease) and put two
long red candles in the middle. Brenda sits down on the couch after putting
on some of Sonny's latin music. Sonny comes in with the food and puts it on
the table. Brenda comes over smiling and sits down.
B: "What wonders you can do in the kitchen."
S: "You should see what I can do in other places."
B: "I already have." They eat silently for a few minutes then start talking
about everything from Mike to Robin.
B: "Remember our last Valentine's Day?"
S: "Yeah. How sexy you looked all wrapped up. That was all I could think
about on V-day."
B: "Even when you were with Lily?"
S: "Yeah. I just didn't lover her like that. She asked me when we got
married if I really wanted to..."
B: "I know."
S: "How do you know?" Brenda looks down at her food.
B: "I was there. In the back." Sonny's eyes change as he realizes what that
must have been like. He stands up and pulls her over to the couch. He puts
his arm around her and she leans against him.
S: "I didn't know."
B: "There was no way you could have. I made it so that I could see you, but
you couldn't see me. But I didn't understand then why you had to marry her.
Why you couldn't go to jail." They sit there for a few minutes without
S: "What are you going to do about Jax?"
B: "I don't know."
S: "You need to tell him."
B: "I know." She looks at Sonny seductively. "Talking about Jax isn't what
I want to do right now."
S: "What is?" Brenda doesn't answer, just stands up, and goes upstairs to
his bedroom. Sonny stands up and follows her, taking of his shirt as he

The next morning, Sonny wakes up and Brenda isn't there. He sits up and
looks around confused until Brenda walks in, wearing one of Sonny's shirts.
Sonny get a huge grin on his face.
B: "What?"
S: "It's just that you look better in my shirts than I do."
B: "I may have to diagree with you on that point."
S: "What do I smell?"
B: "Breakfast." Sonny gets a weird look on his face. "I didn't cook it. I
ordered it." The weird look goes off of Sonny's face and Brenda laughs.
"What, you don't have confidence in my cooking skills?"
S: "Not really. But I love you anyway. Come here." He holds his arms out
and she gets in bed beside him. She kisses his chest then lays her head on
B: "I'm going to go see Jax today."
S: "What are you going to tell him?"
B: "That I want to be with you."
S: "I want to go with you."
B: "No, Sonny. This is something that I have to do on my own."

Brenda walks into the suite and doesn't see Jax. She takes off her coat and
is heading to the couch when Jax walks in from the bedroom.
J: "Brenda, what are you doing here?"
B: "I need to talk to you."
J: "I went by your apartment last night but you weren't home."
B: "That's part of what I need to talk to you about." Jax can tell he isn't
going to like this and sits down. "I went to dinner with Sonny. We were
talking and I realized that I am still very much in love with him. I realize
now that I do love you, just not in the same way I love Sonny." Jax get up
and starts pacing.
J: "We can still be all right. We could go far away."
B: "That wouldn't work. He's still going to be on my mind. And in my heart.
Like you and Miranda."
J: "Miranda and I are over."
B: "But she'll always be there. I don't know, maybe that's the problem when
you don't get any closure."
J: "What do you mean?"
B: "Well you and Miranda definitely didn't have any closure and neither did
Sonny and I." Brenda stands up and looks at Jax. "You know it's true." Jax
comes over to her and disses her cheek.
J: "Goodbye Brenda." Brenda grabs her coat and heads to the door. When she
gets there she turns around with tears in her eyes.
B: "Goodbye Jax." And with that, she walked out the door.

Brenda's driving to her apartment but decides she doesn't want to be alone.
She drives to Sonny's PH and knocks on the door. It opens and she sees
Jason. Jason lets her in and Sonny and Taggert are going at it again. Sonny
sees her and stops because she can tell she's been crying. Brenda walks over
to him and hugs him, completely ignoring Taggert.
S: "Are you okay?" Brenda nods her head. Sonny leads her to the kitchen so
they have a little privacy. "You told him?"
B: "Yeah."
S: "Are you really all right?"
B: "No. I want a pill really bad." Sonny hugs her then puts his hands on
her face and looks her in the eyes.
S: "Stay here. I'm gonna go get rid of Taggert."
B: "Sonny, take these." Brenda takes the pills from her purse and hands them
to Sonny. Sonny puts them in his pocket and walks out of the kitchen.
T: "Girlfriend giving you problems?"
S: "If you don't mind, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
T: "I don't have to go anywhere."
S: "Maybe I should just call up Valentine then and have him file another
harassment suit. That would be what, the third? Ooh, then you're out of a
job." Taggert gets right in Sonny's face.
T: "I'll go, but I won't be far."
S: "Ok. Bye now." Taggert leaves and Sonny turns to Jason. "I need you to
leave also."
J: "I'm not leaving you alone and unguarded."
S: "I'm not going to be alone. I don't care where you go. He**, you can sit
on the doorstep if you really want. Just can't be in here."
J: "I'm gonna make sure Joseph's awake before I go."
S: "That's fine." Jason leaves and Sonny goes back into the kitchen.

S: "Come here." Brenda walks over to him and he envelops her in his arms.
Brenda's still crying a little. Sonny leads her out of the kitchen and they
sit on the couch. "Better?"
B: "Yeah. Thanks."
S: "For what? I haven't done anything."
B: "For being here and letting me cry on your shoulder."
S: "I don't mind. Do you want me to get you anything?"
B: "No, just hold me." Sonny's arms tighten around her and they sit on the
couch together until they had both fallen asleep.

Jason is knocking on the door the next day. Nobody answers and he starts to
get worried so he starts knocking harder while calling Sonny's name. Sonny
wakes up on the couch and hears Jason. He gets up as fast as he can without
waking Brenda and opens the door.
S: "Jason. Shh, she's still asleep."
J: "What is she doing here?"
S: "Come over here." They walk into the kitchen and Sonny starts making
J: "You're actually going to eat breakfast?"
S: "She needs to eat. Anyway she broke it off with Jaxxyboy yesterday and
she was upset. Now, what's up with Dorman? Did you visit him again?"
J: "Yeah. I think I'm starting to shake him up. I couldn't get into his
apartment this time, he wouldn't let me in. But, I did hear a voice."
S: "Man or woman?"
J: "Woman. I recognize it from somewhere, I just can't place it."
S: "Right now, work on trying to figure that out, and keep on Dorman."
J: "Will do. I'm gonna leave because I don't think mine will be the face she
wants to see when she wakes up."
S: "Okay. Can you see yourself out?" He gestures to the cooking food.
J: "No problem." Jason leaves and Sonny finishes cooking breakfast. He puts
the food on a tray and walks over to Brenda. he sets the tray down and
kneels beside her, watching her sleep. He caresses her cheek with his hand
and kisses her lightly. She stirs a little and wakes up. She smiles when
she sees Sonny.
S: "Good morning."
B: "It most definitely is."
S: "Would you like some breakfast?" Brenda looks beside him and sees the
tray full of food.
B: "I'm supposed to eat all of that? What all is on there?"
S: "We got pancakes, sausage, eggs in any way you can imagine, bacon, and
strawberries. And no, if you ask really nicely, I'll even eat some of it."
B: "Oh yes, you are eating some of it. Come here." Brenda gets some of the
pancakes on a fork and pops them in Sonny's mouth.
S: "Those are pretty good. Your turn." He grabs a strawberry and feeds it
to her. She finishes it and Sonny gives her a quick kiss on the mouth before
they go about finishing their breakfast.

~A week later~
Brenda is at her apartment getting ready for the day. She has a photo shoot
at the PC Hotel and then she has a meeting with her counselor. She has just
finished getting dressed when the door bell rings. She goes and answers it
and Sonny is standing on the other side. He flashes her his dimpled grin as
he walks in.
B: "Hi." She kisses his cheek as he walks by.
S: "Hi. I'm here to escort you."
B: "Escort me?"
S: "To your shoot. It's your first one and I want to be there."
B: "Are you sure it's not the location? You're afraid I might run into Jax?"
S: "That has nothing to do with it. Now, can I come or not?"
B: "Sure, come on." She smiles absolutely loving the fact that he was just a
little bit jealous.

~Later that day at the shoot~`
Brenda's been standing on her feet for a few hours and her hip is starting to
hurt. Sonny's been there the entire time and Brenda's glad he is. Every
time she really wants a pill she looks at him and is reminded why she
shouldn't have one. They take a break at 2:00 and Brenda goes directly over
to Sonny.
B: "Aren't you bored?"
S: "Watching you? Never." She leans over and kisses him. She winces a
litle as she stands back up. "Are you okay?"
B: "My hip hurts a little." She looks down at her hands, trying to keep them
still. "I'm trying really hard not to want one."
S: "I don't think it's as important right now to not want one as it is to not
take one. And look at you. You have every reason to take one and you
B: "But I really want one." Sonny takes her hand and kisses it.
S: "How about we go eat lunch?"
B: "Are you just trying to distranct me?"
S: "If I were trying to distract you, it wouldn't be with food." He smiles
(oh dimples) and Brenda laughs.
B: "Oh, what would Lucy say about that! But you know I'm not ready yet.
Soon though." Sonny stand up and holds out his hand.
S: "Shall we go to lunch then?"
B: "We only have a half an hour."
S: "That's all right." Brenda places her hand in his.
B: "Let's." They head outside. On the way though, they run into Jax.
J: "Oh, this is nice. It sure didn't take you long to jump into his bed."
Brenda can feel Sonny's arm go around her waist.
B: "I didn't jump into anyone's bed."
J: "You really think she's going to stay with you Corinthos?" You've
probably already got her back on the pills." Sonny is about to rip into Jax
when Brenda stops him.
B: "Sonny, forget about it. Let's go to lunch." Sonny relents and goes with
Brenda out the door. They get in Sonny's limo and head over to Luke's. They
get in Luke's and Sonny goes into the kitchen to get some food. Mike is at
the bar so Brenda goes over to say hi.
M: "Hello Brenda. How are you doing?"
B: "I'm doing all right."
M: "How are you and Sonny?" Brenda smiles.
B: "We're good. Sonny's been great about everything."
S: "Are you talking about me?" Sonny walks out of the kitchen carrying two
plates of food. He sets them down and looks at Brenda. "Shall we eat?"
Brenda walks over to him and sits down.

S: "Are you all right?"
B: "Fine." Sonny looks straight at her because he can tell she's lying. "He
was just so mean. I've never seen him like that."
S: "Well, I would be mad if I lost you to another man." He pauses for a
minute. "I was mad."
B: "When?"
S: "When I saw you with Miguel for the first time." Sonny looks away as he
remembers and Brenda can see the pain in his eyes.
B: "I'm sorry."
S: "It wasn't really your fault. I mean I didn't lose you to him because we
had already broken ourselves up."
B: "But I was the reason we broke up. And the first the I did was turn to
Miguel." She stops as she realizes something.
S: "What's the matter?"
B: "I just realized that I got with Miguel and Jax in basically the same
situation." She stops and ponders that for a few minutes.
S: "How about we talk about a happier topic?"
B: "How about us?"
S: "Always my favorite subject. What would you say to dinner tomorrow
B: "I would say it's great. How about the Outback?"
S: "Perfect. We should be going back now." Brenda looks at her watch.
B: "Oh, Lucy is going to kill me."
S: "Mike!" Mike looks at him from the bar. "Can you get the plates?"
M: "Sure." Sonny and Brenda leave and Mike smiles at his son's happiness as
he clears the table.

Reader's Note: I'm not taking Miranda out of the story yet, like they are on
the show.
~The next day at the Outback~`
Brenda and Sonny are eating dinner and having fun. Miranda comes down from
her apartment and goes over to Felicia at the bar. On the way, she sees
Brenda and Sonny. She goes over to Felicia.
M: "My Go*, I cannot stand that woman."
F: "At least she looks happy."
M: "Oh, that makes it even worse. She breaks Jax's heart and then goes and
flaunts it."
F: "You could be a little happier about the first part. You could always go
comfort him."
M: "I'll be back." Miranda walks over to Sonny and Brenda's table. Brenda's
laughing at something Sonny said and Sonny's smiling. Brenda notices Miranda
B: "What do you want?"
M: "I just thought I would come congratulate Sonny."
S: "For what?"
M: "You brought me back here because you wanted to get Brenda back. And, now
you have her."
S: "You probably won't believe it, but you had nothing to do with us getting
back together."
M: "You're right. I don't believe it."
B: "If you don't mind, we were having a private conversation."
M: "Actually, I do mind. You break your husband's heart and come running to
this mobster."
B: "He wasn't my husband."
S: "As I recall, you were willing to help me get Brenda back when you wanted
Jax. Did you find out he just doesn't want you anymore?" Miranda appears
speechless and walks back to her apartment in a huff. Brenda starts
B: "I know I shouldn't laugh but she just looked soooo mad when you said
S: "Would you like to leave now?"
B: "Okay, I need to go home."
S: "Already?"
B: "Yeah." They get up and Sonny pays. They get in his limo and go to
Brenda's apartment. "You want to come in?"
S: "Just don't let Ruby see me." Brenda laughs and they go up to her
apartment. Sonny sits down on the couch while Brenda goes into the bedroom
for a few minutes. She comes out of the bedroom and goes to stand by Sonny.
She doesn't say anything, just takes his hand and stands him up. She leads
him to the bedroom. Inside, about 30 vanilla candles are burning. There is
a low light burning and the curtains are closed.
B: "Wait here." She drops his hand and goes into the bathroom. Sonny takes
off his shirt and shoes. He sees champagne sitting in ice next to two
glasses. He pours the two glasses then takes a sip out of one. Brenda comes
out of the bathroom. Sonny turns around and his mouth drops open a little.
Brenda walks over to him in a creme satin nightgown that flares out a little
at the ankles. She takes a sip out of the other glass of champagne then sets
it down. She looks at Sonny smiling. "Do you like the room?"
S: "It's beautiful," he answers, staring solely at Brenda. Brenda squirms a
little under his scrutiny. She goes in front of him and sets his glass down.
She runs her hands from his face, down his chest, and to the buckle on his
pants. She undoes it and they fall to the floor. Sonny steps out of them
and closer to Brenda. He takes her face in his hands and kisses her. She
puts her arms around his neck as he picks her up and carries her to the bed.
He pulls away from the kiss for a moment and looks in Brenda's eyes. He can
see the love she has for him in those eye, the I'd die for you kind of love.
He kisses her again and they fall deeper into the bed.

~The next morning~
Sonny wakes up and smiles when he sees Brend'as head resting on his chest.
He decides to get up and make breakfast when he realizes he doesn't have a
robe or anything. He gets up and puts on his pants without waking Brenda.
Brenda wakes up about a half hour later. She's a little worried when she
wakes up alone and is relieved when she sees Sonny's shirt and hears him in
the kitchen. She gets up and puts on her robe (it is her apartment) and
goes into the kitchen. She slides her arms around his stomach and he turns
S: "Hi sweetheart."
B: "Hi." She kisses him and they hear his cell phone ring. "Leave it."
S: "I can't." He goes by the couch and picks up his phone. "Corinthos. Hey
Jason, what's going on? Yeah. Well as much as I hate this, you should go
tell Mac. Sure, Monica should know. After you talk to Mac, call me." He
puts the phone down and Brenda's arms go around him again.
B: "He's going to Mac?"
S: "Yeah. Rebecca Chase, the nurse who testified against Monica, seems to be
having her own fling with Dorman."
B: "Wow."
S: "Yeah. The best way to get Monica off would be with the police." He
takes her hand and brings it to his mouth, kissing it. "Let's go eat."

~Later that day~
Brenda has finished her shoot and is sitting in a doctor's office. Her phone
B: "Hello."
S: "Hi."
B: "Sonny. Where are you?"
S: "Luke's. I thought I'd see if the shoot was over."
B: "It's over but I have some stuff to do."
S: "Like what?"
B: "I'll tell you later. Do you want me to meet you at Luke's when I'm
S: "Yeah. I love you."
B: "I love you too. Bye." Brenda's putting the phone away when Dr. Stevens
walks in.
D: "Congratulations Brenda. You are most assuredly pregnant." Brenda smiles
a little.
B: "If two people have the same blood type and it's rare, will a baby have
the same blood type?"
D: "Most likely yes. Why?"
B: "Is there any way you can find out the baby's blood type?"
D: "Yes. Would you like me to do that?"
B: "Yeah."

Brenda walks into Luke's and sees Sonny talking to Jason. Sonny sees her and
goes over to her.
S: "Hey, what's the matter?"
B: "Can we go somewhere more private?"
S: "Sure." They go into the back office and Brenda closes the door behind
her. "Wha-" Sonny got cut off by Brenda's lips pressing hard against his.
She brings her hands to his face and they kiss for a few minutes before
Sonny pulls away. "What's going on?"
B: "Sit down." Sonny sits on the chair behind the desk. Brenda kneels in
front of him. "I'm pregnant." She smiles a little and Sonny looks like he
went into shock. She watches as he processes what Brenda just said and he
gets a huge grin on his face. He leans down and kisses her. They both stand
up and keep kissing. Sonny runs his hands through her hair and Brenda runs
her hands up and down his back. There's a knock on the door and they pull
S: "Yeah." Luke sticks his head in the door.
L: "Mac is out here wanting to talk to you. He said you'd know what it's
S: "Okay." Luke leaves and closes the door.
B: "Rebecca Chase?"
S: "Yeah."
B: "Sonny I don't want to tell anyone yet."
S: "Okay. What ever you want. Let's go see Mac."

They walk into the club together and go over to Mac.
M: "Hello Sonny, Brenda."
B: "Hi Mac."
M: "Can we go talk somewhere?" Mac looks sideways at Brenda.
S: "We're fine here. What's up?"
M: "What did Jason want to talk to me about today?"
S: "Why didn't he tell you?"
M: "Taggert was there and got to him before I did." Sonny gets mad and
starts to yell.
S: "How many times-"
B: "Sonny, babe, relax." Mac sighs.
M: "I know, all right?! Now what id Jason want to see me about?"
S: "Rebecca Chase, the one who testified for Dorman, seems to be having a
fling with him."
M: "She said under oath that she didn't know him very well."
S: "That's why he was coming to you."
M: "How did Jason find out?"
S: "He went to Dorman's apartment and heard her talking from inside."
M: "We're supposed to get them with just that as our evidence?"
B: "You're supposed to use that to find some way or someone who can prove it
in court."
M: "We'll try."
S: "Well, we'll be thanking Go* for the American justice system tonight."
Mac leaves and Sonny turns around to face Brenda. She puts her hands on his
face and whispers in his ear.
B: "I think we should go do some celebrating, daddy." Sonny takes her hand
and they head out the door.

They go home and Sonny tells Brenda to go sit down on the couch. He goes
into the kitchen and makes some phone calls. Brenda can hear him but can't
tell who he's talking to. Sonny gets done with his calls and comes out to
S: "Come on." Brenda looks confused but follows him to the limo. Once they
get inside, her curiousity wins.
B: "What are you doing and where are we going?" she demanded. He just
smiles. "Sonny!"
S: "I am doing just what you said, celebrating. And you'll find out where
when we get there." By this time, they are at the airport. Sonny goes over
to a man and gets a package. They get on a personal jet and take off.
B: "Whose jet is this?"
S: "It's the airport's." Brenda gives him the evil eye.
B: "Where ar-" Sonny reaches over and kisses her to stop her question. He
sits back down and Brenda returns to glaring. She gets an idea and smiles
seductively at Sonny. She gets up and goes over to where he's sitting. She
straddles him, sitting on his lap, and starts kissing his neck. Sonny tries
to appear unaffected but seems to be losing.
S: "What are you doing?"
B: "You *will* tell me."
S: "Nope." Brenda is determined and undoes the top half of the buttons on
his shirt. She kisses his chest and looks up at him innocently. "Oh, don't
even try that face." Brenda ignores him and takes his hand, kissing it
erotically, all the while watching his eyes. He's about to give up when the
plane lurches a little.
Pilot: "We're going through a patch of bad weather so you need your seatbelts
on." Brenda gets off of Sonny with a huff and gets back in her seat. Sonny
laughs a little and she continues sulking. A few minutes later, her face
B: "Wow. We're going to have a baby."
S: "Yeah. Come here."
B: "What about the weather?"
S: "We aren't shaking now." Brenda goes over and sits with him. He leans
his chair back halfway and she curls up next to him. He puts a hand on her
stomach. "It's so weird to think that our baby is growing in there."
B: "*You* think it's weird. I have a little person living inside of me.
Sonny, promise me this baby won't change what we are."
S: "What do you mean?"
B: "I don't want it to change us like it did Lois and Ned."
S: "Brooke isn't what made them break up."
B: "In a way she was. I'm not saying they don't love Brooke or wish they
hadn't had her. It's just if they hadn't had Brooke, they probably would
have stayed together. Lois still wouldn't like the Q's, but she would have
stayed with him. But when she got pregnant, all she could think about is
what they would do to Brooke."
S: "And you're worried what my business might do to our child."
B: "No, yes. I don't know."
S: "I have an idea. How about for the next two nights and a day, we don't
worry about this. We're here to have *fun* and when we get home, we can have
at it for hours."
B: "Sounds good. Now, what kind of fun?"
Pilot: "If you would please put your seats upright and buckle up, we are
ready to land." Brenda gets off Sonny and Sonny puts his chair up.

They get in the airport and are walking to where their car will be waiting.
Brenda sees a sign that say "Welcome to Paris." She squels and hugs Sonny
from behind. He turns around and she gives him a quick kiss on the lips.
S: "What was that for?"
B: "That was for me finding out where we are."
S: "It's perfect. The most romantic place in the world, for the best reason
of celebrating." They get outside the airport and there is a limo waiting.
B: "Do you ever go anywhere not in a limo?"
S: "Only when I'm in your car." They get in the limo and go to their hotel.
Sonny gets the key and they go to the top floor. They open the door and
Brenda goes inside. The room is huge. It's about as big as Brenda's
apartment and there's a kitchenette to one side. Brenda drops the stuff
she's carrying, goes into the bathroom, and comes right back out.
B: "The bathtub is huge! Come with me." Sonny drops the stuff he's carrying
and follows her into the bathroom. She was right, it is huge. Sonny leans
over and turns on the water.
S: "It would be a wate not to use it then." He takes off his shirt and
Brenda looks mad. "What?!"
B: "That's my job." Sonny raises his hands in surrender and she goes over.

They are still laying in the bathtub 45 minutes later. Someone knocks on the
door and yells out "Room service!"
S: "Leave it outside."
B: "When did you order room service?"
S: "When I got the key." Brenda looks at the skin on her fingers.
B: "Wow. They're getting all wrinkly."
S: "Do you want to get out?"
B: "Not really. I'm comfy right here." Sonny's arms tighten around her
S: "We could always get comfy somewhere else." Brenda smiles and Sonny gets
out of the tub. he puts on his robe and holds Brenda's out for her. She
wrings out her hair and Sonny runs his hands through it like a brush. He
picks her up and carries her to the bed. He starts kissing her but she pulls
away. "What's wrong?"
B: "I want the food." Sonny groans but goes and gets the food and puts it on
the table. Brenda comes over and sees the lobster. "Ooohh." And with that
she digs in.

The next morning, Brenda wakes up in Sonny's arms at 11. She lifts her head
up and sees his sleeping face. He looks so angelic that she doesn't want to
disturb him, so she gets up quietly and puts on her robe. She goes to the
huge window and looks down on Paris. She feels Sonny's arms go around her
waist and he places a kiss in her hair.
S: "What are you doing over here?"
B: "Just looking at the city. It's so beautiful."
S: "It is. Why don't you come back to bed?"
B: "Okay." She turns around to face Sonny and he touches her face.
S: "What's the matter?"
B: "I don't know. I just have a weird feeling."
S: "Well, for now, why don't we just be happy." He picks her up and carries
her to the bathroom.

~Six hours later~
Brenda and Sonny are walking around Paris, doing the whole tourist thing.
They are heading into a little cafe to grab something to eat.
Voice: "Brenda!" Brenda and Sonny turn around.
B: "Julia! What are you doing here?"
J: "I could ask you the same thing." Brenda grabs Sonny's hand.
B: "We decided to take a mini-vacation. Your turn."
J: "I'm in town on business. I heard about what happened in the caves. I'm
B: "I'm not. I'm kinda glad it happened." She looks at Sonny and smiles.
"You remember Sonny, right?"
J: "Yeah, the strip club owner."
S: "Pleasure to meet you too."
B: "He doesn't do that anymore."
J: "Yeah, you're tied in with the mob now, right?"
S: "I'm a partner in Luke's and I'm on the ELQ board."
B: "Well, if you'll excuse us, we were going to go get dinner. Why don't you
call me sometime?"
J: "Okay. Bye Bren."
B: "Bye Jul." They walk down the street toward all the cafe's. "How about
we just go back to the hotel and order room service?"
S: "That's fine." They go back, Sonny orders dinner, they eat, and Brenda
doesn't say more than two words the entire time. Sonny stands up and takes
her hands. He leads her over to the bed and sits her down. "What's the
matter? Is it Julia?"
B: "Kinda. I saw her and I just thought, our kid is never really going to
know any family other than us and Mike." Sonny pulls her onto his lap and
she lays her head on his chest. He puts a hand on her stomach where he knows
their child is growing.
S: "This kid is going to have so much love from the three of us. You know
Mike is just going to go ballistic." That thought get Brenda to smile and
Sonny looks pleased. "See, he or she is going to grow up great. *G* Now, do
you realize this is our last night here? I don't know about you, but talking
isn't exactly how I wanted to spend it." He grinned as Brenda got up from
his lap and pushed him down on the bed. She straddled him playfully and just
smiled innocently.

~Three weeks later~
Sonny and Brenda are at his PH. They are eating a dinner he cooked at the
candle lit table. They get done eating and Sonny goes over to the stereo and
puts on some music.
S: "Would you like to dance?" Brenda smiles and they dance slowly, never
looking away from each other. When the song ends, Sonny takes something from
his pocket. He gets on one knee and Brenda looks like she's in shock.
"Brenda, I've already promised to love you until the day I die and I already
feel as though I'm married to you. Now I want to make it legal. Will you
marry me?"
B: "Do you realize how long I've wanted you to say that? I've been waiting
since my 21 birthday if not sooner."
S: "Is that a yes?"
B: "Yes, that's a yes!" Sonny puts the ring on her finger and stands up. He
kisses Brenda passionately, then puts his hands on her stomach and his head
right next to it.
S: "Hey, your parents are getting married!" Brenda laughs and pulls him up
to kiss her.

Reader's Note: I'm just writing the way I think they should go with this so
some things may not be very accurate as far as connections of people and
Sonny wakes up the next morning to the phone ringing. He rolls over and
picks it up, trying not to wake Brenda.
S: "Corinthos."
Mac: "Sonny, it's Mac. I was wondering if you could come down to the
S: "What now?"
M: "I just have this feeling and I need you to come see Rebecca Chase."
S: "How long is she going to be there?"
M: "At least the day."
S: "I'll be there in a little bit." Sonny hangs up the phone, but then
changes his mind and dials.
Jason: "Yeah."
S: "Do you know what's with that nurse Chase?"
J: "I guess they got someone who would say they saw her with Dorman. Why?"
S: "I'm supposed to go see her. I'll call you when I know what's going on."
He hangs up again and rolls back over to see Brenda waking up.
B: "Who was that?"
S: "Jason. I have to go down to the station." Brenda looks a little
B: "What's the matter?"
S: "Nothing. They just want me to meet with this nurse Rebecca Chase."
B: "Why?"
S: "I don't know."

An hour and a half later, both Sonny and Brenda are at the station house.
Brenda insisted on coming with him because she didn't like the idea of Sonny
and Taggert having the chance of being alone together. They both see Mac
heading down the hall to them.
M: "Hi Sonny, Brenda."
B: "Hi Mac."
S: "So, what's up?"
M: "I just have a feeling. You don't even have to talk to her."
S: "Where is she?"
M: "This way." Mac leads them to an interrogation room and they go behind
the one-way mirror. Sonny gets half way in the room and stops.
B: "What's the matter?" Sonny just stares at Rebecca and stays silent as he
tries to remember.
S: "That's the nurse that helped set me up."
M: "What?"
S: "The nurse that lead me to the room when I was shot up with heroin, that's
M: "But we found that person's body."
S: "Well obviously not, because she's right there." He starts thinking and
leaves the room. Brenda follows him out as he gets out his cell phone.
"Jason, get a check on Dorman and know where he is. Make sure he stays
there and call me." He puts the phone away and goes to Mac. "Dorman's
bringing the heroin in."
Taggert: "Well Sonnyboy, finding another person to try and pin it on?"
S: "Shut up Taggert."
T: "May not want to be saying that when I'm about to bust *you* for the
M: "Taggert, leave. I told you this is off limit's."
T: "Yes, sir." Taggert throws a dirty look at Sonny and continues down the
M: "Are you sure Sonny?"
S: "Yeah. Go ahead and ask her. She was ready to spill everything once,
maybe she'll want to do it again." His phone rings. "Yeah. Okay." He
hangs up and looks at Mac. "Dorman's at his apartment." Mac nods and heads
off. Sonny turns to Brenda who looks rather surprised.
B: "Dorman? I know he's scum but I didn't think he was that low."
S: "I guess sometimes people can surprise you."
B: "I guess so. I have to go. I have a meeting with Lucy. Are you going to
be okay?"
S: "Yeah. Do you want Joseph to drive you?"
B: "No, I will walk. Don't give me that look. Now that Dorman will be in
custody I think I'll be able to walk through this town without getting
utterly paranoid."
S: "Okay. I love you."
B: "I love you too. How about I meet you at Luke's tonight and we can tell
S: "Sounds great. See you then." He kisses her and she leaves.

Brenda walks along on her way to Lucy's. Out of nowhere somebody grabs her
from behind and puts a cloth over her mouth. She tries to fight until
everything goes black.

About twenty minutes later, Sonny is still at the station when he can hear
Mac yelling.
M: "What the he** do you mean you can't find him?!" Right then Sonny's phone
S: "Corinthos."
J: "Problem. Dorman's gone."
S: "What do you mean Dorman's gone?!"

Sonny calls Lucy hoping Brenda made it there.
L: ''Hello.''
S: ''Hi Lucy, it's Sonny. I was wondering if Brenda was there
L: ''No, she's not. She was supposed to be here ten minutes ago.
Is something wrong?''
S: ''No. I don't think she'll be at the meeting though. I have a
feeling she met up with someone on the way over there. Bye.'' He
hangs up the phone and finds Mac. ''He's got Brenda.''

Brenda wakes up on the floor of a room. The room is no biggert
than a closet. She looks around and realizes that it seems like
that because it's a walk in closet. She stands up and regrets it.
She feels like she's going to faint so she sit back down. The door
opens and she can see Dorman in the light.
D: ''Sorry to keep you locked up in here but I had things to do.''
he backs away from the door to let Brenda out. She stands up again
and gets dizzy so she leans against the wall. ''Come on, hurry
up.'' She stands up again and walks out into a bedroom of a room
at the PC Hotel. Brenda goes and sits on the bed.
B: ''Why don't you just kill me?''
D: ''You aren't as useful dead.''
B: ''Why didn't you just shoot me up then like you did Sonny?''
D: ''Unfortunately, supply is in such great demand that we're
running out.''
B: ''Can't keep your customers happy? Must be what happened with
Monica.'' Dorman reaches back and slaps her across the face.
Somehow Brenda manages to keep quiet.
D: ''Maybe that'll teach you to shut up. You know, Harry was
right. You are a whore.''

Sonny, Mac, and Jason are all at the station. Taggert enters the
room and Sonny and Jason glare at him.
S: ''Mac, we have to find her *now*.''
M: ''Sonny, we're doing the best we can.''
S: ''If he hurts her...'' Sonny's voice trails off and he takes a
breath. ''There's something you don't know.''
M: ''Are you holding out on me?''
S: ''It's nothing that'll help find her. She's two months
pregnant. We were gonna announce it tonight.''
M: ''Congratulations.''
S: ''Thanks. Now, you've got some people on it and so do I. But if
he hurts either one of them, he's dead.''

B: ''Aren't you running a bit of a risk keeping me here? I mean if
I yell, someone will hear me.''
D: ''If you yell, you won't be yelling long.'' Dorman brushes his
hand across her cheek. ''Now, I'm sure we could think of a few
ways to pass the time.'' Brenda can't stand him anymore and
punches him in the face, hard. ''Oh, see, that wasn't smart.'' He
picks her up and throws her against the head of the bed. He grabs
a nearby chair and some rope he had waiting. He puts Brenda on the
chair and ties her hands and feet to it. ''Now, we'll see how
brave you are.''

Sonny and Mac are still at the station. It's 5:00 and Brenda's
been missing for six hours. Jason has left to see what he can find
out. Sonny's cell phone rings and he answers right away.
S: ''Corinthos.''
D: ''I have something you might want.'' Sonny nods at Mac.
S: ''Is Brenda okay?''
D: ''For now. She's a feisty one though. If you want to see her
again, there's a field about 25 miles east of town. Forty-five
minutes. Come alone.'' Dorman hands up and Sonny looks at Mac.
S: ''He wants to meet me alone.''
M: ''When and where?''
S: ''A field 25 miles east. Forty-five minutes.''
M: ''I'm coming with you.''
S: ''No you're not.''
M: ''There's no way I'm letting you go alone. I'll ride in the
back of the car.''
S: ''Fine. Let me call Jason.''

Dorman gets off the phone and goes into the bathroom for about ten
minutes. He comes out looking like a totally different person. He
throws a disguise at Brenda and unties her.
D: ''Put that on.''
B: ''Turn around.''
D: ''No.''
B: ''You're standing in fron of the only way out of here and I'm
not changing till you turn around.'' Dorman turns around and
Brenda puts on her disguise.
D: ''We are going to walk out of here and get in a car. You will
not try anything because if you do, you're dead.'' The y leave the
room and go to a car. Dorman ties her hands back up once they were
in the car.


Sonny finds the field and pulls over. Mac is already lying down on
the floor of the backseat.
S: ''Stay here unless I give the signal.'' He makes sure his gun
is hidden and gets out of the car. Right then, Dorman pulls up. He
had pulled over earlier and taken off their disguises. He pulls
Brenda out of the car with a gun on her. Brenda's eyes are set
hard and cold, showing no emotion until she sees Sonny. He can see
her eyes pleading with him.
S: ''What do you want Dorman?''
D: ''Particularly, I want to get you back for killing Harry.''
S: ''You mean you actually like that man?''
D: ''He was my best source. When he died, the drugs slowed. I lost
a lot of money because of you. So now I get my payback.'' He grabs
Brenda's hair and yanks it as he puts the gun to her temple.
''See, either way, I probably die. But this way, I'm not going
alone. All it takes is a little pull.'' He smiles at Sonny and
pulls the trigger.


Mac came out of the car and rammed himself into Dorman right as
the gun went off. The bullet ended up just missing Sonny's head.
By reflex, Sonny shot Dorman as soon as Dorman fired and luckily
he missed Mac and hit the Dorman. He lay on the ground, still, and
Mac got up. Sonny runs to Brenda and she goes in his arms. She
backs away a few minutes later. She pushes away from Sonny and
just starts walking. Sirens start to go in the background and they
get closer. Taggert gets out of a car and goes right in fron of
T: ''You're under arrest Sonnyboy.'' Mac comes from the car where
he was sitting.
M: ''Guess again Taggert. Sonny is free to go. Although I suggest
you get Brenda to GH.'' Sonny nods and goes over to Brenda. He
puts his arms around her waist but she pulls out of them.
S: ''Sweetheart, you have to go to the hospital.'' Brenda nods her
head and gets into the ambulance. Sonny gets out his phone and
calls Lois.
L: '''Lo.''
S: ''Hi Lois.''
L ''Hey Sonny. What's up?''
S: ''Can you come to GH?''
L: ''What's wrong?''
S: ''Brenda can explain it all when you get here.''
L: ''I'm on my way.'' Sonny gets in the car he drove to the field
and drives as fast as he can to GH.

Two hours later, Lois comes running into GH with a sleeping Brooke
in her arms. Brenda has been taken to a private room on teh
seventh floor. Lois goes up and when she steps off the elevator
she sees Sonny sitting in a chair with his head in his hands.
L: ''What's the matter?''
S: ''She's fine physically. She just won't talk to me right now. I
was hoping she would talk to you.''
L: ''Where is she?'' Sonny points to a nearby room.
S: ''In there. Do you want me to call Ned and have him watch
L: ''Sure.'' Lois hands Brooke over to Sonny and hurries into
Brenda's room. ''In the mood for some company?'' Brenda looks up
from the bed.
B: ''Lois!'' Lois comes over and hugs Brenda. As they are pulling
apart, Lois sees her finger.
L: ''Oh my God, girlfriend. That rock is huge!'' Brenda gives a
weak smile and looks down at the bed. ''Hey, what's the matter?
Sonny said you wouldn't talk to him.''
B: ''Physically I'm fine. They're just keeping for observation.''
L: ''That I got from Sonny.''
B: ''Well, it's all the rest of the stuff I'm having trouble with.
Oh, by the way, I'm pregnant.'' Lois's mouth drops open.
L: ''And you just say that so easily.''
B: ''Believe me, it isn't that easy. I don't know what to do. I
mean we were going to tell everybody and then this happened.''
L: ''Well, if it makes you feel any better, Sonny's goin' crazy
also. I mean you're pregnant and you got kidnapped by an insane
lunatic, and Lily was pregnant and she ended up dying. He wants to
protect you, but he's so scared that something will happen and he
won't be there.'' Brenda takes in a shaky breath.
B: ''Oh, boy. I didn't realize how paranoid he must be.''
L: ''Don't worry about that right now. He's strong and he has
people to lean on if he's willing to. Do you want me to let him
B: ''Yeah, but will you stay here? I may need the moral support.''
L: ''Sure.'' Lois goes out to find Sonny. He's walking around with
Brooke still sleeping in his arms waiting for Ned. He sees Lois
and goes over to her.
S: ''Is she okay?''
L: ''Yeah, but she's scared.''
S: ''Can I see her?''
L: ''Yeah.''
S: ''Do you want to take Brooke?''
L: ''Naw, she looks comfy right where she is.'' Lois smiles,
secretly thinking that Brenda won't be able to be too mad at Sonny
when he has Brooke in his arms.''


Brenda looks up when the door opens and feels all the fight go out
of her when she sees Sonny with Brooke. Brenda looks down shyly at
her hands.
B: ''Hi.''
S: ''Hi. Are you okay?''
B: ''Yeah.''
L: ''Well, I see Ned in the hall, so I should really get Brooke to
him.'' She walks over and gives Brenda a hug then gets Brooke from
Sonny. ''Bye.'' Brenda yawns as she leaves.
S: ''Are you tired?''
B: ''Yeah.''
S: ''I can leave.''
B: ''No. Would you stay here until I fall asleep?''
S: ''Of course.'' He pulls a chair up beside the bed and takes her
hand in his. Brenda falls asleep quickly and Sonny sits there
watching her sleep. He brushes a piece of hair off her face and
settle back in the chair, still holding her hand.

The next morning, Monica Quatermaine walks into Brenda's room
while Brenda and Sonny are still asleep. She walks over and wakes
Brenda up.
B: ''Hi Monica.''
M: ''Hi. Did he sleep in that chair all night long?''
B: ''I guess so. So am I free to go?''
M: ''Yeah. Here are the release papers. Your OB wants to see you
again in a week.''
B: ''Okay. Thanks Monica.'' Monica leaves and Brenda gets dressed.
She's putting on her shoes when Sonny wakes up.
S: ''Hey, you breaking out of this joint?''
B: ''Yep. They released me. You ready?''
S: ''Definitely.'' He grabs the papers on the bed and they leave.
They are in his limo and Sonny told the driver to go to Brenda's
B: ''No, we need to go to your place.''
S: ''Why?''
B: ''We need to talk.'' Sonny tells the driver to go there and
they go the rest of the way in silence. They go up to Sonny's and
they both sitting on the couch, wondering where to start.


Brenda looks at Sonny and then looks away trying to get her
thoughts in order. She doesn't want to say anything in the wrong
way, but she also want him to take what she says and put it in his
own context.
B: ''Okay, you know I love you with all my heart, nothing will
ever change that. But, now, we're trying to bring a child into a
world where there is no safety. I don't want to do that. I don't
want to be like Laura and have to worry about whether or not my
child is alive or having to live it's life on the run. I'm not
that strong. I know that you can't get out and I've accepted that
but it's not just us anymore.'' She takes a deep breath, having
said that all in one, and looks at Sonny.
S: ''You don't think I've thought of that? The second you said you
were pregnant, I was scared *for* you. All I could think was that
something was going to happen. When Dorman got you I was so scared
he was going to kill you and I would never see you again or get to
say goodbye. I have never been that scared in my life.'' He stops
talking when he sees Brenda trying not to cry. There's a knock on
the door and Sonny goes to answer it. He opens the door to see
Lois standing on the other side.
L: ''Hey Corinthos. I got to GH and they said Bren was already
released so thought I would come ove-'' She stops when she sees
Brenda on the couch with a tense look on her face.
S: ''Lois, can you give us some time alone? I'm sure Brenda will
come by the gatehouse later.''
L: ''Okay, but I'm not staying at the gatehouse, I'm at the PC
Hotel.'' Lois looks at Brenda one more time then heads out the
door. Sonny closes it behind him.
S: ''I want you to have a bodygaurd.''
B: ''Sonny, no.'' Sonny lets out an exasperated sigh.
S: ''Brenda! Even if you don't want one, you'll probably end up
with one. Even if I don't tell him to, Benny will probably be
B: ''What, he'll spy on me for you?''
S: ''No. He just knows that you are the one way to get to me. If
he wants to keep me safe, he knows you have to be safe.'' Brenda
gets up and heads for the door but Sonny grabs her arm before she
gets there. She struggles to get free and to keep herself from
crying but Sonny holds tight. She ends up losing both battles at
the same time. Sonny picks her up while she's crying and carries
her back to the couch. They hold on to each other for a long time
before either of them says anything.
B: ''I'm just so scared.'' Sonny pushes a lock of hair away from
her face.
S: ''Of what?''
B: ''Of us. This thing that we have is just so strong it over
powers everything else.''
S: ''We're different than we were before though. We're both
stronger, we can talk without fighting, and we're actual
friends.'' Brenda sits up andd rubs her hand against his cheek.
B: ''You're so sweet you know that?''
S: ''I try. You should probably go over to Lois's. I know she is
probably dying to find out what this is all about.'' Brenda stands
B: ''I will. I need to find a way to get her to stay for a
S: ''Are you still going to try to get them back together?''
B: ''They would have gotten back together last time if Ned hadn't
screwed up. And besides, this time, I have something to use.''
S: ''What?''
B: ''The wedding.''
S: ''So you still want to get married?''
B: ''Of course. That will never change.'' She leans against him
and kisses him. ''I have to go.'' She turns around and walks out
the door. Sonny goes and sits on the couch smiling.


Brenda goes to the PC Hotel and finds Lois's room. She knocks on
the door and Lois opens it.
L: ''What was that about?'' Brenda laughs and goes into the room.
B: ''Hi. I'm great thank you. Why yes, I will come in.''
L: ''Yeah, yeah. Hi and all that. Now, what was that about?''
B: ''We were talking and we just got a little upset.'' She goes
and sits in a chair.
L: ''You guys don't just get a *little* upset. Do you not remember
the fight in which you cut off your hair?''
B: ''Yes, I remember it. But we weren't fighting, we were actually
talking. Yes, it can actually happen. But the important thing is
that we're still getting married and you have to help plan it.''
L: ''Geez, girl. You need to learn to write and call more often.''
B: ''I did call. And you were never home so I had to spend half an
hour talking to a machine!''
L: ''Touche. First, how far along are you?''
B: ''Two months.'' She smiles excitedly. ''So where's my
L: ''With her daddy.''
B: ''So, you've seen Ned?''
L: ''Yeah, we were civil. I also met that Alexis woman. What's
going on with them?''
B: ''I don't know. I barely even know her. Will you come with me
to Luke's? I need to talk to Sonny.''
L: ''You just did talk to him.''
B: ''Okay, I want to talk to him *again*.''
L: ''I'll come. But please remember that you just got out of the
hospital and you're supposed to be resting.''
B: ''Later. Come on.''

The duo walks into Luke's and Brenda sees Luke at the bar.
B: ''Luke, is Sonny here?''
Lu: ''Yeah, he's in the back. Lois, nice to see you again.''
L: ''You too.''
B: ''I'm gonna go see Sonny.'' She walks into the back and leaves
Lois and Luke talking. Sonny looks up from what he's doing.
S: ''What happened with Lois?''
B: ''She's staying here to help plan the wedding Right now she's
talking to Luke. That 's not why I came here though.''
S: ''Oh, really. Why then?'' She goes over and plays with his
B: ''I wanna tell people tonight.''
S: ''You know that's like bad luck for us.''
B: ''Then take the day off and we can forget about bad luck. The
books will wait.'' Sonny grins and gets up.
S: ''Let's go then.'' They go into the main part of Luke's.
B: ''Lois, do you want to come or are you staying?''
L: ''I'll come.'' She looks at Sonny. ''You skipping work?''
S: ''Why not?'' Brenda grabs both their hands and leads them out
of Luke's.
B: ''Why don't we go see our goddaughter?''
L: ''I don't know. Ned might want to keep her longer.''
B: ''I'm sure he won't mind because she's gonna be here for a
L: ''When exactly are you guys planning on getting married?''
S: ''What, Saturday?'' Brenda glares at him, knowing he's trying
to ruin her plan.
B: ''About a month. I want it to be perfect.''
L: ''Okay, let's go see Ned.'' They get Brooke from Ned and play
with her for the rest of the afternoon. Lois was right, her and
Ned were civil, but it was a little too freaky for Brenda. At
seven they decided to head to Luke's. They walk in and the first
people they see are Jax and Miranda.
B: ''Oh no.''
S: ''Don't worry about them.'' They look around and see Luke,
Lucky, Mike, Jason, Lucy and Kevin. ''This is a good crowd to
B: ''Let's get some food first.'' They sit down and order. Jax
comes over to their table.
S: ''What do you want?''
J: ''Hello Brenda, Lois. Brenda, could I talk to you privately?''
Brenda can sense that Sonny is about to say something and puts a
hand on his leg to stop him.
B: ''That's fine. I'll be back.'' Brenda and Jax go to a table in
the corner with Sonny watching them all the way. ''What do you
J: ''You're making a mistake with Corinthos.''
B: ''Jax, I love him and I'm gonna be with him. Why won't you just
accept that?''
J: ''Because I love you.''
B: ''Then why are you with Miranda?'' Jax doesn't answer. ''Look,
I'm gonna go back over there and sit down. Enjoy your meal.''
Brenda gets up and goes back to her table. Jax slowly stands and
goes back to Miranda.


Sonny, Brenda, and Lois have all finished their meals. Sonny
decides to tell everyone the news now. He goes over to the bar.
S: ''May I have everyone's attention?'' Sonny waits for everyone
to quiet down. Okay, I just wanted to make two announcements and I
figured this would be a good a time as any. The first thing is
that the beautiful Miss Barrett and I are getting married.''
People in the crownd congratulate them. ''The second, and best
thing I think, is that we're expecting a baby in about seven
months.'' People start congratulating them again. Mike and Luke
shake Sonny's hand and Lucy runs over and hugs Brenda. Over at
another table, Jax sits in shock. Miranda tries not to be offended
but it didn't work. All she could see was the hurt and anger in
his eyes as he watched Brenda get up and kiss Sonny. Sonny and
Brenda finished off the evening by dancing for hours. Everyone
else had left and thye were the only people in Luke's, dancing

Three weeks later, Brenda and Lois are making final preperations
for the wedding. Sonny and Brenda have found a condo to live in
and their stuff will be moved in while they are on their
honeymoon. They are in Brenda's apartment when there's a knock on
the door. Brenda gets up and answers it.
Man: ''Brenda Barrett?''
B: ''That's me.'' The man hands her an envelope.
M: ''Sign here.'' Brenda signs and closes the door.
L: ''What is it?''
B: ''Some more stuff about Miguel's concerts and contract. You
know all of this would be so much easier if you would just move
back here.''
L: ''Don't start in on that. You already got me staying for an
extra month.''
B: ''All right. I'll lay off.'' They continue to plan the wedding.

L: ''Girlfriend, you need to relax.'' Brenda is sitting in front
of a mirror and Lois is doing her hair in a room at the Q's. Robin
walks in the door carrying a small bag.
R: ''I'm here to do makeup.''
B: ''Is Sonny okay?''
R: ''Just fine. Okay, actually he's a gigantic ball of nerves, but
he's trying to *look* cool.'' Brenda laughs and Robing starts
putting on her makeup and Lois finishes the last curl.
L: ''I'm done.'' Brenda looks in the mirror and squeals happily.
Robin swats her hand.
R: ''Hold still.''

Sonny is in his room with Luke and Jason. They are in their tuxes.
Sonny's is an off-white to match Brenda's dress. He's pacing back
and they are trying to calm him down.
J: ''Relax. Everything will go fine.''
S: ''I just wish it would start already.''
J: ''Well then, why don't we get it started?''

Ned knocks on the door to Brenda's room.
B: ''Come in!'' The door opens and Ned walks in.
N: ''Wow.''
B: ''You like?'' She turns around in a circle so he could see. It
was the same off-white as Sonny's tux and was completely backless
except for two strands of pearls criss-crossing each other. It had
a train that fell two feet behind her. Since she was only three
months pregnant, she wasn't showing.
N: ''Yeah, I like. Sonny will definitely like. Is everybody
ready?'' They all nod. ''Well, I guess we should go see if this
place really does jinx weddings.'' Brenda scowls at him jokingly
and they head out.


The wedding procession starts with Lois carrying Brooke down the
aisle. Lois is the maid of honor and Brooke is the flower girl,
doing her part by throwing little clumps of flowers out all over.
Robin walks down, followed by Laura. Ned takes Brenda's arm and
thye start down the aisle. Sonny's smile gets even bigger as she
reaches him and Ned puts her hand in his. The minister goes
through the traditional speech and they get to the vows.
M: ''Do you, Michael Corinthos, Jr., take Brenda Barrett to be
your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, in better or
worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?'' Sonny
looks at Brenda.
S: ''I do.''
M: ''Do you, Brenda Barrett, take Michael Corinthos, Jr., to be
your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, in better or
worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?''
B: ''I do.''
M: ''The rings please.'' Sonny and Brenda get the rings from Jason
and turn back to each other. ''Sonny, repeat after me. With this
ring, I thee wed.'' Sonny smiles as he puts the ring on.
S: ''With this ring, I thee wed.''
M: ''Brenda, repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.''
B: ''With this ring, I thee wed.'' She slides on the ring and a
small tear falls from her right eye.
M: ''By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I now
pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.'' Sonny puts
his hands on her face and kisses her as her arms go around his
neck. They pull away and Sonny kisses her tears hen whispers in
her ear.
S: ''So Mrs. Corinthos, are you ready to go?'' They put their arms
around each other and head towards the waiting limo.


Everyone's at Luke's and the place is jumping. Sonny and Brenda
are supposed to be greeting people, but they managed to sneak away
into a corner. Lois sees them and drags them back to greet people
again. Luke gets up to make his toast.
L: ''Okay, after so many months of teasing us, they finally did
it. We've all known that you two were meant to be, it just took
you guys a little while to catch on. A wise man once fortold it
and he should be up here instead of me.'' He takes a break,
thinking back to Stone before resuming. ''I want to wish you two a
long, happy life and may your child not be as stubborn as you
are.'' Everyone applauds and Sonny and Brenda get up for their
first dance as husband and wife. ''The Nearness of You'' starts to
play and Sonny pulls Brenda close to him. His arms go around her
stomach as hers go around his neck. She leans against his body and
plays with his hair as they dance to the song.

The party is winding down and Lois and Robin whisk Brenda up to
Mike's apartment so she can change.
R: ''I don't think I've ever seen you this happy.''
B: ''I don't think I've ever *been* this happy.'' She steps out of
the dress and pulls on a pair of hip huggers and a shirt. She runs
her hands over her slim stomach.
L: ''We're gonna have to go shopping when you get back.''
B: ''You mean you're staying?''
L: ''Just for a little while.'' She looks at Brenda pointedly.
''Not permanently.''
B: ''I know, I know.''
L: ''Sit.'' Brenda sits in a chair and Robin takes the veil off.
Lois fixes her hair and she looks at them.
B: ''Am I ready?''
R: ''Yeah.''
L: ''Where are you guys going?''
B: ''Umm, we're spending a week in Puerto Rico and a week in
Paris.'' she gets up and hugs them then they head out of Mike's
apartment. Brenda sees Sonny talking to Luke and Jason. She walks
up behind him and rest her head on his back. He turns around and
kisses her lightly.
S: ''You ready?''
B: ''Yeah.'' They say their goodbyes and head to the airport.


Sonny and Brenda land in Puerto Rico and go to get their bags.
They wait until the luggage has gone around a third time before
they go to the desk clerk.
C: ''May I help you?''
S: ''Our luggage is not on the rack.''
C: ''Name?''
S: ''Corinthos.''
C: ''May I see your luggage check?'' Sonny hands it to her and she
punches it up on her 'puter. ''I'm sorry, but your luggage was put
on the wrong plane. I can have it arranged for it to be brought
back here by tomorrow evening.''
B: ''That'll work.''
C: ''Would you like me to show you to a store where you can buy
some clothes?'' Sonny smiles.
S: ''I don't think that'll be necessary.'' Brenda blushes and
pulls Sony towards the doors. ''Was it something I said?''
B: ''You're completely hopeless.''
S: ''You could aways try to make me behave.'' He nibbles on her
neck and she laughs.
B: ''I think we should get to the hotel.'' They get a cab and go
to the hotel. It's the same one as before with the same room.
Sonny opens the door with a hand behind his back. His other hand
was around Brenda's waist pulling her to him as they kissed. They
got inside and take each other's shirts off. Tehy are laying on
the bed kissing when Brenda pulls away. ''I'll be right back.''
She dissapears for a minute and come back smiling with a bucket of
ice in her hand.


Sonny and Brenda have been back in town for a week. They went to
Paris for a week after Puerto Rico. When they got back, Brenda
talked Lois into staying a little longer. She knew that Lois had
been seeing Ned more and more but she decided to see what they
would do on their own. Sonny and Brenda are getting ready for the
day. Brenda gets out of the shower and puts on a loose dress. She
goes out and finds Sonny at the table.
B: ''Sonny, come here.''
S: ''What?''
B: ''Come here.'' Sonny gets up and goes to the door to the
bedroom where she's standing. She takes his hand and puts it on
the top of her stomach.
S: ''You got fatter!''
B: ''Oh thanks.''
S: ''You know what I mean. That wasn't there last night.''
B: ''I know. And I have a photo shoot today.''
S: ''I'm sure Lucy will forgive you.''
B: ''Yeah.''

B: ''Lucy, can I talk to you?''
L: ''Sure.'' They go to a quieter corner away from everyone.
B: ''I just thought you should know that I started showing. It's
not noticeable through clothes yet, but I thought I should warn
L: ''Well, I'm happy for you. Sonny must be ecstatic.''
B: ''He is. How long did you want me to work?''
L: ''As long as you want. I would love to do some pictures while
you're pregnant.''
B: ''You would?''
L: ''Yeah. You looks so incredibly happy. Actually, we could
probably do like an entire new line whhile you're pregnant. I have
a new fragrance that would be perfect and we could-''
B: ''Lucy!''
L: ''Yes?''
B: ''I need to grow some first. We still have 5 months.''
L: ''Okay. How about we get this shoot started?''
B: ''Are my clothes in the changing room?''
L: ''Yeah.'' Brenda goes and gets dressed.

Sonny has a break in his day so he decides to visit Brenda. She's
sitting on a bed with her eyes closed. She opens her eyes and sees
Sonny. She smiles at him and photographer looks confused.
P: ''Why are you smiling?'' He follows her line of sight and
sighs. ''I guess we'll take a five minute break.'' Brenda hop off
th bed and goes to Sonny.
S: ''Having fun?''
B: ''Now I am. Hey, Lucy said I can work as long as I want.''
S: ''How long were you planning on working?''
B: ''I don't know. As long as I can.'' Sonny pulls her close and
kisses her.
S: ''What time do you think the shoot will be over?''
B: ''Brian!'' The photographer turns around. ''What time do you
think we'll be done?''
Brian: ''Probably 6:30.''
S: ''That's three hours from now.'' Brenda puts her hands on his
face and kisses him deeply.
B: ''Will that tide you over until then?''
S: ''Yeah.'' Brian motions that he's ready. Brenda goes back and
Sonny watches for a while then goes to Luke's.

After the shoot Brenda goes to Luke's. Sonny is at the bar talking to
Brenda sneaks up behind him and kisses his back.
B: "I have an appointment with Dr. Stevens tomorrow at 11:30. Can you
S: "Wouldn't miss it for anything." They sit down and have dinner then go

Author's note: I have no idea if this is even close to being accurate. If
it isn't, I'm using author's priveleges to do want I want. The real
Sonny and Brenda are sitting in a room waiting for Dr. Stevens. Brenda's
sitting on the table with a hospital gown on.
B: "They should really make these things close."
S: "But then they wouldn't be hospital gowns. Besides, I kinda like that
look on you." Brenda scowls at him as Dr. Stevens walks in the room.
D: "Hi Brenda, Sonny. Brenda, if you would lay back, we can get started."
Brenda lays back and Dr. Stevens get ready for the sonogram. An image
up on the screen, and she starts pointing out all the parts.
B: "Is the thing that keeps fluttering the heart?"
D: "Yeah. Do you want to know the sex?" Brenda looks at Sonny.
B: "No." Dr. Stevens get a worried look on her face, but Sonny and Brenda
are to busy looking at the monitor to notice. She has a print out made of
the image on the screen then turns it off.
D: "Is it okay if I run a few more tests?"
B: "Sure."

About an hour later Dr. Stevens comes back in the room with that worried
on her face.
S: "What's the matter?"
D: "First, I want to give you these." She gives him the print out and
of the sonogram. "I got the results back on those extra tests. The baby
under a great deal of stress." Brenda starts to look panicked. "This can
dealt with though. I want you to make sure that you have no extra stress
on you, don't get into any fights with anyone, that kind of thing. Also, I
want you to make sure you get plenty of rest. If you don't I will confine
you to bed rest. You're going to have to be very careful with this
B: "Will I still be able to work?"
D: "As long as you don't over do it, yes."


It's a few months later and Brenda is 6 1/2 months pregnant. She's been
working at both L&B and Jax Cosmetics with Dr. Stevens' permission. Lucy's
doing as many photo shoots as Brenda will allow because she loves how happy
Brenda looks. Brenda's doing a photo shoot in town. She has her hands
her stomach and has a far off look in her face. Her eyes get really big
she clutches her stomach in pain. Lucy runs up to her.
L: "The baby?" Brenda nods her head.
B: "Call Sonny." Lucy gets out her cell phone and calls Sonny. The
photographer holds Brenda up as she cringes in pain.
L: "Sonny will be in here in 5 minutes. Remember, breathe. In, out, in,
out." Brenda glares at her.
B: "I don't want to breathe. I want Sonny." She cringes as another
contraction rips through her. "Oh God. It's too soon." Sonny runs in a
minutes later. He runs directly over to Brenda and puts his arms around
She leans against his chest.
S: "I already called Dr. Stevens. She'll meet us at the hospital."


Dr. Stevens meets Sonny and Brenda in the ER and takes them up to
Dr. Stevens hangs an IV and puts it in Brenda's arm.
B: "What's that for?"
D: "It's to stop the labor."
B: "What if it doesn't stop?"
D: "If it comes to that, we'll deal with it then." Brenda looks over at
Sonny as tears start to fall down her cheeks. Sonny gets up on the bed as
Dr. Stevens leaves. He puts his arms around her as tears start to fall
his eyes and he rocks her gently back and forth.

Two hours later Brenda is still in labor. Dr. Stevens walks in with a
serious look on her face.
S: "What's going on?"
D: "We haven't been able to stop the labor. If it doesn't stop soon, there
could be more difficulties. I would suggest that we do a c-section and try
to save the baby. Your other choices are to do a vaginal delivery or to
on the IV and hope it stops it."
B: "I wanna do the c-section."
S: "Can you give us a few minutes?"
D: "Yeah." She leaves and Brenda turns to Sonny, her face taut with
B: "I want the c-section."
B: "But what if it doesn't work and the baby..." He takes in a shaky
"If we do the IV we have a chance the labor will stop."
B: "And if it doesn't, we do the c-section only with more dangers." Sonny
looks down at her hands, tightly wrapped around her stomach. Dr. Stevens
comes back in.
D: "Have you decided?"
S: "We're gonna do the c-section."


Brenda's lying on a table in an operating room. There's a curtain at her
neck going upward so she can't see past it. Sonny's seated by her head.
He's holding one of her hands and brushing the other one against her
D: "Brenda, you may feel a little bit of tugging for the next few mintues."
Brenda nodded her head and a couple minutes later acry filled the air.
Brenda smiled. None of the people in the room told them anything and
could see an incubator being rolled out of the room with Dr. Stevens
it. One of the other doctors closed Brenda up and she was taken to into a
recovery room. As the doctor was leaving Brenda called to him.
B: "Is it a girl or a boy?"
D: "Girl." Brenda fell asleep and Dr. Steens came into the room.
D: "Sonny, can I talk to you?" Sonny kissed Brenda's hand and followed Dr.
Stevens into a small carpeted rooms with closed blinds. Sonny sits on the
couch and Dr. Stevens sits in a chair across from him.
S: "What the matter?" Dr. Stevens takes a deep breath before answering.
D: "Your baby girl died." Sonny felt tears spring to his eyes and didn't
stop them as they spilled over. "Even if she was carried to term, I don't
feel she would have survived."
S: "Why?"
D: "She had a deformity with her heart and lungs that we didn't see on any
the sonograms."
S: "But I heard her cry."
D: "Yes, she was fine for about five minutes. Then she started to decline.
I'm sorry." Sonny nods.
S: "I have to tell Brenda."
D: "I could do it if you like."
S: "No, I need to do it. Thank you for trying." Sonny got up and went
into Brenda's room. He walked in and saw Brenda sitting up in bed.
B: "I thought of a name I think you'll..." Her smile goes away when she
Sonny's face. "What's wrong?" Sonny sits on the edge of the bed.
S: "Honey, the baby didn't make it." Brenda shakes her head.
B: "Yes, she did. I heard her cry."
S: "She didn't make it." Brenda looks in his eyes and starts pounding on
chest with her fists. With a desperate cry, she collapses in his arms
sobbing. Sonny puts his arms around her and rocks her as they both cry.


~Four days later~
Brenda was allowed to go home yesterday morning. Robin had come back from
Yale and Lois decided to stay permanently. Sonny and Brenda held a small
funeral service yesterday for their daughter, who Brenda named Faith Adela.
The only people there were Sonny, Brenda, Jason, Robin, Lois, Ned, Luke,
Laura. Robin was coming by the penthouse before she left to say goodbye.
Sonny was in the kitchen making lunch. He wanted to be upstairs with
Brenda, holding her while they both let their pent up tears out in the
of each other's arms. He had tried that this morning but every time he
touched even her arm, Brenda would shake her head and move away from him.
Sonny heard the door open and close and went to see who it was.
S: "Hi Robin, Jason." Robin come over and hugs him.
R: "Are you okay?"
S: "Yeah. Can you go upstairs and see if Brenda will come downstairs and
R: "Yeah." Robin looks at Jason and goes upstairs.
S: "Come here." Sonny walks into the kitchen and Jason follows him. "I
you to take over for a few weeks. I just don't want to deal with it right
now." Jason nods.

Robin goes upstairs. She looks in Sonny and Brenda's room but doesn't see
Brenda. She goes down to Stone's old room, the room they were going to use
for a nursery. Brenda was sitting in a far corner with her knees pulled up
to her chest and her arms around them. She wasn't crying she was just
staring at a spot on the floor.
R: "Brenda?" No response. "Brenda?" Robin goes up and touches Brenda's
shoulder. Brenda looks up, surprised to see her there. "Lunch is ready.
Come on." Brenda stands up and follows Robin down to the kitchen. Sonny
and Jason are eating some of the soup he made. Sonny stands up when he
S: "Hey sweetheart. You want some soup?"
B: "Sure." Sonny gets her and Robin a bowl and they eat in silence. When
everyone was done, Sonny got up and started putting the dishes away. "I
think I'm gonna go take a nap."
R: "I'll probably be gone when you wake up." She goes over and gives
a hug. If you need to talk, you know you can call me."
B: "I know." Brenda heads upstairs.
R: "I guess I should be going? Are you ready?" Jason nods. Sonny comes
over and gives Robin a hug. "It'll get better. I promise. Just don't
up on her." They pull apart and Robin and Jason leave.

For the next few days, it's pretty much the same. Brenda's off in her
world, and Sonny is trying to get her to talk to him. Lois visits every
Her and Ned got back together but she doesn't want to tell Brenda. One
night Brenda wakes up and Sonny isn't there. She walks downstairs and sees
him staring out the window. She goes over to him and turns him around.
puts her arms around him and they both start to cry. Sonny picks her up
carries her to the sofa where they cry out their anguish and sorrow

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